Monday, July 4, 2011

Bristol misnamed her book. It should read "Not Afraid of Lies." Update!

Levi and Bristol
Lately there have been numerous topics which I have been wanting to address, but it seems that what everybody wants to hear about is whether or not Bristol's account is what really happened that night in the tent with my brother.

I guess I'll start off with her reference to the wine coolers being her "first brush with alcohol". If my memory serves me correctly, and remember I was the sober one, it was Bristol herself who was asking around trying to buy alcohol before they even started packing to go on this particular camping trip.

So I think it is clear that she was always planning to drink while they were camping. I know for a fact that my brother was not replacing her empty bottles with full ones, because Levi never liked her to drink since it just made her more promiscuous (Which those guys in Juneau will confirm, right Bristol? ;)

Bristol only has herself to blame for the amount of alcohol she consumed that night. Maybe she tends to forget that we still have mutual friends,  and that one of my good friends was actually there that night.

My brother also provided a recap of the night right after he got home. (Remember Bristol, Levi and I use to be best friends before you got your claws into him and forbid him to talk to me.)

When I first read this story it made me laugh out loud. Does anybody really believe a good Christian girl, such as Bristol claims to be, would really lose her virginity in a tent? I don't think so. Usually girls want their first time to be meaningful and special.

Besides there happens to be a small detail which Bristol chose to leave out. You see there was another couple right next to Bristol and Levi in that very SAME tent.

So the question we have to ask is, was the other girl also being "taken advantage of?"

Did she also have her "virginity stolen?"

Are we to believe that there were TWO victims that night?  Because that is certainly NOT the story that I heard!

As for the part about Bristol waking up alone? She seems to have conveniently forgotten the part where she demanded that Levi get up early and start a fire for her so that she wouldn't be cold in the morning. Yes, her rapist got up first thing in the morning, to cut wood and build her a warm fire, so that she would be as comfortable as possible that summer morning. It is remarkable how those Palins always twist the truth in order to constantly appear to be the victim isn't it?. Un-freaking believable.

As for that "rape" allegation, I have to wonder if any of the millions of girls out there who truly have been sexually assaulted take offensive at Bristol claiming that her consensual sexual encounter in that tent gives her the right to place herself in their company?  After all it is people like Bristol, girls who claim they were sexually assaulted when in fact they weren't, who give excuses for people to doubt the claims of REAL victims of assault or rape.

Personally I have never even heard of a single case where a girl continues to date her rapist for years, while enjoying an active and consensual sex life, and then actively TRYING to have a baby with this person who supposedly "took advantage of her". Are we to believe that Bristol was drunk on wine coolers throughout that whole relationship?

After I read Bristol's account I started thinking back to that summer. My mind was searching for every little thing I could remember, and remember I did..

One of the things that I remembered was that my much older cousin (he is in his 30's) came up from the lower 48 to stay in our house while working with my father. We made him a bed in our downstairs living room which happened to be very close to my brother's room. Apparently Bristol, the virgin, woke my cousin up several times with all of her .....well let's just say "enthusiasm."  And by the way this was BEFORE that now notorious camping trip!

The next morning my cousin called my brother aside and had a talk with him. I think Levi was far more embarrassed than Bristol was because the next night she wasn't any quieter.

Now I don't usually feel comfortable talking about another person's sex life. I never even liked talking about Bristol trying to get pregnant because I feel that's a very personal topic

However, after she made those hurtful and indefensible statements in her book about my brother, I decided no matter how uncomfortable I feel talking about this that it is something which I must do, because no one deserves to be accused of such a disgusting and horrendous thing. Especially not my brother who, believe it or not, truly loved Bristol with all of his heart.

A picture I took in happier times before the RNC.
Sadly it is now very obvious that his love was never truly reciprocated. Trust me, he would never do to her what she has so casually done to him. Never.


I am sorry that it has taken me such a long time to reply to your questions.

Because I have to type all my posts on my increasingly unreliable phone, it slows my response time down to a crawl. Frustratingly enough my computer is still not fixed (Apparently they are waiting on a part that's being shipped from overseas) Hopefully I will have it back in the very near future.

As for why I don't blog from the public library, or maybe a cafe, well because I've learned the hard way not to do ANYTHING on a public computer where there are other people around.

I'm not making any excuses, but let's just say that people around here can be kind of nosy.

Now on to answering some of your questions.

I apologize if that part about my cousin hearing Bristol making noise was confusing. I just tried to word things carefully because, like I said, I just flat out didn't feel comfortable saying she was moaning loud enough during sex to awaken people in the house.

And yes people, Bristol Pain DID stay the night at our house when she was younger.

Sometimes my dad would be up on the North Slope, and my mom in the hospital, or, if they were home, she would simply sneak through Levi's window.

Most times she would just stay really late, but because it was a school night, leave around 1-3 in the morning to sneak back into HER house before her parents woke up. (She was such a "good girl" wasn't she?)

Why was Levi wearing a ring on his ring finger? Simply because Bristol wanted him to wear it so the other girls knew he was taken. She also had it engraved, it said "I love you Bristol" in case he forgot I guess. I believe it was a birthday or Christmas gift, but NO they were never married.

Someone else asked about the custody agreement, especially the part about how how each parent isn't allowed to talk trash about the other parent, and wanted to know if that had been changed.

No, nothing has been changed as far as I'm aware. That's still the deal. But in case you all haven't noticed yet, the Palins are above the law. Essentially they can do, and say, whatever they want, and they don't even get a slap on the wrist. Yet if anybody even dares to frown in their direction they go after them with guns a blazing.

Believe me, I know ALL about that!

And finally let me address my "summer" camping trip statement, since some people thought I was talking about a different camping trip than the one which Bristol claims she was on when her virginity was "stolen."

I've lived in Alaska my entire life and I just consider Alaska to have only two seasons. It's either summer, or its winter here. For those of you who live in Alaska I'm sure I don't have to clarify that. For those of you who don't, I apologize and I will try to be more clear from now on.

Thanks for taking the time to leave your comments, I really do appreciate all of your support.