Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Time to set the record straight

These past few weeks have been exceptionally hard on my family.

With so much going on I did not know where to start in constructing my next blog post. This has been a very stressful situation for all of us.

I have been receiving serious threats and cannot even walk through a store without somebody giving me the finger or making catty remarks, so I am a little confused about what is or is not safe to write about.

I feel that my freedom of speech has been completely stolen from me.

Why is it that when I tell the truth I get threatened?

I was raised to tell the truth no matter how hurtful it may be, but now my relatives are being harassed at work and getting multiple phone calls to their home which is completely unfair to them.

I am getting especially annoyed with all of this conspiracy talk saying that I took those photos of my brother’s truck at Bristol’s condo.

First off I don’t even know where she lives, nor do I care.

Believe me I would not waste my gas, and time, just to drive all the way into Anchorage to find her condo and take a picture. I knew that she and Levi were hanging out, but I was so upset that I didn’t even want to think about it, let alone tell the whole world about it.

The first I even heard about any pictures was when I was awakened by phone calls from friends and family asking if Bristol and Levi were back together because there were now photos surfacing online that showed his truck at her place. My response was, “I don’t know”, because to be honest it was not any of their business!

But for some reason nobody seems to believe me. Including Bristol herself.

Here is a Facebook post from Bristol talking about me which is completely full of inaccuracies.


How does it benefit Tripp to provide pictures of my home, my truck, and even my licenses plates? Do you think its safe for my one year old son to have stalkers driving by his/our home constantly? Do you think its fair to have your friends make threats towards myself and my household? .. I think this limelight gives you some sort of sick high. I ... See Moreknow you're desperate for attention, but enough was enough about a year and a half ago. You hold no title, and you have no class. You are the biggest contradiction. How can you be on food stamps, but still buy designer purses and wear designer jeans? Do you think you'll go far in life by making fast money solely on untrue, completely illegitimate accusations? .. Like I said you're seeking attention, and you don't have enough friends, or a job, or even a hobby, occupying your time. I know you're life must be depressing hun, but that's why there antidepressants.

Guessing this is fir Sadie ... Call me tomorrow

Hahahaha sorry man, it wouldn't let me post this on my wall.. Maybe you have her as a friend, and she can read it?! .. Call me tomorrow :) we'll need to have another drive up to Hatchers.. Love you

( I will not be revealing her fake Facebook identity in order to protect her privacy, but this is from the ACTUAL Facebook page that she started under an assumed name. I also won’t post all the comments from her friends because revealing their immature and inaccurate statements are unnecessary for the purpose of this blog post)
First off I would like to point out that I did NOT take those pictures, and still have no idea where her condo is, so she needs to check her sources.

Secondly I would never do anything to put her or my nephew in any danger. Ever!

Then she goes on to contradict herself by claiming that I have no friends but then says that these friends that I don’t have are threatening her.

Get this straight, NONE of my friends are making threats to Bristol Palin! Maybe there are people that I don’t know, but who want to support me, that are making such threats, but how is that in any way my fault? (If that is the case and those of you who did it are reading this post, please DO NOT make any threats to Bristol! Even if she and I are not getting along I do not want her to feel fearful or worried about her safety. After all she IS the mother of my nephew.)

But if Bristol wants to talk about THREATS then I can print out literally hundreds of threats that I have received from her friends and supporters beginning last year and becoming even worse since I started blogging.

I am also NOT on food stamps! And that was an unnecessarily ugly thing to say.

As for my clothes, well what does my having nice clothes have to do with Bristol? Many of the clothes in my closet I have received as gifts from relatives. The others I purchased for myself. (YES, for your information I started working at age fourteen and had a number of jobs before it became impossible for me to find employment.) Also I have been the same size since my Freshman year so even older clothes still fit.

And WHO said that I don’t have a hobby?

I have a number of hobbies, such as golf, running, scrapbooking, photography, and many others. I am not just sitting around imagining ways to make money by selling information about Bristol. If I were all I would have to do is pick up the phone and sell this story to the tabloids.

Remember, I am not the one making false accusations Bristol. Or lying to the public.

I would appreciate WHOEVER took those pictures of Levi’s truck at Bristol’s condo, and that showed up on Palingates and Radar Online, to step up and admit it so that I can once again prove to her that I am not “out to get her”.

This whole picture scandal has affected me in such a way that my own brother won’t even speak to me because Bristol convinced him that I am the one who took them, and then went on to claim they are putting her and Tripp in danger.

