Friday, November 19, 2010

You asked the questions, so let me try to answer them

I felt that the Trig controversy was a very important topic and one that would result in much debate, so I wanted to go back and read through the comments and answer some of your questions. Like you I feel strongly about this subject too and I promise that I am telling all I know to the best of my ability. I wish I could answer every question so completely that there would no longer be any confusion, but unfortunately I cannot.

If only I could go back in time and pay attention to every detail of what happened. Perhaps then I might be able to answer everybody's questions. But obviously that is not a option.

So here are the questions and my responses.

1) Respectfully, what’s with the photo where Levi is holding a baby and there is another baby’s arm cut out of the photo?

That photo is a picture I took of my brother holding his son with our young cousin on his lap. I cropped out our cousin because I did not have permission to post a picture of her online.

2) I don’t doubt your story of what you think you know. but it does seem curious to me that these well documented events don’t make you think twice about Trig being Sarah's biological son.

I'll admit that there have been many times when I have had my doubts. It is simply a fact that I just cannot fathom someone being evil and narcissistic enough to fake a pregnancy. Plus I was around during that time, and heard first hand Bristol saying that they thought their mom was pregnant, which she at first denied, and then admitted. And after seeing Bristol so furious with her mom for hiding it, well that led me to believe that it was legit. But yes I still do have my doubts, and if I were Sarah I would just release some proof to end all of this speculation. If it were me that would seem like a no-brainer.

3) I am shocked that you guys have been so trashed by the Palins and that Bristol continues to take shots just like this week on DWTS about her being a golden girl and never problems until she was with Levi…..why is he not going to court about her talking negatively about him? The judge said that was not supposed to happen, right?

First off, don't be shocked because they will continue to do this to everybody they can, especially us. But yes, that comment about Levi really set me off!

You are right, that was part of the agreement that no parties should talk badly about each other, And if they did, from my understanding, they wouldn't be able to spend time with Tripp, yet what has she been doing this whole time? Bashing not only me all over Facebook, but bashing Levi at every possible opportunity she can get. She has done it on Facebook, in almost every interview, and even on DWTS. Just imagine what she says behind closed doors IN FRONT of Tripp!

My biggest fear is that Tripp will grow up despising his father's side of the family all because of how vindictive and cruel the Palins are toward us. I can only imagine the hateful and untrue things being said to, and in front of, young Tripp.

I have had her friends tell me to my face that she slams my whole family in front of my nephew. I find that completely unacceptable! She has no right to say those things in front of an impressionable child.

Yet the Palins get away with it. Why don't the Palins ever seem to have to face consequences for their actions? I thought the law is the law, and everyone is equal. But I guess that isn't the case if your last name is Palin.

For my part I have repeatedly reached out to Bristol and attempted to rebuild our relationship for the sake of Tripp, but she just completely dismisses my offers using harsh and insulting language.

Tripp doesn't deserve that. He deserves to know us and experience our family for himself without anybody poisoning his mind against us. I just know if he got that chance my nephew would love me unconditionally regardless of how hard Bristol has tried to turn him against me and my other family members.

Bristol claiming that she was the golden child before she met Levi is a whole other story. If Bristol wants the world to think that, well I could easily prove just the opposite, and I seriously doubt that she wants that. This isn't a threat, but I do have many potentially embarrassing things saved as well as some photos and videos which prove that she was no "golden child", before or after, Levi.

I do not want to play dirty, nor do I want to fight or say bad things about the mother of my nephew. But I have tried the nice route, and practically begged, but still got nothing but thrown under the Palin bus when all I wanted was to see Tripp, or even just receive a recent photo so that I can see how he is changing as he begins to grow up. Many members of my family have never even met him and I know his great grandmother would love to see a picture of him, especially since she is in such poor health.

But it's really hard to keep being nice when, no matter how hard I try, I get nowhere. Bristol saw me cry my eyes out during the deposition (all while she was laughing and rolling her eyes) because I was missing my nephew so very much. And yet she remained unmoved.

I now realize that there is nothing else I can do to prove my commitment to seeing Tripp. There will always be something I am not doing right, or something that she finds fault with, that will give her the excuse she needs to deny our family access to my brother's son. . She has consistently used him as a pawn against us since the day he was born.

And you know people may not be aware of this, but Levi was a great boyfriend to her. I often helped him pick out diamonds, flowers, Teddy bears, chocolates, and more cards than I can remember, even during the times when she was treating him like dirt. Bristol even went to prom with another guy while in a steady relationship with Levi during her freshman year. And yet he forgave her and kept trying to make it work. She is just like her mother, and has to have somebody to blame,for everything!

