Sunday, June 6, 2010

My computer was hacked

Many of you asked me to give further information regarding my computer, and I am more than happy to do so.

I have always had a love for photography so I have my camera on me at all times. I also owned a scanner, so all of our old hard copies were scanned onto my computer and saved.

Therefore I had thousands of photographs stored onto my computer. Pictures which included camping trips that my family and friends went on together, school events, holiday memories, and yes there were even a few of the Palins.

At that time I was also taking online home school classes for my second quarter of school because the campaign stirred up so much chaos that school was difficult for me. (There was no way I could focus at school because I was constantly being asked questions, even by the teachers DURING class.)

By the end of September I was having problems with my computer. It would let me log in and show my background and documents, but would not allow any programs or files to be opened.

I took it to the local repair shop and he was able to fix it. The first time.

When I got it home my computer seemed to be running fine so I just renewed my Norton security program and forgot about it.

One morning I woke up to log on to my computer and to do some school work. When I turned it on it would not let me log in. It just went directly to the original Windows background (My background photo was originally a picture of me and my best friend swimming with dolphins). There were absolutely no files, all my desktop icons were gone, and there was not ONE photo on my hard drive besides the "Sample photos" which came with the computer.

I immediately started to freak out and yell for my mom. We called the local repair shop and I had my computer in his hands within hours.

He had my computer for about a week and called me to ask if he could keep it longer because he was very "fascinated" by how there was nothing left on it, and that it appeared to have been completely wiped clean.

He had worked on my computer previously so he KNEW there were once thousands of pictures, school work, documents, etc. He also asked if I wouldn’t mind if a few computer friends/techs come in from Fairbanks and Washington.

I said yes of course, anything or anyone that could help to retrieve my photos were welcome to give it a try. I told him he could keep it how ever long he needed if there was any chance at all of ever seeing my pictures again.

By the time early December rolled around he told me he had over 12 techs look at my computer and that they spent days and days working on it, and searching for what had gone wrong, and could not figure it out.

He said "Nothing made sense".

Feeling like I was at a dead end I decided to pick up my computer and just bring it home and try to forget about it.

Before my computer’s hard drive had been wiped clean I was being yelled from all sides.

Bristol demanded that I take down all photos of her family, my brother, and myself from my MySpace page. She said that I was making her mom and family look bad, and that her mother wanted me to delete my whole MySpace account.

I told her that I would respectfully delete the photos with her and her family but I refused to delete my pictures of my brother and myself, and I absolutely would not delete my MySpace page just because they disliked it.

I thought that their concern over the pictures and MySpace page was suspicious, and a little odd, but I could never get a complete answer out of them as to why it bothered them so much so I simply stopped asking.

I deleted the pictures of Trig, Sarah, and myself, as well as the picture of Trig, Bristol, and myself. And I believe there was one other of just me with Trig and then one with me, Levi, and Trig.

I also deleted a few pictures of Levi and I out shooting, because guns might offend some people.

I thought since I did what they asked they would calm down and be nice. But oh no, they would yell at Levi whenever I would interact with my friends via MySpace, or leave comments on their home pages, and then Levi would yell at me on their behalf.

Later I wasn't even allowed to answer my own house phone or the front door.

They had two ladies stay with us to answer the phone, the door, and any questions from reporters.

The ladies even tried to tell me that I was not allowed to leave my house, go to the store, or even pay my cell phone bill.

When I heard that I turned right around and walked out of the back door. I refused to allow some stranger to tell me what I could and could not do, especially if it meant not paying my cell phone and having it turned off.

It was later that I started to put the puzzle pieces together, especially after the computer Tech said this had to be the work of someone from the Secret Service, or from some other branch of the government, because what happened to my computer was remarkable.

It did not click until just recently that perhaps the ladies who were supposedly "protecting us" by answering our phone, were really there to protect the Palins and had cleaned out my computer just to make sure there was nothing incriminating on it which might have caused a problem for the campaign.

To be honest I really don’t know. But I certainly wish I knew exactly what happened and why.

Later of course the cops took my computer when they arrived with a subpoena after my mother’s arrest on December 18, and they have yet to return it.


Amy said...

Dear Mercede:

Thanks for your information. I'm flabbergasted at what you've been through. I hope you continue to shout all of this out. This is a bird's eye view for the rest of us as to what lengths people will go to hide their dirty laundry as they climb the power ladder. Man o' man, if they ever cross another line with you, I hope you have a lawyer on hand ...

Tony said...

What an experience...I can imagine that being thrust into the spotlight would be hard enough, but to combine that with what appear to be very vindictive and paranoid almost in-laws, and it must quickly take a turn into the surreal. Good luck. Perhaps you can turn some of the lemons into lemonade...

Ivyfree said...

I'm sorry you lost all your photographs, Mercede. It seems unkind and unnecessary- and also futile, since most of us realized anyway that SP was a lying hypocrite.

Reminding everyone: always keep backup copies of your photos on a disc that can be kept in a secure location. Ours are on my husband's computer (not mine), a public photography site online, and on disc.

slapshot said...

Computer techs from Washington, really.

Buena said...

So were these ladies locals?

Considering who was involved in this and the level of the work done I realy doubt that andy branch of the federal government or the secret service had anything to do with this. There are however corporations that specialize in in this sort of work for the major corporations. Considering the people backing Mrs. Palin, I would bet money that they were reponsible for cleaning your computer.

Polly in Anchorage said...

You are one of the many insiders who were thrown under the bus. You and your family are "related" to the Palin family through Levi & Bristol's child; they could have been more reasonable and assisted your feelings on all matters instead of being mean about it. But, the world is seeing that the Palins are not exactly empathetic.

c said...

This is terrible Mercede. But boy, what a story!!! I'm sure there will be interest in it - so I'll send the link around (MSM).

Damn, they just have their oily little hands on everything don't they? It's time that stops...or at least posts like this revealed to others so they can look into it. You never know - someone like Rachel, keith or the Big blogs might just grab hold and start digging Let's hope so!!

chtorran said...

Wow. I'm stunned. You definitely should try to get your computer back as it is no longer "evidence". File a motion in court if you have to. Ask for the computer or to be reimbursed if they "lost" it.

