Friday, June 11, 2010

Ask me anything

I have been asked by a number of you to provide some answers to questions that many of you have been wondering about for quite some time now.

I cannot guarantee that I can answer all of them, but if you will send me those questions in the comments section of this post I will attempt to address the ones that I feel confident I have the information to satisfy.

And thank you again for all of your support, I cannot tell you how great it has been for both myself and my mom to read your wonderful comments.


icarust said...

Oh that tempting! So many people have so many questions, but are very sensitive to your situation and don't want to make you uncomfortable in any way. We assume that there's things you can't say because it might hurt your family's access to Tripp.

Personallly, I have to admit, I hate S. Palin with a white hot passion. I'm waiting impatiently for the day she falls hard on her face and gets the karmic backlash she so richly deserves.

So, Levi went on the record (on TV) saying he knows things about Palin that could ruin her career. We can only assume that's true and as much as her downfall would help the whole country, we know your family has to think of your relationship with Tripp first...what a dilemma...But, I really just wish you guys could spill it and bring Palin down without retaliation.

icarust said...

Sorry, but since you do say "ask me anything" I have to go ahead and ask: what is the information Levi was referring to on TV that he said could hurt Palin's career?

Okay, now I've asked, and fully expect and understand an answer of "we can't say" for the reasons in my first post.

lexky said...

Are people in Alaska really afraid of the Palin's the way we hear they are? If so why?

angie said...

1. How comfortable was your family with the palins pre tripp?

2. Why was your family in the palin home the day the triggybear pics were taken and (if you can) why was itimportant to you to be photographed with trig?

Mary said...


Did you ever hear Palin refer to her baby as the Retarded one?

What kind of books were in the Palin household?

Did you ever see family listening to her tummy or rubbing it?

K.M.O. said...

Hello Mercede. I was beginning to wonder if blogging got too tough for you before it was hardly off the ground. I do understand though that you have a life to lead. That is, and should be, your main focus anyway. All the same, I'm glad to see you're back with another post.
I've many questions but I'll only ask two at this point.
Do you think Sarah was the reason your mom was arrested? And do you think the two women who stayed at your house (whom I assume hacked your computer) were also involved?

angie said...

Has bristol or another palin confronted you about your new blog?

Mary said... are soooo beautiful, a great writer, why don't you write a book? Make sure you have the facts when it gets fact checked it comes out perfect.

It could be about how you all came to Alaska, how Levi met the Palins, about life before and after the vp thing.

You may never get another chance in life to make a lot of money....really fast - why not take control of the pain caused by the Palins, turn it into a new beginning for you and Levi if he would like to help on the book.

jennm said...

Did Bristol lose her virginity to Levi?

Skip from Asheville, NC said...

Your family has had a rough way to go and I know many of us would like to help. Will you please seyt up a donation button on your blog?

Now, for a real question, will Levi be writing a book? please tell him to write one soon and free himself with the hard bold truth!

best to you!

DarkEFang said...

Yes or no question:

Are you or anyone in your family under any kind of gag order?

Todd said...

This is not a question but a comment. I've notice people have embraced you and seem protective of you.

Wishing you and your family the best.

Linda C said...

Is Bristol Palin the whore everybody says she is? And is it true that Levi is back together again with Bristol?

Pat said...

There have been rumours that Palin is bipolar. Do you know if this is true?

Diane said...

Did Trig have a ruffled ear when he was born?

lee said...

I read a comment about you looking like a young Ann Margaret. Yes you do. Good luck, and attend college if you can. Do not be misled by the anti education message $p sends. To survive, we need an educated society. Take care.

mary b said...


I trust that in time, you will reveal as much as you are able to.
Just keep on working the good side of the fence. Stay safe and strong for yourself and your Mom. I know she is very proud of having a great daughter like you.

I do have about a million questions and you know they're all about outing the Queen of Mean. So I'm going to just trust your instincts. When you feel it's time to reveal things, then go for it! I'm patient enough, just hope it's before Palin does too much more damage.

We are behind you 100%. Just be sure to take very good care.

mary b said...


