Tuesday, July 6, 2010

No I will NOT sit down and shut up!

I hope you all had a fun, relaxing, and safe 4th of July.

I took a nice camping trip up to Denali with one of my good friends (Denali is about three hours away from Wasilla, near Fairbanks).

I only stayed one night because I had to get back to my mother, but really I enjoyed my time away from it all.

I went four wheeling, roasted marshmallows, hiked, shared some laughter, and most importantly cleared my head and got away from all the drama that seems to overwhelm my life lately.

After about four hours of fun out on a four-wheeler I finally stopped someplace where there was a clear signal and checked my I-phone. I found that I had received a number of messages, but there was one which caught my attention, immediately made my heart beat faster, and brought a tear to my eye.

The message was from my mother saying that Levi, who has not spoken to us since he rekindled his relationship with Bristol (although we had attempted repeatedly to call or text him), left a message saying that if I did not take my blog down by Wednesday that I would never get to see him, or Tripp, again.

I could not believe it! I thought to myself if he was really willing to make such a threat that he would at least have the decency to call me and talk about it first. I mentioned on my blog repeatedly that my intention was not to hurt or attack the Palins, but to speak out and tell the public my side of the story. As well as how badly my life, and the lives of our family members, had been impacted by our association with the Palins.

It had my mind spinning. How could my brother threaten me like this?

He knows more then anybody how difficult things are, how much I need his help with my mother so I can attend college, and how much I love him and his son.

Why would he let this happen all over again? He denied he was controlled by Bristol, and wasn‘t allowed to talk to me or hangout with me, on the Larry King Show the first time this happened and I had to immediately correct him. And now he is allowing it to happen AGAIN!

My mother and I have always been there for him, and had his back with every decision he has made, whether we agreed with it or not.

Levi knows how much I love him. But for him to allow Bristol to control him and then threaten not talk to me AGAIN is devastating to me, and sadly unsurprising.

I knew this would happen the minute I learned that Levi and Bristol were back together, but when Levi saw me crying about it he promised it would not happen again. Like I said, I knew what was coming.

After I left the Denali campsite I had a long drive ahead of me which was a good thing. It gave me time to think, reevaluate, and try to make sense of this whole thing.

When I was just about home I came to a conclusion. I will not allow myself to be controlled by Bristol Palin like my brother is!

Even if I take my blog down and keep my mouth shut Bristol will not allow Levi and Tripp to be a part of my life. She will always have some excuse.

As much as it hurts to lose the ones who I love so very much, I know in the end they will be back.

I wish Levi could be the man I know he is and have a mind of his own and finally stand his ground, but I guess he is blinded by love. I just wish he would take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

How is it fair that I can’t speak my mind on a blog without Levi threatening to never speak to me again, but Bristol can go on Facebook daily and call me nasty names with no repercussions at all?

In the end all of this back and forth is doing nothing but confusing Tripp and keeping him away from the people who love him. Compared to allowing a little boy to receive love from BOTH sides of his family, our personal issues are petty.

I love you Levi and Tripp, and I will be right here waiting for you to see that MY love comes with no strings attached.

As for you Bristol I am sure this is not the outcome you were hoping for, but you should know that I don’t respond well to threats.

I am moving on with my life, and though I wish my brother would do more to help out with our mom, I know that I am incredibly tough. I have been through a lot in my life so far and I am confident I can manage a job, my mom’s schedule, and college without his help.

I will continue to blog, discussing both my life as well as current events, as I have found that it helps to alleviate my stress and allow me to put aside my problems for at least a little while.

I can go to bed at night knowing that I did everything I could for my family, including Levi and Tripp. I can sleep with a completely clean conscious, though I am not sure that others have that luxury.

To my mother and I family is #1 and blood is thicker than water, and I will always stand by that.

As for this new People magazine article where my brother “Apologizes to the Palins” I am extremely disappointed in him. Not only is he being controlled like a puppet, but saying that all of his comments and stories were lies is absurd!

I know for a fact that all of his comments were true. I lived through all this and I remember clear as day all of the times that Levi would come home and tell me about Sarah complaining, or fights going on between the family, .etc.

I know he wasn’t making all that up, why would he have back then? I am very disappointed that he is allowing them to control him in such a manner.

Levi, please don’t do this to yourself and family again.

I am not afraid of the Palins. And yeah maybe it is just me up against a huge army of Palin supporters, but really what else can they take from me?


In the end the truth shall prevail.


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Scorpie said...

Brava! Brava!
Good for you Mercede. Wishing the best for you and your mother. Truth will prevail.

Floyd M. Orr said...

Well done, Mercede! Keep up the good work. A lot of us down here in the Lower 48 have your back.

Tania said...

Mercede so sorry to hear that news. However I'm not surprised.

It is heartbreaking that a nasty piece of work like Bristol gets away with her disgusting hate filled envious facebook posts about her bfs much loved sister, but you are vilified for using your free speech to try and get the record straight.

She is a typical Palin: just loathsome. There are no kind words for them.

I wish you all the best.

Do watch Bristol on secret life whenever you feel down :) - or any of her wooden moronic tv appearances. Have them run on a loop. At least having a laugh at her complete hypocrisy and total utter lack of intelligence or talent will be evil fun!

Why that girl can draw a man like Levi is beyond me. He's three times better looking than her, and a hundred times more interesting and intelligent. Hopefully one day he'll realise she's not good enough. For anyone.

Friend said...

Good for you for pushing back and trying to stay true to yourself and your Mom. Bullies like the Palins count on intimidation and the cover of fear to get what they want. I hope you have a recording or message of being told "take your blog down or you'll never see Tripp again". Send it to Andrew Sullivan. That way they can't say, "we never said that she's nuts". When your Mom is able, I hope you two will consider leaving Alaska and starting over somewhere else. I think there are many more people who wish you well than there are Palinites.

Helen said...

Honey, what a horrible shock for you both.

Try to keep in mind that every day is a new day, and the only constant in life is change. This, too, will change - maybe sooner than you think.

Your brother's decision isn't going to make anyone happy in the end, but your decision to live your own life is the right choice. Leave him to his baggage, and get something good out of your own life. I hope Sherrie can do the same. My heart aches for her.

Keep that beautiful chin up, Mercede.


Jazzy Jan said...

Hang in there Sweet Sade - Always remember the truth will always be revealed. Sometimes it takes longer than we like but if we give in to the lies and evilness then we are contributing to them. You are very brave and strong and I admire you greatly. The pain and heartache we endure will always make us stronger!! When your mother can travel just remember you have a safe haven in Oklahoma if you ever need it. Bless you dear.

Nan said...

You're right hon - they can't take anything else away from you. You still have your integrity. The only way to lose that is to get rid of it your own self and I don't see that happening!

I'd say go ahead and get the birthday presents, the silly little cards for your nephew. Or keep a diary of your thoughts about him - or something. *Someday* you'll be able to give them to him and he'll know.

Keep on holding your head high, Mercede. You've earned it.

all the best...

Barbara said...

Mercede you are a well spoken and thoughtful young lady. You have an old heart as my Mom calls it. You are working and caring for your Mom. Those are things to be proud of.

If you need a blog to let feelings out so what. No hurtful things are said about the Palins. Is this what our country would be like if she was President? Freedom of speech is for everyone including people who don't agree with her.

I remember the times seeing you by Levi's side when he was tossed to the curb. I hope he remembers that sooner then later. He can have love for Bristol if that is what he wants but no one replaces your blood your family. I feel the same as you. Blood comes before anyone. You have friends to support you. Keep your head up.


Molly said...

It's too bad about your most recent threat against this blog, but Levi is obviously under some massive pressure right now. Whether from Bristol or her family is beside the point. Perhaps, as you say, his vision is clouded by "being in love".

However, I'm convinced Sarah Palin is a sociopath, and this is the kind of heartache and drama that is caused by being associated with someone with no conscience. We who have hearts will never understand how someone could deliberately cause such hurt; we can only be witnesses to the mess created.

Like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz, you cannot know what heartache is unless you have a heart. You obviously do.

Good luck with the blog.

PS Levi? Is there a date set yet?

Celia Harrison said...

This is not surprising, but sad. This type of a relationship between Levi and Bristol which starts off rocky, especially when they are so young generally will not last. There will most likely be an ugly end to it eventually. Levi is being very selfish and he will regret it in the end. Take comfort in the fact that you have the maturity to do the right thing. They are not used to people who stand tough in spite of their threats. Also know their psychological makeup means they are very resentful, angry, jealous, and thin skinned people, which means your defiance makes them miserable. When they send you nasty messages it says this about them, just smile or laugh when you read them.

dominicastar said...

Coward $arah is using or allowing her daughter to destroy a family. That coward has no decency.

gsb said...

When you have a family member being infected by a very toxic source, there is nothing a person can do but, hold your head up(with pride) and walk away.

some times, that family member will never, be a part of the family again. When that happens, I think of Jacob and Esau from the bible. Jacob stole his brothers birth right,was forced to leave for over twenty years, When he came back, he was welcomed by Esau with open arms,but still the peoples involved in this story are not,...freinds. The middle east is still under the hate created. The break that happened was permanent,to this day.
Some injurys caused by family members, can never be resolved.perhaps never should be.
You have your MOM, love each other, when levi gets kicked in the gut again, (and he will) be there for him.

You seem to be so much smarter then Bristol, whose only fame really is, having children and not being married, You also have ability, very good looks(remember what looks did forSarah)and brains. capiatize in these,get educated,and rise above all the trash in Wassilly.
Best to you and your Mom.

a Mom from Minnesota

Trudie said...

I really like you. I'm a 52 year old woman who is amazed at your maturity and strength. There are a lot of loud, ugly, vile people who worship what Sarah Palin says, but there are so many more who are (unfortunately) silent who despise what she stands for. Hang tough, honey. Karma will be in your favor, and I hope for only the best for your mom and you. I know Levi was telling the truth before...his body language didn't lie. Please don't be afraid of the Palins. "The Emperor has no clothes!"

WakeUpAmerica said...

What a difficult time for you and your mother. I'm disappointed in Levi, but we each have to live our own life. I just never thought that anything couild make Levi turn his back on his family. The time will come when he will get tired of being the sock puppet for the Palins and see them for who they really are.

You have something that the Palins will never have, Mercedes: you have integrity. That isn't something that can be bought or sold; its choosing to live your life honestly every single day even when no one is watching.

amomtoo said...


My heart goes out to you for I have been in similar shoes threatened with bodily harm, facial disfigurement then told I'd have "nothing" and no "family" if I did not do as ordered which was to not speak and only say what I was told to say. As threatened the perpetrator made good on his threats.

You seem to see through those who threaten and seek to get what they want falsely promising subjugation will result in you getting what you want also. You are correct and your perceptions from experience are accurate that such persons shall find something else to withold from you (Levi and Tripp) casting you as the villin/bad guy and even control you get nothing lying and projecting it is you who does not love nor care about your brother or nephew.

Sometimes in life, Mercedes, the only person we have to depend on, to trust is our self. Your decision to not surrender your voice, soul, values and moral compass for a personal gain surrendering to perverse demands and false promises is vital. Do not ever give up your presonhood, integrity nor your conscience to a person who has none for they 'win" if they control you to become like them.

Kristen said...

Mercede, I don't know you, but I'm sorry for what you are going through. You are doing the right thing. No one can take away your right to speak and your morals. Good for you for standing tall and speaking your mind. I'm sure it hurts, but how much worse would it hurt to know you caved in to threats? Then those threats would never stop, and they would escalate.

I'm sure your mother is very proud of you - I would be very proud to have you as my daughter.

Observer said...

Mercede I am sorry this happened to you. The way I look at it you did not lose much. If Levi is willing to sell your and your mom out to the Palins, then you did not have much of a relationship with him anyway.

Good luck to you. Eventually the Palins will chew Levi up and spit him out again. And when it does I recommend you not even take his side, because he does not deserve it!

smore abair said...

Mercedes, you ARE incredibly tough. Someday Tripp will find the road back to an aunt that loves him.

As for your brother, people that withhold love to control are abusers. An abuser does NOT stop, the abuse only ends when the target(s) end it by leaving. You are on the path to ending the abuse. Stay strong, stay safe.

c said...

We're behind you Sadie. And proud your showing more cjones than your brother.
What's Love Got to do With It?
Love for Bristol is not enough for me. Levi needs to MAN UP and tell the Palin's he will NOT push his family out for them! No threat is too great to throw his family away like this.
Shame on Levi!

ManxMamma said...

Just want to echo what the others have said - stay strong. You deserve so much better.

emrysa said...

it's great to hear you are moving forward with YOUR life and that you are not going to be manipulated and dragged down by that psycho family. go mercede! stay true and all will work out for you!