It sounds like a Sarah thing, not Secret Service.

george said...

back-up back-up back-up. Number one rule with photo's. Never delete a photo unless it is incriminating. Why?????

Rationalist said...

Thanks for posting this, Mercede. You're a brave person.

Hey slapshot: what's your point? How could the sister of a candidate's daughter's boyfriend be any kind of a threat to the Palins unless they had something big to hide?

Connie said...

So sorry to hear what happened. Where the two staying with you Secret Service or 'friends' of the Palins?

Alaskan-Dad said...

I have seen a cd the Forest Service tech's use. It wipes the hard drive 35 times and leaves a fresh install of windows, it was used on some PC's they were selling If some one has physical access to your PC it is no problem to wipe it clean!
That said back up everything as it is not hard for those with skills to hack any PC that connects to the internet!
Lots of Alaskans are disgusted about the way the paylins treated your family!
Good Luck,
Alaskan Dad

Gryphen said...

I know the name of one of the ladies, it was named Anna Arodzero.

We also know they BOTH worked for the McCain campaign.

gsb said...

I don't know what path life will bring you but, make sure it is an education. Always hold your self above the scum of the pond in Wassily. ignor the palin's. You can do that by getting more education then all of them put together. Poor uneducated Bristol will follow in her Mothers path, the Son is already a loser, Willow is on her way to the same and lil' Piper is a mean girl in the making.Then we have Trig, named after his handicap,such people are indefensable

AnnaLynn said...

Hi Mercedes, great blog, keep telling the truth! I hope you get to see Tripp a lot more!

Jim said...

When exactly did you first have trouble with your computer? Were "the ladies" in your house at the time of the computer problems?

Please try to get your computer back Mercede. Have your attorney help you.

There are good companies available that specialize in computer hard disk data recovery and forensics.

I'm sure we can help you raise funds to pay for the analysis of the hard disk. There are many good people visiting your blog who want to help.

Polly in Anchorage said...

By the way, what a classic photo. You and your mom are true Alaskan women- not that lady running around the country who is supposedly representing us.

Mary said...

So sorry about your photos, I also love my photos...and know how it would feel to loose them all.

I love reading your blog (already) and will continue to support you and your family.

MariaT said...

Mercede, thanks for sticking your neck out and informing your readers about your computer saga. Do you suspect that someone physically gained access to your home to wipe your hard drive, perhaps using a cd that Alaskan-Dad referred to @ 8:07 am?

Lilybart said...

Did the Clinton campaign have to scrub the computers belonging to Gore girls boyfriends' families? Isn't ridiculous even to ask?

THIS has never happened before.
Did you have photos of the flat-bellied Mrs. Palin?

Gles said...

Okay Mercede I have a couple of questions. Your pics disappeared before these ladies came to stay with you or after? As I read your commentary I get the impression the pics disappeared before their stay.

Here in Alvin, TX we have only dialup or radio/satellite. Dialup is too slow for me so I use the satellite which then goes thru a router to our PC. This satellite signal is always on.

BTW, long ago my hubby bought me an external drive for all my pics and videos. From your experience, I am glad to have it and keep as far away from politicians as possible!

Why did your Mom even let these ladies into her home?

womanwithsardinecan said...

The irony of Sarah doggedly pursuing that young man who guessed her yahoo password does not escape me in the context of Mercede's computer wipe.

Ennealogic said...

Jaw-dropping story, Mercede. Thank you very much for sharing... all I can say is, what a nightmare this has been for your family! I truly hope it is over now.

lee said...

I am with Lilybart, and have thought something really big is being covered up. You are a very brave young woman, and I hope the best for you.

chris said...

Mercede, I am so sorry about your computer. This is terrible.

Why in the world are the police still keeping your computer? That's not right either!

Who were the two women?

That's crazy they told you what you could and could not do. This whole experience sounds like a terrible nightmare and something very weird to to go through.

Please get your computer back. Let us know what they say.

Paula said...

Palin is nuts. Everything that happens to people around her is nuts. Nutty, nutty, nutty. Be thankful you're away from them and their nutty, fake, plastic daughters.

Tell your brother to write than damned book. We've waited long enough! And since the grifters are sucking money from him like only the grifters can do, he could probably use the $$$ (to get CUSTODY).

Dharma said...

Big props to you, Mercede, for recognizing that strangers in your home, messing with your family & your stuff *to protect someone* else, isn't appropriate, right or justifiable.

gsb said...

The picture of the big, big fish reminds me of my trip to Alaska.
We,My Aunt and i were on the inside passage cruise. While there we, went salmon fishing, on a charter. there were five on board, all men except my Aunt and I. I caught the only fish of the day, more then on. seeing as we were on a cruise, I did not take the fish but gave them to one man who wanted them badly. You can bet with certinity, he did not say he didn't,catch them. One of the salmon was very big.Funny thing was, I didn't want to go fishing,I hate..... fishing.
As i have said above, go to school....Borrow the money if you need to.I did, My children did..become better then any of the Palin's. Your brother is stuck with them, you can rise above them.....for him, i feel very sorry and hope he too can rise above them.

KarenJ said...

Mercede, did you ever ask your computer tech if it's possible your hard drive was simply removed from the chassis of your computer and replaced with a new one, with only the basic operating system on it?

That would seem to me to be the obvious answer, rather than some "wiped clean" mysterious CD application. A competent tech, especially one who apparently had the resources and consulting analysis yours had access to, should have been able to find ghosts of what used to be on your computer.

WakeUpAmerica said...

Wow, just wow!! Thanks for sharing. It it reprehensible that anyone would take your photos like that. It is an egregious act of disrespect to you and your family. There are no boundaries and no end of selfishness to anyone named Palin. Watch your back, dear girl; those people are vicious and without souls.

hedgewytch said...

First of all, Norton sucks. I use freeware from the sight and have had great results for years.

Two, backing up in multiple ways is a MUST, as you now know. I keep electronic, hard copy, and remote copies of my most important materials. And by remote I mean non- electronically, in a safe, off sight location. If the computer gets stolen, the house burns down, etc., I should have at least one copy elsewhere that is secure and accessable.

