Monday, July 4, 2011

Bristol misnamed her book. It should read "Not Afraid of Lies." Update!

Levi and Bristol
Lately there have been numerous topics which I have been wanting to address, but it seems that what everybody wants to hear about is whether or not Bristol's account is what really happened that night in the tent with my brother.

I guess I'll start off with her reference to the wine coolers being her "first brush with alcohol". If my memory serves me correctly, and remember I was the sober one, it was Bristol herself who was asking around trying to buy alcohol before they even started packing to go on this particular camping trip.

So I think it is clear that she was always planning to drink while they were camping. I know for a fact that my brother was not replacing her empty bottles with full ones, because Levi never liked her to drink since it just made her more promiscuous (Which those guys in Juneau will confirm, right Bristol? ;)

Bristol only has herself to blame for the amount of alcohol she consumed that night. Maybe she tends to forget that we still have mutual friends,  and that one of my good friends was actually there that night.

My brother also provided a recap of the night right after he got home. (Remember Bristol, Levi and I use to be best friends before you got your claws into him and forbid him to talk to me.)

When I first read this story it made me laugh out loud. Does anybody really believe a good Christian girl, such as Bristol claims to be, would really lose her virginity in a tent? I don't think so. Usually girls want their first time to be meaningful and special.

Besides there happens to be a small detail which Bristol chose to leave out. You see there was another couple right next to Bristol and Levi in that very SAME tent.

So the question we have to ask is, was the other girl also being "taken advantage of?"

Did she also have her "virginity stolen?"

Are we to believe that there were TWO victims that night?  Because that is certainly NOT the story that I heard!

As for the part about Bristol waking up alone? She seems to have conveniently forgotten the part where she demanded that Levi get up early and start a fire for her so that she wouldn't be cold in the morning. Yes, her rapist got up first thing in the morning, to cut wood and build her a warm fire, so that she would be as comfortable as possible that summer morning. It is remarkable how those Palins always twist the truth in order to constantly appear to be the victim isn't it?. Un-freaking believable.

As for that "rape" allegation, I have to wonder if any of the millions of girls out there who truly have been sexually assaulted take offensive at Bristol claiming that her consensual sexual encounter in that tent gives her the right to place herself in their company?  After all it is people like Bristol, girls who claim they were sexually assaulted when in fact they weren't, who give excuses for people to doubt the claims of REAL victims of assault or rape.

Personally I have never even heard of a single case where a girl continues to date her rapist for years, while enjoying an active and consensual sex life, and then actively TRYING to have a baby with this person who supposedly "took advantage of her". Are we to believe that Bristol was drunk on wine coolers throughout that whole relationship?

After I read Bristol's account I started thinking back to that summer. My mind was searching for every little thing I could remember, and remember I did..

One of the things that I remembered was that my much older cousin (he is in his 30's) came up from the lower 48 to stay in our house while working with my father. We made him a bed in our downstairs living room which happened to be very close to my brother's room. Apparently Bristol, the virgin, woke my cousin up several times with all of her .....well let's just say "enthusiasm."  And by the way this was BEFORE that now notorious camping trip!

The next morning my cousin called my brother aside and had a talk with him. I think Levi was far more embarrassed than Bristol was because the next night she wasn't any quieter.

Now I don't usually feel comfortable talking about another person's sex life. I never even liked talking about Bristol trying to get pregnant because I feel that's a very personal topic

However, after she made those hurtful and indefensible statements in her book about my brother, I decided no matter how uncomfortable I feel talking about this that it is something which I must do, because no one deserves to be accused of such a disgusting and horrendous thing. Especially not my brother who, believe it or not, truly loved Bristol with all of his heart.

A picture I took in happier times before the RNC.
Sadly it is now very obvious that his love was never truly reciprocated. Trust me, he would never do to her what she has so casually done to him. Never.


I am sorry that it has taken me such a long time to reply to your questions.

Because I have to type all my posts on my increasingly unreliable phone, it slows my response time down to a crawl. Frustratingly enough my computer is still not fixed (Apparently they are waiting on a part that's being shipped from overseas) Hopefully I will have it back in the very near future.

As for why I don't blog from the public library, or maybe a cafe, well because I've learned the hard way not to do ANYTHING on a public computer where there are other people around.

I'm not making any excuses, but let's just say that people around here can be kind of nosy.

Now on to answering some of your questions.

I apologize if that part about my cousin hearing Bristol making noise was confusing. I just tried to word things carefully because, like I said, I just flat out didn't feel comfortable saying she was moaning loud enough during sex to awaken people in the house.

And yes people, Bristol Pain DID stay the night at our house when she was younger.

Sometimes my dad would be up on the North Slope, and my mom in the hospital, or, if they were home, she would simply sneak through Levi's window.

Most times she would just stay really late, but because it was a school night, leave around 1-3 in the morning to sneak back into HER house before her parents woke up. (She was such a "good girl" wasn't she?)

Why was Levi wearing a ring on his ring finger? Simply because Bristol wanted him to wear it so the other girls knew he was taken. She also had it engraved, it said "I love you Bristol" in case he forgot I guess. I believe it was a birthday or Christmas gift, but NO they were never married.

Someone else asked about the custody agreement, especially the part about how how each parent isn't allowed to talk trash about the other parent, and wanted to know if that had been changed.

No, nothing has been changed as far as I'm aware. That's still the deal. But in case you all haven't noticed yet, the Palins are above the law. Essentially they can do, and say, whatever they want, and they don't even get a slap on the wrist. Yet if anybody even dares to frown in their direction they go after them with guns a blazing.

Believe me, I know ALL about that!

And finally let me address my "summer" camping trip statement, since some people thought I was talking about a different camping trip than the one which Bristol claims she was on when her virginity was "stolen."

I've lived in Alaska my entire life and I just consider Alaska to have only two seasons. It's either summer, or its winter here. For those of you who live in Alaska I'm sure I don't have to clarify that. For those of you who don't, I apologize and I will try to be more clear from now on.

