Sunday, July 25, 2010

On getting blamed for Levi and Bristol's breakup in a national publication

Mercede and Levi Johnston

The other day as I walked through our local Wal-Mart I happened to notice the most recent US Weekly magazine lined up on every single checkout line.

Feeling a little embarrassed I looked at the ground to avoid making eye contact with anybody who might happen to see the magazine, and recognizing me, want to ask me questions about it.

I walked away from the check out line and then decided to call my mom to ask if there was anything else she needed at the grocery store before I left. She named off a few items and then asked me if I had seen the magazine with Levi and Bristol there. I quietly whispered yes.

She then asked if I had read it. “No” I said. She asked me to buy it so she could read it at home. The LAST thing I wanted to do was buy it and increase their sales in any way, but it is really hard to say no to my mom..

But before I gave in and bought it for her I decided I needed to read it and see if it's worth spending my money on.

As I was looking over the photos and reading the first page I caught myself smiling.

“Why” you might ask?

I will tell you why. Because there was a big smile on both my brother and nephew’s faces, and they both looked extremely happy which could not help but make me happy as well.

Well at least I was until I got to the end where I was suddenly snapped back to reality.

One of the questions they asked of Bristol was, “How'd it (the relationship) officially end?”

Her response was, “I read a text message on Levi's phone from his sister about setting him up with one of her friends. I was pissed, like, "you know what? You don't have a job or an education, I'm not doing this with you." So we broke up. He saw Tripp every few months after that.”

As I read that and got very upset. I was in fact stunned.

Bristol has done some very harsh things to me, such as manipulating my brother into not speaking to me, but this was very hurtful, not to mention one of the biggest lies that has came out of her mouth yet.

I would NEVER have tried to split up their new family, and make Bristol bear the same pain that my mom endured when she was cheated on.

Regardless of how rocky our relationship was I would not wish that kind of pain on ANYBODY. And I certainly would never have done that to my new born baby nephew who I love with all of my heart.

I never wanted any of my friends to be with my brother while he was with Bristol and I am the last person to condone cheating because of all the pain I have experienced from my own father’s affair.

Everyone who knows me knows family is number one to me, and I hate cheaters more than anything! In fact I am still very upset by the fact that some of my so called "friends" used me to get closer to my brother and I still have trust issues from it.

Bristol, if your intentions are to slam me and play the victim in a national magazine, at least provide proof that I did indeed text Levi in an attempt to hook him up with one of my friends.

Oh, wait, you can't! Because it NEVER happened!

Please just get over the fact that some of my friends have previously been with Levi or you will NEVER have a healthy marriage with him.

And Levi, how dare you sit there and allow her to blame me for your whole break up!

You two need to take responsibility for your own actions.

Do you remember what it was like? You two fought every single day, called each other the harshest names imaginable, and not one bit of that was my fault!

Levi, I have had your back our whole lives, and I cannot believe you would let the whole world assume I am the bad guy when you know full well I had nothing to do with it! Take responsibility and stick up for your family! This is pathetic Levi, man up!

Recently Sarah claimed that "Bristol believes in redemption and forgiveness to a degree most of us struggle to put in practice in our daily lives."

But if that were the case then why still hold this grudge against me? Why?


Midnight Cajun said...

The last thing either Bristol or Sarah believe in is redemption or forgiveness. Like her mom, Bristol believes in being spiteful and lying and playing the victim. What a little you-know-what.

Seriously, what kind of a sick human being makes up a story like that? The ironic thing is that even if it were true--and I believe you when you say that it's not--how is something his 16-yr-old sister does a reason to break up with the father of your child? As usual, the Palin women set out to make themselves look like victims and only succeed in making themselves look like petty, imbalanced idiots.

Felicia said...

Tabloids SUCK, that's for sure. Sometimes the people written about don't even have control of what's printed. So the article could be based on old rumors and stuff, too.

I'm very sorry they attacked your character in that issue, Mercede - and those of us who have followed Gryphen's writing and your earlier blog posts know that you are NOT the type of person who would pull that nonsense.

Very sad that Bristol has stuck to that lie over time, but really, since when have any of the Palins taken responsibility for the crap that they've created in their lives? Sarah made a joke out of the position of Governor by quitting half-way through to make millions as a book author and media representative. She failed the people of Alaska she had sworn to care for. Willow and her little vandalism episode, Track and his vandalism and drug problems, Bristol and her partying lifestyle and multiple pregnancies - really, these people are total trash.

Don't let them drag you down into the mud. We KNOW you are a much more mature, intelligent and interesting person than any of the Palins, and I'm so glad you're debunking those lies and rumors! You have a higher IQ than the entire Palin family together. You go, girl! :)

ic said...

She actively sought conception with the guy and out of the blue, he's got no job, no education (who's fault is that Bristol?) and suddenly he's not good enough for her.

Elite Bristol, throwing around harsh judgements at her equals cause she thinks she's all that just like her momma.

Bristol and her mother need to grow up if they insist on running their lives in the press.

Mercede, you are a grown up and still have a goo heart. So many behind you here in Alaska and other places.

MariaT said...

The reason so many people get away with outrageous statements is because they are not challenged. Well done, Mercede, for denouncing Bristol's reported statement in US Weekly and for challenging both Bristol and Levi to take responsibility for their actions.

grammy11 said...

