Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Time to set the record straight

These past few weeks have been exceptionally hard on my family.

With so much going on I did not know where to start in constructing my next blog post. This has been a very stressful situation for all of us.

I have been receiving serious threats and cannot even walk through a store without somebody giving me the finger or making catty remarks, so I am a little confused about what is or is not safe to write about.

I feel that my freedom of speech has been completely stolen from me.

Why is it that when I tell the truth I get threatened?

I was raised to tell the truth no matter how hurtful it may be, but now my relatives are being harassed at work and getting multiple phone calls to their home which is completely unfair to them.

I am getting especially annoyed with all of this conspiracy talk saying that I took those photos of my brother’s truck at Bristol’s condo.

First off I don’t even know where she lives, nor do I care.

Believe me I would not waste my gas, and time, just to drive all the way into Anchorage to find her condo and take a picture. I knew that she and Levi were hanging out, but I was so upset that I didn’t even want to think about it, let alone tell the whole world about it.

The first I even heard about any pictures was when I was awakened by phone calls from friends and family asking if Bristol and Levi were back together because there were now photos surfacing online that showed his truck at her place. My response was, “I don’t know”, because to be honest it was not any of their business!

But for some reason nobody seems to believe me. Including Bristol herself.

Here is a Facebook post from Bristol talking about me which is completely full of inaccuracies.


How does it benefit Tripp to provide pictures of my home, my truck, and even my licenses plates? Do you think its safe for my one year old son to have stalkers driving by his/our home constantly? Do you think its fair to have your friends make threats towards myself and my household? .. I think this limelight gives you some sort of sick high. I ... See Moreknow you're desperate for attention, but enough was enough about a year and a half ago. You hold no title, and you have no class. You are the biggest contradiction. How can you be on food stamps, but still buy designer purses and wear designer jeans? Do you think you'll go far in life by making fast money solely on untrue, completely illegitimate accusations? .. Like I said you're seeking attention, and you don't have enough friends, or a job, or even a hobby, occupying your time. I know you're life must be depressing hun, but that's why there antidepressants.

Guessing this is fir Sadie ... Call me tomorrow

Hahahaha sorry man, it wouldn't let me post this on my wall.. Maybe you have her as a friend, and she can read it?! .. Call me tomorrow :) we'll need to have another drive up to Hatchers.. Love you

( I will not be revealing her fake Facebook identity in order to protect her privacy, but this is from the ACTUAL Facebook page that she started under an assumed name. I also won’t post all the comments from her friends because revealing their immature and inaccurate statements are unnecessary for the purpose of this blog post)
First off I would like to point out that I did NOT take those pictures, and still have no idea where her condo is, so she needs to check her sources.

Secondly I would never do anything to put her or my nephew in any danger. Ever!

Then she goes on to contradict herself by claiming that I have no friends but then says that these friends that I don’t have are threatening her.

Get this straight, NONE of my friends are making threats to Bristol Palin! Maybe there are people that I don’t know, but who want to support me, that are making such threats, but how is that in any way my fault? (If that is the case and those of you who did it are reading this post, please DO NOT make any threats to Bristol! Even if she and I are not getting along I do not want her to feel fearful or worried about her safety. After all she IS the mother of my nephew.)

But if Bristol wants to talk about THREATS then I can print out literally hundreds of threats that I have received from her friends and supporters beginning last year and becoming even worse since I started blogging.

I am also NOT on food stamps! And that was an unnecessarily ugly thing to say.

As for my clothes, well what does my having nice clothes have to do with Bristol? Many of the clothes in my closet I have received as gifts from relatives. The others I purchased for myself. (YES, for your information I started working at age fourteen and had a number of jobs before it became impossible for me to find employment.) Also I have been the same size since my Freshman year so even older clothes still fit.

And WHO said that I don’t have a hobby?

I have a number of hobbies, such as golf, running, scrapbooking, photography, and many others. I am not just sitting around imagining ways to make money by selling information about Bristol. If I were all I would have to do is pick up the phone and sell this story to the tabloids.

Remember, I am not the one making false accusations Bristol. Or lying to the public.

I would appreciate WHOEVER took those pictures of Levi’s truck at Bristol’s condo, and that showed up on Palingates and Radar Online, to step up and admit it so that I can once again prove to her that I am not “out to get her”.

This whole picture scandal has affected me in such a way that my own brother won’t even speak to me because Bristol convinced him that I am the one who took them, and then went on to claim they are putting her and Tripp in danger.

This is really unfair to me, and I would really appreciate the opportunity to clear my name.

Bristol, I would honestly love it if you could let go of everything from the past, and that we could go out for lunch and talk things out like adults. It would be my treat.

Just think about it.


themom said...

Such heartache.....why is it that people are compelled to treat others this way. Loyality is such a fragile thing in your corner of AK. Clearly, your brother, who loves you and your mom as well as his young son and son's mom has a difficult situation. With hope, may he find that his family will always love him and he needs not to choose sides. Your brother is probably the only one who is able to convince his ladylove that his own family is equally important to him. The Johnstons would do nothing to harm his boy and the baby's mom as you recognize harm to them is a strike in Levi's heart and soul as well. Prayers all around.

WakeUpAmerica said...

Wow! First, I would caution those of us commenting here to not throw fuel on the fire with remarks against Bristol, but to only be supportive of Mercedes. This is a sad state of affairs for her family. I would hate to see someone help to widen the fractures in this family.

That being said, Mercede you are a strong young woman with integrity. You can't control what other people say or believe; you can only make decisions for your life and be the kind of person of whom you can be proud. The fracture with your brother makes me particularly sad as both you and your mom need him so much. Be patient, I sense that bonds among you, Levi, and your mom are very strong. They will hold. As he matures, Levi will understand the manipulations that may be occurring.

If you're having trouble finding a job, then get in school. I'm sure you will find there are many grants (federal at the very least) available to help you. Plug away at it one class at a time if need be. Go to and fill out their questionnaire to find out what other grants and scholarships are available to you. It's a great site.

Hang in there, girl. Be strong. You have tremendous support from commentors here. In time, you might want to move to a city with more mature people. I too live in a small town, and while there are many nice things about it, the pettiness and backbiting can be tiresome and wear a person down.

palinoscope said...

"You hold no title..." Isn't this a constant refrain in the Northern nitwit's repertoire?

tallimat said...

{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}

Ah, I'm not sure who are Bristols friends, but she should know, that one of her friends leaked her unfactual comment to a few outside blogs, like moments after she wrote it!

Good luck with the offer of sitting down and clearing the air, so to speak. Offering that up is a high road and respected.

Take Care

brbr2424 said...

Wow, Bristol is nasty just like her mother - and she can't spell. What a contrast between the two of you. You have a lot of support in the lower 48. You are the type of person who should e a spokesperson. What a strange world it is.

Maureen said...

Bristol sounds just like her Mother. Even rotten apples do not fall far from the tree!

Keep speaking your truth. It's what you have on your side; and the truth is always the right thing. Especially when it concerns the american public.

Fist bump and chin up you have a lot of people cheering you on!

Leadfoot said...

Oh Mercede....where do I start?!

I'm not sure who I feel more sorry, or the clearly mentally disturbed Bristol. I'm sorry you have to feel what it is like to deal with a sociopath. They begin to make YOU feel crazy.

And Bristol....this isn't her fault either. She inherited this personality disorder and warped way of thinking from her obviously sick mother. She is too young to realize that her vindictiveness, twisting, lying, blaming and bitchiness is completely counterproductive and self destructive.

Your post is incredibly open, warm and level headed. I have never even met you, but I am EXTREMELY proud of you. You are coming out smelling like a rose.

Keep doing the right thing and telling the truth and someday Levi will see the truth too. Right now he is being masterfully manipulated. But that can only last so long.

Keep your chin up. You have more people in your corner than you know. And we are the GOOD people.


ks sunflower said...

Mercede, I admire your courage and tenacity in standing up and telling the truth. I also find your desire to move past old misunderstandings or pain to be impressive. Not many people your age would even think of this as an option.

Your post today tells me you are trying to do what is right, you would like to end all the animosity, and you are reaching out to Bristol. I am so sorry that you have been put through all this. However, I suspect Bristol is not just generating negativity; I suspect she herself is a victim of it.

Perhaps that's why she is on the offensive, trying to attack you. Perhaps she herself has been on the receiving end of emotional abuse and doesn't know how to react any other way. She must feel threatened and unloved to try to turn Levi against you. She must envy the relationship that you and your family have with each other. I doubt she understands what that is like, therefore she might angry and want to destroy it. Who knows?

How she responds will tell all of us a lot about her character. You're already proving that yours is solid, compassionate, and well on the road to maturity

I think I speak for a lot of your readers: we are happy to get to know you and we like what we learning about you through your posts.

Bristol has a choice. She can rise to take your hand in friendship, or she can stay into a negative pattern. Hopefully, Levi can help her understand that love gives more satisfaction than hate.

Bristol just may be scared of change.

Chris said...

Hi Mercedes....I just discovered your blog this morning after reading a local physician's take on question of Trig's parentage.

I just want to tell you that you need to hold your head up and just keep telling the truth. You never lose when honesty is on your side.

Soon, the tormenting will stop (small towns and youth don't always mesh well together) and you can go to sleep every night without a heavy heart, knowing that you have done nothing wrong.

Paula said...

I feel inclined to tell you to think/say "F that nasty beotch." But obviously you desire some form of decent relationship w/ the mother of your nephew as well as your brother and you don't appear to be a back biting &^%$#, etc.

I find it a real shame that your brother, who knows you well, would acuse you of such things. Sadly, the nasty Palin personality is rubbing off on him.

Like her mother & the rest of the Palin grifters, Bristol doesn't sound much like a Christian. One would think a REAL Christian would a) be kind to others, b) show compassion to those hurt or in need and c) IF you were on foodstamps, send you a grocery card or drop off a bag of food.

And don't forget- everything you are or ever will be, everything you get or gain ($$ or education, etc.) will have been because you chose the right path and worked your ass off to obatain.

Unlike some people I won't mention. Cough. Cough.

The next time some a-hole flips you the bird, smile, tunr to mom and say, "Gee, doesn't her new haircut look great?" Or some such kind thing. It's hard to keep 'hating' the one who takes the high road.

Though I am not a Christian, I do know that Jesus said, "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." (NIV, John 13:34-35)

Maybe some day the Palins (and your neighbors) will actually read their bibles.

Best of luck to you. Keep your head high.

BJ said...

Sorry to hear of all your troubles but hang in there. Telling the truth is never wrong. It can be hard but it is your RIGHT to Freedom of Speech.
Sounds like your brothers girlfriend is a spoiled brat and your brother should have the intelligence and respect to come and talk to you about it but then again.... Take care.

Molly said...

All I can say is that B's rant shows that she is highly influenced by her mother's way of thinking, which is paranoic to the extreme.