I should have read the comments first, I did it back words.
Anyway, I think that you and Levi could team up and write a book and let it all loose. Can you imagine how much better you would feel after letting go?
Then you could take the money and your family and live where ever you want. Levi would have enough money in order to try for joint custody. There is no reason in the world why he should not get it.
I hear the Palins are paying off a lot of people to stay quiet. If that turns out to be true, a book by you and Levi would give them the courage to speak out. They could still make money the Palin way, giving interviews for big bucks.
I'll tell you, her boob job just goes to show you that what ever Mental Illnesses she has are getting much worse. I mean, c'mon!! A boob job? What more could she think of for attention?
That woman is an idiot!

Angie said...

Has Levi been staying with Bristol?

KP said...

Why did you bring a picture of Trig, and not Tripp, to the Tyra show taping?

Thanks for any info you can provide all of us, we are rooting for you and your family! You are some of the only people who can truly expose the Palins for what they are (and the threat they actually pose to the US). STAY SAFE!

Granny D said...

Has Bristol had more than one pregnancy and/or more than one baby?

WakeUpAmerica said...

Who is the other baby in the photo of Levi holding Tripp? Another baby's arm and hand are visible. Why was that baby cropped out?

southernyankee said...

Well I think you know one of the million dollar questions but you might not really answer it. But am going to ask anyway.

l. Is Trigg's momma Bristol or quitter Palin's or did she adopt the child from some poor soul who thought she would be a good mother instead as it turned out a good prop?

2. Why doesn't Levi find a female lawyer who could help him get equal custody of Tripp.? The Palins have this thing about Levi vistation rights. In my state of Tn my own son fought hard for equal visitation. It has nothing to do with child support. Those are 2 different issues. If Levi is not in any trouble he could fight for his rights. Even in our state the mother can't move out of the area without permission from the child's parent. The Palins are abusing Levi's rights. I don't understand why Levi has let the Palins (not Bristol) run the show. What is Levi afraid of?

3. Really what kind of work is Bristol really doing? Does she really have a boyfriend living with her?

4. Why hasn't Levi told Bristol not to involve their child in the tabloids? The Palins are the ones that say Levi is the one media whore yet they are the ones who are putting his child in mags without his permission. The baby is his child too. Why is he allowing them to get away with it?

I would also like to suggest you put all your stuff on backup. Especially pictures. Anything you write please keep so someday Tripp will know the truth about his daddy and his family instead of the Palin liar Clan. It is so important.

God bless. Answer what you can.

chay said...

You are a brave soul and I admire what you are doing.
I have a million questions so I will curb myself.

I just read where the Wall Street Journal referred to Bristol Palin as "Political daughter Bristol Palin." I hope that does not mean she is thinking of running for an office one day. Do you have any thoughts or opinions about her politics? Was the person that you knew before the campaign someone with morals that could stand up to the scrutiny of a campaign? I am confused about her position on abstinence because she has made conflicting statements. Do you know if she is honest with the young people she is to role model? Has she done any work at the local level for unwed mothers? It is rare when people are honest about Wasilla and all the babies born out of wedlock to young mothers. In a June 1, 2009 People Magazine article, April Morlock was quoted as saying "In the Valley teen pregnancy is, like, huge," but that is about it. What are people doing to make it better? Do you know any young unweds with babies of either sex that would do an interview with you about some of the long ongoing issues that are so difficult to face?

Good wishes to all of you and thank you so much for opening up your heart and mind. This old world is in a lot of hurt and when people can start to tell their honest stories is when we can start to heal.

Gles said...

Mercede I do have a couple of questions from reading your previous commentaries.

1. What were the names of the two ladies that came to your home from the McCain campaign and how long did they stay?

2. Did these two ladies that came to stay with you during the campaign ask you to either sign paperwork or ask for personal information? In other words, were you debriefed and told how to respond to the press?

3. We hear very little about your father, but is he involved in your life?

Please stay strong and keep on striving for the best for you and your Mom. You live in an amazing place.

Yellowgirl said...

1. Why now? Why are you posting now, and does it have to do with some of the questions folks above me in the comments are asking you?
2. If there is no gag order for you or anyone in your family (to you knowledge), please state so. Otherwise, I will assume by your silence that there is a gag order in place.
3. What is going on with Levi's custody case? Why doesn't he get a real family lawyer?
4. Did you ever see Sarah pregnant? I.e., see her stomach grow gradually bigger? see it move? See it w/out a shirt on? Feel it?
5. Did you ever see Sarah behave like she was pregnant before March 2008? I.e., stop drinking coffee? Dress differently? Go to lots of doctor appointments? Stop dying hair? ANYTHING to back up this claim of her pregnancy?
6. What were Bristol and Sarah doing in New York City in October 2008? Did it have to do with visiting a doctor perhaps?
7. Do you agree with Griffin that there are two different babies (at least) that have been presented as Trig?
8. Did Bristol or Sarah, in your opinion, set your mother up?
9. If you can't answer all of the above, when can you, if ever?


