Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Love, Lies, and the Drama of Facebook

I attempted to stay away from talking about Bristol on my blog recently but now I feel that I need to share something with all of you that has been happening behind the scenes.

You see I have a new man in my life and I could not be happier. In fact I have been so busy just being happy that I have not had time to write a post to share my good news with the visitors to my blog.

Anyhow without my knowledge Bristol has apparently gone behind my back and sent my boyfriend, Chris, lies about my good friend Jesse (Gryphen) and Dennis (Zaki) in an attempt to split us up.

Texting him things like "My brother is in the military, and I know you are a soldier as well. Since you are a patriot serving his country don't you think you deserve to hang out with a better class of people than somebody who would be friends with a pedophile?"

So I confronted Bristol about it on Facebook and here is the exchange. (P.S. You will have to excuse any spelling errors or punctuation mistakes, I was pretty upset when I wrote it.)

Mercede Johnston January 9 at 5:02pm
You are WAY out of line going out of your way to contact my boyfriend and spreading accusations. Mind your own business. Jesse has NOTHING to do with Chris. I've been leaving you alone and I expect if you do the same and stop going around talking shit about me in comments on Facebook. That's petty, immature, and what you are saying could not be further from the truth.

Just because you don't like who I associate with does not mean you have the right to try and bash him to my boyfriend. I don't know exactly what your intentions are but I would hope you could focus on other things instead of me or Jesse. Delete my boyfriends number, we don't need you trying to start stuff. I'm sorry if you aren't happy but we are beyond happy. You claim I'm "obsessed with you and your family" yet you are the one going out of your way to leave comments regularly degrading the aunt of your child and texting my boyfriend. You seriously need a reality check.

And one more thing Bristol. You said you feel sorry for Levi and Tripp because they are related to me by blood. Ha, well I know once Tripp gets older he will correct you. I know for a fact he loves me and will come to me when he is old enough to understand. You have no clue how good of an aunt I am to him because you can't look past all of that drama we had in our past. Which is so unfortunate because that's not what's best for Tripp. I hope one day you can put the past behind us for the sake of your son. As for Levi, he's lucky to have me as a sister and I am lucky to have him as a brother. You have no idea what you're talking about.

I have been civil with you and always will be, I can only hope one day that you will be too.

I sincerely hope you do have a good day and I really wish you'd talk with me as an adult.

Give Tripp my love.


Anonymous said...

Come on, she's her mother's daughter. She only knows mean and hate and ugly. I wonder if she will push you far enough to let out some of the skeletons they have stashed away. You are a very nice girl and unfortunately for the little boy, she hates you more that she loves him. She will not let go, her mother taught her that. Seems she is very, very jealous and could be dangerous. I would watch my back, these people are delusional. God Bless and just know one day your nephew will seek you out. Mine did. He is now 28 years old and hates his mother desperately. So sad, I had not seem him since he was four. He doesn't even talk to his mother anymore for keeping him from us and she hasn't even seen his kids. So sad. Hate is very ugly indeed.

Anonymous said...

I'd say it's BRISTOL who is stalking you! You keep telling it like it is, Sadie.

The Palin's Bubble is about to burst anyway.
(SP's Emails are the ICEBERG! Coming soon!)

Virginia Voter said...

Whew! That was a whole lotta crazy Bristol's been spreading. Why would she say her brother's still in the military when he's not?

Mercede, Bristol is as whacked out and evil as her batshit insane mother. Personally, I think they're both manic depressive, and paranoid schizophrenic, and I say that from firsthand experience with my late mother. Those two lie as easily as they breathe, and feed off of turning people against each other.

I know she will be reading this, so Bristol, let me school you honey...the jig is up...everyone in the country knows that your family are a bunch of white trash snowbilly grifters whose fifteen minutes should have been over two years ago. Your momma threw you and your siblings under the bus so many times I almost feel sorry for you until I read the ugliness you and your sister spew to anyone that doesn't think you walk on water.

Take my advice Bristol....life is short, ask the parents of Christina Taylor Green, save your money, get an education, and keep your kids away from your mother. They will thank you when they are older.

Anonymous said...

What is with Sarah & Bristol, they are always accusing men
they are mad at of being perverts. Were they molested & are
projecting? What creepy people.

Connie said...

Good for you Mercede outting the angry wench. I'm sure it felt great to give her a piece of your mind, however, you know what would get to her even more? Do not respond directly to any message she sends to you or posts about you. Instead what you should do is to continue to post on your blog all of the nasty crap she sends to you or posts about you on FB or whatever she does. Do not feed the troll, just expose her :-)

Hang in there! You are right, when Tripp is old enough to understand the truth, the truth will set him free from "those" people. Take care.

Leadfoot said...

YOU GO GIRL. Gosh, what an immature, pathetic person Bristol is. I suspect she is blaming YOU for the comments we all leave on your blog. You can't control what we say. Like this for instance: Bristol is a HORRIBLE mother and a petty and insecure person. Who cares if she is famous. You have 100x as much class as she will ever have.

Anonymous said...

The girl should learn English grammar. And contacting your boyfriend is her stalking you. Calling Gryphen a pedophile is sick. Is she a victim of sexualk abuse like her mom? Otherwise why fabricate stories using sex.
You are right. She is very very insecure. And angry.

