Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Love, Lies, and the Drama of Facebook

I attempted to stay away from talking about Bristol on my blog recently but now I feel that I need to share something with all of you that has been happening behind the scenes.

You see I have a new man in my life and I could not be happier. In fact I have been so busy just being happy that I have not had time to write a post to share my good news with the visitors to my blog.

Anyhow without my knowledge Bristol has apparently gone behind my back and sent my boyfriend, Chris, lies about my good friend Jesse (Gryphen) and Dennis (Zaki) in an attempt to split us up.

Texting him things like "My brother is in the military, and I know you are a soldier as well. Since you are a patriot serving his country don't you think you deserve to hang out with a better class of people than somebody who would be friends with a pedophile?"

So I confronted Bristol about it on Facebook and here is the exchange. (P.S. You will have to excuse any spelling errors or punctuation mistakes, I was pretty upset when I wrote it.)

Mercede Johnston January 9 at 5:02pm
You are WAY out of line going out of your way to contact my boyfriend and spreading accusations. Mind your own business. Jesse has NOTHING to do with Chris. I've been leaving you alone and I expect if you do the same and stop going around talking shit about me in comments on Facebook. That's petty, immature, and what you are saying could not be further from the truth.

Just because you don't like who I associate with does not mean you have the right to try and bash him to my boyfriend. I don't know exactly what your intentions are but I would hope you could focus on other things instead of me or Jesse. Delete my boyfriends number, we don't need you trying to start stuff. I'm sorry if you aren't happy but we are beyond happy. You claim I'm "obsessed with you and your family" yet you are the one going out of your way to leave comments regularly degrading the aunt of your child and texting my boyfriend. You seriously need a reality check.

And one more thing Bristol. You said you feel sorry for Levi and Tripp because they are related to me by blood. Ha, well I know once Tripp gets older he will correct you. I know for a fact he loves me and will come to me when he is old enough to understand. You have no clue how good of an aunt I am to him because you can't look past all of that drama we had in our past. Which is so unfortunate because that's not what's best for Tripp. I hope one day you can put the past behind us for the sake of your son. As for Levi, he's lucky to have me as a sister and I am lucky to have him as a brother. You have no idea what you're talking about.

I have been civil with you and always will be, I can only hope one day that you will be too.

I sincerely hope you do have a good day and I really wish you'd talk with me as an adult.

Give Tripp my love.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome to my new home!

I apologize for yet another long absence.This past month has been extremely busy and just chock full of obstacles which required very determined navigation.
My computer is still giving me problems, and December is hands down the busiest time of year for myself and my family.

With the Birthdays of four family members to contend with (Including mine), Christmas Eve, and Christmas I was pretty occupied.

Not to mention the fact that my mother's health is still in decline. There is a problem with her pump, which is inside of her, that helps with her pain. It is very dangerous now that it is malfunctioning so I have to keep an eye on my mother at all times. It is a very serious problem.

I had to move my blog over to Blogger due of all the heavy traffic coming to my site.

I will try my best to get the appearance of my Blog back to the way it was. I will continue to blog and talk about my life and everything going on. I will try to blog often but bear with me because January will be a very busy month for me. However I will do my best and much I thanks you all for still coming to my site and supporting myself and my family. I can not express all my gratitude enough.

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas with your loved ones. I sure did. We started off in the early morning of Christmas day. My brother came over and we opened up our stockings and spent time together, then took turns opening up all of our Christmas gifts.

To me there is absolutely nothing better in life then seeing the ones you love together and smiling.
While we were in the middle of opening gifts my boyfriend came over and joined us, making the day even more special.

After spending the morning together my father Keith wanted to meet up and spend some time together to celebrate our own Christmas. (It would be the first time he would be meeting my boyfriend.) So we all got into Levi’s truck and met my father at Levi’s house.

It was a nice but very short visit, since he had to get back to his house to have dinner with his other family.
Then we headed back to my Mothers where my Grandfather met us there and we had a nice Christmas dinner and spent the day playing WII.

I wish you all a happy and SAFE New Year! I know 2010 was a very rough and challenging year for me, but I know I am also very blessed to have such an amazing family, friends, and support from all over. I have so many great memories from 2010 and I am excited to see what life brings in 2011, and you all will have full access to it.