And Thirdly; I don't have a doubt in my head that the Bush Administration Secret Service under the guidance of the RNC absolutely stole and destroyed your stuff. Makes you wonder what exactly you had that would have been so incriminating to their goals?

tallimat said...

Screw them Palins.
Alaskans have had to pay for $carah's 'ambitions' plenty. Just like we have had to pay for all that ilk with the corrupt bastards club (CBC). And yes I equate $carah and the CBC on the same slime line. The two are no different.

I do hear ya on the loss of YOUR photos. It is like losing everything after a house fire. I've nothing of my childhood or young adult life. Nothing. My home burnt in the Millers Reach fire. When the fire broke I was in Seattle attending to my mom in her third round of chemo. Even though my mom passed on several years later, I am blessed with some photos given to me by friends and family. Iwas even given a photo of my mom as a teenager! So a little bit of the loss is recovered. And kinda less painful.

You know, your family knows, I know and many, many people all over Alaska, the US and the world, know $carah Palin is clueless.

The day will come when $carah will hear those words of advice: "Stay away from me, your a fraud."

I know it might not help your loss of wonderful memories taken away, but remember this: peoples lives were trashed, lost and some actually died before $carah even accepted the VP campaign slot. WHILE SHE WAS GOvENER!

Just remember, we are still Alaskans. $carah said she didn't want to come back to Alaska, while back on the campaign trail. That says lots about us and "it, that quit".

Hugs Mercede.

Big hugs to you and your family.

(Oh yes, if any of the Palin's don't like you telling whomever about your life, via this blog, I'm sure you'll enjoy the moment when you get to respond to them. Chances are they won't have the morals or guts or whatever to show their face while expressing their dislike.)

old salt said...

I agree with one of the other comments...Education is the best defense when dealing with grifters like the Palins. I don't know if you have any interest in politics but you have name recognition and that's worth a lot. Wouldn't it be a kick to some day be referred to as the Mayor of Wasilla? Heck one family of your constituents might even move out of town.

Good luck in what ever endeavor your chose Mercede. Your forthrightness and truthfulness will carry you a long way.

Soapydog said...

That's really gotta suck for you, Mercede. You and your family never EVER asked for any of this shit. You really are just a young adult, after all.

I commend you -- all the way from Texas -- for speaking up. Say your side of the story, that's all that really is needed. 'Cos lord knows, you are more believable than she-who-must-not-be-named who has various confirmed lies upon thy plate.

Take care, kiddo. You have a long road ahead of you.

Best wishes.

Malachi said...

THANK YOU for sharing the truth behind the Palin farce. It a tiny glimpse into something much bigger, but every piece of the puzzle counts. No doubt there will be pressure on you to stop with the more that you try to expose, but please don't give in to the bullying by Sarah and her minions. Please stand up for what is right in this fight.

MissSunshine said...

Excuse me, you are not a government employee or anyone who would have "top secret" documents of any kind on your computer... WHY would they take your personal photos and school work from you?? There is really no justification for this; they took your files without your knowledge or permission.

Do you think this was the McCain campaign's idea, or do you think SP had a bee in her bonnet? My goodness, you are the sister of the boyfriend of the daughter of the V.P. candidate... who LOST the election. What could have been on your computer that caused such an unlawful, over-the-top, paranoid action?

I'm so sorry you were dragged into this mess. I hope your files are returned to you some day, with apology and restitution for invading your house and taking your data.

JaneDee said...

As Gryphen has already mentioned the name of one of the women is Anna Arodzero -- the connection to Anna and the McCain campaign was discovered by the Palin Deception Team in April 2009. It's mentioned there in the comments.

My question for Mercede is how long did the women from the Mccain campaign stay with the Johnstons and were they ever left alone in the house?

curiouser said...

Mercede, When I first heard that your computer had been scrubbed, I assumed you had given permission to someone on the McCain campaign staff to remove a few questionable photos in case your computer was accessed remotely and hacked. But to have someone gain access without permission and completely scrub the contents is criminal.

The paranoia over what could be on your computer makes the mind reel. The campaign was clearly afraid of something. It also seems bizarre that the AK cops took and still have your computer.

Please, Mercede, get the U.S. District Attorney involved now.

Karen Loeffler, U.S. Attorney, District of Alaska
222 West 7th Ave, Rm 253, #9
Anchorage, Alaska 99513
(907) 271-5071

curiouser said...

Also...I love that photo! Gorgeous!

Skip from Asheville, NC said...

I am wondering on what legal authority did these people have with your your family's life? Why not, pursue legal action for invasion of privacy and did you ever ask them to get the hell out of your house and life? Sadie, I'm sure you and your mother were overwhelmed by or the media attention but I am hoping someday you'll get justice from these people! keep up the great start to your blog!

Minnie Nan said...

There are many of us out here wishing you the best for all of your family. I am in awe that you and your family have acted with such dignity and grace, as well as love, under such trying circumstances. Your mother did a wonderful job raising her children.

I sincerely hope that you find a way to go on to school and get a good education. You have experienced much that most of us cannot even imagine, and you have much to offer this country.

Erica said...

Let us know how we can help you.I imagine we can help you get the computer back if we all called from around the country.
You just seem like a normal person from a normal family that ended up in a nightmare.I would like to hear more.
Is your life a bit normal now,at all? I guess none of you can ever go back to the way it was .Did Sara ever apologize
for turning your family's life around ?

giddyup said...

Wonderful hearing your side, Mercede. Your blog will be one of my stops at least once a day. ;-) I had to laugh when you said "When I heard that I turned right around and walked out of the back door." Sounds jut like something I'd do. LOL

Is this the Anna that was in your home?

Stay strong........don't let the P's get ya down.........just smile and turn the other cheek.

carolyn said...

i agree with curiouser - you should contact the DA...

keep your chin up girl! aloha!

Sticky said...

Hi Mercede,
Great blog, and glad to hear you speak up.
I can't wait until you tell us the real reason they took all your knowledge and evidence off the comp.
You had your MySpace up revealing the true Trig Scenario.
They were doing "damage control" over the time period 8/31/08 to 9/5/08.
She was not vetted properly and the announcement came on a thurs. before a long weekend. All the vetters were in the Hamptons for the weekend or preparing for Minn (repub convention). That left a whole weekend of internet vetters.
And they did a pretty good job.
Yes, Mercedes you left a few clues out there w/o giving away the grand-daddy.
We know you know the truth but seems to me your playing your cards close to the vest for sake of your bro.

