Thursday, June 3, 2010

First post on my new blog

As many of you know my family was thrust into the spotlight during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Virtually overnight my whole world was flipped upside down.

What used to be a peaceful, drama free, calm neighborhood in Wasilla literally changed within just a few hours.

There were tons of reporters camped outside my driveway for days on end. Cameras and microphones were shoved in my face the second I opened up my front door.

People were following me to and from school, and work, and even while running errands.

Me with my brother Levi

There were people constantly yelling at me, harassing me, threatening me, and asking me endless questions. Friends called to tell me that reporters were begging them to give an interview, or for pictures of me and my family.

My Myspace page got over a hundred thousand hits within 48 hours.

I received hundreds of e-mails, some supportive, and many life threatening.

My computer was hacked almost immediately. All of the childhood pictures of my brother Levi and myself, my homecoming, birthdays, vacations, deceased family members, and many more, were gone forever. I can never get those back. And those photographed memories were very, very important to me.

I no longer even have pictures of my grandmother and my grandfather, so I can never show my nephew what his great grandparents looked like, or pictures of his father as a child. (Of course we have some hard copies of Levi as a baby but the majority of them were on my computer, including birthdays and camping trips).

After it was hacked I took my computer to the local repair shop. They said they had never seen anything like it before. The computer techs even had people fly into Alaska to just take a look at my computer and try to figure it out. But there were no leads, no telltale signs of who had done it, and no evidence that there was ever a single document on that computer.

He said “This has to be someone from the government, perhaps the Secret Service. This is astounding and mind-blowing work”!

I knew from then on my life would never be the same and I was dead on.

Before Sarah Palin was tapped to be the Vice Presidential candidate I had a fairly normal American teen life. I went to school, received good grades, and had many friends.

I worked a part time job at a coffee shop, played sports, fished, hunted, camped out, and hung out with my friends and family, and of course anxiously waited for my perfect nephew to finally be born.

Needless to say; things are much, much different now.

I have lost so much.

No longer do I have the freedom to act as a normal teenager because it seems as if every breath I take and every word I say is constantly being analyzed.

I now have the added responsibility of caring for my beautiful mother who is disabled and currently wearing an ankle monitor (More on that at a later time). Helping my mom get back and forth to her many appointments can seem like a full time job, but what better job could there be than helping the most wonderful person in the world? (And who coincidentally, brought me into this world.)

I have lost many friends during these past few years. Many of them have “taken sides” which I think is pathetic and unnecessary since I believe we should all act as adults and just try to get along.

There are not even enough fingers on my hands to count how many of my so-called “friends” have sold false stories about my family just for some quick cash.
My intention in starting this blog is not to insult anybody, especially the Palins. However I will be more determined than ever to expose the lies, and reveal the truth, about what really happened to my family.

I hope that you will find what I share of interest and that it will answer at least most of the questions that you may have about Wasilla, our life, and our family.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and I hope you will come back soon.


Yellowgirl said...

Hi Mercede! Can't believe I'm FIRST to comment?? You don't know me, but I've been watching the whole thing from here in the southeast, and I just wanted to drop a note of support. There are many, many people out there on the 'net who know your family has gotten a raw deal these past 2 years.

Will be listening. Thanks for sharing.


ckennedy said...

I was going to say about the same thing, that everybody I know is sorry for all the craziness and what's been done to your family. Hold your head high. A lot of sane and thoughtful people are wishing you and yours the best.

Linda C said...

Hi Mercede,
Hope you use this blog to expose the sleazy Palin family and all of their lies.

bill said...

yea,, keep your chin up.
bookmarked this blog. i have been waiting for someone to clear up some lies.

reddog said...

Hi Mercede! That was a great first post. Congrats on your blog!

It is a shame that you and your family were affected by the Palin VP selection and everything that followed. May you continue to gain great worldly insight into life as a result, which I hope in hindsight will be satisfying. I also hope that you find financial gain as a result.

Can you share more regarding the hacking of your computer? Did someone physically gain access to it or was it hacked over the internet?

Peace to you and your family ... especially your mom.

Polly said...

I can vouch for the above comments. From my perspective in Anchorage, there are many people who are appalled at the way your family's lives have been affected for the last two years. (nice website by the way!)

Victorian said...

Hi, Mercede --

My daughter and I have been following this saga from here in the San Francisco Bay area almost from the start. I'm so glad to see you here, and I've bookmarked your site. It's obscene what your family has been and continues to be put through. Just know that there are people out here who are watching and pulling for you. You're an articulate and lovely young lady -- we wish you and your family all the best.

Helen said...

Very sorry to hear of your lost pictures; I know how it feels. Now that you have a blog, you never know who may read it - and have something to share with you.

Gindy52 said...

May I add my support for you and your family. Your mention of the huge loss of personal items and freedoms really hit me hard. I hope you can take s small piece of way-too-late advise and invested in a external hard drive to save whatever you may have on your current computer. NEVER leave it hooked to your online computer unless you are not connected to the internet. Also make sure you run all your anti-everything software before updating your external hard drive.

MariaT said...

Well done, Mercede. Thanks for the great introductory post... I look forward to following your blog and your revelations. Your mom must be very proud of you for you come across as a caring and loving young woman. Hugs from across the ocean.

Cheeriogirl said...

Hi Mercede, I am so sorry to hear how deeply your family has been effected by the political aspirations, and the lies of Sarah Palin. We know you've all gotten a raw deal from the entire Palin family, and believe you me, we're very anxious to finally hear the truth from your perspective.

Best of luck to you on your new blog, and congratulations on your recent graduation!

I sincerely wish you and your family the very best life has to offer.

Mary said...

I wish you well Mercede, sorry to hear the Palins are nasty to you too.

ks sunflower said...

Congratulations on your new blog!

I am deeply impressed with the quality of your writing and thought. I am also deeply saddened by how people have treated you and robbed you of tangible memories. Why they erased your family photographs makes no sense and demonstrates a coldness of the heart that is chilling.

However, by having an online presence, they can never hurt you in the same way again. You are going to gain a huge following if your first post is any indication.

Welcome and congratulations. We look forward to more of your insights and commentary!

aloha43 said...

Mersadie.....YOU GO GIRL!

I look forward to future posts!

Expose them....please.

Pam said...

Hi Mercede, thanks for the personal story. I am appalled at what has happened to your life in such a short time. I have never been subjected to such critical peering on a national level so I can't even imagine what that must be like. You seem to be the very strong and are rising to the challenge. I hope this experience can be used to benefit you as you pursue higher education. You sound like a gifted writer. Have you met Joe? I wish you and your family the best. Alaska is an incredible state but that perception has changed with the fraud of the Palin clan. Do be very careful and I look forward to future writings. Hugs from Colorado. Pam

aloha43 said...