Debi said...

I agree that Bristol and Levi will not last. You can't build a relationship on lies. I have lived through something very simular and after about 8 months they broke up and my family was back together again. The best part is we put it all behind us and it is as if it never happened. He will be back in your family as soon as the Palins are done with him.
Be strong and know there are thousands of people that stand behind you.

Moon said...

If the rolls were reversed and Levi was the woman and Bristol was the man, we would say Levi was in an abusive relationship. Any person who makes someone choose between their family or them is emotionally abusive. You seem to be a very caring strong woman. Just keep being authentic.

Pat in MA said...

Good for you Mercedes! As difficult and painful as this is, you are doing the right thing by moving on. Take care of yourself, go to school, take care of your Mom, keep moving forward AWAY from all the sordid, ridiculous DRAMA. Looking forward to reading future posts about good things happening in your life.

kevin said...

Mercede.....your brother Levi just torched his credibility by saying to the country he lied to us all.

Nobody will believe him again. That is what happens. Once you know someone has lied to you, there is no reason to think that anything they say now is not another lie that they will apologize for down the road.

You are the only authentic voice left in Wassilla that anyone is going to believe.

Your own integrity is more important than your brother, your mother, or any other human being on this planet. Your integrity is the only thing that someone else cannot take away from you.

I am sorry that your brother lost his. He is now completely under the Palin power now because nobody will believe him, were he to go back and start saying something different.

If Bristol throws him out of the apartment tomorrow, nobody will believe a word he says.

Integrity is something that is hard to achieve and very very easy to lose.

You go girl. The bullies managed to beat up your brother into submission to them. Will they beat you up too?

I am buying you lunch today. You go girl. You are the only one left with integrity.

Beverly From Montreal said...

You've got gumption & guts, Mercede. Stick with your principles and you will be OK.

Lynne said...

So glad to see you standing up for yourself and for your mom. Sadly, in these situations boys tend to take the side of their controlling girlfriend/wife over their family. But at some point in time the truth will prevail, and when it does you will be the one left standing tall. Go to school; write a book about growing up in Wasilla; be bigger than Brisol's family - who are experts at nothing other than skewing the truth, inciting hatred, and manipulating those who dare to stand up to them. Don't be scared - a lot of people have your back. Continue to be true to yourself and you will prevail.

Polly in Anchorage said...

I am disappointed in Levi too. You are probably right, even if you took this blog down, Bristol would find other ways to alienate you from Levi's life. Bristol is another Bully, like her mother. How Levi can stand to be with her is beyond me. They are both cowards for not speaking with you in person and sharing some real down-to-earth reasons for your removing this blog. If any family member is doing something wrong, mature people have a discussion; they don't leave threats on voicemail. ugh! True colors are showing. Stay strong and true to your conscience.

Jerry said...

Mercede, how can Levi get along with the Palins when Sarah called your family white trash? Sorry but Palin is street smart white trash. Has any of her kids graduated from HS? Palin looks to me to be lazy and trolling for $$$.
Palin is jealous of the elite and thats why she rants. Mercede stay away from Sarah Palin. She is immoral with no integrity and not smart at all. Palin is nothing but a opportunist! Good Luck!

Midnight Cajun said...

Good for you, Mercede. It's obvious who has the balls in your family.

This has been an incredibly clever move by Sarah; now that Levi has publicly branded himself a liar, no one will ever believe anything he ever says again. How Bristol got him to do this is beyond me. Is he whipped, or is he succumbing to threats of some kind? Whichever, he has been neutralized.

I am beginning to fear that the truth about that woman will never come out. She's like Cheney--she makes one wonder if perhaps people really can sell their souls to the devil for worldly gain.

So many questions said...

I'm so sorry you and your Mom have been hurt like this, it is a childish game they are playing with other peoples lives. If he wants to renew his relationship with Bristol, fine but it is wrong to threaten you and your Mom. Bristol is a control freak just like Sarah and i can not see Levi being happy in that kind of relationship, no one is happy except the person doing the controlling. I know from experience, I had a control freak daughter-in law who mad life h ell for everyone around he if things didn
t go her way..
You and your Mom are smart to stay out of it and let it go and hopefully someday he see the light. I'm so glad you are staying true to yourself and keep looking towards the future, you can not live through your brother he made his own bed and he will have to live with it ... Keep smiling! ((♥)) to you and your Mom.

amomtoo said...


This worked for me to survive the devestation of not seeing my young adult children and later even gr choosing I could not live under control as a puppet, wooden dummy the sick person demanding I only say what he fed me.

I found people with whom to demonstrate and interact with who received my acts of caring and nurturing. Decent people welcome caring and loving persons to their lives and their childrens. Perhaps you have friend (s) with a younger sibling or can volunteer as a big sister for you need to give your self what a malicious person sought to deny you. I lost a brother also but gained a healthier and relationship of reciprocity with a male coworker. Don't let these people cheat you twice of your human needs to give and receive love, caring and acceptance.
Small things like buying a stranger a coat is to know you made a positive difference in another life although not your nephew's life as you expected.

IMO the grieving of a relationship terminated due to mailice is more heart breaking than an accident or disease taking a loved one from us.In time the pain will ease. Remember, it is the extreme terms threatened and the one threatening that shall bring loss and suffering to Tripp, you, your mom, your brother and others. Not your self preservation, not you at fault for a life of loss, grief, destroyed families impacting future generations.

Take heart the majority see the smoke and mirrors at play. The facade of the Palins are one big happy family as in everything they do comes with strings and a price to destroy others character, reputation and prey on people's fears. Use your energy to do what you need to make your life right, include your mom mindful of how not to treat people as done to you.

AKRNC said...

Mercede, you've been able to hold your head high since day one and you still can. Be proud of that. You've done nothing wrong. I haven't seen you speak badly of the Palin family despite how they have wronged you and your family, especially your brother. However, Bristol has dangled time with Tripp in front of Levi and of course, he's going to turn to his son. A real man would not be attracted to a woman like her, who had turned her back on him, lied about him, said outrageous things about him being a "deadbeat Dad", etc. when all he wanted was to spend time with his son. He has forgotten that for now but it won't last. Bristol is a miniature of $arah with the nasty attacks on you and your family. I read that note she put on Facebook from last week. Instead of posing for magazines and pretending she knows how to act on TV (that was a terrible debut, probably her last time on any show) she should get an education. Her post had a lot of incorrectly spelled words, not to mention her attitude of being better than everyone else. I LOL when she said "you have no title", neither does she. Bristol, since I know you'll be reading this, let me remind you that you are absolutely no better than Mercede or anyone else in Alaska. In fact, she can hold her head high as she has not lied about you in her blog but you attacked her! I also laughed at Levi's apology. He said some things that weren't completely true? What was that? How frequently she sent you all to the store for her? Maybe it was more than he said. No matter what it was, your family's actions indicate he was telling the truth. Bristol, you had your TV gig and Candies "abstinence" joke only because of your Mother. Why didn't you look at her and NOT follow her example? After all, she was pregnant before she got married, she should have reminded you about birth control. Leave Mercede alone. Is that how you control the men in your life? Threaten them to keep them from seeing their families? Such an insecure little girl you are to keep Tripp's father from seeing him and now that you've twisted him around and have him back in his son's life, you want to control his family, too?? Thankfully, Mercede is a lot more intelligent than you and has the backing of many more people than you ever will. Did you happen to catch your Mom's favorable ratings? They keep sinking month after month while the unfavorable keep rising. People around this country do not like her.

Mercede, hang in there and do not let this family of idiots get you down. Get your education. We know they are afraid of educated people because they can't compete with them in any way. You're a wonderful loving daughter and I know your Mother is proud of you.

Mom said...

Eventually, Levi will stop being a useful idiot for the Palins. Right now, he might see it as the only way to see his son.

The Palins lie so much that it's obvious by now what is a lie and what is the truth - although they might not see it themselves. I look for a second child to be born of this union in the coming months. I also look for an 'announcemnt' that Bristol and Levi acutally got married shortly after the first of the year. Of couse, we all know better. But hey, those over at C4P will believe it, and that's all that will matter.

Hang in there. Take acting lessons, and I think you might make it in Hollywood. Remember, living a good life is the BEST revenge.

Purple Alaska said...

Amen to that, young lady! I admire your inner strength and character ~ and you are so right; TRUTH will prevail . . . and all the money in the world cannot prevent that!

Unfortunately for Levi, his bad choices will be regrettably long-lasting for he and his son . . . and he will have to bear the consequences and repercussions that are sure to come his way.

Stay strong Mercede ~ and be encouraged to continue...

May God bless and keep you and your Mom in His care.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

the Paylins have a history of trying to "shoot the messenger" this sounds exactly like the story before the election when Syrin from Wasilla was told "Stop blogging stop blogging now!" Well she didn't sit down and shut up either!

Part of their power is controlling the message. I would be so bold to say that Bristol----->through Levi telling you to stop blogging or not see Tripp is Blackmail, emotional blackmail!
Shame on him to be a party to this!

The Paylins have banked on this. They broke Levi with outrageous demands for $$ and cost him tons of money in Legal fees. He is being emotionally blackmailed by Bristol Jr. Grifter, as this is the only way for him to see Trip...JMO of course. She will throw him under the bus, when her threats don't work.
Stay strong and whatever you do...Don't sit-down and Shutup!!!!!!

Chris said...


Mercede, I am so sorry and feel so badly for you having to go through this. It must be very painful. It's stress you do not need. So, put this all behind you and get on with your own life.

I am very disappointed in Levi. Let him lie in the bed he's made. Fool.

Jan said...

Mercede, You need to check government assistance for the care of your mother. If she is disabled, it should be available. An 18 yr old should not have to be responsible for her care. The assistance should provide transportation to the medical appointments too.

Upstate NY said...

Lynne (above) gave good advice. "Go to school. Write a book about growing up in Wassilla." You can do both simultaneously if you enroll in some creative writing classes.

Mercede, you can be the first of the young people in Wasilla that the lower 48 have heard about to actually get a college degree. Make that your claim to fame, and your example for Tripp.

What have you done today toward making that happen?

southernyankee said...

Ok Kid, hang in there. I have one of those kinds of brothers. I found if having a rope around your neck to keep your mouth shut than your better off without him. You have done nothing wrong and now its up to him. People know that the next time Levi opens his mouth he better have evidence because they won't believe him. He has picked up the Palin trait of lying. Levi the truth sets you free. What bothers me is that he is throwing the two biggest supporters of his you and your mom. I know how that feels. I tried for years with my brother. Kid you just have to let it go. I have a nephew to. He was in his late 30s when I saw him at my youngest siblings funeral. He is married and has 3 wonder children. I talk with him once in awhile because he is very busy and I live in another state. But we can't get back with his mother robbed us of.

aussiegal77 said...

Oh my goodness, Sadie. I am just furious for your sake. I can not believe Levi would do this. I know he thinks he is doing the right thing by falling on his sword and saying he was the one who was wrong. But he isn't doing anyone any favours. All he has done is to once again prove to the Palins that they can FORCE people to their will. That no matter what they do, how they lie, they can always get away with it, that they are above the law.

Lynne S. said...

Mercede, I am one more person who is standing behind you in all of this. It is horrible and heartbreaking for you. Levi has been weak, probably mostly due to his desire for his son, and from I've seen of his soft pedaling comments about Bristol, for her too. There isn't anything you can do about it. He has folded under pressure, but I am very glad to see that you aren't about to. Stay strong. This too shall pass. Sending you much love.

isabelle said...

Mercede...you have great strength....when you are doing the right things in life....."never sit down & shut up".........but I wish "The Palins would"

Good Luck Girl !!!

krbmjb05 said...

I hope your Mom held on to that text. Do what you can to hang on to it. I see denial over this all over the place!! Protect yourself. Copy and save EVERYTHING and give it to someone that they would never suspect to hold copies for you.

You're a smart girl...I think you know that. Your headline to this post made me smile! You MAY have posted the biggest smackdown to the Palin family in a LONG time! They will look for ANY little thing to bring you down Mercede. Stay strong.

phoebes-in-santa fe said...

Mercede, as the others have written, you have handled yourself admirably for an 18 year old girl. But the most important part of your life is ahead. You have to go to college and graduate.

You're an excellent writer. Please keep up your hard work - know that there are many people who support you, with good wishes, if not money.

And as someone above suggested, look into government aid for your mother. The burden should not fall on you alone.

alaskan said...

Don't be too hard on your brother; it's obvious that in order to see his own kid he has to drink the Palin kool-aid. He probably had to sign an agreement to renege on everything he said, and let's be frank, they probably paid him to do so. You have a ton more credibility than anyone in the Palin camp so just keep on doing what you are doing - it's the right thing.

