Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Don't worry I have not gone away

As of late my blog has been getting a lot of negative attention claiming that I am here to bash the Palins.

However as many of you well know in my very first post I announced that bashing the Palin family was NOT my intention. I invited my readers to ask questions, and I promised I would answer them to the best of my knowledge.

I KEPT that promise!

There were some which I chose not to answer because I did not feel that it was appropriate. But I did not shy away from even controversial questions if I believed they deserved an answer.

I am not here to anger the Palins, but I am here to expose what they have done and to tell the world how deeply it has affected my family and I.

People can say whatever they want about me, and call national attention to my blog by labeling it “anti-Palin” if that is their desire. But from the bottom of my heart I am saying that they are wrong when they claim that I am out to get Sarah and Bristol!

I’m not happy about how this has played out, but since this is the card I was dealt I am going to keep my head up and continue to speak out.

I am not going to hold any grudges nor will I hide in the corner and keep quiet. If you think my blog is “slow paced” or “mean” then by all means don’t come to it.

In my next post I am going to change this up a little and talk more about our current situation and how all of this attention is affecting my mother and myself.

I will also invite my mother to write a few words of her own to explain how she is feeling, and how she deals with all of the harassment and threats we get on daily basis.

For those of you who have sent suportive comments, or contributed via Paypal, I want to express my gratitude. You have really been a source of comfort during these difficult last couple of days.

Thank you all very much.


Martha Unalaska Yard Sign said...

Mercede, you are doing exactly what you should be - holding your head high, telling your story, and continuing on with the work you chose to do!

We have a pretty darn good idea of the negative attention level - the whack bots are a swarm of locusts just searching to devour their sustenance with only their tiny bug brains to guide them. They are lost, stupid, bored and mean. Know thine enemy, and do not fear them! They are easy to know as they do not change or grow - cowering in dark corners since they fear their own shadows when brought into the light.

Sending you strength, caring, pride, and empathy. Feel it coming to you from around the world!

Martha said...

These adds seem completely contradictory to your blog.

Promoting Palin and the "teaparty" is the last thing I would think you want to do, yet every time I check your blog here they are...I just want to make sure that you are aware of this.

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Gles said...

You go Mercede! It would be great to also hear from your Mom.

I know that you both have worked thru the fear a while ago or you wouldn't be writing and that is commendable. My Grandma used to say "spit in their eye and drown em"!

Please continue on....

dominicastar said...

Glad to hear you are okay. I was begin to wonder if you were being harassed and this was getting too much. I would love to know of your experiences since starting your blog. I hope you continue to keep this up.

Barbara said...

Sadie the naysayers should come here to read before they make negative comments concerning your blog. It is your life and you have the right to blog just like anyone else. There is nothing written here that is not public knowledge concerning the Palins. Your life is a different matter and you can share as little or as much as you like.

I hope your family is doing well. You are a very bright young lady. I admire the fact you care for your Mother as you do. Along with school and work you are a go getter. :-/ Keep you the good work.


ManxMamma said...

Glad to see you back. I wish you and your mother only the best!

Lady Rose said...

Good to hear you are holding up - I can't even begin to imagine the pressure you and your mother face daily. Your honestly and openess are greatly appreciated. Stay safe. Will keep you all in my prayers.

indylindy said...

Hang in there Mercede. I am so sorry for the turmoil you and your Mom are being put through. The fact that adults are harassing and threatening a teenager really infuriates me.

Please know that there are many many mature adults out here who support you and want to help. Take care of yourself kiddo.

nswfm said...

Good for you, kid!

Glad someone in that town has a backbone, unlike so many cowering adults. Stick to your principles and KEEP YOUR HEAD HIGH!

Chris said...

dominicastar: You know Sadie doesn't choose the ads, right?
BTW, I don't get any ads when I visit Sadie's blog. I block them through my hosts file.

So many questions said...

I have no idea why the ADN had that snarky remark about your blog. What purpose did it serve??
You and your mother need to keep your heads up and not worry about the Palins and your brother is an adult and should be able to take care of himself. If he is being used there is nothing you can do about it, voice your opinion and then let him do what he has to do.
I'm sorry you had to put up with the negative attention but you had to know this would happen, especially when the Palins are involved. Look to the future and don't let them get you down...

icarust said...

It's too bad you feel you have to defend yourself, when you've done absolutely nothing wrong to anyone. You and your mom are the victims here of Palin's selfish ambition and greed. To her, you're nothing but collateral damage. Many people know this.

It must be horribly frustrating to know the real Palins (not the cartoon characters portrayed in the media) and be forced to censor every word you say. To be muzzled out of fear - of retaliation by the Palins, their fans, and the media. Your dignified responses show so much strength and maturity.

Joe McGuinness is feeling the wrath of the Palin's obsessed, delusional, ignorant cult following. From your blog, we know you are too.

Please know that ALOT of people see right through the Palins to what they actually are. They also see your situation and what you're dealing with clearly. You have much sympathy and respect.

tallimat said...

Hugs !!!!!!!

ks sunflower said...

Mercede, one of the most difficult lessons we all have to learn as we become adults is to be true to ourselves. You are doing a great job of doing just that.

I remember my mother telling me, "Your reputation is what others think of you and it is often out of your hands to shape or change, Your character is what you truly are. Always pay attention to your reputation, making sure you do nothing to harm it, but always pay closer attention to how your character is developing because you have complete control over it, and it matters the most."

