Wednesday, June 16, 2010

UPDATED: The questions just keep on coming

Part 3 of questions you have asked me.....

Have I ever seen anyone rub or sing to Sarah Palins stomach while she was Pregnant?
No, but then none of us even knew that she was pregnant until it was late in her pregnancy. And I rarely saw her around that time period.

Did Trig have a ruffled ear when he was born?
I have no idea. I never noticed anything different about his ear until I saw Gryphen’s post to be completely honest.

Do I think Bristol is a good and honest role model?
For abstinence? NO.

Is my father involved in my life?
I have had a very rocky relationship with my father my whole life. Levi has always been his pride and joy and I was simply the other child. He has always spoiled Levi, and taken him on vacations, and bought him lots things, and kind of left me behind. Even today he rarely speaks to me.

That was especially true after he left my mother for his mistress, with whom he has been cheating on my disabled mother for 15 years. Surprisingly he did show up to my graduation, but only stayed around for about 5 minutes after I threw my hat in the air and he said very few words to me. I have not heard from him since that night.

Why have I chosen to start a blog, and why now?
I have wanted to create a blog and speak out for quite awhile now. But I was not sure how to get started. So finally I reached out to some of my friends who are also bloggers and asked for their assistance. And by the way, many thanks to Dennis Zaki for all of his hard work in getting this blog up and running!

Why did Bristol comment on Johnny Chandler's MySpace page claiming her mother thought she was pregnant?
During that time period she and Levi were sexually active and trying to conceive a child. As hard as it is for many of you to believe, they were indeed TRYING. It was NOT an accident! Also there were a number of rumors circulating around that she was already pregnant.

What was the relationship between Sarah and Bristol like?
Well I did not see it but I was told numerous times they fought constantly.

I also vividly remember Bristol texting me to tell me that she would take her parents credit card and order lots of clothes and stuff online and that they would never find out about it. She encouraged me to do the same, but I did NOT follow her example. You know maybe that’s why she and her mother fought so much.

Are people in Alaska really afraid of the Palins, and why?
I know of many people who are afraid to speak up and say the things they know about the Palins because they have seen just how harsh, and cruel, and dirty they can get. And now they have even more money and power to deal with those who dare to stand up to them.

That is enough for today.

It is taking some time but I am slowly working my way to the bottom of the pile.

I also realize that many of you have brand new questions based on recent events. I will add those to my stack of unanswered questions and get to them in due course. That is, however, a more ticklish topic and I will have to see what I am comfortable sharing.


Carol said...

I'll make it a simple yes or no question:
Are Bristol & Levi back together?

angie said...

if bristol wanted to get pregnant, what's the "I'm a mother duck for that baby" comment told to her friend on myspace? But I understand small town life in that people don't consider the big picture when they choose to be with one of the first guys that comes along. She's not unique obvoously since the valley and the country is known for teen pregnancy

Floyd M. Orr said...

Your answers have become more candid with this batch, Mercede. Once and for all, we can better understand your dad's position in the bigger picture now. I have viewed SP's core problem as being a very spoiled Daddy's Little Girl from the beginning, but you certainly are not one of those!

ella said...

Thanks Mercede. I really enjoyed today's revelations.

I won't throw any more questions at you. Just want to offer my sympathy regarding your relationship with Keith (your dad). Hugs to you and your mom.

Nikki L said...

I read the star magazine article where you spoke about Willow Palin and her growing up way to fast. Could you tell us more about willow's relationship with Bristol and is she really following Bristol's footsteps by partying alot.

Mitch said...

Stay brave young girl.

Liz D said...

Thank you Mercede for continuing to answer so many of our questions. I can only imagine what you felt seeing the number of questions asked. We are simply trying to find the Truth. Sarah Palin lives and deals with lies and is a very sick woman psychologically. There will be more questions to come, no doubt, as time goes on. In the meantime, take good care of yourself!

Leadfoot said...

Thanks Merdede - another lovely photo! You really should come down to LA and get into entertainment. You have a great personality and an adorable look. I can totally see you co-hosting an entertainment tabloid show!

