Monday, June 14, 2010

Questions Answered

I really appreciate receiving and reading all of my comments and was quite overwhelmed with all the questions you have asked.

As promised I will do my very best to answer the majority of those questions.

There are some I will not answer simply because I am not one hundred percent certain. There are also some I will not answer because it might impact my chances of seeing my nephew. But other than that I will try to provide an answer.

So here we go.

Why did my mother (Sherry Johnston) get Bristol a cell phone?
Sarah had been paying for Bristol’s cell phone, but after Bristol and Levi announced the pregnancy and started talking about getting married Sarah did not want to pay for it any longer. My mother, having the kind of heart that she does, was easily sweet talked into paying for a cell phone for both Bristol and Levi by my brother.

Were Bristol and Levi ever married?
No. They planned to wed twice but both times failed.

Are Levi and I getting along?
As with many siblings do we have our ups and our downs. I know that if I ever need a shoulder to cry on, or a helping hand he will always be right there. My brother is my best friend and I love him with all my heart. Many people who are close to us think we share a brain or are twins because we can finish each others sentences, and can always guess what the other is thinking or is about to say. I do not agree with many of the decisions that he has made in the past, but that’s life and we have moved forward. I am proud of my brother, and he is a great father, and I can only hope that he makes wise decisions in the situation he finds himself thrust into.

Why do I think Bristol forbade Levi to talk to me?
Honest to God, I couldn’t answer this question. I have wasted too much of my time trying to figure this out. I have literally racked my brain, and I still do not understand why she dislikes me so much, or how anyone could ask their boyfriend/fiancĂ© to cut their sister out of there life. Especially since at that time my Father had just walked out on us.

Do I want to write a book?
I would LOVE to write a book. I only wish I knew how to go about doing so. I know that people would be drawn to my story if they had the chance to see it in print. I really hope to get the opportunity to write one sometime soon.

Do I know if the Palins had family dinners?
No, I cannot say for sure that they don’t have family dinners, but from what I have heard they do not sit down as a family or do much cooking at home.

Did Levi volunteer, help, or assist at the special Olympics?
Yes, my brother participated along with my ex boyfriend (Crosby) of three years, who is also one of Levi’s good friends. My ex-boyfriend has a little brother who has Down’s syndrome so my brother wanted to participate and help.
Why did Levi kiss Trig at the RNC?
My family is very affectionate. Levi adored Trig especially since he was the newborn brother of his, then fiance, Bristol Palin. Levi was around Trig a lot, so they developed a close bond and he learned many baby handling tips. Which was great because he was about to become a father.

Were there more photos of Trig and the rest of the Palins on my computer before it got hacked?
Yes, there were many more from that same day that the infamous “TriggyBear” photos were taken. As well as some from the Wynona Judd concert that Sarah, my Mom, Piper, and Sarah’s sister Molly all went to see on base. Along with those were just some other random photographs, a few of which were of Levi and Bristol together, although they did not really like being photographed.

How many teen pregnancies are there in Wasilla after the RNC?
Teen Pregnancy is HUGE here, unfortunately. Every day you find out someone else is expecting. It has most definitely increased since the RNC and I sincerely believe it is because they want the attention, money, and fame that Bristol has received.

During the five month period where Bristol was out of school due to “mono” did I see her?
Yes, I did. I saw her quite a few times, she would come over and hangout in Levi’s room with him. Whenever she would come over she would go straight into his room and would never really engage in conversation with any of us, or have dinner with us. Even if Levi came up and joined us, she would remain downstairs. There was also the time when we all went on a double date to the movies, (Levi with Bristol and me with my boyfriend Crosby) and I was very excited but Bristol barely spoke a word the whole night.

Whew! Okay that should satisfy at least some of your questions.

I will try to get to more of them either tomorrow or the next day so hang tight if I have not answered your question yet. I will hopefully get to them all eventually.

Once again thank you very much for visiting my blog and I hope you found that my responses satisfied at least some of your curiosity.


Mary said...

Thanks for answering our many questions Mercede. Keep the answers coming since there are so many questions!

So many questions said...

Sadie I really think this blog will help you get all this behind you so you can go on with your future. You go girl, you are the same age as my oldest Grandaughter so I know how all of this effected you and your family.

Todd said...

Sarah recently had a picture at the Belmont track with what looks like a new chest. It looked like Sarah had an extra step in her walk and was showing off some features she never had before. Do you think that was all her or did she stuff her bra or did she have implants or did she got a new push up bra? If you compare before and after pictures, there is something different with er chest. What is your opinion?