Trish said...


What can i say except you rock! i have not read all the responses to your post yet, but i want to let you know that you are really an inspiring figure. I am so incredibly impressed by your wisdom, strength, integrity, family values, compassion, independence, and resolve and i applaud you. You have many, many friends, trust me on this. And someday, i hope your brother will see that he has been played once again by the Palins and come back to you and your mom. Until then, hold your head high girl, and stay strong. Truth always prevails!

Anna said...


I am very sorry that you and your Mom are going through this nastiness compliments of the Palins.

To withhold the child from his paternal grandmother and his aunt is despicable. Does Alaska have grandparents rights with visitation? I understand the issues with your Mom, and her past issues, however, she should be able to visit with Tripp even if the visits are supervised.

Stand tall, stand firm and don't let those wack-a-doodle Palins get under your skin. Many know just how vicious they truly are.

Chris said...

The more I think about this the more I shake my head. Levi is acting like a pussy whipped little jerk, sorry, but it's true.

He thinks it's okay to make demands and threats towards his sister? really? I'd be infuriated.

He's threatening to withhold his and Tripp's relationship as a control measure. How immature.

Seriously, he's willing to burn bridges and be pushed around by people who could care less about him. They'll throw him to the curb in due time, after they're done using and abusing him.

Let Kathy have a minute with him, he needs a smack up side the head, a wake up, a what are you doing you fool!

Ghostbuster said...

I'm not going to judge Levi in this: I know little about the exact circumstances he's in, and what little I do know points to incredible pressure and impossible choices. And as Blaise Pascal wrote, The heart has its reasons, of which reason knows nothing.

So hang in there, Mercede. The best present you can ever give your nephew is not one that's going to be waiting for him wrapped in pretty paper - it's going to be the knowledge that you are willing to be there for him - integrity intact - head held high, standing up for love.

DarkEFang said...

Unfortunately, whenever people have kids, they can be held hostage to the demands of the other parent, no matter how unreasonable they may seem to those looking in on the outside. People do what they think is in the best interest of their children, even if it is detrimental to their own interests. Whether this current arrangement is the best thing for Tripp remains to be seen, though my guess is that finding a way to end all the inter-family drama without resorting to threats and coercion would be a better long-term solution.

Victorian said...

Oh, Mercede -- I am sorry for the position you now find yourself in. Hold your head up, you're doing exactly the right thing. I don't believe in karma, just the natural and logical consequences of one's actions and decisions. In the end, the truth will come out and everybody will get theirs.

Meantime, get yourself to college! You've got a future. All the best to you and your mom.

Lynn said...

I love it when people stand up to bullies--you go, Mercede!! And I think you're right that things will come right in the end between you and your brother.

meme said...

i bet the pale.n told levi that if he wanted back in,

he had to sign a non disclosure statement.

most likely that was the only reason bristol

is seeing levi, short term.

So many questions said...

I agree with the book idea too, you've already got the title- No, I will NOT set down and shut up! My life in Wasilla...Think of it as a healing process, get it all out so you can move on with your life.

Liz D said...

Oh Mercede dear, what terrible, terrible threat to you and your mother! Truth is the only way we can live with ourselves and be able to live an good life no matter what comes our way. You and your mother are strong women who are faced with this unconscionable situation that Palin (via your brother) has thrown at you. It is very disappointing that Levi had to make his choice in this way. Very sad indeed. You can be sure that Sarah is behind this latest outrage and thinks she can bully and threaten you through Levi.

It's Wednesday now. Your blog is still here. Get ready for more bullying behavior to be thrown at you. You and your mother have more support than you may realize. Stay strong and true to yourself.

Josie said...

Someone book this girl for some interviews already - Anderson Cooper, Barbara Walters, Joy Behar -
come on, Mercede speaks out for the little people, anyone that's ever been trampled on by evil jerks with money and power can identify with her.

It's a fantastic story - simple young country girl caught up in political machinations and fighting for her family against a hypocritical, corrupt political family of bullies. I think I've seen this movie before - let's hope it ends like it does in Hollywood for Mercede.

Good luck girl! Fight on!

C said...

Oh my GOSH, Mercede. I knew from palingates that this had happened yesterday but when I read right now what you wrote about Levi's message my heart just sank. You're right not to knuckle under to the Palins. They don't keep promises. There's no guarantee that if you sit down and shut up, that you'll ever see Tripp.

Levi has already missed the first 18 months of Tripp's life (in any meaningful way) by doing what the Palins want. He's not thinking straight if he thinks they'll keep their promises.

Keep your head up. Keep helping your mom. I know it's not a consolation for Levi's behavior but please believe that there are thousands of strangers out in the world who are thinking of you and your mother and sending you good thoughts. I just contributed to your site-- just because I think there has to be one person in Wasilla who isn't afraid of Sarah Palin.

fawn said...

I'm glad that you can see that if you give in, you will be constantly jumping through hoops to please Bristol. The only smart choice is the one you have made--to live your life for you. At some point in time, Trip will see all of this on the internet--it never disappears. He will know you love him and had wanted to spend time with him.
As for Levi, your brother will not be happy in the end ( I am sorry about that) but he has made his own choices.
And as for Bristol--well the apple didn't fall very far from the tree (what an unhappy person she must be).
The best revenge in life to to live it fully and in happiness.
I wish you and your mom the best through this hard time--but you are right--you are a strong young lady with a full and exciting life ahead of you.

just a friend said...

I want to add my sentiments to all of the others in wishing you the best. You're a brave gal, and it can't be easy with Sarah Palin in the other corner. It's not Bristol. It is Sarah who is pulling her strings and telling her to rein in Levi. With those two women plotting against him, he really doesn't have much of a chance. What's his alternative? Sarah will bleed him dry in court.

The way that you can escape this is to help put an end to Sarah Palin. If you have any inside information, photographs that we haven't seen, or know people who do know stuff, please get in touch with a responsible adult who will be on your side. It could be Gryphen. It could be Joe McGinniss or Geoffrey Dunn.

It could also be the IRS. They pay around 10% finders fee for credible reports of tax cheats. Levi once said that he knew something that Sarah did not do that would get her in trouble. That may be a starting point. Another would be how her home resembles the Sports Complex. Levi may have inadvertently told you things that didn't matter at the time. Search your memory. If you contact the IRS, they will keep your identity a secret, and they do pay a reward for outing tax cheats. If anyone is the pit bull, once the IRS gets a hold of a bone, they do not let go. (And don't talk about it except to someone you can trust.)

I don't need to remind you of all the damage that Sarah can do to you and your family if she is allowed to gain power. Imagine her running for President. Do you want the Secret Service back in Wasilla? Do you want some of her henchmen from McCain's campaign trying to get into your computer? Seriously, the best way to protect yourself is to join with other people who are actively working-- through research, writing, blogging, and books-- to unmask the fraud that is Sarah Palin. The best way to protect yourself is to stop her.

M. Aragon said...

That's it: I'm bookmarking your blog too. Hang in there. If Sarah Palin makes a grab for the presidency, she's in for a rude awakening. There is something very Machiavellian about her actions, but she isn't truly intelligent enough to pull off such a maneuver. And of course, all of us diligent citizens who've been keeping track of her will have all sorts of ammunition when the times comes - with her big stupid mouth and self-worship it's shockingly easy. It struck me the other day, Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama were born about a month apart, what a radical difference in personality!
I was born in the spring of that year and well, ick - she is such an embarrassment to the modern American woman. As for Bristol, her mother's publicity and dubious success has gone to her head. She can be the big fish in a very small, small town, but in real cities, she would be just a C-Lister at best. An oddity and curiosity.
I do hope your brother can survive this latest 'engagement' with the Palins and stay good at heart for you and your mother.

kevin said...

And one other thing Mercede.....once you cave in to a bully, the bullying will not stop.

Were you to take down this blog of yours, what would the next demand be?

People that threaten you like this, they do not go away. Once they see they can control you by emotionally threatening you, they will continue to do that to control other aspects of your life.

It is like any other bully. Your brother is being controlled by a bully whose only role model is another bully. And so they try to bully you.

Alot of us in the lower 48 are following this quite closely.

Cearbhallain said...

The more I find out about the Palins, the more disgusted I become. One has to wonder if more of our politicians are of that ilk? In any case, Sarah P. would have been a heartbeat away from the presidency. Scary Stuff.

I wish you well, Mercedes.

Sue in Kansas said...

Sadie my heart breaks for you and your mom. I am so disappointed in Levi. I once had great admiration for him, but now not so much. The Palin family is evil incarnate and I am sure that Levi will live to regret this, but as others have said..he made his bed and now he has to lie in it. I admire your integrity and guts, and encourage you to take the high road, get your education, and stick to your guns. Whether you know it or not there are a lot of us in the lower 48 who admire your courage, and support you 100%. My best to your mother who has to be in such pain..as a mom of adult children I understand and I wish that I could hug her and you.

Rebecca York said...

That's too bad about Levi. After what they've put him through? Wow! You keep it up, Mercedes. Standing up for what is right and true!

A sister also said...

Sad, sickened and horrified by what Bristol and Sarah have done to your family. There is no excuse for what Levi has done. He had a choice and choose to be beaten by a bully, he choose to give up his integrity and his name is now mud. He may have his son, but he has no honor. Shameful.

Mercede, be careful. The Palin's and their backers are vicious and angry people. They have no empathy or concern for others, only that people follow their rules. What has happened to your family should serve as a warning to others as to how Sarah Palin and her backers would tolerate no dissent in their version of the government.

Thank you Mercede for standing up and speaking up. I can only begin to imagine the terrible cost to you for your courage.

Friend said...

One request, if you get comments of a threatening tone in response to this post, would you consider approving some of them so we can see what kind of negative reactions you get to your blog? Especially if you think it's from locals? I think it would help you for the world to see what kind of blowback you get from this post, even though it's painful for you. You have to read them anyway to decide whether to approve them. Hope you'll consider it.

ks sunflower said...

What a remarkable young woman you are! Your example may give courage and hope to other young women in similar circumstances. Imagine the power of that!

Do look into the assistance others have mentioned. It is the smart thing to do and will also lift guilt off your mother. I am sure that she feels badly that you have to do so much for her. However, she must also feel very proud of having raised such a loving, caring, strong daughter.

I love that others have encouraged you to pursue your goal of going to college. Sadie, that would be the best "revenge" of all - positive and constructive "revenge" - because none of the Palins are capable of doing that (Sarah had to attend five colleges in order to get enough hours so one college would allow her to graduate. Plus, she didn't have have the responsibilities and pressures you have.) So, if you can manage to do so, start classes as soon as you can.

A formal education gives you so much more than just better job opportunities. It exposes you to the best thoughts of the best minds and enriches you beyond measure as make new friends, think in new ways, and learn skills that will sustain you no matter what happens.

Life has given you and your brother unique opportunities. Levi took his and chose a path that has reminded us all of our human frailty. You have obviously chosen a different path and that makes all the difference because yours is one of courage. You may be scared sometimes, but your heart will sustain you.

There will come a time when Levi will be able to look back and understand things. He may even be able to apologize to you and your mother for the pain he has caused you, but it will take time. He has a lot to learn. You haven't lost him. He has chosen to take this path because he has lessons that only it can teach him - even if it takes him most of his life to learn them. He should return a stronger, wiser person.

Blessings to you and your mother, Mercede. Live in the present, embracing the goodness in each day (and there is always goodness regardless of what happens, but it is up to you to see it). When things get a bit much, take the long-view. Everything happens for a reason, even if you cannot understand it now.

You are a person of worth. We are all better for getting to know you through your writing.

ENOUGHwiththetrainwreck said...

i recommend reading some books about domestic abuse and bullying.

if this was my brother i would be beside myself with angst and concern for his well-being. he is not in a healthy environment. he will need his family to be supportive when he finally escapes what is clearly a mentally abusive situation. i am trying to see this from levi's eyes and all i can feel is he is completely trapped between a child and basically a hugely sociopathic family (paylins).

as the sister - wow -- you have a lot on your shoulders. be strong. i hope you have a trusted network of friends and family to rely upon.

we are all watching. we care. and a bit helpless.

Lisabeth said...

I'm really sorry but I'm not surprised either. I don't know what is wrong with Levi but his decisions and actions aren't too bright. How can you love someone who treats your entire famili like crap?? I tried for years with my SIL and then I let go. I lost my brother but I did the right thing and so are you.

You know, here is the really ironic thing. You haven't even said anything bad about the Palins!! Really you haven't. And they make a big huge deal over everything! That is going to be Sarahs downfall wait and see. She's a control freak and clearly so is Bristol. What weak and insecure women trying to control all discourse about them... It is one of Sarahs biggest weaknesses and her over reaction to every "perceived" threat, real or imagined, is over the top and pathological.