I am one that has such a hard time believing that Bristol and Levi would purposely try to get pregnant. But then I grew up somewhat privileged, knew I was college-bound, and was SURE my parents would KILL me if I were ever a pregnant teen. Can you provide some insight into the mentality in Wasilla? Why in the world is it seen as an attractive option to become pregnant at 16? You have wisely avoided such a predicament. So please enlighten us -- why would the daughter of the governor think it was smart, wise, or desirable to become pregnant?

Martha Unalaska Yard Sign said...

Forget the Hollywood stuff - being a forensic scientist is a fascinating idea and extremely interesting. Helpful to society as well - entertaining? Bleh - just ruins your privacy and gives hurdle after hurdle for not much in return. I'm a little tired of people thinking if you are cute as a button, you should share it with the world. Follow your own dreams!

You GO Mercede - wherever you dream to go.

tallimat said...

I'm not very close to my dad either. I don't recall a single hug in my entire 50 years on this earth. My older sisters have photos with him and their grandkids. They have dinners together. It is weird.

When my sister got her associate degree, my dad hosted a ittle dinner. When I got my masters degree, I heard nothing from him.

My mom on the other hand was a very generous person with her praise. When she went to heaven, dad did see the the loss in my heart. He made a effort to have a series of photos of mom printed up and delivered to me.

In his later years, dad does talk about me. I hear about it from my sisters, their kids and some long time family friends.
My dad is distant towards me. Over the years I've learned to not dwell on the distance, but appreciate and respect it when he does 'reach out' towards me. Makes for a better day, night and week for me.

Hugs to you and your mom!
Big hugs.

JJ said...

I think the questions are growing! Yikes!
Anyway, are you saying that Bristol was trying to get pregnant even before Trig was conceived (ie in 2007)? And that she didn't get pregnant for an entire year... until she was pregnant with Tripp?

Jonathan said...

Mercede, you might have mixed up something. Bristol left the comment on Johnny Chandlers myspace (saying that Sarah Palin overheard their conversation and now thought that Bristol was pregnant) already on May 14, 2007. That was not at the time when Bristol and Levi tried to make a baby, wasn't it?

Angie said...

I just wanted to share that I understand having weird relationships with parental figures, as I not only behaved how you describe Bristol as behaving but I felt both my parents tried to buy my love. As teenagers, there are so many emotions and inner turmoil mixed in with society's expectations and parents expectations and what we want as opposed to how we feel. None of what you've said so far sounds dangerously devious or the product of horrible parenting. Answers for the partys involved and the world will be divulged in time. Sarah is probably just the product of a father who pushes with no mercy, to soothe his expectations. Why would a daughter choose to elope if there weren't something else drving it? My mother's sole reason for getting married at age 20 was to move out and away from her dad. ALl families are different.

All you can do is love unconditionally and not try to change people to meet your good nature and expectations. That will only cause you further heartache.

Good luck on your career. Thats an incredible field of work. and if youd like to write a book about your life experience, there are people and resources to help get started. Just decipher what is yours to tell "(whats directly impacts you) and what is someone else's story that youd only be speculating on.

BWilder said...

You're doing a great job with your blog Mercede!

I have a couple of Q's:
Did track have a girlfried in 2007 and early 2008?
And if so was she in high school in Wasilla during that time?

I hope things improve for your family and that at some point it becomes easier for you and your mom to see your little nephew on a regular basis.

DarkEFang said...

"Did Trig have a ruffled ear when he was born?

I have no idea. I never noticed anything different about his ear until I saw Gryphen’s post to be completely honest."

Don't feel bad. It took two years before anyone noticed.

Beverly From Montreal said...

I agree with Martha @ 10:05 a.m. A career as a forensic scientist trumps being in the entertainment business hands down.

Your father's behaviour toward you, Mercede, has been truly despicable but you can not let it drag you down. It is entirely his doing and in the end, his loss.

I must compliment you on the commendable and honest way you are answering the questions asked of you. Well done!

Tania said...

Hi Mercede. Your blog is going great! I'm so glad there is someone like you to tell us the truth. It's basically been confirmed now that Bristol and Levi are back together which is great for Levi and his son, but I imagine it must be quite trying for you in one way - specifically fear about losing your brother to her controlling ways. Hopefully mercede Levi has grown up alot in the past two years and realises he mustn't shut you out.

ManxMamma said...

Nothing new to add, but just voicing my support. Keep up the good work!

kellygrrrl said...

