Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Few Final Questions Answered Before the Weekend

Part 4 of questions you have asked me...

Did Willow really shoot glares at me during prom?
Yes, but she’s a teenaged girl so it wasn’t surprising. Plus, her date and I took a photo together, so that probably irritated her even more.

Did I ever see books in the Palin home?
No I did not. But then again I was not really paying attention. However I asked my mother and she also says she does not remember seeing any books lying around.

Why were we at their house at the time of the “Triggybear” photos?
To meet Trig! It was important to us. We really believed that they would soon be part of our family and I wanted photos with him because I naturally assumed that he would always be around and I wanted to take pictures as he grew. I am kind of a freak about photography. Plus he was just the cutest thing.
Is my family being paid off?
I find this especially insulting. Never would I, nor any member of my family, stoop so low as to allow ourselves to be paid off by the Palins. I am speaking out now and will continue to do so in the future!

Why was that photo of Levi with Trig, instead of Tripp, used on the Tyra Banks Show?
They simply used the wrong photo. That was their mistake and I told them so after the show.

Who’s the other baby in the photo of Levi and Tripp, and why is he/she cut out and only her arm left?
That was my baby cousin who was sitting next to Levi when I took the photo. Later I cropped her out because I did not have permission to use her photo online. I still have the original copy at home.

I don't think I have ever had so many question asked of me at one time!

Perhaps in my next post I will put the questions on hold and share something a little different with you.


WakeUpAmerica said...

Thank you for answering my question. Stay real. You, Levi, and your mom are blessed to have each other.

Victorian said...

Mercede, I have to compliment you on not making comments on what you don't know for sure. I read an online article claiming that you were "bashing" Sarah and Bristol, and I vehemently disagree. You appear to be sticking to what you know, and not puffing up what you're not sure of into something we all want to hear. Good for you. Keep it coming -- we're listening.

Beverly From Montreal said...

So glad to hear the problem your site was experiencing was due only to the heavy traffic and nothing more sinister. Happy to know you will continue to post, whether it be more answers to our questions or to share something completely different.

Single Mom Paying Off Debt said...

Great answers/questions... Keep the truth coming !

sky said...

Thank God , I thought you received a cyber attack or a virus. My computer shut down when I was loading your page.

Set a google alert for yourself since you have a lot of traffic.

Check this out....

See what is being said . Any comment, do you think Bristol and Levi said what has been reported on that site?

I am so gald you such a strong girl.

Chris said...

I look forward to your next blog post Mercede.

I have a clarification question about one of your I understanding correctly that you thought as early as April 18th 08 that Bristol and Levi would be getting married? Wasn't this before you knew Bristol was pregnant with Tripp and she was only 16 yrs old?

"Why were we at their house at the time of the “Triggybear” photos?

To meet Trig! It was important to us. We really believed that they would soon be part of our family and I wanted photos with him because I naturally assumed that he would always be around and I wanted to take pictures as he grew. I am kind of a freak about photography. Plus he was just the cutest thing."

MadasHelinVA said...

Hi Sadie, I still want to ask about the 'ruffled ear' baby you were holding at Paylin's house. I know you said you saw nothing 'noticeably wrong' with that baby who was passed off as Trig, and yet he is totally different than the Trig we met at the RNC. There is no way those ears could have been missed, so I am still wondering who that child was. Can you elaborate on that child please?

Nothing the Paylins do surprises any of us any more since we all know what a HYPOCRITE Scarah has proven herself to be and I suspect her older kids think they are 'special' because their mother is the EX-gov and she {Scarah} thinks she is 'so hot' with her phony boobs, face lift, teeth laminates, etc. They are all DESPICABLE. I wish someone could tell the truth about her and bring her down so as to get her out of our national news [NO reporter seems to have the guts to question any 'word salad statement' she makes] because she is so horribly STUPID and PHONY [PLASTIC]. Furthermore, she is an extreme detriment to our country.