Yellowgirl said...

One more: When is Trig's birthdate? Are you *sure* (i.e., in the delivery room, or Levi was) or only based on what Sarah has said?

Yellowgirl said...

Sorry- re number 6 above, that should be what were Bristol and Sarah doing in NYC in October 2007?

janedee said...

We all know that you are very close to Johnny Chandler and his sister Rachelle.

Do you know why Bristol told Johnnny Chandler on Myspace that Sarah thought that Bristol was pregnant?

MissSunshine said...

Some of the comments make me feel sad about his future. I know you, Levi and your mom fight just to visit with Tripp, but do you have any information about Triggybear? Is he receiving the therapy he needs? Thank you.

Polly in Anchorage said...

Reading the way everyone posted their questions made me want to cry and smile at the same time. Here are a bunch of strangers who are respectful and dignified. Wouldn't you say there is hope in our world?

Jessica said...

What was and is Bristol's relationship like with her mother?

What are the relationships like amongst all the Palin children?

Did Willow really shoot you the evil eye at prom?

MissSunshine said...

I wish to add my comments to the others regarding the value of a good education. You are a beautiful young lady, please do enjoy your youth; but please remember a good heart and a clever and informed brain are to be prized above a pretty face.

Study mathematics, learn a second language - you will be forever grateful at the worlds these skills will open for you.

Be good, be smart and be safe!

WakeUpAmerica said...

Here is a link for the picture I was asking about where you can see another baby's arm. Who is it? Why is it cropped out?

Leadfoot said...

Is it just pure coincidence that your parents divorced around the time Tripp was born?

Was Tripp really born on Dec. 27, 2008?

Was Trig really born on April 18, 2008?

Why are their names so similar?

What was Bristol's myspace comment about "being a mother duck to that baby" about?

Are Todd and Sarah living separately? Is Willow living with Todd?

What was the reason given/going around school when Bristol left school for 5 months for "mono"?

Did Levi see her during these 5 months she lived in Anchorage? Did you?

Thanks so much!!!!

chay said...

Someone mentioned Johnny Chandler. I remember after Tripp was born he was visiting Bristol and made a statement about feeling sorry for her. I take it both he and his sister are close dear friends with both you and Bristol. Has he ever considered writing or doing an interview? Does he feel a loyalty to Bristol that would prevent him from speaking up? I have been curious why he hasn't earned some money with his story, whatever it is. Has he ever had a job? What does he do?
I wish him well and that he will start school soon.

chay said...

The post about "Levi Johnston banging Bristol Palin again!"
Jun 11, 2010 ... "Now that Levi has his Johnston back in Bristol Palin again, is he going to get better access to his two kids? Levi's been staying over at ..." is no longer available and there is no explanation. I have no idea if there could be anything to that, it is not something that Bristol would want her mother to know. She would never allow Levi to tell. What happened to the Levi look a like? It is possible someone saw Bristol with her new boyfriend and thought that was Levi. The rumors are that Bristol and her new one are not shy about their romance.

MariaT said...

Mercede, you connect to people with your heart... I salute you for being an open and giving young woman. And thank you for offering to answer our questions, if you can.

I wonder whether you've ever seen Sarah empathise with anyone, or is it your experience that she is totally self-absorbed? I'll understand if you'd rather not respond to this.

Like MissSunshine, I regard a good education as an invaluable asset. I suggest that you foster a curious attitude and a love of learning, so that you're always growing, your mind forever expanding. And don't forget to have fun, fun, fun.

gsb said...

Did Levi have a paternity test done before taking responsibiliyu for Tripp?

If I were any part of his family, i would ask for one. after all,Bristol was a party girl and had more then one boy friend, didn't she? That child, looks just like good ole Chucky(poor kid)

I hope and pray for the day, Lil'Sarah has lost all of her creditability,influnence,and power.She is a mad women!!!getting madder everyday.Those mellons are proof, bigger then when she was supposed to be pregnant.