4) And what is your take on the Junior High crap that she and her sister got into with some guys on Facebook…..I am hoping you write this story ….you have nothing to lose….that you haven’t already lost……?

That kind of attitude and language is not unusual for either Bristol or Willow. This is just the first time they've been caught.

Bristol just loves to bash, belittle, or talk crap about people, and brag about her success all over her Facebook.

The small sampling I posted on my blog was just a sliver of the real Bristol talking. The Palin girl's true colors were revealed in that Facebook debacle for all of the world to see.

Last week Bristol even went so far as to tell some girl to "...suck di**..." and said"...I'll make more money tonight then you will this whole year..." the rest of the comments are too racy to post here. When I went back to her Facebook page later to save the comments (just in case) she had already erased them and retyped them, making them sound innocent and reasonable. But everybody that was involved in that Facebook argument, which was similar to the one posted on TMZ, saw the true Bristol before she had the chance to erase and retype her side of the exchange. She definitely lost a few hometown fans from that. (By the way if anybody involved in that petty FB fight happened to save Bristol's comments before she erased and moderated them could you please send them to me. I want the world to see her for who she truly is. Just click the "Contact me" link at the top of this page.)

5) Btw do you think Bristol is pregnant or just putting on a lot of weight? Is she still seeing Ben Barber and having sex with him? And what about that text from him asking if she is pregnant to which she just replied "no" ?

I personally do not think Bristol is pregnant, but there has been quite a lot of talk about that possibility on the internet. About her personal relationship with Barber, I don't want to answer any questions about that, I feel that is a little too much information to share. But I will say that if he had to ask, there's a reason why. People don't ask a virgin/abstinence spokesperson if she's pregnant, if you know what I mean.

6) Sarah has claimed many times in interviews that she “barely knew” Levi when he and Bristol announced they were pregnant (which, btw, was much later than the time of Trig’s birth). If that is true, that she barely knew him, why the heck was he there in the wee hours of the morning for the birth of Trig?

Ha-ha, these type of statements make me laugh. It is very similar to Bristol telling people her mom has only met me once, when in reality we've met countless times. We went to a concert together, even riding in the same car together, and obviously my mom and I went to the Palin home when those infamous "Triggybear" photos were taken. There were many other run ins as well, especially throughout all the years the boys played hockey.

Now for her to say she barely knew Levi, that is just absurd. She pretended like they were best friends when she needed him to help her create the perfect family image at the convention and in public. They spent plenty of time together and had a fairly decent relationship for much of that time.

Levi was at the hospital because it was an emotional event, his girlfriend was meeting her new baby brother for the first time, and she wanted him to be a part of that special, life changing moment.

Sarah needs to start writing her stories down because she seems to keep forgetting what she has said in the past.

7) WHY do you think your pictures were scrubbed of your computer?

I have absolutely no idea why anyone would want to steal my precious irreplaceable photos. The only logical thing my family can think of is that the Secret Service took them. Other than that we have no answers.

Honestly we to have more questions than answers about that. Every repair guy who looked at the computer said there was not a single bit of information left. To them it appeared that nobody had ever put anything at all on our computers and they said that only somebody VERY skilled could have done such a thorough job.

Okay that is all of the questions I can get to today. I will come back and answer more questions later this weekend or at the beginning of the next week.

Have a nice weekend!


c said...

Great to see you back so quick!! Sadie, keep up the good work! One of these days, the Palin's will get what they deserve! Thanks!

B said...

Sadie, Alaska family law must be similar enough to other states' laws that Levi can go to court to get time with Tripp. Why won't he do that--for Tripp? Please?

Gles said...

Thank you Mercede for your decision to answer our questions. We know it puts you on the spot.

I think back to something Levi had said about Bristol being more of a mother to the children than Sarah...or something along those lines. I got the impression that Bristol being the oldest daughter had many responsibilities regarding taking care of her siblings and household chores.

The weight of family responsibilities on Bristol would surely spark resentment at finding out her mother was preggers and Bristol foresaw the care and feeding of the baby would fall on her shoulders. After all, her father worked away from home and mother away at a job all day. Bristol was pretty much stuck.

Perhaps the reason that Sarah might have kept the pregnancy a secret was Sarah's age, and the fact that she had young observant daughters whom she instructed/expected to be abstinent. Karma is a wench!

ginny said...

