Friday, July 30, 2010

My friend Lanesia Garcia is having a baby, and Levi has absolutely NOTHING to do with it

Wow, have the last few weeks been full of surprises or what?

For some time now I have been wanting to put up my mom’s guest post but there has been so much breaking news I am going to have to put that aside until later next week.

Right now I think I have to address the situation concerning Lanesia Garcia.

Lanesia is my brother’s former middle school girlfriend. During their relationship she and I grew close and became good friends, and remained so even after they broke up.

We used to hangout all the time, but since Levi and Bristol got together that first time it has been hell trying to spend time with her.

Bristol and Lanesia use to be friends before Lanesia and Levi broke up. But once they split, and Levi and Bristol got together, Bristol became extremely jealous of Lanesia and no longer wanted anything to do with her. She completely dumped Lanesia as a friend leaving Lanesia feeling betrayed and deeply hurt.

During Levi and Bristol’s entire relationship I have continued to maintain a friendship with Lanesia, and even worked with her for a brief time period. But Bristol simply could not accept that. She would get angry and even yell at Levi, me, and even my MOM for associating with Lanesia.

Here is part of an interview I did back in February about the text messages from Bristol to Levi. That's my mother in the background saying "We all cried."

Out of respect for Bristol, and knowing how it felt to be worried about somebody’s ex, I never had Lanesia come over while Levi was home, although I thought that was pretty stupid. However it just wasn’t worth listening to one of Bristol's temper tantrums.

As a result I would rarely hangout with Lanesia, and if I did it was mostly at her house or we would go out and do something around town.

Believe it or not Bristol would have her friends on the look out for Lanesia’s vehicle at our house. If somebody saw her car I would get random threatening texts from Bristol. She just could not get over the fact that I was still going to be her friend and that I was not going to let her control me.

I find it very immature for Bristol to tell me who I can, and can’t be friends with based on their past relationship with my brother.

To be honest Lanesia and I were not friends when she and Levi first got together. Being the protective sister that I am I really did not warm up to her for quite awhile. But over time she grew on me and I gained a great deal of respect for her. I eventually learned how kind Lanesia was and how much we had in common.

For example ever since the first Christmas and Valentines Day that Levi and Lanesia spent together as a couple, she has always gone out of her way to get a gift for my mother and I, and we would always get her one too.

Now it is kind of like a tradition. Every Christmas and Valentines day I always have a special gift or two from my friend Lanesia.

Well this has always presented a huge problem when it came to dealing with Bristol.

Here is an example of what I am talking about:

It was February 14th 2009 and I was just about to head off to my then boyfriends house (He was going to take me out to dinner and then we were going to go over and watch movies at his house), when I noticed a missed call from Nesia.

I called her back and she asked if she could stop by.

Knowing Levi wouldn’t be home for a few hours, and that I had a few minutes to spare before I had to leave, I said “yes of course” and told her that I had something for her when she arrived.

About five minutes later she pulled up. When I answered the door I saw her standing there with two huge beautiful bouquets’ of flowers. Orange for me, because she knew its my favorite color, and purple for my mom, because that is her favorite. (I think we got her flowers and a teddy bear.)

After we exchanged gifts and chatted for a bit, we walked out together and both left the house at the same time. She was only at our house for about 5-7 minutes.

After my boyfriend and I returned from dinner, and were back at his house watching movies with his mom and step dad, I noticed a few text messages on my phone from Bristol.

This is what she wrote, “How f**king dumb could you be to have Lanesia stop by your house? You will never see your nephew again!” and about four other texts that were just as hurtful and filled with rage.

I let my boyfriend read them as I just sat stunned with disbelief. He read it out loud to his parents and his mom said you should text her back and tell her to grow up.

I contemplated replying but decided not to because, no matter what I say, it will never be good enough. I obeyed her demands, and didn’t have Lanesia come over while Levi was home there so we wouldn’t have a problem, and it still was not enough.

I tried not to let the messages ruin my night as I sat and finished watching the movies with my boyfriend and his parents. Afterward, around 10 PM I returned home. As soon as I walked in my front door I automatically I felt that something was wrong.

As I entered the house I saw my brother laying on the living room couch with this kind of puzzled, upset look on his face, which I had not seen since we were kids and overheard our parents discussing getting a divorce.

Because Levi is such a private person I decided not to ask him any questions and instead went upstairs to ask mom if she knew what was wrong.

She stood up and said “Guess who called me?”

I had no idea and asked “Who?” She said “Bristol! And she exploded and went off on me”.

I was pretty shocked and more than a little confused. “Why? What did she say?” I asked.

Mom told me, with tears running down her face in anger, that Bristol had called her and exploded in anger, screaming at her and saying “How dare you allow Lanesia to stop by your house!”, and that was the reason we will never see Tripp, because “girls like that are stopping by!” She then claimed that we had a chaotic f**cked up family and then went on to compare Lanesia, Levi’s teenage middle school girlfriend, to the woman my father had cheated on my mother with.

I was in complete disbelief that my brother’s girlfriend/fiancé would call the grandmother of her newborn son and scream at her just because an ex-girlfriend of Levi’s had stopped by for a few minutes to drop off a gift. It was absolutely surreal.

I was so incredibly angry that I went straight downstairs to ask my brother what the heck was going on and how Bristol even knew Lanesia had stopped by?

Levi said that apparently one of her friends drove by and saw Lanesia’s truck at our house.

Levi looked extremely depressed and held up his cellphone saying “Look.”

I did as he asked and this is what I read. “Ever since the moment I found out I was pregnant I prayed to God you weren’t the father!”

I will not lie on my blog, so I will admit that I cried. I had quite a few tears streaming down my cheek as I hugged my brother and tried to comfort him.

I told him how sorry I was, and that I didn’t realize having my friend over would cause such turmoil. He said not to worry about it and it and that it wasn’t my fault.

My point in telling this story is to illustrate that Bristol has always had a huge problem with Lanesia and was always super self conscious when it came to her and Levi.

Since Levi and Bristol got back together he has now tried to contact me only twice.

Once demanding that I take my blog down, and the second was when he called my mom’s phone demanding that I give him Lanesia’s cell phone number so he could call her in front of Bristol and prove he isn’t the father of her unborn child. In response I told him that because I had been so desperate to see my nephew I hadn’t even talked to Lanesia in several months. I told him I did not even have her new number ( I could tell that I was on speaker phone and knew that Bristol was listening to make sure Levi did as she demanded).

He then asked “Have I been with Lanesia” (Obviously he was hoping that if I said he hadn’t been with her that would be enough to calm Bristol down.) I replied “ Well, Levi how would I know? Despite Bristol’s claims I don’t make you sleep with other women. But I believe with all my heart that you have not slept with her.”

Then he hung up on me. “Well” I thought “that’s the end of that!”

This all took place about a week or two ago. Yesterday I received several e-mails with links claiming Lanesia is currently pregnant with Levi’s kid.

I have talked to both Lanesia and Levi and both have said that is a lie.

Lanesia says she is 100% sure that she is pregnant with her boyfriend’s child and desperately wants all these rumors put to rest.

She says there is NO way that this child is Levi’s.

I do not think there is any way this child could be my brother’s either, although that would be a bitter sweet miracle. I say bitter because of the repercussions it would have on my brother and his relationship with Bristol, and sweet because I know Lanesia would love nothing more then to have my mother and myself in her child’s life because she knows we are very kind people who would be a great aunt and grandmother to her baby. Even if others may not agree.

Either way I am very happy for my friend Lanesia and just KNOW she will make a great mother.


B said...

Bristol is poison. Lanesia may make a great mother, and a baby brings much happiness, but the road as a single mom and recent high school graduate who supports herself waiting tables will be long and hard. I am pleased you are choosing a different route, Sadie.

Teutonic13 said...

Form Lubbock Tx Mercede-

I have been following your story for a bit, and have to say that seeing you fight back is refreshing.

Hope your brother stops letting himself be everybody else's punching bag.

Tell him to get his GED (really easy test) to get that monkey off his back, trash those two parasites that have sucked him dry, and use the money that's left to get into a college or trade school.

He seems like he would be a great park ranger or hunting guide.

A lot of talent in your family if you'all just believe in yourselves.


AlexaH said...

Bristol is trash, she deserves all the chaos she created. To speak to your mother that way is beyond low class. It is the kind of behavior you expect from someone who was raised without parents, on the street. It is what I would expect from a thug or a hooker. Mercede, you are a lovely young lady, stay far away from this gutter mouthed POS. Parents in Wasilla should keep their kids far away from Palin kids. They are nothing but classless troublemakers.

Elizabeth said...

What an immature, manipulative girl. I feel sorry for Levi, you, your mom, and Lanesia. I also feel very sorry for Tripp. To Bristol, Tripp is nothing more than a paycheck and a weapon for getting whatever she wants.

Tru said...

The most telling thing is having Bristol (the Abstinence Princess) say “Ever since the moment I found out I was pregnant I prayed to God you weren’t the father!”....The girl sleeps around, apparently.
Mercede, keep up the great blog!

Shamus said...

Bristle certainly has severe mental issues, but then, as the saying goes, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

If I was living with someone like that, I'd be very afraid to close my eyes at night (visualize Elena Bobbit or the movie "The Burning Bed").

Molly said...

And to think that I have felt sorry for Bristol at times.

Sounds like she's the ultimate mean girl, just like her mother. Having a baby did nothing to 'progress' her maturation.