In any event, Mercede, we look forward to anything you wish to write and thank you so much for answering our questions. I'm sorry all the Paylins have treated you and your family so terribly, but what else could anyone expect from them since they are so stuck up, rude and ignorant and all because of their DUMB, STUPID AND IGNORANT MOTHER?

Lisabeth said...

Hi Mercedes!! Articles are out this morning saying you are bashing Sarah and Bristol Palin! You aren't and please don't let the bullies get to you! And that is what they are bullies!

To reporters out there writing false statements like this about Mercedes.......why the H don't you do your job and report the truth about the Palins. Bristol is preaching abstinence and sleeping with men at the same time. Sarah is a mean, nasty liar. She verbally assaults everyone and has used YOU (media) to paint a phony image of her family. Sadie is the only honest one here. Report the truth!!!!!

Sadie, don't get into a war of words, tit for tat, with Bristol and Sarah. Ignore them and these articles and speek the truth. And try not to worry because the truth is most Americans see the truth about the Palins. This is sick Sarahs way of manipulating these moronic reporters and trying to get you to stop.

You are a beautiful and brave young woman. And you have integrity, don't forget. Sarah will try everything to quiet you now. Stay safe!!!!

DarkEFang said...

"Did Willow really shoot glares at me during prom?
Yes, but she’s a teenaged girl so it wasn’t surprising. Plus, her date and I took a photo together, so that probably irritated her even more."


Martha Unalaska Yard Sign said...

Just remember...the best revenge is living well, surrounded by interesting, loving friends and family. You are getting early lessons on the wisdom of "Sticks and Stones..." and it will help you develop strength and wisdom. Not a bad thing for someone who has their whole adult life ahead of them!

I wasted precious time with peer pressure and "shoulda, woulda, coulda" as a teen and young adult. Self knowledge & confidence are incredible gifts - enjoy them to the fullest by being Mercede, through and through.

louisemenard said...

I understand that at 16, Bristol might have wanted to get pregnant and get married. What I cannot understand why Levi, at 17 years old, would want to father a child and get married. Without a high school degree, and the responsibility to share in the support of the child that is quite a lot for a young man to want to do-- whether he had a controlling girl friend, as you say, or not.

You also wrote that Trig was the first newborn baby that you ever saw or held. With all of the Wasilla teens opting to get pregnant and have children, I am surprised that you never saw a baby. How about that cousin's baby who was in the photo?

I really do want to believe that everything you write is true. However, the internet informs me that in order to marry in Alaska under the age of 18, parental consent is required. Did Sarah and Todd really give consent for Bristol to marry? As happy as your mother was for Bristol to have a baby, would she have given her consent for Levi to marry and take on that responsibility before he was 18?

sky said...

ha ha ha ha ha.......
Mercede Check this out

Comment by:

"Rusty Butz Jun 17, 2010, 10:51am EDT
Who is paying her? Andrew Sullivan? Huffington Post? Ya gotta wonder."


Go Girl... I am Loving your real true Rogue. Stay authentic. The truth shall set you free. You are making some people sweat.
God is a God of Balance. If Sarah Palin and her followers plus fake christians think they will get away with lies, there in for a big suprise. I am looking forward to 2012.

The same hate and lies they are using will bring them down.
God is God, he knows how to turn the tables upside down like Jesus did.
If I was Glenn and Sarah, I would be careful with misusing God in their push for making money.

This BS of Saint Sarah is going to back fire big time. Just wait.
As I said, I am a Christian too, and I go to the Assembly of God. My pastor is equally disgusted with Palin and Beck.
The hate they have shown the world towards the sitting president is dispicable. America is a melting pot.

Jesus did not come to earth to divide people, he mixed with gentiles. Jesus did not preach Hatred. Jesus did not instigate violency.

