Monday, July 4, 2011

Bristol misnamed her book. It should read "Not Afraid of Lies." Update!

Levi and Bristol
Lately there have been numerous topics which I have been wanting to address, but it seems that what everybody wants to hear about is whether or not Bristol's account is what really happened that night in the tent with my brother.

I guess I'll start off with her reference to the wine coolers being her "first brush with alcohol". If my memory serves me correctly, and remember I was the sober one, it was Bristol herself who was asking around trying to buy alcohol before they even started packing to go on this particular camping trip.

So I think it is clear that she was always planning to drink while they were camping. I know for a fact that my brother was not replacing her empty bottles with full ones, because Levi never liked her to drink since it just made her more promiscuous (Which those guys in Juneau will confirm, right Bristol? ;)

Bristol only has herself to blame for the amount of alcohol she consumed that night. Maybe she tends to forget that we still have mutual friends,  and that one of my good friends was actually there that night.

My brother also provided a recap of the night right after he got home. (Remember Bristol, Levi and I use to be best friends before you got your claws into him and forbid him to talk to me.)

When I first read this story it made me laugh out loud. Does anybody really believe a good Christian girl, such as Bristol claims to be, would really lose her virginity in a tent? I don't think so. Usually girls want their first time to be meaningful and special.

Besides there happens to be a small detail which Bristol chose to leave out. You see there was another couple right next to Bristol and Levi in that very SAME tent.

So the question we have to ask is, was the other girl also being "taken advantage of?"

Did she also have her "virginity stolen?"

Are we to believe that there were TWO victims that night?  Because that is certainly NOT the story that I heard!

As for the part about Bristol waking up alone? She seems to have conveniently forgotten the part where she demanded that Levi get up early and start a fire for her so that she wouldn't be cold in the morning. Yes, her rapist got up first thing in the morning, to cut wood and build her a warm fire, so that she would be as comfortable as possible that summer morning. It is remarkable how those Palins always twist the truth in order to constantly appear to be the victim isn't it?. Un-freaking believable.

As for that "rape" allegation, I have to wonder if any of the millions of girls out there who truly have been sexually assaulted take offensive at Bristol claiming that her consensual sexual encounter in that tent gives her the right to place herself in their company?  After all it is people like Bristol, girls who claim they were sexually assaulted when in fact they weren't, who give excuses for people to doubt the claims of REAL victims of assault or rape.

Personally I have never even heard of a single case where a girl continues to date her rapist for years, while enjoying an active and consensual sex life, and then actively TRYING to have a baby with this person who supposedly "took advantage of her". Are we to believe that Bristol was drunk on wine coolers throughout that whole relationship?

After I read Bristol's account I started thinking back to that summer. My mind was searching for every little thing I could remember, and remember I did..

One of the things that I remembered was that my much older cousin (he is in his 30's) came up from the lower 48 to stay in our house while working with my father. We made him a bed in our downstairs living room which happened to be very close to my brother's room. Apparently Bristol, the virgin, woke my cousin up several times with all of her .....well let's just say "enthusiasm."  And by the way this was BEFORE that now notorious camping trip!

The next morning my cousin called my brother aside and had a talk with him. I think Levi was far more embarrassed than Bristol was because the next night she wasn't any quieter.

Now I don't usually feel comfortable talking about another person's sex life. I never even liked talking about Bristol trying to get pregnant because I feel that's a very personal topic

However, after she made those hurtful and indefensible statements in her book about my brother, I decided no matter how uncomfortable I feel talking about this that it is something which I must do, because no one deserves to be accused of such a disgusting and horrendous thing. Especially not my brother who, believe it or not, truly loved Bristol with all of his heart.

A picture I took in happier times before the RNC.
Sadly it is now very obvious that his love was never truly reciprocated. Trust me, he would never do to her what she has so casually done to him. Never.


I am sorry that it has taken me such a long time to reply to your questions.

Because I have to type all my posts on my increasingly unreliable phone, it slows my response time down to a crawl. Frustratingly enough my computer is still not fixed (Apparently they are waiting on a part that's being shipped from overseas) Hopefully I will have it back in the very near future.

As for why I don't blog from the public library, or maybe a cafe, well because I've learned the hard way not to do ANYTHING on a public computer where there are other people around.

I'm not making any excuses, but let's just say that people around here can be kind of nosy.

Now on to answering some of your questions.