Gles said...

You go Mercedes! covered a lot of ground. Good job!

ilovepoodles said...

Thank you, Mercede! I'm sorry that some people are being so ugly to you. There is so much passion where the Palins are concerned, and I think it can be hard to contain. As always, take care of yourself first.

MariaT said...

Thanks, Sadie, for your forthright answers.

About the book... work out an outline first, say 20 chapters. Once you have this framework, jot down points that you'd like to cover in each chapter of about 8 to 10 pages. Then flesh out those points, and before you know it you'll have a book.

dominicastar said...

Honestly whether or not $arah had a boon job is of no importance if the well-being of Americans she would of done it for her own self-esteem and her husband. I can understand if she lied to cover it up, or she may have a good push-up bra. If she lied about giving birth to Trigg is another matter. BTW Mercede I love your blog, good luck with it and your book hopefully :-)

sky said...

You are a smart young lady, You are brave. I am proud of you. You need to know that it is not your wrong doing. I am sorry that you have been put on a spot to answer the questions that Palin herself should be addressing. People are on yourside.

The nation is alarmed, looking at the way Palin's political views is dividing this nation.

I am glad you can point out things like this. I have two daughters, and trust me I have been sweating knowing that they are now watching all this news about Bristol who became pregnant as a teenager. This is the worry we mothers on Palin's popularity have.
As for most of us, Palin has demonized the christian faith. That is why I am so pissed.
You nailed it on this comment. Thank you Mercede. I am so sorry that your family has to go through this. I feel for your mother too. This is so wrong. I wish Palin can recognize that.
I agree with your answer below.

"How many teen pregnancies are there in Wasilla after the RNC?
Teen Pregnancy is HUGE here, unfortunately. Every day you find out someone else is expecting. It has most definitely increased since the RNC and I sincerely believe it is because they want the attention, money, and fame that Bristol has received."

DarkEFang said...

Good post! I'm especially interested to hear about the influence Bristol has had on other teenage girls in the area. Six-figure photo shoots of teen mothers and their kids don't discourage teen pregnancy. Who knew?

Carol said...

Get the book "2010 Writers Market" and pick up another book on "how to write a book proposal." Then write your proposal, send it in and await an offer (you don't have to write a book first). Do it soon, as any book should come out before and near the 2012 election.
The book could be by you, or a selection of essays from the "other" Palin camp (you, Levi, your mom, whoever else is under the Palin bus).

Good luck!

Jonathan said...

cudos to you for answering so many questions! It was interesting that you confirmed the period of five months when Bristol had mono. My question is: When exactly had Bristol mono? Time frame? Thanks in advance.

aAnonymous said...

Great post, Mercede!!! Thanks for the clear and comprehensive answers!

When Bristol "had mono," could she have been hiding out in Levi's room because she was pregnant but wearing large clothing to hide it? Could she have been trying to stay out of sight so you wouldn't look at her closely?

sky said...


I wish you luck, and I hope all these questions can be directed to Palin herself.

You made my day, talking about the influence Bristol had on other teanage girls in Alaska.

I pray for you to stand strong and believe in yourself. You can do better than discuss babies in your teenage life.
Like I said, It is not your wrong doing.

My advise to you is, go back to school and seek higher education. Put yourself in college. Trust me you will never regret you did that. The sky will be a limit. You are smart and beautiful.

Education is power, It is an asset that no one will never take away from you. Money evaporates like vapor, education doen't .The power of women is education. I have two daughters almost your age, one majoring in BioChemistry, the other one is in Sport. So you are not alone. Enjoy your youth, it comes once in life time. You have plenty of time ahead of you. Do not rush yourself.

The power of education, is the driving force in most successfull women in this world.
Those are the women, I too ,look up to as my role models.

Thank you for addressing the questions in a very mature way. The truth will set you free.

Good luck

Sharon Burns said...

Hi Mercede,
From what you know about Bristol - not talking or
being unsociable for no apparent reason, and her odd sort
of 'zoned out ' behavior in interviews where the interviewer
has to drag responses from her, the girl appears to have
Palin-family issues that no one knows about. Sarah &
Todd seem desperate to keep something hidden, they don't
behave normally, either. The most telling thing about
Bristol is her ordering Levi not to talk to you. Attempting to cut someone off from their family members is a strong
indication of an unhealthy need to control that person,
get them alienated from their family/friends so that the
person depends only on the 'controller,' because they're
told they don't 'need' anyone else. If Levi had married her, Bristol would really be in a position to cause discord
between him & your family. She's be pulling the 'it's me or
your family' loyalty routine, & refusing to let you see Tripp.
If Levi can get joint custody - & there's no reason he won't,
the court will regulate things & Bristol won't. And Mercede,
you, your mom, & Levi are far more honorable than those
who would cause you grief, & that's what counts!