Oops! Sorry, I just noticed that I spelled your name wrong.....I'll get it right next time!

daisydem said...

Good morning Mercede. Like Yellowgirl I am in the Southeast United States. I am sorry for the political intrusion in your life, but I think that it seems to have made you strong and determined to fashion a future for yourself and your family (your Mom and Levi and Tripp) and made you aware of how important the love and support you have for each other is. Thank you for sharing.

chtorran said...

HI Mercede

Thanks for being so brave and putting up your blog! I am dumbfounded by the news that your computer was hacked & all your photographic memories erased. How callous of whomever did that.

Here's to you and the thoughts you bring to us who have been following the saga of the Palins & Johnstons. May your truth and honesty shine out and bring clarity.

I bookmarked you and will be back.

Lisabeth said...

This is a great first post. The blog layout is just great. Before long, you are going to have a huge following. Just tell the truth. The truth always wins.
That is something the Palins just don't get. The lies they live and tell are incredible. Money and power can really change people. I have you book marked and will return.

Sari said...

Hi Mercede,

Like everyone else who posted, thanks for sharing your story. It's truly sad what your family has gone through and I have been on your family's side from day one. Please keep your head up! Bookmarking your blog!!

Lilybartq said...

Thanks for the info on what happened to your computer. I had heard that they were scrubbed but didn't know it was hacking, thought the campaign physically took them away to do the scrubbing.

There was no reason to eliminate your family photos, none. I guess that later photos might incriminate the Palins in lies but to get rid of everything is mean and excuse me, a CRIME.

I imagine you felt powerless at the time to prosecute, knowing it was connected to Levi's baby's family!

Paula said...

Hey you - Great job on your first post. I, along with many other mudpuppies, will be reading! Hang tuff!

Paula said...

PS Glad you're checking comments before they post. When (and if) the haters comment, remember, all you have to do to erase hate is click delete & forget about it!

Skip from Asheville, NC said...

Best to you and your family. I hope you will find peace and love in your future!

wezzie from Ct said...

Mercede, good luck with your blog and the truth will set you free. God Bless you and your family

Dharma said...

Hi Mercede,
Awesome first post! I hope you'll soon see that, although we are total strangers, there are a lot of people who have been appalled by the way your family has been treated. And we are delighted to see that you are such a bright and courageous girl! The best of luck to you & your family..from Texas.

Dianne said...

Greetings from the Midwest. I also tip my hat to your bravery and honesty and look forward to reading your blog frequently. Best of luck to you and your family.

Angie said...

Sadie.- so glad to see you're still going strong despite it all. We do indeed live in a fraudulent world, one that won't get better unless millions are willing to die fighting "Big Money." Expose what you must to gain appropriate access to your nephew but remember. In ways that's cannot be fully articulated, the country needs Sarah Palin.

Good luck

Barbara Dechaine said...

Hi Mercede,
I found out about your new blog and wanted to say hi. I am sorry for what you and your family is going through. I hope that Levi is seeing Trip more now. I understand if you can't say much but I wish you all well. You are a good daughter to care for your Mom the way you are. Keep your head up!

Bee from Ma

Barbara said...

Mercede sorry but could you not put my last name on the blog?

Mary said...

Hi Mercede, stay strong. You have done absolutely nothing wrong and don't deserve any of the negativity, threats and upheaval of your life.

These are the facts:
Sarah Palin is the confirmed liar, hypocrite, ignoramus, quitter and fraud - not you.

Welcome to the blogosphere and know that there are many, many people around the world who support The Truth - and you.

beth deris said...

Hi, Hon.
You have a lot of people backing you.We've seen 1st. hand have vicious Palin is, she's sure making trouble in the lower 48. Looking forward to reading more.

BoJoFlo said...

Dear Mercede -- Love your doing this blog, and what a wonderful 1st post. Thanks for sharing with us.

As everyone here has mentioned -- you and your loving family will have all our support and love, in all you do. Hoping we can all be your NEW Best Friends Forever :o)

Take care and Have a Happy Day!!

Hugs to you and your great family.

ManxMamma said...

Great first post Mercede. Like many others I wish you and your family all the best.

Carli said...


Welcome to the world of blogging! I really like the graphics and layout. Well done.

I don't think any of us can possibly imagine our lives being completely upended like yours was. I also find it despicable that your computer was wiped without your knowledge, permission or input. I can see, in a presidential campaign, it being done - just not the way it was done.

At any rate, I am very much looking forward to future posts on your blog and will be adding it to my own blog roll.

P.S. You really should try modeling. You have that natural, girl-next-door look.

ArmchairJane said...


Thank you for a great first post! I live in the Pacific Northwest and have been hoping to hear your story and more of Levi's story for quite a while. It really is unfortunate that you have lost friends because of Sarah Palin's ambition. If you think about it, that's really where the problem begins, and part of why people take sides.

Unfortunately, people often take sides with the liars if the liars are the ones who hold money and power. I have noticed the Palins like to make people choose sides, as well. You and Levi seem like you've been raised well, and it shows in your actions.

I read when you posted your guest comment on IM's site, and it hurt my heart. It is so clear in your family that you love your nephew, and that your brother and mother do as well. In the end, it is only our relationships with other people that can make us happy. It is obvious you realize that fact. The other ingredient in happiness is being the best we can be, and making sure we have no regrets, by not doing others wrong and being true to yourself. You are on your way to being a success in both regards, it seems to me.

I have been reading what you and your brother say in interviews, and watching when you both have had television appearances. I think you and Levi both ring true as people who genuinely care about others. Levi perhaps cares too much - I think he's been a gentleman and has probably stayed too quiet about certain things, even as the other side, and you know who I am talking about, has smeared his name as much as they could.

I am really sorry to hear about your pictures. We had a recent loss of many personal family mementos - pictures, letters, service medals, etc, thanks to a person much like Sarah Palin. This person is filled with greed and what they will do to "win" seems to know no bounds. Let's just say a suspicious fire was involved in our loss. Whatever you do, don't underestimate your opponents. Make sure you have backups of everything, make sure someone you really trust always knows where you will be.

By this time I am sure you know you're dealing with at least one person and probably several "on the other side" who will do anything to keep their secrets and that includes hurting your family. So say safe, say strong, and make sure you have some good mentors, people who have your back.

I would also recommend you do some reading about sociopaths, if you haven't already, as it will help you understand more about the Palins and how they have acted towards you family. "The Sociopath Next Door" is a book that would be a good place to start. It's very important to realize that for sociopaths, they don't think the rules apply to them. So expecting them to behave like "normal" people will just get you more disappointment and pain. I'm sorry to have to mention it, but it is true, and the sooner you realize that fact, the more you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

You're off to a great start with your first post, and I'll be back to read more! I love your writing - you have a strong, true voice when you write. Take good care of yourself and your mom, and know there are a lot of people out there rooting for you and Levi and your mom, and for your nephew to see your loving family. Thank you for sharing your story!