I apologize if that part about my cousin hearing Bristol making noise was confusing. I just tried to word things carefully because, like I said, I just flat out didn't feel comfortable saying she was moaning loud enough during sex to awaken people in the house.

And yes people, Bristol Pain DID stay the night at our house when she was younger.

Sometimes my dad would be up on the North Slope, and my mom in the hospital, or, if they were home, she would simply sneak through Levi's window.

Most times she would just stay really late, but because it was a school night, leave around 1-3 in the morning to sneak back into HER house before her parents woke up. (She was such a "good girl" wasn't she?)

Why was Levi wearing a ring on his ring finger? Simply because Bristol wanted him to wear it so the other girls knew he was taken. She also had it engraved, it said "I love you Bristol" in case he forgot I guess. I believe it was a birthday or Christmas gift, but NO they were never married.

Someone else asked about the custody agreement, especially the part about how how each parent isn't allowed to talk trash about the other parent, and wanted to know if that had been changed.

No, nothing has been changed as far as I'm aware. That's still the deal. But in case you all haven't noticed yet, the Palins are above the law. Essentially they can do, and say, whatever they want, and they don't even get a slap on the wrist. Yet if anybody even dares to frown in their direction they go after them with guns a blazing.

Believe me, I know ALL about that!

And finally let me address my "summer" camping trip statement, since some people thought I was talking about a different camping trip than the one which Bristol claims she was on when her virginity was "stolen."

I've lived in Alaska my entire life and I just consider Alaska to have only two seasons. It's either summer, or its winter here. For those of you who live in Alaska I'm sure I don't have to clarify that. For those of you who don't, I apologize and I will try to be more clear from now on.

Thanks for taking the time to leave your comments, I really do appreciate all of your support.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Love, Lies, and the Drama of Facebook

I attempted to stay away from talking about Bristol on my blog recently but now I feel that I need to share something with all of you that has been happening behind the scenes.

You see I have a new man in my life and I could not be happier. In fact I have been so busy just being happy that I have not had time to write a post to share my good news with the visitors to my blog.

Anyhow without my knowledge Bristol has apparently gone behind my back and sent my boyfriend, Chris, lies about my good friend Jesse (Gryphen) and Dennis (Zaki) in an attempt to split us up.

Texting him things like "My brother is in the military, and I know you are a soldier as well. Since you are a patriot serving his country don't you think you deserve to hang out with a better class of people than somebody who would be friends with a pedophile?"

So I confronted Bristol about it on Facebook and here is the exchange. (P.S. You will have to excuse any spelling errors or punctuation mistakes, I was pretty upset when I wrote it.)

Mercede Johnston January 9 at 5:02pm
You are WAY out of line going out of your way to contact my boyfriend and spreading accusations. Mind your own business. Jesse has NOTHING to do with Chris. I've been leaving you alone and I expect if you do the same and stop going around talking shit about me in comments on Facebook. That's petty, immature, and what you are saying could not be further from the truth.

Just because you don't like who I associate with does not mean you have the right to try and bash him to my boyfriend. I don't know exactly what your intentions are but I would hope you could focus on other things instead of me or Jesse. Delete my boyfriends number, we don't need you trying to start stuff. I'm sorry if you aren't happy but we are beyond happy. You claim I'm "obsessed with you and your family" yet you are the one going out of your way to leave comments regularly degrading the aunt of your child and texting my boyfriend. You seriously need a reality check.

And one more thing Bristol. You said you feel sorry for Levi and Tripp because they are related to me by blood. Ha, well I know once Tripp gets older he will correct you. I know for a fact he loves me and will come to me when he is old enough to understand. You have no clue how good of an aunt I am to him because you can't look past all of that drama we had in our past. Which is so unfortunate because that's not what's best for Tripp. I hope one day you can put the past behind us for the sake of your son. As for Levi, he's lucky to have me as a sister and I am lucky to have him as a brother. You have no idea what you're talking about.

I have been civil with you and always will be, I can only hope one day that you will be too.

I sincerely hope you do have a good day and I really wish you'd talk with me as an adult.

Give Tripp my love.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome to my new home!

I apologize for yet another long absence.This past month has been extremely busy and just chock full of obstacles which required very determined navigation.
My computer is still giving me problems, and December is hands down the busiest time of year for myself and my family.

With the Birthdays of four family members to contend with (Including mine), Christmas Eve, and Christmas I was pretty occupied.