LEVI--you don't HAVE to marry her, ya know. Get a real lawyer, get your GED and train for a career, and get joint custody. (not in that order!) Then find yourself a woman who will RESPECT you enough to trust you and allow you to associate with the family and friends of your own choosing.

The Palins are NOTHING SPECIAL, and none of them get to tell the Johnstons or the Garcias who they can or cannot associate with.

I am frankly stunned that Bristol could be so mean and nasty. I had given her the benefit of the doubt in the past, and thought perhaps her mother dictated her behavior, but, it seems that Ms Bristol has turned into the nastiest of bitches. I cannot believe that she would do press ops and declare her love for Levi and their impending wedding, then turn around and, based on internet rumors about a former GF of Levi's, demand that he call Lanesia in front of her to have them deny to her the rumored paternity. She sounds kinda hormonal,too. IS SHE PREGNANT? Is she SURE it's Levi's? Levi, are you SURE? People often accuse others of the thing they are guilty of. (Her mother is an expert at this)

It's just soooo childish and again, still have time to cut her out of your life, get joint custody of Tripp, and get on with your own life. The Palins (and I'm referring to Sarah and Bristol) are sick.

Hey Sadie, any word around town on what's up with Track Palin? Is he on leave from the army or what? Was he discharged? Is he working? Many of us would like to know the facts of that because we have a 'feeling' that Sarah may have told a lie about his army career too, along with all her other lies.

I would hate to be Bristol. It must be awful to always be on the defensive about everything every minute of one's life, which accounts for the offensive behavior. She must have absolutely NO self-esteem at all. She's a freakin' bully, JUST LIKE HER MOTHER.

The one thing I agree with her on is the fact that she and Levi should see a counselor IF they plan on marrying. I think she thinks that SHE doesn't need it, though. I think she thinks SHE is perfect and the innocent victim and blah blah....again, how much more like her mother could she possibly BE?

Sorry to go on and on. The mother of your BF that you mentioned has it exactly right: Bristol needs to grow up.

M Barker said...

What you should do is everytime Bristol sends you a message, directly or not, is put it on your blog so everyone can read the type of person she really is. The messages will quickly stop and she will realize she has no control over you, and you will have taken away her one main means of threatening you. As long as she knows her messages have an effect on you, ie. making you cry or upsetting you, she knows she has the upper hand and does in effect have a means of getting to you emotionally. As long as she knows that, the messages will continue and she will continue to have the satisfaction knowing they upset you. She will always us the threat of keeping the baby from you as a means of control and you need to pursue what legal avenues you have, if you already have not, to know what your legal visitation rights are. She needs to know you are willing to pursue those rights should she deny your rights of visitation, and Bristol needs to know of the various means you have available inorder to raise the necissary legal funds to back your demands for visitation. Those sources of funds could be short stories published in a reputable national publication citing facts of the Palin's family past behavior along with backup information other press members can use to back your story. In writting what ever you chose to write about the Palin's, make very certain it is factual and accurate. Also, don't ever tell her exactly what you plan to write, so the element of surprise will be in your favor and the Palin's will not be able to 'take the wind out of your sails' by making early false accusations about what you plan to write. Get someone who has a national reputation for writting accurate and factual articles so their reputation helps supports your story. But most importantly, document every statement you make as much as humanly possible by at least using their exact words and dates the statements were made.

JJ said...

Wow - Bristol really is a chip off the old block! Question: why did Bristol pray the baby was not Levi's if getting pregnant was not a mistake and they were apparently trying for a baby? Was she just trying to get pregnant, and it didn't matter to her by whom?

Don Stewart said...

Just passing through again. If Levi reads this, run run as fast as you can from that crazy family. I was married to a manipulative, insecure bitch once. She quit taking meds for borderline schitzo and Bristol sure has the symptoms.
I'm sure Bristol and Sarah stop by for a view of this blog too so, just for them: Your flag decal won't get you into heaven anymore, they're already overcrowded you dirty little whore, now Jesus don't like lyin, no matter what the reason for and your flag decal won't get you into heaven any more, ( special thanks to John Prine).

daisydem said...

Can something not be done legally about the Enquirer publishing the story that Levi might be Lanesia's baby's father? Obviously someone fed them that story and they ran with it and have called an innocent party (Lanesia) much stress and embarassment.

Susan said...

1. Demand a paternity test, based on her comment about hoping the baby isn't Levi's.

2. If Tripp is Levi's child, hire a good lawyer and get appropriate custody.

All of this "you better not _____ or you'll never see your nephew/son/grandson" is ridiculous. If Levi is the father, he has as much say in Tripp's life as Bristol. In fact, he could threaten not to let Sarah visit Tripp when Levi has custody of Tripp! That would be absurd, right? But it's the same situation.

Midnight Cajun said...

The timing of this latest Bristol Blowup doesn't quite pass the sniff test. Given how obsessed B is with Lanesia, and given all the little sycophant spies she has, is it really possible Bristol didn't hear about L's baby until now, given that it's due to be born in less than a month?

As for Bristol praying the baby wasn't Levi's, obviously she was whoring around a bit at the time of the conception. Any idea who the other potential dads were? And who do you think spread the story that Lanesia had a list of three possible baby daddies? Any chance it was green-eyed Bristol herself?

I feel for you, having that toxic witch in your life, forever tied to you by the child you love (and that she loves to use). That kind of turmoil is not healthy, it churns your stomach and tears your heart and leaves you waiting, breathless, for the next blowup. Why did Levi never get a court-ordered visitation schedule? She should not have had that kind of power over y'all. He could have sued her fat ass.

And start saving those text messages!

Judi said...


If anything this blog has allowed many of us to tell the Palins that outside of their sick little ignorant cult following, we are on to their manipulations and hate mongering. So sorry Mercede that you, your mom and Levi have had to deal with the hatefulness of that family and their obvious attempts at trying to sway public opinion in the matters that concern you. Now Bristol has cast her net for your friend and Levi's ex in an attempt to smear her as well.

You are a fine young woman Mercede and I feel so badly for you and your mom. You keep on the side of right and don't back down to those clowns. The world is watching the Palin's and what we are seeing is who they really are which includes vengeful, tacky behavior. Bristol needs to grow up and little Tripp needs to be far, far away from the Palin's who use him like a little pawn in a game that nobody wins. Many of us are worried about little Trig too who no one seems to know anything about as of late.

You stay classy Mercede...and keep standing up for what is right. We know who the real victims are here.

Big hugs to you and your lovely mom.

thinking of you said...

I didn't know anything at all about Sarah Palin until she was nominated by McCain to be his VP. I began to read the Alaska blogs to learn about her. Troopergate was going on then, and I remember reading that a judge admonished Sarah and Todd to stop insulting their former brother-in-law, Trooper Wooten in front of his children. The judge said that it amounted to child abuse. Sarah and Todd tried to have Trooper Wooten fired, which would have deprived his kids of child support. Bristol is acting exactly as she has seen her parents act, like spoiled children who will stop at nothing to get their way.

I agree with M.Barker. Save every nasty text, email and phone message in a secure file and back it up. Publish the comments, because they are the proof that Bristol has manufactured as situation out of her own jealously and frustration. Her horrible comment that she prayed that Tripp wasn't Levi's should be reason enough for him to get a DNA test. It means that someone else could have been the father, and that the spokesperson for abstinence was anything but abstinent.

Bristol may give interviews about her beautiful life, wearing designer gowns in her fabulous condo while baking cookies for a staged fashion shoot in a magazine. If she was really happy she wouldn't act this way. My guess is that at 19 years old, being tied down with a toddler is really a burden. She cannot get out and kick up her heels. She is also the victim of her spiteful, controlling mother. She cannot act out against her mother, so she has chosen you and your mother as the recipients of her anger.

Seriously, save every message to points to Bristol's immaturity and instability. Then, please find a reliable lawyer to press Levi's case for custody. He really does need to get his GED and a stable source of income to make his case. If he is the father of Tripp, he has every right to see his child without the attached strings of "take down your blog" or "don't have that girl at your house."

Taylor said...

Just a thought BUT it makes me wonder if perhaps Bristol herself is leaking/planting rumors in the media because she knows the tabloids will pay a lot of money for the dirt. After all she did play one tabloid against the other and held out for the most money when announcing her "re-engagement" and publishing pictures. She knows the media wants to report on her every move, so why not play them for fools to get more money and then laugh all the way to the bank? Bristol could possibly be crazy like a fox just like her anything for MONEY. Like I said, just a thought but who knows. Bristol and Sarah are just full of surprises.

Love your blog Mercede! Hang in there girl.

Jan said...

Levi should co-parent and let the courts work out the schedule and have contact with Bristol ONLY to co-parent. Bristol trying to control YOU and YOUR MOM is nuts!!! At least Levi got the music video gig out of the short engagement but marriage should be off the table with all these problems.

themom said...

My intial thought after reading you blog entry was, "Children live what they learn...." Just what and where did BP learn this. As hurtful as it is, you may have to resign yourself to living you life (for now) without your adored nephew. If nothing else, the dramatic chaos (which seems to be a cyclical addiction for the P family) may subside. It hurts but your family deserves a healthy mental and emotional well-being,

fawn said...

Bristol is mentally ill, she has a personality disorder like her mother (often inherited). She will be poison for everyone she is around--there is no effective treatment for personlity disorders. The only thing you can do is keep her out of your life.
Strange that Bristol would pray Levi wasn't the father--means there was more than one option--has he gotten a DNA test? If not advise him to do so, even a "home" test can be done cheaply.