Unca Roggie said...

Well, kiddo, I see you've had quite the roller coaster ride, so far. To try to find a bright side to it, maybe think of how most people your age are bored silly, with little to look forward to, in terms of their lives ever getting exciting.

Remember the old phrase that what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

And don't let people who SAY they are "Christians" but act exactly the opposite of how Christ told us to, make you lose YOUR faith.

Wishing you all the best, and congratulations on what looks to be a well done blog site!

GhostbusterTX said...

Mercede, you and your family have been through so much. Congratulations on your graduation - you have a bright future ahead of you.

So one thing didn't make sense to me....
The local computer repair shop had people *fly to Alaska* to look at your computer??? Really? Who paid for that? And what experts did they fly in?

Rationalist said...

Mercede - Like the readers above, I've been following this story since Sarah Palin burst on the scene in August 08. I think you are coping elegantly with an insane situation. And I second what Paula said - Palin's venomous supporters are going to comment, and when they do, know that you have a lot of people all over the world who support you and want the best for you.

Cronopio said...

Wonderful mature post, Mercede. More mature than some I could mention.

I have added you to my feed and will be following you. More people wish you well than you can possibly know. Sending you loads of best wishes from Texas.

Carli said...


One more thing. Those friends you lost? They weren't your friends. Friends are those who stand behind and beside you, no matter what.

But guess what? You have a whole world of supporters out here. And if I were to ever meet you in person, I'd be proud to call you friend.

NJfan said...

Hang in there the end all truths will be revealed.

As for the computer hacking I wouldn't be surprised if Sarah Palin had something to do with it.

I'm glad your mother is home with you and I wish you and your family the best.

Chris said...

Hi Mercede!

Wow, well done and congratulations on your first blog. It is obvious you know how to write well. I hope you keep with it.

It is also nice to hear 'your' side of the story. It pains me just to imagine what you and your family have been put through. Loosing all your pictures and anything else on your computer is so wrong.

I think someone should ask John McCain or Steve Schmidt what the H did. Or Dick Cheney.

I also wish there was some brilliant geek who could help you find out what happened. We can hope.

And why in the world would someone make threats to you? sheesh, like you have anything to do with Sarah Palin being picked VP. People can be so strange.

One piece of advice, from someone who has also been through a lot of personal trauma. Work through it, don't stuff it or try to numb it, ask me how I know, lol.

Then when you've worked through it, dealt with everything, accept that it is what it is, you can't change the past. But, you can choose to get on with your life and think about better, more positive things.

There are a million beautiful things that go right everyday, find them.

I can tell you have a brilliant mind and sweet spirit, you are gonna do great things in your life. Thank you for being there for you mamma and brother, they are very fortunate. But please also take care of yourself, don't put yourself last or it will become unbearable, again, ask me how I know, lol. Been there done that. People who are nurturers often run themselves into the ground because they don't take care of their own needs.

Anyway........great blog girlfriend!

Chris said...

Also too, give your mamma a hug from all of us who care about you guys. We are all over the world.

PaulaCD said...

Great first post Mercede! You can feel comfort in knowing many people are watching out for you.

It must be creepy knowing someone got into your computer like that. Someone has what they wiped off of it. I believe someday you'll get your pics back.

tallimat said...


Methinks you'll like blogging. It is something you have control over. It is that simple.

Hugs to you girl.
Hugs to Sherry.
Oh, is Sherry gonna guest post or co-post a piece with you?
It is all good Mercede. At the end of the day it is all good.

lillibird said...

Great first post, You go girl -- always remember to keep the faith and hold your head high and your family will overcome anything Palin.

Midnight Cajun said...

Hi Mercede,

I'm so sorry for all you have lost. But you know what they say: what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. And you know you are a much stronger and wiser woman than you would have been without all of this. You also have gained a solid appreciate of all you have--a loving, wonderful mother, a sense of family (all you have to do is look at the Palins to know how horrid a lack of that is), the pride that comes from knowing you are a good person (and not a lying, delusional hypocrite like the you-know-whos).

You also know other things about yourself you'd never have known otherwise--you know you have the poise and self-confidence to go on national television and handle yourself with grace and aplomb . That you have the strength to support your mother through her ordeal is truly remarkable for one so young. You also have the sympathy of many, many good, intelligent people (and the vicious hatred of all the crazy Palinbots, but one can tell a lot about a person from their friends and enemies).
That said, I hope you are careful with what you post, and receive legal advice when treading anyplace dangerous.

You're a beautiful woman, inside and out, and I too would be proud to call you friend if we met. Stay safe.

FEDUP!!! said...

Hi Mercede!

Great first post! Welcome to the blogosphere! ;)
Many have already given you advice on how to stay safe and also to expect nasty attacks on you from people all over. Please make sure you and your family stay safe, and also make sure you don't get any 'trojan' horses and spyware attacking your computer through links that people send you here in their comments...

Lynne said...

Hi Mercede. Well, everybody else has said wonderful things, and I can't add much that's new. I too will be following your blog and hoping for all good things for you and your family. I have had nothing but admiration for all of you and the way you have handled this whole horrible affair. You are head and shoulders above the Palins, and in the long run, you will have great satisfaction in taking the high road. I wish you, Levi and your mom the best. My son had a problem with access to his daughter when she was young, but remember that kids grow up and can make their own choices. Tripp will always be in your lives. You just do the best you can to stay in his. It will work out.

FEDUP!!! said...

Oh, one more thing: If and when you get threatening comments, make sure you save them somewhere in a file with all the pertinent info, so you can potentially fw them to the FBI, police, Homeland Security, or whoever!

JJ said...

Hi Mercede,
Those of us who have been following this craziness have been hoping that someone with insider knowledge would have the courage to speak the truth. I am thrilled it is you, Mercede! I love the strength of character that you as a teenage girl are exhibiting, that those twice your age are not. I don't think we can underestimate the damage that Palin et al can inflict on this country, and to think that you are choosing to make a difference is commendable. We all thank you for that. As someone about your mother's age, I would be so proud to have you as my daughter ... you go girl!

lexky said...

Im also from the south and have been following this story like evrybody else. Great first post and good luck..

Gles said...

You go Mercede.... I am certain it was difficult working thru the fear to do this blog. Like so many others I read your post on IM.

I would really like to know if the stories we have heard and read about in are true about the teenagers wild thrilling out of control lifestyle. Are gangs prevalent?

So sorry about losing all your pics from the computer. I am wondering if you could have had a worm attack that targeted .jpgs. I cannot figure out why your particular pics would be targeted as you were not a threat to anyone.

With High School behind you, you will make many new friends.....take care.

Macalister said...

Sending you moral support from the midwest! Your blog looks great! You are an incredibly beautiful, intelligent young woman and a talented writer. I wish you and your family all the best from the bottom of my heart.


ella said...