Not to mention the fact that my mother's health is still in decline. There is a problem with her pump, which is inside of her, that helps with her pain. It is very dangerous now that it is malfunctioning so I have to keep an eye on my mother at all times. It is a very serious problem.

I had to move my blog over to Blogger due of all the heavy traffic coming to my site.

I will try my best to get the appearance of my Blog back to the way it was. I will continue to blog and talk about my life and everything going on. I will try to blog often but bear with me because January will be a very busy month for me. However I will do my best and much I thanks you all for still coming to my site and supporting myself and my family. I can not express all my gratitude enough.

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas with your loved ones. I sure did. We started off in the early morning of Christmas day. My brother came over and we opened up our stockings and spent time together, then took turns opening up all of our Christmas gifts.

To me there is absolutely nothing better in life then seeing the ones you love together and smiling.
While we were in the middle of opening gifts my boyfriend came over and joined us, making the day even more special.

After spending the morning together my father Keith wanted to meet up and spend some time together to celebrate our own Christmas. (It would be the first time he would be meeting my boyfriend.) So we all got into Levi’s truck and met my father at Levi’s house.

It was a nice but very short visit, since he had to get back to his house to have dinner with his other family.
Then we headed back to my Mothers where my Grandfather met us there and we had a nice Christmas dinner and spent the day playing WII.

I wish you all a happy and SAFE New Year! I know 2010 was a very rough and challenging year for me, but I know I am also very blessed to have such an amazing family, friends, and support from all over. I have so many great memories from 2010 and I am excited to see what life brings in 2011, and you all will have full access to it.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's Monday and time to answer more of your questions.

Here are a few more of the questions that were sent to me after my post about Trig Palin on Wednesday.

1) Why do you think Bristol lived with her aunt?

Bristol did not want to move to Juneau because she wanted to continue her relationship with Levi. They wanted to remain close enough to still see each other. I believe this is during the time that Todd allegedly offered Bristol a new car as a bribe to get her to end her relationship with my brother.

2) Does Levi KNOW he is the father? Do you think there is any chance he isn’t and is just being paid to pretend?

Let me put it this way. If there was any doubt then Levi would have had a paternity test done, and despite theories to the contrary there is no way he would accept money to pretend to be some innocent child's father.

That is a very disgusting thing to even consider. If Tripp were not Levi's son it would break my heart, and I don't know if I could ever get over that. But I believe with all of my heart that Tripp is a Johnston.  And Levi is a proud father to his little boy, who by the way looks identical to how he looked when he was Tripp's age.

3) Again. for the umpteenth time in two years I have been asking this question…WHY DOES LEVI HAVE A HOSPITAL BRACELET ON in the pictures with Trig? I am smelling BS and I am NEVER wrong.

Well I have to admit that  I had never seen this picture before, and at first was just as confused as many of you.  However the other day Levi happened to call and I was able to ask him about it.  He identified it as a picture of him with Tripp at the hospital.  I don't know why people believed it was Trig, but it's not.

4) You said on Larry King Live that Levi once went an entire summer not speaking to you because Bristol told him so. You have stated that Levi lived with the Palins. When did all this happen? It couldn’t have been the Summer of 2008 before the election. Was it 2007? And if so why was Levi living with the Palins in 2007? Do you want us to believe that Levi would tell you everything when he went a whole summer not talking to you because somebody told him to? Your appear to be truthful but I think you are leaving out quite a bit. Why?

I would like to make this clear. I know I have laid all this out before but I will explain it again because there still seem to be questions.

It was before the election. Bristol started demanding that Levi end all contact with me in the summer of 2008 at the beginning of her pregnancy.

Because of the campaign Bristol had to put on a happy face and play nice, so during THAT time Levi was again allowed to talk to me. I guess she realize I would speak out and ruin the "perfect image". Or at least that's how I perceived it because the change in her attitude towards me came out of nowhere. It was a like the difference between night and day.

Levi lived with the Palins at the end of Bristol's pregnancy in 2008, and moved out shortly after Tripp's birth because of the constant fighting between he and Bristol, and other personal issues.

That's when the real hell started for our family. But never in my wildest dreams did I think it would become this bad.

5) What do you think accounts for the difference in size between the Trig that is shown being held by the Heaths in the hospital corridor and the Trig that you are holding in the Palin house two weeks later?

I can not give an answer for that. It might possibly have something to do with camera angles. Or maybe there really is something going on about which I am still completely in the dark.

