Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's Monday and time to answer more of your questions.

Here are a few more of the questions that were sent to me after my post about Trig Palin on Wednesday.

1) Why do you think Bristol lived with her aunt?

Bristol did not want to move to Juneau because she wanted to continue her relationship with Levi. They wanted to remain close enough to still see each other. I believe this is during the time that Todd allegedly offered Bristol a new car as a bribe to get her to end her relationship with my brother.

2) Does Levi KNOW he is the father? Do you think there is any chance he isn’t and is just being paid to pretend?

Let me put it this way. If there was any doubt then Levi would have had a paternity test done, and despite theories to the contrary there is no way he would accept money to pretend to be some innocent child's father.

That is a very disgusting thing to even consider. If Tripp were not Levi's son it would break my heart, and I don't know if I could ever get over that. But I believe with all of my heart that Tripp is a Johnston.  And Levi is a proud father to his little boy, who by the way looks identical to how he looked when he was Tripp's age.

3) Again. for the umpteenth time in two years I have been asking this question…WHY DOES LEVI HAVE A HOSPITAL BRACELET ON in the pictures with Trig? I am smelling BS and I am NEVER wrong.

Well I have to admit that  I had never seen this picture before, and at first was just as confused as many of you.  However the other day Levi happened to call and I was able to ask him about it.  He identified it as a picture of him with Tripp at the hospital.  I don't know why people believed it was Trig, but it's not.

4) You said on Larry King Live that Levi once went an entire summer not speaking to you because Bristol told him so. You have stated that Levi lived with the Palins. When did all this happen? It couldn’t have been the Summer of 2008 before the election. Was it 2007? And if so why was Levi living with the Palins in 2007? Do you want us to believe that Levi would tell you everything when he went a whole summer not talking to you because somebody told him to? Your appear to be truthful but I think you are leaving out quite a bit. Why?

I would like to make this clear. I know I have laid all this out before but I will explain it again because there still seem to be questions.

It was before the election. Bristol started demanding that Levi end all contact with me in the summer of 2008 at the beginning of her pregnancy.

Because of the campaign Bristol had to put on a happy face and play nice, so during THAT time Levi was again allowed to talk to me. I guess she realize I would speak out and ruin the "perfect image". Or at least that's how I perceived it because the change in her attitude towards me came out of nowhere. It was a like the difference between night and day.

Levi lived with the Palins at the end of Bristol's pregnancy in 2008, and moved out shortly after Tripp's birth because of the constant fighting between he and Bristol, and other personal issues.

That's when the real hell started for our family. But never in my wildest dreams did I think it would become this bad.

5) What do you think accounts for the difference in size between the Trig that is shown being held by the Heaths in the hospital corridor and the Trig that you are holding in the Palin house two weeks later?

I can not give an answer for that. It might possibly have something to do with camera angles. Or maybe there really is something going on about which I am still completely in the dark.

6) So, why is Levi not seeing his son anymore? Bristol is in LA, and I hear moving to Arizona, and yet, doesn’t Levi have custody time each week?
Does he not care? Maybe the baby isn’t his after all?

I didn't know Bristol was moving to Arizona, and that's very hurtful to hear. We've already missed so much of his life while only living a few miles apart, if he really does move thousands of miles away there will be little hope that we will see very much of him at all anymore.

As you know"Team Levi" does not talk to me about the legal side of things. (Even going so far as to announce in the paper that I "won’t be privy to information from anyone with Team Levi.” And Levi is not allowed to fill me in either, so all that I know about the legal agreement is what I read on the internet. Obviously Levi does not have much control over what happens with Tripp as everybody can determine by how rarely he sees his son these days.

I do know that Levi loves his little boy very much, and I cannot imagine how, or why, he allowed his lawyers to mess things up so badly for him.


ic said...

Levi can get better representation. Seeing Tank on Rachel Maddow was mind-blowing, not cause I'm a hater, but because that man is as ill-equipped to handle Alaskan issues as Sarah Palin.

Tank and Butler have seriously bungled Levi's opportunity to maximize his 15 minutes. The Playboy shoot was such a bad call, not because I'm a prude, but because it would hurt his credibility and image as a wholesome father.

However, Bristol has erased her credible argument against Levi's hunt for fame with her DWTS, Candies and photo-shoot pursuits.

Levi can get better representation, I can't believe he hasn't pursued that or agreed to meet with other attorney's and agents.

Mercede, I feel for you and your family. A lot of people do. You are up against a force we've never seen in Alaska, and it reaches all across the country. For the Palin's to abuse their celebrity and media and powerful monied access to slam Levi at every turn is unconscionable and unfair. I hope you guys consider starting a legal defense fund in which people can donate - but you need a new and competent team to handle that sort of thing.