This is really unfair to me, and I would really appreciate the opportunity to clear my name.

Bristol, I would honestly love it if you could let go of everything from the past, and that we could go out for lunch and talk things out like adults. It would be my treat.

Just think about it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Don't worry I have not gone away

As of late my blog has been getting a lot of negative attention claiming that I am here to bash the Palins.

However as many of you well know in my very first post I announced that bashing the Palin family was NOT my intention. I invited my readers to ask questions, and I promised I would answer them to the best of my knowledge.

I KEPT that promise!

There were some which I chose not to answer because I did not feel that it was appropriate. But I did not shy away from even controversial questions if I believed they deserved an answer.

I am not here to anger the Palins, but I am here to expose what they have done and to tell the world how deeply it has affected my family and I.

People can say whatever they want about me, and call national attention to my blog by labeling it “anti-Palin” if that is their desire. But from the bottom of my heart I am saying that they are wrong when they claim that I am out to get Sarah and Bristol!

I’m not happy about how this has played out, but since this is the card I was dealt I am going to keep my head up and continue to speak out.

I am not going to hold any grudges nor will I hide in the corner and keep quiet. If you think my blog is “slow paced” or “mean” then by all means don’t come to it.

In my next post I am going to change this up a little and talk more about our current situation and how all of this attention is affecting my mother and myself.

I will also invite my mother to write a few words of her own to explain how she is feeling, and how she deals with all of the harassment and threats we get on daily basis.

For those of you who have sent suportive comments, or contributed via Paypal, I want to express my gratitude. You have really been a source of comfort during these difficult last couple of days.

Thank you all very much.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Few Final Questions Answered Before the Weekend

Part 4 of questions you have asked me...

Did Willow really shoot glares at me during prom?
Yes, but she’s a teenaged girl so it wasn’t surprising. Plus, her date and I took a photo together, so that probably irritated her even more.

Did I ever see books in the Palin home?
No I did not. But then again I was not really paying attention. However I asked my mother and she also says she does not remember seeing any books lying around.

Why were we at their house at the time of the “Triggybear” photos?
To meet Trig! It was important to us. We really believed that they would soon be part of our family and I wanted photos with him because I naturally assumed that he would always be around and I wanted to take pictures as he grew. I am kind of a freak about photography. Plus he was just the cutest thing.
Is my family being paid off?
I find this especially insulting. Never would I, nor any member of my family, stoop so low as to allow ourselves to be paid off by the Palins. I am speaking out now and will continue to do so in the future!

Why was that photo of Levi with Trig, instead of Tripp, used on the Tyra Banks Show?
They simply used the wrong photo. That was their mistake and I told them so after the show.

Who’s the other baby in the photo of Levi and Tripp, and why is he/she cut out and only her arm left?
That was my baby cousin who was sitting next to Levi when I took the photo. Later I cropped her out because I did not have permission to use her photo online. I still have the original copy at home.

I don't think I have ever had so many question asked of me at one time!

Perhaps in my next post I will put the questions on hold and share something a little different with you.

UPDATED: The questions just keep on coming

Part 3 of questions you have asked me.....

Have I ever seen anyone rub or sing to Sarah Palins stomach while she was Pregnant?
No, but then none of us even knew that she was pregnant until it was late in her pregnancy. And I rarely saw her around that time period.

Did Trig have a ruffled ear when he was born?
I have no idea. I never noticed anything different about his ear until I saw Gryphen’s post to be completely honest.

Do I think Bristol is a good and honest role model?
For abstinence? NO.

Is my father involved in my life?
I have had a very rocky relationship with my father my whole life. Levi has always been his pride and joy and I was simply the other child. He has always spoiled Levi, and taken him on vacations, and bought him lots things, and kind of left me behind. Even today he rarely speaks to me.

That was especially true after he left my mother for his mistress, with whom he has been cheating on my disabled mother for 15 years. Surprisingly he did show up to my graduation, but only stayed around for about 5 minutes after I threw my hat in the air and he said very few words to me. I have not heard from him since that night.

Why have I chosen to start a blog, and why now?
I have wanted to create a blog and speak out for quite awhile now. But I was not sure how to get started. So finally I reached out to some of my friends who are also bloggers and asked for their assistance. And by the way, many thanks to Dennis Zaki for all of his hard work in getting this blog up and running!