Just reading this make me so angry I want to hit something or spit! What is wrong with Levi? Is he mentally deficient? After the break up I was in Levi's corner all the way. When they made up, I thought oh well, at least the baby will know his father. Now this big lie. How can she get away with this with a clear conscience? Please, Mercede, save that magazine and show it to Tripp when he grows up so he can see what a liar his mother is.

Pat in MA said...

Good for you! I hope your brother heeds your advice, for his sake and his son's. And although it's all around you like quicksand, keep your head up and away from the melodrama as much as you can.

Beverly From Montreal said...

The truth will always triumph lies, Mercede.

Jim Howard said...

I been blogging a long time. I like personal, open and honest blogs so I like your blog. I am glad to see you are posting a little more often and adding a photo each post.
I hope that things work out in your family. I do not think things will get any better sorry to say.
I post about my family and problems from time to time on my blog. I think family is number one. I think everyone should put their family first and you have to understand that people are not perfect. We all make mistakes and you got to forgive and forget often..but it is not easy.
I will be 70 in March. I was married at 26 and the it lasted 12 years.
So I have seen my share of family problems.
I live on a very limited income. When I get my SS I will donate a few dollars to you and your blog. I hope others that can will donate a few dollars to help you with school and life and keep you interested in blogging.

Lara said...

“you know what? You don’t have a job or an education, I’m not doing this with you.”

So Bristol says she is breaking up (well actually, calling off an engagement) because he doesnt' have a job or education. Did she not know he didn't have a job or education when she got engaged? She only realized this from some text on Levi's phone (just what was she doing looking at Levi's phone messages?) It sounds like she thinks she was doing him so big favor, rather than being someone she is in love with.

La said...

You said it well Mercede. Keep your chin up and keep plowing forward. We reap what we sow, and Bristol and Levi have not chosen well.

GrannyJ said...

edit: rooting for!! I do not want to sound like Sarah.

GrannyJ said...

Mercede I have never commented on your blog but I want you to know that many many people- people you do not even know exist- are routing for you and your mom. You are fighting a huge machine -one that will try to roll right over you- I hope you are being careful and that you have people looking out for you. I am really glad that you put Levi on the carpet. He has to know that you have always had his back and for him to allow this to happen is shameful. It is something that will follow him for a long, long time. If he wants to be with Bristol and his son that is fine but he has to find the way to work it out with you and your mom. I worked with kids long enough to know that there is never one side to any story but I would be proud to know you. Good luck. Keep your head up high.

just a friend said...

Here are some reasons why Bristol and Levi broke up. The first thing they announced is that they were selling their story (Tripp, breakup, getting back together, engagement, wedding, more kids) as a reality show. Neither of them have enough education for a really top job. Bristol has seen how easy it is for her mother to wink in front of a camera, please a crowd and get a reality TV series. Even the people who crashed a White House dinner want a reality show. Balloon Boy's father tried to get a reality show. Everybody sees it as a way to be famous, make money and not work very hard. Kate and eight kids; need I say more?

But no one bought their idea of a full season in depth look at two kids who had a baby, had a fight, made up and decided to get married. I'm sorry to say this, Sadie, but as cute as Levi is, he really is not a very good actor. And we all saw how wooden Bristol has been in her TV interviews and cameo appearances. So, with no massive income to fuel their immature dreams, they fell to squabbling again. (What sellouts, to announce their engagement in a magazine for money.)

Bristol (under Sarah's control) wants total control over Levi. I clan tell you from experience that a guy often goes along with his wife's demands, especially when she uses the kid they share as a threat. (You'll never see him again kind of thing). My sister-in-law turned my brother against our family, and in doing so, she cut an aunt, an uncle and cousins out of her kids' lives.

There was a famous study done many years ago involving monkeys. (Bear with me, there is a point here). Baby monkeys were raised without their mother. They were fed with a bottle, and snuggled with a terry cloth towel. When it came time for the "orphan" monkey to have children, she did not know how to cuddle, nurse and love, not having those things in her early life.

Look at the way that Bristol was raised, by a controlling, selfish mother, someone skilled in manipulating people and getting her way, but not very skilled in the kind of selfless love that other kids enjoyed in their childhood. Bristol is like the monkey raised on terry cloth, so she is still a selfish child (like Sarah) who flies into a rage when she doesn't get her way or things don't go the way she plans. Unfortunately, she jerks Levi around with her on her roller coaster life.

I think that you have to be patient, let their drama play out, and always love your brother. If and when he needs you and your mother, be there for him. You are capable of that kind of selfless love; Bristol isn't. And, please, continue to speak out and tell the truth. It makes you strong and believable. We're all cheering for you!

tallimat said...

You go girl!

Study hard, play fair and remember to stop & smell the flowers.
Hugs to Mom and you.

Alice said...

What a shame. Levi has publicly stated that he is a liar, and Bristol reconnected with him anyways. She has a mother that has lied so much it makes one's head spin. No wonder Bristol lies too. Truth always wins in the end, even if it takes some time. You have truth on your side, so be proud and patient. Eventually, everything will be known.

So many questions said...

"why does she hold a grudge against me" Because she's vindictive just like her mother and NOTHING is her fault. They seem to think they are the Royal Family of Wasilla and Alaska, better than anyone else and above everyone else and can do and say whatever they please with no questions asked...
I sure hope you are keeping a journal and are thinking about writing a book about your family and the whole Wasilla scenario.
Keep standing up for yourself and your mother .. (((♥)))

Cronopio said...