First, let me commend you for talking care of your mom. It is so rare to see such compassion from young people these days.

You may want to consider "interacting" with your readers, i.e. responding to some of the comments. It greatly increases the popularity and longevity of your blog.

I predict exciting opportunities will be coming your way!
Your sincerity and inner beauty shine through.

trishSWFL said...

Checking in from Florida, and sending positive vibes your way. Wonderful start to your blog, love it! :)

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Hi Mercede,
Love your little piece of the "blog-sphere"! Very nice! I think you will find it very freeing and you will know you have friends and support from all over the world!

Ted Powell said...

Your blog is now in my news aggregator, right between Gryphen and Shannyn.

I don't mean to say you've ever done the following (if others get physical access to your machine all bets are off), but rather to give a warning to all who have read about your loss.
If you get an email attachment that is anything other than plain text from a stranger, or from a friend who doesn't mention in their message that they are attaching it, *don't open it*!
I do hope that you are now doing regular backups, preferably to a removable medium that you can store well away from your computer.

Best wishes...

Nicole said...

Enjoyed reading your first post and look forward to many many more. I have been following your family's story since 2008 and look forward to hearing the TRUTH. You and your family have my support over here in the Mid East.

Melangell Mudpuppy said...


I wish to second all of the good thoughts and supportive comments. Please know that here in SC, where "our" Sarah has chosen to endorse a woman I _used_ to want to respect (Nikki Haley), you have supporters and well-wishers. We all care so much about your family's well-being.

Congratulations on your excellent debut as a blogger. I, too, have book-marked your page and will check back daily.

Be strong, safe, and share hugs with each other from me.

deebee said...

Your blog will be the gentle breeze which winnows the chaff from the grain.
Hugs from Hawaii and Northern California

bicyclesamongus said...

Great first post! Myself and many others here in Anchorage are with you. Keep your head up and stay tough because a lot of hate is surely comin your way. Keep fighting girl....the good guys/girls always win in the end.

Meg said...

Great first post, Mercede! Our family supports you and your family. Keep your chin up and best wishes to your mom!

DarkEFang said...

Indiana here. Grats on the blog, Mercede.

Lilybartq said...

People do want to know, well, I want to know, why does Levi stay silent as Bristol goes on TV claiming he is not involved, a deadbeat, etc....he must be so hurt and I know he must feel powerless under the Palin Curse, but really, this is so wrong!

Hoken said...

And from the desert Southwest, a warm welcome to the blogosphere, Mercede. You are lovely and well spoken, and you speak from your heart. Your honesty is precisely why you and your family will enjoy something of great value in this world that she-who-shall-not-be-named will never have -- respect.

Terrific first post - I'm already looking forward to more.

Connie said...

Great first post! I'm so sorry you and your family have been put through all of this, but from experience I can say it will only bring you closer and make you stronger. There is nothing more important than family.

As others have mentioned, please make sure your computer is secure, back everything up twice, anything remotely threatening save, double save and pass on to the proper authorities.

Congratulations on your recent graduation!! Best wishes to you and your family, keep your chin up! :-)

Jazzy Jan said...

I live in that dear old state of Oklahoma and there are plenty of down-home folks here who feel much sympathy for you and your family. Keep that beautiful smile, hold your head up high and hang tough. Someday, the good will prevail. I would ditto all the positive comments made by the others. I would also add that you seem to have a talent for writing, your words flow in an understandable, informative and pleasant manner. I would suggest you might want to look into some courses in composition. There could be a great future for you in it - and not just in the "tell-all" genre either. You live in a great State with a lot of history that those of us here in the lower 48 would be interested in reading about from a "real, true Alaskan"..
Blessings to you, your mother, brother and nephew!!

Jennifer said...


Caty Zeitler said...

Hi Mercede,
Welcome to the wild world of blogging.
Very nice first post.
Just wanted to let you know that there are people in the Valley that support you and your family.
Please continue to trust Gryphen, he is a wise man and can help you if things get to hairy!
Also back up everything, put you pictures and anything else on separate discs or even get a service that will back up everything in your computer daily.

sallyngarland,tx said...

Hi Mercede,

I will be following your blog. I have been saddened when I have seen untrue comments made about your family. It is obvious that Tripp means the world to you, Levi and your mom and that all of you love him very much.

It is good that you will tell the truth. Levi has really had to put up with lies and unjust criticism. I wish you the best with your blog.

Leadfoot said...

Mercede -
Hello from Los Angeles! I hope you have been reading all of the blogs (Palingates, Bree, PalinsDeceptions, IM) that I have for the past 2 years so you have a sense of just how many people support you and your family.

I too have been affected by people with personality disorders. They come into your life like a tornado and blow everything apart. But you will be better, smarter and stronger on the other side of this.

I was intrigued by your comment that you were "waiting for your perfect nephew" to be born. Is this because there was a disabled nephew born first, perhaps one who didn't make it? So you were doubly excited for the "perfect" one to arrive?

Somebody is having a VERY bad day today, and for that, I thank you!! ;)

ilovepoodles said...

I'm so glad you are creating a space to make your voice heard. My hope is that you will proceed cautiously as we have unfortunately seen repeated evidence of the blind and fanatical devotion certain people inspire.
I look forward to hearing more from you!

Nan said...

I'm so glad to see your first post! I do hope you know that there are many many people who think of you and your family, and hope for the best for you all.

all the best, always,

kate67 said...

I agree with others who recommend a separate hard drive to back of all of your important items, especially photos. With all the new camera's that are now digital, it is especially needed to back them up on a separate drive.

Welcome to having your own Blog. I wish you and your family future happiness and luck in the all you do.

One other thing, spread the word to family and friends who may have their own copies of photos of you and your family from the recent past, but also older photos. If they do have such things, you can copy them, to rebuild your own. Good luck.

Enjay in E MT said...

Congrats on your first blogging post!

Unfortunately, when someone "didn't think or blink" when asked - it affected many people than just herself.

Good luck to you and your family

Viola Dace said...

Telling your story is powerful. But being brave enough to speak up and tell the truth of your own story is the greatest power of all. It makes your soul strong, and it weakens the lies of others.

Irishgirl said...

Mercede, best wishes from Ireland and congratulations on your first blog post.

Erica said...

I wish you and your family some of the peace and privacy that was taken from you. I can't imagine what your family is going through Levi fell in love with the daughter of Sara.When I was your age I could do anything I wanted and nobody was watching to see my every move.Some choices I made weren't great but nobody cared or noticed.That is the way it is supposed to be.You and your brother were robbed of normal teen years
We are watching listening and caring in Dallas Texas.

Linda K.B. said...