Thanks for taking the time to leave your comments, I really do appreciate all of your support.


Molly said...

Thanks for the post, Mercede. I continue to say that I will always take Levi's word over any and all Palins.

So you're saying that Bristol slept over at your house, right in Levi's room?

Anonymous said...

I see Levi has a wedding ring on, were they married at one time? I wish Levi would get a lawyer who specializes in Child visitations and custody, it would go a long way in making him look like he really wants to be in Tripp's life. The Palin's are making it look like he has no interest in his (DNA ?) child and he is bending over and letting them get away with it. It doesn't look good for Levi, maybe his book will cut through all the crap and we will know the he working on his book??

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mercede, for setting the record straight. And thanks for sticking up for your brother. I think it's sick that those people continually trash him.

Anonymous said...

I hope Levi is ready to be totally honest. If he tries to be kind, or tries to make things look better than they were, or if he out and out lies, he's going to go down in history as exactly what Bristol claims him to be. Tell him, Sadie, tell him to be real. Time to drop that "gentlemen don't kiss and tell" crap. If he writes (I use the term loosely) an honest story, I will buy it. Otherwise, he's only the ying to Bristol's yang. I hear she gets lots of that.

PollyinAK said...

This made me tear up. Thank you for posting. You are brave. It is hard to imagine what I would do in your shoes, and trying to defend the brother I love. Levi is lucky to have you!

Anonymous said...

In that middle photo she has Chuck's nutty expression. This is the first that she has reminded me of her grandfather. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Mercede, there's a formatting problem with your word verification process, just FYI.

Commenters, here's how you get around it: With your cursor in the box where you type your comment, hit the tab key. It will put you in the box where you can type the word verification.

Anonymous said...

Please specify the year when this 'camping trip' took place. Also, please specify whether Bristol has had other pregnancies, and whether she has given birth to more children then Tripp. Finally, were Levi and Bristol ever married?

Also, please urge Levi to do a DNA test for Tripp. When you are dealing with liars, you can't just go on hunches or feelings, even if they are very strong or very deep: you need incontrovertible proof. And you and Levi are dealing with world-class liars.

Anonymous said...

"Tell him, Sadie, tell him to be real. Time to drop that "gentlemen don't kiss and tell" crap."

Tell him too he needs a respectable cover not that comedy one. He will not be taken seriously with that title with antlers encasing it either.

Cirrus said...

Fine post, Mercede! I don't usually comment on, or pay much attention to the Palin kid stuff - but I saw some really stupid comments about your post on IM & came over to tell you "Go Girl!" Your post is excellent, the pics are perfect, & like you, I find it really too bad that you have been drawn into talking about TMI stuff because Bristol throws herself willingly into the gutter.

I don't care that she herself is rolling around in excrement, but what I do care about is the carrying on of the Palin name with her victimhood. Yep - heard lots of stories about Bristol while in Juneau and yep, I know she's a snotty little liar. Mom didn't help, she fed Bristol's brattiness in public and it was commented upon by others when it happened, and later when we found out more about this dysfunctional pair.

We all go through angst at that time of life, and most successfully navigate their way into a more balanced maturity. When the Brat decided to pen her lies on paper - then I take exception to that & giving her any sort of pass is right out the door.

I'm also not giving a pass to the circus of idiots with circling wagons to see you, Bristol, Levi and others fight it out - feeling as though they can judge "bombshell posts". They are becoming as disgusting as the Palin weirdo fans. They have taken on attributes to make them braver while posting anonymously - and I'll bet not one of them would stand toe to toe with you and say what they say here. Truly disgusting - and a virtual slap in the face to them all while washing their mouths out with soap. Isn't it easy to be an a@@hole when someone doesn't know your name or address? Jerks.

Forget them - get out the fly swatter and open the window. These creeps want someone else, anyone else, to do their dirty work and they have lost sight of their own humanity and perspective. I have a feeling you know that already - your experiences have led you into a maturity which you seem to have found a comfortable fit.

I admire your spunk and the values you have shared with your readers. I'm sorry I even know you and your brother's name as that should have never come to pass, but I'm not sorry to see a young person come through this trial with her colors flying, so to speak. I have a feeling that you are going to be a force to be reckoned with for the rest of your life - you have taken these lessons to heart and you now know how to stand your ground, beware prisoners! As in "Capture the Flag", a childhood game that I adored. What fun it is to see a very smart young woman on top of the hill holding that flag!

Best to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Why oh why does Levi allow Bristol to publicly trash him over and over when it comes to Tripp and how Levi wants nothing to do with him? Is this true? If not, has he nothing to say in his defense? He should be mad as H over this.

What about the court order about no trash talk?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mercede. That made me cry. Levi is the better person for always speaking nicely of Bristol. I am a lawyer, and Levi is not being well represented. I can help. If you let me know an email where I can contact you, I will do so.

Rob G. said...

These people asking for answers are not your friends Mercede. All they want is to go gossip about you and your family on one of the blogs. They want to expose Palin's phony pregnancy and they don't care about your wellbeing one bit.

Good blog post though! We always knew that Bristol had a real problem in being discriminate about who she was 'with'. She's the liar and your brother is the victim whose youthful innocence was hijacked by this sexual predator. That's all we have to know for now.

Balzafiar said...

Mercede, thanks for returning; it's been way too long.

It's going to be painful for you and your family, and we all realize that, but the full truth must be told because it potentially affects far more people than just those around you.

You could very well be surprised at the outcome, too. I used to worry about all the "what if's" in my life until a man I once worked for told me to just not worry about what "might happen" in a given situation. Let it happen, then deal with it.

He said that what one worries might happen in a situation isn't always what actually happens and if it is, usually it isn't as bad as what one has worried it will be. I took his advice to heart and tried it; it works, it really does, and I've been passing those words of wisdom along to others during my journey through life.