Let's hope that Levi comes around to understanding that a girl who will make him CHOOSE between herself/his son vs his family is being controlling and manipulative and unfair.

Nobody *needs* you to write this blog, although we do appreciate it. Do whatever you are comfortable with. I have seen nothing on your blog that was in any way other than you telling your side of things, and clearing up misconceptions that are out there. It's up to you if you want to continue on with this project. I honestly can't believe that people are giving you the finger over it! Maybe it's time to move to a bigger community, one that isn't so insular and prejudiced.

I also hope that you are able to attend college and make a decent living in an area you are interested in. It can only be to your benefit. I hope Levi goes on to become an electrician, too.

I'm sorry for what you and your family have been through, and, once again, this shows what happens when you're dealing with a family (Palin) that has at least one sociopath in it.

Bristol is still too enmeshed with her family, I think, to accept a friendly invitation to lunch, but maybe one day she will break free of her mother's influence and see that she can be a happier person if she doesn't assume everyone is out to get her.

Levi, be very very careful!!

Paula said...

Also, don't feel the need to defend yourself from such a trash talkers. Karma will take care of these people. You can count on it. They will sink themselves. In the end, evil never wins.

Gles said...

You go Mercede.........Lordy I have missed your commentaries. Please remember that the "only person you can control is yourself". That said, please don't let Bristol nor Levi control the conversation. You are right on track via answering your readers questions. All the readers of your blog want to hear from you and your Mom. We are simpatico with you all.

I too saw the pics of Levi's truck on Palingates....and I also saw the deed for Bristol's condo on Palingates. If Bristol and Levi have a beef........they need to knock on Palingates door.

BTW, I recently read a letter written by Anne Kilkenny and this one sentence explains why no one opens up about Sarah:

"Fear of retribution has kept all of these people from saying anything publicly about her."

here's a link:

(Please everyone give it a read and refresh your minds)

I look forward to your continuing commentaries and want you to know how much I admire your courage.

ManxMamma said...

Oh Mercede, I was worried that you were under siege. Please know that there are so many of us who only wish you and your mother the very best. I'm so sorry you have to live through this trying time.

Many hugs!

MariaT said...

So sorry to hear about the latest drama. This too shall pass...

ic said...

As Sarah's trolls like to say, Sarah doesn't owe anyone (her critics) anything.

Mercede, you don't owe anyone anything, especially to open yourself up to the public's questions. You've been sweet in trying to answer them, a lot of them involve things way beyond your experience and exposure to Sarah's family.

You won't satisfy anyone that has an interest in the Palin's, even those that want to support the Johnstons. They want you to be a part of something that takes the Palin's down, and I don't think you know enough to hurt them.

That is not to say that that is what you want to do, you just want to clear up you, Levi and your mother's name. I'm sorry you are in this position, you didn't ask for this international exposure to the public at large. Levi came off as darling on Kathy Griffin's Life on the D List episode and I just see you guys as good hearted and authentic.

Bristol obviously thinks she's better than you. Bristol with as forced a personal narrative as her mother's. . .she was a party girl, she's been around, she and her boyfriend tried and succeeded in getting pregnant. Everything she posted about you has to be raised against her. She exposes herself in her slam against you.

You don't have to keep blogging to remain relevant or popular to strangers and supporters. But if it does make you feel better, do what you got to do.

Good luck finding work and being there for your mother. You have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders now that Levi has temporarily abandoned you. I hope he matures and Bristol's influence doesn't harm your relationship too much. He'll come to his senses when it comes to his family, Bristol may come and go, but you and your mom will always be there for him.

Midnight Cajun said...

Wow, Bristol is a chip off the crazy old Palin block: not anywhere near as pretty as mom, of course, but she sure has that meangirl, nasty, lying snark part down pat. And with nouns and verbs in proper alignment, too, also, as a bonus.

I'm so sorry for all you're going through, Mercede; sorry your brother is once more in the toils of these nasty people. Why he believes a woman who has stood up on national TV and told lies about HIM is beyond me, but I've seen guys--good guys--so in love with a woman that they can't think straight and hurt the other people in their lives, for her sake. One day, he'll come through it, and then you'll be there for him. But in the meanwhile, this is the time for you to discover who you are, apart from your brother. You are beautiful and classy and nice, with a loving mother who raised you with grace and joy and a solid sense of right and wrong. You are all the things Bristol is not, which is why she is so jealous of you that she ought to be embarrassed and ashamed.

And LOL, what "title" does Bristol have? Lying Revirginated Teen of the Year?

Sooz said...

Well Mercedes, it seems you are learning all about the types of people that are professional victims and what that type of person is as a role model for their own children.

If those people don't have fresh new victimization to garner attention, they do need to manufacture it ...the cherry on their sundae is when they create victims to do so.

Bear Woman said...

The Palins never fail to talk about other people doing the very things they themselves do.....

You have made no threats nor revealed anything that is threatening. If Bristol doesn't like the truth being acknowledged and the "makeup" being taken off the image she tries to project in the tabloids, People, and Harpers, then maybe she shouldn't put the "makeup" on so heavily.

I know some have suggested you should move. What they don't realize is the Palin supporters are stalking you and they won't quit because you move to Anchorage. More seriously, people do not realize it would require that your mom get permission from the State of Alaska probation officers to move AND it may require her changing doctors if they are not easily accessible if you move.

YOU should not have to move because of the continued moronic Palin family worship. I guess by their familyand friends actions we can see what the United States would turn into if she is ever elected to a national office.

Mrs. J. said...

BP needs Spell Check, as do her friends.

Tell the truth no matter how hurtful it might be-- really? That's not good. Tell the truth with tact. So I have on a dress that makes me look like the broad side of a barn? Don't tell me that. Tell me that it doesn't make me look good and that I have another one you like better. (We don't know each other, but in theory. . ,) When you have been slammed and the record is distorted, you do need to come out about it and clarify your position.

What is the opposite of love? It is not venomous hate, it is indifference. BP said something about you? Whatever-- you have other things to tend to. She can say you are on food stamps, call you a sl--, even lay that you are a lolly livered peanut butter sandwich, and really, who cares?

I don't know that befriending BP will do you any good, it's like making good with a snake. In the end the snake will bite you because the snake is a snake. BP has the golden child, you have no legal rights. Pray for your brother, pray for the P's-- ask God for what you would want for yourself. Don't tell us about what you are praying for or even that you are praying for them. Go about it quietly.

Whatever you do in all your life, live in a way that all they can say about you is that you are better than they are. They will most likely say something that would be embarrassingly silly and petty to anyone else while their handlers encourage it because it funds their meal tickets (or their hate, and others hate which comes to them in the form of donations and public speaking events.) You have better principles than they do, you were raised differently.

Your nephew will grow up to be his own person. Will he step away from That Family? Maybe, maybe not. Will he get by without you? Yes. If he researches the facts, he will know and he may seek you out. If he doesn't, you have to let him go. He will know that he was the most talked about pregnancy in the country at one point and he will know that he has an Aunt Mercede and a Grandma Sherry and a side of the family that loves him. Children grow up in families where one parent has poisoned them or both have poisoned them against the other side and lo, they still look them up to see if they are that bad. And they aren't. And ties are forged. He won't grow up seeing you manipulated by his his mother and for that, BP is doing you a favor.

sewnup said...

That whole Palin crowd is developmentally arrested at about age 13, at least when it comes to social and interpersonal relationships. There are some very deep, sick roots there. My kids are long since grown and gone but by the time they were four or so they had learned not to blame someone else for their own misdeeds, not to tell lies, to be civil in social situations, etc, and these people can't do it as adults....that's a lapse of a lot of years.

You are taking the mature, rational path and albeit not the easy one, it is the one you will be able to live with comfortably the rest of your life. Hang in. You can probably count on saving the money it would have cost you to take Bristol to lunch but you will forever know that YOU did the right thing. She is going to have to live with many very uncomfortable memories.

And these "Christians" with their blatantly un-Christ-like behavior need to be taking a real look at their bibles. They missed a few things when they Googled for biblical information.

womanwithsardinecan said...

Mercede, I hope that you will eventually be able to live your own life, without the black cloud of the Palins always hanging over you. I know that you do so much for your mom because you love her and she needs you right now, but I also hope you will be able to get away from Wasilla, go to a nice college, make something out of your life. Best wishes to you in those future endeavors. And yes, I believe that karma will step in and even the score somewhat. Wrapping trash up in pretty paper can't hide it forever. The smell eventually gets on everybody's nerves. The Palin compound is so toxic it needs a hazardous waste sign next to the no tresspassing sign.

Leadfoot said...

Mercede -
Just got to work and thought about you my whole drive in. The nerve of Bristol has me steaming! How can she possibly imply she is better than you?! She was been pregnant TWICE before she was 18 (on purpose!!). She lies to the entire nation about being abstinent. She makes money by selling pictures of and stories about her own son to the tabloids. She was handed a condo and a car that she did nothing to earn. She just keeps her mom's deepest, darkest secrets and lies and is rewarded for that financially - but does nothing to better herself or the world via an education.

In my circles, SHE is the trashy one here. How hypocritical and paranoid of her to attack you!

You are on the right path. Stay on it!

Oh, and you should print/save every single threat you receive. Perhaps you can use those to get your mom transferred out of Wasilla for the summer. I have a guest room in Los Angeles (with a pool!) that you and your mom are welcome to. Seriously. That might sound weird -- but something about the way you write makes me trust you and your mom 100% and think that you are truly good people. I would honestly open my home to you both.

I'm so sorry for this drama you continue to be thrust into. You are doing a damn good job rising above it.

Polly in Anchorage said...

They say "success is the best revenge"- I know you need to stay with your mom, but there may be online courses you can take. OR- You could take evening courses on a Pell Grant. The grant requires you take six credits per semester. (It pays for your tuition and books.) That translates into two 3 hour night classes. I did this when I was married, with 4 children, and a part-time job. When you can attend a college, you will have credits stored up. When your moms time is over, you will be able to attend a college in a different locale, make new friends and have new, enriching experiences. Think and act on your future. The Palin drama is sucking you in. I would use this blog, not to answer questions or get involved with BP. I think most of us would enjoy reports of your progress in life. Like a diary. The real rags to riches stories are the ones where people work, sacrifice, and perservere against challenges; not the ones that BP and SP are undertaking. Nurture yourself.

Karen said...

Mercede, Great post, but don't count on Bristol to be honest & fair. She is likely too much like her mother.

You sound somewhat like me, I'm nice & honest, and expect the same treatment from others. I don't expect to be treated poorly, since I'm a good person & treat others well.

But this has happened to me, from others who were more concerned in themselves & not my welfare. From others who were jealous of me for some reason.

Men tend to be smitten with their girlfriend, & that is what is most important to them. So Levi is going to listen to Bristol for now, & put you on the back burner.