Mercede, I know it's hard for you to imagine anyone being capable of faking a pregnancy, but trust me: once you've known someone like this, you know it's possible. My own father is sort of a male Sarah Palin in many ways. He has told lies that no one would imagine a person would tell. The entire reason people like Palin, and my father, get away with it is exactly because the vast majority of people just can't believe anyone would tell such lies.

Boodleheimer said...

keep posting, m'dear! xoxo

Kevin said...

Your answers to these questions seem very interesting, especially since you were present for what happened and you haven't been silenced...

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Hi Sadie,
I keep wondering why you think the "Secret Service" erased your computer, when in fact Ana Arodzero was at your home and answering the door to reporters and identifying herself as a family "friend". Arodzero was employed by the McCain campaign. It does not fall under the responsibilities of the Secret Service to do what you said happened to your computer, but it would certainly benefit the McCain campaign to destroy any embarrassing or incriminating photos or writings related to Sarah Palin, Bristol and Levi.
Did you think Ana Arodzero was Secret Service? Did she imply she was with the Secret Service or did she acknowledge she worked with the McCain campaign?

Facebook Lurker said...

Thank you Mercede for speaking out, I think it is time you "cashed" in and sold all your old videos, pictures, texts, and screenshots. Bristol is out selling a fake product- the innocent little golden girl ruined by that nasty Levi, which is the complete opposite of the truth.

I have seen the stuff she and Willow write on Facebook. If anyone says anything less than you're gorgeous, beautiful, etc, they bite like rabid dogs. Bristol is an adult, and has sold herself and your nephew to be a "star". Now ot's time for her to pay the price of fame.

c said...

Heres the link for the petition being sent to the CEO of the Discovery Channel! They have over 40,000 signatures but need 50,000. The petition is to have her TLC show yanked due to the hypocrisy of her killing animals etc which is against The Discovery Channels message. (TLC's parent company)

Every signature counts and it just takes a second. : )

gsb said...

Have considered the fact, that the Palin's feed on the pain of your family, not being able to visit Tripp?
Peop, like the Palin' simply love to cause others pain, being uncomfortable,unsure of self. This makes them feel very superior,very successful,and very choosen by God.
Some how, you and your family must find a way to get out of the wave caused by the Palin's. Every time they see you being upset, is a victory for them. EVERY TIME THEY SEE YOU CRY, IS A VICTORY FOR THEM. THe thing that would cause the palin's more pain then anything else, would be,not being able to harm you, your Mother,your Brother. They do not care what this does to Tripp

This is a quote: from another blog, given by an anon but oh, so true."White trash is a step above on the ladder of the food chain, then these people."

The Cedars of Lebanon were strong trees. Nothing was able to destroy them, you, must become as strong as they were. It took centurys to bring them down. One time in my life, there was a person who was on a mission, of destruction towards me. The passages in the Bible about the trees of Lebanon, gave me the strength to stand, strong, with no wind about to take me down. every time, this person did or said something I did not react, I acted calm and with confidence. Which I was not. They, did not know that however. Be strong Sadie, don't give then what they want, tears from you, and your life in turmoil.
This, is what gives them the kick in life, others, in pain of any kind.

One day, maybe, someone will epose them all. One day someone from Alaska will sart telling tales.

Bo said...

I don't like the way Sarah Palin and Bristol trash talk about your brother at every opportunity. Did you see what Sarah has written about Levi in her new book? In short, she calls your brother a liar. How do you feel about that?

Thanks for all this info you are sharing, Mercede. I think Palin is evil. No way she should be a candidate for president!

Connie said...

I agree with FacebookLurker, sell what pictures, video you have of the Palin minions. For all of the hell your family has endured at their expense, you deserve to make some money off of it. You darn well know those goons are making money at your family's expense, there is no reason why you shouldn't either.

As soon as you something 'new' take a screenshot!

I have no doubt when Tripp is old enough to read and understand what monsters THAT side of his 'family' are, he will be disgusted with them and want to make up for lost time with you :-)

Best wishes to you and your family.

CorningNY said...

Mercede, clearly Sarah Palin is a sociopath. All her behaviors point to it. I suggest you read The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout, Ph.D. The comment by ginny, that sociopaths get away with their lies because "the vast majority of people just can’t believe anyone would tell such lies," is SO true. Like you, most people cannot conceive that another person has absolutely NO conscience and would and say anything to get what they want. Another good resource is the website Lovefraud.