Your reputation probably differs depending on the person or group you ask because their viewpoint or the information they have color how they think about you.

It's how you think about a particular person's or group's opinion of you (their take on your reputation) that will determine how much it can affect you. I'm sure you are taking the Palin faction's opinion with a huge grain of salt, aware that they are predisposed to believe only what Sarah says. Let their comments slide away because they are unwilling to learn about who you are or to listen to what you have been through.

As for the rest of us, well, I think you can rest assured that we respect your intelligence, patience, and impressive level of maturity. Your behavior and your writing speaks well of your character.

Someone with less character would be using a blog to attack the Palins. You are obviously not that kind of person.

You have risen above that temptation and demonstrated a more noble approach. That's why those of us who have been following Sarah's saga since she was designated and nominated the GOP's 2008 VP candidate are impressed with you. You have not taken her rather immature and vengeful path. Congratulations.

Your character as revealed in your blog speaks well of your upbringing, so congratulations to your mother for instilling in you a sense of self-esteem and honor. that doesn't happen by accident. It takes active parenting and a good example to make a difference - though some people overcome bad home influences to become great people, most of us reflect, in part, the care with which we were raised. So to your mother, I say "well done," and to you I again say, "congratulations."

You are of the age now where your character is in your own hands. From what I can see, you are doing an amazing job of handling difficult situations with grace and dignity. I know people twice your age who could learn from your example.

I guess the best compliment a mother can give another, younger woman is "I would be proud if you were my daughter." I give that to you, and believe me, my own daughter has set a pretty high standard in that regard so this means you have impressed with your demeanor. I hope you will always stay true to your ideals and your inner voice. It seems to be a good and honest one.

icarust said...

Bristol just suddenly flipped on a dime, from saying "Levi's a stranger to me" in Harpers Bazaar to "We're fully cooperating as co-parents", and reports of their reuniting.

Levi's lawyer is now being quoted by the AP as saying Levi won't support your blogging efforts. http://tinyurl.com/27dlx27

Coincidence? Or maybe she's purposely using Levi against you. NOT trying to stir the pot here, just pointing out something to think about.

OzMud said...

Hi Mercede, glad to see you back :)

Re the first poster's comment about the ads -

the adverts I see on this blog are, so far, all from an Australian insurance company. I'm betting this blog's host pays for it's space by selling advertising, which is done in bulk blocks by cost and geographical area, not by an individual's choosing.

If there are Palin ads on the site it's because her PAC has purchased bulk internet advertising and there would be no way for either them or Mercede to choose which lot of advertising lands where.

A reat example of this is over at the Family First site. there has been an ad for a gay dating service and an ad for religious jewelry cycling directly next to a photo of James Dobson, since November of 2008. It still makes me giggle -

Looking forward to more of your posts Mercede :)

Ak Born and Raised said...

You go girls!

icarust said...

I would ask Levi why his lawyer put out a press statement to the AP, saying he "takes exception" to your blog and won't support it. Why did he feel the need to do that publicly through his lawyer? I would ask him if it was Bristol's idea. If it was, Levi might be being used against you.

icarust said...

Tell your mom it has not gone unnoticed that her run-in with the law was widely reported, while Diana Palin's much, much worse run-in was barely mentioned. It's been noticed.

jennm said...


Yellowgirl said...


I know you received a TON of questions earlier, so I wanted just to make sure that you purposefully did *not* answer my question about the gag order and that you didn't just miss it.

Again, are you subject to a gag order about what you can and cannot talk about? If you don't respond, I guess I have my answer.


giddyup said...

Glad to see your back, Mercede. Really, I had no doubt you'd continue your blog, as you strike me as a strong, fearless, honest young woman. If I were you, I too would want to get the truth out there, and if people don't like it, so be it. It doesn't affect their lives, but at least it will give you some peace of mind and self respect by knowing you didn't contribute to the Palin lies. You and your mom stay safe.

amomtoo said...

There are two sides to any story. There are some people who believe only one person is entitled to say as they please.
Mercedes, it is a harsh life lesson that there are people in the world who are unbalanced who won't ever recognize the consequences to anyone for their behaviors or their words. The same personalities will become enraged if someone tells the truth that something they got involved in, did or said had any negative effect or brought harm to anyone or even turned their lives upside down. Such persons are limited to caring only about self and what she or he gained.

A reasonable person would acknoweledge to others the drastic life changes their circimstances brought to others.
Reasonable persons would express appreciation for sacrifices others make or need to endure if put in that position.

dominicastar said...

Hey someone stole my user name, I didn't write about those ads. Firstly I know that Mercede doesn't choose who advertise. Not fair, get your own name whoever you are.

wezzie from Ct said...

Mercede you have my support and I pray for you and your Mom. Truth will always set you free and that is what Sarah is pissed about. Finally someone from Alaska has a backbone! Karma is a bitch Sarah.

Carol said...

Maybe you should treat bad comments are an entertainment factor- like AKMs "Troll of the Week?"
Their nastiest can then be turned on them, and make it fun for you -hmm... who is nastier? Her or him? Winner? Runner up? If ya can't beat 'em up, laugh at 'em and they'll run away crying!!! Wink ;-)

Carol said...