Thanks, Mercede. You are a brave girl. I hope that your speaking out does not threaten Levi's new-found time with his son -- and I hope it doesn't cause any problems between the two of you.

Stay safe. Don't get too absorbed in blogging. Enjoy your summer.

K.M.O. said...

Keep rolling Mercede! Great post.
As to the idea of young girls trying to get themselves pregnant, as hard as it is to believe, let me point to a story from 2008 in a town near where I live.
In Gloucester, MA. high school girls actually had a pact to get pregnant and raise their babies together.

WakeUpAmerica said...

This cannot be an easy task for you. I, for one, want to thank you for your honest answers. However, if it becomes too difficult or uncomfortable or maybe too threatening to your family and decide to stop answering questions, I'm good with that. This takes a great deal of courage.

louisemenard said...

A couple of days ago, I read a question about Levi's gold rings, but I never saw an answer. Levi said that he lost his gold ring when he was hunting and that is why he had Bristol's name tattoo'd on his finger. Then there is a picture of Levi wearing a gold ring. Then there was another magazine article where Bristol's aunt teased Levi while they were cooking, asking him about losing his ring. What is the deal with Levi and gold rings? Were they friendship rings or wedding rings? Thanks for answering all of the questions.

Mary said...

"Have I ever seen anyone rub or sing to Sarah Palins stomach while she was Pregnant?
No, but then none of us even knew that she was pregnant until it was late in her pregnancy. And I rarely saw her around that time period."

That's because Sarah Palin was never pregnant in 2008 with Trig.

Yes, it really is that simple.

Erica said...

If Bristol and Levi are together I hope everybody would stay away from them so they can try to mend their relationship and have a somewhat normal life with their child.
You all certainly didn't ask for all this insanity !

You are very Beautiful said...

You are a beautiful person and it appears to be both inside AND out. IMO YOU would be a much better choice to be the spokesperson for Candies.

Bristol appears to be very free and easy with boys/men. She is not 1/2 as pretty as you, not even close.

I'm glad to read you are doing some online college courses. Don't give up.... I am personally hoping that this blog will attract the right amount of attention to make you famous and maybe someone will come forward to help with your mom.

Good luck in anything you attempt to do.

Gles said...

You go Mercede! Thank so much for answering our many questions. I worked for a forensic Structural Engineer for 5 years....I ran the office, did research and was very very interesting. I was always surprised that he was NEVER wrong in his conclusions. On 9/11 when the twin towers were struck down, he actually cried for all the children that lost parents.....I never saw a man weep so shamelessly. I learned something about men that day!

I am so proud to know you and respect your courage...give your Mom a hug for me...she did a good job!

Kat_In_Hawaii said...

Thanks Mercede!

Lori said...

Mercede, I admire your courage and candor. You're a beautiful, well-spoken, humble and selfless young lady and I sincerely hope your life continues on a brighter path. Keep your head held high and continue to rise above the Palins' scare tactics...eventually the world will see them for who they really are.

Snoopy said...

Mercede, your post about your relationship with your father breaks my heart. Peace and healing to you.

Ak Born and Raised said...

Be brave, take care of your mother and keep up the good work. You are in a difficult position --know when to hold em, know when to fold em.

Michelle said...

I was curious if you believe Bristol and the other Palin kids really want this attention or if she, Sarah Palin, is the one who continues to draw the spotlight on them?

From what I have been told, none of the kids wanted this much attention. Sarah eats up the limelight and has no regard for what it may cost her children - at least the Palin cousins have told me that's the circumstance. Just curious if you believe it?

ArmchairJane said...

I don't have any questions to ask - everybody else else is doing a great job of asking the things I want to know, and it is so nice of you to answer them. Mostly I just want you to know that you, your mom, and Levi have always seemed like the nice, normal, "real" people in this whole situation, and my heart goes out to you all.

It is a real shame that people like Sarah use the basic decency of people like you and your family to hurt them. Sarah will never care what happens to your family, as unfortunately she is an uncaring person who seems to have serious mental health problems and no concern for other people.

My wish is all the best in life for you, your mom, Levi, and baby Tripp. I hope it won't be too much longer before you and your mom can go back to a more normal life. You have been through a lot and at least with this blog you know that many people care about your family. If Levi and Bristol do get back together I hope he knows that if things are to work out that they will need to keep Sarah from sticking her nose in.