Your first response to her was incredible. Really!
After her response, you lost it a bit but did not stoop to her level.

My advice is to now ignore her 100% no matter what she does. You know this blog post will cause something to happen. Keep ignoring her and if she won't stop ask her to stop contacting or you will file a harassment suit.
I'm sure many lawyers( not Rex !) would help for free.
Just stay away from her because she's a sick girl and a loose cannon. And you are right she's unhappy. Just wait until her mom is out of the public "eye" She will be a bigger nobody.

Just my advice. Hang in there! Be careful and thanks for sharing!

WakeUpAmerica said...

Sounds like the "nut" didn't fall far from the tree. I see many of Bristol's mother's traits such as: lying, bitterness, hatefullness, and vengefullness. The sickness runs deep in that family. Is anybody happy in the Palin family?

ManxMamma said...

As alway Mercede wishing you all the best!

Anonymous said...

You have so much going for you compared to her! You are far more beautiful and you have a very close, warm supportive family. Only an unhappy,
Empty-feeling, insecure teen would go out of their way to have a baby so young!
It's also VERY selfish and she doesn't have much a future. Feel sorry for herx
It's so immature and pathetic to contact your boyfriend like that.
It's wacko!!

Anonymous said...

There sure is a lot of mental illness in that Palin family.

Anonymous said...

No Contact.

That is the term used to advise people to have no contact with toxic people. It is the only way.

Toxic people cannot be reasoned with. No matter what you say, or how nice you are, toxic people will NEVER change their opinion or their ways.

Many of us have had a major life experience of YEARS of dealing with people like this. We tried for years to understand them, be patient with them, help them, etc. We cannot change other people. The sooner you accept that, the better you will feel and you will avoid more heartache.

I recommend a website called LoveFraud. I learned so much from the site and the blog. Most people have to learn about personality disorders and sociopathy the hard way, which creates misery. It's too bad this stuff isn't taught in school.

Please check out LoveFraud.http://www.lovefraud.com/01_whatsaSociopath/what_is_sociopath.html

It's about families, friends and co-workers, not just lovers/spouses.

Here is a quote: "Psychopaths are social predators who charm, manipulate and ruthlessly plow their way through life, leaving a broad trail of broken hearts, shattered expectations and empty wallets. Completely lacking in conscience and feelings for others, they selfishly take what they want and do as they please, violating social norms and expectations without the slightest sense of guilt or regret."

link for LoveFraud blog--where people who have been "had" can learn more and support each other: http://www.lovefraud.com/blog/

Best wishes. I know it is very difficult. Life can be so hard sometimes. Hang in there. :)---LisanTX

ottokatz said...

As said above, ignore her completely. Totally. Be the better person that you are. (and for my post on alaskawtf, sorry I spelled your name wrong!)

Helen said...

I've noticed that Bristol has a penchant for calling other people "strange", "awkward", and so on. I guess this is meant to be a put-down that will be acceptable to 'her' media when her sneaky attacks are made public.

Jesse is not a pedophile, everyone knows that, it's just a false accusation from Bristol Palin and her mother's supporters. I have a feeling the time is coming when there will be a lawsuit. At least Miss Palin can afford (and is old enough) to be sued now.

I don't see any man publicly claiming he's in love with Bristol Palin, in fact the last man accused of it is admitting nothing and staying out of sight. Jealousy's a curse. Be happy.

Anonymous said...

read the post by 2:41, twice, three times. She is telling the truth.I've been there and experienced the toxic person. All the Palins are toxic, do not respond and if, they insist on the comments, threaten a law suite.
Bristol has no sense of right and wrong,she was never taught these needed values.Other wise she would not trot all over with that big P.G. BELLY.
She has not learned that laying on ones back, does not make a good person, that is the lazy way to make a living and Bristol is very lazy. She isvery spoiled, narcissistic in her living life style.

Not worth your time, energy or or care. dismiss her! Being dismissed will be the thing she can not endure, just like Mommy.

from a 77 year old survivor.

Anonymous said...

I thought one of the court orders in the custody deal was to not talk trash about the other family??? As to calling your acquaintances those names... there is something called libel, and she might be liable for that if push comes to shove. (I for sure would not sit still if I were them, because it seems that now the daughter is picking up where the mother has started (not left off...)

tewise said...

I am sorry to hear that this juvenile shit is being done. This is nothing but pure jealously as you get older you will learn a lot more about some women and how they are obsessed with being the center of attention. It took me awhile to learn it but I did learn it.

But I am glad to hear you are happy and in a good relationship and things are brighter for you. Let Gryphen and Zaki fight their battles for awhile both are purely capable of doing so, because she is coming to close to libel.

But I must say I respect you tremendously for setting the record straight on these guys.

Anonymous said...

I agree with other posters: Stay away from this poison-pill. I know it is hard, but it will become easier once she really is down in Arizona, because she will be physically away from you, and you will not be able to see your nephew anyway. (Has Levi ever done a DNA test on Tripp? Just to make SURE Tripp is not one of her OTHER boyfriends' offspring that she slipped in as Levi's? I know you said once that Tripp looks like Levi when he was small, but that means nothing! To me, Tripp looks more like Chuck Heath JR than Levi.)