Stay strong and be safe. You have more integrity and way more class than Bristol or her family. Hopefully some day your brother will get it! If not, it's his loss. Really!!!

lynn said...

You are one amazing young woman! Listen, I know how hurt you are but here's the deal. Your sweet brother is being told he has to choose between the family he loves (you and your momma) OR Tripp. Its that simple. And this is a top-down threat. This is coming from the most manipulative woman to have ever worn a skirt in the history of the world, and I bet you know that in your gut. One day this will be resolved but you must keep to your highest good Mercede; the longer you hold out and when that family is finally stripped of the varnish that hides them, you will show the world just what living by a decent code of ethics looks like. In a way you will be helping him by not budging on this position. And your brother will not allow this to go on forever. By you holding to your guns, you expose the Palins as petty and give your brother an out because the world will see that he is being forced to choose. People with ethics don't make threats to others. People with a decent core don't use their kids as pawns. Sadly Bristol has learned from her mom (and this mandate is coming from Sarah herself) that kids are pawns as long as you use them in the way that nets the biggest gains. Hang in girl. You are amazing.

kevin said...

One final thing Mercede.....I bought you lunch today so you have to listen to me while you eat lol.

What the Palins just did to your brother Levi is masterful. They have PERMANENTLY destroyed his credibility. It does not matter whether what he said before is a lie or true. Once you go out and tell people that you lied to them, it is over. Nobody will believe him again. Ever.

And that is what I think the next demand will be if you cave in to them. First they will have you take down this blog......then they will have you state publicly that you lied about this or that.

Doesnt matter what it is. Once you say that you lied to people, they have destroyed you permanently.

Do not fall into this trap Mercede!

Just keep to the truth, stick to it, and don't be bullied.

And be aware that they have already destroyed Levi's credibilty forever. You will be next in their gunsights. They will look to destroy your credibilty forever.

Never let them do that to you.

You have plenty of people in the lower 48 watching now.

Bobbie said...

I am sorry to hear of your troubles. Keep your chin up and remember you have the right to speak up about the mistreatment you have received. I am very impressed with the maturity of your writing and the strength of will you have to stand up for the truth. Keep it up.

I am also in agreement with the others on the possibility of writing a book about your life growing up in Wasilla, your interaction with the Palin (introduction, etc) and so forth.

Also keep growing and planning for the future. Life is hard now, but it will get easier. Your nephew will grow up and you will get to know him. Maybe not in his early years but you and your mom will be there for him.

There aren't many people willing to stand up to the Palin's and I'm impressed you, at your age, are willign to do so for the truth and not buckle under intimidation.
Take Care and stay strong.

digbydolben said...

Please don't give up. We're getting closer and closer to the truth about Sarah Palin and her abusive relationships, and you are helping to us to save the United States and the Republican Party from her.

lexky said...

Its a sad situation. I learned a long time ago, nobody can hurt you as much as your own family.

You are young, pretty and very brave. You are doing what I have seen few people do and thats stand up to the Palin's. Dont let your life be defined by them.

The best way to show those bullies is to be a success. Stand on your own, take care of your mom and go to college. They cant take any of those accomplishments away from you.

Best of luck to you.

c said...

You've got friends @ Gates too Sadie!
Don't forget that!
We're all in this together, I figure. Gry, Gates, alll of them.
We are here to help.

Amy said...

What a wise young woman you are, Mercedes---wise beyond your ears. You hang in there, girl. Maybe you can write your own book. If you need legal help due to the bullying, perhaps Gloria Allread would lend you a hand. I'm sure she would be willing to help a wonderful lady such as yourself.


Martha Unalaska Yard Sign said...

Mercede - your voice rings out like a loud, clear bell and it's a joy to hear it. I will be back to say more, except, that I believe you are 100 percent correct about Bristol. You learn quickly, and that will save you a lot of extra heartaches which I believe you already know.

FEDUP!!! said...

Sadie: HANG IN THERE! I know, it is easy for us outsiders to say that, but be strong. You *DO* have thousands of friends who will try to help you any-which-way we can, and you have Alaskan bloggers as your friends. Turn to them/us if/when you need help. Do not be worried or ashamed to ask for help, and be willing to accept it. We are willing to give it.

Since you are openly defying $arah and Bri$tol, as well as your brother, make sure your house is locked (change the lock...), you and your mom (and pets?) are safe, and check your car before getting into it each time...

Make sure you have a back-up copy of your blog, and everything you keep on your computer, because I believe it will be hacked soon.
Remember what happened in 2008.


Levi Johnston Has Been Wholly Digested by the Palin Family | Indecision Forever | Political Humor, 2010 Election, and Satire Blog | Comedy Central said...

[...] what's this? Why, it appears to be an excerpt from a post by Levi's sister Mercede Johnston, who has recently promised to "answer all questions related to the Palin family" in [...]

Deb said...

Patience is not a characteristic of the Palins. Once Bristol believes she has won this one by Levi not being involved with you and your Mom, she will have to amp up her next threat over Levi's head in order to achieve her next 'high'. Levi has shown his total lack of maturity by way of his apology in the media and allowing Bristol to inflict to what is known as mental abuse. It's the same as physical abuse except physical the bruises and physical violence shows. Mental abuse is what the Palins are inflicting. They have actually been mentally abusive to Trigg by using him like a possession by the 'now you can see your father, now you can't' but of course Trigg is too young to know this.

It won't be long before we hear that they've had another break-up and he can't see his son again. It's predictable. It's a characteristic in her make-up that she has to have 'control', some sort of battle or drama going on and Levi will once again be her target by his allowing her to win this one. His choice of accepting 'her rules' of control now makes him a doormat to be walked all over. You know this is how the Palin family works.

Keep your head high as you have done nothing wrong. If you accept and play by the Palin/Bristol rules and control, you will forever regret it as you will never win. You could drive yourself nuts jumping through hoops to accomplish nothing satisfying to you or your mother. The Palins would just continue to up the ante to which you would never be able to achieve.

Be careful if all of a sudden it becomes friendly as it won't last long. You know what Bristol is like. The last thing we want to hear is that they've set you or your Mom up for another case like your Mom's Court case. Don't put it past the Palins.

Stay well. Be safe. Live your life how you want to as you cannot live it by the Palin rules and control. That's a no win situation and you will be permanently unhappy in trying.

Beth said...

Levi has been bought.

I'm sure he has been told that instead of trying to figure out how to pay thousands per month in child support he will now be able to languish around the house or condo, playing with Tripp, playing with Bristol, living the high life.

When the circus that is the campaign trail begins he will pay a high price for all that playing. When he finds himself asking how high when Sarah or Bristol says jump, when he misses his family, when he can't find his balls anywhere, maybe his eyes will start to open.

Many lesser people have been bought. Levi just caved under the pressure. I feel bad for you and his mom, but in the end you have maintained your integrity.

Christoph said...

You are so provincial.

You actually think Bristol is controlling you with threats.

Sure, she may have a preference, but it is your brother trying to control you with threats.

When not telling lies about the Palins, he goes after his sister, and, for a time at least, runs out on his child.

Look, I couldn't care less if he stays with Bristol. Isn't my business. But your brother IS NOT "the man you know he is". He's the slimy worm the world knows him as.


And I'm sure he can be very charming, etc., when he's not threatening his sister and playing with her emotions, or publicity-whoring, trying to get himself an unearned payday, or lying about someone -- again, in his own family, in a sense, much like you are (but not by blood, instead by choice on his part) -- else's marriage, their Down syndrome child, etc.

Levi's one selfish 'man'.

I hope he grows up. I hope his coming clean about his past lies (and I'm not saying EVERY thing he said about the Palins is a lie, but clearly many were) and even his misguided and weak-minded attempt to bottle you up is part of his trying to find his way and enter something resembling manhood.

In the meantime, hold your ground: Sure, you may take into consideration his feelings when you express something, and you may even -- for the sake of your relationship with him -- self-censor yourself from time-to-time if you choose to.

But insisting you take your blog offline is a ridiculous bullying request. Don't do it.

You have every bit the same right to express yourself in words as your brother does to show his body in Playgirl.

I'm not even criticizing that decision of his -- just pointing out how unfair and absurd of him it is to tell you to take MercedeJohnston.com down.

Good luck to you.

kate67 said...

Bristol and Sarah are both what some people call "control freaks". My son was married to one such person. He would call us to complain about something, and you could hear in the background her telling him exactly what to say.

He finally had enough of it and after 7 years finally divorced her. She still tries to control every visit, is nice to your face while stabbing you in the back as soon as you turn. Even her own parents and sisters are afraid to say anything to her that might start a family feud.

I am sure Bristol is using their son as a weapon, "do what I say, or never see our son again.."

It's blackmail, pure and simple. I know how difficult this will be for you and your mother. But you both need to be true to yourselves and hope that someday things will work. God bless you and keep safe and strong.

GrainneKathleen said...

so sorry for your troubles, mercede. but i am so glad to see that you are willing to take a stand and be your genuine self and not a doormat for the palin's. i hope levi can draw up as much courage some day.
don't worry too much kiddo - you have a wonderful life ahead, with all your gifts, beauty, and great heart. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your mother.

tallimat said...

Morning Mercede,
Yeah, writing helps me too, so I hear ya on that front.

And yeah, ditto with all the comments above.

Keep writing, because I know it helps one sleep at night. Be here or elsewhere. I understand this blog is your choice and the content as well. So it is your choice if it goes or stays. However it wouldn't bode well with me if I was given a ultimatum: quit writing or you don't see your family member.
Ah yes, why am I reminded of Chuck Heath's actions and a custody battle with his own grandson? I guess ultimtums
and/or threats didn't work out too well.

Look Levi can be together all he wants with whomever, but why cancel out his family? We can garner all the answers to that question, but just remember it isn't your or your moms fault. It may hurt like hell, but it ain't your fault.

It is what it is. I don't say that to diminish or devalue any pain, I say it because some people can only choose a nasty trail of existence.

Truth prevails. So does love.
I do hope when Levi does show up, is that your able to give him a hug. Till then, enjoy writing, enjoy golf, enjoy taking photographs, enjoy mom... Live life !!


Deb said...

You are an amazing young woman, wise beyond your years. In the end, you have your integrity and your dignity. Keep strong, Sadie!

Sharon said...

Mercede, You are an exceptional young lady. I'm sorry that you and your mother are having to go through all of this. I'm impressed with your maturity especially when you say that you decided that in the end, Bristol would always come up with an excuse to keep Levi and Tripp away from you and your mother. There's no doubt in my mind that that's true.

Go on with your life. You have a good mind, get your education. Take it a step at a time with your mother and what she needs. Hopefully your mother will soon be out from under the burdens that she's carrying.

There isn't a (logical or honest) person in the country who doesn't see what has happened here. Sarah and Bristol Palin may feel that they have "won" but they haven't. The way that your family is being treated is just another example of the hate and divisiveness that Sarah is known for. Just another chapter in the "real" story of Sarah Palin.

"It is the nature of a scorpion to sting" as the old saying goes. Sarah's lack of character and basic nature comes out in everything that she does. And the silly woman wants to be President of the United States! What a way to get votes!

Ignore it as best you can. Stay safe. Be careful.

wynsplc said...

Stand tall, my friend. You have one thing the Palin clan and all their money and power can never buy... a Good Moral Character.

Jeff said...

Thank you for saying your side of the story, being fair, and speaking from the heart. What a breeze of fresh air compared to the garbage that the Palins and those they have been able to manipulate have been feeding to the media.

OB said...

Dear Mercede,
You are like me-feisty. That trait has kept me from being knocked down and keeling over many times in my life. And in the end my reward has always been having peace of mind. So will it be for you. Good luck.

Just-A-Guy-From-Texas said...

Hi Mercede. I found the expression "you hold no title" to be very interesting. That's about as self-revealing as it gets. She wants you to be subordinate to her, Mercede.

I'm sorry you are getting stuff thrown at you and getting confused, sometmes that is what life throws at you, it's not your fault. You just keep your indepencence and stick up for the truth, just like you are. In the end, that always proves to be the wisest path.

Cheers and good luck.

hedgewytch said...

I grew up with a grandmother with a borderline personality disorder / narcissist. This is textbook. A bit of co-dependency going on as well (Levi's part).

There's nothing you can do about Levi. He's made his own bed for whatever reason and has decided to "toe the line" in order for him to get what he wants, in this case we can assume, Bristol and Tripp.

People who exhibit this type of controlling behavior will not tolerate ANYONE OR ANYTHING getting between them and those they control or what they want. My own grandmother created a fight between her daughter and her son which resulted in them not talking to each other for 20 years. (She tried to do the same thing between my brother and myself.) It was on her death bed that they realized how they had been emotionally manipulated for all that time. But they ALLOWED it to happen.