It's good to set the record straight, but then focus on your own life & what your personal goals might be. It might take a long time for Levi, so don't give up on him.

Stay strong & remember Levi is under the influence of a powerful family, which is difficult to control. You don't have to prove anything, just continue to make yourself shine!

Polly in Anchorage said...

In other words, there are enough blogs and fact checkers out there working on getting the truth out. I think it would be better on your emotions and mental health to work on achieving a worthwhile goal. In the end, YOU will be the sterling example of rising above the Palin epidemic, and a role model for all concerned. Perhaps Gryphen can start a "Send Sadie to College" fundraiser or something. Let's work on making this a positive experience.

alaskan said...

Some quick thoughts:
- The first part of the Facebook posting doesn't sound like Bristol. It reads like one of the family retainers wrote that for her.
- Don't respond to criticism with line by line details. Whether or not you need assistance, why you have nice clothes, etc., is not Bristol's business nor anyone else's. The people who care about you aren't interested, and the folks who are purely interested in the backstory don't care.
You honor the criticism when you answer it. That's not your story. Don't let someone else drive your show.
- You owe no one an explanation for your existence.
- You knew creating a public blog would be waving a red cape in front of a bull. It doesn't really matter how many times you say it's not your intention to disrespect the Palins, you know perfectly well that this is a contentious difficult situation and that these folks are upset and defensive. You can expect criticism. Decide for yourself if you're going to engage. Resist the urge for passionate defensive responses.
- Move forward with your own stuff, whatever that is.

aussiegal77 said...


You are breaking your sister's and your mother's hearts. Blood runs thicker than water. I know you have a child with Bristol but there is a line that should never be crossed. You have no proof that Sadie took those pictures and there is no reason at all to take Bristol's word over hers.

This is your family - they stood by you when the Palins dumped you. You have every right to bring your family back together and what you and Bristol decide to do as parents is your choice. But back Sadie up and ask Bristol to please stop spreading false rumours about your sister. It's the least you can do.

Tripp needs his parents AND his grandmother and aunt. No child should have to choose between his extended family just because the adults can't find a way to at least be civil.

You can make this right, Levi. Do it and do it soon.

Scott said...

Sadie, Palin supporters can be very, very devious.

They can say and do things that make it look like one thing when it's something completely different.

They can make someone look guilty when in fact they are manipulating things.

They can lie like they breathe without a care in the world.

It's what they do.

The Truth is on your side.

Be strong. Be true. Be Sadie.

Joe said...

she is just nasty and hateful, just like her mother! what is Levi thinking? you are better off staying away from those crazies Sadie!

c said... comment didn't post so I'll just say I wish you luck Sadie. Your a brave soul facing the World of Palin. Bristol? Not so much. SHE should get off her high horse and try to bring the family together. What's she got to lose??? Oh...that's right. Tons and tons of money - and EVENTUALLY HER OWN SON. He'll discover the truth and turn on her just like that. Couldn't happen to a more deserving individual imo.

couginportland said...

Mercede, just remember. Unstable people transfer their insecurties onto other people to make themselves feel better. Bristol's statement, "I think this limelight gives you some sort of sick high," is how I would describe HER and that whole famn damily.

I feel SO BAD that your family has been unwillingly thrust into this nightmare. You show TREMENDOUS strength for such a young woman and ALWAYS remember, "the truth shall set you free."

Chris said...

Geeze, I wish people would quit telling you what and what not to do, lol.

I second your request for whomever took the pics to clear your name.

Hugs to you and your mom Mercede. I like how you think and respond to situations. You seem very centered, balance and caring. I hope you can find some joy and beauty in everyday and dwell on that, it's way more fun, lol.

Nan said...

Oh, honey.

If those who have no personal stake in any of this would just keep their noses out of it, it would be
1. a miracle, and
2. help all the different situations immeasurably.

Yes, I know I have no personal stake in any of this myself, but I"m not suggesting bodily harm, nor any negative actions to *anyone*. I do hope to let Mercede know that a lot of people recognize the stressful time she's dealing with, and we also recognize that she's doing a bang up job of it, too.

Hang in there, Mercede. you're getting through it just one step at a time, but you are getting through it!

Hon, you've stuck by Levi through all of this, and for your whole family. Menfolk don't always think things through, and he's going to figure a few things out eventually... or... well, he might not.

You can only do as you have been, and be who you are. That's not such a bad thing, y'know?

all the best

RunninL8 said...

Hmmmmm.....What "Title" does Bristol hold?! What the hell does that mean?

One word for both you and your brother, Mercede.....COLLEGE. It will open SO many doors for you into a better place. You seem intelligent and you have MOXIE. GO for it.

Ak Born and Raised said...


I am sorry for this drama in your life. I will heed the advice of the first poster and not say anything that will flame the fire.

I know the awful feeling I had when my family was not allowed to see my nephew. My mother went to her grave not having seen him for 13 years. Thankfully he is a part of our life now and my brother was NOT a part of keeping him away.

Be honest and stay above the fray. If Levi is as wonderful as you say he is then he will come around.

All the best to you and your mother.

PS. Maybe you do need to get out of town.....

Debi said...

You are much stronger than I could be dealing with such hatefuly people. Keep up the good work. I think this blog will show you just how many people are wishing you and your family well. You now have thousands of new friends to add to the list of friends you had before the blog. Keep your chin up and know that there are a lot of people praying for you and your family.

Deb said...

Sarah's protege certainly learned the ropes of playing the mean girl. It simply amazes me that she has time to create such drama and stupidity on Facebook with her full-time job, school, acting, speaking gigs, etc. Ha Ha Ha.

Bristol will soon be done with Levi, and he will be tossed aside. I almost feel sorry for him, but at least his son is his priority. I assume Bristol is using Levi to show Sarah that she is in control. Eventually he will realize that the two women who stood by him were and always will be there for him and Tripp.

I assume the thing that sent Bristol for a loop was the news that she had been trying to get pregnant. Yep, that sent her over the edge and just like her mom, she will get even. She is really quite pathetic.

If the offer for a room from the gal in CA doesn't work, you and your mom are welcome to a lovely six acre place on the WI-MN border.

Keep your chin up, Sadie! It is tough now, but keep up the truth-telling!

Linda said...

People have to reach a certain age/maturity level before they become objective and able to do something with information other than make assumptions and react to those assumptions. Bristol is not to that point yet -- she is still locked into the high school "drama" thing. It sounds like you are moving past that way of dealing with the world, Mercede. If you have the maturity and others don't then there is not much you can do except fail to react to those who are goading you and remind yourself to feel secure in the knowledge that you are the wiser, more mature person here. Many of us have been in your shoes as we have grown up. 10 or 15 years from now you will look back on this and wonder why you even let this stuff affect you!

ginger said...

She is just like her mother. She blames others for the things that she actually does herself. I, along with most believe you and am very sorry that she has stooped to such lows to attack you. The Palins cannot stand the truth nor do they know what it is. They live in a fantasy world and its all about them. The have no feelings for anyone else. Hugs to you and your family. And, you are right, if you were in it for the money you could have sold stories a long time ago. They are sooo stupid.

KarenJ said...

For those of you -- and you, too, Mercede -- who were looking for the link Gles above mentioned, to the "open letter to Sarah Palin" from Anne Kilkenney written August 31, 2008, here it is:

Darra said...

Hon, you hang in there.

Believe it or not, Class Will Out in the end.

You hold your head up Walk In Peace.

ic said...

Leadfoot, LOL - your hospitality offer is no stranger than multimillion dollar homes opening to Sarah and her entourage. Texas millionaires with oil interests mostly, or simply similarly identified Christian family values folk that buy the Momma Grizzly conservative feminist act.

In any case Mercede, you may get a lot of offers to help. Be careful, use someone like Gryphen to help you sort out what is appropriate. People will care about you the way people care about Sarah and Bristol. It may not make sense now, but it will in time.

I think we all know that you are the most mature out of Wasilla's most famous families.

fawn said...

If you are recieving threats bring them to the police station AND sheriffs dept of your county. If neither of those two depts do anything--bring that along with the threats to the state police. While someone can disagree with you-- no one has the right to threaten you. DO NOT let anything stop you from reporting these threats and keep on going higher on the food chain until they are dealt with.

gsb said...


There will always be people that enjoy making others feel terrible. they get their jollies from this.
Others here have given you good advice, follow it.

We live in a small town too. I told my children to be the opposite of what they were receiving. To never, get down in the mud with them. people who live in the mud, want others to become like them. I told my children, to hold their heads up with pride, get educated,and then,no one can make nasty, small, catty,evil remarks, without,revealing themselves,

When I was a child Mercede, in this small town. My Mother was divorced. This was not the thing to be done in those days. I paid a high price for this, being the oldest. I had people tell me, I was not to be seen with their children, not to associate with them, and I was considered to be stupid or dum. Always held my head up as much as possible, borrowed the money to become a Lab Tech,married and had the two children i am talking of.
This town too thinks of it's self as a Christian town, Not so. I once told the Priest he had the church of Sardis on his hands. But Mercede, you can survive and become more then you are being given credit for. Good luck,go to school and hold your head up. Never, let these people turn you into them.

southernyankee said...

Ms Saddie, You will never win with these people. You could show her in black and white and she still won't believe you. Her mission is to make sure she destroys your close knit family. She is separating you from your brother. I know because I have one of those sister-in-laws. My mother always said when she died it would be the last we saw of our brother. I use to say Na that ain't so. Mom was right. It was well over 15 yrs that we didn't see our brother. Then when we did see him it was at my youngest brother's funeral. He was happy to see us and the wife didn't come. She put tore my family apart by having an affair with a family member. She figured it out that was the only way she would nail the coffin shut after our mother died. It worked. I didn't know about the affair until recently. I missed allot of my nieces life including her having children. But there comes a time you put your hand out even to this day. But if he doesn't put his hand out there is nothing you can do. Because you have your own life to live and I found I finally had to let it go. He knows I love him and my door is open. I know he is sad but it's up to him know. You will come to the same conclusion sooner or later. I thank god I have more sister because they always stick together. Bristol reminds me of my sister-in-law who always had things handed to her. Momma buys and gives everything to her and you hold your head up. If you are smart as soon as your mom can be free get the heck out of there and start over. Don't let these people run your life. If your brother can't find a happy place to be a parent and find a job to support his son that is on him. Move out of there.

sallyngarland,tx said...

It is good that you are telling about the threats. This is not a blog in the "Wasilla bubble" but read all over far and wide and reveals the nastiness of the Palin followers.

I imagine the Palin's and Bristol have tricked Levi into their corner until the 2012 elections are over or until Palin decides not to run. Then, they'll dump Levi again.

Keep the friends who back you. Let go of the ones who don't. You are a lovely young woman and you have the right to state your views.