Poker player, your one up and holding a Royal Flush.
Play the cards right!

aha said...

terrible thing about your computer...Now, tell us about who Trig's real mother is....

Anjaak said...

You are a wonderful writer. Even better than Sarah & her ghostwriters.

Perhaps you should pursue a career in journalism or writing. (but not the 5-college journalism degree kind)

I think you should try to persue some sort of legal action as well.

Good work, you are a classy young lady.

Paula said...

Sue, baby, sure. Now that's a phrase I think I could chant!

FEDUP!!! said...

I have a question: Did I read it correctly that you have/had a scanner for your photos? If so, doesn't that mean that you have the original hard copies somewhere? (I sure hope so - I know I have most of my hard copies still somewhere lying around, but all my *new* pics are from a digital camera, so I have no other copies than the ones on my computer - and on my back-up device!)

I also agree with one of the above posters - I would try to see if there is anything you can do for invasion of privacy, since those two women seemed to have invaded your house and made themselves at home in the name of some GINO grifter (Governor-In-Name-Only).

Skip from Asheville, NC said...

Sadie...please Gryph to set you up with the abilty to accept donations. I know I am not the only one who would contribute to your cause; especially if you are planning to go to school.

Melly said...

"I thought that their concern over the pictures and MySpace page was suspicious, and a little odd, but I could never get a complete answer out of them as to why it bothered them so much so I simply stopped asking.

I deleted the pictures of Trig, Sarah, and myself, as well as the picture of Trig, Bristol, and myself. And I believe there was one other of just me with Trig and then one with me, Levi, and Trig."

OK, Mercede, you never got a complete answer from them...but what did you personally think was behind the concern over pictures having to do with Trig? Can you speak more to this one part of the whole scrubbing?

Karen said...

Mercedes, what happened to the baby with the ruffled ears? Can you say anything about this sweet baby?

Ted Powell said...

According to this article, , Anna Arodzero was on the scene at least as early as 2008/09/01. At the time of the article, she was believed to be "a family friend".

As I understand Mercede's article, the computer problems only became apparent later in that month.

I wouldn't want to make a public accusation against Ms Arodzero or the other of the two ladies staying with the Johnstons. But can we rule out the possibility they might have inadvertently allowed physical access to Mercede's computer by someone inappropriate?

wynsplc said...

Like your site and have it saved to my favorites.

It doesn't sound like the computer scrubbing was done by the Government. I would be more inclined to think it was the work of the McCain campaign, they were probably trying to get rid of any possible incriminating evidence that would show Palin as she really is and not the image McCain wanted to portray.

Please stay safe and be very careful, the Palins are a very vindictive bunch and will stop at nothing to bring down those who go against them.

AKRNC said...


The Palins' have proved they have something to hide by going to the extremes they did during the campaign. I'm amazed by their gall in thinking they had the authority and the ability to tell you to shut down your MySpace page and to take down ALL of your pics. It only makes the rest of us wonder which ones were the key to the Palin family secrets. Keep talking, the MSM will go after her if she decides to run for President. They don't like secrets and are determined to get to the bottom of them when it concerns Presidents and possible Presidents.

If you know what it is that will take $arah down, make it public, Mercede. It is also much safer for you and for your family if you do so. I don't trust that family at all when it comes to what they will and won't do to get ahead.

majii said...

I know you had to be devastated over the loss of your pictures and the badgering you and your family received only because your brother was the BF of a vice-presidential candidate's daughter. Stay strong, and never let them see you blink. You have all of the necessary qualities in your character to deal with this, please use them.

leu2500 said...

You can take control of a computer with legit sw (remote help desks do this all the time) or with a trojan horse or such. And I work in DoD. When a computer is turned in, the hard drive is overwritten with Xs and Os 7 or so times. So I have no problem believing that some one remotely could totally wipe out your computer. Norton wouldn't stop them. The US Gov't limits what sw companies can do; for example, NSA does not allow encryption techniques that they are not able to break.

Hannah_Bell said...

Hi there sweet Sadie...obviously I know people call you Sadie as a nickname but has anyone ever called you "Mercy"?

Because that is what I'm thinking as my jaw drops:
Oh, MERCY!!!

This is the stuff of twilight zone rejection scripts, it's so wild. To think that the republican party would allow a teenage girl to be thrown under the bus by the's just insane. Utterly despicable.

I see that many here have voiced questions about why on earth YOUR computer would be targeted. You are, after all, a teenager and a private citizen.

I think it's obvious there was something in those photos, in a teenage high school student's photos, which the McCain campaign risked a LOT to make disappear.
I also think it's pretty obvious what it was they were trying to destroy; there is a reason the Palins freaked over the myspace photos. And we all know what that reason is.

I imagine any moment we'll get the statement from "Bristol" about how she doesn't have time to write a blog because SHE is a "single mom" who is working full time (suuure). But we all know what she's doing with her time is with holding your sweet nephew hostage and collecting big fat checks from media outlets which will join her in exploiting that innocent baby boy.

I recently moved from a small town in Texas to a much larger and more diverse place- Austin. Part of the reason we moved is because we did not want to live or raise our family in an area where so many people are Palin supporters. We are NOT bigots, elitists, or the kind of people who write others off simply because they disagree with us. But so many Palin supporters are SO vicious, vindictive, and downright scary...we couldn't stand living in an area where we felt we had literal targets on our backs because we felt we could see Sarah Palin for exactly what she is.

I mention all of that because of this thought: I found myself SO very scared Palin supporters would somehow target us...yet here YOU are, standing toe to toe with the beast itself. You are SO BRAVE, and your tenacity and candor are qualities to be admired and encouraged. Go Sadie!!:)

DarkEFang said...

"You definitely should try to get your computer back as it is no longer “evidence”. File a motion in court if you have to. Ask for the computer or to be reimbursed if they “lost” it."