Don Stewart said...

Just tell everything you know. If Bristol was pregnant and had to leave school, you know. She will hold tripp hostage forever. When your brother grows a pair and tells the palins to screw off and takes responsibility, you will see him as often as you want.
It isn't your decision if you get to see him and don't use it as a crutch. Life is long and he will grow up. If your brother wants to influence that he should act like a man and tell Bristol to go to hell. It's really your choice, tell all you know or suspect about the babygate or let the Palins blackmail you and your family forever.

Emily said...

You sound like a clever and kind young woman Mercede. I enjoy reading your blog. I believe your perspective to be honest and thoughtful.

Tripp won't be a baby for long. The day will soon come when he will insist on knowing his aunt and grandmother Johnston.

Stay strong and warm regards to you and your mom.

newmom said...

I'm still reeling over the fact that Lanesia was a MIDDLE SCHOOL girlfriend. Wow. Just wow.

The only sick puppies in $arah's life are her own children. Track had his problems, but perhaps the military and the Menard gene pool has saved him. Willow has already shown herself to be reckless and criminal. Todd better grow some FAST before Piper and Trigg wind up in serious trouble. Levi too because Tripp will suffer as a result of Bristol's craziness. It makes sense that they are tapping down hard on Willow, because Bristol is out of control and she's over 18. But just keeping Willow in summer jail isn't enough. Todd needs to come up with some long-term solutions... and get the kids away from that toxic mama that has already done enough damage. What a sad family, and even sadder that we have to be witness to their sickness.

The smear job on Lanesia has Bristol/$arah written all over it.

kil said...

How much did Bristol and her cousin get for trying to trash Nesia in the tabloids? Bristol is a worthless piece and Levi better get out while he still can.

newmom said...

Keep on writing, Mercede. You express yourself very well and without the hysteria that is part of the Palin brand. It is easy to see that you are sincere and only standing up for yourself. You would not be writing about this otherwise.

You have a lot of support out here.

mmboucher said...

Have all these baby's tested, and let the truth come out that Bristol is the "slut" that she herself proclaimed.

luckypink said...

I'm sorry that Lanesia is being put through all of this... being pregnant is hard enough without this sort of drama. And I'm sorry that once again the Palin's are creating drama for you and your family.

You should be proud of yourself for taking the high road and refusing to stoop to the Palin's level no matter how hard they try to make you lose your cool.

Cyndy Guevera said...

I tried to post already, but it is not showing???? Mercede, Keep doing what you are doing. You express yourself well, and I believe you. Thanks for exposing that sick family and confirming all our suspicions. SP is destroying our country with her lies and distortions and for the sake of our future, she needs to be taken down. Your exposure is helping and you will be a hero. Keep good records, always tell the truth,and always do the right thing. Your great grand kids will read about you some day. Bristol is worse than I thought and your exposure of her will help other young ladies and men to steer clear of dysfunctional people like her. She is a typical "mean" girl and needs help. I do fear for Tripp. Levi--------please run as fast as you can in the other direction. Take this black cloud and turn it into a silver lining. Get yourself some help too, we all need to clear the cob webs every once in a while. You are only going to hurt your son if you don't. BTW sounds like you need to get a paternity test. I sure would, you might luck out and get to wash your hands completely from this family.

gsb said...

save your self and your mom and sister levi. get a DNA done, leave the palin's. their idea of being famous is being in the tabloids.

krbmjb05 said...

agree with mmboucher! Levi will NEVER be free of this. Demand a test. If a DNA test has not been performed on Tripp it needs to be. Legally he can demand it and force it based on that text message he received.

What, he doesn't want to rattle the hornet's nest that is the Palins? How pathetic that a MAN would allow himself to be stomped on and spit upon like this. MAN UP LEVI!!

Sadie, I'm glad you are happy for your friend, but I hope you understand that getting pregnant at 19 with a HS education and not married is not smart.

MMC said...

Apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.I had the same problems ,in High school with (Sara's sibling).Over my religion. Later,we had a problem over her old boyfriend, who was a childhood friend of mine(similar kind of issue)not quite the same..My mother was also, harassed by their father while serving on the school board for difference's of opinions..So,Sorry,I know how you feel...

Ivyfree said...

I really hope the Levi has obtained a paternity test on Tripp. It sounds like Bristol really isn't certain who the father is, and she would know.

Also: I suggest you quit trying to make Bristol happy. You're doing what she wants in order to have the hope that you might someday see Tripp. I understand that motivation. However, people don't change much, and Bristol isn't going to change behavior that works for her. She threatens your access to Tripp, and you obey. But you are never going to make her happy enough to give you reasonable access. You will always be her victim, until you decide that your life is important to you.

I suggest you just do what you want, invite the friends you want, live the way you want. If Bristol screams at you on the phone, hang up. If she keeps calling because you've hung up, pull the battery. If she texts you, either change your number or publish the texts. (I like the second option, but that's just me.)

Seriously, it's not like you're seeing Tripp and she might take that away. You are ALREADY not seeing Tripp. What worse can she do? I don't know, but you are letting her play you and as long as she controls the game, she wins.

krbmjb05 said...

Unfortunately, for those that think that when Tripp gets older, he'll be able to make his own choices to see Mercede and Sherry, you are unfortunately wrong. Between Bristol and Sarah, they will fill Tripp's head with such nonsense and lies, Tripp will be brainwashed to believe that the Johnston's are evil.

It's called PARENTAL ALIENATION..and it not only affects a mother or father, but extended family as well.

Mercede, I suggest you and your Mom get involved in a national campaign for Parental Alienation and tell your story how you are being held hostage by Bristol and are not allowed to see Tripp. You would have many of these organizations back you up. This NEEDS to be brought to the forefront. You will NOT get a bigger audience than showing that a PALIN is guilty of this worldwide epidemic!!

Jo Ann said...

This story is not being corrected on national news. Why would Sarah, Bristol or Levi want this story out there and not do something to get it corrected? I think your girlfriend should sue the outlets, Mercede. The amazing thing is that folks are following it....if Sarah thinks this family crud is going to enhance her position in running for President, she is nuts!

Gles said...

You go Mercede! So let me get this straight....Bristol has total freedom to date whom she wants, have sex with whom she wants, speak anyway she wants on the phone/text to adults/friends and visit anyone she wants. Life must be really sweet for her.... How does she keep track of all her activities, work full time and take care of a baby? She got herself out of the house so as not to be stuck caring for Trig, Piper and Willow.

Now remember that Todd really dogged/stalked trooper Wooten...dates, times, pictures, etc. Perhaps the family has a Private Eye on the payroll that just goes around keeping track of everyone he's told to. How very sick and sad is that. Bristol sure hides when people try to get photos of her now doesn't she....

Please keep writing Mercedes and I look forward to seeing your Mom's commentary. Maybe we all can figure out a way to help stop the tears at your house.... As my grandmother would say "spit in their eye and drown them"!

krbmjb05 said...

Mercede, I recommend you and your Mom watch this video about Parental Alienation:

Mary said...

It is as simple as this:

The Palins are complete frauds.

Guest said...

Mercede, since you said Bristol at the time was hoping your brother wasn't the father, I assume that means they had a dna test done? That would be the only way of course for her to determine who the father was. Did Levi tell you he had one done? Just wondering.

In any case, reading your long, meandering post made my head spin. It was like reading a script out of 'As the World Turns'. When you mentioned middle school, and reminded me Bristol is only 19, and you and Levi are young as well, it just reinforced my long standing belief that a lot of what's transpired is a result of you all being young, inexperienced and living in a small town.

My advice to you Mercede, is be friends with exactly who you want to be friends with, and that includes Nesia. You always want to be positive and take the high road, but at the same time you can't allow people to control your contact with friends and family. This happens in grownup relationships too and it's not a good thing. You've learned the lesson early, it seems, from Bristol. A second thing you've no doubt learned is that you can't change other people, only yourself. When others become toxic, either temporarily or permanently, it's necessary to get your feet moving one in front of the other and remove yourself from their presence (physically and virtually). This is for your own sanity.

In 10 years the people in your life are going to likely blow off everything that is happening right now. "Oh that? I was a kid then, what did you expect?" They will not allow themselves to be accountable nor will they care in 10 years how you felt about it. It's just human nature. So while it puts knots in your stomach now, keep it all in perspective, because it means nothing. It holds no weight.

What your priority is, is to keep growing, improve yourself to be a better person, and take actions to ensure your financially security. Be centered. There's nothing else that should supercede that, even the care you provide for your mother. Tape a big sign to your bedroom mirror that says "Me first." Because you can't be a help to anyone, not to your mother, your brother, your nephew or your friends if you don't take care of yourself first.

Lisabeth said...

Wow! I am practically speechless! I hope you and your mom know that this is NOT simply immaturity on Bristols part. She clearly has very severe emotional problems. She is a sick sick girl who should not be having babies. Imagine what she would teach her kids, what she would create. Look at what Sarah has created! Bristol is extremely insecure to a degree that any psychiatrist would call pathological. She needs serious therapy. I want to believe that she is a good person even though I don't know. I hope though that she has some insight into how screwed up this behavior is. If she did, she would get the H away from her family and get into therapy.
Because if she continues like this, her life is doomed.
Nobody puts up with that sick posessive behavior in the real adult world. She wouldn't be able to maintain a job or ANY relationship. I almost feel sorry for her because she is a product of her environment and is headed for one very unhappy life! I guarantee you, Sarah will not be president and most people are sick of her big mouth and negative influence on our country. What will Bristol do when Sarah is not a money maker anymore.

