Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More of your questions answered

Have the Palins ever demonstrated any sympathy for us or empathized with our situation?
No. Not once did they call us to ask how we were doing or if we were okay. The only time they called is to demand us to not talk or to take down pictures, or other efforts to control our family. To this day it really upsets my mom that Sarah Palin has no remorse for throwing our family under the bus, and turning our lives upside down all for a chance to be the Vice President. What did we get out of this? We received death threats, harassment, the loss of our privacy, damage to our personal property, and all sorts of nasty e-mails and letters. I don’t think she quite understands the horrendous impact this had on our family.

Did the Palins and my family ever have a bridal or baby shower for Bristol together?
My Mother and I tried to plan a baby shower for Bristol twice, but she didn’t want one. Levi then asked us to stop because Bristol felt that we were “badgering” her. As for a bridal shower, well during that time she did not even allow Levi to talk to me so the answer is no, we did not.

Can I say for a fact that Levi is not the father of Trig?
YES! Levi is NOT the father of Trig. He is the proud father of Tripp Easton his one and ONLY child.

Why was Levi at the hospital at 6:00 AM for Trigs birth?
Levi was in a very controlling relationship, and if Bristol wanted him to do something he did it! She wanted him there, so he was there. I also believe that he kind of wanted to be there in order to meet the newborn little brother of his girlfriend/almost fiancé.

Will I be able to attend college while taking care of my mother during the time she is on Ankle monitor?
My mom has a very strict schedule, and she is also not allowed to drive. So it is left up to me to drive her to all of her appointments, parole officer meetings, random urine analysis, doctors visits, etc., etc., etc. Therefore, at this time it is very hard to plan ahead, or think too far into the future. Sometimes taking care of mom seems like a full time job, but you know, I love her.

I have also attempted to get a job, but it is impossible to find a potential employer who is willing to allow me to work around Mom’s schedule. So for right now I am going to continue my education online. I am pretty determined, and have decided pursue a degree in Forensic Science.

Do I feel safe living in Wasilla?
No. I do not feel that my property is safe, nor do I feel my family is safe.

Have I ever seen Sarah Palin refer to Trig as the “retarded one”?
No I have not personally heard her use that term, but I do remember my brother twice coming home and telling me about it.

Whew! I am not even half done yet!

I will work on some more of your questions today and hopefully will get them posted tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience.


JJ said...

Do you know any other details about Trig's 6AM arrival, ie who was the delivering doctor, whether Levi saw Sarah before the, uh, delivery, anything at all? Thanks

So many questions said...

Sadie thanks for your answers. Do realize that the Peebots will start harassing you when anything negative is said about Sarah, so be strong and stick to your beliefs and you will be OK. The more the truth comes out the safer you and your family will be, her intimidation over everyone will slowly disappear. Stay safe....

fawn218 said...

I am glad to hear that you are continuing your education. Just make sure the online courses that you take are through an accreditted university. If you are not sure, ask people for help. Most state univ systems have many choices in online classes. Education is the key to your future and many of us are glad that you are on that road :)

KP said...

Thank you so much for answering any questions you can, we all really appreciate it! It's been hard sitting here knowing that there are people with information about the Palins that are too scared to talk, so I'm proud of your family for stepping forward.

You've told us that Levi and Bristol planned on getting married twice and that you twice tried to plan a baby shower for Bristol. Are you hinting that while Levi is not the father of Trig, Bristol may still be the mother? I cannot believe Sarah would be willing to raise someone else's child for anyone but family, but I just can't think she gave birth to Trig either...

Lynne said...

Take your time to answer all these questions, Mercede. You have a life other than us and all our curiosity, so don't feel pressured about this. We can wait.

sjk said...

How did Levi know to be there for Trigs birth? How did Bristol know when to be there?

tallimat said...


sky said...

The truth shall set you free. Stay Strong. A book would be great. Use this opportunity before it is too late. I will buy your book. I will buy Levi 's book too if he did one.

You are strong, smart and beautiful I mean you belong to the magazine covers seriously.
One thing I know, is 'Love" is a very complicated animal. Levi was drunk with love. and I think he still have feelings for Bristol.
I would not be suprised if he reconciled with Bristol. If Levi really wanted to get even with Sarah, He would have taken off the gloves, but i think he keeps holding in, because he still have feelings for Bristol and for the sake of his son. That is just my opinion.
I know you love your brother, but the way I see things, Sarah will do anything to get her way. For cover ups she would allow Levi get back with Bristol, and then toss him after she gets what she wants.