In cases involving drugs, law enforcement agencies routinely seize any assets that they can tie to any sale of drugs. There is little to no burden of proof. They just have to show that there is a theoretical possibility that the property was purchased with or used in a drug sale. The seized property is then auctioned. Even if the case is dropped, the property is never returned. If the computer was seized as part of Sherry's case, then that computer is long gone.

Maybe that was the whole point: to seize any incriminating evidence. It isn't like Palin had any qualms about forcing the state police to do her bidding.

Rocky in Texas said... said...

There are a lot of us down this way that are really glad to see you start your Blog!

Palin, her dim wits. et. el., are a very nasty, vicious little cult that is trying to set our Country back 50-100 years.

Truth is refreshing and Karma is fulfilling and both will help...

Expose the Grifter Palin for the Fraud that she is!

I hope you will upgrade your "Comment" section to something along the lines of "DISQUS" that they use over at Palingates, where the comment section is much more interactive.

MadasHelinVA said...

"They had two ladies stay with us to answer the phone, the door, and any questions from reporters."

Mercede, you wrote the above sentence and I want to ask you who was the "they" that told you these ladies had to stay with you? No one has the 'right' to insist that you have anyone stay with you - especially in your home. Were they there 24/7? I can't imagine anyone just 'barging' into your home so I want to know who had that type of 'authority' over you and your mom during that time?

All the Paylins are terrible people [especially Scarah]. In particular, I despise the fact that Scarah INSISTS on bringing Piper [Trig when he was little and she could carry him around like a loaf of French bread] to ADULT FUNCTIONS [every campaign event, book signings and the 100 Most Influential evening affair], keeping her out of school and from any education she should be acquiring [without education, she will be exactly like her mother because Scarah will make Piper 'think' exactly like she does and the country will have to endure another Scarah in Piper's body]. I LOATHE Scarah for the fact that she is the world's MOST ROTTEN MOTHER to 'all' her children and that is seen by all of us. Most of the AK blogs are trying so hard to get the goods on them in order to bring their secrets out in the open.

Mercede, someone needs to shut Scarah up because she is inciting violence against Obama, she is a racist, the WORST hypocrite alive and she is a generally horrible person [I've never seen a 'real christian' act like she does]. Have you noticed that no matter what position our POTUS takes, Scarah deliberately takes the exact opposite position trying to act as though she actually KNOWS what would be good for our country/citizens. Someone needs to let the citizens of this country KNOW THE TRUTH about her and Toad [the first dood] [because he was running AK [making decisions for AK] while she was governor - proof being shown in the emails MSNBC obtained].

I'm sure I speak for many of us who have followed her gross misrepresentation of herself, her lack of general knowledge about history and current events, and her total lack of qualifications for any public office [all blatant lies], so please, if you or Levi have any information about her or him, it needs to be written here so we can KNOW BEYOND DOUBT we have been totally right about her and Toad.

I'm certain McCain [the power hungry opportunist] had the right people on his payroll to remotely scrub your pc, and Paylin probably demanded that he have it scrubbed so she could be 'completely assured' that nothing which could possibly make her look bad, remained. It would never be enough for Scarah to know 'you' took down any photos or info about her that was not kind; she would want to personally 'see' that 'nothing' remained on your system that could show her for the ignorant being she really is. Since McCain was DESPERATE to win the election, he would do anything to please her and if it only took scrubbing your pc, then so be it.

We are all so happy that you have your blog and I know I will be checking in daily to hear what you have to say. I hope you will also tell us about the 'ruffled ear infant' we saw you holding with Scarah and Bristle around. I wish you good luck and send lots of hugs for you and mom. Take care of yourselves so that the Paylins can never hurt you again. Thanks again for sharing with us Mercede.

Billy Bob said...

The Palins sound like really nasty people, I'm sorry that you've ever been bothered by them.

The Fremont Troll said...

I hope that you can recover your computer, if not the photos.
There's one thing that may need clarification: When you say that your computer tech comntacted friends from Fairbanks and Washington, was that Washington DC, or Washington state?

The Fremont Troll

Angie said...

Mercede - I can't even imagine to know what you've experienced from your toes being dipped into national politics. But you are not alone. All families related in any way to a national figure have gone through the facebook/myspace cleanse. It's a part of the process. There are actually people who think pics of you are Bristol since no pics of B drinking etc went public, just the ones from your myspace.

I can see that you've matured a great deal, by not writing in teen speak and posting trashy pictures anymore. That is good.
While what the authorities did was wrong, I feel it indirectly protected you. always think before you post something to the World Wide Web. Perception is everything. You're a classy lady. Make sure there are no public traces of you being distasteful, including private myspace things.

Good luck with your future. Remember, you name is only known to those who are reading this blog. Let it be known to everyone else as the mature, wonderful daughter and sister who is going to change the world by defeating all the negative in her life.

Hannah_Bell said...

Mercede, I recognise that you are all but blackballed from the workforce in your area due to "The Long Arm of Sarah"...and so I echo the comment above stating that you should get Gryphen to help you set up a way to take donations.

I know your ultimate goal is higher education; medical school if I recall? I would be more than happy to contribute a bit toward your living expenses and general needs. I know for a fact that MANY people would be happy to do the same.

Sadie, there is one thing I'm not sure you have addressed yet. I understand if you are simply "unable" to for reasons you can't say. But I really hope that you ARE able to comment: regarding the captions on your "triggybear" myspace photos...can you elaborate on why you called Trig your "baby brother" and Sarah your "mommy in law"?

In that same regard, when you were on Tyra displayed a photo that was clearly of Levi and Trig. The photos at the time were presented as a montage of "Tripp" photos. Obviously the anomaly was noticed right away by sites such as Gryphen's and Palingates. Do you have any commentary on that?

I understand you may just not be able to answer. But I sure hope you can!

Ardiva said...

Hiya Mercede,
I'm so happy you are here telling it like it is! Huge props to you, gal!!

In reading your post here, I was wondering if the computer tech guy you took your computer to, is local? Do you think the McCain campaign knew his name?

Love ya lots,

d c woo said...

What happened here gives me goose bumps. I can see you writing a book in the not too distant future.

Leadfoot said...

Mercede -
Please add a Paypal button. I never send money to anybody. But I would send some to you and your mom. You have shown great strength of character through all you have suffered and you deserve a reward for finally trying to do what is right.