And -without trying to sound mean here, if your brother can show all he wants in Playgirl, I certainly think you have the right to say all you want via a blog! If he was worried about privacy why was he doing nudes and 'dating' what's her face- kathy the comedian (who says they 'did it'). Looks like the big B is making demands again. Sorry Sadie. Keep up the good work!

dominicastar said...

this was my first post where is it though?

*** Glad to hear you are okay. I was begin to wonder if you were being harassed and this was getting too much. I would love to know of your experiences since starting your blog. I hope you continue to keep this up.

Chris said...

Mercede, you hang tough girlfriend, you are doing nothing wrong.

I'm sorry you are being harassed on a daily basis, people can be so dumb and mean. Get a thick skin and do talk to someone if you need to work through things.

All you can do is control your own life, make your own decisions. You seem to being doing just that so give yourself a pat on the back and your mum a hug.

As for Levi, I'm sure it hurts. I know you understand it's a difficult and complicated situation but he gets to make his own choices too. Time will tell how that all works out eh? Maybe Bristol will grow up and get over herself? grow a heart? I dunno.

I hope for everyones sake this all works out for the best, but I don't really expect that to happen. Oh well huh, it is what it is, so just get on with your own life and enjoy yourself as much as possible.

Mary said...

Mercede, NEVER fear telling The Truth.

The Palins, like roaches who flee from light, fear The Truth more than anything.

Sarah Palin's entire existence currently is based on lies, hypocrisy, ignorance, hate, cowardice and quitting. Anything that counters Palin lies is worth whatever the cost.

Be strong. Be true. And fight ignorance. Always.

go fish said...

Hang in there Mercede, we're with you!

You have nothing to fear by just telling the truth. Others out there have a problem with the truth because they know what uncovering the truth means. The Palins know that.

Don't worry, we've got your back. And as long as you tell the truth, Palin and Van Flein cannot get anywhere near you because any lawsuit would ruin Sarah Palin. It would put Palin under oath and she would have to give sworn depositions and testimony. She would be asked hundreds of questions. She really, really doesn't want to go there. Any of her lies would then become a criminal offense.

Palin is the one with much to lose because SHE is the one who is not telling the truth.

If telling the truth is considered "Anti-Palin" then that really speaks volumes about Palin and her followers.

Erica said...

Blogging about your family must be difficult for you .If I were you I would want to correct the lies also.
It must be horribly invasive to see your personal information plastered all over the world to see because Sara dragged you in to her world.
May I suggest you leave Bristol and Levi's new relation out of this.Maybe they will both grow up a little and Bristol will see Sara for the mean spirited tyrant she is and embrace you as a sister again.
Stranger things have happened !!!

Midnight Cajun said...

Glad to see you're still standing tall and hanging tough. I wouldn't have been surprised if you had quietly folded your tent and slipped away, and I will still respect you if you reach the point that you feel you have no alternative. It's especially hard when even those close to you are turning against you.

That you are firm in not turning this blog into an "anti-Palin" site is to your credit, given all the witch has put you and yours through, and all that she has said about your family. You owe Palin and her Mini Me nothing. The Palins are the epitome of trash; you, on the other hand, are showing true class.

That said, anything you can reveal that will help take her down, please do! She is a threat to all we hold most dear about our country.

GrainneKathleen said...

mercede, you and your mother hang in there and keep your head held high. you are doing just what you should be - speaking out to address a wrong. i hope this will improve life for you and your family in the near future. blessings.

Molly said...

An estimated 1 in 25 Americans are sociopaths. Sarah Palin is definetely one of them. Sorry your brother and your state (and now the rest of us too) have to put up with her.

No amount of placating, consideration, or reasoning will change her; the best thing to do is to do what you need to do and stay as far away as possible. She is toxic.

Good luck with the blog; keep on just telling your truth. We love to hear from regular Alaskans (who do not think they are akin to God)

daisydem said...

Mercede, I want to add a "ditto" to Martha Unalaska Yard Sign's first comment to you, it was right on. And I too, send you {{{Hugs}}}.

aussiegal77 said...

Hi Mercede,

Good on you for speaking out. Just because some of what you say show the Palins in an unflattering light doesn't make you "anti-Palin". What a ridiculous label.

If the Palins can't stand to hear the truth about themselves maybe they need to work on being better people and authentic christians. Instead of blaming the person telling the truth.

Keep telling the truth, Mercede.

aussiegal77 said...

And oh, maybe thru your example, more people will speak out and tell the truth about the Palins. Especially Sarah - who needs to be exposed for the fraud she is, before she does any more damage to this country.

Funny how the instant a REAL "maverick" and a REAL "tough gal from Alaska" like Mercede starts to speak out - all of a sudden, Palin is saying "sit down and shut up!". If I have to listen to the drivel from THAT woman day in and day out, then I reserve the right to applaud and cheer on Mercede who is actually telling the truth.

ilovepoodles said...

I can hardly believe the drama in your lives. It's like high school drama with national media involved. I know it hurts all the same. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

FEDUP!!! said...

Hang in there, Mercede!

Unfortunately, once it seemed like Levi was getting back together with Bri$tol, I immediately worried about what that would do to you and your blog.