The blog layout is excellent and you have a great first piece. What folks can learn from your family's experience and all those who have dared to speak up are the extremes the Palin's will go to crush the people they perceive to be their enemies. What I hope you take away from all of this is that we are like stones and our lives are like the ocean. If we learn from our experiences, the angriest, most powerful waves wear away our sharp edges and make us smooth...then the water then just rolls off.

Congratulations on your graduation and may all good things await you in your future...such a good daughter deserves that!

GinaM said...

Congrats Mercede on your first post. Stay strong and true and think about how far you have come. You are a lot stronger than you think. I am sure there are many people supporting you who may not comment. Best wishes to you and your mom. Take care Mercede.

alaskan said...

To be sure, these things are life-changing.
It's terrible to lose photographs. Always back everything up on a thumb drive, CD, whatever. Easy to do, but can't be done after a loss.

But I'm confused about your computer being "hacked". It doesn't make any sense. Do you maybe mean that it _crashed_ and data retrieval was unsuccessful?

Kryss said...

Hi Mercede -

Just wanted to say I wish you all the best! You've got lots of support. Keep your head up and remain strong!

ginny said...


I will definitely be following your blog! I have the feeling that you and your family put your trust into many people who double-crossed you. And that is sad. I have a feeling that this is why there are certain subjects you must talk around, and questions you cannot answer as much as you would like to. From you statements in interviews and on your FB page, I can tell you are the kind of person who isn't kept quiet easily, and that means there must be huge reasons that you can't speak the whole and unedited truth about everything that has happened to your family. However much "we" your public supporters, would like to know the full truth of everything, I'm sure it's a drop in the ocean your frustration of not being able to speak openly.
I'm so sorry about your pictures being lost. There are humans who have no empathy at all. I wish there were some way for law enforcement to find and bring to justice those who committed this crime against your family. What pathetic humans.
I think you will be surprised at how much support you have out here. Hopefully, being able to speak about some of what you have gone through will help you deal with all of this.

Norma Jean said...

Like everyone else, I have been following this saga from day one. My first thought when I saw your pictures holding that little baby on your myspace was what a sweet girl you appeared to be. I must say that by following you(I almost feel like a stalker), I am sure that you are a sweet and caring person. I would like to know more about that baby you were holding. The joy that you showed seemed to be more than a casual aquaintance. I would be so proud to have a grand daughter like you.

Gunsmoke said...

Mercede, congratulations on your new blog. I've been following you on FB.

I don't know if you have the answer to this question or not, but I would like to know why did Mrs. Palin throw Bristol under the bus at the RNC by admitting she was 5 months pregnant to squash the rumors that Mrs. Palin had faked her pregnancy instead of showing an official birth certificate for Trigg?

Celia Harrison said...

Hi Mercede, wonderful post and your blog is cute. I have to wonder if they did not hack the information they wanted from your computer and then just destroy the hard drive to cover their trail. I lost hundreds of pictures when the state of Alaska destroyed my laptop. I am glad that you feel empowered enough to start a blog. One thing I have found out is when you tell the truth no matter how crazy it sounds there are always people who have had similar experiences who believe you. What people generally believe and what the truth is are two different things. You may have lost a lot, but one thing you have gained is the knowledge that your family is strong. You are a strong person, evidenced by the fact that you stayed true to yourself through all the stress. This is more valuable than just about anything else. Those people who did not stand by you were never your friends to begin with. Your blog is going on my blog list.

Laughing Bunny said...

Wecome Mercede! I hope you and your mom and brother stand strong together. I'm sure you all just wanted a happy, peaceful life together... so sorry your life has been turned upside down by one woman's quest for power and money.

I add my voice to caution you to read up on sociopaths. No, they are not normal people who respect other's rights. Back up all of your files, and get everything in writing and witnessed when you deal with this type of personality.

Be careful, be safe! We all are sending you thoughts of wisdom and courage.

K.M.O. said...

Good luck on your latest adventure.
As you venture forward on your new blog, you'll find you'll grow a following. People really do care. They'll check in daily to read what you have to say. The natural give and take that results will be your reward for staying true and real.

alice said...

I cannot imagine being in your shoes. You are doing an absolutely good thing with this blog. It will help you to deal with all that has gone on, and make realizations that you have many people from all over supporting your family. Hug your mom and say it's from Oklahoma

JJ said...

Hi Mercede,
Are you able to answer questions from readers here in the comments section, or will you be addressing them in your posts? I know I have a million questions I have wanted to ask you but don't want you to feel overwhelmed! The single most pressing question I have is what happened to the tiny baby with the ruffled ears that you were holding in the myspace photos? Thanks!

Mister said...

I am wondering why Levi just doesn't go pick up Tripp from daycare whenever he wants to. If there is no custody order then Levi has every right to pick up Tripp and give him back when he feels like it, not when Bristol tells him to. I don't understand why Levi doesn't fight for Tripp the way Bristol certainly would if Levi was keeping him from her. Legally Levi has the right to take his son from a babysitter and keep him. The police could do nothing about it, Levi is his father.

If he did take him back it would force Bristol at least to file for a custody order and visitation schedule if Levi doesn't want to do it for whatever reason.

icarust said...

I also highly suggest you read as much as you can about sociopaths. I'm a 51 year old grandmother with personal experience - and can guarantee you S. Palin is a textbook case.

Stephen Taufen said...

Mercedes - Zaki said you were on board with the blog-news, and it is nice to see your site up. Jamie and the other crabbers say hi from Kodiak, too. I wanted to comment on your loss of pictures - a hurtful blow. You join the ranks of others who have lost nearly all momentos. You're young to be subjected to such harm, but on the other hand, it will become one of the scars you eventually cherish as you continue the fight in telling truth to power. You are obviously getting to someone, someone powerful. Their bad karma will return to them. So, please keep faith in the way of the peaceful warrior, and of being a heart that seeks justice. Ciao - st

old salt said...

First...A big shout out to Gryphen for mentioning your blog!

What a beautiful young lady. I am old enough to be your Grandpa but you have my admiration and respect for coming forward with the truth. Obviously you know this will not pass unnoticed and you will soon find out, if you haven't already, how nasty and disgusting the Palinbots can be BUT HANG IN THERE MERCEDE...There are MANY of us that have your back!

Lainey said...

Congrats on your new blog! This will be so cathartic for you. I am sorry to hear how the palin effect took hold of you and your family...we are in this together...although we don't know first-hand, we do KNOW. Hang in & good luck!

Malachi said...

Hi Mercede - Indeed, the reality behind the polished faces in politics can really be extremely UGLY! It's probably hard to overstate that, as I bet you know first hand... What can also not be overstated: I imagine there are many of us who could not THANK YOU enough for exposing the truth of what's really happening, past and present. Even those who are sold on the lies told to them by the smoke and mirror campaigns of political public relations -- they perhaps need to be shown the truth more than anyone. The reality is, our society is engulfed in lies. The more truth we can know, no matter how ugly it may be, the better.