My significant other is going through a horrible divorce/custody battle with his sociopath ex-wife. Check out his blog at

So Mercede--sociopaths are out there, they are evil, and I'm sorry you had to get tangled up with one.

AFM said...

Thanks for answering some of the questions. I was reading AK WTF blog yesterday. OMG the language out of Willow and Bristol's mouth was worse than a sailor. Believe me am no saint. I was very curious to ask about a comment Levi said to Bristol on fb. If you go to the blog you will see where he said to Bristol something to the effect of her not letting him see his sons? Sons meaning more than one child. What was that comment about?

MC3031 said...


Bleah. I cannot imagine having to do battle with that group for anything. Don't think there's anything you can do to stop B and that gang from poisoning Tripp's mind against you guys, unfortunately. But keep the lines of communication open as best you can.

Take care of YOURself, Sadie. That's all you can do.

Sending you and your family love and light. You're there for a reason - find the lesson.

Cackling Rad said...

Mercede, you sound like a very nice person, and unfortunately the Palins learned long ago that nice people make perfect victims. I'm all for being nice, but I think people need to set limits. You must realize by now that you could spend the rest of your life bending over backwards and Bristol would still shit on you. That's the way the Palins are--they're "wired" differently, as Sarah is so fond of saying. There's a book called "The Sociopath Next Door" you need to read. I think you'll recognize some people in your life on those pages.

The only way you will ever see your nephew, and the only way Tripp will ever have a chance at a happy life, is if you help bring the Palins down. Sarah has built up a false image of this wonderful, fun, loving, wholesome family, and it is a huge part of her appeal. Bristol's nastiness on DWTS and the girls' Facebook bully rampage have opened a crack in that facade. Now is the time for you to plow through and blow the entire charade up in Sarah's face. Get in touch with National Enquirer and sell them everything you have. I mean everything. I say, give it to them, but I know you all need the money.

I know you're thinking, "Oh, I couldn't do that to Bristol" What you need to be thinking about here is Tripp. Do you want Tripp to grow up to be another Bristol? Because that is what is going to happen to him if he doesn't get to spend time around his father's family. There will be nothing to counteract the poison that is the Palins. And the only way the Palins will let Tripp see you all is if they are forced to do so, and as long as they are powerful, that won't happen.

For the sake of Tripp, let it rip.

crystalwolfakacaligrl said...

The whole PDF 6 pages can be found at TMZ. I tried to contact you but the CAPTHA thingy is not working.
Go there you can save the WHOLE thing!
Please EXPOSE them!

littleoldme said...

Mercedes, tell your mom to look into grandparent rights. I have no idea if Alaska honors them or not but if they do, she has a RIGHT to get visitation with her grandchild!

Meanwhile, keep EVERYTHING you can get your hands on, especially anything she says about Levi or your family, but also any hate speech can be used against her and show her "parenting skills". I'd especially keep all those pics that they share if him outside with no shoes, or socks on his poor little feet! Also try to keep track how much she is away from him, and he is in the hands of nannies. BTW she is responsible for any bad behavior a nanny exhibits as well cuz she employed them, so again keep everything. Get a good screen cap program so you can grab her crap fast before she deletes it. They are free all over the internet.

If you were my friends IRL I'd also advise you to be very careful in what you say on this blog and talk to a FAMILY law attorney pronto! A decent family law attorney should be ale to not only get Levi regular visitation, but your mom as well.

BTW the court holds your mom's conviction against her but lets Tripp hang with both Diane Palin, and the Morlock family? Levi needs to put a stop to that pronto!

We all make assumptions here so can I just ask, is Levi really interested in being a dad to Tripp? I cringe just asking that question, but not all boys are interested, and Levi has been very quiet on that front. I'm sure lots of people would help him if he'd express a bit more interest, but he has to really WANT to be a dad, and you and your mom can't just want that for him.

Meanwhile both of you keep your heads up, things will get better for you. I know cuz good things happen to god people :)

Margo said...

Mercede, thanks for speaking out. Insofar as your family not being able to see your nephew, I'm not sure what Family Law is like your state, but in other states there's this thing called "Grandparents Rights." My sister-in-law took advantage of this in her state, going to court to force her ex-son-in-law to let her see her granddaughter. Your mom might want to think about doing something like this if Bristol continues to deny her (and the rest of your family) access to Tripp. Talk to a lawyer about it.