Enough of that! You are very brave!! And a loyal good friend to Lanesia. Please be careful because you know this post
will infuriate people.

I really wish you and your mom would move AWAY from toxic Wasilla. Honestly the rest of the world is not this small town. There are lots of cities where the highschools are not filled with pregnant girls!! I know this for a fact! You seem smart and capable- I wish a better life for you.

Thanks for clarifying and stay safe! Think about your future and stay away from the toxic Palin family.

CAgal said...

Mercede, you are much more powerful than the Palin's. You have TRUTH and INTEGRITY on your side. Stay on that high road - it will be a bit bumpy, but worth it in the end for everyone involved.

Molemann said...

Gles & M.Barker hit the nail on the head. Your brother's life is over if he doesn't grow up and rid himself of all the Palin baggage.
Just don't understand the visitation issue. Since this new "get-together" "make-up", whatever, The door is wide open for your brother to do the right thing and show Bristol the door. Followed up with a joint custody suit to include a DNA test in light of the fact of the text msg. from Bristol about who the father may or may not be. This is a "no brainer" so start shopping lawers and get it done! NOW

Paula said...

I always wondered how 2 dark haired, brown eyed people had a blonde kid with blue eyes??? Bristol was obviously "around the block" a few times.

Your brother better smarten up, grow up, shut up and start making some sane choices before all is lost.

As for you & mom, I wouldn't worry about that valley trash, the Palins, they tend to destroy everything they touch, including their own lives. They'll sink themselves.

Karma, baby, karma.

mmboucher said...

Remember when we first heard Bristol might be the mother of Trig, we were told she was a partier , she was doing drugs, drinking and sleeping with multiple boys? Why wouldn't Levi have a paternity test done? You know if the "wedding is off again" the demands for child support will be back on the table $1700+ a month? I hope Levi was at the very least smart enough to have one half of the $100,000 from US Weekly in his checking account.

mmboucher said...

One more thing: Does anyone know why Bristol & Ben split? Was it his choice or Bristols? I hope Ben is demanding a paternity test also. Bristol has to be exposed, like Sarah should have been many years ago!

Facebook Lurker said...

Hi Mercede...I have gotten a good look a Bristols facebook page, and learned quite a bit. One thing I am certain of, is that she does love Tripp, and he seems to be a very happy baby. I think she clings to him because her own family life is and was shit.

Just recently, Bristol had a blurb up "Keep spreading those lies Big M", obviously referring to you and your blog. When a friend responded back to her, she wrote this whole tangent about how right after Tripp was born, magazines were offering tons of money for pictures of Tripp, but then you sold pictures of the baby for $2500 when you went to Florida. It was so odd, because then she said you got neon on your car and whatever else, and at least you could have bought diapers and formula for Tripp. I thought that gave a good insight into Bristol's mindset.

Bristol is one hundred percent her mother's daughter. She learned at the foot of the master.She has sold herself to the tabloid media for tens of thousands of dollars, and she now has put herself and her son up for public scrutiny and ridicule. I would almost guarantee this whole Lanesia/Levi story was a plant by the Palins or someone close to them. It reeks of a setup.

Levi is f'ed so he might as well man up, get a DNA test done on Tripp, and go to court. You see whoever you want, whenever you want, and fuck Bristol and everyone else. It is so sad that she uses her child as a pawn in her sick little games, but that is how Bristol was taught.

curiouser said...

I'll take the Pollyanna approach and say that Bristol's text doesn't necessarily indicate that there was another possible father for Tripp. It could be that she was just either fitfully lashing out at Levi (possibly without cause) or consciously trying to control him by saying the cruelest, meanest thing possible.

Many women go through short or extended periods of time wishing they had a different boyfriend/husband/father for their children. Bristol's text could be a monster-on-steroids version of that wish/prayer.

Happy, healthy people don't hurt others this way. I really think Bristol was and is a victim who turned into a victimizer. I hope she and Levi will get couples counseling to (ahem) 'help Levi with his problems'.

I also hope Lanesia can get the National Enquirer to publish a retraction of the rumor story and also 'out' the source of the rumor.

Chin up, pretty girl!

OB said...

First thing's First: Get the DNA test done! (There is a possibility that Tripp might not be you nephew.) In that case you really have no need to stay in Wasilla. You should then along with your mother and brother hightail it out of there and say good riddance. Good luck.

Lauren said...

Here is my theory and I bet this is right.

Sarah is behind all of this. She did not want Bristol to marry Levi. Remember Bristol said her family did not want her to get hurt. Sarah knows how to manipulate her daughter. The info on Brianna and Lanesia was fed to the tabloids by Sarah.

Look Sarah won. Engagement over.

These are very mentally disturbed people. Very. How can any true conservative support a person like Sarah. Many conservatives I know are seeing the light finally. But her loyal fans are stupid. I used to think the truthers were nuts but I just saw some videos about it and after reading this I now believe Sarah faked the Trig birth too.

I repeat the Sarah is a sick manipulative woman who is no good. A fraud. A cheat and and outright liar. How do we get other conservatives to see the light. The real truth must come out about Trig, about Bristol and about Sarahs manipulation and lying. Keep telling the truth. You are believable and don't forget it.

May God have mercy on our country with the likes of Sarah Palin and her disturbed followers constantly bashing our elected and true kind, compassionate, intelligent REAL CHRISTIAN president Barack Obama. God sees the the truth and the truth and good will prevail.

Ps Sarah needs another witch exorcism fro
Rev Muthee and so does Bristol. Evil witches!

Sharon Burns said...

Bristol's words "...ever since the moment I found out I was pregnant I prayed to God you weren't the father." Just
how many candidates were in the running! You know
Mercede, how dare Bristol use that filthy language on your
mom. And she calls your family 'chaotic' - look at the rumors
about Sarah's infidelity, Todd's drinking, the reasons
Track joined the military, Willow's behavior they managed to cover-up, & Bristol's amoral behavior & obsession issues, & let's not forget the rumors about Trig they just can't make go away. And she labels somebody else's
family chaotic? Down deep, I think Levi suspects he's
in over his head with Bristol, but he doesn't know how
to extricate himself. He looks at Tripp & figures if he
cow-tows to her at least he's got ready assess to him.
Hopefully, he'll get tired of being a doormat, because when you humor a neurotic individual they become more demanding. And, if Bristol ever pulls that on you or your mom again, have her charged with harassment. You
have a flair for writing, & I always enjoy reading your

Sharon TN

Pam said...

All I can say is, you are a better writer than Sarah. Bristol is just as snarky as her mother and thinks she can bully everybody. Soon she will be a washed up loser. Hang in there.

hope said...

Bristol needs to grow up but she will "grow up" like Sarah. Hiding behind writers that make her sound smarter and kissy tabloid malarkey.

If Bristol has been harboring jealousy and dark feelings for years that will not just stop. She is not going to like it if she has to give up men now that it is known about Ben and Levi. Tripp gets the worst of her rage, not saying she directs it at him, he is the one most deeply hurt because she is his primary care taker.

It took a lot of energy to get worked up and find someone to spy. If I tried to have one of my friends do that they would tell me I' was crazy. Bristol picks weak "friends" and they encourage the worst in her. Don't you think she learned that from her family?

After Sarah is done with her campaign Bristol will be more vindictive and petty than ever. She will have to go back to being a no body, without a title yet!. It won't be pubic but she will continue to have the same problems and to blame the same people.

Lanesia knew the Palins since she was a young child? She would have many memories and I'm guessing they were all pretty good until Bristol deceived her over Levi. I hope Lanesia does end the rumors and has her baby in peace and quiet. At some point she may want to consider telling her story in an honorable publication or a book. Both you, your mother and Lanesia are victims of political campaigns. Your stories are valuable to someone interested in that angle.
Best wishes and good health.

TN said...

Please do encourage Lanesia to pursue a retraction from the NE. That can still be used against her in the future if someone is devious enough. A letter from an attorney isn't that much but money must be tight. Ask someone to help her with that. It is the least she can do if she wants to look credible. Over the years people may not remember her name, they will remember sound bites. If it serves a vindictive witch to bring something like that up again, they will. A retraction is necessary if she wants to be credible over time. Her child will grow up one day. A not retracted story may outlive all that Lanesia is now saying.

Lanesia is a beautiful girl. I always wondered if Bristol wasn't jealous of her athletic skills and sportsmanship. At times they have tried to brand Bristol as more sporty than she is. I can see why she would envy Lanesia.

BC said...

Mercede you should know by now that you are fighting a loosing battle. You seem to have the kind of values that a "good mother" instills in her family. I'm sure they extend to your brother as well. Only sometimes I'm sure it must be overwhelming for both of you.
You should know that many of your supporters, I'm sure like me, have had similar family problems and in time - rest assured - goodness usually wins the day.
As hard as it might seem to you to do I'd suggest you and your mother load up the truck and move to where you can get a good education and your mother can find some peace in her life.
Best to you and your mom..

K.M.O. said...