I have a question. Have you been following the Alaska blogs (Palin's Deceptions, Palingates, Immoral Minority) since the election? Have you been aware all along that we all know for a fact that Sarah is not Trig's birth mother? Or is this all kind of new to you?

I'm sure you knew about the rumors, obviously. But have you read the blogs to see how much evidence is out there? Have you seen all the pictures, read the analysis of the letter pertaining to Sarah's "medical records," heard the audio of Sarah's tale of the "wild ride?" I know you and your family were going through some big and horrible things over the past 2 years -- so I'm not sure how much you kept up on it all, and for how long. I would really like to know that.

I believe you when you say you don't really know the truth about Trig. I think Levi is a good enough brother to protect you from that, and the danger it might bring you. And I think Sarah/Bristol were sneaky enough to hide it from you. But what is your gut feeling?

Take care, okay? You are my new favorite blogger!!

Lynn said...

Thanks, Mercede, for explaining better what went on. I'm so sorry that you've lost all those photos. I guess the Powers That Be felt your loss was just collateral damage. This should have been a big news story during the election. Did you take any photos of those "ladies"? I hope that someday there is some justice and truth for you and your family. My heart goes out to you. Thank you for speaking out!!!

Celia Harrison said...

Mercede I am so glad you are telling your story. The DOJ in Alaska will be of no help at all. Rick Svobodney told me no one in Alaska would investigate the malfeasant ADA in my case and in fact my case involves higher ups than him. They simply will put you off and ignore you. Sarah Palin's staff told me the Department of Law told them not to talk to me or help me. The whole focus of law enforcement on every level in Alaska is for those who own businesses or politiicians. They break the laws of the state and federal government and violate people's rights. Then, they block you from getting recourse. They also try to paint you as the problem. The only way to fix this is to tell the truth as you are doing. Even if many don't believe you, many will because of their own experiences. If your computer was wiped clean by McCain's people I would try Eric Holder at the federal level and bypass Alaska DOJ. I have to wonder if these two women were also sent to your home to come up with a plan to discredit your family. That certainly smacks of Palin, but is an old political trick. Was the McCain campaign actively trying to cover a scandal that has not come out yet about Palin? In the situation your mother was in financially they knew psychologically she would be vulnerable, because this happens to a lot of even very elderly people who are trying to survive on social security. Always remember, if you and your family did not have a lot of positve characteristics they never would have had to put so much effort into trying to slander you.

Logan said...

Thats ridiculous....I will never vote for Palin...thats so shady and selfish of them to ask you, who just knew the family and you were not blood-wise related to them to turn your life upside down for them.... how people are in everyday life is how they will be in office and if it benefits the republicans they will strip citizens of their rights...they only care whats good for them not everyday people...they basically stripped you of your civil rights "legally" found some loopholes i guess that offends me and I served in iraq... so you can have those rights and the Palin's take it from you like this... I rarely get offended by politicians but this COMPLETELY offends me and should offend every American I regret voting for McCain now... I also thought it was shady when she tried getting the state trooper fired over some personal crap....

Kat_In_Hawaii said...

Thanks Mercede!

krbmjb05 said...


Thank you so much for sharing this story. I would say it's unbelievable, but sadly, it is not. I'm so sorry for the loss of all your personal pictures and other documentation. You must have felt very violated. I'm sure this has affected you and your family in more ways than you can imagine.

However, I admire you so much for seeing the true picture here - the love of your family (you, Levi, Mom, Tripp, etc.). It is one thing you will ALWAYS have that the Palins will NEVER have.

I wish you the best of luck in your future endevours. Perhaps you can help others that were thrust into a situation beyond their control and by way of example show them how to survive.

Take care!

mlaiuppa said...

While I'm sure you've heard this repeatedly and it is cold comfort I feel compelled to say it anyway.

Back up.

That many irreplaceable photos screams burn to CD. Also external harddrive.

I have several external harddrives. I also do frequent backups and I save to the "cloud".

And oh yeah, if those ladies had access to your computer I'd say they wiped it. And illegally. Too bad it's too late for fingerprints. Probably why you'll never get it back.

I say bill them for a replacement. Sue them for return or monetary compensation.

c said...

I posted earlier and have been back to read comments, all of which are wonderful and supportive. It's great!

I do have a question though. Why is it you only link to IM? Why not other blogs? You have MANY friends out here that maybe your not aware of, who only want the TRUTH to come out about the Palin's, the sooner the better. Well, PalinGates is one of those. They have your back in whatever you try to do here.

I think your blog will become a HIT because you are such an honest and truthful woman. You write well and in an easy-going style. This will be a blog I'll come back to frequently.


Snoopy said...

Hey, I see the famed Anna Arodzero was born in Russia. Could she see her hometown from your home is Wasilla?

I'm sure she wasn't sent there to guard your family, but rather to watch over Putin.

Nicole said...

Mercede, it could be possible that if the campaign actually did want to clear the photos off of your computer it could have been because of all of the alcohol use that was shown in the photos. Just a thought.:) And for future reference be sure to save all photos and documents on some sort of external drive and keep it somewhere safe so that nothing like this happens again. And btw keep posting because the truth will set you free in the end. Sending blessing from over here on the east coast!

ella said...

Politicususa is a popular blog and they have linked to your story Mercede! More friends who have your back! Keep it up, GO GIRL!

"Hackee Becomes Hacker as Palin has Johnston Computer Hacked"

maelewis said...

Compliments to you, Mercede, for sharing what is in your heart with us. You write beautifully, and your family has a truly compelling story. It is is clear that you can be of help to your family if you had the money to hire good lawyers and wise counsel.

Levi lived in the Palin house for a while, and between the two of you, you may have seen things that would be of interest to the IRS. They pay a finders fee (I think it's 10%) of money that they recover when people do not declare and pay the correct amount of their taxes. As Celia Harrison wrote, you really have to look to the Federal Government and avoid the state government.

Please link to more friendly blogs so that you story gets wider circulation, and know that we're all cheering for you.

Karen said...