Kallie in Texas said...

Thanks for your response to some of the questions. But again, its obvious you don't know the whole story. Don't think for one minute that Bristol wasn't in on the pregnancy sham from the beginning! These are evil, lying, grifting careful.

Jeanabella said...

Thank you for speaking honestly Mercede. Others here have mentioned the book "The sociopath next Door" which I just started reading. It's amazing that there are 4% of the population that may be considered to be socipathic which means not having a concience. SP displays behavior similar to this type of disorder. I recommend reading just for understanding the damage that these types can cause in social interaction. Sell the info you have and help get the truth out there and make some money for your family. It will do more help than harm. Truth out!!!
Anyone who says they love their child but keeps that child from his or her family, doesn't know the meaning of real love.
Take care of you,

bwilder said...

Well done again Mercede. I hope your brother is saving every scrap of commentary from Facebook to film so that at some point in the not too distant future he can go back to court to challenge the visitation/custody agreement. There are many violations being made by Bristol and her family and a fair court would see that and do something about it.

Hope he's just waiting for the right moment.

B said...

@AFM. Pretty sure Alaska WTF's post from Levi's facebook was a spoof, not real, making fun of Bristol & Willow. Those were not the photos they would use for themselves.

Mary said...

You sound so sweet...but please don't sleep with the enemy

You know that they are talking behind your back in front of the boy, yet you play nice and hope that somehow, once they get tired of walking on you...things will change for you and Levi.

While you worry about seeing your Nephew, the American people are worried about what would happen if this woman becomes our president.

I just came from Malia Litman's blog where she is saying this:

Opposition to Sarah Palin is not about politics. It is about the safety and security of our children, of our country, and potentially of the planet. The basketball player’s broken bone will heal, and it will have little or no effect on achieving her life-time goals. The single greatest threat to this child is not her broken bone; it is the possibility of Sarah Palin ever being in a position to control decisions about world war or a “nucular” holocaust. If it seems that I am exaggerating to make a point, think again. When we elect a President we are selecting a person we trust with the most critical decisions about our future and that of our children. Economic philosophy and stimulus spending become trivial concerns when another world-war or nuclear devastation become real possibilities.

So Honey if you know anything, be the Hero that we all need and tell it...being nice to the Palins is just letting them win at their game and you can see from the hateful talk from Sarah, Bristol and Willow that they dangerous people - the more power you give them, the more dangerous they become.

Texan said...

Hi Sadie
Please stop trying to be conciliatory and gracious to the Palins. They have now given you and Levi what, 2 years, to show that they have no kindness, mercy, grace or sense of what's fair--and they certainly are not thinking of what's best for Trip.

I know how sad it is for you to not know him better, but you know, sometimes that's just the way it is. It is healthier for you to step back and realize that even if you got to see him, it probably would make you emotionally sick--the pressure and manipulations and everything else that you would have to go thru just for one measly visit. and it you couple that with the fact that they probably will be poisoning him with negative comments about you and your family--well frankly, it's just not worth it.

You don't need to develop a relationship with a baby right now--you have 20 more years to enjoy the babies you might have, Levi might have and all your close friends and or cousins might have. And also, if Track is anything to go by--chances are that Tripp will grow up and recognize the toxic family and he will reach out to his dad--trust me-especially when he is a teen he will WANT to reconnect with his dad---when a little boy is young it's really more about mommy anyway.

If you can emotionally walk away from him you will regain ALL the power, right now that's the main hold they have on you and your family. The more public you go with everything the more protected you are. Gryphen is right--it's the fear and secrets that keep them being able to bully everyone.

I really really advise you to sell any data you can--especially on Bristol being a slut. Prior to this it probably wouldn't not have gone for much--because she wasn't pretending to be a near-virgin (ONLY Levi? yeah right) and preaching abstinence/hypocrisy etc. And also she was young--now she's a full-fledged adult--in public saying lies--and so she's fair game---and truthfully if you can get some money out of simply being truthful, you will have much more power to protect you and your mother.

Contact Gloria Alred or Allred, the LA attorney, or the London publicist Max Clifford (him to selll the stories--google him).

go for it Sadie, you have absolutely NOTHING to lose. This family and their cult followers are already making up lies slandering you--the teeny % of people who might believe it will always be there. The rest of the educated real America knows that Sarah Palin et. al are evil and money grubbing and hypocrites. If you revealed truth you would not look bad, and if you made money---so what? You deserve to--consider it a salary for all the sh-- they've put you and your mom thru.