So I do not know what type of christisn is Sarah Palin.
Any of you people claiming to be holy and claiming Sarah is God sent, You have to be ready, because just like Mecerde, real christians will come out to crash your Fraud $arah.
Sarah palin does not represent anything Christianity, May be Pharises. To many, she is phony and a big fraud.

Why would someone ask someone not to talk? unless there is something iam hiding......... and that is why her supporter are bringing in the notion of Mercede hates Palin, which is nosense.

That is why she is over protected, because she is afraid to answer tough questions. I think Mercede is smarter than Palin. She is not afraid to address tough questions.

Palin is shameless, I could not believe her solution to the oil spill.To suggest that the Dutch should come out to help with the oil Spill.
I am loving the Anti immigrant chant in the tea party movement.
Last time I checked, the Dutch are foreigners. I thought Palin is anti- Foreigners? I thought she was going to say Todd Palin or Glenn beck know how to Fix the oil spill, If not any of the Tea baggers.
...........And you wonder why Keith calls Sarah an idiot.

Lee Bear said...

I am so proud of you! You are an icon in my eyes, a hero who stands up to the phoney family, not letting them get to you. I think you should be a spokes woman for teens about standing up for yourself, keeping it real and believing in yourself no matter what life throws at you!!! I wish you the best.

Angie said...

has this blog affected how much you see Tripp even more or do you think it could?

MariaT said...

Thank you, Mercede. I'm sorry if so many of us are bombarding you with questions... for too long we've been looking for answers. I personally started off in 2008 by following Audrey's Palin's Deceptions, then various progressive Alaskan blog sites, as well as blogs from elsewhere that focused on ex-governor Palin. There are many of us who are appalled by Sarah Palin and who would love to see her be made accountable for her actions/lies.

Texasperson said...

Is Levi supportive of you writing this blog?

Gunsmoke said...

Mercede, check this out. Please continue to speak out no matter what.

sky said...

Mercede. Get thick skined. Do not get the intimidated.

Actually you should be an advocate for teens. I forgot you are already a strong advocate for teens.

My daughters are cheering for you.

I am proud of you. Very few are brave like yourself.

FEDUP!!! said...

Mercede, there was some one (Heather?) that said she was having a baby next door when Trig was being 'presented'. She asked if you wanted to give her the OK to 'spill her beans' (my words).
What has become of that lady? Could you just let her 'spill the beans', please?

Celia Harrison said...

Thank you for your honest answers Mercede. Are you finding writing your blog and being able to tell the honest truth therapeutic and healing? I believe telling the truth about the kind of people who end up in powerful political positions in this country is very important work. Clearly you are not a vendictive kind of person and are just telling how you were affected by people who are vendictive. The public as a whole needs to reevaluate the criteria we use to select people for office. We are picking the wrong kind of people. Your story demonstrates how they step on others to advance themselves.

Gunsmoke said...

@FEDUP, Heather was talking about Tripp's delivery, I believe.

amanda said...

wow! mercede, you are truly a strong and independent young woman. you have gone through a hellish experience at the hands of a family that you trusted and you have handled this difficult experience with dignity. kuddos to you and keep writing! you deserve to express your truth.

Deb said...

The show The Insider did a short segment tonight (17th) that you now have a blog and reported that you posted that Levi and Bristol were trying to get pregnant. It's sad that the media feeds on Palin, giving her too much credit for the FB. Wish they would 'grow a set' and calll her out for what she truly is as the FB is lie filled like her and her speeches.

Best wishes to you and you Mom!

conniewise said...

Please let us know what Levi is doing. Does he have a job or is he going to school? And, if it's not too personal, how are you and your mother getting by if you don't have a job?

Emily said...

There are times that Piper Palin appears to be a sweet little girl and other times she appears to have an attitude. What kind of a kid is Piper?

Helen said...

By all means you should take a mental health break and get back to real life.

There are always going to be more questions, no matter how much time you spend answering them.

Mark said...

Did Palin and you ever get into a fight? Describe your relationship with Sarah and your impressions of her.

Ellie said...