Stay strong, Mercede! I'm so glad you are not just sitting down and shutting up. When Levi gets dumped by the Palins again, as he inevitably will, he'll be lucky to have you keeping his family together to come back to.

0whole1 said...

> But if that were the case then why still hold this grudge against me? Why?

Partly -- although just partly, I'd reckon -- I'd ask myself, "How does she earn a living?" Seems to me the answer to that is "by staying in the public eye". With that in mind, I'd ask myself if any "grudges" being held -- even though they have real-life ramifications for visitation and all that -- are any more real than the "grudge" Rowdy Roddy Piper had against Hulk Hogan.

No doubt there's something real there, but it's all overlaid with calculation on how to drag out public demand for a commodity that, at it's root, has not much to justify it.

What about Lindsey Lohan are people interested in, besides her mug shots and the possibility of drunken shenanigans? What about the Palins are anybody interested in, except the political pratfalls and the public family fistfights -- things best kept private?

My opinion, anyways.

CAgal said...

Mercede, just keep on speaking the truth and don't stoop to the Palin level of vindictiveness. Bristol has learned this destructive behavior from the mistress of retaliation and she, alone, will have to figure out which road she's going to take. In the meantime, always remember that TRUTH is the universal healer. You're doing a great job!

Lara said...

So she read a text from her fiance's sister and her reaction isn't: Tell your sister to back off.
Why is your sister setting you up with someone
Does your sister want to mess with us?
What have you told your sister that she wants to set you up
I thought your sister liked me. How does your sister/family feel about us?
or even
I haven't liked your sister for a while. This is one more reason I don't like her. I hope you will cut ties with your sister

or any number of things that relate to the alleged message.

No, instead she reads a text that says her fiance's sister wants to set her up with someone, and her response is to break up because he's uneducated and unemployed? I'm missing something in the logic there.

amomtoo said...

Good for you Mercedes! It is not ok for people to lie to shift blame onto someone else so she (or he) can appear blameless.
FYI: it is best to have no contact with a personality that slings their mud, thier behaviors (projection), assignates other's character using people as a dump abusively.

When you know you have stood up for your self twice and the other person will not stop and they say worse things it is time to remove yourself from the person. It is their problem. Caution: people will often blame the victim for they have not ever been around someone who escalates when someone stands up to them. Typically such a personality will recruit others to their bully group via more lies projecting their victim is "attacking" them to divert attention from themseslves while milking false sympathy and enablers.

Any relationship in which one or both parties lay false blame onto others is going to be a train wreck and nonstop blame shifting. People can't change what they deny. When you stand up for yourself, remember it's due to self respect. Let go that someone who is not capable of self respect is capable of respecting others. Lesson: people who lie about their self habitually will also lie about other people. It is not due to any fault of or lack of character of another as the traits, misdeeds, mistakes the self deceived seek to off load onto other people.

My dear, you could waste your life setting boundaries and giving them back their stuff. It is time to disengage from people who seek to "win", foster division, wage war on others instead of being the best person they can be.

Here is a hug for I understand how surviving hardships, awareness and empathy for the effects of a parent's behavior often becomes a firm commitment to not ever hurt, harm nor scar anyone as was done to you and loved ones. Personalities that "feel good hurting others", Bristol it seems know people's wounds and get sick kicks hurling salt into them then watching you writhe from more pain. It's called mental a sick kid tortures an animal..fascinated he has the "power" to get the animal to squirm or suffer. This is abuse of power, destructive power. Inflicting harm, hurt or cruelty will not ever relieve or satisfy the pain in the afflictor or torturer's self. Their denial is too deep and they can not facse their own pain or misery choosing to inflict it on other people. God bless you!

Mary said...

The fact is this:

The Palins are confirmed liars and frauds. They have zero credibility.

honeybabe said...

The truth will come out eventually and i am thinking it will take dna tests to sort out who "begat" who. can't wait for that day!

kevin said...

Sorry to hear this Mercede.

Listen, for Bristol, you should pretty much expect her to behave like her mother, Sarah.

We are all pretty much like this. We imitate our parents behavior...until we grow up and become our own people.

For this story and what Bristol said, yeah I would expect her mother to say the exact same thing.

So bear that in mind with her. It is true for all of us. In your situation its important to keep in mind.

thinking of you said...

This has the find hand of Sarah Palin all over it. Bristol blindsided her mother with a public announcement of an engagement that Sarah did not approve of. Reminds me of the time when Sarah blindsided Bristol by announcing Bristol's pregnancy with Tripp to the whole world, with Bristol standing on the stage at the Republic convention. Payback is a bitch. And, Bristol found out that she couldn't win. Sarah can't forgive Levi. Sarah is the one who doesn't want him back. She told Bristol to break up with him. It is too bad that this plays out in the tabloids. Sarah makes all of her announcements on her facebook, twitter, on leaked to friendly blogs and magazines.

Mercede, you should be making money off of this too. Why not call or email US Weekly, Radar on Line, TMZ, National Enquirer and any other sleezy place that will pay you money for the interview. Invite them to your home. Be sure to include photos of the gifts that you bought for Tripp that you will never be able to deliver to him. Better yet, make it a plea from one of Tripp's two grandmothers to just be able to hold him and love him for a little while.
Nothing vicious, nothing nasty (although that's what they want). Just invite them to see how you live, how much you love Levi and Tripp, and to please see for themselves that you are not the bad guys. #1 You should be making some money for interviews to tell your side #2 Ask them to broker a tearful reunion between Sherry and Tripp (with pictures) #3 If it is a family feud with she-said, she-said, it is in their interest to write about it and make money. Seriously, do it!