You've lost Levi and Tripp, but hopefully, only for a time. There is nothing you can do to change his mind. If you speak bad about Bristol it will only force him to take sides. Perhaps one day he will wake up and have had enough.

You must now protect yourself and your Mother. You are so smart for going to college, no matter what. What will Bristol do when her mother's fame wears out? What kind of ambition does she have? Be sad for her, but don't give her any power over you.

Be firm, stand your ground. Don't let them emotionally manipulate you.

I would suggest that you quit blogging about them personally execpt to document facts (which is what you've pretty much done) - which is incredibly important to protect yourself. Do not engage in speculation, emotional pleadings, or explanations. I'm not saying to sit down and shut up; but you must realize that they feed off of notoriety, of any kind.

The best way to "win" over people like this is to live your life, happily, without letting them get to you in anyway. I deal with a few people like this in the small rural AK village I live in. They live to make people's life miserable. When I laugh and smile and tell them a joke when all they are trying to do is get under my skin - you can see the dismay and confusion on their faces. They can't get to me and it just kills them!

I hope you have a good outlet in someone to talk to who you can trust completely, who can be dispassionate and is outside of the situation. Just having a sounding board is very helpful.

Hang in there Mercede. If I run into you at the Wasilla Fred Meyer (I hate walmart) the next time I'm in the valley to visit my Mom, I'll give you a wink and a smile.

anonymoose said...

You need to get Levi a copy of Stop Walking on Eggshells. And the Essential Family Guide to Borderline Personality Disorder. He's going to need help to survive life with the Palins.

MariaT said...

Brava, Mercede. You are one courageous young woman! I admire the stand you've taken on this awful situation and the goodwill you display to Levi despite his hurtful words and deeds. You are wise beyond your years and I see a great future for you if you maintain your outlook on life and your integrity.

I wish you and your mom the very best and may Levi soon come to his senses.

BooBooBear said...

Mercede...Get yourself over to Joe McGinniss's house and speak to him at once. He is a kind man who will help guide you through this.

Sarah Palin is calling the shots on this one, I am sure. The importance of shutting down your blog "By Wednesday?" Well they all knew what was coming out in the People Magazine.

Sarah Palin NEEDS to "create" a perfect little family before she announces her run for the Presidency. Don't cow-tow to them. This is classic Palin intimidation. They are all pros at it.

You have a story to tell...capitalize on it. I liked someone's suggestion of using Gloria Allred .....she loves this kind of stuff.

Be safe.....you are one courageous girl. Thank you for standing tall against the Palin Machine.

BooBooBear said...

PS....good time to get with McGinnis while the Palin's are out of town.

anon said...

Was trying to post, and it suddenly went poof, not sure what happened, or if it will go through. Just in case, the point I was trying to make:

What kind of father would use his child as a pawn in an attempt to silence someone?

Levi will deny Tripp a relationship with his aunt and grandmother, but will allow Tripp to know his family members IF auntie takes down a blog today? Poor Tripp.

Levi and/or the Palins must be VERY worried about what might be revealed in this blog.

womanwithsardinecan said...

Stand tall and speak your heart. You have many supporters.

ella said...

GO Mercede!

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.

YOU are doing SOMETHING - It is way past time for more people to tell their stories (we know of SO MANY cases where friends/associates of the Palins have been tossed under the bus).

May you continue to shine your light and lead the fearful out of the darkness.

You are my hero, Sadie.

Jo Ann said...

You are so mature for your young age! Needless to say, I'm very disappointed in Levi, but I suspect the Palin's have hung some stuff over his head/ Remember that the Court case (custody and child support) is coming up in September and the Judge has deemed the case to be an 'open' one. We know the Palins would never agree w/that. It will be interesting to see when the case is dropped by Bristol (think it scheduled in Palmer).

Levi has lost his credability and I'll wager they will not survive, in the long term, as a couple. He has been duped!

Palin is obviously planning on running for President (God forbid) and is trying to clean up all her personal messes. There are two books about her that have not been published as yet, but they supposedly will not be good to her.

I worry for you and your Mom, Mercede. The Palins are not nice people as you well know. Make sure things are secure around you. Record things said, retain things on your computer (backup) and hide that - and put out notice when and if you need help. Many of us would assist you and your Mom. I live in Anchorage and many in Alaska would help you guys.

You will be in my thoughts.

kevin said...

Yes Mercede, i concur with the above folks who tell you, go over and chat with Joe McGinnis while the Palins are out of town.

He is there to talk to people who know the Palins for years. You count as one of them, and you are the most courageous one to date since you have not been bullied into silence by them.

Joe might also be able to help you hook up with the right people to write your own book about what you are going through these days. That could help you out alot.

SarahElizabeth said...

Mercede, I am so sorry that you, your brother, your nephew, and your mother have gone through so much. You are so brave for standing your ground.

I also think that, yes, Levi will eventually come back around. And one day Tripp will know the whole story. But that may take awhile. Stay strong, girl!!! *hugs*

Caty Zeitler said...

Mercede, I think right now one of the most important things you could do is. Save any and all communications, threats ans screen shots. Save them, record them, back them up on to disk. Get them into safe hands or a safe deposit box. Your home has been compromised once. I know you love your brother, but for right now I would not trust him. Does he have access or keys to your home? Could he show up while you are at an appointment with your Mom?
I see no reason you should protect Bristol if her facebook has anything to say about you or your family.
The thing that has effected Alaskans so bad is the proof. The Palins have support all over the place. And people can not or will not come forward with the truth.
Even if nothing ever happens with you pile of evidence your protection is paramount. If Levi said "Take down your blog or you will never see Tripp again" Well the most important thing you can do for Tripp is save that recording. Should Tripp really be in the care of people who would use him in such a manner?
Keep your head up, but protect your self. PROOF!

Joe said...

Stay strong, stay real. If Levi's (Palin) threat doesn't cause you to take down your blog, you will have your dignity and self-respect that your brother has forsaken.

Next, they WILL try to buy you. Offering you gobs of money to STFUASD and sign legal documents. DON'T DO IT PLEASE! Do not sell out, no amount of money will ever make this all go away.

If you love your brother, nephew and country, do what you are doing and stay true to yourself. Lawyer up and go find Joe McGinnis if you haven't already. He can help you as well as Uncle Gryphen. Now is the time to ask for help!

SOS for Sade and her mom!!!

Blessings and stay strong!

You are still on the right

SoCalWolfGal said...

Mercede, like so many others here and on IM and Palingates and other blogs are so very sorry that all this is being thrown at you and your Mom. But you just walk tall, tell the truth and maintain your honor and your integrity and you will be fine (of course, be very, very careful). Sarah Palin is a controlling monster of a woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. We have all witnessed that for almost two years now. I feel sorry for Levi, because as has been pointed out by many, no one will ever believe anything he says again. I am sure he was being pressured and caved in and did the easy thing in order to be able to see Tripp. But what is going to happen to him when the Palins throw him out again. And it will happen.

You keep you blog going and keep writing. We are all pulling for you. And I agree, it would be a very good idea to get in tough with Joe McGinniss now.

M Baker said...

The person who'll be the most hurt by this decision in the end will be Levi. With his appolgy, he not only has discredit himself, but has also limited his earning potential in the future. I'm ssure the Palin's are basking in their victory. Unfortunately, my quess is in the near furture Bristol will kick Levi out, leaving Levi with little credibility or a viable opportunity to find employment at the earnings potential he has had in the past. The Palin clan won this battle, and they have managed not only to shut up Levi up, but have ruined his earning potential for the future. But its only a battle and not the war. Hang in there, I believe this move has been in the works was planned before now and was the only option they had left to quiet you. Levi and Tripp will be back and your mother still has legal rights for visitation, dispite what Levi says. You're also correct in that Tripp is the only one right now who suffers by this immature decision by being put in the middle in what is so obviously a very immature move on their part. I also commend you on what appears to be very mature thoughts on your part, and I hope you continue in that direction.

Joe said...

Hey Deb @ 11:11 am
You are a selfish insensitive bitch who must KNOW NOTHING ABOUT CHRONIC PAIN. So it's OK to be medicated if your RICH and can afford FREE health care but NOT OK if you are poor and in pain, trying to make some cash for more pain meds? GO AWAY TROLL!

Lynne said...

Mercede: I posted earlier but I wanted to add something, which may seem like unsolicited advice; I sense you are a kindred spirit, but perhaps still young and naive.

Don't give the press any reason to turn on you or ridicule you - they will do that whenever possible for ratings and hits. I've worked for tabloids and can tell you they will dissect everything you wear and say if this gets big.

When you're in public act and dress professionally and as natural as possible. You're naturally beautiful and don't need a lot of makeup and bling. The "liberal" media loves to trash Palin for her bump-it (which no one outside Alaska wears), trashy clothes and inappropriate behavior. Look how they globbed onto the potential boob job. Try to maintain the clean image that you've built on this site wherever you go; you've got a lot of people rooting for you!!!

GrannyD said...

I think that the only thing that will stop the Palins from controlling everyone or thinking they can control everyone is if their so called "power" is taken away. This will only happen when someone who knows the truth regarding the scandals they are involved in, comes forward and exposes them for what they really are.......(add your own description here)! It is going to happen.

I hope you keep blogging. You have so much support from people who are totally mystified how the Palins can do what they do without suffering any consequences. Take care....

VernD said...

"Be who you are and say what you feel,
Because those who mind DON'T MATTER,
and those who matter don't mind."
Dr. Seuss

Be strong M.
Best to you and your Mom.

anonymousabby said...


I don't know you from beans, but I wanted to tell you that I am SO proud of you! It isn't easy to stand up to the abusive bullies in our lives, but it is the only way to survive them!

Levi has destroyed himself for Bristol. For that I feel sorry for him. He knows not what he has done....YET.

As a man the only things you have is your word, and your integrity. Levi has shown neither are worth anything to him

Bristol will continue to use Tripp to try and control him, and Levi will constantly be trying to please her. It will be impossible though as she's obviously an unhappy, unpleasant person.

I know that you will be there for him when this all falls apart. That's what sisters are for. Just make sure to make him grovel for forgiveness a LOT first ;)

I wish you and your mom nothing but the best. Keep your chins up and have faith that things will get better, eventually.


Judi said...


So proud of you to stand your ground honey. Truth does always prevail and you be true to yourself.

Levi will come around. He's sadly taken their bait and there may be more to it than you know...the Palin's don't play fair.

Keep your eyes wide open and always do the right thing.

Hugs to you and your family.

CAgal said...

Congratulations, Mercede! I've been around the proverbial block a few times and I know, without a doubt, and I PROMISE you, that TRUTH always prevails in the end. You are staying in integrity and the truth of yourself, and that's all you need to do right now. Unlike the usual Palin dramas, this one has caught on outside of Alaska, so a larger segment of people will be watching to see what happens. Your power is your truth. Period.

FYI, my comment on Politico, to the bloggers who are trashing Levi:

"Please, give Levi a break. When the Palin's make a threat (ex: you will not have access to your son if you speak the truth about our family) the recipient usually listens. Alaskans know this very well, as they've witnessed the carnage that ensues with noncompliance to their demands. This has been the Palin modus operandi from day one of SP's public life. Levi is doing what he needs to do right now, to have a relationship with his child. The Palins will throw him under the bus again soon enough, whenever they deem him no longer useful to their cause. Such a sad and twisted real life drama."

kevin said...


you are now in a battle for your personal integrity.

as noted by others here.....the Palins have won on your brother, they have silenced him and more importantly destroyed his credibility FOREVER. If they threw him out tomorrow, he could not do what he was doing before. Nobody will believe him now.

So now the Palins are coming after you.

First, they will try emotional blackmail. via your brother. That one is in progress and you are holding your ground. People are giving you the finger in public, your brother is threatening you with never seeing Tripp again. This is an orchestrated blackmail attempt to silence you.

At some point, they will turn from this tactic to bribery. They will offer you gobs of money to sit down and shut up. It will be very very hard for you to pass it up.

Be ready for it. Your personal integrity has no price, it is priceless.

You have a ton of people watching this blog now. Please keep it up and running, and please keep us informed as to who is threatening or trying to bribe you next. You are the only one that is believable in Wasilla right now.

And go talk to Joe McGinnis. He is in the same boat as you are except his boat is a bit worse. I am sure Joe can hook you up with people who will be interested in a book from you about all of this.

Enjay in E MT said...

No matter what - he will ALWAYS be your brother. Give him time & space. He believes he is doing what he needs to in order to have a relationship with Tripp (and apparently Bristol).