Women always know the weak spot of a man. Bristol found a weak spot in her boy friend Levi. It is weired, but most men in this world are so attracted to abnoctious controlling women. In case of women, they are attracted to abusive men, until they are burn't badly, then they start crying for help. some of us who have been there, try to advise others, but many go with deaf ears. Levi loves his child, but having A Palin as an in-law, is another story.

In my own opinion, I think Levi and Bristol loved each other, if it was not for the Controller Saint Sarah, who thought your family was white trash, I am sure Bristol and Levi would have been a happy married couple raising their son together.
Sarah is for Sarah. Period. She does not care about her daughter's feelings. Unfortunately, Bristol followed mama's advise.

Being cold and mean is a desease, an atribute not attractive in a person who is seeking the high office. What a shame. Always playing victim, is not a good attribute for leadership.
Those who find Palin appealing, are just as mean as saint Sarah herself.

Like I said, A DNA to stop this rumor about Trig would be great, If I was in Sarah's shoes. Once she does that, and proves to her critics, she will gain a lot of support. Going on Fox with her friends to talk about it casually without providing either a birth certificate,or DNA will not stop her critics to stop questioning about Trig. Many people feel, the media (FOX) has played a big part in covering up Sarah Palin, because they are all very desperate to have a GOP in the oval office, instead of a black president. So in short they do not care the damage that may come with the Palin presidency as long as they are back in power.

Just take a DNA it is only feww 100 $$$ . Why go on FOX all the time to explain when there is a simple solution like a birth certificate or A DNA.

If Sarah Palin is hesitant. Bristol and Levi can take it. If I was running for higher office, and I see that people are doubting that my four children are not mine. Trust me it will take me seconds to prove to the world. DNA does not lie. You would see all the birth certificates posted online, with hospitals, and nurses who delivered them. Unless I adopted them, and I ashamed to tell the truth, because I did not tell the truth in the first place. Then I would bring Media in the mix to help me out.

Sadie, Keep it up. I am sure Palin and her followers are reading your blog, and I hope they come to their senses and stop this rumor by advising their future candidate to provide A DNA or a Birth certificate and stop this doubt people have on the baby trig 's birth.
Instead of dismissing it as a gossip. There is no smoke without fire. We have heard a lot from politians, both republicans and democrats, stories of adultery, flying all over the place, after people thought they were just a gossip.

American people are smarter than politicians and the media they use think.
It is not that hard.

WakeUpAmerica said...

You're a special person with a very special family. Have you thought of getting a degree in photography as well? I'm sure it will enhance your work in forensic science as well as be a great hobby for you. I wish you and your family all the best.

aha said...

Levi may not be the father of Trig, but is Levi biologically the father of Trig? Is Bristol the 'biological' mother of Trig? Is Sarah the biological mother of Trig? Is Todd the biological father of Trig?
The difference being 'on paper' and in 'dna'.
You may have already answered this: Did you ever doubt that Sarah was actually pregnant with Trig? If so, why? Do you now? Was Trig adopted by Sarah and Todd?

dominicastar said...

You are an awesome person, reading this post made me realise just how hard it was for you. If $arah had a sympathetic / empathy bone in her; she would of understand what you were going through and try to reach out, she may have been through similar situations and knowing that your family were innocent bystanders it was her duty to look after your family mental well-being; regardless of how they felt about you all personally. This also pertains to McCain. This just demonstrates how selfish and ineffective and in-presidential they are! You are truly brave you and your family. Btw is it safe to assume that it is indeed Sarah's baby, especially if Levi bore witness to the birth. Only if he reported something unusual took place?

kdusmdd said...

Do you know where Willow is? Why has she disappeared from being seen?

Lisabeth said...

I think someone gave you a great idea regarding a book in past comment. They gave you the info here about writing a proposal and sending it. Before you tell all here, maybe you should do that.

I'm not surprised Scarah didn't show empathy or caring to your mom or your family. Mentally I'll narcissist like $arah really are incapable of empathy. She is a cold, sick woman. The way she verbally assaults the President and others shows us this. Some think this is just Rovian politics but it's more than that. She has a long history of being verbally and emotionally abusive to people once she doesn't need them. I don't see why her fans are so blind to this. She has stepped on and treated MANY (even those who truly helped her) like dirt. Your mom and you should thank God that your brother didn't marry Bristol. !!!! You are soo lucky in that respect!!

Lisabeth said...

I forgot my questions. Any you can't answer, I understand.

1) did Bristol have mono really??
2) did she look pregnant during that time or were there any changes in her appearance? Heavier, big clothes?
3) what other boyfriends did Bristol have during this? Did your brother ever mention being angry or upset about other guys?
4) one more...has Levi ever told you that Sarah did not give birth to Trig? He mentioned he was at the hospital when Sarah "got" Trig

PS you are brave!!! I mentioned in an early post I have a SIL control freak like Bristol. I have not seen my nieces now for five years, nor has my mom. So while you are lucky they didn't marry, I don't blame you for being very careful about what u say. If you tell the truth, you are ok legally. Don't let bullies like the Palins scare you! Bullies are weak, unhappy, insecure people! Thank you!!!!