Why did Bristol comment on Johnny Chandler's MySpace page claiming her mother thought she was pregnant?
During that time period she and Levi were sexually active and trying to conceive a child. As hard as it is for many of you to believe, they were indeed TRYING. It was NOT an accident! Also there were a number of rumors circulating around that she was already pregnant.

What was the relationship between Sarah and Bristol like?
Well I did not see it but I was told numerous times they fought constantly.

I also vividly remember Bristol texting me to tell me that she would take her parents credit card and order lots of clothes and stuff online and that they would never find out about it. She encouraged me to do the same, but I did NOT follow her example. You know maybe that’s why she and her mother fought so much.

Are people in Alaska really afraid of the Palins, and why?
I know of many people who are afraid to speak up and say the things they know about the Palins because they have seen just how harsh, and cruel, and dirty they can get. And now they have even more money and power to deal with those who dare to stand up to them.

That is enough for today.

It is taking some time but I am slowly working my way to the bottom of the pile.

I also realize that many of you have brand new questions based on recent events. I will add those to my stack of unanswered questions and get to them in due course. That is, however, a more ticklish topic and I will have to see what I am comfortable sharing.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More of your questions answered

Have the Palins ever demonstrated any sympathy for us or empathized with our situation?
No. Not once did they call us to ask how we were doing or if we were okay. The only time they called is to demand us to not talk or to take down pictures, or other efforts to control our family. To this day it really upsets my mom that Sarah Palin has no remorse for throwing our family under the bus, and turning our lives upside down all for a chance to be the Vice President. What did we get out of this? We received death threats, harassment, the loss of our privacy, damage to our personal property, and all sorts of nasty e-mails and letters. I don’t think she quite understands the horrendous impact this had on our family.

Did the Palins and my family ever have a bridal or baby shower for Bristol together?
My Mother and I tried to plan a baby shower for Bristol twice, but she didn’t want one. Levi then asked us to stop because Bristol felt that we were “badgering” her. As for a bridal shower, well during that time she did not even allow Levi to talk to me so the answer is no, we did not.

Can I say for a fact that Levi is not the father of Trig?
YES! Levi is NOT the father of Trig. He is the proud father of Tripp Easton his one and ONLY child.

Why was Levi at the hospital at 6:00 AM for Trigs birth?
Levi was in a very controlling relationship, and if Bristol wanted him to do something he did it! She wanted him there, so he was there. I also believe that he kind of wanted to be there in order to meet the newborn little brother of his girlfriend/almost fiancé.

Will I be able to attend college while taking care of my mother during the time she is on Ankle monitor?
My mom has a very strict schedule, and she is also not allowed to drive. So it is left up to me to drive her to all of her appointments, parole officer meetings, random urine analysis, doctors visits, etc., etc., etc. Therefore, at this time it is very hard to plan ahead, or think too far into the future. Sometimes taking care of mom seems like a full time job, but you know, I love her.

I have also attempted to get a job, but it is impossible to find a potential employer who is willing to allow me to work around Mom’s schedule. So for right now I am going to continue my education online. I am pretty determined, and have decided pursue a degree in Forensic Science.

Do I feel safe living in Wasilla?
No. I do not feel that my property is safe, nor do I feel my family is safe.

Have I ever seen Sarah Palin refer to Trig as the “retarded one”?
No I have not personally heard her use that term, but I do remember my brother twice coming home and telling me about it.

Whew! I am not even half done yet!

I will work on some more of your questions today and hopefully will get them posted tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Questions Answered

I really appreciate receiving and reading all of my comments and was quite overwhelmed with all the questions you have asked.

As promised I will do my very best to answer the majority of those questions.

There are some I will not answer simply because I am not one hundred percent certain. There are also some I will not answer because it might impact my chances of seeing my nephew. But other than that I will try to provide an answer.

So here we go.

Why did my mother (Sherry Johnston) get Bristol a cell phone?
Sarah had been paying for Bristol’s cell phone, but after Bristol and Levi announced the pregnancy and started talking about getting married Sarah did not want to pay for it any longer. My mother, having the kind of heart that she does, was easily sweet talked into paying for a cell phone for both Bristol and Levi by my brother.

Were Bristol and Levi ever married?
No. They planned to wed twice but both times failed.

Are Levi and I getting along?
As with many siblings do we have our ups and our downs. I know that if I ever need a shoulder to cry on, or a helping hand he will always be right there. My brother is my best friend and I love him with all my heart. Many people who are close to us think we share a brain or are twins because we can finish each others sentences, and can always guess what the other is thinking or is about to say. I do not agree with many of the decisions that he has made in the past, but that’s life and we have moved forward. I am proud of my brother, and he is a great father, and I can only hope that he makes wise decisions in the situation he finds himself thrust into.