Sharon TN

Jonathan said...

Wow, Bristol and Levi planned the wedding twice? When did that happen? Why did it fail each time?

Lynne said...

Hi Mercede. We haven't heard anything about the custody hearings in quite a long time. How is that going for Levi?

Buffalo, NY Democrat said...


Mononucleosis, or mono, is often spread by saliva and close contact. It is known as "the kissing disease," and occurs most often in those age 15 to 17.

The fever usually drops in 10 days, and swollen lymph glands and spleen heal in 4 weeks. Fatigue usually goes away within a few weeks, but may linger for 2 to 3 months.

Persons with mononucleosis may be contagious while they have symptoms and for up to a few months afterwards. How long someone with the disease is contagious varies. The virus can live for several hours outside the body. Avoid kissing or sharing utensils if you or someone close to you has mono.

The above is from Google Health and the US National Library of Medicine. My point being, if Bristol was sick with mono, she absolutely should not be visiting Levi and your house "quite a few times". The danger of spreading the disease would be great. Also, she probably would not have had the strength for all those visits.

And mono does not last 5 months, it is extremely rare for it to last beyond 2 months.

So I have to agree with anonymous @ 11:26 AM, Bristol was 'hiding out', and concealing her first pregnancy (with Trig).

southernyankee said...

Here is the thing Sadie, if Bristol supposedly had mono that why oh why was she out running around? Mono is contagious. Why would you let her in your home? I have known people with Mono and they are sick and don't go out in public. They can't go to school. What's up with that. I am having a hard time believing she had Mono now.

Beverly From Montreal said...

My question as to whether or not there was ever a diner or celebration where both the Johnston & Palin families came together to mark Bristol & Levi's engagement seems to be answered when you say that there were two attempts at marriage and that both of them failed.

Mercede, your honesty in addressing the questions posed to you is a refreshing change from what we have come to expect from the whole Palin experience. Well done!

kellygrrrl said...

thanks for answering my question, Mercede, about seeing Bristol physically during her bout with "mono."

I guess I should have expanded on that question and asked if she she experienced the common dramatic weight loss that most mono sufferers experience.

did you notice any dramatic changes in her appearance during that time?

Leadfoot said...

I just wanted to tell you that is a gorgeous picture!! Thanks for the answers. I look forward to more!

Barbara said...

Hi Mercede,

Thanks for doing the blog and answering questions. Sarah Palin doesn't seem to have a typical parent's view of education. Do you think she affected your brother's ability to graduate from high school by using him as a prop in her campaign. Her other kids seem to have missed a lot of school especially Piper. Who is giving Trig the intensive therapy that he needs? Have you followed Andrew Sullivan's coverage of the Sarah Palin wild ride and what do you think of that. You are a beautiful girl Mercede - good luck!

Enjay in E MT said...

I was surprised by the many different questions asked on the previous post and understand why you may not be able to answer many of them, not because you don't want to, but that you just "don't know".

Higher education is vital now more than ever. Even if it's a 2-yr Assoc. Degree, college courses should help with critical thinking - making judgments - reasoning skills. Learning a second language is always a plus, not just for a potential employer either. Add a history class when available - the future is bound to repeat our past mistakes.

It is difficult to comprehend how many lives have been influenced by Sarah Palins quest for the Oval Office. Like a stone thrown in a pond - the ripples encompass so many. A book (either fiction or non-fiction) would be an interesting read; no doubt the last couple years have been rather unbelievable for you and your entire family.

Lisabeth said...

I just wanted to thank you very much for answering the question. The advice people are giving you about getting a higher education is very wise. I don't understand why Sarah looks down on higher education. The USA is falling behind many other countries now in education and health care. This is a fact, not an opinion. Politicians like Sarah who live in the past (Reagan? Thatcher?) and who don't present "truly bold fresh ideas" hurt this country and hold it back. I hope you get a chance to travel around the country to see more and meet people from different walks of life. They are all real Americans too.
Also I have a brother whose fiancé (now wife) tried to cut his ties to our family. It is a terrible situation when that happens. I think it shows an extremely insecure and emotionally immature personality. It's about HER, not you. Just remember that and be grateful they did not marry. No one in my family sees or talks to my brother and his family and it broke my parents hearts. Levi and your mom too have rights regarding Tripp. Don't forget, Bristols the one with serious issues, not you. This is a spoiled girl who has been taught that it is ok to lie even under oath. Pathetic parenting creates an insecure girl who lies. I know this is blunt, but it's true.
Keep telling your story and then move on and live your life! Thank you again

Dirge said...