Soapydog said...

Hi Mercede.
Seems you have the entire country reading your blog. You know we all wish you the best.

My two questions right now:

1) Where is Dr Cathy Baldwin-Johnson these days?
2) Why was your brother Levi wearing a hospital band while holding "Trig"?

Thanks for listening to your audience.

Canadianwatcher said...

It was predictable and totally understandable that most of the questions submitted to you are centred on the Palin family.

Your family's "celebrity", loss of privacy and most likely, even your mother's current unfortunate circumstances, are all due to your connection to the Palins.

Many want inside information from you - anything at all - which would bring a halt to SP's rising star with some of the far right conservatives. She is viewed as a danger to your country, and I can honestly see why.

My only question to you, which I think you should feel confident to answer, is...... if you do indeed have any information which might diminish SP in the eyes of her ardent followers, are you free to share it? I totally understand that if the answer is "no", you will not be able to go into the details.

I hope that your future holds all that you desire and that your family will find some sense of normalcy soon!

Leadfoot said...

I thought of more:

How long have you been reading these Babygate blogs?

Does Levi read these blogs?

Do you believe, in your heart of hearts, with 100% certainty that Levi is not the father of Trig?

Do you believe, with 100% certainty, that Sarah gave birth to Trig.

Levi claims to have been at the hospital at 6am when Sarah "had Trig." Why in the world would he be at the hospital when his girlfriends mother gave birth? Especially at 6am?

Why hasn't Levi gone after Bristol to have his child support reduced? Why is he letting her get away with claiming she only makes wages as a medical office assistant when we all know she makes $100K per photo shoot/interview and has a lucrative deal with Candies. She bought a condo and drives an Escalade. She EASILY makes more money than he does. Why does he let this stand?

Have you ever met Dr. Baldwin Johnson?

Did you ever meet Dar Miller?

Do you believe Sarah was involved in the church fire at her church in Wasilla that destroyed the records room where the adoption records are kept? Do other people in Wasilla think she was responsible?

Was Trig born at Matsu Regional Hospital? Was Tripp?

Why do you believe Bristol subpoenaed you in the custody/support case? What does she believe you could have to tell that would benefit her?

Again, thank you for anything you can answer.

mustang said...

How afraid were you and your mom when this political juggernaut forced your brother to have 'get dressed, you're going to MN'.

Thanks, you and mom take care. :)

ginger said...

If I were you, I would write a factual, truthfull, straightforward book regarding your experiences with the Palins. You could make a ton of money and wouldn't have to worry about that empy refrigerator again. You seem to be the type that wouldn't want to hurt people's feelings, but they didn't seem to be concerned about you and your family's feelings.

You have tremendous support and I look forward to seeing your success.

Rick said...

Hi Mercede, I've been enjoying your posts so far, and look forward to many more.

On the Immoral Minority blog, in the interview with you and your mom, Gryphen said...

"I showed Sadie the pictures of Sarah that clearly show her as being much too skinny to be carrying a baby, but though she finds them interesting it does not dissuade her from her opinion that Sarah did give birth to Trig. Sherry on the other hand finds the photos more compelling."

I'm assuming that you've seen the information concerning the birth of Trig on Gryphen's blog, and perhaps others, and are certainly aware of the many controversies. Would you be able to maybe explain why you're certain that Mrs. Palin did in fact give birth to Trig?

I understand that it's possible you just can't, or would prefer not too, and that is your right. It's just that as I'm sure you're aware, ALOT of people are still very skeptical of this. And, if she did not, how it proves what we suspect...that Sarah Palin is a pathological liar and fraud.

MadasHelinVA said...

Hi Sadie, I feel so badly for you because I read all the comments and know that we all want every little morsel of info you have on the Paylins and it appears we all want it NOW. You would be writing fast and furious if you answered all these questions in one session and because you are so genuine and sweet, I would hate to think of the emotional toll it would take on you.

I believe the question of most importance, since most of us read Gryphen's blog, is where did the baby with the 'ruffled' ear come from [you were holding this child with Scarah in attendance] because he is definitely NOT the child that she presented to America at the RNC since his ears are normal and this was the child that we have seen repeatedly throughout the campaign as well as her STUPID book tour [which was only held in 'red states']. He was her PROP until he got too big to hold like a loaf of bread and we have not seen him since she has been giving her 'same ole speech with just a location change'. I suppose we just want confirmation on Gryphen's information because those photos were NOT photo-shopped and particularly since that child has not been seen again after those photos were taken.