If you do move forward with your contribution to the truth, I imagine you will be pressured to keep quiet. PLEASE STAND STRONG UNDER THIS PRESSURE.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mercede ...

CougInPortland said...

Mercede, I was pleased to hear that you have started a blog and have bookmarked it. I have followed the hell you've been through since day one, and I must say that you have handled yourself with the utmost grace and poise for what you were thrust into. I don't remember being as "put together" when I graduated high school 35 years ago!

You have a LOT of supporters world-wide and we are here for you. May God BLESS you and your family. Wishing you peace.

admin said...

Mercede, you are a very strong, smart and couragous young woman. I have followed this from the start and i can only imagen the hell you and your family must be going through. You have a great head on your shoulders and with all you have been through and are continuing to go through just remember the truth always shines through. Stay strong and keep your cup half full, because it may not feel like it right know but you will prevail in the end. From my family to yours, we wish you the best.
Go get em girl.

MadasHelinVA said...

Hi Sadie, just another well wisher for you and your family. I am happy you decided to blog and will follow along each day to hear what news you will share. You are so young to have been placed into a very hot spotlight, but you handled it with grace and ease. Please know you have many new friends who will be here for you daily and that the old 'friends' were really only just 'acquaintances' who wanted something from you, so you are better off without them.

Say hello and best wishes to your family and thank you for sharing. See you next blog.

aha said...

Power to Truth!! Don't string us along, like the others. People have been supporting your family all over the world.

So what is the purpose of this blog, Mercede? Why do you want us to come back? Why should we be interesting in your story?

Those are all just questions for you to keep in mind if you want to build a fellowhip of followers. ;-)

Build it....and they will come....

Did Sarah give birth to Trig? Yes/No/I am not allowed to say

If you can't say, tell us why you can't say: I signed an agreement / Sarah will hurt my mom, etc etc.

Is Bristol pregnant right now? What have you heard in the rumour mill?

These are all questions your readers want to have answered.


Amy from Texas said...

Dear Mercedes:

You are beautiful inside and out. This post confirms as much. Your family seems so real and loving---and normal. So sorry you are caught up in the mess. Hang in there! As they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. You are perfectly capable of that. Thank you so much for starting this blog. I will follow it faithfully.


curiouser said...

Love your blog, Mercede! It looks great and your post was, indeed, interesting. I'm glad you're exercising your voice!

How sad and maddening it must be to have your computer hacked and lose your photos, not to mention the other fallout from the '08 campaign and after.

I wish you and yours the best and look forward to more posts.

PeggnoinSoCal said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! We're all happy to hear from you. And kudos to your mom- she raised a fine young woman.

slapshot said...

Right on Amy, from Tx.

Venefica said...

Congratulations on your new blog. It looks very pro!

You seem to be a lovely, poised, and smart young lady. Stay true to yourself and don't let the haters who will come here bother you. (And be sure to keep copies of any threats on disk in a safe deposit box in the bank.)

All of us who've been following the anti-Palin websites for the past couple of years send you our very best wishes!

Tania said...

Mercede; giving you some love from the rest of the world - even if it seems to you in US that the tide of support for palin is large, please know that the world is overwhelmingly against ms palin, and cannot wait for someone like you to out her for the horrible woman she is and end her political career. You have the power in your hands to change possible US history, your family! I wish you all the best.

On a side note I understand your mothers pain; coping with chronic pain is something that can never be described to another and having someone like you to care and help her would be wonderful for her. Good on you. On the 'friend' front Mercede, I'm a little bit older than you and in those short years of extra experience I've found that you just hve to carry on regardless; trying your best to recognise the true friends. I've lost friends over similar incidents where I discover they cannot be trusted - I don't doubt that if I were famous they would have thrown me under the bus viciously. But look at the bright side! Now you know earlier than you would have who are the under-the-buses and who are the gems. Treasure the gems and hold your head high!

Ennealogic said...

Congrats on your blog, Mercede, and thank you for being willing to share what you can with the rest of us ... we think we know you but we can't truly know you without your own words.

On one hand I'm so saddened that your life was turned upside-down. What you've already had to deal with is unimaginable to me. On the other, you are now in a unique position to take advantage of the audience you will surely get as a result of your experiences and recording them on your blog.

You seem mature for your years. May you find wisdom as well as courage as you continue through your life. I wish you immense happiness and ultimately peace of the heart and soul.

Thanks for writing, and please know that many, many of us will keep reading and wishing you the very best.

Teal said...

Congrats Ms M from East Bay...thanks for moving forward and having the strength to write this blog. Nice job, I can tell you have a lot to say and I certainly look forward to every word you offer.

Much sorrow over the fact that you - your family have to deal with all that is Palin. As someone suggested; let your Mom know that there are ppl all around the world supporting you guys...we got your back!

I bookmarked you...looking forward to visiting often!

Deb said...

Dear Sadie,

For the last year, I have followed your journey and have to say that you are a very composed and gracious young woman. You appear very genuine and caring with maturity beyond your years. I don't think others your age could do so well under all the pressure, lack of fairness and chaos that has taken over your life the last two years.

My fear is that the Palin supporters will treat you with more and more disdain as you become more vocal. Stand strong, Sadie. You have been through much worse. In the end, you know that you kept your integrity and told the truth.

All the best to you and yours!

Ardiva said...

Hello once again, Mercede,
I'm so happy you are here telling it like it is and I'm rooting for you big time!
Also, tell your mom "hello!" for me and chin up!

SS said...

You go girl!!!

carolyn said...

cool. i like the way your blog looks.
good luck to you and best wishes.....
sending positive vibes to you and your mom - from hawaii

d c woo said...

You have something the palin money can never buy, you are a person who deserves respect, and you have mine. Look forward to your future blogs. Thanks for taking your time to do this, so many of us have questions that only you can answer.

Danette said...

Mercede - I think you are a naturally beautiful and courageous young lady. You have a lot of support all over the world. Hope you and your family stay strong. Ignore the haters.

Deb said...


I'm so proud of you for starting this blog! I know it is scary to stand up and begin to speak your truth, but it is also how you begin to build your strength.

Sarah may try to attack you for starting this blog. In fact, it is almost a certainty she will. She is a bully. Bullies want to keep you afraid, They want to try to make you stay small and silent.

But it is really true when they say that the best way to deal with bullies is to stand up to them. You have a lot of people who are behind you and supporting you. And now that you have entered the land of the 'Bloggisphere', you will find, especially in Sarah Palin's world, the pen IS mighter than the sword!

Stay strong. Grow strong!

Lauren said...

Hello from yet another total stranger (from that big city down the road). I just want to say that your blog seems to be off to a good start. Your writing reflects the thinking of a dignified, humble, and thoughtful person who was thrust into a situation more difficult than I can imagine.