Me again-- I forgot one question that I had. Can you say anything about the mood of the boys who are being blamed for the December 2009 burglary? It doesn't have to be about a specific girl who started the whole thing, but how do they feel about none of the girls being blamed? I can't believe there aren't a few parents who would like to say something. Thanks.

leu2500 said...

Mercede - thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Having 2 years of stored up questions thrown at you at once has to be overwhelming.

CAgal said...

I totally agree with Sharon from TN when she says:

"From what you know about Bristol – not talking or
being unsociable for no apparent reason, and her odd sort
of ‘zoned out ‘ behavior in interviews where the interviewer
has to drag responses from her, the girl appears to have
Palin-family issues that no one knows about. Sarah &
Todd seem desperate to keep something hidden, they don’t
behave normally, either."

Wondering what you think about this, Mercede.

Thank you!

MadasHelinVA said...

Sadie, you look so very much like your mom due to having the same great features. I can see that you mom is a little smaller mom and you are a gorgeous perfect size 6 or 8. But you share great facial features. [When Scarah left office, she had her cheeks enhanced to make them stand out and at that same time, she had her boob augmentation. I compared old photos of her and it was so apparent about her face, mimi-lift, cheek implants, and perhaps a few little things we know nothing about! Remember people starting asking where she was, and this lead me to believe she was recupperating from all the surgery she had. It takes a good 6 weeks before any surgeon will release his patient due to complications that could occur if the patient is trying to do too much after he had done all those hours of work on her.

Thank god, you don't need a thing to help your looks since you are gorgeous. It's apparent you get your good looks from your mom - facially you have the same basic features.

Take good care of yourself and we look forward to move answers to our questions. Stay Strong!!! The world is your oyster and by the time you are in your late 30's and early 40's, you will be in your prime of life and have reached your goals; be in the place you want to be in your life!!! This is the time to start thinking along those lines so you will reach those goals and be what you want to be by the time you are in your 30's. I have no doubt that you will make a difference in many people's lives.

Upstate New York said...

Thank you, Mercede, for these answers. We look forward to your next blog.

You will write a book, perhaps it will be a collection of your blogs. Perhaps it will be your family's story 2008- present. Whatever it is, it will be unique. Your writing is interesting and flows easily. I hope you will set aside a time each day to write. If you do, it WILL happen. Go knock on the door of Sarah's new neighbor. Go tomorrow! He can give you advice. Mercede Johnston's story - the best Summer read of 2011! I'll pre-order it as soon as it's announced. I promise!

PS - Tell your Mom she's done an awesome job at the most important job in the world.

maelewis said...

There have been several magazine articles and photos about Levi and what looks like a gold wedding ring. He claimed that he lost his ring while hunting during the summer so he tattooed Bristol's name on his fourth finger, left hand. Then, there was a gold ring on Levi's finger in a photo of Levi and Bristol on the campaign trail. Another interview described the Palins teasing Levi about always losing his rings; he had a gold ring on his thumb while holding a baby.

What exactly is the story (stories) about a gold ring that looks like a wedding band? Is that a common "friendship" ring where you live? (Where I live it looks like a wedding ring). I hope you can tell us about it. It is wonderful of you to open your heart and tell us about yourself and your family. Thanks for sharing!

deebee said...

Mercede- The burden of a lie falls not only to the initiator but also to the recipient. So many of us following your post not as a prurient peek into another family's life but rather to shed light on and relieve the deceptions we are weighed down with........thanks

So many questions said...

Everyone is jumping to the conclusion that you knew Bristol had mono. Did you in fact know she had mono or was it just a rumor?

I would also like to know why those boys parent would let them stand alone and take the blame and punishment while the girls got away. Maybe you don't even know about this but I;m sure that break- in was the talk of the town.

HollyP said...

I'm so glad you feel strong enough emotionally to post this blog. It is well-written, and you seem to have a good heart. I also urge you to pursue your education, as it will give more options to create the life you want for yourself, whether that is writing or something else.