Well honey take good care of yourself and your mom. Please listen to everyone advising you about your education if it's at all feasible because one can never have too much education and it will serve you well always. Be safe and give my regards to your mom; she is so fortunate to have you.

Joie Vouet said...

Are you going to school? What are you studying?

Floyd M. Orr said...

I am quite surprised that your father let your mom lose the house, especially when that affected you, too. Have you all found another house, or are you just renting an apartment?

Will you be able to go away to college with your mom still under house arrest?

Does Levi have his own house? Can your mom live there if you go away to college?

AlaskaSundog said...

Is Levi still seriously writing his book with legitimate writers & publishers ? If Bristol is seeing Levi again, could she be using him to stall or "rewrite" parts in a more favorable light for the Palin family? Lastly, have you been in contact with those currently writing books about Palin? For sure, they should have initiated contact with you !! Please remember that the truth is very important cuz in the end, it will come out. Hopefully, you will be one of those enlightening the American public with the truth about Sarah Palin. Be brave. be truthful, be smart, document in triple when possible, double check those you communicate with cuz Palinbots will be sure to infiltrate this site, ignore those who criticize or mock or fearmonger because you have a mission so "Damm the torpedoes, full speed ahead". This from a concerned Chugiak neighbor. Good site & thanks for opening up for questions. Answer on your blog or by email, whatever you feel is best. BYE

sky said...

Stay cool and brave. the truth shall set you free. Look at all the support you are getting.

Write a book.

Good luck.

smore abair said...

Do you feel safe in Wasilla?

Kat_In_Hawaii said...

I'm so happy that you have a PayPal button up now. Hopefully the donations will help ease at least some of your financial problems. You go girl!

Liz D said...

Dear Mercede, Thank you for being open to having questions posed here. Your family has been through very difficult times as a direct result of the Palin clan. It has been very difficult and frustrating I imagine. With that said, questions will be asked. You and your mother. as well as Levi seem to have been put through extraordinary and quite unforgivable times--again, as a direct result of the Palins. I can only imagine, but only as an outsider, what you have been through in this bizarre situation. Thank you again for opening your blog up to questions.


Can you say without a doubt that Sarah Palin was pregnant with Trig and gave birth to him on April 18, 2008? Or any other date?

What did you think was happening when Bristol suddenly forbid Levi from talking, having contact with you and your mother? Did Levi give any clue or reason for this peculiar situation?

Is Levi in the process of writing a book?

Have you given thought to writing a book?

Did the Palins ever sit down around a dining table to share meals on a regular basis? If yes, then who prepared the meals?

**as another commenter asked and I too am curious, were there any books in the Palin's home?

Thank you again Mercede. Stay strong and let the Truth come through.

Teutonic13 said...

How about a simple-

You doin' allright?

southernyankee said...

Do you know if there is a strain in relationship between momma Palin and her son Track. He doesn't seem to be around her to much. Last family picture he had no smile on his face. I truly feel sorry for all the Palin kids because they don't seem to be able to control their own lives. Does momma palin control the family and the city of Wallisa and the governor?

sallyngarland,tx said...

Do you think you and your family will always stay in AK?

leu2500 said...

In the "Triggy Bear" pictures, what did you mean by referring to Sarah Palin as Mommy in Law, and why did you refer to Triggy Bear as baby brother?

hockeygirl said...

I'd like to start by commending you for your grace in handling this media storm and all of the ensuing drama that your family was dealt. I'm a few years older than you and are so impressed by your perseverance in the face of everything that we know has been thrown at your family since August of 2008.

My question is, how can those of us who have witnessed the way your family has been railroaded by the Palins, courts and press, help your family? Honestly, I think there are a lot of us who feel that your family has really been railroaded and would like to help you all. Please let us know how we could do that.

I hope that you haven't or won't receive too much backlash for starting this blog and that you continue to speak up for yourself and your family, as sometimes our voice and the truth is all we have and it is imperative to keep fighting.