After reading this entry, I'm noticing a nagging feeling - a feeling that I've had before but never put forth. At the time it didn't fit. Now it does.
I'm thinking that it was actually Bristol who set your mother up on the drug charge. I mean, she could have pleaded with her mother to put the wheels into action. Sarah, if she, as we think, took Bristol's child and called it her own, would do almost anything that Bristol asked her to do or else she would tell their little secret.
We don't know what provoked her, but it could have been as simple as a fight with your brother. From what I've read here, Bristol is even more vindictive than her mother - if that is possible.
People who live to "get even" don't care who they hurt. They don't even care if it's their own child or grandchild.

Lara said...

Just what is it that guys are attracted to in Bristol?

amomtoo said...

I want to repeat the advice of a few that you and your mom learn about Parental Alienation Syndrome. I doubt there is anything more difficult for a human to accept that no matter what they do or don't , say or don't, nor whom they ever see, speak or spend time with will not ever satisfy a mentally and emotionally disturbed person who has no intentions except to control you. If you took your blog down, told any person you can't see them again there will be yet something else you are to do or not do in order to see Tripp. Levi got engaged on condition he not see you or his mother and that blew up also.

There are those of us who have had similar situations and alas are the bearer of tragic reality that there are situations that are not going to be resolved due to the person controlling these situations. To continue to be baited, balckmailed emotionally, dictated to positioned you are to blame for the extreme witholding (Tripp) is like being on a treadmill in hell of another's making. If you find yourself thinking "there is no way out" it is because a sick person seeking control is going to trap you like a cat after a mouse. You will be too exhausted form the mind games, virtual slander, defermation, lies and become physically debilitated from the duress of mind games.

It is probably not within your power to request a DNA tesst. The only benefit of that would be if Tripp is not yur brother's child each of you can live free of wrongful guilt or burdened from your broken herts that you can't gratify the master of the game or orchestrators.

This is abusive. In time you may wnat to change your name for these nut cases will continue to lie, slander, character assignate to annihalate people.

You did not cause it, you can't cure it and you can't fix it or the situation. God bless each person slandered and maligned. No contact is the best solution and no contact with anyone who has contact with the abuser. Abusers are adept at telling lies to control people to give them information about their victims..i.e. having people spy for them under the guise they are concerned or worried about you. Find forgiveness for their unwitting dupes and forgive yourself for having been duped by that person too.

Josie said...

Mercede - Go get some pictures of Bristol. If she is pregnant again, as the rumors say, sell the pics to the tabloids and get yourselves out of Wasilla.
Focus on your own lives, you are being swallowed up by Palin quicksand.
And, tell Levi to get some DNA test to confirm those babies are his.

kat said...

I think Gles might be on to something. Do we really believe that Lanesia dropped by the house for a few minutes, and one of Bristol's friends "happened" to pass by, and "happened" to notice Lanesia's truck? (I'd be really suspicious if there is nothing super distinctive about her truck. How many of your friends' vehicles would you recognize immediately if they were parked in a driveway when you passed by?) To me this doesn't pass a smell test. Much easier to believe that the Palin clan has hired someone to keeping tabs on your place, or maybe even law enforcement has been keeping tabs under the guise of watching your mom, but then reporting to God knows who. Please be careful.

PS. Bristol paints quite a portrait of herself with her own words, doesn't she?

Boom said...

What, no 911 comment to the tabloids in an exclusive from Bristol she did not send those fcked up messages?

Yeah, she is a nasty dirty creep. Someone please send the tabloids the videos of Brsitol boozing and smoking dope. Let's bring this crazy to a head. Tripp needs to get his mother out of his life until she grows up. I betcha sooner than later children's services will be paying her a visit.

LakeLucilleLoon said...

I really and truly hope that Levi saved that text message from Bristol, yet I somehow doubt that he did. Unless that message was saved and can be verified regarding from whom it came from and to whom it was sent, this is all just hearsay; he said she said.

It seems plain to me that Levi was convinced by some party to say that he was lying in his VF article and to retract statements he made regarding the Palins in exchange for an engagement spread in US Weekly.

Once that was done the "happy couple" with whoever's baby that actually is, came out and decided to marry, only to have that scenario derailed by someone due to the Lanesia tale of three possible baby daddies. Now Levi and Bristol have a decent paycheck for their engagement and the happy nuptials are off.

Someone is pulling strings in this affair and I'm not certain which party it is, but Levi has ruined his credibility and for what, 50 grand?

I live in Wasilla and I employ some wonderful teens that prevent unwanted pregnancy through many different means; the pill, Depo shots or implants or condom usage.

These young women have college funds; their parents have been putting their dividends into a college savings plan since they were infants. They have goals and good grades and are submitting applications to colleges next year. They've taken their SAT's twice, once in 9th grade and again this year as Juniors. They are not all rich, and some are barely middle class, economically. One has a pregnant friend that insisted on having her baby and her family will be raising it as she still plans to pursue her college career.

I'm just pondering why there are so many young girls in the valley that are so content to be pregnant with absolutely no means to care for an infant. I will never understand why it happens when it doesn't have to.

I hope that you pursue wiser options Mercede.

RT said...

Just what is it that guys are attracted to in Bristol?

I don't know if it is true or not but they say Bristol was a sweet girl when she was young. That may have been when Lanesia knew her while growing up. She was also trim. She is not aging well and why they found her attractive could be lost. Levi may still like her as an old flame you don't get over. Ben was a friend of Track, she may have been convenient. Some men aren't particular at all and they will have sex with anything. Her mother was famous and that can be a turn on.

kat said...

Lara, okay, this is perilously close to stooping to a mean-girl level, but do you really have to ask?

Ro said...


I am relieved to hear about the teens you know. I can only take so much of Wasilla and I feel hopeless and like I need a shower.

The sites and blogs I've read it looks like the grandparents support the teens and babies. They do get a check from the Alaska fund. I think the taxpayers foot that bill. They may be on state or federal welfare. They would qualify for medical and food stamps. Perhaps Mercede, at another time, can educate us more about the education and attitudes the pregnant teens experience. An anthropological study of the area is past due. There are also people that do get married. One couple gets help and support from family to get by and keep up the party lifestyle. The man is the bread winner even if he flips burgers and the little woman is a stay at home. The ATVs, snowboards, dirt bikes are important status symbols. When you are a a teen you can be a no body in some circles if you don't have the toys to show off.

I feel for the kids who will struggle long and hard. It would be encouraging if people can open up about what goes on and move toward a better tomorrow.

Guest said...

Good post, LakeLucilleLoon. I agree with you about the pulling strings thing. There is just too much erraticness and dollars involved for this to be about a simple tale of two kids being romantic. I think it's great, btw that you are helping teens in wasilla. And yes, family planning and college planning goes a lot farther toward empowering young women than throwing the bible at them, witholding birth control, and telling them to walk a step behind their husbands. (That last one, even Sarah doesn't do).

Helen said...

Mercede, this Facebook war that Bristol is having in her head should be made to stop. You need to have Rex draft a letter advising that you and your mother reserve your rights to preserve and publish all electronic communications (this includes Facebook comments where she addresses you in the second person, whether she names you or not) from Bristol or her agents to yourselves.

Have Rex bill Levi, he's responsible for it all.

It's so surprising the change in behavior that such a letter generates. People who formerly used the telephone as an instrument of torture suddenly run out of things to say when they know they're being recorded.

No Johnston is going to have a proper relationship with Tripp without legal enforcement - and maybe not even then, but you can make a good start on a happier future for him by putting a stop to the abuse.

Get your house in order. Something good is coming your way.

I'm looking forward to Sherrie's post. I hope it's a happy one.

Karen said...

Bristol is such a control bitch! She thinks she can dictate what others can do, & who stops by your house. I would tell her where to go in no uncertain terms. You would think she would be glad to have help with Tripp! What a loser she is & good luck Levi, you will need it.

junasie14 said...

The type of behavior you describe in Bristol is so far off the charts that she undoubtedly does have a personality disorder, as others have commented. She is the product of an abusive mother with severe psychological disorders herself, and that entire family is in deep trouble. It is hard to imagine why Levi would let himself be drawn back into such a toxic situation when he could have gone to court and gotten joint custody of Tripp a long time ago. It is clear he is getting horrible legal advice from Rex Butler. He also appears to have a masochistic streak or maybe just a very weak character to allow himself to be humiliated and manipulated that way. It would appear that the only good things in his life (besides Tripp) are his mom and his sister, who he seems hell bent on alienating.

It is now being reported that their engagement is off, not because of Lanesia, but another ex of Levi’s. It wouldn’t surprise me if you were blamed for this in some way too. I agree with the others on here who say you should save any abusive messages that you or mom get from Bristol, and then publish them verbatim. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are bashing the Palins with this blog. You have already given them the benefit of the doubt way beyond what would be expected of anyone in your situation. Standing up for yourself and not allowing a powerful and abusive family to continue victimizing you and the people you love, is not bashing or attacking anyone. It is the only way to deal with bullies.

As you have found out for yourself, trying to reason with these people or adjust your life to suit their demands is a losing proposition. It is like emotional extortion, and giving in only feeds the monster. It is not about any of the particular things they demand of you, but about their need to make those demands and control other people (while they themselves are totally out of control.) Bristol was abused and has adopted the abusive behaviors herself, which include compulsive lying, and the inability to take responsibility for situations of her own making. Thus, we see her continually blaming other people for whatever is going wrong in her life, real or imagined, and making up stories to suit the fantasies she so desperately wants to believe about herself.