I hope you can wear a thick skin for some of what comes next. I fear you'll find that you need it.

All my best to you and to your family, and I'll be looking forward to what you have to say.

ginger said...

Soo happy to see you have started a blog, and want to join everyone in congratulating you. There is only one thing, if you don't mind me saying, is of all of the beautiful pictures of you and Levi, why one that looks like you are shooting at someone? I guess I am just sensitive to Palins wanting to shoot everyone and it just struck me that way. But, I will be checking your blog daily. Hugs to you and your family.

Jean said...

Great to see your blog here and it's favored.
Stand tall, you have lots of people wishing you well.

Jean from Boston

milspec said...

Best wishes on the blog. I'm far away from Alaska issues but other parties have put you on the national stage. Be strong girl/

GiGi said...

I hope your blog will be somewhat of a healing type of therapy for all of the pain you and your family have been subjected to.
Stay strong and wonderful first post!

from Ohio

tacy said...

You go girl! And get Levi to speak up, too. You our full support!

Karen said...

Best wishes with this blog, & thanks for being courageous enough to do it. Sorry to hear about all the lost pictures & friends, but you seem to have a big heart & loving family.

gtyphoon said...

Southern Cali here. Congratulations and Best Wishes on your new Blog.

Helen said...

Hi Mercede ~

I like your writing very much - it is clear and concise. And you have a lot of interesting tales to tell I'm sure. So it seems like your blog will be a hit, as indicated by all the comments on your very first post! Congratulations! I applaud you taking the step of putting the power of your own voice out into your community and to the world.

I would like to ask you to elaborate perhaps a little on the story of your computer being hacked. It is such an interesting event and possibly very unique as well. Please tell us more of the facts and details about this. First of all, when was the last time your computer had been "normal" and when you discovered it had been hacked, what were the circumstances? Exactly how long had it been? Had it been moved around? Had anyone new been in the house? Did you sense something was wrong before you turned it on, or was it a total surprise? Tell us the events please. Did you get a blue or black screen and no operating system whatsoever? Or did it turn on and boot up but then you just found all your documents and pics gone, like a new installation? Did anyone else's computer (that you know of) receive similar treatment?

I realize when you wrote about it you probably thought there's not much to say, it just didn't work and I brought it to the store, but as you can see there are a whole lot of details that would be of interest regarding this.

I ask because what you say really blows my mind, and makes me wonder at the power of political operatives or the Secret Service as the computer guy suggested - I mean can they really go through wires and wipe a hard drive? That means that absolutely no American citizen has any privacy whatsoever...

Kath the Scrappy said...

Greetings from Seattle! Great looking blog, the wood tones on the sides are very soothing to tired eyes.

Mercede, you clearly have a flair for writing concisely and an aura of maturity about you that many young people your age have yet to acquire. I'm glad you're such a loving support to your Mom, Levi, and precious nephew Tripp!

I am bookmarking your blog and looking forward to reading further. Welcome to the Blogosphere!

Helen said...

Just to clarify, in my comment above when I said "go through wires and wipe a hard drive" I meant doing the job from another location through the internet. I am assuming that this is what you mean when you say "hacked" but it is unclear if this is what you meant.

Keep strong and give as much detail as you can when you write your posts - and a big shout out to your Mom who raised two kids with such big hearts and beautiful smiles.

AlaskaSundog said...

From a "neighbor" in Chugiak. It appears you've got it together so Congrats on that & also on your blog. Keep your head up & out cuz you know Wasilla palinbots. Mercede, stay brave because you're able to do what needs doing --provide the truth for many who question & have no clue. The "lamestream" media has horribly failed to scrutinize Palin so many only know what they read or hear from Sarah. You can actually provide the truth known only to insiders. Other credible bloggers rely on research & documentation to warn the world of Palin's agenda. Your blog can offer a different but needed personal perspective . Keep it real, keep it honest, & spend time doing it well. Your blog will grow & provide realtime info for realtime America. This should be an outlet, an opportunity & a responsibility for you. Good Luck & Thanks.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Mercede, this was a stunning first post, well done!

Regarding your computer, you stated “My computer was hacked almost immediately.” Did you know Anna Arodzero? If so, was anyone else with her in your house? She worked for the McCain campaign, and on Monday 9/1/08, the date that Bristol’s pregnancy with Tripp was announced to the world, she was the one that answered the door to reporters, holding herself out as a “family friend”. More information about Anna Arodzero is here:

A family friend answered the door Monday at the Johnston home, outside Wasilla. When a reporter mentioned Bristol Palin, the friend, Anna Arodzero, said, "You can contact the McCain-Palin headquarters."

The McCain campaign was woefully negligent in vetting Sarah before tapping her as the VP running mate, as abundantly described in “Game Change”. With the revelation of Bristol’s pregnancy at the RNC on Monday 9/1/08, it was ONLY the McCain campaign that would have a vested interest in erasing ANYTHING (else) that could be embarrassing, as it was only a last minute disclosure by Sarah to John McCain that her 17 year old daughter was pregnant, and time was of the essence. So, rather than taking the time to review your computer with you and/or your mother, they simply “took the liberty” of deleting the entire contents of your computer. I do not believe for a second that the Secret Service would have had anything to do with erasing your computer. That is not their job. Your computer was erased by the McCain campaign thugs, either by Anna Arodzero or whoever may have been with her.

BTW, good job on hiding the picture of Levi holding tiny Trig so they didn’t destroy that picture too. :-)

Looking forward to your future posts! You are a strikingly beautiful and graceful young woman, and we have all seen what a good heart you have. I continue to hope that someone in Alaska will come forward to expose her fake pregnancy and end the pox that Sarah Palin has infected upon our nation with her lies and divisive hatred.

Kat_In_Hawaii said...

PS - Love your new web site and writing! Thanks for doing this!

Kat_In_Hawaii said...

Dear Mercede,

I agree with all the posters positive comments but am not nearly as articulate, so I'll just say DITTO X10. I've followed your family from the beginning and have so much respect and caring for all of you. I read your post on IM and truly felt your pain. My son is also being deprived of his young daughter in large part & so, by ,am I. There's just no pain that compares. Many hugs to all of you.

You have all my support & admiration. I'll definitely be back. Please stay safe!

heidi1 said...

Congratulations on a wonderfully professional site, Mercede. I'll look forward to visiting every day, and was thrilled to find you via Gryphn @ IM. What a charming, articulate lady you are. Your heart shines through not only in your smile, but in your clear words. All of us here in Southern California wish you every success with your new blog, and your continued bright future. You'll have thousands of fans within a week!

heidi1 said...

One additional thought: try to get the information out to Yahoo, major networks, etc. that you've started this blog. If the Palins can try to monopolize the media with their every idiotic and inconsequential move, you will certainly offer a much more clear, charming, and honest voice. Actually, your new blog is huge news for an awaiting world. We would love to hear about what you've gone through, and what you want your future to hold. Wishing you every happiness and much success! ...from Los Angeles

Beverly From Montreal said...