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin it ruining her own reputation which in turn will put a blight on Bristol's. All of the Palins will always be reminders to people of hateful rhetoric and the Tucson tragedy.

I do hope their meanness doesn't influence Tripp. The Constitution doesn't protect the Palins against slander. It's too bad somebody hasn't sued them.

Anonymous said...

Really, Bristol contacted your boyfriend to trash you?

Think about that.

How tacky. How immature.
Bristol is unable to deal with you directly?
This kind of action speaks to her flawed character.

Move on from this flawed person.

And the whole accusation of someone being a child sex abuser is criminal. Enlight of the fact that JG has not been convicted. I'd turn the accusation documents over to JG or DZ, so that they can press charges against Bristol.
Look Bristol may never learn proper decorum, but you and your friends can legally keep that immature thang away from your life.

Hugs Mercede...
And your boyfriend is handsome.

Anonymous said...

Ditto the others. The Palins are going down so hang on and though it isn't nice, we can all watch the show we have been waiting for, together.

Anonymous said...

It's a sheer waste of your time and valuable nervous energy engaging with these people at all. Ignore Bristol. It'll drive her nuts and you'll look a lot more mature.

As the old saying has it, never fight with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

Anonymous said...


I didn't get very far into the comments yet. But when I read the comment from Connie, I had to stop and tell you I agree with her.
Bri$tol and $arah are two of a kind. They literally get off on attention, any attention, positive or negative. It would be better if you completely ignored her. But in doing that, she will get even nastier because you are not feeding her. Just like a rabid animal, they still need to be fed.
Keep copying & pasting or taking screen shots every single time she mentions anyone in your family. Any Attorney worth his weight will also tell you to keep a specific Journal regarding all of your dealings with anyone in the family. Make sure you write the date and times.
You really should do this. By the rumours going around regarding many icebergs coming the Palins way, you may be summonsed to Court. A Journal will help you much more than you think.
Hang in there Sadie! The Palins have the crazy extremists on their side, but you have the sane people on yours. And we outnumber them by quite a lot!
I know you can do this!! Who knows what skeletons are about to be let loose? You may even have a shot at Custody!! The more defensive the Palins get, the more they are running scared.

Mary B

Anonymous said...

I agree with 3:11 P.M. i think Tripp looks more like Chucky Heath then anyone else. If I were Levi, i;d ask for a DNA just to make sure. Besides it sure would take some of the wind out of their palins sail if they had to prove paternity now wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

Mercede, I wrote to you on the FB inbox page.


Anonymous said...

I forgot: CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW LOVE! I hope you will be very happy for a very long time (but PLEASE: Do NOT yet make a baby!!! )
(WHOA: My confirmation letters were 'ismebri' (I am NOT bristol!!!)

Anonymous said...

Boy she has really gained allot of weight. Is she going to have a baby? Just wondering. That girl is sooooo jealous of you. Your allot prettier than her. Bristol is pretty but her attitude makes her ugly. Mean girls run in that Palin family. I hope the youngest girl won't fall into that trap.

Next Chapter said...


I can tell by the tone of your blogs that you appear to be a kind, warm-hearted person. I believe you when you say that you have made sincere, honest attempts to bridge the gap between you and Bristol for Tripp's sake.

But it's not going to work.

For the simple reason that it does not serve Bristol for that to happen. It is much more beneficial for her to keep things just the way they are. This way, she gets to keep Tripp away from Levi and your family, gets child support, and calls all of the shots. Keeping things this way gives her all of the power.

I would guess that she dangles Tripp like a carrot and uses threats to keep Levi from speaking on what he might know about Sarah Palin. Case in point, when Levi and Bristol talked again about getting married, he retracted his previous statements about Sarah. Later he regretted that, but the damage had been done. It didn't look like he could be trusted anymore. However, Sarah showed the world herself that one of his statements was true. She had no idea how to shoot or handle a gun.

People have suggested that you ignore her. That is the second-best option, but that won't work completely either. If she is never called out on any of her actions, she will just continue it. That's how bullies work. And she will poison Tripp's mind against you and your family every chance she and the rest of the Palins get. It can be very effective in a young child's mind. If he hears it enough, a lie can become the truth in his head. Even if he hears or sees something different later on.

You and your family's best option is to get a competent, decent attorney. Let him/her deal legally with this. I am utterly flabbergast at how much Levi has been convince to give away regarding his rights as a father. This is not the way it works. He is a very young father and yet he works and provides for his son. He has never been in any trouble with the law. I know your mom has had some trouble, but she also has documented proof of pain and disability. Contrast that with the Palins family. Her son and daughter, Track and Willow, have both caused many, many thousands of dollars in damage by their willful vandalism. Their aunt was caught and charged with breaking and entering with intent to steal, WHILE bringing a young child along. I would bet that none of this was brought up in court while child custody arrangements were made.

If Levi and your family decide to go this route, pick an attorney that is more interested in helping Levi as a father, instead of making a buck off of him as a 'manager'. My suggestion would also be to ignore any of Bristol's comments. You don't want to give her anything to be able to say, "Well, she said this...", stuff. Instead, quietly gather evidence and documentation. Bristol has already broken the agreement about not saying anything bad about Tripp's other family.