Gles said...

You go Mercede!!! Once again, Bristol is trying to bait you.
I feel very sorry for her as she is a product of her environment and nothing is gonna change for a very long time for her. You will find throughout your life that there is always a $hit disturber around.

Please keep putting one foot in front of the other and doing the very best you know how to do.... Attitudes are catchy and your positive vibes will bring you much happiness.

I will tell you that I had thought Levi to be a real gentlemen because he did not discuss his sex life with Bristol but geez or man, what was he thinking!!!!!

Be safe and keep talking to us. Please continue answering our questions (maybe Bristol is trying to distract you from that) and we'd love to hear from Sherry.

Syrin said...

Your good character has shown through during this. I so agree and I want to reitarate that those who are not capable of self respect (Palin family) is not capable of respecting others. Redemption and Forgiveness is something you do, not talk about it..

Come see me at the YES Booth at the fair. I hope you know where to find it.. 2 booths down from DipNDots

emrysa said...

first of all mercede, that quote from sarah is not about bristol - it's a set up for sarah, so that when she publicly accepts levi she will be seen as the great Forgiver and Redeemer. just watch how sarah's acceptance of levi will play out in the media - it will confirm what I've written.

secondly, that piece from bristol reflects very badly on her, don't worry about it. if something like that is enough to break up a relationship, that just shows how immature bristol is. it was THAT that got her thinking about levi's lack of job and education? please. that really is a stupid and immature statement. try not to let that lie bother you, because it says waaaay more about her than it does you.

wynsplc said...

The way a bully wins is by people not standing up for themselves. When you back down it gives the bully a sense of empowerment over you and they will just keep up their tirade against you. Just don't sink to their level and become vindictive and mean spirited. Just state your case clearly and truthfully...bullies can't handle the truth.

As for your brother, he is an adult and the master of his own destiny. If he follows the bad advise of others then that is his choice and he alone must suffer the consequences. But you must state to him and the Palins that you will not tolerate the treatment that you or your mother have received at their hands.

I know you are family orientated, but maybe the time has come where you lay down a few rules for your brother concerning his abusive treatment towards you. I understand that you have told him that you will be there for him and this is the way it should be, but he should also be made aware that you expect to be treated in a decent and respectful manner.

Barb said...

I don't post here much but I read your blog. I believe you. Bristol has low self esteem. Is she going to break up with Levi if he is not with her 24 hours a day? Trust is a must in a relationship.

I know it hurts and I wish you could blow the lid off Sarah's lies. But I don't care if you don't. It is not your job. You are a young lady who needs to continue her education, be the great daughter you are to your mother, and live your own life. You said it. Levi needs to man up. Some men side with their wife or girlfriend no matter what. I hope it gets better but sounds like that family is just a mess.

Class or character can not be bought with money. You either have it or don't. You have it girl. Live your life and let it be. You can't change Levi or Bristol. I hope they grow up and accept you into their life if not only for Trip's sake. If not I know it will break your heart but one day Trip will come looking for you. Keep it positive, he will grow older, and hear that he has an aunt. He will come to you if Levi doesn't first.


Bob said...

Your life is everything Bristol dreams about. Do not expect her to put aside her petty, snarky, immature habits of blaming you for her problems.

Your relationship with your mother of trust, respect and communication is one she will never ever have with her mother. Bristol is too selfish to focus on Tripp as a mother to build a mother/son bond to enjoy true unconditional love. She knows she will never know the joy, the security, the honesty you do with your family.

Bristol being knocked up however many times is damagaed goods. No decent man worth his salt would look at her twice. Not only because of her past but look at her. She is a hasbeen neverwas at 19. When the lies are revealed and the truth told she will be coward in her bedroom closet. Lies are nasty things to have to own up to.

Another nail is the fact Bristol is FUGLY. She as never photo pretty & most recently all the pics of her by professionals have her appearing well into her thrities...image how fug she is in person inside and out.

Not pretty whatsoever & Bristol does not have the confidence or internal worth to change.

gsb said...


The Palin's are the ones that should be hanging their heads in shame. Not you, Not Your mother.

From all that has been reported on the palin's, they are the liars, cheats, decievers, manipulators,greedy indivuduals.
Ready to pounch on any unsuspecting person, ready to make money at the expence of those around them.
ready to bring you and your Mom down to their level in the mud. WHEN THIS HAPPENS, REMEMBER Bristol has not been the example to follow. two children before she is 20,No job, never graduated,(at least i don't believe the big graduation spread in, (was it people?)
Hold your head HIGH Mercede. You have so much more to offer then Bristol. Brains, sense of right and wrong,abilityand looks. Just don't let this go to your head....

Get out of wassilly. it is a toxic place.

Charity said...

Seriously, any person with a brain will read that in the Enquirer and know that Bristol is a cunning, spiteful, hateful little girl. She tries to make you look bad but she only ever succeeds in making herself look like a fool and you come out looking glorious.

You are a thousand times more classy than that little girl and she hates you for it. Better get used to it, because she isn't going to change. Just keep calling her out, she looks so stupid.

luckypink said...

Well said, Sadie. Stay strong.

BJ said...

Your blog is honest, well-written and very heartfelt. You have nothing to apologize for and good for you for sticking up for your reputation.