Unfortunately for you and your family, Levi is trapped between Tripp, Bristol, and the Palin clan. No matter which way he turns, he will lose; either his son, the mother of his son, or his own family.

alice scherp (hon) said...

we will keep you both in our prayers. thank you for keeping us informed. hon

Ak Born and Raised said...

Sorry that Levi is back to the dark side. Be strong. Things will work out for you and your mother.

Karen said...

Mercede, You deserve much credit for holding your ground. You're absolutely right, shutting it down would not guarantee you could see Levi & Tripp again. Hold out for big time money, like $100,000 for you & your mother.

Boys grow up to become interested in sex, money & power. Levi is normal, & he's looking out for himself & his child. Family often does take a second seat, but he will learn.

Amazed said...

This is a comment posted on Gryphen's blog that you need to read and follow:

Call Kathy Griffin. Learn from her. There's no reason to be scared of the Palins.

If your mother is doing a good job on probation, get her in front of a judge and see if you can get her travel restrictions lifted. Go to college. Get away from Wasilla as soon as you possibly can. But, before you do, pay a visit to Joe McGinnis.

Tyroanee said...

Since you have started this blog I have found it to be completely open and honest.
Something that doesn't hold water with the Palin's... Words have split two different families when it was one little boy that should have kept it together.
Your pain is deep and heartfelt, it will take time to heal.
Your brother chose to see Bristol in order to see Tripp- what a dangle of cheese she holds over your brothers head. In order for the grand story to continue, Bristol must make more drama.
She is just like her mother.... God help Levi and that little boy make it out in on piece.
Levi- if you're reading this?
You only get one mother, and one sister... but when you toss them aside for someone that called you all those names SHAME, Shame SHAME on you you for allowing the dishonesty.

icarust said...

Wow! Your spirit and strength are fantastic! I really thought you might cave in, and would understand if you did...but, I'm so pleasantly surprised at your strong post.

We all only want what's best for you and your family. That's the most important thing in anyone's life. But, I know we all are feeling very hopeful that your lone voice in the wilderness will encourage others to stand up to the Palins - and help stop her from not only poisoning your family, but also the entire country.

MadasHelinVA said...

Oh honey, I feel so bad for you and your mom. Levi is so foolish to apologize publicly to the Paylins [they had him do this so that when Bristol kicks him out AGAIN, they KNOW the public will NOT BELIEVE him when he speaks ill of them in the future. They are slick [especially con-artist Scarah] and she is directing the entire Levi and Bristol scenario. So when Levi does come to his senses or Bristol kicks him to the curb, no one will ever believe anything Levi has to say [needless to say, no Levi book deal will be forthcoming].

You truly are so mature for your young age and we know you and your mom will be there to welcome Levi home. Inasmuch as you love him, when he returns as the prodigal son and bro, please make him apologize. I'm glad you decided you would NOT relinquish your blog just to appease the Paylins because we all know that threat came from THEM THROUGH him.

You don't need 'anyone' to tell you how to live your life. You are doing what you can to help your mom and hopefully doing what you can to take care of yourself and your needs. You have done NOTHING WRONG Mercede. You have violated NO ONE'S trust. You have written NOTHING on your blog that was not already publicly known. You have been HONEST and that is a rare virtue in today's world. You are BRAVE since you refuse to allow anyone to keep you down with threats - including Levi.

Stay well, stay strong and stay SAFE. Be proud of yourself Sadie because we are all proud of you. You and your mom remain in my thoughts and I wish you all the best.

Ardiva said...

I cannot add more to what has already been said here except many blessings to you and your mom for being the smart and emotionally stable ones in the family.

krbmjb05 said...

I hope your brother realizes he has NO support from EITHER side now. He is now branded a liar, money grubber, loser from the right. They don't trust him, say he's just in it for the money and are encouraging everyone to "be careful".

The left sees this as a weak, bullied guy who sold his soul to the devil for a warm body and most likely $$$$. For you to share that Bustle-Bristol continues to berate you and your mother, threaten you with witholding Tripp (like THAT is new) just shows she is a miserable SOW. Nothing will EVER make her happy.

Your brother now sleeps with the devil.

ShadowFever said...

If you never write another word about Palin, Bristol, Levi or your family, that would be fine. What wouldn't be fine is how it feels to be intimidated into doing something that you don't want to do at the time. (taking a blog down if you don't want to, being dictated as to what to write or not write).
Do what you want, when you want to do it and however this ends or doesn't end, you'll come out of it feeling alright about yourself and the choices that you have made. That is really what is important.

It is easy for all of us to sit behind our monitors and tell you to tell what you know, but not a one of us has to live your life or walk in your shoes, we cannot and do not know what that is like. So, you are smart obviously, and know what your options are in this life, make good decisions and live it the best way you know how.

Take care. :)

Ivyfree said...

Mercede, I have to agree with the person who said that Levi is behaving like this because he is in an abusive relationship. The first thing abusers do is try to separate their victims from their families. I know you love him, but try to retain a little charity for the way he is acting.

He has destroyed his credibility, but that is his problem. You can't fix other people.

I still think my earlier suggestion was good: get you and your mother away from Alaska. The Palins have poisoned the well for you.

However, that said, I agree with everyone who suggests talking with Joe McGinniss, if you haven't already. Don't expect him to do anything- he's an author, not a social worker- but he should know the truth. And he migiht write about it. The Palins are succeeding in controlling Levi because they are controlling information. Once the information comes out, their control is gone.

And I agree- keep every scrap of information that comes your way, keep a detailed log, and keep it in a safety-deposit box at a bank, where it's safe. Keep backups that aren't in your own home. You already know what they'll do to destroy your records.

Natalie said...

Good for you. Do NOT under any circumstances take your blog down. No one else does why should you? In my opinion the rise of Sarah Palin is a fluke. She got lucky to (a) look like she does (b) to have had, much to McCain's dismay I am sure, had him pick a TOTALLY unprepared, mean spirited know nothing to be a heartbeat away from the most powerful position in the world and (c) to come around at the time she did. There is a schism in this country and she is milking it for all its worth. It's unfortunate for all of us as it makes this country not stronger but more vulnerable.

To have a Sarah Palin assume ANY office much less the presidency would be absolutely devastating to this country she SAYS she loves. She doesn't love it she loves MONEY. Nothing wrong with that IF it does not impact the country negatively. She has. She is divisive because she is so intellectually utterly inept.

She sounds simply abhorrent and I believe Levi's initial statements about them. Someone got to Levi either Palin herself and the money that tags along with her or something else. I suspect it's the money. It's sad really because the American people have a right to know. As long as she is making herself a part of the American political landscape then we have a right to know it all. She gives up her right when she signs on to gain power and the money that power bestows.

Keep on blogging. You KNOW there will be those of us who want to know the truth whatever the truth may be!

K.M.O. said...

Wow. My respect for you has gone up several notches Mercede.

Doot Diddy Doot said...

Sadie - keep at it girl. Your story is now on the Huff Post Politics page with a great pic of you!

Keep it up girl let them know what it is really like to deal with this family. Let the world know they are willing to divide a family in order to keep their lifestyle and further advance the opportunity to grift the lower 48.

Keep showing your integrity girl!

I suggest a post every day to keep the attention coming to your page especially now that HP and Andrew Sullivan are paying attention.

A suggestion though Mercede is add Andrew Sullivan as one of the blogs you read in your link section to the right. Maybe add links to other sites you like(don't need to be news, political, etc) because it gives us an insight to what all your interests are.

Chin up!

Rosie said...

Since I've been through a version of a wayward son much like Levi I know it can be hell. There is also a certain strength when you have the truth on your side. I believe in you and the path you are taking is righteous.

I just heard a Showbiz Tonight spiel on Levi and Sarah and well, Bristol. Some dude said this was a genius move for Levi, what else could he do, he made the right decision. They also had a fake quote alleged by Bristol. She only admits to co-parenting. Gee, they sound so mature. Sarah did not comment on independent Bristol. The Showbiz dude is also looking forward to the happy family dinner pictures over Thanksgiving and hoping that Sarah doesn't wield the carving knife. I guess he doesn't know about Subway or where they eat when Chuck isn't dissecting moose.

I wish you and your mother nothing but the best and that this passes soon. Thank you for caring enough for Bristol and all concerned to speak truth to power. Not even your brother would have Bristol face the truth and he supposedly loves her as the mother of his son. True love is not for the weak or faint of heart. I do hope for Levi that he finds his way back to where he is truly loved.

Irishgirl said...


The world is watching this little blog. I know you must be hurting about Levi's treatment of you and your mum. He has branded himself as a liar, and I think we all know that he isn't.

The Palins are manipulating him, and it seems that in his desire to see Tripp and Bristol, he has cast aside family members that have given him unconditional support in the past.

Levi, if you are reading this, please know that you are in an abusive situation and you are being used. What you are doing to your sister and mother is not what I would expect of a good man. You have really let yourself down and you have lost all credibilty.

Kallie in Texas said...

Keep on keeping on, Mercede. Don't let them bully you. They are scared, bullies threaten and intimidate when scared. Play your cards, sweetie. You are always welcome in Texas.

Ignia said...

Good luck with everything. Keep your chin up. I believe you did the right thing... standing up for what you believe in is very important. Your brother will calm down and come back around. Just give him time for Bristol to work her Nighthag abilities on him again.

And remember; Palin may have an army of abusive fanatics behind her... but you also have an army of support from a mass of complete strangers. Let the palin fanatics show their true colors. We'll rip them a new one!

Keep us posted!

anonymous said...

When you say that Levi "left a message," was it a voice mail message or an email? If it was a voice message, did he sound strange, like maybe he was being coerced? He said that Todd had pointed a rifle at him in the past, maybe he was doing it again.

If it was a text message of some kind, are you sure that Levi sent it?

This may sound naive, but I think it's important to establish whether he actually made this threat and whether it was of his own free will.

Peace and love from everyone who is watching. Please make sure you have a plan for a safe location. Your mom's parole officer should be a help in this, too.

jk said...

Brava, Mercede!

You will have to be strong for yourself AND your mother now. Remember that Levi will try to get to you through your mom and she may not be as strong as you (because Levi is her little boy and Tripp is her little grandson). He's already said that SHE won't be able to see the two of them if YOU don't stop blogging. What kind of a son does that to his recovering mother?

Get yourself a lawyer (but avoid Gloria Alred, not because she's a bad lawyer, but because she will greatly add to the tabloid, circus environment of this whole affair).

And document and record EVERYTHING!

You have a lot of support out here that goes beyond our distrust and disgust for Sarah Palin.

krbmjb05 said...

The Palin KLAN can now kick Levi any way they want. He will NEVER be able to tell the truth now. He will never be believed.

Rick & Faye said...

It's fairly obvious that Levi has been bullied and threatened by the Palins that he would not see Tripp and/or drag Levi through court if he doesn't do exactly what they say, starting with issuing a highly publicized lie...er apology. Now their forcing him to threaten you because the Palins wish to take away your right of free speech for fear of being exposed for what they really are.

I am so sorry for you that Levi caved in and I understand how much that hurts. Maybe he feels he has no choice - you know how cold and vengeful the Palilns can be. Those traits extend to her Palinbot supporters and their threats and nastiness are well documented.

Please remember that you have one thing that Palins multi-millions can never ever buy - integrity. I greatly admire your decision to stay true to yourself Mercede! You have many many people all over the world reading your blog, thinking of you every day and supporting you! With Love. PS I would be very interested to see a visitor counter to your blog page!

Olivia said...

Sadie, I hope you have read all the comments from us who believe in you and respect you.

Please remember that Levi was probably subjected to the same blackmail as you. I would bet that Bristol (Sarah and Co) told Levi that he could not see Tripp any more unless he told People that he lied. And now he probably was told to tell you to remove your blog. That was a horrible choice, to choose between his son or his mother and sister.


Rosie said...

Joe McGinniss is working on a book about the 2008 campaign. The experiences of Sherry and Sadie are central to that. How could he not interview the two of you? How many other campaigns have a similar incident for a candidate's daughter and her boyfriend's family? That alone is so bizarre. What has happened to our political system and how do we clean it up if no one can talk about it?

Meg said...

Keep fighting the good fight, Mercede. It hurts to have to wait around to tell someone "I told you so," but there's nothing you can do about Levi for now. Take care of yourself and your mom.

Mrs. J. said...

My brother and I get along but I speak to him MAYBE three or four times a year.

We all saw this coming. Levi will start hating his life. A puppet in a doll house is just a puppet in a doll house.

PeggnoinSoCal said...

I add my voice to those who support and admire you.
You are wise to not give in to bullying and wise to continue to offer your love to your brother. He was set up with an impossible custody and support situation, and now he is facing the only way out -choosing between his son or his family - choosing between financial and legal ruin or bending to the Palin tyranny. Forgive him, love him, and continue to hold your head high.

southernyankee said...