I hope you can stay strong and stick to your believes and to the truth - no matter how much it might hurt in the close future.
Hopefully, eventually, your brother will come to see the truth and see that he actually is hurting his family by the things he does/says/lets his lawyer/PI spout.


MariaT said...

Mercede, I'm impressed by your ability to speak out without being mean or nasty. You have retained your power by acknowledging what has happened without playing the victim. Keep up the good work.

sky said...

Mercede Yepiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

Your mom 's crime was all over the news, we did not see Todd's sister all over the news when she committed the crime. Lower 48 noticed.
Certain laws only applies to certain people? Pathetic

Give your mom and yourself a big hug for me. You are my girls, or I can tell you is you ROCK.
like someone said in the comments, do not delete negative comments, just copy them and make a blog diary, and tease them with their act of cowardness.

No human should have any rights to take way other people's freedom. We are all born with one head, 5 brains, two eyes, one heart, and when we eat food, and go disposal of our waiste, it smells the same. So do not make some some people who think they are more deserving than others bring you and your mom down.

To tell you the truth, you are a real advocate for teens. I am jumping and chanting, not because of because this involves Palins, but I am chanting for standing your grounds, seeing a young woman like yourself standing up for herself.

NEVER again should you allow anyone to intimidate you or bully you. None of us has right to make you feel unconfortable.

The truth shall set you free.

I am so glad you are back. HUGS!!!

sky said...

Oops Typo
Waste not waiste

sky said...

I think I am just too happy for Mercede who is a strong young Marverick .

Where on earth ... five brains? Ha ha ha I mean't one brain with five senses.

CAgal said...

TRUTH is on your side, Mercede. The TRUTH always prevails in the end! However, please be cautious when telling the truth about people who have a history of vindictiveness and ruthlessly attempting to silence the truth when it doesn't serve their current goals. You are doing a great job, so far! Just stay protected.

WakeUpAmerica said...


Joe said...

Sadie~The Truth Shall Make You Free...keep it up!

c said...

Bravo for you Sadie! Keep on keepin' on!

Connie said...

Hang in there Mercede!

You and your family have never done anything to promote anything 'anti-Palin'.

The world knows she and her ilke do that on their own. The walls they have tried to carefully build are quickly crumbling down around them and the only thing they know how to do is get nasty.

Keep your head held high, you've done nothing wrong!

Hope you are able to enjoy the summer!

Meg said...

Keep your chin up, Mercede. Your authenticity and honesty are quite clear in your writing, and it is refreshing. Though we haven't met, I'm sure you are a sweet, smart gal. Compliments to your mom for raising a great daughter!

M Baker said...

Mercedes, I'm not one who normally writes, but I am in this case because of what I'm sure is of the negitive attention and problems you must be undergoing. I know living in a small town where everyone knows you makes the situation all that much worse.

In any case, it is obvious that you are being honest with your answers and putting the record straight. You brother may not approve because of Bristol, but in the end your brother will understand once he is no longer under so much influence. Don't be dismayed. He still loves both you and your mother and always will no matter what he may say right now.

I also completely understand the situation you have with your father. As others have pointed out, it's his loss and him hurting you emotionally is his problem not yours. I image he is probably reading your comments along with everyone elses, and maybe by reading them he will realize his failure and the hurt he has caused you in the past and currently. That is if he can read. It may be in part the result of his anger towards your mother, but an adult should be able to realize his mistakes and change. None the less, move on with your life and just leave he door open for him if he should ever decide to come back and appolgize for his hurtful behavior. A true man can do that and will. If not, his legacy with you, your family and his, as well his present and future grandchildren, will all disrespect him and think very little of him. It is not the legacy most of us what to be remembered by.

So many questions said...

Mercede- I asked a question earlier the I think was taken wrong since it has not appeared- I'll try again. Are you and your Mom receiving moral support from friends and neighbors in Wasilla? I hope you are not getting grief from people in your own town. (((♥)))

Nan said...

I wasn't going to worry until a week went by without a post, cuz you do have a life outside of the computer even if we tend to forget that bit.

Hearing from you about you and your life is why I come here. I don't know how well I would have - or could have - handled something like what's happened to you and your family's lives.

Yes, the question-answer sessions are interesting, but seeing that a "regular person" is doing fine, living her life even after all that upheaval, gives a little hope that the rest of us are gonna be okay too.

I hope you and your mom are doing well. Hang in there, and don't let the stinkers get ya down.

all the best,

Helen said...

I read tallimat's tale of the trials you and your mother face when out shopping in Wasilla, Mercede.

This kind of situation can continue until it becomes just a local fact of life and nobody remembers its origins - and until the next generation is bullying your children.

Don't make yourself more vulnerable, Mercede. Taking along someone else whenever you and Sherrie are going to be stuck in Walmart isn't giving up your freedom. And it's not forever.

Teutonic13 said...

Keep your chin up Mercede-

But honestly? You don't need me or anyone else to tell you that- you are pretty tough, and get your strength from being honest.

d c woo said...

We got your back, hang tough.

Ardiva said...

Mercede, I love ya sweetie and hang in there!

Amy from Texas said...

Total girl power! You go, Mercedes.

Kat_In_Hawaii said...

I'm so glad to hear from you again Mercede! You have all my sympathy and support for all you & your Mom have been and are being put through because of the Palins.