Marnie said...

Don't waste time and breath arguing with evil people. Speak the truth and walk away.

Since it is obvious that Bristol is like her mom, nothing you can say, no proof you can offer her will matter, she will just make up another lie for you to deal with.

You can't ignore her, but you don't have to mud wrestle with her.

Levi has made his decision. He will have to live with the consequences.

You can choose to live in the light, or wallow in the mud with the Palins.

You have done great so far, always seek the light.

curiouser said...

Mercede - I'm so sorry you were put in this awful situation but very glad you had the courage to set the record straight.

Before this recent revelation, Bristol blamed her mother's VP candidacy, etc. for the break-up (in People Mag, I think). Someone may have been royally pissed off and demanded a new story. Drawing you into the story could be Bristol's attempt to give a reason for excluding you from her life and pending wedding ceremony as well as to shift blame for the breakup. If there actually had been a text message, Lara did a great job of showing alternative and appropriate reactions to it. Bristol doesn't seem to realize that's she's made herself look really bad.

I wonder if Bristol, you and your mother, and even Levi, realize that Sarah Palin was the reason Levi lost his job on the slope. She left phone messages for People Magazine and the AP in the wee hours of Dec. 31, 2009, ranting about the media picking on her children. Later that day, she communicated more information to the media, revealing that Levi didn't meet the requirements for the apprentice position. She can't pretend she didn't know the job requirements -- they were displayed on Todd's page at the official state website. The apprenticeships were his special area of interest as the 'First Dude'.

Also, on Dec. 31, Sarah was interviewed by Canadian tv personality, George Stroumboulopoulos. Somehow, she managed to forget about Tripp's birth just four days earlier and left him off her list.

"Pretty amazing year. A couple of personal things that have happened to me...havin’ a son going off to war in oldest son.....and just a lot of things personally that have happened and then...yeah...and then you throw in there, also, the run for the vice presidency of America."

Karen said...

Mercede, So proud of you for calling Bristol & Levi on this, stay on the high road. Bristol lies like her mom, & probably always will, so never fun to be with someone like her.

Unfortunately, guys often think about one certain part of their anatomy, which is normal. So Levi probably considers Bristol & Tripp his main family now. When it's over, he'll be back for his real family, so just be there whenever that is.

Karen said...

One more thing, I agree with others that Bristol is not good looking. She tries to pull off crap like her mom, & there is no contest, she cannot hack it like her mom. Bristol has got one heck of a giant size ego, for someone in her situation.

curiouser said...

Okay, since others have commented on Bristol's looks, I would like to add that I think she's beautiful -- stunningly beautiful in some of her photos.

Caty Zeitler said...

You Tell her!
I introduced myself to you the other night at the cafe.
Just want to let you know that there are people in the Valley that see and know the truth. Hold your head up high and continue to use honesty and integrity to respond to these attacks.
I am sorry that you and your Mom have been hurt so bad by this horrible family.
They show no type of Christianity that I am familiar with. I see nothing but graft and greed.

Hannah Teague said...

I think the only way to get even is to expose to the national media that Bristol has already given birth to two illigitimate children...not one.

gsb said...

comment to Katy;
No Katy the minute the mouth opens up, stupid comes out. Not onlythat but mean, nasty, greedy, grabby comes out too. That is not stunningly beauty.......that is ugly.

Charity said...

One more thing-I believe Bristol believes talking about you brings in more money. She knows you are the one people want to hear from. Mark my words, she will be talking a lot more about you for the $$$. Consider it a compliment, I suppose!

TN said...

Mercede ~ you have many people behind you and you keep amazing us. On this one I do agree with "Don’t waste time and breath arguing with evil people. Speak the truth and walk away." They will never stop baiting you, not until they are out of the limelight and done. I hope you meet with Syrin who has had her eyes opened. There is always more to learn, even after you get old and wise. I hope you can hook up with others in the Valley that see what the Christian like Palin and the games are about.

curiouser ~ that is good photography, good lighting if not photo shop. She has that Chuck thing going on, no fault of her own in that. Why do you think her face looks like it has been redone? The announcement cover did not look like her at all.

Everyday I can't believe that no one has photographed Bristol going to work or in her present state of body shaping. Not one peep even about a weight problem. Don't girls in Alaska talk about when they put on weight? The only reason that makes sense is that someone is hiding something more than over eating and doesn't want to get into that. If she has an eating disorder that is a severe issue and needs to be addressed, it's a killer. Was Levi ever attracted to a hefty size female before?

Meg said...

Mercede, I think Charity @ 11:44 am is correct. Mentioning you gets Bristol attention because people want to know about you and hear from you.

It's ridiculous that Bristol mentioned you in connection to her breakup with Levi, and anyone reading the US Weekly article can see that. Breaking up with her boyfriend is not a logical outcome to reading a text message from you (which never even existed). And IF such a message even had existed, all it would show is a caring sister trying to help her brother. I suspect Bristol has never had a good sibling relationship with Track or Willow or she would understand your bond with Levi.

ella said...

Mercede - I am on your side, I honestly am. Therefore, I hate to sound like I am defending Bristol, but here goes:

There is a POSSIBILITY that US Weekly made up that quote.
They probably knew that Levi had dated (in the past) one or more of your friends.

So - they could have very well created this storyline to keep things going. It is the way they operate - I know this for a FACT.