The Palin clan wants to present one picture of a wholesome life while living one of an entirely different picture. They are a mean, spoiled group.

D. Octor said...

I do hope that you and Bristol can have that lunch and talk honestly together. You know, Bristol may feel that she is in conpetition with you for Levi's love. You also appear to be a person who is secure, independent and very capable and that might cause her to feel envious of you. You must be the bigger person in this because I really think she may be in a bit of trouble emotionally. Get her talking and let her get it all out- don't criticize, apologize or make excuses. She probably needs this more than anything- someone to listen without judging.

Finally, why spend your blog time on the Palins? What good is it? Frankly, I'm more interested in you than any Palin. You are a beautiful, intelligent, talented young woman who really shouldn't be wasting time putting the Palins first. By making this blog about the Palins you are making them more important than yourself, your family and your interests. I would much rather hear about your golf game or your photography. I've never been to Alaska but have heard how beautiful it is. Why not show us that in photos? You could blog about the locations, what inspired you or the history of the location- there is so much to explore. Put yourself first.

With love and caring...

Lisabeth said...

I'm so sorry. I wish I had great advice for you but you are dealing with irrational (and disturbed) people.
My sister in law is very much like Bristol and I could go on and on about how screwed up she is, but I won't. You already know it. You are doing the right thing--telling the truth and standing by it. That's all you can do!

I really feel for you Mercedes. You are the same age as my niece and she has none of the stresses and burdens you are dealing with. She's headed off to college with an exciting life in front of her. I wish that you and your mom could start a new life somewhere free of the Palins. I know you just can't leave now because of your mom, but I wish you could.

As for your brother, I know this must be really hurtful for you. I think he is acting incredibly stupid but so did my brother and I had to let him go. My whole family had to let him go. After the way Bristol and her family have treated Levi, I can't believe he's back with her. That letter from her is sick. It shows a deep insecurity, anger, immaturity and psychologically disturbed thinking. The girl has serious emotional issues, sorry, but she does. Just remember that how could she not with a narcisstistic, shallow, selfish mother like that. Maybe inside Bristol is a nice person but look who has taught her about the world. She lies easily (and even under oath) just like her mother.

Just keep being yourself and telling the truth. It's obvious to all that you are not writing for attention or doing any of the things she accuses you of.

Hang in there. You are a beautiful smart young woman who is trying to make the best of a situation you were thrown into. Don't let her, her family or your brother stop you from being yourself and sharing your truth!

kellygrrrl said...

I so wish there was some way that you could just get out of Alaska and go live your life.

I understand that there is no possible way you would ever leave your mother at this time. That is a heavy burden to carry for such a young lady.

There is the very real possibility that you might have to let go of your brother and nephew. I hope that is not the case.

Hang in there, Mercede.

My heart goes out to you and your family.

Carli said...

I know it probably doesn't help your frame of mind right now, but these words are so very true. This, too, shall pass. Someday, years from now, you will look back on this whole ordeal and know that you are a stronger person for having lived through it.

I can't even imagine what it must be like to have led a normal life, only to have it not just turned upside down but spun around like a top! First to go through the microscope of a national presidential campaign, then get caught up in all the Palins' insanity.

I wish you the best, Mercede. Hold your head high and keep taking the high road.

CAgal said...

Hey, Sadie - just do whatever you need to do to take care yourself and family. TRUTH will always prevail in the end, but you don't need to let yourself get emotionally beat up in the process. Sadly, Bristol is steeped in the "divide and conquer" method of dealing with interpersonal relationships, as practiced so well by her mother. Levi is between a rock and a hard place - his son is his top priority and rightly so. Whatever you do, don't stop writing - even if it's just private journaling. You have a book inside of you, waiting to emerge when the time is right.

AKRNC said...

Keep your head up, Sadie, and forget that family. Levi will be back with you and your Mom sooner than you can imagine. They will turn on him, AGAIN, because that is the kind of people they are.

As for Bristol making fun of your financial situation, let me just say this since I know she reads your blog. Bristol, you would have NOTHING, no condo, no new truck, no fancy clothes, or anything else you've recently acquired if it wasn't for your Mother's lying mouth. You have achieved NOTHING on your own. The only reason you have any recognition is because you were not intelligent enough to use birth control and ended up pregnant.

You said in your interview that you work hard, have a job and provide for yourself and your son, Bristol. Let me remind you that almost $2k a month comes from Levi. You would not have a job if it wasn't for your well-known family name. You've done NOTHING on your own, Bristol. There's nothing for you to brag about or hold up as an example to others. Get over yourself. Anyone who would make the nonsensical statement about how it single Mothers can work full time, be a Mom and still further their education knows that you can't do it unless you have a lot of outside help. You and your Mother make the vast majority of Americans ill. We also don't think it would be cool if she ran for President. It would be a disaster for the country and who would know better than the people who saw her in action behind the scenes at the McCain campaign???

Also, Bristol, if you don't want to attract attention, don't get a personalized plate for your truck with your son's name on it. ANYONE could follow you home!! It looks like you take after your Mom when it comes to lack of common sense.

Sadie, hang in there and don't let the idiots get you down!

AKRNC said...

Forgot about something, Sadie, but how can Bristol attack anyone in regards to accepting help from the state when she and her family have state provided healthcare? Is it only OK for the Palin family? They are a disgusting bunch of grifters, nothing more.

DarkEFang said...

I'm glad to see you post again. Palin fans might be catty and rude to you now, but that will pass. You've gotta do what you gotta do, and if you listen to naysayers, you'll never do anything.

Anyway, if Bristol wants to know how people figured out where she lived, she probably ought to point the finger at that Harper's photo shoot. The shoot took place in her condo. It didn't take long for someone to Google up a photo of a similar unit in the complex from the builder's website. And once they figured out which complex it was, I'm guessing figuring out who was driving the car with a "TRIPP" license plate wasn't exactly a Holmesian challenge.

Holly said...

Don't let them get you down, Ms. Johnston. I've not seen you make a misstep yet. You can - and should - hold your head high.

As for Bristol Palin, if she's so concerned about her son's privacy she should stop allowing him to appear on magazine covers, inside magazine spreads, and in commercials.

majii said...

I find this mighty rich coming from a family that revels in manufactured outrage, lies, and conspiracy theories:

"Do you think you’ll go far in life by making fast money solely on untrue, completely illegitimate accusations?"


Hold fast, and whatever you do, don't let anyone convince you that you don't hold the moral high ground. You have worked for everything that you have. You have not had to lie, cheat, and/or create conspiracies to make yourself look good/intelligent. You have not sold yourself out to the highest bidder for cold, hard cash, and you're not a hypocrite.

Don't let them upset you or your mom. Do with these people the same thing that you do everyday when you go to the bathroom: flush the feces down the drain where it belongs. Let them say whatever they want to say about you. Only you know how you live your life. It's none of their business.

Give Levi time, I do believe he'll come around.

electric susie said...

When I signed in, I saw that there were already 59 posts. So, Mercede, you have 59 friends, all supporting you and giving you advice. For every person who posts, there are many more who have just come here to read. You really have more than 59 friends who support you.

I would like to echo what Fawn said earlier. Report any threats to the local police, sheriff, state troopers, FBI. The FBI can trace anonymous on-line threats. Save anything that comes through the mail, even the envelope. Be sure to document everything with time and date. Make a photocopy (or take a photo of it), in fact, make several copies and store them in different places. For example, make an on-line file, back it up by making some CD's. Keep a diary, indicating who said what and when. It will be helpful if it turns out that the same group of people are all told to say the same thing, if there is a pattern or a linked group of people.

Anything that Bristol writes (or people write, pretending to be Bristol) should be taken with a grain of salt. I imagine that she is under a great deal of pressure from her controlling mother. Bristol was supposed to appear on The View to promote her TV show, and just didn't show up. There has to be something going on for her to do that; professionals don't cancel hours before a scheduled TV appearance. (It had been announced that she would be there). I suspect that Bristol already has too much drama in her life. If Levi helps her deal with it, let him. She obviously needs the help.They do share a child.

The most important advice that everyone has been writing is to get a good education. It will be your ticket out of town. I realize that you have to be where you are for the next few years because of your mother. But, please keep your eyes on the horizon and dream about someplace else that you would like to live. If you feel threatened and you really think that your life is at stake, get some adult counsel (Gryphen or his friends), and consider asking the court if you and your mother can relocate to a different place, given that you are in fear for your safety. Most of all, keep writing. It is good therapy, and you really have a knack for writing. Strength!

Rosa said...

Mercede you are amazing. Don't change, your strength shows and is a source of valor to others. Truth can hurt but it is the only way to go and it will get better. I had a situation with a son who had a manipulating kleptomaniac of a girlfriend. Long story. It was hell for what seemed forever. We were estranged, it really looked bleak. He chose her over his family and I stood my ground because she did such awful things. Even after they broke up he could not admit she did what she did for the longest time. Now we are close again and better for all the rough times.

Sarah won't allow taking on Palingates. She could have tried to sue them long ago. Wonder why that will never happen. It is apparent who Bristol wants to blame and why. The Palins are chronic liars and they get so petty, today it is about bowling in Wasilla. You can't believe a word the Palins say and the whole world is waking up to know that each day.

I hope that you are reporting all harassment and threats. No matter how small you think it is.

Upstate NY said...

Three things should have your attention and energy:

1) Staying safe
2) Seeing that your Mom's needs are met
3) Getting a college degree

Everything else is minutia by comparison, including Bristol is nasty, people are rude/mean, Levi is distant, Tripp is out of reach. You can't change any of that, so sweep it aside and look at what you can do.

The suggestion that perhaps the court would allow your mom to relocate to remove herself from danger - good one. If you relocate near a college and get enrolled, it addresses all three things above.

If she can't relocate, see what it would take to hire the assistance she needs to free you up for college. You say "Can't do that" because of money and because you don't want to leave your mom - right?

Please don't reject this idea without further consideration : People reading this blog want to help, and financially helping to pay for someone to drive your mom to appointments, take her to the grocery store, etc. is perhaps the best way to really help you. This assumes you are - eligible for considerable financial aide for college. If we help you, you will lose aide. It's a dumb law, but if your bank account goes up (above a set amount - a tiny set amount), your Federal aide goes down. So, won't be any better off by our "help." BUT, if we give Sherry some support, it might not hurt you so much. Check with a college financial aide advisor, because this is coming from my memory and my youngest is 25. (Maybe a FA advisor is reading your blog and will respond.)

Then, dream BIG. Allow yourself to consider going away to college, being anonymous, making new friends, and become - immersed in learning/questioning/growing. If you can't get in for the fall semester, get in by spring and no later.

As hard as that would be at first, both you and your mom know it would be the best thing for you. Not two years from now but right now. With kids your age. (You have the rest of your life to be a mature, responsible adult, and only a couple more years to be a teenager, a "kid" and a "traditional student.") Don't miss this opportunity.