Sometimes you have to NOT take the high road. Like everyone has said about psychopaths or people with personality disorders--you simply cannot rationalize and compromise with these people. These people ahve no compassion, kindness or sense of fairness. It's all about them, nothing you do or say wil EVER change that. So, then you do what's best for YOU. The first, and hardest step, though is making the break from Tripp. But honeslty I'm 99% certain he will want to know you--and will be able to dictate HIS terms when he's older. In fact at a certain age, a kid is the one allowed to choose what parent they live with.

Kiss him goodbye--for now--and protect yourself by exposing this familiy's lies. You have tens of thousands, if not more, people who support you.

Ferry Fey said...

I would strongly suggest that anyone who has documentation they are saving that may be usefu

krbmjb05 said...

I'm glad you finally and quickly realize that no matter what you do, say or try to do what YOU think Bristol wants in order to see Tripp, it won't matter.

He is the perfect weapon for her to use against you and your family. You need to prepare yourself and your mom the possibility that you will not see Tripp for YEARS on end. Levi will not have the money to fight the corrupt family law system. It's not about right or wrong, it's ALL about WIN/LOSE. The Palin's have the money and power to win, that means your family loses. Hate to be so blunt, but it's happened MILLIONS of times around America.

I will encourage you AGAIN to get involved with a REPUTABLE Parental Alienation organization. You and your family would be good representatives. You could also make some money going out on a speaking circuit if you so desired.

You have a chance to DO something to possibly help yourself and others. Bring this awful, hidden, ugly thing that hurts millions of kids and family to the forefront NOW, while Sarah and Bristol are trying to make their stars shine brighter.

Molly said...

Thanks for answering our questions.

Bristol sounds like a fine upstanding young mother. ( I kid)

TheLongArmofTheLaw said...

Keep writing. Continue with the level-headed comments. Never underestimate the people´s ability to see the truth.

One day, young lady, your nephew will read this blog.

He will be proud you are his aunt.

And he will know is a lucky guy.

carrieoki said...

Mercede, my heart, prayers, and thoughts are with you and your family today. You are living in a nightmare. I do not know if I could be strong enough. Know that there are many, many of us who unite in our support of you. This sounds maybe corny and New Agey, but if we synchronize our hearts and minds, we can use the power of our good to turn things around. May God bless you.

AFM said...

@Mary, Oh I was wondering. Gee you never know what the heck is going on. But then again I don't know why I should care because it doesn't effect me. I feel sad for Tripp. I must keep saying over and over if the Johnston's let the Palins run you over then it's your own fault if you don't have a relationship. Levi only needs to go to the courts to fight for his visitation rights. She isn't letting him see his son. That is interferring in a father and son bonding. It won't cost him money. They can't do anything to him as long as he is keeping up his child support. Stop letting the Palins run your lives.

Western Correspondent said...

Sadie, you said in answer to question #5, "I personally do not think Bristol is pregnant, but there has been quite a lot of talk about that possibility on the internet."

Take a look at this array of pictures of Bristol downloaded from the Internet between May 5, 2010 and last Tuesday November 15, 2010, and decide for yourself if she's just "fat" or is gestating again.

The Fargo ND interview pix are especially interesting, as is the November 14th picture which shows Bristol's abdomen tightly bound as if she were wearing a Japanese obi.

Western Correspondent said...

I forgot to add the URL for the "array of pictures"

Western Correspondent said...

Or the shortened version of the URL:

Helen said...

Honey, make sure in future to get screen caps of Bristol's ugly FB attacks (no matter whom she's attacking). If she wants so badly to be a national celebrity she has to learn how to behave or be exposed.

You (or someone close to you) don't have to deal with it, there are plenty of other people who can do that. Palingates has a long and successful history of exposing FB attacks, including the Palins'.

Amy said...

These comments are right on---especially the ones about Contact Gloria Alred and the London publicist Max Clifford. You need to tell what you know now, Sadie. You really don't have anything to lose and much to gain. The only way to survive the Palins is to fight fire with fire.

mary b said...