I know this is long, I apologize, but I never have been able to tolerate bullies.

Anonymous said...

Okay you have to be the adult here because Sarah's daughter is just like Sarah, out of control. Do you have a good lawyer? You need to file a complaint with the judge in probate and family court and bring the text history she sent to you along with copies of all of your correspondence, both written and received. Then it will be Gryphen's turn to file a complaint as well as a slander suit against Palin. She is cyber stalking both you and your boyfriend and slandering Gryphen by calling him a pedophile. That is slander and he should sue for damages. You need to get a restraining order against that girl and stick to it. Don't write or call. Stick to the visitation schedule and don't mention her one peep. But the thing is, even if she is trashing you to friends on social networking sites, that is considered stalking. Nail these Palins to the wall because they don't know how to respect boundaries. Done.

AmyJean said...

i am sorry you are going through such heartache and harrassment kiddo. my advice, mercede, is not to engage her on any level because you can't talk to or reason with crazy and irrational. it will go nowhere. you keep doing what you need to do to have a happy full life and keep trying to have access to your nephew, but don't engage with that family. there is no winning, only losing as they are vindictive and cruel to anyone they perceive as an enemy. bristol's behavior is beyond disturbing - you don't need it in your life. such people are called crazy-makers and they ought to be avoided at all costs.

Anonymous said...

No matter how much money the Palins make, they can't buy class...or brains. Be sure to document everything she writes or says about you and your family and boyfriend. Keep records of everything. There may be a time when you need proof of what a crappy person Bristol really is.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Bristol Palin is so ugly on the inside. Outside she def. does not have her mother's looks but when she's not pregnant, looks ok, but her bile and venom and hatred in her heart--due from being abused herself, no doubt--just seeps through her every pore. It's quite sad.

But the bottom line is, Mercede, every single person on here is correct--you must not engage with her. Your giving a rationale for every accusation she makes--even something as silly as defending yourself over not being strange or not having hobbies--these are all a waste of your time and are not actually helping you to win a point. You are actually inviting her to throw more taunts your way by doing this. Put different names into the same situation and see if you can't see it more objectively.

You need to say goodbye to Tripp for now, and not waste your time being hurt about it. As hard as that is, that's just how it is. I promise you, that little boy will HATE his mother. HATE, pure hate. And if he doesn't act out by becoming a vandal/drug addict, he will simply distance himself from her the moment he is able. And before that he will make her life hell--especially once he hits puberty.

And when you do make contact when he is older, your inner beauty, your caring and warmth and gorgeous smile and charisma and personality wil shine through. For him it will be like being with the Wicked Witch (the Palins) vs. Glenda the good with (your family). No matter how much they trash you or Levi or your mom, it's ludicrous because his experience will deny everything they have said. It's like trying to badmouth Mother Teresa. Sure, a person could spread rumors, but any contact of her, one would know that she has a pure soul.

Now, I'm not saying your a perfect being like Mother Teresa (and she probably wasn't either), but the point is, a person who is true, and real, and kind, caring, honest and loving--which is you and it shines thru to everyone--well you can see it, and Tripp will too.

So you just have to go on with your life, continue being happy with your new hot boyfriend and like everyone says, you MUST get yourself educated.See how dumb all of the Palins seem to be, from Todd and Sarah on down. They can't speak, they can't spell, they can't construct meaningful thoughts and sentences. They are pure stupid and have no class. Anyway, you're clearly very very smart, and a great writer and articulate thinker. But you need to empower yourself with more education, that's all there is to it. And community college is a sufficient temporary fix, but not good enough, you need to go to a real college and et a real degree. So start working towards that.

good luck. Hopefully the tide is turning.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're starting to get on with your life.

Unfortunately, people like the Palins are not capable of rational discourse nor of finding common ground. Their only means of engagement with others is by accepting uncritical adulation or by attempting to viciously denigrate and hurt others.

The only way to get past them is to not engage with them at all. Very sad. But very, very true.

Take care and good luck.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable that Bristol would contact your boyfriend. She must be so envious of your happiness. I had a person in my life that I tried to ignore. I hated it when she put me in the position to have to defend myself. I like the posters that advised to ignore her, document and record any conversations with her.

I am also concerned about the Palin's obsession with pedophiles. That word seems to be their favorite attack word on someone they don' agree with. I really feel sorry for Piper. I think it is too late for Willow. And, fortunately it seems Track has already escaped this tragedy of a family.

You have more support than you know. Congratulations on your new happy relationship, you definately deserve it!!!

Anonymous said...

I am still amazed that scara and her camp allow those girls to have access to the internet. Not only to protect their children from the wackos out there supposedly making death threats, but protect themselves legally. Talk about being dumb, I thought they had an attorney????. Mercede DO NOT engage them--DO NOT. AND, yes document EVERYTHING. You want what is best for that kid, then getting him away from the paylins could be a piece of cake if you keep good notes and hold your head high. DO NOT make comments to your friends about them either. Take their facebook postings, say thank you and DO NOT say anything that could be held against you. You may not want to sue for slander, but be sure if the opportunity for them to sue you comes up, they will.