You two have shown the class we can only hope to emulate. Keep up the good work, and be very, very proud of yourself. We are! Sending many {{{{{hugs}}}}}.

HollyP said...

Best wishes to you! Don't let the nay-sayers get you down.

Celia Harrison said...

Mercede, never let the truth be silenced because in the end the truth always wins one way or another. Never let them make you feel like you are less-than. By standing tough and speaking your mind you are showing who you really are, someone with more character than all of those with threats or negative comments about you put together. If they were standing on solid ground with their postions they would have no need to threaten you. Getting negative comments and anger when telling the truth is actually a very good sign that you have rattled the cages of those who live in a world of deception built on the pain of others. By writing this blog you are helping to heal from the pain you have been through. When other people send you threats and negative comments they are saying something about themselves and nothing about you.

c said...

Truthfully, I can't wait til the truth is out about the Palin's. It's torture waiting, knowing what they've done to SO MANY people.
The truth will come out...but it may not be til after a lot of her enemies have been hurt and/or destroyed.
God, she's a disgusting person.

CArol Wolfe said...

Mercede, Good On Ya. You are person of decency and integrity. hang on to it

Liz D said...

Just to let you know that I support you and your mom! I was over at IM and I do not think it is productive to choose between you and Levi as in "Team Mercede" or "Team Levi". We don't know--really know--what all is involved. What I do know is that you have a brother you love along with your mother. You are doing what you need to do to move on with life and so is Levi. You both have an inextricable bond with each other.

I also do not agree with Rex Butler, who is not versed in family law, in making a public statement regarding you. None of us need to be playing games in this very personal situation that does, however, give way to second guessing.

With that said, I wish you nothing but good wishes, sustained strength in your endeavors, peace of mind as you do the best you can, continued support of you and YOUR blog, clarity of thought in getting the information you want to give out here. Thank you Mercede!

Kev in Wa said...

The truth is all you need. Hang tough,

serena1313 said...

While I agree with all comments wrt the truth, I want to add that not everyone recognizes the truth.

Pre-conceived ideas and biases, shaped by our experiences, can blind us to the truth. In other words when facts are not in accordance with an individual's viewpoint or perception they are simply dismissed as liberal or conservative or whatever the case may be and nothing, but nothing, will convince them otherwise.

So no matter what, there will always be someone who cannot/will not accept anything that does not fit into their realm of understanding. It is unfortunate, but true.

Sadie, I hope you will always re_member that is their issue, not yours.

Last but not least, I commend you, Sadie, for presenting your version of the story in what I consider to be a straightforward, mature, balanced and fair manner.

Best wish to you and your family.



Karen said...

Thanks for writing again. You & Levi are young now, but as siblings grow older, sometimes they live far apart & rarely see each other. Even so, they are usually close in heart.

But you have to think about yourself, & set goals for your life, & put efforts into that. You cannot control what Levi or Tripp will do, but you can control what you do with your life.

AlaskaSundog said...

Your brother is being manipulated by Bristol using sex & Tripp. No way you could win this one Mercede since Levi hasn't really grown up yet & couldn't even think that he 's being used. Eventually tho he'll figure it out. I think Bristol is being paid off (condo, etc.) thus controlled by Palin who doesn't want Levi talking or writing about any of those fascinating tidbits he knows. Some people speculate that Palin must be furious that Levi & Bristol are back together. I think her hidden agenda is to isolate Levi & keep him under Bristol's wraps. The only silver lining is for Tripp to have both parents for awhile. Meanwhile, Bristol's comments sounded a bit erudite for her & I suspect she got the words from someone else. So, Mercede, you're kind of out there with your mom but standing on your own is not bad. Just be sure whatever you say is the truth. That way you're safe. I mean, the bots can harrass, etc. but "the truth can set you free", & you will have a sense of accomplishment & pride for standing your ground. You have people who would be willing to stand with you. Keep up the good work you're doing. Your Chugiak neighbor.

Tania said...

@yellowgirl: yellowgirl I believe mercede has referred to your earlier comment. I for one saw your original comment and also was waiting to see if it was answered. For sometime it wasn't but one or two posts ago I believe mercede replied. She said something along the lines of she couldn't be bought, and would never be silent for money etc. I took that as a reply to your question although it was not a full refutation I.e. I don't believe she actually used the words 'there is no gag order' but talked about the money. But of course any gag order would be about money wouldn't it so I imgaine mercede thought that was sufficient - which it is of course.

I don't think Sarah would have risked letting mercede in on any terrible secrets. She is a distrustful person and I would even doubt her family knows all there is to know!

Upstate NY said...

You may never have heard this old Irish saying, but your mom probably has. Like most old adages, this there is some truth behind it:

A son's a son 'till he takes a wife.
A daughter's a daughter all her life.

While it's no surprise to hear what your family dynamics have evolved into, you have the sympathy of many. I hope that hearing from us can make it a little easier for you and Sherry.

Levi is oh-so-normal in this regard. All you two can really do is keep on loving him, and speaking up for yourselves so that you get to see Tripp. (No one has any doubt that you will.)

Let us know how it goes. Your friends want to hold you up in tough times and celebrate your good times.

I am one of those friends.

S Smith said...