These people commenting are right. If the Palin's were exposed for who/what they really are, that is the only way you will ever have a chance to get to know Tripp.
They do not care about you, your family or anyone else. They only care about themselves and the almighty dollar.
Even if you don't have any documentation or the entire story to expose them, you really should back away from them. They really DO get off on other people's misery. I have known people like this and it blows my mind as well. They will never, ever change. They are mentally ill. They have the kind of mental illness that puts them in denial, thinking they are always right and everything bad that happens is never their fault. Even if they had medical intervention, they would not take it.
Tripp WILL want to know Levi, you and the rest of your family. The more they bad mouth you, the more curious he will get as he gets older. I'd bet good money when he is a pre-teen, he will be seeking you all out. If Bri$tol or anyone else tries to stop him, he will try even harder. I know for a fact of others in very similar situations that have done so. You do need to stop trying so hard to please them. They look at your honesty and kindness as a weekness. They are sick, selfish grifters.
Go on with your life. Always leave the door open a crack, only for Tripp. Tell Bri$tol and the rest of that Klan to back off. You should have no dealings with them unless it involves visiting your nephew.
Good luck to you Sadie. It's gonna be a long hard road. But the sooner you get away from that Family, the better off and happier you will be. I know it doesn't feel like it now, but believe me, it will. You will be happier for it.

M. Aragon said...

Your brother needs a better lawyer to deal with this one-sided custody deal.

Patricia said...

Hi girly. I've never posted here before, but I appreciate your honesty and fearlessness. Take care. Best wishes for your entire family. Stay strong and stay sweet. And my personal opinion is that you are being the better person by not cashing in. That's what the palins do. Tripp and that other side of his family will always know that your family took the high road. I think that's just the kind of person you are. They are all about $$$ and fame. They don't know what to do with or around genuine people. They feel threatened and so they attack you all. They try to portray themselves and "typical Americans" meanwhile lord their $ucce$$ over those of us that are just typical, regular folk WITHOUT an agenda. They attack you because you know the truth about them. Hang onto everything you have. Don't sell it to a tabloid, honey. Your writing skills are too good, you can write your own story and maybe even publish it if you so desire. It won't be any prettier than if you had gone to the rags. They'll still come down on you and their sheeple will too. They hate you because you can hold your head high, Mercede. Her nickname, Barracuda, is so perfect. That's exactly what they are. Keep doing what you do, gutsy<3

Sandra said...

I have to disagree with the others telling you to sell your pics and videos. Chasing the almighty dollar is never a good idea. That would put you in the same category as the "Palins". Greed brings misery. If you are going to expose them, do it for your nephew, and your other family members, including Levi. He is stuck on stupid, so don't bother waiting for him to come around. Bristol still has a hold on him. I cannot believe you haven't heard the rumors in Wassilla about her current pregnancy. She grows bigger every week. You don't dance vigorously for 8 - 10 hrs a day and not lose weight. The way she is spreading, it is definitely a "girl". I also think she may be suffering from toxemia. The water retention is completely obvious. The Palin's are nothing but hypocrites. They criticize, than do it. What about the hospital bracelet that was on Levi's hand? They do not give that to girlfriend's mother's baby boyfriend! you get the jest of it. You know more Mercede! I will accept that you didn't pay attention, on the account you were young, and rarely visited the Palin's, but I also know people talk in Wassilla, including your kicked-to-the-curb brother Levi. I agree with the above about letting go. You cannot change them. Bristol is mentally warped like her mother. She loves to see you suffer. They are reaping what they are sowing....Bristol and Willow are preggers. I doubted the rumors of Bristol being pregnant from my fam and friends in Wassilla, but when I finally went on youtube and saw her first dance, I knew it was true. Unbelievable! I have lived in up there, and understand the mafia mentality that exists. I also know that most of the time the rumors up there had a lot of truth to them. I respect your not wanting to spill the beans, but don't go down with the Palin's. The truth will come out!

Charity said...

Tripp looks so much like your mom! Trig doesn't look like your side or the Palin's though.

Rico G said...

While I didn't see what Bristol and Willow said on Facebook, the link below shows it...

NOTE: You Contact Me link has an error when trying trying to send mail from it and won't allow mail to be sent.

Deb said...

Hey Sadie Lady,

You said: "My biggest fear is that Tripp will grow up despising his father’s side of the family all because of how vindictive and cruel the Palins are toward us."

The big part of the time, it is the opposite, As they grow and are old enough to understand, they begin to put the pieces together. When they hear the mean, vicious, vindicitive statements/comments, they will store them in their minds for future reference. Then when they are able to, it's not uncommon for them to do a complete turnaround and go to the other parent, in this case Levi, and never speak to the mother again.