Mercede, I very much apologize for earlier spelling your name wrong with an S on the end, it must be so annoying to have this happen. Now I have it right, thanks, Karen

lilysue said...

back-up, back-up, back-up! Mercede, I'm so sorry for what happened but I had the same thing happen to my old laptop. I had over 400 pictures on my laptop, and even though I don't know any politicians or anyone famous for that matter, I woke up one day, turned on my computer, and got nothing. Like a new operating system with nothing on it...not even icons. I took it to to 3 different tech shops and nobody could figure out what happened. Like it was wiped clean. 3/4 of my pictures were irreplaceable and it was so heartbreaking. I have learned my lesson and now have an external hard drive.

Tabj said...

Mercede, what a nightmare you have been
through. Take heart in knowing that so many have your in their prayers and thoughts.

Thanks for opening up, will look forward to more posts.

Heather said...

Was the hard drive wiped before or after the "bristol" drinking picture emmerged? I mean it was Britt not Bristol.. I just wonder if that played a role at all?

Helen said...

Great follow up post Mercy!... No one seems to call you that but I'd like to because you've shown a great deal of that quality as well as grace to those who have been more than unkind to you.

Thanks for this much meatier story. It sounds like your computer was wiped because:

1. The McCain campaign had something to hide.

2. It would take too much time and require too many judgment calls for someone to look through your computer photo by photo.

3. Finding your computer wiped would be a silent display of power, giving you the message you'd better toe the line.

Finding your personal computer wiped at the hands of a political machine had to be personally devastating - I am not exaggerating when I say that this is a type of rape. You were violated, and it was done in such a way as to give you the very direct message, "You don't know what you are dealing with little girl and you better not cause ANY problems because we will do what we want when we want." This is an aggressive and criminal act and message, and I fully commiserate with how unsettled you must have felt, and probably still feel on some level.

I know you've gotten a lot of suggestions, here's a couple of more for your list - Megan McCain could be a source of support in that she understands what happens behind the scenes in campaigns, who knows maybe she would guest post and comment on what happened to you. Also if you have any info that would shed light on the Wasilla church fire incident it would be read with great interest.

I and so many others are looking forward to your future posts. Cheers!

junasie14 said...

Mercede, I’m very glad to see you speaking out and sharing what has been happening in your life with a wider audience. You probably realize by now that your family has a lot of supporters out there who are appalled by what they have learned (and are still learning) about the Palins’ abuse of power on so many levels.

The fact that the candidate’s daughter’s boyfriend’s teenage sister could be so negatively impacted by the campaign for no legitimate reason whatsoever, is unprecedented and truly sickening. I can only imagine how painful it must have been to lose those precious family photographs, not to mention your school work, etc. I feel like I have my whole life on my computer, and would feel very violated if something like that happened to me.

As someone already mentioned above, what happened to you was not just nasty, but a CRIMINAL ACT. Personal possessions were STOLEN from a private home. Regardless of whether this was directed by the McCain campaign or the Secret Service, you were not the subject of a criminal investigation, and even then, a warrant is required to access your computer. If those ladies who were “protecting” you had anything to do with it, the fact that you let them into your home does not make it any less illegal.

This is absolutely prosecutable. I am not a lawyer, but I am sure there are many readers of the Alaska blogs who are, and can weigh in on your best options if you wanted to follow up on this. (I agree with the advice to bypass the Alaska DOJ, as it is too corrupt and tied in with the Palins.)

It would also be understandable if you did not want to undertake such an endeavor. The fact that you are opening up about what has happened to you and your family ever since Sarah was chosen as the VP candidate is important in and of itself.

Terrific website by the way. Very attractive layout and thoughtful, well-written posts. Kudos to you!! I will be checking back often.

P.S. Could you tell us more about how these two ladies came to stay with you, and the time frame in relation to your PC being wiped out? Did you ask for help because of all the commotion with the reporters, or did someone just tell you this was going to happen? Did they say who they worked for? Did they ever ask to use your computer?

Rachel said...

They probably didn't like the pics of the alcohol. It still cracks me up when I see pics of you labeled as Bristol.

GhostbusterTX said...

The computer booted up with a clean, new install of windows- *complete with sample photos*.

What virus or remote hacker motivated by vandalism would bother with reinstalling windows after wiping the drive? Seems that a virus that targeted all the docs would have gotten the sample photos too. And a program to do multiple re-writes over the drive would have wiped the op system too (right?).

Seems to me that a physical swap out of the drive is the most likely scenario here. But what do I know...

Any techies out there who can shed light on this issue?

Chris said...

Scarah probably has your hard drive at her house, hopefully she didn't through it in Lake Lucile with her wedding ring.

Mercede, I hope someone gives your hard drive back one day, intact of course. Perhaps when Scarah is no longer a big deal to the political scene. Did you ask the tech guys if someone could have swapped your drive with a different drive? Is there a way to tell?

Dorian said...

Keep telling the truth Mecede, the World will be a safer place because of it!

Gunsmoke said...

This statement was made my Levi Johnston in Vanity Fair on 9/2/2009.

“Sarah told me she had a great idea: we would keep it a secret—nobody would know that Bristol was pregnant. She told me that once Bristol had the baby she and Todd would adopt him. That way, she said, Bristol and I didn’t have to worry about anything. Sarah kept mentioning this plan. She was nagging—she wouldn’t give up. She would say, “So, are you gonna let me adopt him?” We both kept telling her we were definitely not going to let her adopt the baby. I think Sarah wanted to make Bristol look good, and she didn’t want people to know that her 17-year-old daughter was going to have a kid.”

Why would Mrs. Palin want to adopt their baby and keep it a secret when she just “had” a baby? I believe that what Levi stated above did happen but for some reason he is not telling the whole truth.

Mitch said...

I know it is sick to even think this, but maybe Trigg is Levi's son.

Mister said...

Palingates is not Mercedes friend. Patrick thinks Mercede is not being truthful when she says Bristol wasn't pregnant with Trig.

Pam said...