So now I'm passing those words along to you. I feel that if you do indeed take them to heart you will be pleasantly surprised at how much support you will get, not just from those around you in Alaska but from the country at large. This situation is unusual in that it is far more than just a local issue now. Too many people are aware of it and that is a lot of protection in itself.

Talk it over with those closest to you then do what's best for everyone concerned.

Last but certainly not least, have a great July 4th and think about making today YOUR Independence Day! :-)

KaJo said...

Mercede, I have questions, too, as did Anonymous @ 8:45 AM, about the year the "camping trip" took place, AND what part of the summer it took place?

You only say, "so that she would be as comfortable as possible that summer morning." and "that summer" in 2 different paragraphs.

I was under the impression that the "camping trip" was in March 2006; I must have gotten that impression from excerpts from Bristol's book available online.

And how long before that "camping trip" was Bristol sexually active?

You only say, "those guys in Juneau" which could be quite early in 2007, since her mother was inaugurated in Dec. 2006; and "Levi never liked her to drink since it just made her more promiscuous" which sounds like either before Dec. 2006 or long after Bristol returned to school in Anchorage in fall 2007.

Mercede, can you pinpoint those dates for us?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post Mercede. Levi needs better legal representation. I'm a woman who has gone through a divorce and I tend to be biased for the moms. However the arrangement they have is unheard of. Judges remove kids from a mother's custody if the mother talks ill of the father. You should take the other commentator up on his legal offer. I think many lawyers would be willing to help Levi pro-bono.

I also plan to buy his book if it has any value at all in it. The cover is just awful and hard to look at. Perhaps he should have a glamor photo of him holding the baby with the surveyor symbols (gun site) over the photo. Anything is better than the current cover.

honestyingov said...

Anybody reading this post, Please RT on Twitter.!/P2Blogs/status/87992224851312640

RT @HnstyNgov: Bristol Palins 'story' from her book, is disputed by Mercede Johnston. Innocent,Bristol ? Far fro...

Anonymous said...

There is a problem with your blog. I can't post longer than a sentence or two.

Gryphen said...

Okay I think the comment section should work better now.

Anonymous said...

Can't post longer than a sentence either.


Anonymous said...

Okay it took it.


Anonymous said...

Keep it coming, Mercede. America wants to hear what you have to say. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Don't understand why Bristol thought she could publish a book with so many untruths and not be called on it. Is she really that disconnected from reality?

Glad to hear from you again, Mercede. For a while there it appeared that you may have been forced into silence.

Anonymous said...

There is something wrong with Bristol. She claims to be a Christian and she is doing interviews on Christian networks but her book is very hateful and mean. Bristol, I know you’ve heard the term God does not like ugly!

Bristol is not a teenager, she is a mother, but she acts like a vengeful high school girl that has not grown up yet. In her book she outs a girl by her name and mentions something personal about her mother. WHY Bristol WHY? This book is suppose to be your memoir and lessons learned but your book is like your mom's book. You two are very hateful ignorant people and for some reason you two want to publish high school slam books.

Mercede, people knew there is another side to Bristol's lies and we thank you for your words. Somehow the Lord will get your story out.

Anonymous said...

It must have been difficult for you to read her lies and more difficult to address them here. Good on you for doing it. Someone needs to speak up about this slut's lies.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Bristol, the virgin, woke my cousin up several times with all of her .....well let's just say "enthusiasm."

Looking at her, you can tell Bristol is a screamer. Who is she kidding claiming to be abstinent? That is why she moved to Arizona then to Los Angeles so that her mommy and daddy can't hear her.

Anjaak said...

Thank you for defending your brother. It makes me sick to my stomach to see Bristol disparage the father of her son. As much as I dislike my ex, I try hard to not bad mouth my son's father. I really wanted to say today, "no, your Father can't see you today on the Fourth of July because he is partying with his friends.", but I don't. It is disrespectful & childish. These Palins need to grow up, or go back to middle school...Keep your small, pretty chin up.

Anonymous said...

I live in Wasilla and you talked about the "summer camping trip" but we were led to believe in Bristol's book that the camping trip was on spring break, thus March, not summer. Did you just get that wrong? I don't really know anyone here that considers March to be a summer month. I'd like to you clear that up if your could. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Mercede, Just wanted to let you know that I agree with the posters who say to take your time.. do not be pushed into revealing something in print that you might later wish that you hadn't revealed. Yes I am curious.. but I would never want you to risk putting yourself in a difficult position with respect to the Palin's.

It must have been painful to realize that you were being toyed with.. making the promise to give up blogging in order to see Tripp... and then you still can't see him.

You have my sympathy :) and, as a Mother.. I send you a ** Hug **

Anonymous said...

Levi is wearing a band on his "wedding" finger in your photo. Men do not wear engagement rings/bands that I have ever heard of. So please, Mercede, tell us the truth about that. Did they get married at some point? Was it perhaps annulled?

I appreciate that you want to stick up for your brother. But no one is going to believe that he wants to see his son unless he goes to court. If Bristol is not following the visitation, he has to deal with it legally. If he can't do that, then he doesn't want it badly enough and maybe he really isn't ready to be a proper father to his son.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Mercede. Bristol is going to truly regret what she's done when she is old enough, and has had enough life experience behind her to realize it. She's going to look back with sadness and shame that she has gone out of her way to make this young man look bad in order to sell books. She may actually even believe her own lies at this point. Hang in there, she'll eventually be saddled with huge guilt and might even change her ways.

KatieAnnieOakley said...

When the Palin's lose their power, they'll be powerless against you. Truth is a burden lifted; their followers cannot handle the real truth of The Palins. Take away your burden, and take away the Palin's power: tell the Johnston side of the story.

Nothing is worth the abuse these people are heaping on your family. NOTHING. Can you really keep putting up with Palin abuse for the next 40 to 60 years? The hate passing from generation to generation.