If the tabloid rags could show a picture on their front cover of you and Bristol (in bikinis) fighting each other in the mud, THEY WOULD! And they would pay you big bucks to do it.

It is how they roll, Mercede. Proceed with caution. They will put words in your mouth (and anyone else's, if it sells magazines).

Sharon said...

“you know what? You don’t have a job or an education, I’m not doing this with you.”

If memory serves, Bristol got pregnant when she had no job and to this day, she STILL has NO education! Or if she's been attending some school, she hasn't been paying attention. Besides, when you get pregnant by a boy who's as young as Levi was, she should have known that he didn't have a degree (or diploma) or a job. Like her mother, everything she says makes her look stupid and mean. The Palins can't let a chance to be nasty go by. That she'd choose to do it in a national tabloid is terrible but exactly what we all expect out any Palin.

I'm glad to see that you and your mother are okay. Mercede, you are OKAY. You're going to do just fine in this world and I'm sure that's one of the big reasons that Bristol is so jealous of you - that and the fact that you're prettier than both Bristol and Sarah.

Bell said...

"Mercede – I am on your side, I honestly am. Therefore, I hate to sound like I am defending Bristol, but here goes:

There is a POSSIBILITY that US Weekly made up that quote."

I'll answer. NOPE. Way back when this is what Bristol was telling people, she was not allowing Levi access to Tripp because he was dating friends of Mercede. Levi showed his texts from Bristol where Bristol was sending him threats about never seeing Tripp again if he saw "Those" girls.

Bristol is has an ego as big as her ass has grown and taking her spiteful vindictive immature personality to tabloids to hash out her personal defec

Nathan said...

Mercede, I never really had an opinion of you before reading this post.

Now, I think you're awesome.

Keep it up. The Palins are a (scary) manipulative bunch, Bristol included. Keep telling it like it is, and best of luck.

Karen said...

Someone advised you to try to make your own money off of this soap opera by contacting a magazine and telling your own story. Don't do this, not unless you have something really earthshaking to add to the story. So far you have a lot going for you ... you have graduated from high school, you are not saddled with a baby (or two), you seem to have a lovely, supportive mom. Stick with this blog if you need to keep telling your side of things, but don't succumb to the silly nonsense that the Palins and your brother are involved in, all that ridiculous attention-getting stuff. So many people are laughing at all of them, and sadly, you can't save your brother from anything. He will have to learn for himself. Study towards a career in something you love, and earn your money doing meaningful work.

Jane said...

Bristol is a product of how she was raised. The poor girl was not raised by a loving, nurturing, honest woman like you were. It is so obvious that Bristol is crying out for the attention and love that she never got from her own Mother. In both of the recent US magazine articles it is pretty clear that Bristol really, really resents her Mom for not supporting her and not being there for her. She says her Mom is never home, and her Mom had a lot more support with Trig, than she has with Tripp. Bristol's comments about you (and Ben) made HER look bad and at the same time brought attention to your blog! That is good for YOU!

jojobo1 said...

I had hoped that Levi and Bristol getting back together would be a good thing and wished them the best,but with nasty things like this said I don't think it will work out good.Bristol is too controlling.Reading Levis text messages, only someone very controlling does that and it is not a good thing.You and Sherry hang in there.I am just so sorry you can't get out of Wasilla even if it is only as far as Anchorage.You are a beautiful young lady,much more so than Bristol except for when she is air brushed to make her look better.Best of luck to you

Jan said...

Do you want Levi to marry Bristol?

Darwin said...

Could this be a setup by Sarah and Bristol that Levi walked into?

They got Levi to admit he lied about Sarah and now she has that confession in her bag of tricks and Levi can't tell what he knows about Sarah because the Palins can say Levi lied before and is lieing again!

The Palins made Levi look like a fool and Levi helped them.

Beverly From Montreal said...

I wholeheartedly agree with the comment by Karen @ 3:28 pm, Mercede. So far you've taken the high road in this debacle and have shown yourself to be a person of honor. Selling yourself to the tabloids would be lowering your standards and would not be in your best interest at all.

Caty Zeitler said...

note to gsb at 1:45 you responded to the wrong poster.
I have nothing to say about Bristol's looks. The commenter name is before the comment not after.

BonesAK said...

I find you highly credible. Sarah, Bristol, Levi not credible.

Be the best you can be, be honest, respond when you have to. In general, try to ignore them as much as possible.

Best of luck to you!

AlaskaSundog said...

Good post, Mercede. You hit the nail on the head. You're reacting with thought & analysis now instead of bewildered emotion. You are in control of what you can be -- yourself, your words & your actions. For me growing old is a bitch but so is growing up & you're doing it well. It's not easy but good job on how you've done thus far. Stand with dignity, head up; don't give up, & be truthful. Things usually have a way of sorting themselves out in the end. Your Chugiak neighbor.

Helen said...

Good on you for showing some tough love and calling your brother out.

Extreme2010 said...

Miss Sadie,

Keep on fighting for what YOU believe in. I don't believe a single word coming out of Levi and Bristol's lips, especially Bristol. They seem to care more about fame and glory instead of what truly matters: being a family.

But you probably know the famous saying "Money corrupts," and apparently money has corrupted Bristol and your brother Levi. Very sad and unfortunate.

I continue to wish you the best of luck, and my thoughts and prayers will be with you, always.

Connie said...

Bristol sells herself and her child to make money, we all know the word for that.........

Keep your chin up, stay focused on school and your Mom. Continue to tell the truth, the truth shall set you free.

sals said...