Anonymous said...

Bristol's life must be so empty. I sense that she was extremely jealous of you at one time, and remains so. It is pitiful that she doesn't have better things to do with her time than text your boyfriend. That shows desperation and 13 year old mentality. It is unfortunate that Tripp has to be around such garbage.

Jo from Wasilla said...

Do not get sucked into that negative vortex. Keep your chin up and focus on your life and how you contribute to the world. Just curious, what do you think of the new Todd rumors floating around? Any ideas at all? Guess I am breaking my own advise. Keep your chin up kiddo and stay in the real world.

Mrs. M said...

Go Sadie! I think it is obvious to all of us that you have gone out of your way to play nice with Bristol. Good for you for calling her out. It makes me happy to see you're happy and enjoying your life... don't let those ugly, hateful Palins pull you down to their level. Much love from Washington state!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Bristol needs to get her wingnuts tightened.

Anonymous said...

I think you should save all of her comments and as much evidence as you can in case there are custody issues between Bristol and Levi. What she is doing speaks badly for her as a parent and a real child custody lawyer could make efficient use of Bristol's own behaviour against her.
M. from MD

Anonymous said...

You should sock that cow in the eye. That will show her...

Anonymous said...

How did Bristol get ahold of your boyfriends number?

honeybabe said...

happily, one of the best ways to counter the bile that bristol has is to publish all her comments. shine the light in the dark corners because the truth will always come out. you have so many well-wishers in all of this mess. take good care and hugs,

Anonymous said...

I absolutely reinforce all the commenters that advised you NOT to engage in any communication with her from here forward. The accusations she is throwing around may lead to legal action, whether its by you, Levi or the two men she is libeling and slandering. Your actions will be called into question, whether you are the one initiating contact or not, so STOP all communications with her. Save everything she sends to you and everything you are given that she has sent to others disparaging you, your family or acquaintances/friends. You should be keeping a running journal as well. I see litigation coming. The advice you were given for you to file something in court in regards to the family law case is not correct. You are not a party to the custody case. Levi could file a motion asking the court to intervene due to Bristol's violation of the courts orders, but you can't. He can use the evidence you've compiled. Mothers have lost custody of their children for continual badmouthing of the father. I would hate to see that happen to Bristol, but she is putting custody of her son in jeopardy by her very public hatefulness and flaunting of the judge's orders. It also does not appear she is doing a lot of hands-on parenting. She and her family are quite toxic and there is no cure for that. No amount of your civil or kind words are going to change their paranoid, narcissistic and vindictive, vengeful mindset. No matter how much money they have, the law may soon catch up to their bad behaviors. Stay above the fray. Personally, I would take down the blog, even though I know that won't be a popular recommendation among your readers. If I were Bristol's attorney, I would use the blog as a violation of Tripp's privacy. Don't give them anything to use against you or Levi, is always my advice to any person in a custody situation. Be squeaky clean.

Anonymous said...

Never wrestle with a pig. You get all muddy and the pig enjoys it.
Similar advice can apply when dealing with some members of the human race.

Jo said...

@ted powell--I love your advice, "never wrestle with a pig...". I will have to remember that one.

Anonymous said...

The Palin's are on their slow descent into oblivion so it won't be long before you and the others in Wasilla will have nothing to fear by talking about or opposing them. Bristol's 15-minutes of fame are about over; really, she is no longer a teen - how long can she talk about teen pregnancy. It is very sad because she is actually like a lot of those child stars who are led to believe at a young age that they are above the rest - only to find out later that nobody really cared about them. Oh, and are we really to believe that she's not sleeping with the guy in her Facebook photo whose got Tripp on her shoulders?

Celia Harrison said...

Annonymous 2:41 spells it out for you. This is what is going on with the Palin family. Your best move would be to cut ties with them. They will waste your energy and time. Even if they suck you back in, a short time later you will be stabbed in the back. They are very dangerous, sick people and they are not going to spontaneously become good or healthy. Unfortunately for your nephew there really is nothing you can do for him since you don‘t have any rights. Levi’s attorney is not a good choice, when I called him years ago about my case he said it was too complicated and hung up on me. He can’t do cases that require stretching his knowledge base and he didn’t smell any money, he is a fame chaser. When he gets older your nephew will find out you were denied contact with him while desperately wanting to be with him and most likely find you and your mom. He will need a lot of help because these people are going to really damage him. Your brother and his attorneys should have done something about this situation, but Levi will have to live with that when he grows up enough to understand. The Palins will always hurt you, that is one thing you can be sure of. All you can do is protect yourself. They are not worthy of you. It is clearly Bristol is jealous of you which is part of the pathology here. It kills her that you are happy and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

girls! play nice!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon posted this:
Unfortunately, people like the Palins are not capable of rational discourse nor of finding common ground. Their only means of engagement with others is by accepting uncritical adulation or by attempting to viciously denigrate and hurt others.