Stop it. Stop the cycle; stop the Palins. Stop the abuse.

Anonymous said...

Merced, I responded to a comment made by somebody else and I seen that you removed the other guy's comment about the 8 ft 2 x 4 and you did not post my comment about the mountain climbing gear. Well even though you did not post my comment I truly hope my comment put a big old smile on your face and laughter within your heart.

The way things are going nowadays, especially to your family, we need to laugh and smile.

So : ) and enjoy your 4th of July or in Alaska, enjoy your Quitter’s Day +1.

Anonymous said...

"You know who" and her family are reading these comments and I'm willing to bet that somebody in Wasilla must be on the verge of getting a stroke because of all the love people are showing you.

Remember Goodness will defeat Evil!

Keep your chin up!

(By the way, "Keep your chin up" was not meant for "you know who" ;)

Anonymous said...

Great you spoke up, Mercede. I'm proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Sadie, thanks for the post. It is kind of funny to think of the sounds of "enthusiasm" coming from such a virtuous young lady who gets paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to preach abstinence that she doesn't practice. Would you elaborate on when and where the photo of Levi and Bristol sleeping was taken? Also, would you please explain the ring that Levi is wearing? Can you clarify when the camping trip was? Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

There was another couple in the tent-- was it an orgy? I never understood that. Good Christian girls stay out of temptation's way in the first place.

I have always thought that before Bristol's Mom got famous, that Bristol and her friends were small town hicks just having fun like country kids do. Nothing will ever change my mind on that-- I always think of "Small Town Saturday Night" when I think of Bristol and Levi.

If Bristol was so special, she'd have the sons of the evangelical preachers pursuing her. We see her with NO ONE important or who has decent parentage (well, not since Levi!) and she has no one. She has done nothing.

I'm sorry you are in this situation, but you are doing what life demands from you as classy as you can. You are a real role model, Mercede!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @3:55PM - I don't believe there was any mention of when the camping trip took place in Bristol's book. Many people wrongly assumed that she got pregnant with Tripp on that trip, which is where the March date came from. She was 15 on that trip, and didn't get pregnant until a couple of years later.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that you, Levi and your Mom need to stand up to the lies.....

Anonymous said...

What you say makes sense, and no, I think back at my time, and it was in a bedroom, alone with my guy, special song playing,..I can't imagine it in a tent with a lot ofother people around you, while you're going through that. I don't see Bristol doing that. But, can you be more specific about what Levi said when he got home? and what the other campers said? (Keep in mind also that sounds through a door could be other things besides intercourse).

Anonymous said...

Bristol was removed from Juneau because she had a boyfriend that the Palin parents didn't like- probably because he was black.

Everybody in Juneau was aware of it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mercedes....I hope you can help clear things up...this needs to be tweeted to all the foolish media that promote crap they haven't investigated to find out if there's more info...I would like to donate to help repair your computer or buy a new one....if possible could you add a donate button or can we donate to IM earmarked for you ....hang in there....

Anonymous said...

Bristol said that she started dating Levi in 7th grade and was on and off until high school. How did things go between them when Levi was forced to leave Teeland and go to Wasilla Middle? Were they apart for that time period until they reunited at WHS?

Julie said...

Dear Mercede,
I've been following your blog since it first started, and the narratives that the Palin Machine have perpetuated are beneath contempt. I also think it's great that you're setting the record straight for yourself, your brother, and especially for your nephew, Tripp.
Your honesty is truly admirable, and speaks volumes for your parents and how you were raised.
I never bought into Bristol's schtick, she's sending mixed messages, and by trashing your brother, admitting he can't see Tripp "as often as he's entitled to" shows how immature and petty she truly is.
As a mother, I feel that you have to learn to love your child more than you hate the Father you chose for him. Bristol doesn't care who she hurts, exploiting Tripp for fame and money shows that.
Love will always conquer hate, tell your truth on your own terms and your own time.

Regards to you and your Mother from someone in the lower 48 who has your back.

Anonymous said...

"Many people wrongly assumed that she got pregnant with Tripp on that trip, which is where the March date came from. She was 15 on that trip, and didn't get pregnant until a couple of years later."

I think you mean, she didn't get pregnant *with Tripp* until a couple years later. Even if that is the case, it doesn't mean she wasn't pregnant previously.

In any case, I don't think Bristol was with Levi when Tripp was conceived anyway.

Helen said...

Bristol HAD to make all of these claims because 'GOD' is her new schtick. She cannot be a poor teen mom any longer, so the abstinence caper has worn thin and she's already distancing herself from it.

Subsequent to Bristol getting the DWTS gig, there was obviously a lot of planning done to ensure she could parlay that exposure into big-time, lucrative, ongoing celebrity. THAT's when it must have been decided that Bristol would go the "Christian route" to riches (following in mommy's footsteps), because halfway through DWTS was when she started to blather about God (whenever she remembered to).

So, naturally she is portraying herself as some good little religious daughter who was assaulted when she wasn't conscious, and who would be a virgin to this day if that hadn't happened.

Her biggest problem is she can't call Levi a lot of awful names that the fundamentalist base love to use, because she has his child. Apparently there is at least one horrible thing she won't do to Tripp.

Anonymous said...

Chris Ray was the boyfriend of Bristol's in Juneau...

Anonymous said...

It's so very sad how Bristol the Sex Pistol is using Tripp as a weapon very much like her "novel" she didn't write. That being said I'm so happy to see you coming back. How is your mother doing? Any better? I would love it if you would post more pictures of Levi & Bristol. It makes your blog really pop. Please take care and I hope things are going better for your family. PS - Excuse me if I post anonymous but I don't like being chased around all over the internet and harassed by the desperate Palinbots. I can only imagine what hate mail you are getting from them. As predicted they are malfunctioning. One. By. One.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing, Mercede. Please tell us the approximate date of the camping trip, month and year. And, also please explain Levi's gold ring on his ring finger. It looks like a wedding ring, the last thing that a young teen boy thinks about wearing. Just wondering. Thanks.