Well done, Mercede. This took courage. Keep setting the record straight while not being vindictive - take the high road.

tm said...

wtf Mark . .. . .how 'bout you decsribe your "relationship" w/ YOUR sibling's boyfriend/girlfriend's mother?? (from back in HS)

See how ridiculous the question sounds NOW?

Mark said...

It's not a ridiculous question because she might have some insight on how the witch acts while she isn't playing to the cameras.

I am also concerned about Trig and I think he isn't getting the treatment he needs for a kid with special needs..

How neglectfully is she when it comes to providing for her children? I think your brother touched on this topic but didn't go further with it why? Are you scared of Sara is that why you are holding back a little bit? Speak out girl that witch won't dare touch you when the media spotlight is on you.

CAgal said...


blue said...

How about we start a campaign to get Mercede a job as the new ambassador for preventing teen pregnancy with the Candies Foundation?
She managed not to get pregnant, graduate high school and has had troubled home life. Mercede is a whole lot more relatable than the ex-governor's daughter, (who is currently possibly pregnant with another baby, conceived some time between her abstinence campaign gigs).

Come on: Let's call or e-mail Candies Foundation

Peninparadise said...

Good morning from south of the lower 48!

Just can't help but thinking that your mom was set up to keep control over all of you. Given the thugs Sarah associates with, nothing is too low for them. I imagine that the hold they have over you, will never allow you to speak completely honestly about Sarah Palin's worst transgressions. Hopefully, someone else can finally dredge up the truth and expose the "monster marionette" that is Sarah Palin.

Enjoy your weekend

Padoreva said...

Have you thought about going to law school? I'm very impressed with how well you present yourself on TV and your clear thinking.

Mary said...

The more I listen to Sarah, the more I see that she accusing Obama of being like her. I don't see our President going around attacking young kids, like you and your brother...or building fences or telling those huge lies, making money off of hate. I do see our president as a educated, man of class and you won't find him destroying people. Sarah is like a spoiled little rich, school girl acting out when someone speaks the truth. Hold on girl, don' t let her get to you.
Stay Strong and enjoy your blog....remember the freedom of speech Sarah talks so much about??? Well it's your blog, your life, your words and your freedom to say what you want. If she can tell people that Obama is going to kill your granny...then you can tell the world that you never saw books at her house. I want you to know that most people would back down from the bully, but please don't. She is used to getting her way,let her show her true colors to the world....she will soon be just a crazy woman that got rich off of hate.

Jill in OH said...

Love the blog, keep writing and we'll keep reading.
Can you clarify something for me? You said you cropped your cousin's baby out of the picture because you didn't have permission to share the photo, but it seems pretty obvious that you didn't have permission from Sarah, either... How old is the cousin's baby? And why was the cousin's baby at Sarah's house? This stuff doesn't add up to me...

DarkEFang said...

"Can you clarify something for me? You said you cropped your cousin’s baby out of the picture because you didn’t have permission to share the photo, but it seems pretty obvious that you didn’t have permission from Sarah, either… How old is the cousin’s baby? And why was the cousin’s baby at Sarah’s house? This stuff doesn’t add up to me…"

Based on earlier posts, it sounds like Mercede did have permission from the Palin family to post those pictures of Trig on her Myspace page. Later, they told her to take them down, and she did.

Now, she didn't take down the entire Myspace page like they'd wanted, but she did take the pictures down that included Palin family members. By then, of course, Palin's Deceptions and various other sites had already copied those photos.

Mary said...

One more question:

Sarah talks in her book, her speeches and facebook like she is very religious, in her day to day life from what Levi or you have she always reading her Bible, Praying at the dinner table, going to Church, giving to the poor etc.

I find it strange that the Christian Right think she is such a Good Person when I hear her lies, see how excited she gets when she is putting down our President....the meaner she is, the more respected she is by this very religious crowd.

Has she changed any since she became the VP pick?