Take care, and stay safe!

ferob said...

You have a marvelous website. Been reading since day one.

Only two questions. Is Sarah using Bristol again? Did she convince Bristol to get back with Levi? If she's planning to run for president in 2012, it'll look good to her panting public.

Question 2: If Palin tries to run for president will you let all the truth come out? We've heard several times that many people have knowledge that would ruin her. If this is true someone has to come forward. If you can't do it publicly will you do it privately to someone that will get it out?

AlaskaSundog said...

Is the fact that Levi & Bristol are back together & trying to raise Tripp in a positive family manner good for your relationship with them or is Bristrol using this to separate Levi from you & your Mom? If it's her attempt to control Levi, it could be a negative self-esteem issue (no wonder with SP as mom) or it could be an attempt instigated by Palin to silence Levi from talking or writing. I hope it's bringing you closer as a family to Levi & your nephew. If not, be patient. Levi is NOT thinking straight at the moment. At some point he'll realize how he's being used, regret it & need real family again. I hope tho the 3 will be visiting y'all in Wasilla. Chugiak neighbor.

So many questions said...

Sorry your blog went down with so many hits but happy to know everything is OK.

AM said...

I really appreciate your voice in the blog community. Speaking out against those that scare you is what I do too. I run NOT Sarah Palin 2012 on Facebook (3000 members and growing). I like so few blogs, you've earned your way into my heart √

kevin said...

Thank you for putting up this Blog mercede. I think you are doing a public service here and a real service to your country.

It makes my hair stand up when i hear of bullies and intimidation being used up there to control what people say about the Palins. I can believe it because it has been mentioned here and many other places.

It is sad to me when people are silenced by bullies. I hope you continue to post this blog no matter how the Palins try and threaten you.

Thanks for doing your country a great service, and it takes quite a bit of backbone to stand up to bullies. My hat is off to you.

kevin said...

Also Mercede it seems to me that Levi and Bristol are getting along better now that Bristol is out from under mamaGrizzly's roof.

It is not hard to figure that one out, and is right in line with what Levi has said in the past.

Levi and Bristol do make a handsome couple and I think that they have a real chance of making things work as long as they stay away from the mamaGrizzly.

Now that Bristol has her own apartment and such she can start growing up and thinking for herself rather than have her mother tell her what to say and do.

Tell Bristol we are proud of her for moving out and getting her own apartment. We can never grow up to be our own person until we get out from under mom and dad.

I think those two make a good couple and hope they can repair things between themselves and find a happy life together, just stay away from the mother in law, they have been known to cause many many problems.

majii said...

Hang in there, Mercede,

My daughter also has a rocky relationship with my ex-husband and rarely saw him as she was growing up. The last time she saw him was in 1997 when his mom came from Ohio to visit my daughter. Today she is a wonderful young woman who graduated from high school and college with honors and has a good job with a nationally known corporation. You and your mom can do the same. Keep the faith, stick with your mom, and never give up. Great things are ahead for the both of you.

ValleyIndependent said...

As a fellow Wasilla resident, I concur with Mercede's answer to "Are people in Alaska really afraid of the Palins, and why?" I personally know of long-time, well-respected community members who were afraid to speak up during the 2008 presidential campaign for fear of retaliation, not just from the Palins, but also from some of her rabid fans, who weren't about to have anyone tarnishing Palin's halo with the truth.

Sam said...

Did Levi go to your graduation or just your dad?

Mendy said...

Hi ya:

Just happenstanced upon your blog and HAD TO LIFT YOUR QUOTE...

"I know of many people who are afraid to speak up and say the things they know about the Palins because they have seen just how harsh, and cruel, and dirty they can get. And now they have even more money and power to deal with those who dare to stand up to them."

Guurrll, Sarah's out in the big wide world now thanks to John McCain. Believe you me WE ARE NOT AFRAID. Out here we'll scoop her eyes out with a plastic spork. People speak of her as a media whore and buffoon.

Do not fear these people (or their guns). They're cowardly bullies who prey on the timid and weak. Remember the schoolyard bully? Yeah, me too. They never took my lunch money and trust me, Sarah Palin will never "take" the presidency.


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