So I actually have another question. Have you considered pursuing any legal action against those McCain campaign staffers who likely hacked your computer? While I understand it is the pictures that are most important to you and those are likely unrecoverable, if I were you I'd pursue a civil trial, if for no other reason than to make them take responsibility for what they did.

Molly said...

My question:

Have you met Joe McGinniss yet?

maelewis said...

I would like to add my best wishes to you and your family. You are a lovely gal with a bright future. Please continue with your education. And by now, you have more than enough questions to fill a book. If you can contribute anything that would derail the Sarah Palin Express, you would be doing a great service for your country. We saw how she attacked her former brother-in-law, and how she is treating your brother. If you can strip her of her power, I would hope that she not be able to hurt your family, not to mention incite hatred as she goes around the country.

I am curious about a post that Gryphen made some time ago regarding two babies, one with a ruffled ear, who was seen in the family photos with you, your brother, with Bristol and with Sarah. (The Triggy Bear, Mommy-in-law photos). The other pictures are of the boy that we see today who is called Trig. You would do us all a big favor to explain what happened to the baby you were photographed with, and where the current Trig came from. For example, who are the parents of each baby, is a good place to start.

I would also suggest that you consider some course of action against the McCain campaign for hacking your computers. Sarah just pressed a similar case against a kid in Tennessee. Good lawyers cost money, and you and Levi have enough material to market as a book, hopefully with a good advance. Look how much money Sarah made, and she didn't even write it herself! Good Luck and Stay Strong!

Lady Rose said...

My main concern is your safety and that of your family and for the well being of all the children. Whatever questions you can safely answer from the above comments will be greatly appreciated.

My other concern is the safety of our country - Sarah Palin is a worthless human being, but she has the backing of those who can use her as a tool to further destroy the very fabric of our nation and that concerns me - any bit of truth you can contribute to shut her down will be appreciated by all.

There is a ton of confusion about so many issues - but why Levi isn't hiring a better lawyer to represent him is one of the most confusing, it seems unfathomable that Bristal\Sarah has so much power she can stop the basic right of Levi to see his son. I hope and pray that issue will be resolved fairly.

Thank you for this blog, and I hope you and Levi write a book some day soon so that all the facts can be put out there.

Beverly From Montreal said...

1) After Levi & Bristol became engaged, Mercede, was there ever an engagement party held where y'all came together to celebrate the uniting of the Palin and Johnston families?

2) Do you believe Sarah Palin will run for President of the United States of America and leader of the free world in 2012?

Wishing you the strength and commitment to continue to blog the truth as you know it.

Greetings from Canada.

Pam said...

Hi again Mercede, I am so glad you are interested in addressing questions. You have been posed some very difficult questions which may bring even more attention to you that you have had previously. I hope you continue to have the strength and courage to be honest. The answers you provide could change the course of not only your life, but of our country. And I don't think I am being overly dramatic. Some people seem to have the belief that Ms. Palin is honest; I do not share that belief and I believe that others here also question most, if not all, of her actions. Please help us make sense of this mess that she has brought upon America.

I can't add any question that has not been already asked, but I can add that I continue to wish the best for you and your family. I am not religious, but very spiritual. I know that good is in the world and I know that there is a divine presence that knows the good from the evil. Things may not happen in the time frame we want , but good things will come out of this.

Know that you and your family are loved by many. You will be OK, just pursue your dreams and continue on with your education. That is so very important. Your exposure here will give you unimagined benefits. Be strong, stay safe. Enjoy your talents, you have many, and have been very blessed with such a loving family. Best wishes, Pam

Pam said...

PS, thanks for adding the paypal button. I hope this helps you.

KarenJ said...

Mary, above, suggested "why don’t you write a book? Make sure you have the facts right…so when it gets fact checked it comes out perfect. It could be about how you all came to Alaska, how Levi met the Palins, about life before and after the vp thing."

Don't worry about publishing a book, Mercede. You could do a side sub-blog with whatever you choose to tell the outside world about your family's history.

carolyn said...

no question, just some unsolicited advice: keep a journal! this story will make a great book!!
i like your bravery! good luck - stay strong!

Helen said...