There is no telling whether or not she actually believes any of the stupid things she says, just as it often appears that Sarah has told so many crazy lies that she may actually believe some of them at this point. It is all part of the extraordinary defense mechanisms they employ in order to survive, and it is heartbreaking for anyone in their path of destruction. They operate under a completely different set of rules that are not reality-based, and will fight to the death rather than admit they were wrong. Nothing you do will change the situation with Bristol, and don’t let your love for Tripp blind you to this reality.

Meanwhile, I have a question about Lanesia. Rex is quoted in ETonline as saying that he spoke to her BEFORE Levi and Bristol announced their engagement, to find out if her pregnancy had anything to do with Levi. Why would Rex even think that was a possibility, unless Levi told him that they had been involved more recently? Lanesai is quoted in the Daily Beast article as saying she has had no contact with Levi for 5 or 6 years. Something is not adding up here. Also, do you have any thoughts on who may be behind the National Enquirer story?

B said...

@Gles and Kat. The Palins had a PI for Molly's and their fight with Trooper Wooton--and then I think that PI became Molly's third, and I assume current, husband. If so, there's a PI in the Palin family now.

Subject of Tripp being blonde keeps coming up. So was Levi when he was little. There's a lot of resemblance between pictures of Levi and Tripp. Really.

Tripp also looks like Grandpa Heath, who--like Sarah's siblings-- is blonde. So Sarah had recessive blonde genes she could have passed to Bristol with Todd's dark genes. (Todd's native American mom is dark but I don't know about his dad. Todd may have recessive blonde genes too, though unlikely since all four Palin kids have dark hair.)

wowsa said...

I wanted to tell you that your helping people with your blog. I tend to have really crazy people in my life and when that happens you feel so alone so it helps reading your stories. Also, like most people here, I enjoy hearing about your mom.

Just know, that this one person isn't the only crazy person you're going to meet. You have your WHOLE life ahead of you, more crazy people will come, and all those people are all the same. They all have different faces and names and genders, but they are all the same. Exactly how you describe.

Just know, people are praying for your family, and know your ARE strong, you're not WHAT OTHERS DEFINE YOU TO BE. YOU ARE WHAT YOU DECIDE YOU ARE. THEY DON'T COUNT, JUST PRETEND THEY ARE WIND. Also, keep a close watch on your phone number and change it often if need be. That is how I deal with those people. Ahahah. But it's crappy they are harrasing you mom. I don't know your mom's who health history, but this can't be good, and when family makes you make choices because of people THEY CHOOSE to have in their life, and it starts to cost others their health and life, well, that is maybe time to step back and change phone numbers and well, for me, get restraining orders.

The thing is too on your brother, Bristol decided he was a loser, blew him off, SO HE GETS INVITED TO DO PLAYBOY, and all these women want him. So Bristol notices that, does her "lets take a walk" thing, pushes all his buttons, but says "Oh no we can't have sex if were not married" (all the while egging him on doing things he doesn't even realize are being done to manipulate him) I pray to god that he sees ITS NOT UP TO HIM TO FIX WHAT HIS DAD DID, and to just get a lawer about the "not being allowed to see his kid thing." He obviously can bring home the bacon financially, so he needs to SAVE IT, up for a good lawer. She has no right to keep his kid from him. She is manipulating him, now that she sees how "wanted" he is. But thats HIS path. For now, AND the future, you're going to meet a LOT of people just like this insane lady, and you can't just jump because they decide. Seriously, it sounds like Bristol is harassing you guys, and your mom NEEDS to get a restraining order. Seriously. It's not worth her life, because Bristol sure as hell doesn't care about it or you guys.

Stay strong, we all love you:)

Well-wisher in WA said...

Mercede, I wanted to de-lurk to recommend a book, "Why Is it Always About You?" by Hotchkiss. It's about dealing with people who have narcissistic personality disorder. Whether or not Bristol has this disorder (I agree with the many commenters who think she does), the book might give you some valuable insights into her thought processes and ways you can minimize the damage to yourself.

I know many people have advice for you, and you're probably overwhelmed. I just wanted to mention this book, because it was very helpful in enabling me to reevaluate and ultimately jettison some toxic relationships, and I think it could help you as well.

Darklady said...

Bristol sounds like a very insecure young woman with some serious control issues.

Does she have abandonment issues?

Is she afraid that, given a chance, someone who claims to love her will actually betray her?

Levi may very well adore Bristol, having been allowed to share some relatively unshielded moments of her time, but she sounds like she needs some fixin' and she's in no hurry to start on that. That means that if Levi starts working on his own stuff, it may run up against her insecurities, resulting in more drama, making it more difficult for anyone to accomplish their goals.

That's my junior birdman "got my PhD in Psychology in a box of Cracker Jacks" opinion, anyway. :-)

Fight the good fight & be your best friend.

Extreme2010 said...

Miss Sadie,

It's great that you continue to take the high road in all this drama. It's been clear from day one that Bristol and Mama Grizzly Sarah want to keep this sick game up as long as they can continue to profit from all the media attention they garner.

God bless you for giving us the REAL side of the story, and remember, you have support outside of this blog.

Keep it up, and prayers with you always!

You are very Beautiful said...

Bristol should not be around any children. Looking up child abuse programs in Washilla......

You are very Beautiful said...

"Just what is it that guys are attracted to in Bristol?"

some men will do the town pump - doesn't matter that she needs a bag on her head.

I hope Levi is keeping all of the blogs as records for court. If the judge is exposed to a some of the insanity from the Palin's he might take another look at who should get custody.

grammy11 said...

What is wrong with Levi? Is he a maschocist? Does he dig suffering? Is this an example of manhood he wants to expose to his son? (if he is indeed his son) What in the world besides the sex does he see in that bitch? She is a mean, ugly and sick person that he needs to get away from and fast. That child is being exposed to the worst kind of treatment any father (or man) should accept. I agree that you should expose any Palin secrets you have for money and get the hell away from Wasilla permanently.

Connie said...

I am so sorry you and your Mom's lives have been turned upside down because of your brother's on again off again, -whatever- you want to call it/her. It is unfortunate your brother has made some poor choices. In time he will learn they were the wrong ones. I hope that time comes sooner rather than later.

Mercede, please try and continue to stay strong and keep your chin up--you too Sherry!

As previously mentioned SAVE and BACK UP any and all communications you receive from your brother and that -whatever- it/she is. SAVE THEM SAVE THEM SAVE THEM. One day her/their son is going to be old enough to see and learn the truth.

I hope you are able to start your online classes soon. Keep your eye focused on the future, both yours and your Mom's. Hang in there! Best wishes.

Gles said...

B... Thanks for the tip on Molly Hacket. Evidentally in the Wooten case, Todd hired a man named Leonard Hackett that owns Hackett's Legal Investigations located in Wasilla.

"Hackett's Legal Investigations is a private company categorized under Investigators and located in Wasilla, AK. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of less than $500,000 and employs a staff of approximately 1 to 4. "

Whether or not this fella is married to Molly Hackett I don't know but maybe one of you all knows. Now really, would it be a stretch to assume there is a file with the Johnston name on it with current information on where abouts and comings and goings?

TN said...

What would you do if you were in Lanesia's shoes? Would you ask for a retraction if lies were told that your child could one day have access to? I have always thought highly of Lanesia. Now I do have questions about her credibility. Why would she leave it open about what was reported? I think a good mother would protect her child from that trash by insisting on a retraction. I can't think of a plausible excuse if she does not do that. Going to Palin type tabloids and even the Daily Beast is not going to do it. She needs to address the culprits directly and get the retraction.

The jury is out on Lanesia until she can stand up against the vicious lies. Can you post this comment?

Charity said...

Ha! Just saw the pictures of Bristol pregnant on TMZ.

AKRNC said...

Mercede, are you and your mother able to move out of Alaska or at least Wasilla? The town you are describing and the power the Palin family appears to have over people is not typical in the real world. I realize you were born and raised there but life is not realistic as you describe it.

You and your Mom both need a fresh start in life where you won't be judged by people you see in the store or on the street due to your association with the Palin family.

Bristol is a mess with the ranting at Levi due to her jealousy. Her insecurity in this regard will eventually ruin all her relationships present and future, if she does not get help for this. Her mother has a very strong inferiority complex, too, and it is obviously showing up in Bristol. All the time spent away from home by Todd due to being on the slope, $arah's concentrating on "serving the people of Alaska", otherwise known as selfishly serving her own career ambition and neglecting her children is evident in their behavior. From Track's drug use and vandalism of the school buses, Willow's vandalizing a home that belonged to a family friend and wild partying to Bristol's pregnancies and irrational behavior with the "yes, we are", "no, we're not" engagement nonsense speaks of a lack of parenting and if things aren't changed quickly, we'll probably see worse in Piper as she's been exposed to so much at such a young age. Mercede, Levi is fortunate if he can get away from Bristol and get partial custody of Tripp. There shouldn't be any reason why they can't share custody 50/50 and this way they can split expenses down the middle.

Does Levi pay attention to anyone who talks to him about his future in this manner or is he still hung up on Bristol and trying to regain his way into the Palin family, despite the drama that accompanies all things Palin?

Good luck, Mercede, I hope you soon find your way out of Alaska!

Martha Unalaska Yard Sign said...


Please delete my comment at 9:26. I should have had another cup of coffee before getting snarky myself!

I wish the best for you and your mother as you wind your way through this situation. Keep close to your heart what is most important, and don't be afraid to change direction to manage the outcomes you most desire. Strength is born from flexibility as much as anything.