MariaT said...

Thanks, Mercede, for answering further questions. I'm not convinced, however, that the pic of Levi and the baby was taken after Tripp's birth. Levi looks much younger, doesn't he? Oh, I noticed that he's wearing a ring on his thumb... was he really doing so around December 08 & January 09?

WakeUpAmerica said...

I don't understand why Levi is still with Butler and Tank. They see him as their cash cow, but they are so inept that they have ruined all opportunities for him. This idea of running for mayor has made him the laughing stock of America. There should have been something in the custody agreement to prevent Bristol from moving out of state or taking Tripp out of state without Levi's permission. He should pursue that since Team Inept didn't see that it was in the agreement. What a mess.

AFM said...

I know in the state of TN an ex as to get permission from their ex to move even if it is to another county. I know of a case here where I live in TN that a woman wanted to move to TX to finish her schooling and the ex was able to stop it because it would have been a hardship for him to see his child. Am sure Levi is getting screwed. I don't know why Levi allows these people to take advantage of him. He has rights. If he isn't persuesing his rights than it is his fault.

Tania said...

In her book coming out this week Sarah says that Levi was not present when Tripp was born and she cut the chord. Are either, or both, of those claims true?

Gles said...

Thank you Mercede for your prompt response! I have tremendous respect for you and your Mom. I feel it is so important, as women, we take care of each other and provide support. Never let anyone take that away...your honesty sure reinforces everything I have been raised to believe. NO FEAR!

Margo said...

Mercede, thanks for once again putting yourself out there. You are so gracious to answering all these questions.

As far as Bristol moving to AZ, this is a rumor that's out there and I can find no other reference to it than just a couple places online so maybe it's not true.

I agree with IC that your brother needs better legal representation. Maybe the custody arrangement can be renegotiated.

Good luck to you and your family in remedying this unfair situation.

Kallie in Texas said...

Thanks for your effort. Bottom line is that these are only your perceptions and no necessarily the real truth. I'm certain there is a whole lot more hidden that you aren't even aware of.

Jan said...

Mercede, I hope you can spend some time doing fun things that 18 yr old's do. I also hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the Christmas holiday season. Look at that beautiful scenery in your lovely state. Hug your mom and find peace for YOU.

Anonne said...

To be honest, I believe that Trig Palin is Sarah Palin's son, but I suspect that something is in the records that will show that Sarah Palin was doing things to miscarry and lose the child. Maybe not taking vitamins, maybe too much exercise, maybe not getting certain tests done at proper intervals.

How else do you explain hopping on a plane after having her water break in a high risk pregnancy? I can't fathom it, unless you want to take the chance of losing the child.

VC said...

I think that, perhaps, you're as in the dark as the rest of us when it comes to the Palins, Mercede. Either that or, for your brothers sake you're playing along with their same game in order to see your nephew. Not sure which it is or, maybe both.

DarkEFang said...

"Well I have to admit that I had never seen this picture before, and at first was just as confused as many of you. However the other day Levi happened to call and I was able to ask him about it. He identified it as a picture of him with Tripp at the hospital. I don’t know why people believed it was Trig, but it’s not."

The picture of Levi with the hospital bracelet predates Tripp's birth, unless Tripp was born significantly earlier than the public was told he was born.

Older_Wiser said...

Mercede, is it usual for hospitals to put male babies in pink w/pink bracelets for the father?

I don't think so; hasn't been done in my 69 years on the planet, but maybe Alaska hospitals are different? In more ways than one?

OB said...

Dear Mercede,
The photo of Trig in the hospital corridor appears to show a full term chubby cheeked plump baby-very different from the tiny baby that you are pictured holding. I realize that babies can lose weight but can they also lose length?
This is a possible smoking gun that definitely merits further investigation.
Take care and good luck.

Danielle said...

Mercede -

When your computer got wiped... was it JUST your pictures or was it EVERYTHING? If the computer guys said it looked like you had never put anything on it... maybe you hadn't. Maybe someone simply removed the hard drive and replaced it with a brand new blank one?

I don't know about the pink blanket in the hospital, but Tripp also appears to be in a pink blanket in some pictures from the Johnston family appearance on Larry King Live.

I'm also not sure what a pink blanket would prove? Tripp and Trig are both boys... so would that then mean there has to be a baby girl somewhere?

Maybe the hospital ran out of blue? My daughter's hat was striped actually.

At this point I have no idea what to think about who's baby is who's.

I just know that Trig doesn't appear to be getting the love, attention and services that he deserves. With the amount of money Sarah has... there is simply NO excuse for that. I see family's who are in Mercede's situation who are doing so much more for their children. We lived on Carnation Instant Breakfast to have my daughter in speech therapy.