"you know what? You don’t have a job or an education, I’m not doing this with you.”
I honestly do not know what this girl was thinking and to say that in a magazine. She can only hurt Levi with that. Does she think she is educated? Listen to her talk, "whatnot", and blah blah and "whatnot". She is not educated and she is not articulate. She finished her high school education via correspondence. As a retired teacher in Alaska, most are not worth the paper it takes to complete them. They are set up for no more than 8th /9th grade reading levels and are reading short summaries and answering questions from the readings. Don't get me wrong, there are some great ones but she wouldn't have made it through those with her limited vocabulary and simple thinking. It is her ignorance that shows through everytime Bristol opens her mouth. To say those kinds of things shows the emptiness of her heart and soul, and to blame Levi, when it was her foolishness and jealousy that broke them up.
She is only famous through scandal. That is not flattering. Her mother got her a couple of gigs with the abstinence and the fashion mags, and scandal got her in the celebrity mags that move from one scandal to another. She will be old news shortly and so will her mother.
Levi has made some strategic errors and should really check with his agents and attorney to keep from getting totally screwed. He is much weaker now in his position for letting the palins dictate who he is with, what he says, and his "lies". Too bad.
Bristol is cute but will lose that as well, the same as her mother is now being seen less attractive than previously. That is due to not having the qualities that create the personna of beauty: behaviors that reflect the attractiveness of the person like a sense of honesty and integrity, understanding and the ability to forgive slights and see the best, a building up of those around the attractive one , and most importantly, a sense of graciousness that radiates from the attractive one. It is an inner beauty they both lack and that is causing them to be seen less attractively.
So my unsolicited advice to you, Mercedes, is continue working on your blog and writing from your heart. Let honesty guide you, and your inner beauty continue to grow. Your are a very attractive young woman, but must let the inward beauty grow. It is okay to call out people who lie and hurt you. NO one should get away with that. State the facts. Supply the evidence. Those who are looking for truth will see it and then there are some that can never see the truth if it isn't what they want to believe. Be a beautiful person to know. Be a great person no matter who you are with. Be your best self and live your best life. That is the best revenge.

sals said...

I forgot to add that it may seem I have attacked Bristol. I have simply called her out for her bitchiness and lying that makes her less attractive than she is. Her lies also detract.
Her swearing under oath about the young man that broke into her mother's email account---while that was wrong---it did not make it okay for her to lie under oath. It came across as her and her mother conspiring to say some things that made it more "horrible". Her fear of "guys calling and saying they were coming there" to do her harm? what? When she had secret service men around her doors.
The fact that she tried to play off down south the idea of being in the"bush" was inexcusable. I think that was the turning point for me about Bristol. Before that, I thought she was a victim of her mother and lack of quality parenting.
While that has something to do with it, it doesn't make people lie and manipulate. That is a lack of character, she has only learned that from her mom but now I hold her responsible.
Just wanted to clarify some things I said about Bristol and why.

illiniguy said...

Please answer this question: Do you or your brother have any way to know for sure who Trig's mom is? You have no idea how many people really need to know the answer. Thanks

icarust said...


I also agree with the comment by Karen @ 3:28 pm, about NOT selling stories to the tabloids. You will lose credibility and respect.

That's one of the reasons (out of many) that people don't respect Bristol and Sarah. All they seem to care about is money from anywhere they can get it, including celebrity gossip taboids.

Your blog is by far the best place to publicly state your case - as you've already been doing - and, hopefully, people who can afford to will donate. The fact you and your mom haven't already sold yourselves out to the tabloids is one of the big things that shows your superior intelligence, dignity and class.

icarust said...

Since you're asking "why?", there's likely several reasons, many already stated by others above:

Bristol is a sociopath like her mother;

Even if she isn't, she was raised and completely influenced by Sarah (who is a sociopath), so acts just like her. She's obviously immature, wrapped up in her own huge, misplaced ego and sense of entitlement, habitual lying and perpetual victimhood;

It's part of her tactic to turn Levi against you and isolate him from you and your mom, so she can completely control him;

She's jealous of your relationship with your mom, since her own is a disaster.

Darklady said...

Uhhh... hold on a minute.

She was reading Levi's cell phone text messages?

What kind of control freak is she, anyway? Talk about someone with trust issues, here she is with a gorgeous new baby, a handsome fiance... and she's reading his cell phone text messages? Behind his back or with his knowledge?

Everything after that just seems like so much blahblahblah.

You are very Beautiful said...

Hey Bristol - Levi still has his truck and that is what attracted you before...right? Nothing has changed. Your words, not mine.

"Everyday I can’t believe that no one has photographed Bristol going to work"

Bristol worked as a housekeeper for Kristan Cole. Cole is sick with depression....maybe there is no work at the moment.

The tabloid spread said she worked in a doctor's office, but she was a minimum wage housekeeper at the doctor's office for only two months. She is not any more employed than Levi and is just as educated.

You are very Beautiful said...

to the poster that thinks Bristol is beautiful....too funny. Anyone can look beautiful when air brushed and distorted.

She was almost unrecognizable as herself in the photo cover of the US tabloid.

Lil Sugar said...

Bristol is lying and will say anything to any magazine as long as she gets paid. So don't worry about her rants, she is trying to get paid at your expense. If you really want to tell Bristol anything, tell Bristol to leave your name out of her conversation because everytime she mentions you, it just shows that she is thinking about you. Tell her if money is going to be her claim to fame, tell the REAL STORY ABOUT HER MOTHER AND TRIG.