Best wishes!

the problem child said...

Hi Mercede,
Thanks for answering the questions you felt you could answer safely.

I kind of got the impression that you and Bristol used to be good friends. Is that just media hype? Were you the friend who helped her confess to her parents that she was pregnant?

If so, when?

If not, do you know who that friend was? Are she and Bristol still friends?

kellygrrrl said...

one thing I find very interesting, Mercede, is that in answering my question, you put mono in quotes. hmmmm. I'm intrigued.

ginger said...

I like how you answered our questions. I like that you are definately not out to hurt anyone, just to tell the truth. Just wanted to be among the many that thank and support you.

Pam said...

Great job, once again. Keep up the writing. I find that writing helps me get rid of the ick within. And we all look forward to your answers. You have us waiting each day for the next entry. I don't like drama, and you don't use drama. You just write easily; and I just imagine that we are sharing a cup of tea and talking about life.
It is sad when we lose friends. That has happened to me too. I think that is a part of life, losing things we value. It gives us the opportunity to reinvest in ourselves and look to new friends that share our values.

Keep up the great work. Continued good wishes for you and your family. I won't ask a question, I know that if I am patient someone else will ask all I need to know. Hugs, Pam

Elizabeth said...

Thank you very much for your honesty and sharing what information you can. Ever since I first heard the name "Sarah Palin" I've learned the most important things about her from the way she's treated your family:
- Ripping Levi from obscurity and forcing him into the spotlight; then tossing him aside when no longer needed
- Keeping Tripp from seeing his Daddy (even though Bristol is the mother, we all know who makes the decisions)
- Not being more supportive of your mother through the whole trial/jail thing (Wouldn't that have been lovely to have seen Sarah at your mom's side at any point)
- Accepting the VP offer when she knew it would mean embarrassment for her pregnant daughter and unwanted publicity for her daughter's boyfriend.

But let's not forget that she's a mama grizzly and always protects families, right? Oh I forgot: she just protects HER family. Like I said, all you need to know about Sarah Palin can be found in her treatment of the Johnston family.

Tania said...

Hi Mercede

Good post. Thank you for answering questions. I suppose I would ask one further question about the five month 'mono' period because it is possible you can de-bunk one theory once and for all: Is it at all possible Bristol was pregnant during this time or can you confirm that cannot be?

If you saw Bristol looking definately non-pregnant at a time when she would have to be heavily pregnant for the Bristol-as-Trig's-mother threory to work then we could confirm once and for all that Bristol has only had one child.

I think this is likely the case and the mother is someone else. It just seems too perfect for me; a daughter having a Down Syndrome baby and happily giving him up to be claimed as her brother not her son. Too convenient for Sarah's political career and chancey. I think she heard about someone else having a baby with DS and jumped at the chance.

In my theory either Bristol really had mono or something else was going on. Maybe she was pregnant but miscarried.

Also, Mercede: Did Levi also suffer from mono at the same time? It is far from proof of mono being a lie, but it would appear a little strange that if Bristol suffered from it for such a long period that Levi did not also contract it, particularly if they were together in the earlier stages of her illness.

Thanks Mercede. Great blog!

Tania said...

Just another couple of comments. Mono is known here as Glandular fever and it is extremely common in teenagers and uni students. Since I'm only a little older than that I remember many of my friends having it, some for many months also.

I noticed Kellygrrl above noted that it results in 'dramatic weight loss'. I'm afraid unless I am confused as to what mono actually is, this was definately not the case with anyone I have seen suffer from it. Certainly it is possible and maybe even common side effect but far from definite. In fact, since so much time was spent sleeping and even light exercise was impossible, weight was generally maintained by me and my friends even though we ate less.

On another note, it is a sad comment on Bristol's character that she would try and ruin the bond between you and your brother. In my experience, only the lowest of the low people attempt such things. Anyone that tries to ruin the other relationships of the people they are in a relationship with simply don't deserve to have the relationship in the first place. It's a clear sign to get out. Either it stems from Bristol's immaturity and she will outgrow it in time, or she is genuinely a horrible person like her mother.

I wouldn't be confused over the reason why she disliked you: you can rack your brains for months and you will never find anything that you did or said wrong because you didn't do anything. The reason why she disliked you is simply out of jealousy of your relationship with your brother. You were her main rival for his affections (this is NOT intended to be creepy!) and she was incredibly threatened and hence disliked you. And then tried to get you out of the way. Don't blame yourself.

Ardiva said...