Seeing pictures of Sarah just staring at Trig while he looks at her laughing... breaks my heart. How can you not smile when you see him smile or hear him laugh? Do you just look at him and only see that this isn't the child you wanted? Are you still not over that 2 years later?

If you are not over his extra chromosome at this point... call in someone who will love him unconditionally like he loves you. My daughter is almost 8 and I still can't help but smile when she laughs. Sarah talks about what a "gift" Trig is... but her actions certainly don't show that she feels that way. Maybe it's because she isn't around him enough.

There is just something not right... and it's very disturbing to me as the very proud parent of a child with Down syndrome.

CAgal said...

Per DarkEFang:

"The picture of Levi with the hospital bracelet predates Tripp’s birth, unless Tripp was born significantly earlier than the public was told he was born."

Can the date of this picture be verified?

willie watson said...

Well, I'm a little bit late to this party.
Good job, Mercede, on keeping it honest.
Anyway, I'm one of those who thinks the whole flight from Texas story is fishy. I blog about that over at

Linda said...

Levi does not need a big shot lawyer or representation to go to the local court and ask for more visitation time with Tripp. Levi is already paying child support and with that he can ask for more time or modify the current visitation schedule. Any judge would see that Levi is getting very minimal amount of time with his son and would more thasn likely give him more time now that the child support has been enforced. no visitation schedule is ever permanent and can always be modified.

PalinsLIE said...

"The picture of Levi with the hospital bracelet predates Tripp’s birth, unless Tripp was born significantly earlier than the public was told he was born."

I agree. I snagged that photo when it first appeared and that was long before December 2008.

naughtymonkey said...

Hope U and UR Mom have a Merry Christmas. Hope U have many small and large miracles in your New Year. May God bless.

Trucker said...

I know the Palin's are powerful and play dirty but I think the Johnston side has too. If Levi wanted visitation rights he would get them short of him being shown to be unfit or signing rights away and money involved. All of which I believe could be true.

In the end, truth will come out. Somebody will get pissed off enough to open their mouths.

Beverly From Montreal said...

Have you been silenced by the Palin mafia, Mercede? Many people are worried about your safety. If you can, please let us know that you are OK. Perhaps you could have G. assure us on IM that all is well with you and your Mom.

Lilybart said...

Mercede: What's up? Did you find out that Tripp is not really Levi's baby? Are you all writing a book or making another plan to blow the lid off the Palin Lie Machine?

Danielle said...

Levi should be able to prevent Bristol from moving to Arizona.

My brother was able to prevent his ex wife from moving out of state with their 3 year old when she was getting married again. The guy had to move to her state.

To move out of state she would have been required to fly the child back herself, at her expense to every single visitation. As well as spending the split holidays in my brother's state. (He has the child Christmas Eve, she has the child Christmas Day.)

Alaska also has grandparents rights. Your mother can go to court and demand visitation as the child's grandmother. Obviously with her legal/health situation it is not the most ideal. But it would be worth a try if Levi isn't going to contest the move.

I am just in complete awe of people that can do this. I drive 2 hours one way on holidays to take my children to see my EX in laws.

I have driven 6 hours out of state to take my children to see my EX in laws. I stay there and deal with them too, I don't just drop off my kids.

The fact that Bristol has the heart to keep her child away from his family... and to consider moving out of the state... makes me physically ill.

There is no excuse for it.

It is selfish.

It is not in the best interest of the child.

It is a poor excuse for a mother who is unable to put aside her own feelings in order for her child to know his family. She chose to create a child with Levi, she chose her child's family. Deal with it.

I am so grateful that I was able (as a TEEN Mom younger than Bristol) to be mature and respectful and not a selfish little brat.

This REALLY makes me angry... and very sad at the same time.

Elizabeth Young said...

Its been awhile since we've heard from you. Others are asking on the Alaska blogs if you are alright. We worry about you and your Mother.

Hope all is well with you and your Mother. I also hope you had a great Christmas. May you have a wonderful New Year; a year of hope, love, happiness, and expanding future.

I tried to send this as an email, but it wouldn't "go".


Anonymous said...

Just a short message to wish you and your Mom a Happy & Better New Year! Be well Young Lady!!

Write when you can - when you want. Don't feel pressured to do so!!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you and your family Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. Bristol does not have the right to decide to move Tripp out of state without the permission of his father. It appears to us that your mother's unfortunate position restricts Levi getting his full parental rights, and some wonder if it affects your ability to tell us everything that you know or suspect. You really do need the advice of a good lawyer and some wise adults.

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