Tan said...

Mercede; try and get this info out to the mainstream media and make it well known Bristol is a liar. Point to her statements on Hannity recently that don't add up, as well as her anti abstinence remarks a couple years back with Greta. Tell the MSM the obvious; if Bristol was treated badly why did she wait so long and til there was money involved to reveal the 'story'?

If he did the things she said and her virginity was 'stolen' why didn't she say anything in the three years? Point out all these things and prove she's a disgusting liar I say! Fight back!

Try if you can to get your friend to make a statement regarding the night in question and release this to the media. Use her statement to file a libel suit if Levi wants to as well. Even some Palin fans have read the story and find the story dubious at best, Mercede. People will believe you. Her statements ring false to anyone with a brain. If you read the reviews on you will see the support you will have in coming out swinging; it is filled with people writing of their disgust at the book.

Have you read the whole thing? I want to but don't want to give her money and a sale! Here's a tip though if you haven't been able to read the whole thing; buy it, either read it quickly and write down notes as you do, or photocopy the relevant passages, and return it the next day to ensure she doesn't score the sale. I doubt the library will bother buying a copy so I doubt that's an option!

She's a rotten person inside and out. I hate to say it but it gives me such pleasure that she's as ugly on the outside as she is inside.

Anonymous said...

Bristol is clearing marketing her book to evangelicals and frames the book with themes that they will buy.

I keep hearing that Bristol and Levi wanted to get pregnant. Then what's the problem? By the way, the only time I've known a girl to get pregnant on purpose was to keep her boyfriend. She starts to think that he's out of love with her and that if she gets pregnant he'll stay. I know a girl who did that.

Anonymous said...

Mercede you rock!And remember people don't have power, unless we give it to them. The only minions in the Palin court are the sheep, unable to "seek the truth beneath the surface". Those of us who can investigate and have independent minds can see clearly the real story.

Nan (aka roswellborn) said...

Y'know, in a way it's kind of freeing to know that no matter what you do, someone will see it as absolutely the wrong thing to do. It means you can do exactly as you think best! At least that way, you'll be able to explain why, and so much for the detractors.

You're a fine young woman, who has taken the high road all this time. But I'm glad you're not letting anyone walk all over you, either.

all the best to you and your mom, and take care, Mercede. Hugs from this grandma.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for advocating for survivors of sexual assault - I lost my virginity to rape by my first boyfriend, and thinking about Bristol's allegations absolutely fills me with rage. It really is horrible that people feel free to tar others with their lies, and it affects more people than just the accused - it affects those of us who were victimized and prevents true stories from being believed. I loved this whole post, but I especially appreciated the mature views on false rape claims. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I read a comment by a Christian young lady who read Bristol's book. The young lady stated, that the stuff Bristol wrote belonged in a private diary, not in a book for the world to see (read). She was appalled and disgusted. I think that is how most people feel about it. The book can't do well on the market. Seems that the book memoir idea was Sarah's idea to counteract Levi's book. Another backfire. I think the publicity will get people who weren't interested in Levi's book -- interested!:-)

mmboucher said...

Mercedes, Have you seen the new photo's of Trig & Tripp on Bristol's public facebook? Why is Tripp taller than Trig?

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Sadie. Many people will support your efforts to bring out the truth. Lots of people are so over the Palins. But what will really bring them to their knees is when the truth of their antics finally comes out.

Please consider adding a tweet button? We'd be happy to spread the word with your approval of course.

Noelle said...

Thanks for the post Mercede. Hope your mom is doing well & glad it'll be over soon! *hugs*

Gles said...

It should be fairly obvious to all that Bristol still has a thing for Levi. Since she is not educated nor even has a counselor, she is left to drift and show her pettiness.

Perhaps Levi is waiting for Bristol to make a mistake so that he can get custody of Tripp....prove her to be an unfit mother. Maybe this is why Bristol taunts and goads Levi....making us all wonder about Levi's judgement.

curiouser said...

The excerpts of Bristol's book at Amazon read like a sugarcoated fantasy to further the Palin 'perfect Christian family' myth in their upside-down world. I'm glad you felt free to speak out and set the record straight on the facts. Truth always has a long-term positive effect. Thanks for keeping it real, Mercede.

Anonymous said...

The ring visible in the photo may be a 'purity ring'.
Some sexually active kids wear them to throw off their parents suspicions.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are really sweet. Two young kids "in love".

Did Levi impregnate another girl (after Tripp)?

Or is that Sarah n Todd putting the last nail in the Bristol n Levi relationship?

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say: Scarah STOLE ur BUMP-IT b/c the old hag is trying to look younger! Epic Fail!

And, girl- You are SOOO pretty - even for Los Angeles standards!!

So, there is NO DOUBT in my mind that Bristroll was VERY JEALOUS of YOUR BEAUTY all along...

She was probably always VERY JEALOUS of ur close relationship w. ur brother (u know this...)

Sad to think: do you think Bristroll kept you "close" as a friend b/c she truly was jealous. But she DID have a major CRUSH on Levi, if not LOVE, and she would NOT QUIT until she had him.

By getting YOU, his best friend AND sister, closer to Bristroll, she would be able to always be around Levi w.o. being tooooo obvious.

And if the Sh!t hit the fan later, she would have not only dirt on Levi, but on YOU (because you were close friends), and whatever else she saw and heard about your family.

Anonymous said...

The New York City public library system has 14 copies of Bristol's book. Only one of Levi's is on order. There's work to be done to get your brother's side of the story out. That can't be done, at any rate, unless Levi is ready to man up. Will he be open and honest and give up some new information? Some important revelations? Or will we be disappointed, like with the fizzle of his custody fight? Only one book compared to fourteen - he's got to earn the interest of the public. Good luck, Levi.