6) So, why is Levi not seeing his son anymore? Bristol is in LA, and I hear moving to Arizona, and yet, doesn’t Levi have custody time each week?
Does he not care? Maybe the baby isn’t his after all?

I didn't know Bristol was moving to Arizona, and that's very hurtful to hear. We've already missed so much of his life while only living a few miles apart, if he really does move thousands of miles away there will be little hope that we will see very much of him at all anymore.

As you know"Team Levi" does not talk to me about the legal side of things. (Even going so far as to announce in the paper that I "won’t be privy to information from anyone with Team Levi.” And Levi is not allowed to fill me in either, so all that I know about the legal agreement is what I read on the internet. Obviously Levi does not have much control over what happens with Tripp as everybody can determine by how rarely he sees his son these days.

I do know that Levi loves his little boy very much, and I cannot imagine how, or why, he allowed his lawyers to mess things up so badly for him.

Friday, November 19, 2010

You asked the questions, so let me try to answer them

I felt that the Trig controversy was a very important topic and one that would result in much debate, so I wanted to go back and read through the comments and answer some of your questions. Like you I feel strongly about this subject too and I promise that I am telling all I know to the best of my ability. I wish I could answer every question so completely that there would no longer be any confusion, but unfortunately I cannot.

If only I could go back in time and pay attention to every detail of what happened. Perhaps then I might be able to answer everybody's questions. But obviously that is not a option.

So here are the questions and my responses.

1) Respectfully, what’s with the photo where Levi is holding a baby and there is another baby’s arm cut out of the photo?

That photo is a picture I took of my brother holding his son with our young cousin on his lap. I cropped out our cousin because I did not have permission to post a picture of her online.

2) I don’t doubt your story of what you think you know. but it does seem curious to me that these well documented events don’t make you think twice about Trig being Sarah's biological son.

I'll admit that there have been many times when I have had my doubts. It is simply a fact that I just cannot fathom someone being evil and narcissistic enough to fake a pregnancy. Plus I was around during that time, and heard first hand Bristol saying that they thought their mom was pregnant, which she at first denied, and then admitted. And after seeing Bristol so furious with her mom for hiding it, well that led me to believe that it was legit. But yes I still do have my doubts, and if I were Sarah I would just release some proof to end all of this speculation. If it were me that would seem like a no-brainer.

3) I am shocked that you guys have been so trashed by the Palins and that Bristol continues to take shots just like this week on DWTS about her being a golden girl and never problems until she was with Levi…..why is he not going to court about her talking negatively about him? The judge said that was not supposed to happen, right?

First off, don't be shocked because they will continue to do this to everybody they can, especially us. But yes, that comment about Levi really set me off!

You are right, that was part of the agreement that no parties should talk badly about each other, And if they did, from my understanding, they wouldn't be able to spend time with Tripp, yet what has she been doing this whole time? Bashing not only me all over Facebook, but bashing Levi at every possible opportunity she can get. She has done it on Facebook, in almost every interview, and even on DWTS. Just imagine what she says behind closed doors IN FRONT of Tripp!

My biggest fear is that Tripp will grow up despising his father's side of the family all because of how vindictive and cruel the Palins are toward us. I can only imagine the hateful and untrue things being said to, and in front of, young Tripp.

I have had her friends tell me to my face that she slams my whole family in front of my nephew. I find that completely unacceptable! She has no right to say those things in front of an impressionable child.

Yet the Palins get away with it. Why don't the Palins ever seem to have to face consequences for their actions? I thought the law is the law, and everyone is equal. But I guess that isn't the case if your last name is Palin.

For my part I have repeatedly reached out to Bristol and attempted to rebuild our relationship for the sake of Tripp, but she just completely dismisses my offers using harsh and insulting language.

Tripp doesn't deserve that. He deserves to know us and experience our family for himself without anybody poisoning his mind against us. I just know if he got that chance my nephew would love me unconditionally regardless of how hard Bristol has tried to turn him against me and my other family members.

Bristol claiming that she was the golden child before she met Levi is a whole other story. If Bristol wants the world to think that, well I could easily prove just the opposite, and I seriously doubt that she wants that. This isn't a threat, but I do have many potentially embarrassing things saved as well as some photos and videos which prove that she was no "golden child", before or after, Levi.