Whether you and your mom relocate, or you go and she has a hired friend, at least she has one or more new friends and she gets to see one of her kids go to college. Super wonderful for all of you!

You might need a separate donation button, or a link to another page with it's own button. Get good advice and get back to us. We care about you!

PS Tell Sherry we won't let her be alone or go without her needs met.

M. Aragon said...

Hang in there. This sort of meanness would be hard enough to deal with in a larger community, but to be in a state full of small communities - I used to live in Seward and Cordova - it must be doubly stressful just trying to get through a day. Keep to the truth as you have been doing. We're getting pretty good at sniffing out lies these days, especially from certain paranoid parties.
I hope you can remain on good terms with your brother and be able to have a relationship with your nephew.

Snoopy said...

In my opinion, Bristol is the classic ugly ducking daughter of a narcissistic beautiful woman. Mom probably never bonded with Bristol because (a) mom is a narcissist; and (b) Sarah couldn't see herself reflected in Bristol with Bristol's less than perfect nose and other shortcomings that keep Bristol from being a pretty beauty queen like Sarah was. Bristol undoubtedly has massive issues because of this, which probably contributed to her getting pregnant. Even though she clearly wasn't pretty like her mom, somehow Bristol landed the "hot" hockey player. She even apparently got him back after she fixed her nose.

Bristol clearly resents Sadie because Sadie is pretty like Bristol's mom was when Sarah was young (unfortunately, beauty doesn't last forever, and Sarah, even with her facelift, is no longer pretty, although she looks okay for a middle-aged menopausal woman)

PJ said...

I don't know you but, in view of what we all know about the Palin clan, you seem by far the more honest, brave, and good-hearted person. You have my sympathy and prayers for your well-being. Hopefully you can get your life back to normal soon. Keep up the good fight, Mercede. Lots of us are pulling for you.

C said...

Bristol drives a truck with the license plate "Tripp" and parks it OUTSIDE her condo. She's not worried about Tripp's safety. She's just blaming you. Hang in there Sadie. People you don't even know are wishing you well and sending you good thoughts.

If people you know or people who read this are really afraid of Bristol and the Palins, has a secure, anonymous way to send email on the upper right section of its site. I firmly believe that your family and a lot of people in Wasilla will be better off when the Palins lose their hold on the valley.

I hope Levi comes to his senses soon. It must be devastating to no longer be close. Separating a person from his or her loved ones is the first step that an abuser takes. Abusers are not always men.

Bootsy said...

Sweetie -

She is jealous of you!!! Look at her compared to you! You're gorgeous - and she's a Palin! Enuff said!

Keep your head up Mercede!!!!

JenniferinVirginia said...

How can she point the finger at you, asking about food stamps and how you afford your things when she supposedly OWNS a 3 bedroom, newly furnished condo, a nice, new vehicle, posing for photographers in NYC in fancy clothes, wearing designer gowns in magazine shoots, and doing all of this on an office worker's salary? Right, sure honey, we believe you get no help from your family and you're totally doing this on your own...
Well, at least we know she's not taking it from the evil, socialist government which we all know shells out way too much money to people who should just get pregnant then famous and rich! You know, pull themselves up by their ovaries!
Oops! Spoke too soon. I do believe Bristol is sucking off the dreaded government teat. Doesn't Tripp get FREE healthcare through a government program? Oh well, stuff like that only counts when you're not a Palin.
When Bristol takes time out from acting like a total lifeless cardboard cutout with the brain of a gnat, she can be a real bitch.
She's jealous of you Sadie, plain and simple, and your relationship with your brother is a threat to her because it takes attention away from HER HER HER.
there's no reason for her to hate you the way she does when you've been nothing but supportive of her from the beginning. She's threatened by anything that takes Levi's undivided, complete and absolute attention away from her and her magic uterus.
Carry on with your head held high. You know you didn't take the pictures. She probably knows it too. It's just an opportunity for her to bash you again. Don't dignify her Facebook rantings with a response anymore.
You are on the high road here and no amount of magazine fashion spreads, leopard print carpeting and fancy furnishings, wooden cameo appearances on TV and the "Palin legacy" is going to class that girl up. Money rich and manners poor sums up Bristol's current lifestyle. Anyone who mocks people on food stamps needs a good swift kick in the ass with a pair of steel-toed Walmart specials!
Shame on her for insulting hardworking Americans who aren't as fortunate as her, who don't have parents that break their vow to the people of Alaska and quit their jobs to cash in on the millions by being a famewhore.
She should consider herself fortunate that she doesn't need to rely on food stamps, but she is relying on another government program that provides free healthcare to her baby while lots of mothers would kill for a benefit like that for their children. Shame on her for mocking the working poor. For shame Bristol!!
You rock Sadie and I know karma will eventually take care of the imbalanced and unfair. Just wait - it always does!

Josephine said...

This is not right. This young woman, Mercede, is getting threatened and marked for scorn from the community by a member of a powerful politician's family. How intimidating and scary that must be.

Mercede - be careful and contact media like Rachel Maddow, Katie Couric, Anderson Cooper, Brian Williams, right away and give them interviews about all this garbage that has occurred from your perspective. Shine the light and the cockroaches will run away.

TomandLou said...

It seems to be a fact (Is a fact) that the slightest reproach to the Palin gang results in misery for whoever is suspect.The fact is I have yet to read anything about them that does'nt have a ring of truth to it (Most allegations have been proven true) Many have gone uncontested by them (Which lends credibility to an accusation) You have every right to a normal life and The palins should respect that.They bask in self rightous indignation ,everyone else is wrong,They wave a flag of purity when in fact the opposite is true.One thing for sure judgement is coming! Something tells me its not going to be pretty.I just hope I'm alive to see it!

Caty Zeitler said...

I think that Bristol is shooting herself in the foot with this kind of behavior. What you should do is forward Bristol's posts and facebook information and any threats you receive to the judge that is in charge of Levi and Bristol's child custody agreement.
I am sorry for what you and your family have been going through.

Bill in Chicago said...

"Ah, I’m not sure who are Bristols friends, but she should know, that one of her friends leaked her unfactual comment to a few outside blogs, like moments after she wrote it!"

Probably the same "friends" who leaked the photo of her condo!

Caty Zeitler said...

Andrew Sullivan has linked to your blog! This is a good thing!
Look I live in the valley and would be happy to help you and your Mom if I can. You have my email contact me if you want.

Malachi said...

Never think otherwise: Bristol and her mom are immature to the core. They are petty, vengeful, perhaps even verging on demonic. Know this: their day has already come, because they are not happy people. You can just see it in their eyes, their language, and no increase of fame or fortune will change that ... If my words could mean anything, I would encourage you to cancel out the noise, don't let them pull you into their petty games. It may seem impossible in the short term, but you are the one who stands tall in the long run by simply ignoring them and exposing the truth. And yes, I think it's safe to assume that Bristol is envious of both your internal and external beauty.

Erica said...

I was just starting to feel a bit sorry for Bristol till I read your latest entry.I hope your whole family can sever ties with these miserable people.Maybe one day Levi can get full custody and share his child with loving and kind in laws surrounding them.
Maybe the people around you are like a pack of mad dogs following the alpha dog but one day they may not be on top in Alaska.
The rest of the country is starting to lose love for Sara.

luckypink said...

It's too bad you and your family can't have the peace and quiet that you deserve. Stay strong, Mercede... and keep sharing what you know with the public. It's refreshing to have *someone* tell the truth about all of this. Stay safe, and more power to ya!

Rosa said...

How does Bristol cover Tripp's medical expenses? I thought she was on socialized medicine? Does she refuse the other Alaskan welfare for herself and Tripp? That "food stamp" remark was a blatant lie and really weird coming from someone who has taken so much from government (taxpayers) coffers.

Amazed said...

It takes a strong person to do what you're doing, i hope others in Wasilla who know how mean and vindictive the Palins can be will see your strength and follow suit.

The Palins are strong not because they are just but because people are scared, they are granted security out of fear of retribution. I wish you the best, lots of support, and hope you continue telling the truth in the curteous and graceful way that you have been. Its plain to see Bristols immaturity, and many faults, there is nothing thruthful or beautiful about her lies. Envy makes a person truely ugly.

Best to you, on your journey, real Alaskans are with you.

Marnie said...

it is a pity you are having to go through this, but this is the Palin pattern of behaviour. And a pattern common to all mean abusive people.

I know you feel you need to speak up for yourself, and you should. But it will do no good to argue with Bristol, she will just get bitchier and shriller. That is the pattern of an abusive person.
Trying to argue her points on her playing field, her game and her rules, you will never win. And it gives her immense satisfaction to know she has hurt you. She is an abuser. And it feeds the Palin bots.

Speak truth where you feel the need, don't roll in the mud with a gutter snipe.

If you did not take the picture, don't argue with them or their bots. You have said you didn't and that really is all you can do.

Speak truth. The Palins get caught in lie after lie and the bodies under their bus continue to pile up. Be patient, their friends and followers dwindle day by day. But the remainders are going to be really ugly.

Sarah M said...

I used to feel badly for Bristol and defended her to others on the blogs. To me, she always appeared sad and depressed. Now that I see this note to you and recent comments in interviews, I think she is a jealous angry witch as well as a dunce. Her comments are so poorly written and what not. Did she graduate high school really?
She tells you that you have no class?? That is so funny coming from her! Does she think she has class cuz she doesn't and also too and what not, her mother has none either?
She writes " you have no title?" That is so funny and babyish. What is her title? Candies virgin wannabe? And her Mum says she don't need no stinkin title to "effect change." she's causing fighting and what not over America. Should we respect het title? SarAh phony grifter extraordinaire.

Levis not thinking with his head if you know what I mean.
A real nice guy would not let anyone talk about or treat their family badly. He's not thinking.

I agree with poster above- go on interviews, tell the truth as you know it. Email Andrew Sullivan and Palingates ( they ARE nice people!!!)

Keep tellin the truth and what not about Bristol.
Karma and what not rule'

Martha Unalaska Yard Sign said...


Since I have nothing nice to say about Bristol's creepy behaviour I will say nothing at all, except that her mouth needs to be washed out with a bar of soap. She has no model of a healthy family, so none of this is surprising to me. If she were bright - there would yet be hope for her. Bristol, if you have brain cells which have not yet been washed, use them now girl!

Levi - jump off the drama go 'round and figure out a wholesome way to balance the needs you have for your yourself, your son and your family. Tripp deserves the chance to know, and be immersed in a functional family life, and not gut wrenching drama in which he's a hot spot. Think far into the future, and about the things you might regret doing or not doing right now. You have time.