"accepting uncritical adulation"- The poster nailed that trait. Such people have sick needs to be fed praise that is grandiose, distorted told he or she is "the best" and above all humans in the world. It does not satiate them to be validated, complimented for thier real abilities, tasks or achievements. They need to hear they are the best, or the one and only greatest AND everyone else is the worst in the world. Anything grounded in reality is perceived as an 'attack", victimization inciting revenge. Then such toxic to poisonous persons lash out (slandering) spewing poisonous untruths to manipulte their target to inflate self by deflating others to control the irrational superiority. When you understand them you can not react to the bait of lies spoken of you and others spoken to put them up distorting how far beneath you and others are. The public read Bristol and Willow doing that on FB when a peer did not praise and adulate the TLC reality show.
Anyone who does not serve the perverse self gratification of idolatry, adulation shall be raged against, labeled as "haters" with one goal to "give THEM the middle finger"

There are bullies who when called out, stood up to who will back down or give up. There are varying degrees of sick behaviors. There are bullies or toxic people who do not respond rationally but will ramp it up and even seek to destroy people via distortion campaigns (pedophile, death panels, stalker etc.) There are those who actively recruit other sick people or con unwitting dupes to align with them to escalate the bullying of the victim.

Advice to not engage, to go no contact is extreme however the response that is equivalent to the degree or extreme of the situation is what is appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mercede,
The only advice I'd offer here would be to quit letting her know how much it gets to you to not be able to have more access to Tripp. I'm sure that gives her a thrill every time she sees or hears it. It's the only real power she has over you and she will continue to use it as long as it works. If I were in your shoes I'd stop mentioning him at all and stop mentioning how it affects you or makes you tear up, cry etc.

She's just like her mother- mean spirited and there's nothing you can do to change a mean girl. They remain that way and just get worse and more bitter as the years go by. They pay the price though because they never have real joy or happiness.

I know it's difficult. I do understand how you feel and it's certainly not fair, but people like Sarah, Bristol and Willow Palin get a whole lot of pleasure out of wielding their creepy power over others and seeing them in pain.

Shake it off Mercede. They are not worth it.
And like you said, when Tripp is older he'll understand. The same thing happened in our family with my beautiful niece and her insane mother. We couldn't see much of her as a child but once she was 18 and on her own it all changed. My self and my family are now very, very close wit her now and it's wonderful. I'll be going to stay a few weeks with her this Spring when she has her first baby!!! My niece has basically 'divorced' her mother now and doesn't see her at all. A sad story but her mother created the mess and now she's getting her just rewards for being so hateful!

If she keeps calling or contacting your boyfriend after he's asked her not to, then she should be reported for harassment.


Anonymous said...

Mercede, it seems to me that Bristol's postings are against Facebook's Terms of Use.
"...nor do we allow comments that are abusive, hateful or intended to defame anyone or any organization."

You can report FB abuse at

But, be careful that you also do not violate FB's rules as well. I think your response was carefully written, but if I were you, I wouldn't continue interacting with Bristol from here on out.

Anonymous said...

You are a sweetie. Don't let these low-life people get you down. Document everything that she does to you and hire an attorney. DON'T ENGAGE!! That's what she wants. In the meantime, keep a journal to and for Tripp to give to him when he's older telling him how much you love him. The tactic the Palin clan is using doesn't work for long. He'll know the real deal soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Bristol, I know you're reading this.... Know this: very, very soon your mother will be exposed, the iceberg is coming, dear, and it will sink the titanic nightmare that was foisted on the US by John McCain. And honey, there aren't enough life boats, they are reserved for anyone involved who were innocent and good.

Mercede, my sincerest sympathies for being forever tied to the most notoriously vile family in the country. Bristol and Willow were supposedly raised in such a wholesome, Christian environment. Um, no.

Punkinbugg said...

You seem to be wishing for a loving, happy family with birthday parties and holiday memories.

You will have that some day with your own children, and future nieces and nephews, but Bristol will never let you have that with this child.

Tripp is being used to manipulate you and your brother, and that is just sad.

Anonymous said...

You can certainly see a young Sarah in Bristol's character. Probably this is a general picture of Sarah some 25 years ago. The Palins are a truly pathetic, childish bunch. I don't think they can keep all the holes in the dam plugged for much longer. Somehow it seems as though their world will soon come crashing down.


Anonymous said...

You sadly don't know if Tripp will come around when he grows up. We all thought that Willow had a brain but she is just a Grizzled Pup but she is just as lost. What else does she know? What else will Tripp know? He is being raised in a fearful, drama-queen environment. Those kids raised in polygamous households seldom come out unscathed and they do the same things their parents did even though much of it is very strange-- it is what they know.

You are classy as always. Griff isn't a ped, nor is Dennis. I hope they bring this up in court-- either to prove or disprove it!

Is Levi really Tripp's dad? I don't believe it. I know what you saw at your house, but he didn't really seem to fight for custody.

There are no guys wanting to date those girls. Griz in the news as a great Christian woman, but you don't see the children of famous Christian, godly celebrities asking them out. Aren't their Christian rock singers who would love the publicity at the very least, to be taking them with them to some awards show?

honeybabe said...

p.s. i am thinking that by the time he is 18 years old that tripp will be changing his last name to johnston, if it's not that already. the stink of the palin name will still be pretty bad by then. hugs to you.

FEDUP!!! said...

OK, I posted a couple times above as anonymous, just wanted to let you know.
Have not had the time to read all responses after my last one, but was wondering what is going on here:


So, Levi has officially given up on being in Tripps' life? When did all this happen? Did he find out that he was not the biological father?