Why do I think Bristol forbade Levi to talk to me?
Honest to God, I couldn’t answer this question. I have wasted too much of my time trying to figure this out. I have literally racked my brain, and I still do not understand why she dislikes me so much, or how anyone could ask their boyfriend/fiancĂ© to cut their sister out of there life. Especially since at that time my Father had just walked out on us.

Do I want to write a book?
I would LOVE to write a book. I only wish I knew how to go about doing so. I know that people would be drawn to my story if they had the chance to see it in print. I really hope to get the opportunity to write one sometime soon.

Do I know if the Palins had family dinners?
No, I cannot say for sure that they don’t have family dinners, but from what I have heard they do not sit down as a family or do much cooking at home.

Did Levi volunteer, help, or assist at the special Olympics?
Yes, my brother participated along with my ex boyfriend (Crosby) of three years, who is also one of Levi’s good friends. My ex-boyfriend has a little brother who has Down’s syndrome so my brother wanted to participate and help.
Why did Levi kiss Trig at the RNC?
My family is very affectionate. Levi adored Trig especially since he was the newborn brother of his, then fiance, Bristol Palin. Levi was around Trig a lot, so they developed a close bond and he learned many baby handling tips. Which was great because he was about to become a father.

Were there more photos of Trig and the rest of the Palins on my computer before it got hacked?
Yes, there were many more from that same day that the infamous “TriggyBear” photos were taken. As well as some from the Wynona Judd concert that Sarah, my Mom, Piper, and Sarah’s sister Molly all went to see on base. Along with those were just some other random photographs, a few of which were of Levi and Bristol together, although they did not really like being photographed.

How many teen pregnancies are there in Wasilla after the RNC?
Teen Pregnancy is HUGE here, unfortunately. Every day you find out someone else is expecting. It has most definitely increased since the RNC and I sincerely believe it is because they want the attention, money, and fame that Bristol has received.

During the five month period where Bristol was out of school due to “mono” did I see her?
Yes, I did. I saw her quite a few times, she would come over and hangout in Levi’s room with him. Whenever she would come over she would go straight into his room and would never really engage in conversation with any of us, or have dinner with us. Even if Levi came up and joined us, she would remain downstairs. There was also the time when we all went on a double date to the movies, (Levi with Bristol and me with my boyfriend Crosby) and I was very excited but Bristol barely spoke a word the whole night.

Whew! Okay that should satisfy at least some of your questions.

I will try to get to more of them either tomorrow or the next day so hang tight if I have not answered your question yet. I will hopefully get to them all eventually.

Once again thank you very much for visiting my blog and I hope you found that my responses satisfied at least some of your curiosity.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

MySpace Photos

Mercede Johnston

Many of the questions being asked are about the photos of Levi, baby Trig, Sarah, Bristol, and myself, and about the captions underneath the photos on my now famous MySpace page.

Well for one thing I am a sucker for babies, I think they are just precious.

Also at that point in time I was desperately trying to build a closer relationship with Bristol and the rest of her family because I could see clear as day just how much my brother loved her. Levi and Bristol were always talking about having a baby and getting married. Therefore I considered the Palins to be part of my family. Or at least they soon would be.

I admit I misused the term 'mommy in law'. I just considered Sarah a second mother since I assumed that in the very near future Levi would be calling her his mother in law.

The same goes for the caption 'baby brother'. I absolutely expected Bristol and Levi to get married. Therefore in my mind Trig would be my brother in law. I simply misused the word.

I might also add that I was very young, only sixteen at the time, and the pictures were on MySpace where all my friends knew the circumstances and knew that I give everybody nicknames. So I never expected to have to explain why I captioned them the way that I did.

A lot of my captions were inside jokes, and were not intended for anyone else to see or I would have made them more clear.

Yes, I did feel a great deal of affection toward Trig, because he was just so adorable!

After all why wouldn't I? He was incredibly cute and it was the first time I ever got to hold a new born baby! It was like a miracle to me. (Also at the time I was dating a guy who had a younger brother with Down syndrome. So I already had a soft spot for children like Trig).

Everyone who knows me, both friends and family, know that I give people I care about nicknames and that I tend to use the term 'bear'.

I call my brother Ishy Bear, and I call my mother Nonny Bear. I just always have.