Anonymous said...

Has there been an explanation for Levi's gold ring?

Anonymous said...

Mercede if you don't already know there is a false facebook up with photos of you & some rather nasty remarks.

OverMountainMan said...

Last week on IM Gryph posted two pics of Levi holding a bundled child, In the first Levi is sporting frosted curls that are not visable in the second, Supposedly these two pics were taken 15 day apart, Is this true ? Or as I suspect are these pics taken a year or so apart ? Levi defintely looks more mature in the second pic ! Keep up the good fight and never let the Palins silence you !!

Anonymous said...

Do you know about the fake Facebook page?

Anonymous said...

Mercedes, someone has done you dirty. They've set up a Facebook page with some rather ugly comments. It's been set up as if by you. I know better.
Look here:
There is also a collection of Photobucket pictures of yourself and others. Here too there are some very hurtful comments.
I hope you can find out who has done this. A good lawyer might help.
Keep plugging and don't let this shut you up. The truth will set you free no matter how difficult that may be.

Martha said...

Thought you would enjoy

Bristols Book Sales~Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #399,254. Update:20 min later # 407,439 This book sinks faster than the Titanic

Most Helpful Customer Reviews:

1.0 out of 5 stars a Little too short for a memoir

Bristol Palin, the third place runner up dancer on Dancing With The Stars and the daughter of Sarah Palin, wrote a memoir. Being the... Read more
Published 6 days ago by Bennet Pomerantz

1.0 out of 5 stars Disappointing

Bristol comes across as a very spoiled, paranoid child seeking attention. At every turn, Bristol speaks of the "wrongs" done to her... Read more
Published 15 days ago by Shelly Wymer

Balzafiar said...

Mercede, remember what I wrote the other day about "what if's"? Don't let this crap with Facebook and Photobucket throw you off track.

Someone is clearly upset -- and that's a GOOD thing! Stay the course and take it one day at a time. Don't lose sight of the goal you have to get the truth out there.

Someone is very clearly worried...

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed looking at the fake Facebook page someone did of you...the irony is that it actually shows off your natural beauty. The comments are clearly written by someone stupid, immature, or both. When this person ages they will look back at how obviously stupid and vindictive they were and gasp--but it will only take years of emotional maturity before they are able to see it Bristol or Willow who created this? You must know who is in possession of these photos--so make sure to reveal the perpetrator in a future posting of yours!

The thing is, you look GORGEOUS! Your body is hot in that Taco Bell pic, heck in most of the pics. Your pink prom dress, ok, a little California style but obviously for a 14-year old's taste, totally fine. When I was 14 we wore these really short striped running shorts calls 'Dolphins' and the skateboard sneakers 'Vans'. In retrospect it was a silly look, but whatever, that's how fashion goes, something one or two years later looks funny!

But if the girls who did this to you think they are hurting you, they should think again. You look fantastic, you were a beauty even as a young pre-teen girl! You had that big bumpit hair like Sarah Palin--those of us in the 48 laugh at that, but hey Bristol had that ridiculous poof too, must be an Alaska, or Ivana Trump thing--didn't Sarah idolize her, by the way?

I don't think you should worry one iota about this, and don't waste your time getting upset if you found it upsetting. The hate and jealously from the girl/s who created this is what shines thru the most. And, in fact, it makes you look good. More pictures of the naturally beautiful (on the inside and out) AND brave, Mercede! But Bristol and Willow, or excuse me, this girl/these girls are WAY too jealous and un-Christian to even realize that. Their little mean-unChristian-girl stunt has backfired on them!

Keep your beautiful (natural) chin with that lovely hair and smile of yours--up--way up!

Coemgein said...

Sadie, you are being very courageous by getting the truth out there! I know it must be very hard to 'go there' when your natural decency says some things are better left private. But you have been sorely provoked, and your defense of your brother is admirable.

You know that the family you are dealing with will certainly try to destroy you and malign your integrity - the fake Facebook and Photobucket pages that have been mentioned are likely a part of that - but you are a strong woman, and I have no doubt you'll be able to endure what they dish out. Just keep remembering that they have a lot of 'bark' and almost no 'bite'!

I hope you are having a great summer! Stay brave and strong, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Mercede, I'm sure you know this but there are cyber laws against impersonation on the internet. The person responsible will face criminal charges.

I agree with the others who say how beautiful those pics of you are though. Someone is certainly very jealous of you!

Anonymous said...

Why isn't anyone bringing up this Sept 2008 report? Was this true or not?

British rags are running a story saying that 17-year-old Bristol stole baby daddy Levi Johnston away from her best friend, Lanesia Garcia -- who dated the high school hockey jock for three years before he hooked up with Bristol.

Bristol's former pal told a UK tabloid, "When I called her she just said, 'I'm so sorry, I couldn't help it. Levi and I are together now, and I think he's the man for me.' I put the phone down and have not talked to her since."

Lanesia adds, "I missed Bristol desperately, but also Sarah, who was like a second mom to me. Neither of them has tried to contact me, though -- which says something about how ruthless they can be.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Mercede, you have character and class and real beauty, and everything else aside that's an affront to people who have attained a certain celebrity in spite of having none of these traits.
Karma does have a way of catching up to people, sometimes it just takes a while.
Stay strong, sweetie. There's a path for you that goes good places.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mercede,

Those of us in the lower 48 who can think for ourselves tend to believe you over the Falins. It seems this family thrive on hypocrisy, lies and self service just like the rock stars they think they are. No worries, the truth will always surface.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I've been on your site and I LOVE it! FINALLY someone speaks the truth! You know, I didn't even know about your brothers book until Bristol wrote hers. She and her mother are not the brightest beads. By having Bristol write a book, and I don't believe for one minute her mom didn't have a hand in it, they have called attention to the book your brother is writing. I seriously can't wait to read that one! Pull back the curtain Levi and let the people know the truth.