Mercede - you just keep shining as brightly you have been, and all will work out. I know it's scary, and it's hard work, and you are looking straight into the mouth of the dragon. Behold the dragon with no teeth, just bad breath and a lot of hot air. You go girl!

pinkpurplepink said...

mercede, what goes around, comes around... it seems bristol will learn her life lessons the most difficult way possible - by poisoning everything in her path. i know what i'm going to say now might not be that 'wholesome', but hopefully levi's swimmers will find their mark upstream once again!!! lol! sorry... lol!

Micheal said...


Sorry to say, as long as B is under the influence of her mother, her attitude will never change. remember, she is her mothers daughter, in every sense. please dont blame Levi, he just wants to be with his son. at least he isnt one of those buttheads who wont have anything to do with their children. give it time, most likely after the next election when SP is brutally beaten at the polls, and maybe things will get better for you. i do wish you luck in everything you do.


Peninparadise said...

can't find the one with Sarah and Willow backstage when she was her "entourage." One of them has their big designer bag on the table in front of them.

project much.
stay strong!
stay classy!
karma happens :)

Amy_in_Wasilla said...

Hi Mercede,

Forget the Palins. They are the past.
I think you're spending way too much energy on them. Focus on your future and make it happen.

Best wishes to you.

Barbara said...

I won't flame any more fire here but Bristol if you are reading this let me say something. Sadie did not take the picture and put it out there. I hope the people who did step forward. Even then they did not not reveal where you lived as they said they did not wish you any harm. No one wants to hurt you.

Can't you talk to Sadie and mend fences? Leave your Mom out of this. No offense but if you are an adult talk to the Aunt of your child. Levi talk to Bristol and tell her if you love her you also love your family too.

This will pass but I know it is easy to say this and you are going through all of this now. I know my in laws didn't care for me for a few years until they got to know me. Instead of listening to others they came to talk to me. Maybe that is what will happen one day. I hope so for everyone's sake but most of all for your sake, your Mom, and your beautiful nephew.

I am so sorry you are going through all of this but trust me you are coming across as the better person in this. Come on now Levi and Bristol I know you are reading this. Sadie is not a monster...she loves her nephew. Levi she was there for you. No sides all of you get together and talk. Ask for help if need be from someone older you trust that can keep the peace. I wish you the very best Sadie. (hugs)


Kat said...

You sure have gotten a lot of advice!
Unfortunately I agree with southernyankee: you can't win with these people. For years I had the misfortune of having my career largely in the hands of a woman like this-- a woman who, like Sarah, had also risen to a position of power. And, for various reasons I was a threat to her. You are so clearly a threat to Sarah, and to Bristol. You are beautiful and genuinely caring and a class act, and you tell the truth. Their worlds are one big house of cards, built on lies and illusion...a reality that they create and sell to the world. When someone comes along and challenges the illusion, they threaten to bring down the whole house of cards. And then the vindictiveness comes out. You can try to counter with reason, or kindness, it doesn't get you anywhere against a world of smoke and mirrors. If you can't win the game, the only answer is to stop playing it. As others have said, concentrate on finding your own path. I know this is easier said than done...with your mom, and Tripp, and in a small town in a remote state. My heart goes out to you! But you have a true light -- I know you can find a way to let it shine!

Kathy in Blue Bell said...

Mercede sweetheart, you do not know me, but I have a daughter your age, that makes me feel your pain even more. I see some people advising you to look into college and move past the Palins. I whole heartedly second that advice. You have talent and intelligence. You clearly have writing talent, I would love to see your photos on this blog or perhaps if you would like to try your hand at fiction, I think you would do well. I know that finances and your Mother are big considerations but there are plenty of schools that offer incredibly generous merit and financial aid. When my daughter was applying to schools, Loyola in New Orleans and John Carroll in Cleveland offered her very generous financial help. There are so many places you can go where you can live your life in privacy, most people outside of Alaska do not know who you are and barely know who Sarah is. I know you might need to leave your Mother, but there has to be some places in Alaska where she can be safe. I gather there is a large artist population in Palmer, people seem to be more tolerant and generous there, perhaps your mother could relocate to a place like that. If not, couldn't you present the threatening notes you have received and get permission for her to move? Remember this, your Mother loves you and will not want to stand in your way, do what you need to do to get your life back.

MadasHelinVA said...

Sadie, first of all, I am so terribly sorry that Bristol is so immature that she doesn't know what the word 'adult' means since she has never seen an example of one in her family the entire time she has been alive. There are no adults in her life [except teachers] and she probably didn't like or get along with most of them. Her mother is still the 'mean, get-even, valley girl' she was in high school as she 'proved' during her half term as governor.

Sadie, it sounds like Bristol is trying real hard to make NASTY digs at you because she is so JEALOUS of the fact that you have real friends and hers are as plastic as she is. She will say anything to hurt you and she thought those digs would do the trick, but she is so wrong!

Honey, she now understands that her body is nowhere near the size it used to be [and never will be again] BEFORE getting pregnant [a female body CHANGES TOTALLY once pregnant and never regains its shape UNLESS one is 'totally' committed to body building religiously] - I'm proof of that! Since you have never been pregnant, your body is still the lovely shape and size it has been since being in high school, so JEALOUS Bristol is trying real hard to make you feel bad. She thought having a baby would make her and adult, but that does NOT make any person an ADULT nor does it make a person a 'GOOD MOTHER'. She is so jealous of you because you have the life she wishes she had - one WITHOUT a baby tying her down.

Sadie, stay strong and IGNORE the Paylins and all their NASTINESS. They worship ONLY at the alter of the 'almighty dollar' and many more people are finally beginning to see them for who and what they really are - trash that will never fit in the world they wished they belonged to. On the other hand, you are honest and beautiful! Bristol is so, soooo UGLY! The fact that she can't act at all [she is like a piece of ugly cardboard] is just another reason she is so terribly JEALOUS of you.

You didn't ask to be brought into the political picture with Scarah. She USED you and your family to try to make her family [and Bristol] appear like a 'normal, wonderful family'. It didn't work on the majority of Americans! Bristol will kick Levi to the curb so much sooner than he realizes because that relationship will never last. Then he will apologize to you and seek solace from his family. So honey, don't let those jerks get to you. Stay as you are and don't be intimidated because you can call on the authorities for help when anything gets out of hand - especially threats. Keeping you and your mom in my thoughts and wishing you only the best in life.

Kat_In_Hawaii said...

Sending hugs to you Mercede & Sherry! Everyone else has said it all. I admire you and support you. Keep your head high & please stay safe.

ch said...

Mercede, you are the kind of daughter any mother would love to have and would be proud to call her own. You don't need advice from anyone - I can tell you've got it together.

I feel nothing but pity for Bristol. I'm sure it has been years since she's been a daughter. Lately, she's only been a campaign prop.

BTW, if you do decide to sell your story, be sure to include a clause that it MUST be published. Otherwise, a Murdoch ally just might buy it and bury it.

As for Levi, he should only ask himself if he wants his son to be in the same rock/hard place he is. He needs to be someone/somewhere Tripp can run to. Look at Track. I think going into the military was an escape.

Keep on writing. Notice how the Palins appear to shrink when faced with true strength? Not surprising. Every bully backs down in the face of strength and truth.

Mag said...

Mercede, you don't know me, but I taught Bristol in 8th grade. I am so sorry you are going through this. Never in a million years would I have expected this behavior from Bristol. It is shocking and extremely disappointing. As a teacher, I always have the highest hopes for my students. I was hoping that she would rise above the influence of her mother, but alas, that does not seem to be the case. All I can say is keep telling the truth. She is experiencing the consequences of her behavior toward you on the inside, I'm sure of it. This time period in her life will be looked back on with regret. Take the high road Sadie- it won't let you down.

the problem child said...

I hope you will keep blogging, even in the face of the threats you have received. I'm sure they are awful, though, and probably mostly untraceable to you. But they are traceable to law enforcement. I'd think that Trooper Wooten (now riding a desk) might be your friend in this.

Take care, dear girl, the world is your daisy.

pat said...

Bristol has vanity plates that say "TRIPP." Levi's big red truck is a known eye catcher and when did she last give a shout out about that RED truck? How lamo to blame Sadie.

That blame is coming from someone with a PR LLC. What a hype that is, or is that corporate welfare? She was raised by the BP code of ethics. And she and her son are on the medical care that the Palin family trashes?

Celia Harrison said...

People who live in lies will always be afraid of the truth. What they are doing to you is a form of bullying, but take heart I know from personal experience and much research they only go after people who have a lot of positive characteristics. They are people who know they are incompetent and have low self esteem. They envy you, they could never have your courage to tell the truth and stand up to them. They fear your truth most of all. They are very sick people and will never be happy. Remember the goal in life is happiness and all the money in the world can't buy you that. The other thing is you are beautiful and you would have had negative actions from jealous women even if the Palins had not come into your life. I know you are cofused about the hate because you don't think that way. I was the same way. The only thing to do is arm yourself with information about what these people really are. Think very hard about bringing someone like Bristol back inot your life.

So many questions said...

Mercede- you and your Mom keep smiling and don't let people get you down, just be true to yourselves and everything else doesn't matter. Bristol only seems to be happy when she's hurting someone else, a vindictive person who probably will never change just like her mother. It's to bad you and your Mom can't just pack up and move somewhere and start a fresh new life. There's a big world out there don't get trapped into a mundane life of small town Wasilla. I know how it is, I used to live in Alaska.

1smartcanerican said...

Mercede, stay strong. You appear to be a smart, kind young woman with a big heart. Don't let the Palins get you down. I realize that is very difficult.

Also, don't turn away from those who care about you because of other influences. The people at palingates wish you nothing but the best and would do nothing to put you in harms way or cause blame to come your way. We know you did not publish the license plate, nor did anyone at palingates. I would look much closer to home.

Wishing you the best and stay safe. I agree with other posters - keep law enforcement apprised of any threats so they can work behind the scenes for your family's safety.

AlaskaSundog said...