Thanks for this interesting offer - and it is also entertaining to read all the comments. Here's my question and I'm asking it I hope in a way that will enable you to answer - we'd like to discuss what you have observed regarding S. Palin's behavior - have you ever observed symptoms of mental instability in her? That might include any one or combo of behaviors such as bi-polar, anorexic, over-dependency on prescribed medicine or other substances such as diet pills, diet soda, caffeine etc...erratic mood swings, compulsive lying, extreme narcissism, paranoia, high energy vs. catatonic states, insomnia, extreme denial or lack of responsibility, lashing out/aggressiveness or threats etc... There have been specific reports of her exhibiting catatonia, aggressiveness, mood swings, you would not be alone if you have seen some of these things. Other behaviors are evident in her public persona, such as paranoia and narcissism, her rapid weight loss was also quite public. Please tell us what you have observed, and also what you have understood to be true from reliable sources (such as family and close friends.)

Secondly, have you witnessed Palin losing her temper? There have been several reports of her just reaming out personal staff and campaign staff in a very unprofessional manner when things don't go her way. Can you weigh in on this?

Finally, was your mother's drug bust a frame up to keep your family in line and was Bristol part of it? If you could say definitely NO to that widely held belief, it would say a lot. If you can't, well then...that also says a lot.

Thanks for this opportunity to ask you what is on our "collective mind". Blogging can be fun but can also feel like a duty. To avoid burn out do it when it feels right and don't force yourself to hit artificial deadlines - there are only the deadlines you make. Best wishes to you and your lovely mom for a good week ahead.

Countrygirl said...

Hi Mercede,

I have been following your story for a long time now. Of all the characters in this very convoluted story, you stand out as the potential heroine. Your light seems to shine the brightest, and I think you have the greatest promise to come out clean because you show the highest level of integrity and good character, as does your mom.

You have an important role, showing the many people who care that there IS a right way to do things and that there IS a light at the end of a very dark and scary tunnel.

I wish you the very best, you and your family. You all are in my prayers and I hold you in my heart, which is a very safe place to be.

I have sent you a small donation, and how I wish I was rich enough to endow you with all the money needed for your future education. You have the smarts and the soul to do whatever is right for you. Formal education doesn't give anyone 'smarts' or 'soul' but it does give you more tools to do the job.

You have a destiny, it is an important one, and I see you taking the high ground to achieve it.

I'll donate more when I can.

Much love to you and yours,

Alexa Stewart

heather said...

I can personally say that Tripp was indeed born 12/27/08 I gave birth to my son about 30min BEFORE tripp was born in the room next door. (Sadie idk how much you want me to say so I'll leave it at that)

Upstate New York said...

This opportunity may never come again, so I'm not holding back. First, however, I want you to know that I believe you and your family are doing your best to stay within the bounds of truth. But many of us believe you have undisclosed and unimaginable constrictions and cannot answer all questions. Please answer what you can, maybe by blogging on groups of questions that are about similar, and then blogging another day about another set that are related.

It looks like I am only one in many, many, many who admire you, Levy, and Sherrie. I hope you win many battles, maintain your composure, prosper, and move on and enjoy normal lives in spite of She Who Keeps Makin' Stuff Up, and her brood of mini-mes.

I don't think any of these have yet been asked:

Why wasn't Bristol traveling with her Mom (like her sisters were) during Oct.2007 - Feb. 2008?

Is it true Levi volunteered to assist special needs people (I think it was reported as coaching Special Olympics hockey)? If so, was this after Trig was known to have DS, and did that play a part in his wanting to do this?

Levi was photographed kissing Trig at the convention. Was that common behavior for Levi at that time? How strong were his feelings for that baby?

Why was Bristol's bust way over-padded under that dress at the convention?

Easy question next- are you related to Jade Johnston?

Were there more pictures than the MySpace ones that included Trig and were lost on your computer? If so, were there pictures taken on other days?

How many girls can you think of that got pregnant before graduating high school (they don't have to be your friends, just how many can you think of)?

Why did your mom give Bristol a cell phone?

How many kids has Levi fathered (not necessarily by Bristol)?

Did Track's girlfriend Britta travel with Sarah during the 2008 VP run?

What lies did Bristol tell during April's email trial?

Did the Palins ever offer Levi money? If so, for what? When?

When did Levi buy Bristol a ring?

Did Bristol give the ring back?

How could Levi afford the new truck when he bought it?

Why didn't Levi and Bristol sell pictures to People mag. when Tripp was born?