Gles said...

You go Mercede! Please always remember that the only person you can control is yourself. And one of the above posters is right about talking about the situation when it comes to safety thru this blog. I am halfway thinking to myself that the local police may be keeping an eye on you both and that is a good thing. Good job!

krbmjb05 said...


Can you comment on this article? Does this mean YOU and your mom will be able to see Tripp on a regular basis?


Thanks for your candidness and heart-felt responses to questions.

DarkEFang said...

Well, that's interesting... One of the Google-generated ads on this post is a service that finds the parents in a closed adoption. Is Google trying to send a subliminal message?

ginger said...

Was Sarah Palin in a hospital room when Trigg was born. Or, was she out in the waiting room with everyone else?

ella said...

It is going viral (I've seen it on four major websites today) that Levi and Bristol are back together.
If so, I wish them the best.
It would be lovely if they can live their own lives without interference from sarah.
It has actually been my secret fantasy that Levi and Bristol would build a happy life together - raise Tripp together, and embrace Mercede/Sherry too.

"Teen mom and abstinence advocate Bristol Palin has reunited with her Playgirl model ex-boyfriend Levi Johnston, Us Weekly reported Tuesday.
The couple, who broke off their engagement in March 2009 after the birth of their son Tripp, “are still very close,” a source told the magazine.

“Now that Mama Palin is out of the picture and Bristol is on her own in Anchorage, they spend more time together than most people think," Us Weekly quoted the source as saying."


Kat_In_Hawaii said...

Thank you Mercede! Stay strong.

icarus said...

Thank you very much for your time, and all your answers to so many questions. I'm sorry you'll have to deal with the Palins the rest of your life, in order to have a relationship with Tripp. Hopefully, you'll be really, really careful when you choose a husband and look very long and hard at his family first. Love is all fine and well but in laws can be forever and make life hell! Wishing you all the best.

icarus said...

Just re-reading your blog and about your not feeing safe. That's terrible! Can you say why, and what you fear may happen?

Many people see through Palin and so can truly sympathize with what you're dealing with. She makes me seriously ill and I don't even know her...so can only imagine what it would be like to actually have to have the Palins in my family. "The horror!" I'm so glad you and your mom have each other.

icarus said...

Oh, and one last thing: Commenters, please stop telling Mercede to go to college. I'm sure you mean well, but she's more than smart enough to have already heard that a million times before - and know it. A bunch of hens clucking at her about something so obvious sounds kind of presumptious and condescending already.

Celia Harrison said...

Mercede, it is so refreshing to have someone involved with the Palins actually have the courage to tell the truth. It speaks to what kind of person you are. Remember there will be hateful people who post ugly things. Don't take it personally because they generally have not had the same experiences you have and don't know the facts. They also don't know what it is like to have to deal with sociopaths who have a lot of power and can use that power to harm other people. By writing this blog you are taking some of your own personal power back. Telling the truth also gives you some protection. Those who know how things work in Alaska and with people like the Palins here will believe you and be on your side. I would love to hear from your mother because I think one of the most scandalous stories about Alaska is how a nice people like your mother end up with criminal charges because someone else manipulated the system. They take weaknesses and exploit them, your mother was ill and in financial distress as well. I know about that intimately myself and some others in AK do too. But, those who have had no experience with AK justice may not be able to comprehend this. Your mother's story could help change injustice in Alaska.

louisemenard said...

There are photographs and video of Sarah Palin taken a few weeks before she was supposed to give birth to Trig. She has a perfectly flat stomach and she does not look pregnant. Doctors have heard Sarah's story of flying back to Alaska from Texas for 12 hours while in labor and leaking fluid. They would never allow woman in her eighth month of pregnancy with a special needs child to fly under those conditions.

At the same time, Bristol disappeared from school and was rumored to have mono. Now you tell us that she was often at your house during that time, staying in Levi's room. Since Levi didn't catch mono, we can assume that Bristol really didn't have mono either. But we still are curious about Bristol's absence from her previously busy social scene.

This information is available on the internet at several websites. The photos are taken from news sources and are not doctored. I hope you understand that in the face of this kind of material, there are people who do not believe that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig.

All they want to know is the truth. It has nothing to do with you, Levi or your mother. If anything, you were dragged into a spotlight not of your own choosing, and you suffered personally for your connection with the Palin family. We all feel very sorry for what your family has been through. But the only thing that most people want to know is the truth behind the mysterious unseen pregnancy that resulted in Trig's birth. We wonder who his parents are. And, seeing how Sarah has dragged him around the country on her book tour, we are concerned about any therapy that he might be receiving.