M. Johnson said...

If you are in need of money.... like an $100,000.00+ ...all you have to say... I will tell you the Palin's secert and they will be kicking your door down... so Bristol and Sarah need to apologize to you. LOL

Jan said...

Rumors that said Sarah refused to go to Bristol and Levi's wedding were false. Sarah's rep said the Palins will be there to support Bristol in her decision

Hannah Teague said...

The only ammunition you have is the true knowledge that Bristol Palin had TWO illigitimate children, and one was robbed from her by her power-hungry, racist, psychotic, cynical, and greedy mother to cover up a potential political scandal involving her Alaska governorship and her pathetic campaign with the pathetic John McCain. Sell the story to a tabloid. Get money. Get away from these people. They'll suck you dry and spit you out. Remember---"Sunlight is the best disinfectant." And you have the power to help yourself and help your nation.

ag said...

Just saw that Levi perhaps has another girl pregnant (Lanesia Garcia) Is this true? Will you do a post about this? It's via the National Enquirer and was posted on Perez Hilton. Sorry if this is a bad thing but now that the cat is out of the bag I thought you might want to chime in on a post. People are talking about it on various blogs and while the Enquirer is nothing but a skeezy tabloid they have been right about a few things lately so just wanted to give you a head's up.

Jan said...

Perez hilton posted that the Natl Enquirer is saying Levi MAY be the father of Lanesia Garcia's baby. PH said Lanesia is not sure if it another one of her boyfriend's or Levi's?? Are you friends with her?

TRB said...

Mercede ~ this blog was a nice idea. I can understand the desire to make your points publicly. That being said, it seems like most of your commenters are goading you into self-revealing posts to feed their own appetites for gossip. For every person gushing over how much class and intelligence you're showing, there at least ten who cringe at the details you're offering. I imagine you can see how this cyber-sharing will continue to alienate your brother and his family. Please consider your dignity and privacy before letting the publicity hounds devour you. Even those who claim to be *on your side* may not have your best interest in mind.

icarust said...

Tabloids are already asking: did Levi get another girl pregnant? Trouble in paradise already...just be patient.

Michelle said...

Yeah, so the National Enquirer is making Bristol out to be a victim of Levi saying she is betrayed by the sex he had with another girl while they were busted. Soemone better start spilling the truth as they know it cause as it is right now Levi will get kicked to the curb without Tripp as Palin's will use this opportunity to revirgin Bristol and make Levi out to be scum of the Earth.

Whoever knows something you better get it out and quick. If you do not than Palin's will reap rewards again & you will be labeled white trash. Levi already made himself a liar by telling the truth than saying he lied. No one will believe him ever again. Best someone who loves him talks...soon.

Martha Unalaska Yard Sign said...

All I have to say is that I don't think things are going to be all that great for Bristol & Levi after the wedding. All the hype and attention leading up to a wedding - it ends after the ceremony as far as most people are concerned. This is a shortsighted view in my eyes - the toughest times when you need support the most is often AFTER the pretty little wedding. Just like after a funeral. When the guests go home, the lights go off and all the dishes are put away - that's when the real work begins.

I wouldn't trade my hubby for the world and I'm extremely lucky that he is a loving, smart, funny and exceptionally loyal guy. That doesn't mean it's been easy to figure out how to meld our lives and interests, and how to grow & change together over a period of many years.

Bristol? Hard work? Compromise? Compassion? Sorry - it's just not in her bones. It showed the second she started trashing Levi, and he didn't trash her back. She has shown zero courage, and less than zero class if that's possible. Levi has the strength born of love from his family, Bristol does not. She's lazy, a good marriage takes work. She's mean, a good marriage takes love. She's selfish, a good marriage takes generosity.

Mercede - earn your dollars for school and travel if you can. Travel is a wonderful classroom with ever changing scenery, classmates and teachers! There is no compare. Don't let the years slip by without making a goal for every single one of them, no matter how small or large. Best to you, my young friend.

tallimat said...

So it is just past noon on Friday...

Hope you and mom have a nice weekend.


California Boy said...

Sadie, Sadie,
I cant spend my whole day checking on when you gonna update! I am dying to hear whats happening. Please sit your butt down and fill your beloved readers in!

B said...


I remember when you were on Larry King with your mom and you looked terrific--light hair pulled back, turtleneck sweater--very Ann Margaret-ish. You were poised and spoke well on national TV and, when Larry asked, you said you wanted to be a surgeon.

Lots of people here are pulling for you. Please don't lose sight of your dreams. You can start with community college and still live at home and take care of your mom.

palmerbornnbred said...

And if it seems like I'm being harsh, it's because I know that it takes heat to get the water boiling. Rise above, Sadie, rise above. And ifyou choose not to post these negative comments, I understand. But you'll never be good enough for XXXXXXXX. Prove me wrong.

Jan said...

The paps and stalkers ran Bristol out of her TH as she did not feel safe there with Tripp. She has moved back home with her parents. Levi should come back home too and help YOU with your mom. Levi should make some good money on this video and should be helping the mom who raised him and his sister.

Rob said...

It is election time and all those that Sarah Palin has thrown her support for is a joke. Where is her
crediability to back anything except she has money to pay off and control
events around her. She creates the problems and then claims to be victum, Bristol has a teacher of deceit and denial





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