Saturday, June 12, 2010

MySpace Photos

Mercede Johnston

Many of the questions being asked are about the photos of Levi, baby Trig, Sarah, Bristol, and myself, and about the captions underneath the photos on my now famous MySpace page.

Well for one thing I am a sucker for babies, I think they are just precious.

Also at that point in time I was desperately trying to build a closer relationship with Bristol and the rest of her family because I could see clear as day just how much my brother loved her. Levi and Bristol were always talking about having a baby and getting married. Therefore I considered the Palins to be part of my family. Or at least they soon would be.

I admit I misused the term 'mommy in law'. I just considered Sarah a second mother since I assumed that in the very near future Levi would be calling her his mother in law.

The same goes for the caption 'baby brother'. I absolutely expected Bristol and Levi to get married. Therefore in my mind Trig would be my brother in law. I simply misused the word.

I might also add that I was very young, only sixteen at the time, and the pictures were on MySpace where all my friends knew the circumstances and knew that I give everybody nicknames. So I never expected to have to explain why I captioned them the way that I did.

A lot of my captions were inside jokes, and were not intended for anyone else to see or I would have made them more clear.

Yes, I did feel a great deal of affection toward Trig, because he was just so adorable!

After all why wouldn't I? He was incredibly cute and it was the first time I ever got to hold a new born baby! It was like a miracle to me. (Also at the time I was dating a guy who had a younger brother with Down syndrome. So I already had a soft spot for children like Trig).

Everyone who knows me, both friends and family, know that I give people I care about nicknames and that I tend to use the term 'bear'.

I call my brother Ishy Bear, and I call my mother Nonny Bear. I just always have.

We are big on nicknames in my family. For instance most of my friends and family call me Sadie BUG. Same concept, just that I prefer “Bear” over “bug”.

This is a response to at least one of the questions asked. There were over 100 asked through the previous post and some emails. Keep checking back and I'll respond to them when I get the time.

So hopefully that clears a few things up. No big conspiracy. No secret messages. Just a teenage girl putting silly captions on pictures that she thought only her friends and family would ever see.



Linda C said...

Keep up the great work Mercede. Thanks for the answer to at least one of my questions.

JJ said...

So what DID happen to that baby with the ruffled ears that you were holding? When did you see him after that, and how often did you see him? As Gryphen's blog illustrated, that baby is clearly not the same one that was introduced at the RNC.

kdusmdd said... are beautiful young lady......but will you,please, not wear that bumpit anymore? It looks too much like the Palin crowd !!! just saying.......

Victorian said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Mercede -- it did seem to be odd wording to those of us on the outside, and now it makes sense. But I'm another one who would like to know about the ruffly-eared baby you were holding. It can't be the same baby we know now as Trig, whose ears are definitely not ruffly. Did you ever notice an unusual change in the size or appearance of Trig?

ginny said...

This is pretty much the explanation that I suspected was the truth all along. I have followed the "babygate" story in the blogs, and while I have seen and read alot that makes me believe that Sarah Palin did not give birth to Trig on April 18 2008, I never thought your picture captions were anything other than signs of an affectionate and loving young woman. I have been following your wall on FB and noticed you made it private today. I hope this isn't a sign that you were experiencing nastiness from people through FB. Or maybe you just realized you needed at least one thing private in your life, LOL! I can understand that completely, and I hope that's all it is.

Mercede said...

Thank you all for your comments and taking the time to visit my blog. I will have a lot of questions answered by early next week.

I do not know if there even is two babies. I have not seen proof that there is. But I will admit I find it odd that Sarah hasn't provided proof of Trigs birth and just stop all this confusion. However, I held and met Trig and I have never noticed anything different or out of the ordinary.

P.S -I do not use bumpits, I just poof my hair and always have before Sarah was even governor. I will never change who I am just because of them.
-Mercede Johnston

JC in Cali said...

Thanks for the explanation, Mercede. As much as I wish you knew more, I have to agree this does make sense.

The thing that still bugs me though....why did Levi appear SO affectionate with that baby? And with Trig at the Convention? In both cases, he treated that tiny baby and the larger Trig as if they were his own. Why?

I for one think your hair is fab! :)

AlaskaSundog said...

Good job keeping up with us posters !!!!!

maelewis said...

Please let us know if you plan to continue your education. If so, where, what are you interested in studying, and do you have any career plans in mind yet? If not, are you working, and if so, where. Just curious.

Also, please let us know what kind of work Levi is doing. He has quite a heft child support payment to make each month. We're all cheering for you and your family and wishing you the best.

Helen said...

Mercede, there is a lot of speculation on another blog about someone else writing your posts. The speculators fail to understand that you set up this blog to communicate with (a) people you don't know, (b) people who are a fair bit older than you, and (c) for better or worse, the media. Those things considered, I think it's a very smart move that you have some editing help.

People should remember that you have Facebook to communicate with your teenage friends and your family in any personal way you choose, and the speculators should just be grateful that you have made this effort to communicate formally with the world at large.

More power to you.

Midnight Cajun said...