The Palins fail to remember, all that they are saying is being done in a public forum for all to see, hear and be saved. It's documented in text and videos, all searchable. No way of denying it. As sad as it is, in somes ways it's actually a better situation than most families have, in that they don't have all this documented proof for the kids to weed out and it then becomes a he said - she said.

Sad it is happening like this, but better it this way and he will see latter.

Head high, Chin up! Hi to Mom too!!

beth said...

honey, had a sis-in law just like Bristol, used my niece as a tool , wouldn't let us see her. Know what I did, I stuck by my brother, went after her, and forgot about the niece because I knew you can't lose what you never had meaning my niece. You can't lose Tripp honey because you never had him, stick by Levi, trust me it will work out. BUT__ one thing you don't want to do is BEG, this is what the palins want. Please stop begging them and saying how you miss Tripp, it's not going to make a difference to them, they love hurting people. Stand up to bullies they will back down.

Jan said...

I read that Willow's FB page has been removed. Does Bristol still have her personal FB page?

Tan said...

Hi Mercede

great to see you posting again.

You don't know the full story: Sarah couldn't trust you and it's likely that even the palin children don't know the full story. But when you talk about your experience I cannot stress more that you NEED to put aside your feeling of 'surely no one is capable of this' bc it is irrelevant but is clouding your judgement. Never assume people aren't capable of this.

Political 'leaders' like Karl Rove and dictators like Hitler know the value of the big lie. Big lies are much much more powerful than small lies and funnily are much more likely to be believed! Why? Well for a start it is easy to mock people doubting it as tin foil hat wearers. The facts of JFK assassination clearly show there was more than the lone gunman but for a long long time people were laughed at for questioning the official story. People that simply want a more in depth and involved review of the events of 911 are mocked as lunatics and there are many that think 'Trig Truthers' are akin to birthers or people that think Cheney perpetrated 911. So please, put those doubts aside and try to analyse the evidence without that muddying your view.

It is very clear you care very much for Tripp. However I think I speak for many people here when I gently say that a lot of us are mystified by the seeming lack of drive Levi has in attempting to see him. Your family has a great gift in that Bristol and the Palins are public figures and their absences and bad behaviour are easily documented so WHY oh WHY is nothing ever brought forward to a judge regarding it? I'm sorry Mercede but it really seems almost like Levi doesn't really want to be a full time father. He has the money to get a lawyer that can easily prove the palin's have regularly violates your agreement. A good family lawyer could probably point out many more violations (taking him out of state, Levi not getting proper visits, long absences, Diana palin). I think alot of us feel like tearing our hair out in frustration at the words which are never backed up by actual actions. If I were in Levi's situation I'd have a dossier which I document all the violations that so helpfully are played out on the news each night! I'd regularly file motions and embarrass and humiliate the Palins with the truth. Little known stories like Diana Palin and the agreement about no bitching would suddenly be all over the news and people would be outraged at the injustice! Palin would be mortified! And no one can doubt that if such a thing was done it would make big news!

It's time for action from the Johnstons! Please Mercede, YOU can do these things and help take down a sociopathic wannabe world leader!

Bella said...

You seem to be realizing that no matter what you do, no matter how nice and kind you are to the Palins, they are going to screw you. It's obvious they don't care about ANYONES feelings or about doing the right thing. It's time for you and others living in the Wasilla area who have been hurt by the Sarah to start speaking up. She can't fight everyone.

If you and Levi want to spend time with Tripp, you will have to fight. If Bristol and her family are bad-mouthing your family in front of him, it WILL have an impact on him. My husband had children with his former wife. After the divorce, she told the children all kinds of lies about their father, and kept moving around so he could not find them to see the children. They were teenagers before he finally located them, and they didn't want a relationship with him because of the lies their mother had told them. It took many years for them to develop a relationship with their dad. Don't let this happen to your family!

Stop Sarah before she hurts anyone else!

OB said...

Dear Mercede,
A while back ago I had read (if I remember correctly) about several comments that Sarah's parents had made about her. At first glance they may seem innocent enough but they could also be seen as adding fuel to the fire of the Trig controversy. They are as folllows: (I'm paraphrasing).
Sally: I wouldn't put anything past her.
Chuck: She was always good at not getting caught.

(For what it's worth, by the way, I would say that from my own personal experience with paranoid people they are good at deception because they pay attention to detail, are careful, and watch their step. Just my two cents.)
Take care.

Anonymous said...

i like to know if it true Mercede you will be in Playboy if so when ?

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