We are big on nicknames in my family. For instance most of my friends and family call me Sadie BUG. Same concept, just that I prefer “Bear” over “bug”.

This is a response to at least one of the questions asked. There were over 100 asked through the previous post and some emails. Keep checking back and I'll respond to them when I get the time.

So hopefully that clears a few things up. No big conspiracy. No secret messages. Just a teenage girl putting silly captions on pictures that she thought only her friends and family would ever see.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Ask me anything

I have been asked by a number of you to provide some answers to questions that many of you have been wondering about for quite some time now.

I cannot guarantee that I can answer all of them, but if you will send me those questions in the comments section of this post I will attempt to address the ones that I feel confident I have the information to satisfy.

And thank you again for all of your support, I cannot tell you how great it has been for both myself and my mom to read your wonderful comments.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My computer was hacked

Many of you asked me to give further information regarding my computer, and I am more than happy to do so.

I have always had a love for photography so I have my camera on me at all times. I also owned a scanner, so all of our old hard copies were scanned onto my computer and saved.

Therefore I had thousands of photographs stored onto my computer. Pictures which included camping trips that my family and friends went on together, school events, holiday memories, and yes there were even a few of the Palins.

At that time I was also taking online home school classes for my second quarter of school because the campaign stirred up so much chaos that school was difficult for me. (There was no way I could focus at school because I was constantly being asked questions, even by the teachers DURING class.)

By the end of September I was having problems with my computer. It would let me log in and show my background and documents, but would not allow any programs or files to be opened.

I took it to the local repair shop and he was able to fix it. The first time.

When I got it home my computer seemed to be running fine so I just renewed my Norton security program and forgot about it.

One morning I woke up to log on to my computer and to do some school work. When I turned it on it would not let me log in. It just went directly to the original Windows background (My background photo was originally a picture of me and my best friend swimming with dolphins). There were absolutely no files, all my desktop icons were gone, and there was not ONE photo on my hard drive besides the "Sample photos" which came with the computer.

I immediately started to freak out and yell for my mom. We called the local repair shop and I had my computer in his hands within hours.

He had my computer for about a week and called me to ask if he could keep it longer because he was very "fascinated" by how there was nothing left on it, and that it appeared to have been completely wiped clean.

He had worked on my computer previously so he KNEW there were once thousands of pictures, school work, documents, etc. He also asked if I wouldn’t mind if a few computer friends/techs come in from Fairbanks and Washington.

I said yes of course, anything or anyone that could help to retrieve my photos were welcome to give it a try. I told him he could keep it how ever long he needed if there was any chance at all of ever seeing my pictures again.

By the time early December rolled around he told me he had over 12 techs look at my computer and that they spent days and days working on it, and searching for what had gone wrong, and could not figure it out.

He said "Nothing made sense".

Feeling like I was at a dead end I decided to pick up my computer and just bring it home and try to forget about it.

Before my computer’s hard drive had been wiped clean I was being yelled from all sides.

Bristol demanded that I take down all photos of her family, my brother, and myself from my MySpace page. She said that I was making her mom and family look bad, and that her mother wanted me to delete my whole MySpace account.

I told her that I would respectfully delete the photos with her and her family but I refused to delete my pictures of my brother and myself, and I absolutely would not delete my MySpace page just because they disliked it.

I thought that their concern over the pictures and MySpace page was suspicious, and a little odd, but I could never get a complete answer out of them as to why it bothered them so much so I simply stopped asking.

I deleted the pictures of Trig, Sarah, and myself, as well as the picture of Trig, Bristol, and myself. And I believe there was one other of just me with Trig and then one with me, Levi, and Trig.

I also deleted a few pictures of Levi and I out shooting, because guns might offend some people.

I thought since I did what they asked they would calm down and be nice. But oh no, they would yell at Levi whenever I would interact with my friends via MySpace, or leave comments on their home pages, and then Levi would yell at me on their behalf.

Later I wasn't even allowed to answer my own house phone or the front door.

They had two ladies stay with us to answer the phone, the door, and any questions from reporters.

The ladies even tried to tell me that I was not allowed to leave my house, go to the store, or even pay my cell phone bill.

When I heard that I turned right around and walked out of the back door. I refused to allow some stranger to tell me what I could and could not do, especially if it meant not paying my cell phone and having it turned off.

It was later that I started to put the puzzle pieces together, especially after the computer Tech said this had to be the work of someone from the Secret Service, or from some other branch of the government, because what happened to my computer was remarkable.