Mercede I lost a bond with my brother years ago over his girlfriend. He than married her, and to make a long story short, he ended up raising a son that belonged to someone else. They eventually divorced. He would not speak to me during his marriage to her. I received no photos of my niece and nephew either. She drove this wedge between us because I had accidentally found out that she was carrying another man's child. Her best friend ran into someone I was with, and she blurted out "Mine got away, but I heard Deb snagged herself another guy to be the father." The lady did not know it was my brother she was speaking of. The person I was with tried to shut her up, but it was too late. Everyone is telling you to do your own thing. I disagree. If this blog hurts him, I would reconsider. I eventually caught up with my brother, and they had married. I told him how he was tricked, and in response he told me to not make him choose between us, because his wife would win. We never spoke after that until my mom's funeral many years later. My brother and I were very close, as a matter of fact we are twins. We can never mend the broken bond. Too many years have gone by. We are like complete strangers. I would not wish that on anyone. So please listen to your heart. Do I regret telling him the truth? No, but I regret his response to the truth. He eventually found out, that is why they divorced, but he still accepts the child(grown man now) as his own.
In a nutshell my brother was blinded by love, therefore he had to see things in his own time. I feel when my brother is hurting, and I would call another sibling to check on him. I was right most of the time. I love my brother with all my heart. So please think long and hard before you find yourself in my predicament. I know you have been hurt by the Palin's, but there are some things that supersedes getting your side of the story out there, and that is family values. The Palin's have none. Also, this is Levi's story, and his choice on whether he wants it out there or not. From where I sit, I say he doesn't. Be wise! Take care of your family.


Scott said...

The Palins can't touch you Sadie.

As others have said, Sarah Palin and Van Flein can't go after you because more than anything else they fear the truth.

If they file any kind of lawsuit whatsoever against any blogger at all, Sarah Palin would finally have to produce documents PROVING that she gave birth to Trig Palin.

Normally, that would not be a big deal for any mother in America since any mother has stacks of easily produced documents which are irrefutable evidence.

Sarah Palin, on the other hand, has no such evidence because she did not give birth to Trig. If she had those documents she would have already proven it by now. But she can't prove something that never happened.

So don't sweat it Sadie. The Palins can't get to you personally through legal means.

Be strong. Be true. Be Sadie.

Karen said...

It seems like Levi could help with some of your mother's appointments & care. If I were you, I would feel angry if he never helped. Does that make you angry?

PA said...

I applaud what you are doing here on this website. Please stay strong and continue to share your voice and story with the world. Great rewards are gained in life by just taking that first step.

AKRNC said...

Hang in there, Mercede! Don't let the idiots get you down. You can always hold your head high as long as you tell the truth, no matter what it may be. Your mother is very fortunate to have such a caring, devoted daughter in you.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and for so patiently trying to answer the questions posed to you. I know it is probably very overwhelming even after a couple of years. However, you are far more mature than $P is with her hiding from the media with her refusal to be interviewed. She knows that she does not know enough to be interviewed by anyone other than her FOX colleagues. They throw her all the softball questions with answers included and she still doesn't manage to come across as if she knows what she is talking about. Don't ler her or any of her "fans" get to you. They are very much a MINORITY in this country, no matter what they think or say.

Ashley C., Maine said...

This is wonderful.

I completely support your blog here. Your story is real and sincere. Too many people in this country have been fed the Palin B.S. and it is definitely time to air some dirty laundry! And not just that but you're doing it in a very classy manner.

I hope you and your family can keep your heads up and know that there are supporters all over the country. xox

kevin said...

What a breath of fresh air you are Mercede!

For a 19 year old girl you have one good head on your shoulders. You are on the right path in the way you are thinking about this situation.

As for people attacking you, yeah they will that is part of the big game that goes on around here. People try to shout the loudest and make everyone else believe what they say is true. But I would believe your blog here over them any day of the week.

Normally i would never contribute to a blog but i will paypal you your dinner for tonite. You are showing me such courage for such a young lady.

I think folks following you would believe your blog before anyone else's, your writing just comes across so frank and authentic. That is why you are such a breath of fresh air, as most of us have to listen to loudly shouted propoganda and lies every day, and it wears you down.

Your blog is the best thing going right now for real authentic information on the Palins. You do your country a real service here, you should be proud of that.

Sky said...

That advise sounds like a blackmail.

Mercede the truth shall set you free. Free yourself from all this controlling nosense. You have shown the world that you and your mom are very authentic. I believe you and many do believe what you are saying.
S.Smith, Why can't you advise Levi, too?
Stop putting fear in Mercede. As a woman. I know exactly what she means when she says enough is enough with the Palins and all the negative comments from her supporters.. I am sure you would not like to live a life of fear and ridicule too.

Palin took away the freedom of the Johnstons.

We all know she cares about her brother, but brothers should know sisters deserve respect and freedom of living without fear.

Mercede and her mother are also entiled to human rights, and freedom of speech.

We all wished Levi good luck. But that does not give Bristol and Palin to break the Johnston family.
Mercede did not Bash Levi on this blog at all. She is just answering questions asked by readers, and she answered candidly with respect and very mature in her response.

Levi should know Mercede will not take nosense from the Palins, and her supporters.
Levi and Mercede are a borther and a sister, they will always be and deeply Mercede does love her family. You can tell from her writing.