Looks as if you will be having a lot of loyal followers reading your blog, Mercede. No doubt you are already aware that you & your family have supporters from outside the U.S.
There are so many questions people would like to have answered but I doubt very much you have the freedom to do so. I will be reading your entries & updates, regardless.

I had the same reaction as ginger @5:49 did re the photo you posted with this entry of Levi and yourself although I am quite sure that is not the true meaning of the pose.

Looking forward to your next blog post.

Tania said...

Mercede: it would be wonderful if we could get any insight you do have to what's known as 'babygate'. I think most people are like me: they don't know what to think - all they know is that the photos and the statements of the birth don't add up. I think it is possible she simply didn't show much and is the mother BUT if she is we are left with this truth: she deliberately boarded a plane in labour with leaking amniotic fluid and a highly risky birth in her mind. Therefore I think she cannot be fit for any sort of office and needs treatment asap: because either 1. The story was invented and someone else gave birth to Trig or 2. She is the mother of Trig but deliberately put him in a very risky situation. sadly I can only conclude if it was so, she hoped for a still birth or loss of life after birth due to complications of being out of reach of specialists. She wanted the 'free' way out: no one would blame her but she wouldn't have a new child to deal with (a burden in her eyes as we see clearly in her blatant disregard for his wellbeing).

Please try and help us where you possibly can. I know it's hard and possibly impossible but please do try Mercede. Think back, think it through. You can work it out

Polly in Anchorage said...

Although most of us would like to read some insider "secrets"; we understand the problem of keeping safe as possible. I think being yourself, authentic to who you are, straightforward, and real, will dispell and offset Mrs. Palin's backbiting and lying. Being true to yourself will shine the lights on "her" stupidity and egotism.

I agree with everyone who has posted, that you are brave and mature beyond your years. Levi is too. Your mother is a wonderful mom.

majii said...

Hello, Mercede,
You and your family have the support of this retired teacher and her family in GA. I've been an admirer of you and your family since 2008. You and Levi make your parents proud. I especially admire the way you support/take care of your mom. Keep looking ahead. Stay focused on your goal(s.) This is the recipe for success in any endeavor.

Jo Ann said...


Congratulations on your new blog. Well done! Please know that you and your family have, and have had, my support. I sincerely hope that you continue your education as I think you have a lot of potential. And, I hope you know that there are many, many nationwide that favor your family above the 'other'! If there is ever anything you, your Mom, or Levi need, please let us know. I'm sure you will be happily surprised at the numbers supporting you and yours.

Rachel from Wichta said...

Greetings from a former Alaskan,

Just wanted so say that I respect and admire you for the class you have shown throughout the entire ordeal you and your family have been through since you were dragged into the public spotlight. You have honesty and the respect of many people on your side and that's something the Palin's can't take away from you no matter how hard they try. Stay strong and continue to hold tight to the love of your family and you will come out the winners in the end.

Kyrpa said...

Saying hi from Minnesota. I look forward to hearing your stories, and want you to know you have our support. Thank you for opening up.

ann schneider said...

Wishing you and your family the peace and happiness you so deserve. It is hard to believe that the evils in this country can be so intrusive. I keep hoping we are a better country than we sometimes seem.

Luke said...

Hey beautiful! This blog is awsome and so are you and your family! So cool you're doing this... peace to you, your brother and your Mom... Luke

No Name said...

Congrats! I'm so sorry that your family has been so damaged by the wicked witch of the North. I wish you and your Mom, the best with your futures. There are many people who see the Palins for exactly what they are, fake and frauds. Good luck with seeing your Tripp. I hope that your family will disclose the truth.

No Name said...

Forgot to tell you how beautiful you are! Much luck and success on all your adventures.

Pat said...

Congratulations Mercede! You have no idea how many people support you and your family out here in "real America". Be prepared to get a LOT of hate mail, threats, etc. from the Palinbot groupies who hate everyone and anyone who say anything they perceive as negative about their idol. Don't let them get you down! Ignore the hate. Looking forward to hearing much more on this blog from you. You are wished the best by more than you know. By the way, love your pic. You are a very beautiful girl.

bubbles said...

happy blogging Mercede,. have fun with it and keep your own counsel on family matters. Mudflats gave you a nice shout out and is a wonderful blog to read. your friend Bubbles

Kathy said...

Go, Mercede!!! You have my support from Iowa. As someone else mentioned in an earlier post - there are a lot of sane people who are behind you and your family. You can't cure stupid, but you can at least expose her for the lying grifter she is!!!

Please don't back down - the country deserves to know the truth!

Heather said...

You know I support you honey! I know slightly more than the "average" person thanks to.. well you know :)

Cant wait to see what else you have to blog about. The stories I here from you and our mutal "friend" are always very entertaining to me. Maybe one day the little boys will become friends...but other things have to happen first :(

Christian Louboutin said...

Wonderful journey and experience!

No Name said...

Even though all my pictures are on my computer, they are also kept on the memory disk. I never delete those and save them just in case. So were ALL of your camera's memory disk erased too? Seems kinda impossible for this stranger to come and go through the entire house looking for pics and personal items while you were there. Did the house ever appear to be broken in to? What about pictures that had been emailed previously to other friends and family? Did they wipe their computers clean as well?

PAUL White said...

Thank GOD the baby was not aborted!!!!! What is wrong with today's youth? Flies closed and knees together was the advice from my parents back in the 40s. Can't believe they ,(Levi and Bristol), wanted Bristol to become pregnant. You better be careful as the actions of the Secret Service are boundless and many!!!!! Your cell and home phone are probably still bugged! Best of luck to you in your future!!!!

Katie said...

Hi Mercede,

Please know that you are not alone. I have thought of your family often.

You seem like a strong young woman and I hope you continue to use your voice. No one should have the right or ability to walk in and destroy your life.

I'll be looking for your future posts and thinking good thoughts for you and your family.

lexcade said...


I'm glad that you've decided to step up and share your side of this horrible saga. We get far too much of the Palins' side of things far too often, and it's always so distorted...

I echo the love and support that everyone is sharing with you at such a difficult and critical point in your life. I also understand the difficulty of caring for a disabled parent. My mother was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia ten years ago, and when she was initially diagnosed, I became the errand runner, cook, cleaner, and caregiver. So I have an idea of where you're coming from. It's difficult when you're a teenager, but it will make you a stronger person. And, though you don't know me at all, I would like to tell you that if you need to talk to someone about that difficulty at least, my email is always open to you, sweetie. You're obviously a wonderful woman, and right now you deserve all the emotional support you can get.

I'll definitely be playing catch-up today. Happy Independence Day to you and God bless you and your family.

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