Thanks for this explanation, Mercede. It makes sense. I have a daughter about your age and when your My Space page was first discussed on the blogs, I remember her saying she knew girls who would refer to a friend's baby brother as their brother.

That said, Mercede, didn't you find it odd that a woman who claimed she'd just given birth was wearing short shorts? At least your mom must have found that strange.

AKRNC said...


I find it odd that $arah's physician said that Trig had jaundice. If that had been true, along with the hole in his heart, not only would he not have been released two days after birth, she most certainly would never have risked his health in taking him out of the house. He would have needed to be under lights for the jaundice for several hours a day with trips to the doctor to re-check his PKU. I've been a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and I've never seen a new mother of a special needs child, especially a premature child, take him to work and introduce him to an environment filled with germs that he's not yet equipped to fight. It's as unrealistic as the "wild ride" story. Did you have any thoughts about this? Do you know what type of therapy Trig receives and who is taking care of him when $arah is traveling the country, trashing our President and pretending she knows what she is talking about? Thanks, Mercede, for any information you can provide.

ginger said...

Hi Mercedes, you are young and I am sure a lot of these questions don't even make sense to you. As far as sTrigg goes, it's not so much about who birthed the baby, it just shows how untruthful Sarah Palin is. Maybe you weren't around her during the time she was supposedly pregnant to notice whether she was or not. Even her own family didn't know and they probobly didn't see her much either. But, it sure would be nice to have proof of her infamous lie. I was trying to think back to when I was 16, and I don't know if I paid much attention to adults, was into my own thing with friends and school. But, if a 7 or 8 month pregnant woman walked by, I would recognize it as a pregnancy.

Thank you for sharing what you want to share with the public.

dominicastar said...

So as you didn't say Sarah gave birth to, or was pregnant with Trigg then is it safe to assume Trig isn't hers?

Gles said...

Mercede, thank you for the clarifications! It took a minute or two to sink in. The pics of you and the baby in the kitchen kept me wondering why the baby was not swathed in a blanket and Sarah wearing shorts. We think of Alaska as a cold place.....unless people really turn up the indoor heat in the Winter above 70 degrees!

Beverly From Montreal said...

Thank you so much for elaborating on the reasons for the pet names, Mercede. It makes perfect sense considering the loving & caring person that you are.

I was intrigued by this comment on your "Ask Me Anything" thread:-

Comment by heather on June 12, 2010 at 2:33 pm

I can personally say that Tripp was indeed born 12/27/08 I gave birth to my son about 30min BEFORE tripp was born in the room next door. (Sadie idk how much you want me to say so I’ll leave it at that)


Will you allow Heather to post any future comments regarding her hospital experience, Mercede? It would be very interesting to read what she has to say.

lillibird said...

Did Levi ever get a DNA?
Did you see Bristol prego at any time before being prego with Tripp?
Did you ever see Sarah prego before Trig was born?
Do you know if Trig getting the therapy he needs, we all worry about that little guy.
Tripp is such a little cutie, he looks like a very happy baby and I can see he brings much joy to you and your mother. I wish you and your mom the best...

Leadfoot said...

What was the exact date those photos in the Palin kitchen were taken? We noticed the cake in the background. Were you there to celebrate Levi's birthday? Who took those photos?

FEDUP!!! said...

Just a reminder to people asking questions: Mercede was a mere SIXTEEN years old when all this stuff hit the fan.
She was involved in typical teen behavior, and could not have cared less about who had what baby when/where/why/by whom.
Her eyes might have been opened by now, but they definitely were not then.

So... Do not expect miracle answers - unless someone else is willing to talk, and Mercede is willing to post it here!

suspicious1 said...

Mercede - First, thanks for explaining the MySpace captions. They have been speculated on for nearly 2 years so it's good to have that resolved.

I want to emphasize the importance of sharing any knowledge you may have that will illustrate how unfit Sarah Palin is to hold any political office especially President.

Personally, I don't believe she gave birth to Trig. I was never influenced to form that opinion by anything I read on the Internet or by other people. I formed that opinion shortly after she was picked as VP nominee when I knew nothing about her, not even her name. I picked up a magazine in a Dr.'s office with her on the cover. The story was not negative about her in anyway but it did feature her tale of the wild ride regarding the birth of Trig. As soon as I finished reading that article, I said to myself she is either lying, has incredibly poor judgement or she was hoping the baby would be born in flight and not survive. One of the above reasons has to be true because as a woman who experienced premature rupture of membranes I know for a fact that doctors worry about infection setting in posing a danger to both mother and child. I went straight to the hospital and though I wasn't in active labor I was admitted. Even then my son was born with pneumonia. Having already been through four pregnancies, Sarah would have been aware of that danger. If she was really preganant and boarded that plane under those circumstances her judgement is too poor to hold political office. Some people may tell you she knew her body but pregnancy is unpredictable and no two pregnancies even of the same woman are alike. She risked Trig's life if she did give birth to him. Poor judgement is the least sinister explanation of her actions. The other two explanations are she was pregnant, knew the danger and hoped Trig wouldn't survive the flight or she was never pregnant at all. Given all the photographic and other evidence I believe she was never pregnant but for any of the reasons above she must be kept out of politics. If she has such reckless disregard for the life of her own child, what kind of President do you think she would be?