Well Levi am sure you are reading all these comments. I am telling you that in the long run you will be hurt by the Palins over and over again. Stop now while you have a chance. Find a job even if it is flipping burgers as long as it is a steady job the courts will give you visitation rights. I know because my son is a cook and fought for equal custody and won. He pays for her health insurance and you can do the same. She makes more money than you. PLEASE DON'T THROW YOUR MOTHER AND SISTER under the bus. They have stood by you through good and bad times. You will regret it someday. They need you. The Palins are using you. Please open your eyes. Go home and be the son and brother you should be. Fight for your rights. There are lawyers that will fight for you. Get a woman lawyer.

Guest said...

Mercede, I posted to you yesterday some solid advice. After you expressed a desire to reconcile with Bristol, I said that it would be a bad move and just focus on the relationship with your bro, and your own life.

What a change a day makes. It's shocking to read that Levi is threatening to cut you off if you don't take down your blog. That certainly alters my advice and perhaps your path, because Levi's actions indicate that the situation between you two is quite severe.

In order for me to understand his position though, I had to page backwards on your blog, because I admit I hadn't read most of it. Pretty detailed stuff..gossip stuff, really. I can see how it would piss them off. But on the other hand, I do see how you needed an outlet and it was a catharsis for you. I recognize the pain your family has experienced, with no financial help or emotional support from the Palins. However, I do have to say that it was unfortunate timing, because you started your blog shortly after Levi began seeing Bristol again. So I'm sure that did not help Levi at all, in his attempt to smooth things over to facilitate visits with his son, and perhaps even rekindle a rocky relationship.

Sigh...but the barn door is open now and you had to make some decisions. You could have shut down the blog, but I'm inclined to agree with your feeling that it may not change the way you are treated, and as you said - what else can they take from you. Not much else. So if this blog is that important to you then stay with it. Personally, if it were me, I would be willing to shut it down with some concessions....I would expect Levi first of all, to be a man and come talk to me about it, and I would also like some kind of small apology from Bristol. There should in fact be acknowleged hurt feelings on both sides, and then the blog could come down voluntarily. But...I don't see Bristol backing down one inch. I think she feels she has the upper hand.

As far as Levi goes, it looks like things will be strained for a while between the two of you. I would continue to try to communicate. Short-term though, you may not get much results. Don't take this the wrong way, but Levi doesn't impress me as someone with a lot of brains. It was very poor judgement on his part to say that he lied to journalists who paid him to tell the truth, and to the public in general. And I agree with a very astute poster who observed that this act completely discredits him with anything he says in the future, so the Palins just eliminated a threat to their empire. It's possible your brother may even be getting a monetary reward, or equivalent. So there's various incentives for Levi to lean toward the Palins and away from you, at least right now, which I think is a mistake. You're his only sister and you've been through so much together.

Something you have to understand though, is that no matter how close brothers/sisters are, or sons/daughters to their parents, the closest bonds are the family you make. It's just the way it is. Meaning, whoever is Levi's wife and child is his main priority. Similarly, as you marry in the future and have children - they will be your family. That's not something you can understand right now, but you will. You're a beautiful girl and obviously very tough, so I'm confident you'll have a bright future ahead of you. Your brother, I don't know. His future is uncertain, because it can change on a dime. The Bristol/Sarah clan could suddenly decide not like him again and he'll find himself out on a limb. (Out on a limb, with no book deal or career, btw.)

Once again I will leave you with advice about controlling what you can, and leave the rest alone. Grow your life, move it forward. Keep the door open with Levi.

Ann said...

good for you. i think you've probably surprised a lot of people with how well you've expressed yourself and i don't think you should allow anyone to take that away from you.

keep it up!

Malachi said...

Good for you, Mercede. Keep your eye fixed on the long term and have faith in it. The Palins are fixated on the short term and their images. In the end, the hare always beats the rabbit, good always outlasts, evil can only hide its ugly face for so long. Truth and righteousness and love will prevail.

FEDUP!!! said...

A thought just hit me: Since Mercede said that she has not been able to talk to Levi or to text him or get in any contact with him, and now this bizarre statement comes out... Is it possible that he is being held against his own will, and is only allowed to communicate whatever Bri$tol and Sarah are telling him to say? It almost is like he is a captive/hostage. Hmmm Conspiracy theorist #1 here, I guess. :/

Mickey said...

Amazing, amazing post. You are a brave girl. The Palins are so vindictive - I gve you a LOT of credit for standing up to them. And, like all Americans who are errified at the prospect of a liar like Sarah Palin being so close to ultimate power, I am grateful to you for speaking out. Thank you, Mercede.

HeathCL said...

Hang in there, Mercede. Don't let anyone push you around anymore. Your life has been manipulated enough by the utterly selfish ambitions of Sarah Palin and her crew. You have a right to live your life as you see fit, not just as the Palins see fit.

Don't worry. Your brother will get his senses back. Probably sooner than later.

anne s said...

I know this doesn't help... but reality is
Tripp will one day turn 18

Think of all the moms/dads that keep their child away from the other throughout their child hood
What happens when the kid turns 18?

They have questions.. and have that innocent, curious spirit about them..
You will be able to sit down and tell him everything... you will have this blog, and all the video/interviews Bristol and Levi have partaken in

They can't shield him forever
And honestly, the vibes I get from that family.. he will be asking questions, wanting to get out from all the mind games sooner rather than later

All you can do is keep honest and true to yourself... always have open arms...

I appreciate your blog. The Palin's paint this surreal picture of an impossibly perfect family while every other day WEIRD things come out showing it just isn't true.

Don't let anyone control you... Get some resources around you to protect yourself and reach out to the blogosphere if you need it. It is a big world out here with lots of people from all walks of life.... the Palin army is minuscule in comparison

FEDUP!!! said...

Sadie: To re-iterate my point above (that Levi might be held against his will) : You/your mom received a TEXT MSG from his cell phone. Bri$tol or someone else could have just gotten hold of it and texted the msg herself. Same with the msg given to People mag: It is a statement put out in his name.

Unless you see him FACE TO FACE, and with NO-ONE else around, and he tells you this TO YOUR FACE: I would take his msg with a grain of salt! IMHO, it fits into $P/BP's ammo to try to divide your family.

{{{SADIE}}} and {{{SHERRY}}}

HollyP said...

Mercede, kudos to you. You are a strong woman and you'll come out alright. Your mom should be proud of you.

It seems like Levi is still growing up (as one usually is, well into one's 20s and beyond.) He's in a difficult situation, caught between his love for his son, his love for you & your mom, and his feelings for Bristol. Your approach seems sound... let him know you love him, but *respectfully* stand by your values. Part of being an adult involves learning to let go when you must. You are right, in time he will be back in your life in some way.

You are also right to take a respectful way in communicating your concerns about Bristol without trashing her. While you may disagree with her, she is the woman who your beloved nephew calls mother. Saying or doing something just to spite her will only hurt your relationship with him.

Best wishes to you & your mom.

gtyphoon said...

Hang in there kiddo. My advice to you is continue doing what you are doing. Don't allow this distraction get in the way of your goals. Take care of your mother, she needs you more than ever now that her son has abandon her. I know it hurts right now, but eventually you will find peace. Your brother will come around and I know he will need you once the Palin's finish using him.

BTW, don't talk to the media; they are on Palin's side. They will use you for information and then turn their backs on you. Focus on school and take care of your mother.

BWilder said...

I'm impressed with you Mercede! Well written, thoughtful,
decent and bright. All wonderful qualities that will take you far in life. Stay strong and live your convictions...sometimes it's hard to do, but in the end it's the only way to find real happiness. Take it from this 53 year old woman!

Marnie said...

Hang in there Girl. You have said what you need to say. Now is the time to live your own life and deal with your own problems.

Unfortunately Levi has made a liar of himself either initially or by his apology. That is something he will have to live with, just as his making an out of wed lock baby is. He is creating a lot of problems for himself, and is not making good choices in how to deal with those problems.

Now that the Palins own him, they will yank his string till he cries uncle and then yank it some more. Hopefully, he will eventually walk away from them.
As you have certainly come to realize at your young age there are truly nasty people in this world. They don't have bad days and good days that are nasty 24/7/365 to their graves.
The only way to live with them is to walk away.

Lynn said...

Where is Tank and Rex Butler? I would not put anything past Sarah Palin. Like drugging Levi and who knows what her and her sad and pathetic followers would do to anyone that does not OBEY them!!!!

d c woo said...

Good for you Sadie, your pay off will be bigger than all the Palin money could ever buy. Remember, we here have your back. Keep up the tough fight. You will always win in the end. I know it can be difficult at times, but update as often as possible, that is very important. If only to check in daily to say hi. Love to you and your Mom, and remember, the rest of your family is right here.

WakeUpAmerica said...

The Palins are toxic waste and Levi is being mutated by it. You and your mother are blessed to have each other. Try to focus on the positive things in your life. You have a great mom, and it sounds like you have good loyal friends, something that Bristol will never have. Some day Levi will get tired of being a kept man. He will realize that he sold his soul for very little.

Rosa said...

I don't know all the friends that Bristol treats like garbage but I often wonder how Lanesia is doing. Like you, she seemed to be of good stock and strong character as well. Will she ever be ready to set the record straight? I would like to see anyone that has been damaged or speaks truth to power to be well paid by any major outlet for doing their story. If there is no media who will touch the truth about Palin how about a guest blog for Nesia? At one time you mentioned that you would interview Levi. My how things can change fast. There are others that have fascinating stories. It does not need to be about a Palin, folks need to know more about life in Wasilla and Alaska. I live in a beautiful area with much to be proud of but we have our stinkers. However, folks are able to talk and do things more open and it helps to keep the rift raft down.

In your last blog I was of the opinion that Bristol was not only sick, evil and pathetic toward you. I thought the way that FB comment went down she used of all people a friend, April (make that FB friend, I have no idea when FB friends are friends) who is also going through a dreadful time. I don't know if April worships all things Palin or what but one would hope she would stand up to being used and abused.

I am sure there are many stories about the terrible and tragic things the Palins do to their fellow Alaskans. I would hope they can all also tell their stories one day soon.

Heather said...

Stay strong, your mother needs you now more than ever. I hope that your brother will realize that he is being used by the Palins so Sarah can run in 2012. He could have won joint custody if he had just hung in there.

Greg said...

The truth is almost always the best policy. Stand firm in your convictions and

just a friend said...

I have an idea for you, Mercede, that might make some of this present ordeal a little easier to bear. Write a book for Tripp. You can begin by writing about the time that you have lost, thinking about him rolling over, smiling, taking a first step, beginning to talk. Go through whatever pictures you still have and share the same kinds of moments that your mom saved from the same time when you and Levi were growing up.

Once you're caught up to present time, you can tell Tripp about your family, mom, dad, anyone else that you want to include, along with pictures. Tell him about your memories of growing up in Alaska, sharing childhood photos. You can write from the heart knowing that one day, when he is old enough, he will be able to get to know you. You have a real talent for writing, and it will be a real gift of love that he will cherish.

suspicious1 said...

Mercede - I'm sorry that you are going through this. Just remember the Serenity Prayer. It will give you peace.

I think Sarah is really worried that you know something and might expose her fraud so she told Bristol to make up with Levi so they could use him to try to control you. Sooner or later Levi will realize that. I seriously doubt Bristol has real feelings for him. He is just the means to an end for the Palin family right now. Stay strong and they will show their true colors to Levi before long. When that happens he will need support and I have no doubt that you will be there for him. When that time comes I think you should encourage him to tell anything he knows. When Sarah's secrets are exposed she will melt like the Wicked Witch she is.

Kat said...

I was worried about you for a while, because you are young and caring and honest. It took me a long time, way longer than you've been alive, to figure out that you can't win with some people. You do have amazing strength for a young woman.
Regarding Levi, part of me can sympathize with his desire to be involved with his son's life, and the extent to which the Palins have manipulated the situation to get him to dance to their tune. Where I get off the bus in the question, why the desperate attempt to extend the control to you? Yes, they are a family of control freaks. I believe Sarah is downright pathological -- reality is whatever she says it is, whatever suits her purposes. But as you've said, what have you said or done, on the blog or otherwise?! As far as I'm concerned you've shown admirable restraint, not making the blog any sort of attack on the Palins. Why is simply telling the truth such a threat to these people? I find this disturbing, and very telling. Everything else aside, their reaction tells me that something is very wrong.
I continue to hope you can find a way to move beyond it! You are such a beautiful person, inside and out!

hannah said...