A trip abroad would change your whole outlook - I encourage both of you to do that if at all possible!

Jan said...

I hope your friend got paid well for telling her side of this story to US. She deserves to get something for being brought into this. Also, photos of Bristol at Target with Tripp and Bristol had NO engagement ring on.You and your mom can stop crying.Bristol may be out of your lives. Levi can bring Tripp to see you when he has custody. All should be well in your family soon.

JJ said...

Looking at Tripp, as well as Bristol's and Tripp's clothing, do you think the photos posted on TMZ today are current or are from spring?

Barb said...

In my state child support has nothing to do with visitation. Although it would be in Levi's favor to pay I don't understand the outrageous amount asked of him. Since they are not married he should get himself another lawyer or ask for the court's help to mediate for his son. Work out visitation, a normal support payment, and when he has the child their should be no stipulation on if he brings Trip over to your house. Who the flick is she? Bristol is the mom but Levi is the dad. So he has a say too. I don't want to hear that your mom was arrested. One charge she is not a mass murderer for cripes sake.

How about Diane Todd's sister? She is allowed near the kids and did a break and entering with her child. Sure she may be a drug addict and sought help but why the mercy for her and not your mother.

Levi really needs to straighten this out. No woman should hold a child over his head. Oh you did this you can't see him crap. If he is the dad then Bristol needs to grow up and let him visit. Not because I say so but because it is a law. When he has his son he can bring him over to his mom's house. I don't understand why his lawyer has not done this for him. Something shady is going on. Are they working for him or Sarah. A judge needs to do what is right for Trip. Good luck. I support you and your mom.


another voice said...

I have just scrolled through the comments, and most of the people seem to be offering the same advice. If Bristol actually wrote that she hoped that Levi wasn't Tripp's father, that means that she had some other choices in the mix. Levi should get a DNA test. As everyone else wrote, you may adore Tripp, but he may not be any relation to you.

You really do need to have this information. It is one of the ways that Bristol has been pulling your chain, denying you and your mother a visit with Tripp. The threats "take down your blog or you'll never see Tripp again" should also be cached and backed up. That is emotional blackmail.

Sarah is behind all of this. When Bristol and Levi announced their recent engagement, Sarah could not find one word of forgiveness in her heart. She does not want Levi to be in the Palin Family. It is Sarah's style to blame someone else for her family's problems. That is why the ex-girl friends of Levi are being blamed. It's Sarah who leaks the information and spreads the lies. That woman is dangerous for your family (not to mention the whole country).

Levi needs a good lawyer. Unfortunately, lawyers cost money. You can make some very quiet money if you have pictures of a currently pregnant Bristol to sell to the National Enquirer or any other tabloid magazine. For that matter, if you have any other pictures besides the three pictures we saw of you, Levi and Bristol holding "Triggy Bear," there is a website investigating whether Sarah or Bristol gave birth to Trig. They won't be able to pay Enquirer type money, but if you are able to neutralize Sarah and prove her to be a liar about Trig, she won't have the power to bother you any more. (That website offers an anonymous email so you can contact them in complete privacy and no one will know the source of the pictures. You can always claim that they were stolen from your house when the McCain people wiped your computers).

I'll even go so far as to suggest that the next time Levi has a chance to visit Tripp, that they head to a clinic (in Anchorage, not Wasilla) to get a paternity test. It is his right to know if he is supporting some other guy's kid.
The best way to rid your family of these problems is by attacking the mean spirited person who has driven a wedge between you and your brother. Wishing you the best!

Ginger said...

So many people want Levi to get a DNA test to see if he's the father of Tripp. Can you talk him into this? What if he does and learns he isn't the father?

You have already stated absolutely that he is not the father of Trig. So, if he isn't the father of Tripp either, where does that leave him...celebrity wise?

Another consideration if he isn't Tripp's father, there wouldn't be any connection to you and the Palins. I say..."Good Riddance"

Alex said...

love this blog! i agree with everyone. Bristol is a crazy bitch and levi is clueless and needs to fight back and take control of his life. My boyfriends family are crazy like taht and try to interfere and break us up. I hope everything turns out okay in the end!

Stay stronG!

Cuppajava said...

I was just thinking how ABSOLUTELY GREAT it would be if EVERYONE the Palins harass all started their OWN blogs and spoke the truth, backed up with the evidence of recorded calls/emails/texts from the Palin clan. I betcha things would improve significantly all over Wasilla -- overnight!

Hang in there, Sadie.

"Also, too":
Document EVERY nasty thing the Palins do to you and yours; save all the evidence you can, and back it up in a second, saved, location/manner, like in a safety deposit box. If you want to date something in your saved material, use a copy of any daily newspaper in the photo shoot as evidence of the date.

Don't let the bullies get you down.

I WANT to say, don't let the bastards get you down, but, I probably shouldn't say that, huh?

(wink, wink)

lynne said...

I ask this in all seriousness; do public schools in Wasilla or Alaska discuss birth control? It seems that so many HS girls there get pregnant. . .why don't more kids use birth control or practice safe sex? Is it hard to get or is the information simply not out there? Or is having a baby somehow viewed as cool and appropriate for teens?
Thanks. Keep up the good work. Don't let anyone push you around or intimidate you. The Palins' flame is slowly burning out.

Anne Limpert said...

I don't know. This is so soap opera. I really think at this point, Mercede, you and your mother are better off detaching from the tabloid situations that people who you used to think were your friends have gotten involved in. Someone above makes a good point---that the elder Palin may have a personality disorder. I would guess myself that she has narcissisic personality disorder or she's a borderline personality disorder (sort of like Glenn Close in that movie she did, Fatal Attraction.) But from a 1000 miles away, I can't diagnose. Palin and Co. just seem like greedy, hateful, and lying greedheads. She's in the same sociopathic, unChristian company as a Limbaugh, a Beck, a Savage---greedy and full of hate to rile up their stupid people. Too bad you became a pawn in their game. I'd get away from it ASAP, if possible. I know---from economics---it's hard. Bristol may be menatlly ill---genetically. Certainly growing up in that family can't help. Both her mother and father are nuts. She's probably pregnant with her third kid now---and I wouldn't be suprised if she had an abortion or two behind your back. I think she'll dump your brother as soon as it's OK with her mom and your brother will return to you and tell the real truth about teh palin klan to the world. i Hope.

Don Stewart said...

Just tell all and tell it now. Why is Track home? Every other soldier is doing 3-4 tours. Whay is he home and no fanfare from publicity hound family?

kevin said...

Hey Mercede!

Well what a soap opera. I guess you and your mom don't have to worry anymore about being shut out from your brothers wedding.

Bristol sounds like her mother. Really, no surprise there. And you know what, you are not losing anything by losing her friendship. At your age, the friends you keep at this age, you will likely end up being alot like them. Bristol sounds like real poison, not quite her fault, but in the here and now, you don't want her as a friend. She is not really capable of that.

Her mother is a control freak, and so is Bristol. You would be much happier in life if you got this family out of your life. You will not be able to change them.

Sad to see the Palins and how they just destroyed your brother. They got that public confession out of him which ruined his own credibility. And now they have tossed him aside. Alot quicker than any of us thought. I guess the reality show did not work out.

Justified or not, alot of us on your blog saw this coming. I was hoping these two would have a chance if they got away from mommie dearest. Unfortunately, based on what i have read here today, they don't have much of a chance at all. Too much growing up to do, on Bristol's end and your brothers end.

You young lady need to get yourself off to college, preferably out of Alaska. Focus on yourself a bit more, you have alot of talent and you need an education. Look at Chelsea Clinton and her wedding this weekend. That was some class, and there is a girl who was raised very well by her parents.

I know you are short on cash. What I am thinking, if you can get yourself some book deal to write about your experiences to date, I bet it sells pretty well. Maybe you can go to college on money you can make from a book like that and support your mom too.

Best thing is to go and chat with Joe McGinnis who is living beside the abandoned palin place. He could likely hook you up with some connections that may have an interest in your book.

This drama won't go away anytime soon. But you need to focus on your college education. There is a world of difference between a high school and a college education. You are way too smart to squander your abilities. So go get that college degree, alot of us here are really pulling for you to do that, you need it and you deserve it.

kevin said...

Mercede i hate to tell you to just try and let go of your feelings for Tripp.

From what i see, Tripp will be used as blackmail to control your actions, he will be used as a the same way Sarah used Trig as a campaign prop.

As long as Bristol et al knows you desire to see Tripp, they will attempt to blackmail you over it.

Low life stuff for sure. But you are not at this level and should not participate in life at this kind of level.

If Levi gets his legal rights and is able to bring Tripp home to you and your mom, that is where you can start to build a relationship with him.

Other than that, I think you are better off just leaving Tripp go. There will come a time when Tripp may want to know his aunt.

I would not allow the palin family to blackmail you over an infant.

I am glad though that you tell the world these stories on your blog, because they can see just how low class and trashy the Palins really are.

kevin said...

And finally for today Mercede.....several posters have mentioned Levi getting a paternity test for Tripp.

Maybe you should suggest that to him. He has nothing to lose by having it done, and $1800 per month to gain, if Bristol has somehow hoodwinked him that Tripp is his kid.

If I am Levi, now that i have been cast aside from the gravy train......get the paternity test done. Be sure Tripp is your nephew and Levi's kid. It might just turn out that he is not.....and that would make yours and your brother's life alot easier.......

kevin said...