Anonymous said...

I think you are a wonderful girl, Sadie. I'll offer you the same words of wisdom, a wise person offered me. Don't wrestle with pigs. You'll get all muddy and the pig loves it!

Anonymous said...

What do you think of levi allowing the change of baby's name to NOT include his last name so that he does not have to pay support ? Being reported today 1/19/11

Anonymous said...

Those Beverly Hillbilly's via Wasilla are not worth your time or attention. Keep your head up and do what you do best...show that you are the mature one by example. Bristol is a clip off the OLD Sarah block.

Also, just to let you know....that block is getting shorter and shorter by the minute. Sarah, Bristol and the Wasilla Palin gang will be eating their words, sooner than you know.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Bristol should next seek fame in the sequel to the movie "Mean Girls"

I mean, she wouldn't even have to really act... just be herself.

Anonymous said...

HEy Mercedes,

Please tell Bristol that her family is America's trash. Let her know that no matter how much she says the word "class", it's just not there.

Tell her to get an education so she can speak properly and learn to write.

Oh and ask her if Tripp was named after her Dad's prostitute. Then tell her that her family truly is a "Class act"

Anonymous said...

You're worth the whole damn bunch of the them.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Tripp's birth certificate? If so, there should be a spot for birth order listed... does it list him as second? That would explain Sarah's last child.

Anonymous said...

Hugs to you Mercede. Pretend the Palin's don't exist, try to forget them like the bad dream that they are.

Dwell on all the good and happy things in your life Mercede. Shake off the Palin's.

The Palin's should be ashamed of themselves, their ego's are way too big and they are very poor examples of loving, caring people.

Also, too........if anyone in Alaska has information and/or proof about the Palin's that should be made public, they should leak it now.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the Bristol Sheeran Facebook was closed. Facebook will do that when they need to investigate. That site would link to all that person does on other sites when using their account.

NotPeaches said...

Okay, Mercede,
Your boyfriend is cute and you two look good together. Bristol is a skank texting your man! I think it is actually good that you wrote this post to expose what a 2-faced, evil skank Bristol is.
You need to expand your comments about Bristol's hypocrisy. Everyone else is getting paid to sell their info to the magazines, why not you??? Contact Kathy Griffin, I'm sure she'd be happy to help you.

Sammy Becker said...

Bristol is a very angry, envious young woman, Sadie, and I'm sorry for the deplorable way she's treated you. I've yet to determine if the person she is now was there are all along or if the events of the past few years have simply brought out the worst in her. She's always had quite a chip on her shoulder about the disparity in physical appearance between herself and both Sarah and Willow; needless to say, her recent (rather shocking) weight gain can't have helped matters. You've been given much good advice; please heed it. In the meantime, keep your chin up.

Helen said...

Mercede, regarding the Levi story, I never believed it for a minute. I haven't forgotten that Levi loves Tripp enough to alienate his own family and marry Bristol Palin. He's made a few bad decisions, but giving up Tripp so that Bristol Palin's bedmate-of-the-moment can raise him? Ha!

Chrissy said...

I'm so glad this blog exists, and that you're out here telling your side of the story. You're brave as hell, and an inspiration. Best of luck with your new boyfriend! You guys look really happy together! Don't let the bastards keep you down!

DootDid said...

Sorry if this was posted already, but since Bristol has taken her Facebook down or changed it I'm sure she's popping over to your page to read the comments. Someone else posted this on IM but I'm posting here for Bristol since she and her little sister Willow and her Mother's employee RAM don't understand the laws surrounding the internet.

Be careful what you say about people on the internet, you might go broke or go to jail.

Someone shared this with Gryphen since Bristol as seen above calls him a pedophile in public forums. Facebook has your records Bristol, they can be subpoenaed if Gryphen or other people you and lil sis have attacked. Facebook has to keep them and would be more than happy to provide a user's records if subpoenaed. Sleep well Bristol.

O/T but related:


The anonymous poster went on a community website for Blairsville, where Cooley lived at the time, and accused him of being a pedophile with a criminal record and a drug addict. None of it was true.

A Union County jury last week said the damage those postings did to Cooley was worth $404,000, the largest award ever handed down in this North Georgia county. The poster was identified through her computer's numeric IP address.

For you Mercedes I will say I know it's hard, so very hard to bite your tongue, but do it girl. Save the nasty things she sends you and don't utter or type one word in reply. Just keep moving on. In fact share more of your life, town, friends, Mother, pics of AK's beautiful scenery more often. Show Bristol she can't destroy you no matter how much money she or her family have.

Show her everytime you post something even if it has nothing to do with her or the Palins that we will still come to visit because of YOU.

Hang tough girl. Karma sometimes works slowly but it works.

Anonymous said...

calling someone a pedophile is pretty much the worst thing you can do to them. too bad someone doesn't sue her batshit crazy ass back to oblivion where her and the rest of the Palins belong. everyday I hear more and more mean things they do and say. such a waste of breath. imagine how much good someone could have done with that effort instead.

Anonymous said...

A Johnston in the hand is worth a million Palins in the tree. You seem to be such a sweet and real person.