Please think about the points I and many others have made. Do you really want our country in her hands?

Take care of yourself and never let Sarah convince you that she has your back. She only looks out for herself.

fawn218 said...

Dear Mercede,
Is that your cute little doggie? and if so whats his/her name?
Also, Why did Bristol subpeona you?

kellygrrrl said...

just curious, Mercede, if you were in touch with Bristol during her long bout with mono. Did you see her at all during that period of time that she was living away from the family?

also, were any other kids at your school suffering from mono?

Linda said...

Hi Mercede! I follow most of the anti-Palin blogs, but don't comment too often. I admire what you're doing here. I thought I'd send you something totally unrelated to Palin!

Congrats on your new VW! My husband and I owned a 2000 Beetle for about 7 years. It was a fun car to drive and everyone always commented on how cute it was. I don't know what year yours is and hopefully VW ironed a few bugs out after 2000, but I wanted to caution you on a couple of things. It seems like many, many of the VW Beetle parts are made of plastic and they break really easily. Replacing them is hard because they're all king of hooked together so you can't just buy the part you broke -- you have to buy a big assembly that includes the part. Be especially careful with the little toggles that adjust your side mirrors - they break easily. Also, don't ever try to force your glove box open -- my husband broke the latch right off the bat by trying to open it when it was locked (unknown to him). The latch broke right off and only way to fix is buy the whole dash! Also, the front fender has a fiberglass that hangs down underneath it and it is really easy to break if you pull too far forward at parking blocks. I wish we'd know these things so we could've been more careful. In 2007 we gave the car to our niece and she drives it with all it's faults. Mechanically we never had a problem. Just be careful!

Enjoy your young life and don't get too caught up in all the drama swirling around you. Consider going away to college so you can free yourself from you surroundings for awhile and find your true self!

Bear Woman said...

Thank you for starting this blog and especially for trying to answer readers questions.

You exhibit a loving, caring spirit with regard to your family and friends. It is so refreshing to see in someone your age.

I appreciate what you are doing here and whoever, if anyone, that is helping you. Good job!

Please do not let anyone get you down, no matter where they sit on the issues. Keep telling the truth, unembellished, and to the best of your knowledge and ability. No one can or should expect more of you.

Many of us hoped that you had or recalled information that would stop $P and her family; we tend to forget that you were only 16 at the time most of the madness started and that you are still young. I have and some are expecting way too much of you.

Best of luck to all of your family and especially to you as you embark on the next part of life's journey -- what to do after high school.

lillibird said...

One more silly question--Has Sarah always had the same size boobies?? Girls notice these things, right...Thought I'd ask since it's the big thing in the news these days...

sky said...

By the way, I am a Christian.

Newsweek says Sarah's Candidacy will draw Evangelical women. I disagree with that statement. I have not seen any christian values in Palin's approach. I am sure Jesus would be angry too if he witnessed Palin's use of christianity to score her polical and monetary gain.

As Achristian woman, all I can say I am ashamed.

Nan said...

Mercede hon,
I saw some of the comments on the facebook page and I'm so sorry that some folks feel the need to be so wretched to others.

you have never been anything but honest and straight-forward. I've never heard you say anything with spite, and you just don't deserve that kind of treatment.

hang in there, hon,

sky said...

Sorry for the typos. I did not proofread my comment.

I meant "handle" the oval office and not hundle. "Caring" for our boobs and not carring. That is what happens when you type in the dark.

Texasperson said...

Good for you for just being honest. I believe you. I believe people (and I have been guilty) are so invested in believing their own version of a story that they get upset when something they have thought they figured out for years, is just not true. With the Palin's I have not doubt even the truth is strange.

I don't think that the baby you were holding had an ear defect, or that they were several babies. I am unsure if Sarah gave birth to Trig, but that is where my doubts stop.

Remember, there is nothing you say that will please all those emotionally invested in finding the silver bullet. What is the cliche, you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time.

The truth is hard to hear sometimes, especially if you are convinced otherwise.

old salt said...

Thanks for your comments Mercede but really, you don't owe an explanation to anyone. As much as I dislike Sarah Palin, and I wish someone would put her in her rightful place, you have your own life to live. Sure the readers of this blog hope that someone comes forward with the smoking gun, so to speak, to shut her up but don't think for a minute that you have some responsibility to do that. One thing I do hope you do though, is interview your brother and pass on many of the questions being asked of you to him.

Take care!

CAgal said...

I'm a Newborn Intensive Care Unit nurse here in California, having cared for hundreds of newborns over the years. I have always wondered about the newborn baby in your arms in the kitchen photo. The baby in your arms (and Levi is holding), is much smaller than Trigg was in the pics with Sarah and Todd at her office, when he was supposedly less than a week old. Am I just imagining this or is there some logical explanation for the seeming disparity?

THANK YOU, Mercede, for spending your time and energy in creating this valuable blog!

lillibird said...

Sadie I think you have a concern troll-Aesculus

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