Thanks for this opportunity. As you can see, I and many others have been following your struggles. You have friends around the world. Offering us some answers is being a friend back to us. But protect yourself first and foremost. Stay strong, be honest. Do what you can and stop if it gets scarey. Wassilla sounds like it belongs in a Stephen King novel, and none of us want you to get hurt.

Leadfoot said...

Were Levi and Bristol ever married?

Are you currently getting along with Levi?

Tina said...

Mercede, do you have absolute proof that Sarah Palin DID give birth to Trig Palin?

No one anywhere in the world - including Sarah Palin - has produced anything that even remotely proves once and for all that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig Palin.

I'm sure your mom could prove that she gave birth to you in two seconds, why can't Sarah Palin prove that she gave birth to Trig?

Jessica said...

one more: Who was in the Palin's kitchen the day those photos were taken with Trig

ac said...

Mercede, Thanks for the opportunity to ask questions. Your answers are much appreciated. Inquiring minds... and all that. : )

Have you ever witnessed Sarah being mean spirited to anyone? Levi? Bristol? Anyone at all? Have you ever witnessed Sarah ranting?

You have great potential, Mercede, and a great many people cheering you. Don't ever forget that!

Blessing to you and to your family.

Tania said...

Mercede, how about a general view on your thoughts on the relationships within the Palin family?

You come across as very clever and perceptive and I'm certain in your visits to their house you got an idea of their happiness etc. Are Todd and Sarah a loving people or did you get more of a coldness coming across between them?

How are the relationships between the children and their parents? I.e. How does Bristol get along with Sarah? I have gotten the impression she is a daddy's girl and probably feels overwhelmed by Sarah.

What is Track like? Did he move away to 'escape' his parents? Do you think he has any doubts as to his parentage? (Have a look at the photo comparisons of Track with Todd, compared to Track with Curtis Menard Jr Mercede, if you haven't already: it is rather compelling and must certainly make poor Track wonder) Are Track and Bristol close? Is it at all possible that Track's girlfriend has been pregnant?

What is Willow Palin like? Is she a typical rebellious teenager or something more?

What is Sarah's relationship with her children like? Is she an affectionate, doting mother? Or cold and harsh? Or just an average mum, trying her best?

Mercede, I only ask these questions because Sarah has built her political career on her family and her motherhood. So I think it is important to know if it is genuine. Otherwise, I would not want to hurt the children and bring them into it any more than they have. I suppose that is why I dislike Sarah so much. She hasn't done anything to protect her children and actively plays them for political gain. I think she is far from the loving successful mother she attempts to convey, but is producing bitter children that will resent her when they reach adulthood.

Also Mercede: I imagine you know quite a bit about Down Syndrome with your experience. How do you compare the care given by your ex boyfriends family with Trig's? What do you think about the name 'Trig'? Do you think it is disrespectful to name him after his affliction? I'm sure you know quite a bit about the therapies and special care that these children NEED in their early development in order to get the most out of their life later. Do you think that the Palin's are falling short of Trig's needs in this area? Do you ever think about speaking out about it in order to bring it to the right people's attention so that the Palin's can be warned that Trig MUST get the proper health care that he needs?

Mercede, please forgive me for all the questions. I do not expect you to answer them all, but most of them were asked as a way to lead you into talking about your thoughts and feelings about the inner workings of the Palin family by giving you some suggestions about what alot of us anti-Palin blog readers are dying to know.

I hope the negativity that you received has stopped. I believe you are doing all you can with the information you have. It is rather far-fetched for people to think that you know all about 'baby-gate' i.e. Sarah Palin actually gave you and your mother knowledge that could destroy her career! Please!

One final question Mercede. Gryphen interviewed you and described you as quite convinced that Sarah gave birth to Trig on the given date, although you found the photo evidence interesting. Your opinion is fair enough, but photo evidence aside, how do you think the information we have about the 'wild ride' we have fits in with this?

The wild ride seems to tell me that she either wasn't pregnant at all OR was pregnant but hid it from the airline and others to avoid doctor attention and the motivation behind this was likely a still birth or death shortly after birth. I can't see another way around it, can you? What did you think when you heard about the 'wild ride'? What did everyone think? Did anyone think she deliberately tried to endanger his life?

spettro said...

very difficult to read your blog with this background color!

Antonia said...

Do you think Sarah Palin was actually pregnant?

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