Thank you for sharing more information about the computer clean out. I imagine "they", whomever they are, thought you had something on your computer that would not be seen favorably to the ideal candidate they were trying to show the nation. I imagine that you and your family know a lot that makes some people very nervous. This past week, coincidentally (?), since you started your blog, things seem to be shifting away from the Palin arena. I hope that you are instrumental in this. Now that you have gone so public you have allowed many more people to defend you as well as support you. Honesty is the best policy, but it seems that things often go much slower than hoped. I wish the best to you and have emailed my offer of help, if I am able, to IM. I had thought that maybe you did not have information that you were willing to share, but it seems that you really have been left with very little tangible evidence of the Palin deception. I will always wonder about her one and only pregnancy picture and how she is in such remarkable shape in the picture with you and the baby in your arms. I am so glad there are screen shots of your MySpace page. Remember that you have many, many people supporting you and your family. I have continued wishes for your success in this endeavor. Your are very gifted. You are very blessed. My best, Pam

AlaskaSundog said...

Mercede, all the truth must be told by anyone who knows it. Continue being brave. You will have people who know the danger Palin poses stand beside you with advice & more. Don't be afraid. Don't sell out. Money is compelling but character counts for more . Were you to write a book yourself, there'd be a few ducats & probably more to help you get ahead a bit. But the main point is to inform the public thru your blog or whatever about the truth. Also please understand that everything will be fact checked & held up to scrutiny & that is as it shoud be. Palin has not yet been held up to national public scrutiny & that will change as her plans for the presidency become more apparent. Her flaws will be held to the light by other Repubs first, if not by personal insiders such as you & Levi were. Please continue with your efforts at blogging & check out a few suggestions from some of the bloggers & follow thru. Some out there can actually help. Being young, I know it's hard to assert yourself sometimes. I'm a retired teacher who lives in Chugiak. I fought for women's rights, marched to Selma with Martin Luther King , went to Vietnam, etc. I hate bullies. I hate what Palin represents because I love the promise of America. So, if you need to bounce thoughts, fears, ideas off an old lady or need help writing a letter or figuring out a way to get something done, I have a retired activist's time & desire to do good. Feel free to contact me. My motto is I try. Thanks for your post. It's not your fault you're in this position but you are. Think of this as your opportunity & responsibility to help your country. Sorry for the teacher talk. A Chugiak neighbor.

mary b said...


Just wanted to let you know that most people stand behind you and your Family.
Just because the Palinbots are an obnoxious, loud, annoying bunch does not mean they are the majority.
Keep up the good work and reveal all. We all know it will not be easy but you can do it!!
Yes We Can and Will!

felicia said...

Hi Mercede!

The one thing that always strikes me about you, your mom, and your brother any time we out here in the "public" have heard interviews with any of you (or read your wonderful blog!) is how full of love you all are. Your hearts are still open, despite all the crazy ass shit you've been through! It's clear that you are ALL much better people than the Palins could ever hope or aspire to be.

I'm glad you have a blog now. I also respect that you may have been forced to sign some non-disclosure agreements at some point which would mean you can't tell your readers EVERYTHING. Or, maybe, you simply need to be very careful because of your mom's sentence and getting her through these tough times, and also because Levi is still in the midst of the tricky negotiations of trying to get his share of proper custody of Tripp. So I would remind everyone here who might try to pressure you to tell TOO much that maybe you can't right now - and that is totally fine and appropriate. We understand you might not have total freedom to write as freely about some subjects as you might like.

However, we're all eager to learn more about you, read more about your life in Alaska (which by itself is probably very cool and interesting to those of us who live down here in the rest of the country!).....and of course, any "scoop" you'd like to share about dealing with the Palins and all the crazy stuff they pulled your family into. It must have been like living at the center of a tornado - probably still is.


cg said...

A few random thoughts.
Computers are frequently formatted for remote access. It depends on the settings and permissions and software setup. If you work remote from an office, typically the computer is formatted to allow your office IT staff to connect directly to your computer through the internet.

I'm sure every homeschool program is different, but if Mercede was enrolled through the a local/state and that's where the computer came from, then they probably had it formatted to be accessible. I'm pretty sure that's how it works through IDEA. It's their computer. They have to access it to work on it and for tech support to students.
Tech support could delete all files on a computer but it would all still be there somewhere. Maybe somebody spilled coffee on a keyboard, far far away...oops....

An operating system could not be rebooted this way, as far as I know. You'd have to have the computer physically present because it's a manual operation. Think logically for a moment. When you dump the operating system, it no longer has a "brain" or use of any software application. There couldn't be an internet connection for someone to operate anything through. You have to put it all back in, one step at a time. And you have to put all the information back in for internet access. It doesn't just do it, itself.
It all goes away, like taking the battery out of your car. Everything stops. It all still works, but it won't do anything. You make everything happen by putting the battery back in.
So IF the operating system was reloaded, someone would have had to do it on-site. And it takes awhile. Hours.

Mercede, if your computer was provided to you by the homeschool program, my first instinct is that THEY did it. That remote networky stuff can be very very glitchy.

cb debris said...

@cg: I work in software and used to work in aerospace (high security). What happened to Mercede's computer wasn't the result of "remote networky stuff" being "glitchy." It was the result of someone taking advantage of that remote connection to remove data that was felt by the parties involved to be, uhm, troublesome.

You don't have to be NSA to gain that kind of access, you just need the ability to gain access to the homeschooling network and look for a particular node. All standard administration stuff. Easily pulled off by crackers and hackers working for the RNC. Harder after all this time is past to pin it on them, however.

Mercede, lots of people are pulling for you and your family because you know what reality is and you aren't afraid of it. That and education will get you far. God bless.

chaney said...

-im so sorry, losing all of your photographs. that sucks so bad but your really brave for telling every one.
i hope you get your photographs back,
havea good day,

italia said...


Secret service only acts on a "Federal level" or the FBI can be called in if a serious threat to your family warrants it. When you allude to the "Secret Service" are you alluding to the Alaskan state protective services? or precisely why would the present government be interested in something like this. You do not make clear who these women were that came into your home. Were they sent specifically by someone? Did the Palins send these women. Who specifically were these people and why would you trust someone from the Palin side of the family? You need to hire an attorney first and foremost and contact the FBI. Do not make assumptions as to who it could be. The FBI has ways of finding out and tracing this type of interaction. Did you not back up your material? Always back up your material and files and as an act of definance, post it all up again and make sure the perpetrators know that now the FBI Is involved, there're nto stupid, they will know what that means.

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