I do not want to play dirty, nor do I want to fight or say bad things about the mother of my nephew. But I have tried the nice route, and practically begged, but still got nothing but thrown under the Palin bus when all I wanted was to see Tripp, or even just receive a recent photo so that I can see how he is changing as he begins to grow up. Many members of my family have never even met him and I know his great grandmother would love to see a picture of him, especially since she is in such poor health.

But it's really hard to keep being nice when, no matter how hard I try, I get nowhere. Bristol saw me cry my eyes out during the deposition (all while she was laughing and rolling her eyes) because I was missing my nephew so very much. And yet she remained unmoved.

I now realize that there is nothing else I can do to prove my commitment to seeing Tripp. There will always be something I am not doing right, or something that she finds fault with, that will give her the excuse she needs to deny our family access to my brother's son. . She has consistently used him as a pawn against us since the day he was born.

And you know people may not be aware of this, but Levi was a great boyfriend to her. I often helped him pick out diamonds, flowers, Teddy bears, chocolates, and more cards than I can remember, even during the times when she was treating him like dirt. Bristol even went to prom with another guy while in a steady relationship with Levi during her freshman year. And yet he forgave her and kept trying to make it work. She is just like her mother, and has to have somebody to blame,for everything!

4) And what is your take on the Junior High crap that she and her sister got into with some guys on Facebook…..I am hoping you write this story ….you have nothing to lose….that you haven’t already lost……?

That kind of attitude and language is not unusual for either Bristol or Willow. This is just the first time they've been caught.

Bristol just loves to bash, belittle, or talk crap about people, and brag about her success all over her Facebook.

The small sampling I posted on my blog was just a sliver of the real Bristol talking. The Palin girl's true colors were revealed in that Facebook debacle for all of the world to see.

Last week Bristol even went so far as to tell some girl to "...suck di**..." and said"...I'll make more money tonight then you will this whole year..." the rest of the comments are too racy to post here. When I went back to her Facebook page later to save the comments (just in case) she had already erased them and retyped them, making them sound innocent and reasonable. But everybody that was involved in that Facebook argument, which was similar to the one posted on TMZ, saw the true Bristol before she had the chance to erase and retype her side of the exchange. She definitely lost a few hometown fans from that. (By the way if anybody involved in that petty FB fight happened to save Bristol's comments before she erased and moderated them could you please send them to me. I want the world to see her for who she truly is. Just click the "Contact me" link at the top of this page.)

5) Btw do you think Bristol is pregnant or just putting on a lot of weight? Is she still seeing Ben Barber and having sex with him? And what about that text from him asking if she is pregnant to which she just replied "no" ?

I personally do not think Bristol is pregnant, but there has been quite a lot of talk about that possibility on the internet. About her personal relationship with Barber, I don't want to answer any questions about that, I feel that is a little too much information to share. But I will say that if he had to ask, there's a reason why. People don't ask a virgin/abstinence spokesperson if she's pregnant, if you know what I mean.

6) Sarah has claimed many times in interviews that she “barely knew” Levi when he and Bristol announced they were pregnant (which, btw, was much later than the time of Trig’s birth). If that is true, that she barely knew him, why the heck was he there in the wee hours of the morning for the birth of Trig?

Ha-ha, these type of statements make me laugh. It is very similar to Bristol telling people her mom has only met me once, when in reality we've met countless times. We went to a concert together, even riding in the same car together, and obviously my mom and I went to the Palin home when those infamous "Triggybear" photos were taken. There were many other run ins as well, especially throughout all the years the boys played hockey.

Now for her to say she barely knew Levi, that is just absurd. She pretended like they were best friends when she needed him to help her create the perfect family image at the convention and in public. They spent plenty of time together and had a fairly decent relationship for much of that time.

Levi was at the hospital because it was an emotional event, his girlfriend was meeting her new baby brother for the first time, and she wanted him to be a part of that special, life changing moment.

Sarah needs to start writing her stories down because she seems to keep forgetting what she has said in the past.

7) WHY do you think your pictures were scrubbed of your computer?

I have absolutely no idea why anyone would want to steal my precious irreplaceable photos. The only logical thing my family can think of is that the Secret Service took them. Other than that we have no answers.

Honestly we to have more questions than answers about that. Every repair guy who looked at the computer said there was not a single bit of information left. To them it appeared that nobody had ever put anything at all on our computers and they said that only somebody VERY skilled could have done such a thorough job.

Okay that is all of the questions I can get to today. I will come back and answer more questions later this weekend or at the beginning of the next week.

Have a nice weekend!