You're actually completely in the right here. But I do appreciate that you can see how one can be blinded by love. That doesn't mean you need to be controlled by it too though. Very remarkable maturity and insight for such a young person. Good luck!

slapshot said...

I've a question for you. When Bristol gave back the cell phone that your mother bought for her. Did your mother have the number changed, or did she keep the same number that was assigned to Bristol.

LMK said...

Hi Sadie,

Well said. So many of us are pulling for you and your family. EVERYONE knows that the Palins are manipulating your brother and manipulating you and you mom through him. EVERYONE knows that you and your mom asked for none of the ^*&$ that has come your way because of the Palins and their trolls.

It is gracious and kind of you to keep your heart open to your brother. I hope that he will reach out to you and your mom in the future; hopefully in the near future.

I am so sorry that $arah's choices have led to utter chaos for your family. I don't know of a single person in my neck-of-the-woods (western Oregon) who believes that you, your mom or your brother should have been dragged into this. I sure don't see other politicians dragging their friends/near-family through this kind of crap.

You have done an amazing job with your blog. You have shared your side of the story without being petty or vindictive. You have maintained your integrity, and when you look back, you will respect yourself for that.

I know that you are having a tough time managing everything. I teach at a community college. I am certain that any of your profs would love to sit with you and talk through ideas about how to juggle school, work and family. We want our students to thrive! So many students are shy about reaching out and using campus resources. You may be amazed at some of the ideas your profs or academic counselors may have for you to help you balance all of this.

I think you are doing better at all of this than you think you are. Hang in there. I am sorry that you have this additional drama and pain to work through.

Hang in there, and best wishes!!

Sue said...


You are an inspiration to me. You have had to make such hard decisions to keep doing what you can to shine the light of truth on the calculating nature of that family. You are a mature young woman who has had face some of life's most painful experiences and you are doing so with grace. Someday your sacrifices will bring you joy.


Karen said...

I wouldn't worry about that "army of Palin supporters." If they haven't figured Palin out by now they are as foolish as she is. You are too smart for that crowd, Mercede. Turn your back on them and consider your life, your future, your education, your dreams. YOU are the lucky one, and you and your mom are fortunate to have one another. Tune out that "army," focus on real friendships, and know that everything you need to fulfill your dreams will come to you in its right time.

Micheal said...

hang in there kid. things will get better, but it may take awhile.

Maria Childers said...

This question has nothing to do with your post, but I was curious to know if the Palin's were racist against minorities. I have heard reports about them using derogatory words among friends, but would you consider them prejudice towards other races?

AK Sandhills said...

Bravo Mercede! Stay true to yourself & always let your voice be heard.
It is deplorable for anyone to use a young child as a bargaining chip. After all, these are not Tripp's battles and to deprive him of contact with any of his relatives is both selfish & cruel. So much for "family values".

Diana said...

Don't let them bully you, Mercede! Stay strong and continue to speak your mind. Do not allow them to silence your truth.

Jenn said...

Good for you girl. Hope you had fun in Denali. I just went there a few weeks ago and from what I saw it was beautiful. I'm back home in FBX now and wish I lived more around the mountains

Leo Sigh said...

Oh please keep writing this. Someone needs to tell the truth about the Palin's and, unfortunately, right now your brother obviously isn't. Too bad, but, likely he'll come around when he sees how quickly Sarah will stab him in the back.

charlie in florida said...

your courage to speak truth to power is admirable. No matter what comes, we got your back. You'll get your brother back - all cults eventually come to end. The Palin cult will implode under the weight of their own lies soon enough. Best wishes to you and your family.

Wasilla Joe said...

Mercede, you should go to college, you are an interesting person. I'm sorry that you and your family are going through this mess.

Wishing you and your family the best.

Lynne said...

Levi and Bristol in today's NY Times op-ed piece by Gail Collins:

Kiera said...

I can see you are unhappy with the direction your brother's life is taking, but I really believe you need to trust his judgement and be supportive. It seems as though you both need some SPACE, he needs to live his life and you need to start creating your own, and not be so consumed by bitterness towards others. I know things have happened that have been upsetting and hurtful to you, but you need to move forward with your own life. The only person whose actions you can change are your own, so start seeking your own path! Those you love will come around eventually, especially if you avoid doing and saying things you might regret later. Wishing all the best to you and your family.

Karen said...

I don't know you, but I am very impressed by your courage. You are strong, and you have integrity. Keep on keepin' on. You will not only survive—you'll thrive. Good luck to you.

SpeakTruth2Power said...

Good on you, Mercede. When they tell you to sit down and shut up, it's time to speak louder and more often. Bullies suck!

MonaLisa65 said...

The best 'revenge' IS living well, Mercede. Continue to follow the path of integrity, personal growth and loving actions, and you'll be just fine, of that I have NO doubt....

Maybe it'll help you to choose to believe that Levi's decision to follow the path HE'S on, is that it's the most loving act he can do for his son. These formative years are SO important in the emotional and psychological health of a child; if Levi is there, day-in and day-out, his presence will dilute the dysfunction Tripp will inevitably be exposed to. He is knowingly entering the lion's den for the sake of his son. I have NO doubt whatsoever of that, either....

Remember that, like you, Levi was 'raised right'; and remember too that Bristol is the product of HER upbringing. It takes an extraordinary person to rise above what they were exposed to from the cradle, but first they have to learn that 'different ways of being' even exist.

Stay strong, lady.

DLBinPDX said...


I admire your spirit to fight the bullies. If listen to your heart, you'll find the truth there and the strength to speak out.

May I suggest? Go to college, write a book, report ALL threats to law enforcement, continue to blog, speak the truth, and contact Joe McGinniss.

lara said...

I always hoped these two would get back together because clearly it is the Palin family that pushed them into marriage, breakup etc. It was just plain wrong to force them into the spotlight just to look good at the Republican convention.

I don't think that Bristol is evil and it seems perhaps you two even had a good relationship at some point, but SHE is also being controlled. She is young and probably doesn't even realize the control her family has over her. From reading what both of you have written, you seem to have achieved a bit more maturity, perhaps lend some compassion until she pulls herself together.

Levi sounds like a good guy who is doing the only thing he can to get his family back. Maybe after these two get back on solid ground, they will be a cohesive unit that together can stand up to the wrath of Sarah.

It is a difficult time, but Levi and Bristol will get it together, put THEIR relationship and family first, and Sarah will have to back off. I am sure he will realize his current stance is wrong and invite you and his mother back into his life. It is very difficult to rise above a controlling family, especially one as powerful and in the spotlight as the Palin family. But I get the sense from both Bristol and Levi that they know Tripp is the most important thing in their lives, and they will choose him over Sarah.

Kristin said...

So proud of you, Mercede. You are doing the right thing and one day Levi will recognize that. They are using his baby to blackmail him, it's just horrible.

Diane said...

I'm really disappointed in Levi! It's bad enough he apologized to the Palins and said he lied. But then add to that, not helping with your mother and making the blog threat and hold Tripp over your head like that. You are right, if you dismantled your blog it wouldn't change anything. You still wouldn't see your nephew, not as long as Levi is with Bristol.

Hang in there Mercede, this won't last with Bristol. It will go downhill and Levi will eventually see the light. Hang tough. Stay strong <3

Pat said...

Stand your ground aganist Sarah Palin. Keep your chin up and move forward. Keep doing what you are doing. Knowing the more this gets out the more support you will have.

GeeBee said...

Bravo to the comment made by Ann on July 7th @ 4:54 pm. It was the most thought out, logical comment I found on here. I also thought the comment by Kristen on July 8th @ 9:06am was right on.

Mercede....please realize that Bristol is probably having some control exerted over her by her mother's handlers. This is not something that is just exclusive to politicians on the right. Liberal's and indeed our president's people work 24 and 7 at controling what he says and to a certain extent what other's say about him or the Democratic party.

I am sorry that your family has been put through the tortures of the dam but it comes with the territory and it wouldn't make a bit of difference had Sarah Palin been a Democratic candidate.

Personally I believe that this country's two party system is broken and politicians from both sides are beholden to special interests and corporations. The country isn't of the people and by the people anymore. We need a viable 3rd party candidate like never before that will simply do the right thing for America and Americans and not just what is right for those special interests and corporations.

You strike me as being a very strong and reselient young lady with a good head on your shoulders. I admire the fact that you want to stick close to your family and take care of your mother during her time of need. She and you both know she made some mistakes but that doesn't mean she should suffer for it for the rest of her life or be labeled as a bad person for the rest of her life. I can see that she has done a good job raising you and I believe that your mom has gone through some rough times and was simply trying to cope. Many people get caught up in substance abuse in an effort to deal with stressful situations in their lives and the first step to getting better is realizing that you have a problem. Your mom has done that and I know she will be a better person for it.

Although I understand why the Palins would be concerned about this blog, I see nothing here that should cause them concern. To me they should just learn to live with it. Those on the right are so fond of speaking about freedom of speech all the time they shouldn't become hypocrites by attempting to squelsh something like this. If they don't like something that is written here then they are free to speak about it themselves but in this country we have a right to voice our opinions. I don't see you using this blog for unfounded criticism or outright lies like I'm sure some of those on the left would like you to do. I don't get how those on the far left and far right would go to any length including outright lies trying to discredit their political rivals. But alas that is today's political climate and if we can't come to a meeting of the minds soon we ourselves will be responsible for the demise of our country.

Hang in their Mercede. You are a beautiful young lady with a bright future. I hope that Levi realizes what a great sister he has and will work towards having a meaningful relationship with you and your mom. Even if he is back with Bristol, he should never shun his family and hopefully you're able to have a cordial if not friendly relationship with the Palins too.

Judy DeMeola said...

Mercedes: Keep doing what you are doing. Remember, if you sit down then you don't stand for anything. I wonder if there is a way to put your blog link on Bristol's Facebook page.

Nick T said...

Remember that with bullies there's no way to be reasonable - they always demand more. If you give in now, they'll destroy your dignity and happiness. Levi has made a very foolish decision, and I am sure he will learn to bitterly regret this moment of cowardice and betrayal of his true family. Stay strong, Mercede, and don't betray the principle of free speech. I am sure the Palins want to silence you - but they can't do so without your surrender. Don't appease these hate-filled, corrupt bullies - be a real American, and stand up for your rights.

luckypink said...

Stay strong, Sadie. Don't back down. You have the support of so many people!

It's such a shame that Tripp is being kept away from you. You are such a well-spoken, respectful, mature young lady... you could have such a positive influence on the little guy's life as he grows up. It's also a shame that your brother has turned his back on you. He probably thinks he's doing the right thing, playing nice with the Palins so he can spend some time with his son... some day he'll realize what a mistake he made when he turned on his own family. Be true to yourself, Sadie. Don't lose hope. Everything will be okay someday.

Margot Spiro said...


Any community and mother who can produce someone like you earns kudos in my book. Be strong and continue to tell the truth. Nobody need remind you to maintain your integrity for I know you will not allow them to ever drag you down to their level. It blows my mind that anyone with a functioning brain believes a word Sarah says. If Levi never returns to you and your mother, it is his great loss. I think we all agree that he is simply being used and will be tossed out with the trash again one day- poor kid.

@robotsoul said...

please get on twitter. please?

Extreme2010 said...


Stay strong, and just remember that BLOOD is thicker than anything in the world.

I have a younger sibling just as you do, and I've been in so many squabbles with her growing up. But at the end of the day, she is my family, and I would never let the petty stuff divide us.

Don't allow the petty stuff to divide you, and keep your chin up, even when it isn't easy to do so. There are black clouds hanging over you head right now, but in time, they will clear away and life will be better.

Stay headstrong, and remember, you are not alone.

laura lee said...

Hey just hang in there and get on with your life. Maybe you and your mom should move to the lower 48 instead of having to deal with that drama. Levi has to live his own life and sleep in the bed he's made. We all know the Palins are nuts!

Ardiva said...

Sadie, I agree with Extreme2010 ..please get a Twitter account. Most useful in a pinch.

Amazed said...

I agree with Doot Diddy Doot's suggestion that you put up a post every day to keep the attention coming to your page, especially now that HP and Andrew Sullivan are paying attention.

Speaking of suggestions, many have suggested that you visit Joe McGinniss. I hope that by now you have knocked on his door and had a long, long chat.

Amy in Juneau said...

Wow, you are so courageous to speak the truth and not back down to the Palin pack. Way to stand your ground, Mercede. I don't know you, but I support you with this 100% !!!!!!!! Give 'em hell! :) I whole heartedly agree with Kat's comment on July 7, 2010 at 8:29 pm. Levi will finally see the real evil in these people. And when he does, you and your mom will be right there for him,,,, like you always have been.

Annabel said...

You're strong and smart and vibrant.

You can do it.

I believe in you.

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