What did she say about McCain when she was traveling with him?

kevin said...

Thanks for this blog Mercede, I have been reading the viewer comments and am glad to see you are getting alot of support on doing this.

Most people will cower before a bully. It is so refreshing when you see someone stand up to a bully, and refuse to back down. You go girl.

One thing I noticed is people still think that Sarah did not really have Trig, that that was Bristols first baby, and Sarah covered up for Bristol.

I myself don't believe that one, but others do. I can understand why. Because nobody here in the lower 48 would step onto a plane when your water has broken or you are leaking. You go right to the hospital. People cannot believe that she actually got onto a 10 hour plane ride in this condition.

For me, the only way it makes sense is if Sarah wanted that baby to die. I personally think that subconsciously she did. Who really wants a downs syndrome baby? When folks are honest, the answer is NOBODY.

So Sarah was caught between a rock and a hard place, could not abort the baby, but did not want it. So her subconscious took over and tried to kill the baby by getting on the plane in labor. That is what she did, whether she is conscious of it or not.

So now you understand why the conspiracy theory that Trig was not her baby persists, and you also understand why common sense Sarah defied all common sense and got onto an airplane in her condition. She is lucky she did not end up killing herself and the baby. She lucked out pretty well on that one.

You are a breath of fresh air and I am now in your fan club!

JenniferinVirginia said...

I am so impressed with your entry into the blogging world. As the mother of a teen your age, I can say that your mother must be so proud of you!
You've had to grow up very quickly and you are in the position where you are taking care of your parent when it should be the other way around. I'm sure your mother is grateful that she raised such a mature, caring, intelligent individual.
I've watched the grace with which your family has handled the harsh glare of the media spotlight and I know you will handle this latest attack by the Palin family and their flying screech monkeys with the same dignity you displayed all the other times.
Keep speaking the truth. The people that label you a "Palin hater" need to ask themselves who has the most reason to lie about all this stuff. Is it the family whose dirty laundry is embarassing: the abstinence-crusading teen and her "family values" mother? Or is it you? I think the answer to that question is crystal clear.

sky said...

If the Palin camp think we are all just Palin haters, and attack you for standing your grounds, and feel you have no right to defend yourself, then they should just close their phoney camp. I hope they are not patrolling your home like angry caterpillars trying to eat every green leaf that pops up.

Do not let them intimidate you. Stick to your truth. Do not add or subtract anything you do not know. The truth shall set you free. Palin does not own the world.

I can tell you one thing, any mother who think you are not a great advocate is just phoney as their mean, abnoxious, vindictive lier, master of the dark $arah.

In my opinion, this woman has abused her children by introducing them to the world, with the Phoney family values to advance her politcal Career. What a sham.

Each and every teen child with the name Palin, has some dirty laundry hiding in their closet.

Her camp have no shame to come lashing at Mercede.

I can't believe, how somebody would want to risk their country they claim to love, by advocating for a Palin Presidency...who in my own opinion is an iceberg ready to sink the titanic.
There is nothing family values about Palin. Pulling her kids out of school, for photo OP are family values?

I feel for the youngest daughter, Piper. and who knows where Willow is.

Palin's family cannot be advocates for American families, unless this country has become too dumb to see through Sarah and her handlers. I am sure she laughs at Americans and her supporters when she goes to deposit her checks.

Palin belongs to Faux media lies -Fox and reality shows is where she belongs.

Like I said she is good satire to America, any one can make off money out of her drama.

sky said...

and we know why they are worried, because their family value phoney is lined up to speak in Atlanta on June 29 2010, you know presenting her with a big title of a mother of 5 with family values...

So for now $$$$arah will not post a rant about Mercede on her facebook. Wait unti she gets her $$$ from this speech, then you will see the horns.

That is why her camp are trying to bury this blog as the Hater blog. Shameless Scam bugs.

Greg said...