Having said that, it does not justify the Palins and her fans control over the Johnston family. That is so un ethical and an American.
So Mercede and her mother should remain tied in a dark hole to avoid hurting Levi's feelings?
Mercede and her mom have the same right and freedom to live in peace without threats just like the Palins.
Palin betrayed the Johnstons, basically denting a record of a 19 year old and her mother, for political and Monetary reasons.
That is COLD.

Let Mercede free herself and her mom. They both deserve their freedom . They are good people.

Therefore, I wish Mercede and her mother success and better life in future.

Go girl you ROCK.....

kevin said...

Also Mercede, i would not sweat out your relationship with Levi at the moment. These kind of relationships, brother and sister, they can and do and will change over time.

Bristol Palin too has to grow up and become her own person. You all are just 19 year old kids caught up in all of this, you are all still very young. Things will mellow out with time.

I feel badly for Levi as I can tell he just wanted to be left alone up there in Alaska doing what he loves to do. To be pulled off a hunting trip and dragged in front of millions of people and forced to paint a happy face on and all the BS with getting married, he did not need any of that and god knows how it affected him. I am sure if none of this VP stuff had happenned, he would be happy as a clam up there as he had been prior to all this stuff.

I can see too how he rebelled against it, the TV shows, the Playgirl stuff......I think it was all just an attempt to get back at you know who for grabbing him by the collar and proceeding to ruin the life he had going on up there. I know if it was me in his shoes, I would have wanted to strike back at whoever ruined my life.

Just remember Bristol's only role model was her mother and we will all repeat the behaviour of our role models unless we do the significant work to throw off their influence and become our own persons. So that fact that you see Levi being controlled by Bristol, Bristol is just repeating what she saw Sarah do to Todd. It is so interesting that you see Sarah has alot to say about everything while Todd has little to say about anything. Those things are clues as to how their relationship works behind closed doors.

For Bristol to become her own person, she needs to look back at her mother, decide which traits she wants to keep and which ones she wants to get rid of, then she has to make a hard and conscientious effort to change the traits she does not want to inherit from her mother. It is natural to all of us to inherit our parents traits and behaviour. This is a job we all have to do to become our own person.

You don't have to comment on this blog about Levi or Bristol even. I view them as victims of this whole affair. You will all grow up and things will change here and there but just stick to truth and all will be well.

In the end, it is lying that does people in. When people are truthful, you have nothing to worry about. Truth will outlast all the screaming, it always has and always will.

Martha Unalaska Yard Sign said...

I'm pretty dumbfounded at all the advice and assumptions made here about your brother. I just popped in to say that I hope the love your family glows with will heal all upcoming wounds, now and forever more. My only advice: take all advice with a grain of salt! And hug yourself every day for being such a cool and honest young adult.

IlookuptoMERCEDE said...

Mercede, you ought to be the real spokesperson for Candie's. You're young, intelligent, and confident. You are not afraid to speak the truth. I have no idea why Candie's assumes that we are going to listen to that Bristol. Sure, she had a child at 19 and she's doing it on her own.....wait, she has a child?! And her mother is SARAH PALIN?!? I thought Candie's was for PREVENTING TEEN PREGNANCY and showing how truly DIFFICULT TEEN PARENTING IS! *sarcasm*. If Candie's has any interest in reaching teenage girls, they ought to really have you as a spokesperson, Mercede. Bristol, if anything is just promoting this teenage pregnacy epidemic.


Tania said...

Hi Mercede

This is nothing in particular to do with your blog but I saw someone note that they thought Sarah is a sociopath and I thought I'd note a few things that I know.

I've studied psych including abnormal psych and I'm currently nearly registered as a psychologist (doing masters! Just my thesis to go).

It's the first time I've heard anyone seriously think she could be a sociopath. A sociopath is a psychopath of course meaning a lack of conscience. Basically the 'normal' right-wrong that we see just didn't develop for whatever reason. As such, they have no moral reason to inflict pain and hurt. Hence why most serial killers are such. Of course most socio's never kill, but they have no moral objection to it. Perhaps if they had a good reason and getting away with it is assured they would do it.

We don't know how many there are. We can study the ones that turn up in the correctional system but how many are there living normal lives out there?

We will never know because these people don't present for help. They don't need help, they are great according to them. As such, accounts of their behaviour and lives is very limited.

I recall reading an account written by a law abiding sociopath. It told the story of his best mates funeral; he spent the whole funeral looking at the widow's body and wondering how long he'd have to wait to have sex with her.

Is Sarah a psychopath? I think it's probably unlikely. She can be a terrible person but I think she has humanity in her.

Many people with first hand Sarah experiences have independently looked up the DSM 5 for narcissistic personality disorder. Many people believe the symptoms sum up her personality perfectly.

Anyone could look this up on wikipedia or similar. 'Histrionic PD' could also fit well with her.

Mercede, with your first hand experience do you think Sarah suffers from this personality disorder? I know it's a volatile question, but there is help available for Ms Palin if you agree. I truly believe she has a PD, but I think she's human and she can get help, get out of politics which appears to be killing her.

carrieoki said...

Mercede, we are missing your voice. Please return when you are able. If you are staying quiet to protect yourself, your Mom, or access to Tripp, it is understandable. If you do not eventually make another post, it will be understood that you are staying quiet for the above stated reasons.

Scooby said...