As for you and your family, I can't even begin to imagine what you all have been going through. I'm glad your writing again. It's important for Levi as well as yourself.

Anonymous said...

I think you should speak to a good lawyer about suing whomever created those photobucket and FB pages for libel/slander. I don't think the pictures are a problem, but the insults are--suggesting you are a dropout...I'm not sure what else, some could be construed as 'opinion' ('trailer trash') and so probably wouldn't be liable, but some of the comments that make 'factual' assertions about you that are incorrect might be legal fodder--and I would imagine that both photobucket and fb have the ability to research the URL or home computer that signed up these accounts and find out who did it. At the very least you could sue for harrassment...if you can get some bucks out of these people (Bristol?) or at least give them a legal scare, it would be worth the hassle of doing it.

Anonymous said...

Why did Bristol never attend school functions with Levi? She attended fall 07 homecoming with friends, there were people who didn't even know Levi was the father of Tripp??? They both saw other people earlier in 07.

Doesn't exactly add up to the relationship that keeps being touted.

Anonymous said...

Interesting post.
Please don't wait so long to write more.
People want to know the truth about Bristol and her family,
and we know we are not getting any truthfulness from them.
Best Wishes to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering every one's questions. Can you figure out when that very special camping trip took place, the one where Bristol got so drunk that she passed out with Levi in the tent? Also, how long were they "together," Bristol sneaking in through the window, or just being sexually active together? Thanks again

Whoa, Baby! said...

This might be a good time to discuss Bristol wanting to get pregnant and why.

TNbluedot said...

Thanks for the update, Sadie. Always enjoy your insight and wish you could post way more often! Can't imagine doing your post with a phone... bless you!

Lynne said...

Hi Mercede. After reading about the fake Facebook page, my curiosity got the best of me. The comments are ridiculous...the maturity level of Willow (or Bristol). I agree about the photos though. No childish, nasty comments can take away from the fact that you are simply a beautiful young woman. I also agree that you should take steps to follow up on who did this and file a complaint, charges, or whatever is appropriate against them. I think the days of the Palins "getting away with everything" are about over.

(P.S. I'm not generally the Playboy reading type, but all things considered, I might just have to buy this one.)

Anonymous said...

Sarah, Todd, Easy Sally, Creepy Chuckie, Aunt Molly, Bristol, Willow and all you other Heaths and Palins.... EVERYBODY knows you guys are reading Mercede's blog because she has the goods on you guys and she did not sign a Confidentiality Agreement so nothing can stop her from talking.

So now we all know Christian Bristol is a moaner which leads us to believe that Bristol is most likely not practicing abstinence because she sounds like she is a horny toad like her dad.

What kind of wanna-be-president would dufus Sarah make if she does not care if her underage daughter is crawling in the house at 3am after fulfilling Levi‘s needs?

If Sarah can’t hear Big Bristol sneaking in a window how can Sarah answer her 3am phone call?

Anonymous said...

Bristol “The Moaner” Palin, tell us again how your mother took you to the doctor's office to get birth control pills for your cramps. LOL

Bristol you took BC pills because Levi had needs and you had needs and between the two of you, nobody felt the need for condoms.

Anonymous said...

I lost my virginity in my boyfriend's bedroom when his parents were away. (And btw I was over 18). Levi's bedroom is exactly where Bristol lost her virginity, too. But she couldn't admit she spent overnight visits there. So here's how it went, her and her handlers:

a. We can't say you did it on purpose, you're a christian.
b. Ok, then say Levi got me drunk.
c. Fine, but then we'd have to account for an overnight visit somewhere, and your parents not to know.
d. No problem, just say I stayed overnight camping.
e. It works. But what about the drinking....?
f. Say that I never drank before, and Levi gave me some girlie drink like a wine cooler, so I didn't know.
g. Ok. We've got most of it, but do we really need to say you broke your vow on purpose? Because even with the accidental drink, you're still breaking your vow.
h. Ok, this is getter tougher. How about we say I blacked out and didn't remember?
i. Ok, I'll write that you woke up, alone, and didn't know what happened. And we'll change losing your virginity to stolen, that sounds better.
j. Cool!

Anonymous said...

Keep speaking out and exposing the Palins and their lying, Mercede. I admire your courage.

Darrell B. Nelson said...

Thank you for the very classy response to the Maury Povich Show type accusations.

Anonymous said...

Just found out about your blog on I only read a few comments and wanted to say I'm a father of one grown child in my 60s who has loved Playboy since I was a kid (haven't read it in years but I may buy this issue.) I'd be proud to have you as my daughter (or grand daughter.) I hope Levi will get more education and try to make it in films or TV. Best of luck to you and your family. Hold you head up, and keep your eye on the prize.
Kokuaguy in Honolulu

Anonymous said...

I don't believe a word of a 20 year old that gets a facelift and lies about it. Thank you for giving the real story. The Palins make me sick at my stomach.

Anonymous said...

Jay Leno said he does not like Levi. Dr. Drew called Levi a "bad boy". Do their opinions bother you?

Anonymous said...

So.... what about Sarah's next grandchild?

It appears that hiding pregnancies for months is a Palin tradition?


Alrighty then.

Don't they know if you are going to get married because you are pregnant you do it as soon as you find out you are pregnant? Not a few months later? Otherwise it defeats the purpose?

Or maybe Track's motive was different and was just getting married to get married?

Or I might be trying to give a Palin too much credit...

Gles said... I found out the name of one of the ladies answering the door at your home during the initial hayday of McCain/Palin Campaign. I had no idea that Kristi Tanner was the other woman..besides Anna Arodzero. I have a quote from the Alaska Dispatch site: "When we walked up to Johnston's home, we were met at the front door by a young woman who said her name was Kristi Tanner.