I understand that you are hesitant to post anything about Sarah's pregnancy with Trig. Is this true? There are so many holes and lies surrounding the entire thing that it would be nice if someone other than Sarah said something about her insane flight from Texas and whether she was truly pregnant to begin with.

FEDUP!!! said...

Mercede: STAY STRONG, and be true. Whatever the 'haters' write (and I imagine by now you must have TONS of their vile bile...:/) - keep it in a separate file, and let law enforcement (like the FBI) see it. Do not cower before $arah and her minions, do NOT cower because of her Van Fleabag lawyer. He is paid to spout big words, and once in a while, he has to prove his worth to them by threatening a lawsuit.
DO NOT let him intimidate you. That is what lawyers are good at - intimidating. Rarely will they follow up with their threats - especially not Van Fleabag, because he knows that if he files a lawsuit against ANYone in the name of $arah Payme, SHE WILL HAVE TO TESTIFY UNDER OATH - and she cannot 'tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing BUT the truth'.
Because she would have to admit that ALL her shenanigans were made-up.

margaret in anchorage said...

Mercede - just want to say that I find your blog very well written and refreshingly straight forward with no spin. Excellent - Love it! Keep writing, stay positive - and enjoy your college classes!

giddyup said...

Saw this posted on one of the blogs a while back.

Proverbs 6:12-15
A scoundrel and villain, who goes about with a corrupt mouth,who winks with his eye, signals with his feet and motions with his fingers,who plots evil with deceit in his heart— he always stirs up dissension. Therefore disaster will overtake him in an instant; he will suddenly be destroyed—without remedy.

Remind you of anyone? ;-) Do not respond to the Palinbots. They just cannot understand that they themselves are participants on an Obama hate blog. And, we are all banned when we try to post anything in support of our President.

Michelle Buddy said...

Hi. Nice site. Atleast ur being honest. Here's a question. Levi said in an interview that Todd Palin offered to buy Bristol a car if she broke up with him. Was that while she was pregnant, or before, or after. Could Todd be the reason they broke up. If not, u don't have to say y. I was just wondering about that. Thanx

S Smith said...

Have you ever seen Sarah or any other members of her family pray in their home? Were they frequent church attenders? Have you seen a bible in their home? I guess the answer to number three would be no, since you said neither you nor your mother has seen any books in their home. Did the whole family sit down at the dinner table to eat dinner? Just a few questions that peaked my interest. Thanks you for taking the time to respond>

electric susie said...

Did Bristol and Levi ever get secretly married?

Allison said...

Hi Mercede,
I have been following this drama for years now. I read the Alaska blogs right when Palin was announced. I believe that by living locally, the bloggers were able to give an up close, honest perception of Palin and her entourage. I have a few questions; if they are too personal, just ignore me or tell me it's none of my business. Does your dad, Keith, have any kind of relationship with any of the Palin women? It can be anyone, aunts, cousins, etc. And it can be any kind of relationship or communication. Has your dad fathered any children since he left your mom and your family?

Do you know if Palin's sister (the one who was married to Trooper Wooten) had any children with anyone other than Trooper Wooten? Does Palin's sister still live somewhere people see her on a regular basis?

Do you know if Palin had a hysterectomy or if Todd had a vasectomy and if so, when? Or do you know anyone who would know that information and wouldn't tell the public during the election? Palin released a weird medical record letter type thing that was very vague.

I am so sorry that your family has been suffering and continues to suffer so much because of Palin's evil nature. Stay strong. You definitely have a lot of public support.

You said you were worried for your safety. Perhaps you should write a letter and keep it somewhere safe explaining why you are scared, in case something tragic should happen to anyone in your family. Definitely get some cameras for your property...oh and a pit bull, preferably one without lipstick! ha ha. Take care and hello to your nephew and family; I have 2 baby girls.

Carol said...

Not gone away? Then where are you. Have blog, must post. Something. Get workin child.

Adam C said...

Mercede... you are a breath of fresh air. Keep your chin up!! I believe you!

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