Mercede, write that book to educate the world and make some good money for yourself!!!

You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!


K.M.O. said...

Writing a book about your experiences is such a great idea, although, indeed, it can be overwhelming when you don't know the proper steps to take to get you there. All things new scare us from doing what can be done.
Sharing blog entries is a start. In a few months you'll have completed a good portion of the work.
As someone above has mentioned, a visit to Joe McGinniss, the Palin's new neighbor, might help as well. He may be able to swap some writing tips, or other suggestions as to how to present your ideas to a publisher, in exchange for a heartfelt interview with you and your mom.
If you need a ghost writer until your own skills are sharpened, that's okay too. McGinniss may also know how to guide you in that direction. Regardless of how it gets done, I know you have a best seller in you.
Please try not to let the fear of the unknown stop you from taking advantage this opportunity. The time to strike is when the frying pan is hot and right now it is almost radioactive with so many wanting the lies and unanswered questions from the Palin's put straight. Both you and your brother are in the right place to make this happen.

old salt said...

I had exactly the same thought as KMO. You have one of the greatest writers in America living on your doorstep and if he hasn't already, I am sure he is interested in talking to you. He would be one terrific brain to pick about writing your own book. CALL JOE McGINNISS!!!

Sarah said...

In response to Tania on June 14, 2010 at 9:41 pm regarding Bristol trying to put a wedge between you and your brother, I agree with Tania. What Bristol is doing looks like a family trait she picked up from her parents. it’s the insecurity with herself that Bristol does not want Levi’s ex-girlfriends or your friends around Tripp. Not to knock Bristol, but Bristol will never be happy unless she finds a man like her father and it looks like Levi is not the one. Levi and Bristol looks like oil and water, they don’t mix, Levi is not the submissive type. I honestly did not think you were going to answer questions, especially the controversial questions because the Palins has something over you which is Tripp. It is a good idea to talk to Joe or get his contact information before he leaves. I would be leery about anybody else that comes up to help you, make sure they have your interest at heart and not somebody who may be there for other reasons. Maybe Joe can refer somebody to you. Good luck and best wishes.

Polly in Anchorage said...

I just watched the movie "P.S. I Love You"- it was based on a novel written by a young woman in her early twenties- as "therapy" for her soul. It became an instant international bestseller, and then a movie starring Hilary Swank and Harry Connick Jr. I watched the special features interview with the author. She tells about the process of writing the book. You may get some good pointers from watching this inteview.

Martha Unalaska Yard Sign said...

Mercede - I just wanted to jump in and tell you how fun your pics are! I just love the ones w/ you and your mom which are both creative and lovely. You have an "eye" for composition - it's apparent also, too in your blog layout. I'm having a lot of fun checking in every day. If you ever get to Southeast Alaska, you have friends here!

If I were a Wasillan, I would be proud to have you out there representing my community in a positive light, while revealing family values which shine brightly into the murk Palin has left in her ugly wake. Keep doin' what you are doin' and don't let anything spoil your fun and honesty.

lynne said...

How about writing a book or start out with a magazine article about growing up in Wasilla - we've heard so much about it in the last year - from the beauty and nature to the crystal meth, teen pregnancy, etc. It seems like a really unique place to grow up and you've got your finger on the pulse.

AlaskaSundog said...

This is the way to beat a bully -- standing up to her. Be sure to tell the truth & don't let anyone discourage you.

fawn218 said...

Well the news is out about Bristol and Levi, I do hope that means you and your mom are able to see little Trip now. Your pics are great! Did you take them all? With a delay on your camera? anyway if you did photography could be a future career for you.

kevin said...

I had mono too when i was in high school. Not pleasant. If I recall, it knocked me into bed for about a week. After that, I still had some symptoms for about a month or two, mainly ulcers in the back of my throat that made it very difficult to swallow.

I too am mystified that someone could have Mono for 5 months. When I had mono, you felt very tired and spent alot of time in bed.

I am glad to see people supporting you, and I second one person who is telling you to go to college and get a good education. It is very important that you do that and I hope you follow through on it. A college education is priceless and helps you deal with the world alot better than just a high school education will.

Keep posting this blog, I am very very PROUD of you for refusing to be intimidated. You are doing your country a great service with this blog and I thank you for that.

d c woo said...

Well, as you can see, answering questions often creates more questions. I see several here that merit a follow up answer and hope you find the time. Great job so far and hope you are enjoying writing this blog as much as we are enjoying reading it Good luck to you and your family, keep up the good work.

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