Mercede, Sarah Palin is a psychopath, a user with no feeling other than her own. Being raised in such a home has probably resulted in kids with disassociative problems, which means they'll probably end up like her with even more anger. Bristol is looking for a target to get rid of anger she can't quite explain yet. She's learned how to manipulate & use . Her mother uses her & she uses her mother-- a sad & sick parasitic arrangement. Levi is being used by Bristol , probably to keep him quiet & not writing his book, & maybe at Sarah's behest. For sex & his child, he's been forced to cut his family out; that's what abusive, controlling partners do. It's not just Levi, dumb victim, it happens all the time. The good thing here is that Levi will get a lot of contact with Tripp, at least for as long as he is needed & that might be till 2012. Hopefully someday, Levi will be back in the family fold with Tripp. In the meantime, how to deal with the daily grind? Read & be aware of what's said or written & document -- names, dates, comment. This is for your own good. But while you're keeping track, don't let it get you down. Character, as Martin Luther King said, is the thing. It's character that makes the person, not money or fame or looks. With strength & character, know that you can be above all this shit. Just stand tall . Don't let mud thrown by slime dwellers darken your day. See, you just have to rinse it off. They never can; it's where they live. Palin has been somewhat successful in Wasilla thru manipulation of the stupid & thru fear, Document but do not be afraid. If you needed help, it wouldn't be thru the Wasilla police. There are other avenues including some of the bloggers, emails & phone. Don't be afraid. Geez, I hate bullies. I NEVER CAVE TO A BULLY. That's what's also disappointing here, that so many would be afraid of Palin & not stare her down. At her picnic, I wore a shirt that had " SARAH PALIN LIAR" on it. I've also worn it in town etc. I was verbally assaulted but it's OK cuz people had to know that you don't have to be afraid & you MUST STAND UP FOR THE TRUTH. Let the comments of those with little intelligence, strength & character roll off you. Document because TRUTH must come out & while doing so live life proudly, help your Mom & know that as you do, in the end things should tumble out right & at the very least, you will know you did "GOOD". I'm a retired teacher & a neighbor in Chugiak. Should you need help, I would how I could. You have my email & I'm in the phonebook. BTW, I too belong to NRA. Just saying . Hope you enjoy reading all these posts & have a good one.

just a friend said...

Mercede, I think that it's important for people reading here to know that you had nothing to do with taking pictures of Levi's truck parked at Bristol's condo. He has every right to see his son, and the Palins have kept him away for a while.

It is important for people to know that someone else in Alaska took the pictures and made them available to several bloggers. One website just published the photos as proof that Bristol was not the best advocate for Candies' abstinence program. Another website showed the pictures, then took them down explaining that they had a $$$ motive. A week or so later, the photos ended up in tabloids.

The problem that Bristol has is that she has been put on a national stage by her mother. Sarah paraded Levi before a national audience and told everyone that they were going to get married. Bristol has given interviews and posed for family pictures with Tripp (while telling Levi that he shouldn't be allowed to exploit the little boy). Bristol cannot have it both ways; seeking publicity when there is money involved, and suddenly claiming an invasion of her privacy when the kid's father comes to visit his son.
She is caught in a whirlwind of emotions, and she is not mature enough to make her own decisions.

People need to know that you did not take the pictures. Bristol's reaction is due to the fact that she is unhappy with her situation. She shouldn't try to blame you. We understand, and we hope that others understand, too.
Don't let them get to you; you're much classier than they are, and more mature. Get an education, and as soon as you can make sure that your mother is well taken care of, get out of Alaska and don't look back.

Alice said...

Be true to yourself. My prayers are with you and your mom. I would be proud to be able to call you family....the world needs more honest people like yourself.

CArol Wolfe said...

I am all for a send sadie to college fund. Young woman, you have so much ability and talent, empathy and courage that it would be a waste if you did not go to college. You have a lot to offer the world and you deserve to avail yourself of opportunities that come your way. You have assumed a caregiving role at a very early age--that is to be commended as it is unusual and not something that our young people have to do this day and age. Take care of yourself.

jasmine said...

dude. maybe you should consider moving you and your mom out of alaska. if you really don't feel safe and people are threatining you, it might be better for you to get out of the state? i guarantee you the palin family is not looked favorably upon by the rest of the u.s., especially here in california. you will be more respected than they ever will be for standing your ground and telling the truth. it is not right what they are doing to your family and you deserve to say whatever you feel you need to say. people care what you have to say and don't stop saying it. your welcome in sunny california any time :)

Tania said...

Mercede: thanks for setting the record straight - I don't understand why you were blamed when the possibilities are endless. From what Ive heard about anchorage it isn't an overly large place! All it would take is a disgruntled neighbour that dislikes the family to take the photos! Or someone that saw her driving/at the shops/at 'work' and decided to follow her home! Someone working with records! There are literally thousands of possibilities - to blame you without proof is ridiculous.

I'm sure and I hope you and Levi work it out: he is likely to come around and see sense after an initial 'anger' misdirected at you. I've had friends be mad at me for things I didn't do and the thing is it always works out if they are good people. So be patient, and tell him the truth. If it helps, point out that Sarah and her family (particularly Bristol because she is viewed as spoilt, hypocritical and glamourising her situation) are EXTREMELY unpopular in your state and thousands of people are actively trying to remove the familys influence: any one of those people could have seen Bristol on the street or in the shops and decided to get a scoop. It's a more than fair argument and he will have to understand that!

I hope anyone reading Mercedes' blog never makes things worse for her by threatening Bristol or the Palin family. Mercede: from everything I see and hear about Palin supporters it wouldn't surprise me if it was a palin supporter that 'threatened' her to give her more ammo against you. I doubt I need to tell you of their viciousness when you have been on the receiving end of it!

Good luck with Levi and good work blogging. You are right: speaking truth to power is always the right thing to do

AK Sandhills said...

I think you have good instincts and I also believe that people can change their perspective and make amends. Forget about the "experienced adults" in the room! When I think about what your circle of peers has gone through over the past 2 years it is truly astounding.
All of your lives were so different when you were just attending high school in Wasilla & thinking about your future plans.
I have to disagree with many who have commented that you should forget about Bristol. I am guessing that there are a lot of adults commenting here and I'm surprised that so many seem to imply that Bristol is incapable of change. You & Bristol are 19 years old and have a lot of changes ahead of you. Hopefully, you will both evolve to a place where you can be friends. After all for better or worse the two of you have a bond because of Tripp (and Levi). You & Bristol will always have this connection & this common interest, even if Bristol is never around when you are visiting Tripp.
I sincerely hope that she takes you up on your offer to have lunch. There is enough animosity & negativity in this world and I have to question why the conflict between the you & Bristol has to continue. None of this is about Sarah or politics - it is just about you & the mother of your nephew, and of course Tripp.
Like I said - you have good instincts - follow them...

serena1313 said...

Mercede, without going into detail, I was in a very similar situation. Essentially it is the same scenario. Perhaps by sharing what I learned it might help you in some small way.

In order to clear the air, I believed, at the time, that my sister and I needed to talk. But she wasn't talking to me because an individual had convinced her of something I had done, of what I don't know. Nevertheless I knew the timing had to be right so I kept waiting and waiting and waiting and ...

After an inordinately long period of time passed by, it finally occurred to me that this was not my issue, I did not own it; it wasn't mine, yet, I was the one upset. At that moment all of a sudden I was able to just let it go -- once I relinquished "ownership" I was free.

Oddly enough, the next time my sister and I saw one another something had definitely shifted. Although we still have never discussed it, from that day forward things have slowly but steadily improved a lot.

Sometimes real-life conflicts can be resolved on a psychic-netherworld level, other times not. What transpires depends on the situation notwithstanding.

Nevertheless what I came to understand or what I learned by this experience is that too often we unnecessarily bring on our own pain without realizing it. We take on issues that aren't ours. And when we let go we are free and sometimes the others involved are, too.

I dare say, Mercede, this is not your issue; it belongs to those who use it as a wedge to keep you separated from the one family member you have been closest to. One day all this may or may not work-out, I sincerely hope it does.

In the interim stay true to yourself; Let it go if you can. The sooner the better because waiting only makes the pain worse ... for yourself.

Mercede the abundant joy you have inside is a gift. Share it with the rest of the world and you will have found your inner-peace. Be happy, be well.

And may the best of your yesterdays be the worst of your tomorrows.

Tom said...

Sorry to hear about all of this drama. Too bad that you and your family are tied to that wackadoodle bunch as it is unlikely to ever end.

Sharon TN said...

First off, that lil' tiger Tripp will find his own way back to you
& your mom. In a small community like Wasilla there'll
be enough people around to tell him the truth about his
early years. And yes of course, you (& people in general)
should always seek to be on pleasant terms with others.
However, in some cases when the other party has shown themselves to be untrustworthy and cruel without a
cause no matter the consequences for someone else,
it's unlikely they will suddenly turn nice. You could at
some point have a friendly chat with Bristol & get things
staightened out, but don't be surprised when a day or a week later she suddenly does an about-face & turns on
you again. In other words, when dealing with a certain type of individual "be ye wise as serpents, and harmless as a doves." Matt. 10:16. Glad you're back Mercede, your
blog is a breath of fresh untainted air!

Sharon TN

chay said...

MJ: I would appreciate WHOEVER took those pictures of Levi’s truck at Bristol’s condo, and that showed up on Palingates and Radar Online, to step up and admit it so that I can once again prove to her that I am not “out to get her”.

It is sad that you feel you must prove to Bristol that you are not “out to get her”. Bristol like her mother is chronic. They are not likely to change and start to tell the truth. They need scapegoats or they would start acting responsible for what they say and do. They don't need to bury the hatchet or do anything to bring peace and reconciliation.

Mercede, you are definitely taking the high road and it is big to offer to meet person to person. That is how Bristol could have handled her message to you. I don't believe a word she says but she claimed she couldn't post on her wall and she asked April to help her get a message to you. I know this is the age of social media but the mail service still works. She could have sent you a registered letter and insulted you in private. It was her call to post where hundreds of "friends" could read her insults. That is not exactly private and it shows she wanted to humiliate you in a public way where peers would know and believe her.

Bristol is insanely jealous over many things. I am sure that having a blog and exercising your freedom of speech is one of them. Bristol would like to be free and able to respond and tell the world what she thinks. She could do all that and more. The problem for her is she must start with the truth and making amends. If she can't walk the walk meeting with Bristol will be like what is happening with Levi. It is a temporary fix where someone is just setting up their victim for another hit. Please don't fall for a Palin trap.

Everyone knows that you did not have anything to do with the photos. The problem is the media won't acknowledge the truth yet. Keep at it. You are doing a great job. Persevere.

Meg said...

Hang in there, Mercede. Don't be bullied. Tough times don't last forever for good, honest people.

kai said...

you'll pull through and learn from it. people are what they are.

you are articulate, which is good.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe she would say you have no class and this is coming from a girl who wanted to get pregnant and got pregnant at the age of 17, oh yeah really classy of her! I know that hes your nephew and you love him with all your heart, and hes definitley not a mistake, but I mean REALLY, she thinks she has class, and you dont? And another thing, even if you are on food stamps what the hell does it matter? whats it to her?...When her mother was Governor of Alaska did she say that about her mothers people having government help? Not everyone has money like her, and her family. She should realize that.

James said...

Man, it's like everything that comes anywhere near the Palins becomes contaminated with their radioactive stupidity.

Mercede I don't know you and I don't really care, but I'd like to point out that even if you were being a giant attention whore that'd make you no different from Bristol's mother. You know, the same woman who uses her own children as props.

mel said...