Tanner first told us that she was a friend of the Johnston family. She said she couldn't comment and referred us to Michelle Toohey, providing an Anchorage phone number. When we asked Tanner for her number, she gave one with a 928 area code. That's Arizona-home of Sen. McCain."

Did you know Kristi and were you friends? I ask this question because it appears that the betrayal your family experienced was definitely an inside job....and it is disgusting. I don't suppose you ever asked Kristi where your pics went?

Anonymous said...

Mercede first off your beautiful girl and second you should right a book about how she lies and i would buy it without a doubt, i didn't by anything plain said or her "mom" i like to know more about her plastic surgeries if you don't mind. I can see you don't feel conformable talking about her in personal from but if you don't mind please share. sister and brothers will also be that no matter what happens

critter said...

sry mercede i was having issue logging in call me critter

TEXAS MEL said...

I just discovered your blog and spent hours reading through a couple of years of your post. What strikes me as surprising? You are a really GOOD WRITER! I had assumed, rather unfairly) that Wasilla schools were not that great. I don't know if they deserve the credit, obviously you are able to convey your thoughts very well. I wanted to ask if you and your mom had ever thought of relocating? There are so many medical facilities that could treat her. It seems like life in Alaska is nothing but drama and expensive heating bills. Not all people behave the way that they seem to in your small town. I know it's your home but WOW, let them have it. You are welcome in Austin, Texas at any time. Think about it. Keep up the great writing!

Anonymous said...

Honey, I just want to give you some friendly advice. Those who are encouraging you to be more outspoken, to make things public and address the media have motives. Some are just gossip and drama-junkies, and some want the truth to win out over lies. But some are really pushing for political reasons. And while I agree with their motives (not a Palin fan at all) I think that you need to make the decision for yourself whether or not YOU personally take on this challenge. It could be ugly, emotional, and time consuming. In the end it may not be worth it for you. The Palins will always have the powers of "spin" on their side; they've been in the game for a long time. I admit, I love reading your blogs, but do what you need to do to ensure your happiness and comfort. <3

DREGstudios! The Art of Brandt Hardin said...

Fight the good fight exposing the Palins for what they are gal! You'll love my portrait of Sarah on my own artist's blog at showing how down and dirty she'll get for the money- and her daughter is no different.

Heidi3 said...

Hi Mercede - Congratulations on your fabulous Playboy photos and interview! The September issue you're in just hit the stands here in Los Angeles today, and my husband snapped up a copy before they sold out. The cashier at 7-11 said they were going fast.

As Playboy is known for, the photos are classy and tasteful, and of course, you look stunning. Your interview responses are clear, as is your mission to have the truth be known. I can't tell you how much I admire your courage not only for doing the photo shoot, but for being strong enough to finally start chipping away at the Palin myth, getting the true facts of the sordid mess revealed in a major publication with an international readership. Well done!

Stan Pinkowski said...

Miss Johnston,
Hello, I just want to say that I find your blog to be enlightening, I always knew that the Palin Klan was full of shit. I'm just glad that someone has the bravery to stand up and call them on their bullshit. Like when she said that your brother is "Addicted to fame" (IN PEOPLE MAGAZINE), And then did DWTS, And the Candee's stuff now her "Reality" show with the Massey bros. Don't forget her mother Queen Hypocrite's show that made me not want to be near your state, Sorry, Luv. I can't ever be there as long as they exist there, Who is addicted to fame? Who is the media whore? You are hitting the nail on the head and I say keep it up no matter what. They will try to stop you, But the truth NEEDS to get out. The country needs people like you and me. I used to blog a lot too but a man needs to work. I'm trying to get back into the game, By a new VLOG, And writing on my tumblr more. If you are interested I'll give you the addresses let me know. Well I took enough of your time.

God bless,
Stanley J. Pinkowski, Jr.

The Steel General said...

It's a good thing to hear stuff from the other side too. I've never trusted the Palins. I voted Republican a couple of times, but since this whole Palin thing, my eyes have been opened. They really pushed me to the Democrats. I'd vote for Huntsman.

1. Do you believe that Trigg is really Sarah's kid, do you take the fifth, or do you honestly don't know?
2. Who was the other couple in the tent that night? Sorry, but that still remains unclear.

Thanks! Hope your computer is fixed now! :)

PS I think you made some typos?
You wrote:
"Remember Bristol, Levi and I use to be best friends before you got your claws into him and forbid him to talk to me."

but that should be:
"Remember Bristol, Levi and I used to be best friends before you got your claws into him and forbade him to talk to me.

Anonymous said...

If you haven't been on IM, you may want to catch up on what a new ANON who seems to be in the family fold is saying. Started posting on the "You Betcha" film thread and the Steve Menard follow-up thread. It sounds like this person is no longer afraid to talk and they suggest you may have changed your point of view on Trig's origins.
Also, if you don't mind my asking, why don't you post on this blog after sending up a post that said you would open the floodgates? It would be interesting to hear your perspective on the Playboy article/shoot, on Levi's book if he'd let you talk about it, on the 1/3 of the Palin Family Summer Tour to Nowhere. Hope life is treating you well.

Anonymous said...

Why did you stop blogging?

marz said...

Hey Mercede :) your website is one of my favorites to visit. i know you like to write and rewrite everything so it says exactly what you want to say how you want to say it, but can you at least give us all an update? Are you working on anything in particular? What do you thinka bout your brother's new book coming out?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mercede,
I just watched the Dr. Phil show and I want to commend you and Levi. You both came off very composed, loving, and caring. Thank you for saying on live tv that the Palins are not always what they seem. Most of all thank you both for having th courage to do what is right for your own family. I just want to point out that bristol herself grossly violated the custody agreement and please consider aquiring a family law lawyer whose specialty is child custody. It seems to me that levi has been hesitant to do too much aggressivley due to his feelings about Bristol. Quite frankly it is none of my business. Anyway I wish both of you all the best and nothing but good things.

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