It did not click until just recently that perhaps the ladies who were supposedly "protecting us" by answering our phone, were really there to protect the Palins and had cleaned out my computer just to make sure there was nothing incriminating on it which might have caused a problem for the campaign.

To be honest I really don’t know. But I certainly wish I knew exactly what happened and why.

Later of course the cops took my computer when they arrived with a subpoena after my mother’s arrest on December 18, and they have yet to return it.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturdays are my favorite day of the week

I want to thank you all for taking the time to visit my new blog. I appreciate and adore all of the comments that have been left for me.

Saturdays are my favorite day of the week.


Well, it is the one day my mother is allowed to get out of the house and go do something for a few hours.

Although there are many things we are not allowed to do, such as play golf or go to the movies, we do enjoy whatever time we have when we are out together.

Today we went into Anchorage and walked around the Dimond mall.

I bought some new summer clothes and tried to talk my mom into buying some for herself as well, but she always refuses to buy anything for herself when we barely have any food in the fridge.

Many of you asked if my mother (Sherry Johnston), or brother (Levi Johnston), will be guest writers.

In my Mom's case the answer is yes. She has already discussed many topics with me, and I can assure you they will be heartfelt, full of emotion, and pretty intense.

As for my brother, well I am looking into interviewing him exclusively just for my blog.

I will have a more informative entry up at the beginning of next week. In it I will be answering many of your questions and getting into more detail. You won’t want to miss this.

Once again, thank you very much for taking the time to visit my little piece of the internet, and you have a great weekend.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

First post on my new blog

As many of you know my family was thrust into the spotlight during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Virtually overnight my whole world was flipped upside down.

What used to be a peaceful, drama free, calm neighborhood in Wasilla literally changed within just a few hours.

There were tons of reporters camped outside my driveway for days on end. Cameras and microphones were shoved in my face the second I opened up my front door.

People were following me to and from school, and work, and even while running errands.

Me with my brother Levi

There were people constantly yelling at me, harassing me, threatening me, and asking me endless questions. Friends called to tell me that reporters were begging them to give an interview, or for pictures of me and my family.

My Myspace page got over a hundred thousand hits within 48 hours.

I received hundreds of e-mails, some supportive, and many life threatening.

My computer was hacked almost immediately. All of the childhood pictures of my brother Levi and myself, my homecoming, birthdays, vacations, deceased family members, and many more, were gone forever. I can never get those back. And those photographed memories were very, very important to me.

I no longer even have pictures of my grandmother and my grandfather, so I can never show my nephew what his great grandparents looked like, or pictures of his father as a child. (Of course we have some hard copies of Levi as a baby but the majority of them were on my computer, including birthdays and camping trips).

After it was hacked I took my computer to the local repair shop. They said they had never seen anything like it before. The computer techs even had people fly into Alaska to just take a look at my computer and try to figure it out. But there were no leads, no telltale signs of who had done it, and no evidence that there was ever a single document on that computer.

He said “This has to be someone from the government, perhaps the Secret Service. This is astounding and mind-blowing work”!

I knew from then on my life would never be the same and I was dead on.

Before Sarah Palin was tapped to be the Vice Presidential candidate I had a fairly normal American teen life. I went to school, received good grades, and had many friends.

I worked a part time job at a coffee shop, played sports, fished, hunted, camped out, and hung out with my friends and family, and of course anxiously waited for my perfect nephew to finally be born.

Needless to say; things are much, much different now.

I have lost so much.

No longer do I have the freedom to act as a normal teenager because it seems as if every breath I take and every word I say is constantly being analyzed.

I now have the added responsibility of caring for my beautiful mother who is disabled and currently wearing an ankle monitor (More on that at a later time). Helping my mom get back and forth to her many appointments can seem like a full time job, but what better job could there be than helping the most wonderful person in the world? (And who coincidentally, brought me into this world.)

I have lost many friends during these past few years. Many of them have “taken sides” which I think is pathetic and unnecessary since I believe we should all act as adults and just try to get along.

There are not even enough fingers on my hands to count how many of my so-called “friends” have sold false stories about my family just for some quick cash.
My intention in starting this blog is not to insult anybody, especially the Palins. However I will be more determined than ever to expose the lies, and reveal the truth, about what really happened to my family.

I hope that you will find what I share of interest and that it will answer at least most of the questions that you may have about Wasilla, our life, and our family.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and I hope you will come back soon.