Anonymous said...

Is this in tweet land?

bubbles said...

stay sweet little one. stay away from crazy. stay in school and above all stay sane!
and um 'what is going on with all the these 'anonymous' posters? it is like going to dinner at a friend's house and all your fellow diners are sitting there with bags over their heads and they are all called Smith. LOL.

Anonymous said...

http://www.popeater.com/2011/01/24/bristol-palin-new-boyfriend-parental-rights/ Just thought you would want to see this.

Anonymous said...

The Palins are sociopaths.

Mama Palin has Borderline Personality Disorder. She is also an ignorant narcissist. She's too ignorant to know that she is ignorant. She is as dangerous as an alcoholic in denial who drives on a highway at 100 mph.

Her husband is a seditionist, a member of fringe right-wing nut groups. He has influenced Mama and Daughter Palins' minimal thought processes.

They are a group of Dominionist religious fanatics. They are not malable humans. They believe "might makes right."

The Palins are very dangerous.

a) Take down your blog. They will use it against you.

b) Get a good lawyer if this leads to legal problems. Palin is a despised national figure. There are many lawyers who'd love to make their name pro bono by taking on the Palins and their slanders.

c) Many people publish for profit. You need money. Your mother is ill. Your brother seems to be minimally involved in your needs. Seek a good publisher. It'll help secure you financially and help you help your mother.

d) I'd strongly encourage your brother to get a paternity test. Just to be sure...

Good luck.

pandora said...

The Palins are hated by thousands and thousands of people they've never even met.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have read Huffington Post Feb 1.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the Playboy shoot!!!!

bubbles said...

good luck Mercede. when you are in LA watch and learn.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for another post! Update soon Mercede!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your shoot. I look forward to the spread. No one would even think of shooting Bristol---you are so much more attractive and nice!

---Sappho from Grand Rapids, MI

Anonymous said...

I sent you a message on facebook then I was mysteriously blocked from Bristol's fan page...weird. She sounds insane. I think you're a great person...keep doing what you do! If it weren't for your blog I would've been oblivious to the Palin's stupidity and lies so thanks! I sincerely hope Bristol miraculously grows up overnight and gives you more time with your precious nephew. Praying for you girl!

Anonymous said...

Mercede I think you are an incredibly smart, loving, and determined woman. Bristol seems like a young woman trapped in her middle school days. She has no good intentions as far as you, Levi, and Tripp are concerned.

After listening to tv personality Wendy William's catty comments about (a person she doesn't know) you, I had to post a message. I didn't not appreciate Wendy dissing your unique name. She had no right to call you ghetto. Seeing how she barely possess any form of genuine self respect nor class.

Unfortunately, there are many strange rumors circulating about you on the (RadarOnlineDOTcom) entertainment blogs. You might want to address them as soon as possible.

Is it true that you are following in your brother's steps ... Are posing for Playboy magazine? There are are also horrendous rumors that Bristol Palin is dating your ex boyfriend Giacinto “Gino” Paoletti. Is this in anyway true? If it is ... what the hell? Why is Bristol stalking you and mimicking your life? Do you fear for your life and personal safety?

A Supporter,



Anonymous said...

Hi Mercede:

You don't have a section to ask questions so I have to post it in this topic.

What's your thoughts about Frank Bailey tell-all book about Sarah Palin? It's called "Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin: A Memoir of our Tumultuous Years".



A Supporter,

Anonymous said...

Hi Mercede:

Just found this interesting article on Willow and Bristol Palin. In the article the girls are labeled "Mean Girls". It also mention Track Palin (Sarah's older son) prescription drug addiction, and Willow under age drinking, drug use, and hard partying. Willow is a member of a clique of bad girls called Colony Girls.


Willow Palin: MEAN GIRL

A young man is accusing Williow of using a gay slur against him on her Facebook page. A classic comment from Willow, during an online argument. ... “Sorry that all you guys are jealous of my families success and you guys aren’t goin to go anywhere with your lives.”



Hopefully these articles help prove that you are a decent person. Bristol has no right to judge you or put you down. Good luck with Playboy.

A Supporter,

Anonymous said...

Hang in there girl!

Sarah Palin is going down fast - w/the leak of the Bailey manuscript - she and Todd have proven themselves to be one evil couple. I feel sorry for their kids. Bristol is becoming more and more like like her momma, which is very sad to say, but what other example does she have to learn from and follow?

Bailey's disclosure are very, very interesting and you and Levi should make yourselves aware of the information, if you haven't already. Levi is proven to be correct in some of his prior statements about Sarah. I found that to be wonderful news!

Why even communicate w/Bristol? She's in a completely different world today - one that has to be horribly disruptive w/her momma. You enjoy the little guy when Levi has him and lighten your load w/Bristol not being a part.

You are a kind lady and I'm sure, a terrific aunt!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mercede! Whassup? Hope all is well with you and your Mom. Glad to read in the news that she gets that damn ankle bracelet off in November. Are you not blogging to avoid repercussions before then? Understandable.
After November, please post an update or have Jesse post something to let us know how you are doing. Hope you are in school or saving up to go to school soon, 'cause education will be your ticket out of there.
My best.

Anonymous said...

What happened to your blog postings??

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