Just stay honest, just keep your integrity. People like the Palins don't survive forever. Truth can take a long time to come out, but it does come out eventually. I've been in a situation that, if not as public as yours, was similar in some ways. Now, years down the pike, the thing that matters to me most is that I can look back and see that I behaved graciously and well (despite severe provocation not to!), whereas the other party that was trashing me did not. People inclined to believe the other party at the time now no longer do, largely because over the years they have seen that I was and continue to be as kind, calm, and honest as possible in my dealings with everyone in my life, and the other party continued to have strife, bitterness, and craziness with everyone in their lives. So people come up to me now, years later, and say:" "Gosh, at the time I thought what they were saying about you must be true -- but it's become clear since that you're a good person and they are kind of crazy."

So behave well, have courage, and make a good life for yourself, Mercedes. And eventually, even the people inclined to believe the Palins now will see the truth. Just give it time.

FEDUP!!! said...

Mercede, I just want to say that I agree with all the above commenters, and I hope you can accept their advice to stay true to yourself and always keep your head up high. (That is what makes people like $P and BP very mad - people who are supposed to be on the ground, but who refuse to go down!)

I would like to comment on Upstate NY on July 1, 2010 at 11:12 am :
I believe there are some social services that could help you and your mom to get her grocery shopping etc - so you could go to college and come home during the weekend maybe. Please check into it.
On the other hand, I know you said you are taking some online courses for now, and you probably could do most if not *all* your college work online. There would be no stigma attached to that at all. Just make sure you have a dream, and that you never will let go of it. As they say something like this) : 'Reach for the stars, and you will end up on the moon!' Never, ever, give up your hopes and dreams. You might not be able to be part of your little nephews life right now, but you will be - eventually!
(((HUGGGGSSSS))) to you and your mom.

MinNJ said...

You've gotten such good advice here, Mercede, and warm, loving support. I just wanted to echo the sentiments expressed by others to you and your mother. Hang tough. You're well spoken and intelligent, and part of me wishes that you could get out of there; however, standing your ground where you are now will serve you well later in your life.

My best to you. ('pulling yourself up by your overies' is SO funny!)

curiouser said...

Bristol's fb post shows how mean, ridiculous and childish she can behave. She seems to be trying to make a power play to control her friends and turn them against you. Those who comply aren't worth the bother. I'm glad you're holding her accountable.

I hope she'll grow up enough some day so that the two of you can discuss your issues face-to-face. But don't hold your breath. She's got a lot to overcome and doesn't seem to even realize it yet.

You've got a long going for you, Mercede. My best to you and your mom.

(Has anyone heard of not being able to post to your own fb wall and using a friend's instead? If that happened, wouldn't you just wait until it was fixed? What an absurd excuse.)

Fredda said...

Mercede, Hang in there, you have a lot of people who believe what you say. I feel so sorry for both Trig and Tripp as they are just being used to get attention for the wacko Palin family. Levi shouldn't trust this dysfunctional family--they call Sarah Barracuda because she cannot be trusted and she will knife anyone in the back if it is to her advantage. Anyone with an ounce of brains knows that you don't go around driving a vehicle with Alaska license tags saying TRIPP and then cry because someone figures out where you live. Sarah and Bristol never got past the seventh grade mentality level of bullying and lying to get their way. They think that if the publicly criticize someone often enough, it will look like they are better than they are. This is crazy thinking and that is why everyone says that both Bristol and $arah have mental problems and are celebrity wannabees motivated by their greed and love for attention. You need to understand that on her childish level, Sarah Palin keeps publicly criticizing your family and also President Obama because she thinks this will make her look good and give her power. Most Americans can see how sick this family is and that is why her approval ratings go down every time she opens her mouth. And yes, the plastic surgeons all say she is lying and definitely had a boob job!

Jan said...

Merecede, You are a teen and should be enjoying YOUR life. Set goals and look for ways to obtain them. Dare to dream to be what you want to be. Look for positive role models. Try to see the good in all people and avoid people who bring you down. Friends encourage each other in good times and bad times. If you are being hurt by others then look at the situation and make sure you are not hurting others also. You just finished high school and life should be full of expectations for YOU. Don't waste your youth bogged down in your brother's life and his problems. Enjoy YOUR life!!!!

kevin said...

Mercede i am buying you lunch today. Courageous young lady you are. And believe me, you are much better looking than either Bristol or her mother.

Also you have to get yourself in college one way or another. higher education like this is a must and you are a bright girl. Your education is not complete until you have a college degree.

Keep posting here and keep all of your online friends informed about what is going on up there. I have several contacts in high places in the so-called lamestream media that would hop all over your story were something to happen to you or your family. They have asked me to monitor your blog and keep them informed should things get too hot for you.

So I will be monitoring your blog. What you and I share is a contempt for bullies.

keep up your excellent blog and rest assured i will be monitoring it.

chay said...

(Has anyone heard of not being able to post to your own fb wall and using a friend’s instead? If that happened, wouldn’t you just wait until it was fixed? What an absurd excuse.)

Not posting to her own fb wall is a pathetic excuse. This was a lesson in meangirl101 and how to spread the hate.

Kaylee said...

I come on here almost everyday cause i find your story so interesting ever since i found it on Perez Hilton. But it sucks that you don't update everyday!

amomtoo said...

Bristol's comment "you have no title" glares at me more than the other nasty comments. Mercedes, you have equal rights and a right to assert your self and stand up for your self also. You don't just have to take it i.e. whatever some person dishes out nor false accuses you of.
Bristol contacted Harpers, she and Sarah invited them to Bristol's, Willow participated and they all shared more than enough information blind to portray an image of Bristol for people to figure out where she lives.

They need to use you as their scapegoat and whipping boy for the consequences of their choices then orchestrate you are punished for alleged crimes you did not commit. Rational people who truly seek privacy and to protect their families do not have magazine shoots in their home, vanity license plates with the child's name advertised nor trot their children like show dogs in the public eye for photo ops.

You have the benefit of intelligent, educated and truly caring people who have reached out to comment so you have the benefit of their experience and wisdom.

Most of us learn the hard way about people who seek to use, abuse, isolate people from others, control people and control what people think, scapegoat, publicly humiliate others and that they feel "good" harming, hurting to inflicting pain and suffering on others and more powerful to pull one over i.e. do it then scapegoat or project they are the victim. I encourage you to learn about abuse, narcissism,read books mentioned e.g. Walking on Eggshells to know when to distance from such personalities in your future.

Do your best to let go of your brother for now embracing this time for you to learn, grow, achieve personal goals trusting he has lessons to learn also and needs time to get experiences for the future.

FEDUP!!! said...

I can't believe what I just read over on IM! I guess Levi has made a pact with the literal devil. WHAT THE HE** has come into him to apologize to $arah Palin? He never said anything BAD about her - he only was open and to the point, and even when he accused her of something, he always was a gentleman.

I guess his 'little' head took over and won over his 'top' head... He simply is what I call 'PU**YWHIPPED'.I can't believe this.

Kate said...

Please tell me it isn't true! After all the terrible things they've said about your family, Levi just apologized to Sarah?! What, is Bristol pregnant again?

Dirge said...

Wtf is Levi up to now?

Jan said...

Levi just gave People Magazine an interview saying he lied about the Palin's and told them he is sorry.

icarust said...

Saw the headlines about Levi publicly apologizing to the Palins (wow!). My heart sank and I couldn't bear to click on a single link, so I won't. I came here instead, to see how Mercede's holding up. I'm so sorry about all you're going through. Please know that Sarah, and it sounds like Bristol too, are sociopaths. Poor Levi! Bristol's cast a spell on him, which can't be good.

CAgal said...

When the Palins (including Bristol) threaten Levi with no access to his child, unless he complies with their charade of lies, there are no "good" choices for him. He did what is best for his child, like any good parent would. Levi will be thrown under the bus again as soon as he's not useful to the Palins anymore, so it's just a matter of time. Give the guy a break.

lee said...

Your brother will tire of son's mother and will want to connect with you again. Most teen-age relationships are not forever. Again, just try to attend college. You will meet new friends who will be more on your level. You are young, and the leader of the pack of this hate towards you will fade. Right now they have hit the lottery, and anything to keep the $$ rolling in is fair game. Sadly, you are just another way to keep themselves in the news.

Guest said...

Such drama. Remember, all of you are young and foolish, things change on a dime and in 10 years none of this will matter anyway. I know it's hard being an in-law, but forget about trying to "force" things to be right and haul out the sweet-n-low, because in the middle of a storm you can't build a house. And in the Palin universe, there always seems to be a storm of some sort whipping about.

Bristol called you no-class and doesn't at all sound like she's interested in reconciling. And I can't see that she'd have respect for you if you came knocking on her door after that. She would just think you're two faced.

So just let it go and let time pass. Work on your relationship with your bro one-on-one, not your relationship with Bristol. Because that's what you can control. You can't control Bristol or what she thinks or says about you. Superficially making up with her is not going to get you in the good graces of your brother. It just plays into the drama and gives Bristol more string-pulling power. Strengthen your own family ties directly....take the high road....focus on positive actions...and eventually all this stuff will work it's way out.

Eventually you'll have babies too and it will likely be at THAT juncture, not before, that Bristol will legitimately come around, because not only will it seem safer, but she'll see it in her own selfish best interest to do so, and in the interest of your nephew. It is only at that point you'll be able to make any real progress and obtain the respect you want.

heather said...

What bothers me is that you can go on getting threats and being put in potential danger but when it happens to her it's not okay? I hate how people are so hypocritical. I feel so sorry that she said those nasty things about you just to try and hurt you. Just know you have a lot of supporters out there.

Alleen said...


I hope you, Levi & Bristol can patch things up. Good for you for trying.

Being in the public eye, politics, gossip rags, etc. brings out the worst in people -- even the nicest people. It takes a lot of forgiveness and emotional toughness to endure it. At some point though you may have to just let some things go.

There are some people in my life that I have reached out to, tried to clear the air with, hoped for resolution with, etc. that just don't want or need that. At some point you may have to just let it go.

Good luck, girl. Chin up! :-)

bobby said...

I think it is really interesting how Bristol is on a judgmental high horse about "food stamps" when she was quoted extensively about how hard it is to feed and clothe her son working a full time job - it's not as if she's living in the poorhouse; she wears designer clothes, has a brand new condo and vehicle, and doesn't seem to be hurting for cash. hm. Must be REALLY hard to do all of that on such a low single mom salary. Bristol really is becoming her mother and it's really sad. It seemed that she was going to go her own way there for a while but is back in lockstep with her family's ethos.

Keep on keepin' on, Mercede.

Mademoiselle S said...

Dear Sadie,
I adore your strength and maturity. But i do really think that you should go to college, enjoy your life. Maybe by scholarships, ask financial support from your relatives or do part time job. Well, anything. You owe your self to be happy, dear. You deserve a chance to a brighter future!
Im sure that your brother loves you and your mum, and eventually he'll realize how retarded BP is. Just give him some time. His relationship with BP is not going to work out, really.

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