The way you conduct yourself on TV and the careful and thoughtful answers to difficult questions that you provide on your blog show that you are a lovely person who will go far in life. I think you can achieve anything you want.

You are on the right side. Your mother is very lucky to have you. Your brother is too, although he may not realize that today.

Bonnie Rymer said...


By now, all of us recognize the pattern - anyone who is a perceived threat to sarah palin is attacked by her worshippers, er, I mean followers. I love the insight you have in your writings and do hope you continue to answer questions or just write about anything you feel like. We are not going away. Best wishes to you and your Mom.

M Baker said...

It's your readers that matter, not those who have probably not even read your blog, or who labeled it before they read any of it, or heard about it from someone else. Don't be distracted or even bothered by those who say anything negative towards you or your blogabout it, they're just trying to force you into something they want. According to polls, Palin has very little respect in the area of intellect, will unlikely will never be elected to another public office, and is past her peak in popularity. She is lossing fans everyday as people begin to see who she really is, and who operates her strings. She will always probably appeal to a small minority of the religous right, but that isn't enough to get her anything. Shortly, she will have to live off what she has made in the past year and half, if she hasn't already.

You need to do what you want to do, not what others say you should do.

M Baker said...

It's your readers that matter, not those who have probably not even read your blog, or who labeled it before they read any of it, or heard about it from someone else. Don't be distracted or even bothered by those who say anything negative towards you or your blog, they're just trying to force you into something they want. According to polls, Palin has very little respect in the area of intellect, will unlikely ever be elected to another public office, and is past her peak in popularity. She is lossing fans everyday as people begin to see who she really is, and who operates her strings. She will always probably appeal to a small minority of the religous right, but that isn't enough to get her anything. Shortly, she will have to live off what she has made in the past year and half, if she hasn't already.

For her to who give a paid speech and talk about how students had better things to do than dumpster dive and try to silence others, certainly has no room to talk Considering how long it took her to get through college, she is either less intelligent than we think she is, or she too spent time doing other things besides just studing. You need to do what you want to do, not what others say you should do. Saying this also says a lot about how she tries to control people.

In short, you need to do what you want to do, not what others think you should do. Trust me, doing so has always worked best for me.

Logan said...

Keep standing up to the bullies...dont back down and do not take their crap. I will never vote for somebody who doesnt know the leaders of important countries or somebody who uses their power to pursue personal vendettas against blue collar families just trying to make it. "You betcha" I am voting democrat until the republicans get rid of this piece of garbage...

carrieoki said...

:-( Mercede, your continued silence speaks volumes. You and your Mom are in my prayers.

M Baker said...


I fear from your extended absence that this might be an indication that the Palins are taking advantage of your brothers weakness and vulnerability of his true love of Bristol to pressure you through him to abandon you blog. I do hope though, you contine to do whats best for you and your mother by using this blog to realease your pent up anger and frustration in what you have been through in the past couple of years for your own mental health. There is ample evidents and a history that Sarah will do what ever is necissary to advance her own agenda no matter who she hurts and throws under the bus. Sarah knows no bounds as to who she hurts in her effert to control her image and selfish goals. You would think that someone who calls herself a "Christian", would not steep to such a low level, but past events clearly shows time and time again she is very willing to do what ever ttakes to stifle her critics. Levi could be very deeply hurt by Sarah if he ever found out that he was being used in their effort to stifle what you say in your blog. Love makes us all vulnerable to an extent, but for anyone to take advantage of someone deeply in love is nothing lees that a callous dispicable act. I sincerly believe your brother is dearly in love with Bristol, but Sarah has a very cold heart and has demonstrated repeatably she would have no hesitation to throw people under the bus, as she has done so many times.

You must do this for your own sanity, and that of your mothers if you want to able to look back 10 years from now and know you did the right thing. Levi may be putting alot of heat on you now, but either way down the road he will always come back to his family no matter what, especially a family that has been through so many hard times together. As a single father myself, my two girls and I are very close because of what we've been through together, although make no mistake there has been times whan we disagreed, but we always knew what really mattered.

espresso4me said...

Mercede, Good to hear from you. No worries here because I know you are not isolated and all alone. You have your own support system outside this wonderful blog and you have an innate and growing intelligence that will serve you well in the world. You will take this blog in the direction that you want and, perhaps at times, need to. We all have our own personal lives with all the ups and downs that we as humans go through and get through.

Of course we want to know the truth about so many of the puzzling aspects of Sarah Palin. Honestly she appears to be mentally unhinged along with the outright lies she continues to foist upon the world at large. Unfortunately, she played a part in your family's life that did have some impact on each of you for the same and for different reasons.

As I stated in the beginning, it is good to hear you again on this forum. Take care of yourself, your needs and keep on moving through in your life. You have so much before you as you journey through this life with it's ups and downs that we all experience. Keep moving, learning, doing what is best for you.

A big shout out to your mom! Stay strong Sherry! We support you and your daughter. Whatever truths come out, well that's the way it needs to be. Truth brings freedom and a big sigh of relief for having been honest and open to it. Truth is a big boost to our self-esteem and wellness in this life. Whatever you do, do it in truth.

With that said...carry on Mercede!

Norma Jean said...

Hey, Mercede, isn't it about time for another post. I hope things are going ok for you.

Jan said...

Did Levi get into trouble for bringing Kathy Griffin and the cameras to the Palin house?

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