You say that you love babies. We hope that you are as concerned about Trig, his therapy and his parentage as we are. We will appreciate anything that you want to say on the subject. Thanks and best wishes.

Connie said...

Good for you continuing your education online. It is a very accomodating way to get it done. I've completed 2 degrees online, in my opinion it's the way to go. It is time consuming to look, but if you search online there are many scholarships and grants available out there. Good luck!

Hang in there! :-)

daisydem said...

Mercede, I wish to respect your privacy and your right to protect your family especially as these have been violated already due to the campaign in 2008. My question tonight is did you know that your brother and Bristol had resumed a relationship, whether romantic, or simply platonic and for the sake of their child? Or were you surprised by the news that he has been seen at her condo?

So many questions said...

What are your feelings about Levi and Bristol getting back together again? I hope Levi takes it slow and doesn't get burned again, seems he may still love her because of Tripp but sometimes that's not the road to go down, especially with the hard feelings of the past. I hope to God Sarah is not involved in this!!

Sky said...

$arah is pissed, Her interview on Fox was terrible, My goodness, Sarah should slow down. Bipolar is the right discription.
I can't wait for her face book rant , of leave my children alone, the left bloggers bla bla bla bla. I am doing what every christian mother can do. Forgive Levi and let him work out things with my daughter bla bla bla bla. Calling Glenn to whinne on her behalf. Real presidential qualities.
I am sure Mitt Romney and Mike Hukabee is talking notes

and ofcourse, she will take her anger on President Obama. Since she is so obsessed about him.

Stay safe Mecerde.

Molly said...

Thanks for confirming Sarah's use of the "r" word to refer to her own son.

I completely believed Levi about that anyway, but lots of the news media types at the time thought there was "no way" she would do so and that Levi must be lying. Sarah is counting on people believing her word over anyone else's. And that isn't gonna work much longer.

Carol said...

Now that we hear B & Le are dating again... has Bristol lost her virginity yet again? And what of what is he even doing with that ;ying nasty bitch?

Midnight Cajun said...

You say you know for a fact that Levi is not Trig's father. Do you know who Trig's father is? Do you know for a "fact" that Bristol is not Trig's mother?

I can see a guy like Levi comforting and supporting a woman he loved when she fell pregnant to another man, and helping to shield her from the consequences. Levi seems to give Bristol a lot of slack. She has said unforgivable things about him on numerous occasions, yet he has never retaliated. Admirable, but frustrating!

Martha Unalaska Yard Sign said...

Just a gentle reminder - take heed not to let folks suck you into their need for drama, including your commenters. If the truth is plain and simple, as it often is, then so be it. If it's complicated, work your way through it as you can.

People say things behind the anonymity of the Internet they wouldn't be caught dead saying in person. It's an unbecoming trait but one that is easily deflected. Be true to Mercede, always.

Just-A-Guy-From-Texas said...

Hi ya. You're cute and seem fun and write well, so I'll follow you wherever this leads. Good luck- Jim

Polly in Anchorage said...

Jim- what a cute and special thing to say to Mercede. I'm sure it made her day.

Chris said...

Hi Mercede.......wow, you've got more guts than myself. I admire your brave spirit and it's obvious what you are sharing is the truth as you know it.

My question is about your relationship with Sarah. It sounds like you and your mom were fairly close with Sarah? am I correct?
if so when did this change and why?

another question......Did Todd ever threaten Levi? if so what happened and what was said.

Emily said...

Just dropping a note saying I feel sad that Mrs Palin and Mr McCain put your family through all that. I give you a lot of credit for helping your mother and still doing school. I wish you lots of luck and hope you are able to pursue your career goals. :)

Kate said...

Did Levi tell you he actually saw Sarah in a hospital bed holding newborn Trig at Mat Su Hospital? Thanks, Sadie.

"Why was Levi at the hospital at 6:00 AM for Trig's birth?
Levi was in a very controlling relationship, and if Bristol wanted him to do something he did it! She wanted him there, so he was there. I also believe that he kind of wanted to be there in order to meet the newborn little brother of his girlfriend/almost fiancé."

physicsmom said...

I just wanted to say how much I admire you for taking care of your mother. That's very hard and a big sacrifice for a woman of your tender years. I'm sure she's very appreciative. In addition, I'm sorry to hear you don't feel safe. I hope that changes for you soon.

Nita said...

I enjoyed reading your comment. I have one question, however. WHY were Bristol and Levi TRYING to have a child, esp at their teen ages, esp with no real job and college education?!?

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