And LEVI...based on Bristols text to you PRAYING that you were not the dude, get a paternity test ASAP. And do not delete that text. What if you ARE NOT THE FATHER?????

The fact that Bristol texted to you....dude i would be very very concerned. Get the paternity test done you have nothing and I mean nothing to lose.

If it turns out you are not the father, run away from this family as fast as you can. You have a good sister, you don't need any Palins.

Get the paternity test.

southernyankee said...

Sadie, You, your mother and Levi are letting Bristol and those quitter run your life. Even if you say different. First off your brother needs to find another lawyer who specializes in custody. Believe me you are getting shafted by the lawyer he has now. Find a good female lawyer who will fight for Levi's rights. He can ask the courts to lower his payments since he doesn't have a regular job. HE MUST FINISH SCHOOL. He needs to find a job even if it is at a resturant as a cook. That will show the court he is trying to make a living while getting his GED. So far I am sorry but my observation is he seems lazy and is looking for attention. The court will give him equal visitation rights. They did to my son who is a cook. He makes awhole lot less than Levi. The one thing he is is a great father. He spends all of time on his child. The is the only priority for him. Bristol and Levi must think of their child first. Don't let quitter palin and his loser lawyer get in his way. You and your mom and other relatives need to pressure him.

Egoldstein said...

Ahh, the Palins. The gift that keeps on giving :p

H. Clawmachine said...

This is one of my favorite blogs on the internet, because you tell it like it is. Fascinating and honest. Your blog has it all... romance, heartbreak, drama. Reading this is like having a good conversation with a friend.

You have a compelling writing voice and a solid grasp of how people work-- what makes them tick. You should really write a book, even just a novel based on life in your town... I would love to read it and I am sure others would too!

KitKat said...

What's in the water up there in Wasilla?

kevin said...

Hi Mercede,

I wish there was a way we could get you and your mom out of that town and down here in the lower 48. You all don't deserve what you are going thru and frankly, these people are not going to change.

Sarah Palin is a COWARD with a capital C. She can go onto Fox News and make comments about our Presidents manhood.....but only behind her protective fence, where nobody can ask her questions.

She talks, we listen, no questions allowed.

What a COWARD this lady is. You and your mom should be feeling some relief that Levi is not marrying into this family now. Tell him i think he really lucked out.

Aside from a cult following, most people down here in the lower 48 see her for the COWARD that she is.

Anybody can sit behind facebook and criticize our elected President every day. Who cannot do that? Especially when you do not have to take questions? I call that a COWARD.

Its a shame to see this happen in our country.

Don Stewart said...

Just a word of advice, if you want to use this blog as a revenue generator, you need to have regular updates. Expand your subject base, not just a cat fight between families. If you cannot tell what the real deal with TRIG_G and the rest, find more subjects. You are 19, school kid stuff should stay there, make this real if you want real money.

Jan said...

radar online is reporting that the engagement is over and article by Bristol in People Magazine. I hope Levi allows you and your mom to see Tripp and the Johnston family and Palin family can forget each other.

icarust said...

We all knew Bristol would be dumping and publicly trashing Levi soon...but, who know it would be this soon?

Jane said...

Is it possible that Bristol is telling a fib about your brother telling her that he might be the father of Lanesia's baby? From what you and Lenesia have said, it sounds like Bristol might be using this as an excuse to dump Levi, when the real reason is that she is out of her mind with jealously over the Nordstrom's girl that Levi dated earlier this year. The Lanesia story makes him look like the bad guy, so that is what she is using with the media. Is it possible that someone from the Palin camp contacted the National Enquirer with the fake story to split them up and make it look like Levi's fault?

If Bristol did not uphold her abstinece pledge these past couple of months, then Levi certainly would have a story that would be worth some money woudn't he?

kimbo said...

"I’m noticing a nagging feeling – a feeling that I’ve had before but never put forth. At the time it didn’t fit. Now it does.
I’m thinking that it was actually Bristol who set your mother up on the drug charge"

I just want to say that I had that very same feeling and I think you should be really careful and protect your mother and yourself.

Someone suggested moving...and although you shouldn't have might want to in order to live in peace with freedom from this absurdity.

M. Johnson said...

Jane... Ben already confirmed they were having sex... He called and asked if she was pregnant. He gave an interview with somebody, after the engagement. She used the musical video as an excuse too, but forgot they were suppose to go to Ca together and she was going to hung out with the singer of the video.... Bristol is so much like her mom, a born liar, she can't tell the truth. Levi need to get things right with his family, and either keep the zipper up or put a sock on it.

wowsa said...

Thank you jesus. Yes i have been praying
okay thank you Buddah, Zeus, uh, whoever, anway, been praying. Ask your brother to consider counseling to "deal" with this. (Hint the counselor will help him see B is a psycho and move on), but word it like that, "maybe see a counselor to talk to about this because I know you are really upset" (you to Levi, friends to Levi. Someone, anyone to Levi. Maybe his manager can suggest it. Truthfully this is a chick that can f a guys head up so bad he would, harm himself, B is that insane, and your brother needs an intervention NOW, before B messes his head up worse. He is too young and naive and good hearted to see the obvious, he is just trying to "do the right thing" bless him for that, but it shouldn't cost him his soul. Talk to his manager? Have the manager talk him into "some therepy over this" because god's honest truth, I really think if he doesn't get away from her he is going to harm himself. Your bro is a good guy, B is a black widow (and professional victim) in the making. I will pray your brother gets help for this. He's got to know he can do WAY better than B... doesn't he? Does he? HE WAS IN PLAYBOY FOR GODS SAKE. THEY CALLED HIM. I bet he would be an awesome actor seriously. He should do cameos and stuff, would go a long way towards those legal fees that he is going to need to have JUST TO GET TO SPEND A DAMN MINUTE WITH HIS (his? maybe find that out too for sure before he pays another cent) kid.

georgia said...

Dear Mercede,no doubt you and your mother are dealing with the latest news about your "almost sister-in-law".Although I saw it coming,I am stunned at how fast and furious this show is running.Which has me convinced that your brother was set up again,but something went wrong with the plan (trap?) and your friend Lanesia was a convenient victim.What your brother did to you and your mother is really low,but I know you will forgive him,if you havent already.When my now fortysomething son was in his teens I went through a similar drama ;he is very good looking and girls like BP where after him like a dog after a bone.He of course was lapping it up as most, if not all teen boys would.Like Levi he was not un-intelligent just gullible and unsophisticated.He also did not have a good male role model.It took my son two years to get enough courage to do the rigth thing,I sincerely hope your brother does not wait that long to make things rigth with his mother and you.I hope this latest nastyness from the palin-clan will be the last straw for Levi.Levi if you read this:you never had a chance with that group!Did you think Bristol has any idea of her own?She just did'nt quite stick to the plan,so somebody just has to come behind her and clean up the mess like they have to for her mother constantly."They" will and would have bad-mouthed you no matter what,Levi;so deal with it.Get a decent attorney and get reasonable child-support and visitation order for your son and stay away from those dysfunctional bottom-feeders.Maybe go out in nature for acouple of day's by yourself,no tel.ect,and find yourself again. Mercede,forgive my rambling .I've been reading all the blogs and news ever since I heard palin give that rant at the convention,but never commented except on your blog.

Selah said...

You sound like an intelligent girl, Mercede. Don't get down in the dirt with the white trash. If your brother screws up his life, you can love him but you don't need to be part of the drama. Rise above it.

The Bible says we can speak the truth in love. So speak your truth, but don't get into poo flinging. Because that makes you no better than the other caged monkeys.

Bristol and her mother and the whole fam-damn-ily have already received more money and media attention than they ever deserved. In your situation, if I were you, I would feel that it's unjust. I'd also be a bit envious. You just have to be the best person YOU can be. Turn your life into one that's authentically admirable--not because of what you have or who you know, but because of WHO YOU ARE.

Be a woman "clothed in strength and dignity" (Proverbs 31). Live a life of character. Otherwise, if you're not careful, your life will resemble the Jerry Springer show. You're too smart for that. Right?

Dallas said...

Well...after all this maybe she will finally be out of your life now? (with exception to levi getting to see tripp) Maybe your family can finally distance yourselves from this mess of a family. Hope the best for you all... these things are never easy but friends and family get you through.

Jewels said...

Hi Mercede,
Here's my advice for you...You can take it or leave it. Cultivate all the beauty and intelligence inside you...Wait until marriage for sex and distance yourself from poisonous people.

Susan said...

I am hoping you will tell us your thoughts on Bristol's latest round with gossip magazines. Take Care, this must be so hard on you and your mother.

Jan said...

Mercdede, Have U ever thought of contacting US Weekly and telling your side to them? U may make some money that could help with your college.

Stubborngemini said...

This is just convenient timing for Miss Bristol. It's an easy way to get out of the "engagement" because the reality show didn't get picked up. I saw something like this coming a mile away.

Anonymous said...

Mercede:Ask Levi to get a DNA of 'his' son, your 'nephew' - who knows WHO the real father is... Also ask Lanesia to give a DNA sample of the baby once it is born, because Bri$tol will NEVER let Levi have peace in this issue!
If Bri$tol IS pregnant right now again, PLEASE mkae sure Levi gets a DNA sample for THAT baby as well - he is already potentially paying for a cookoo-bird in his nest! (If you don't know, a cookoo bird does not build its own nest, but lays her eggs into other birds' nests - ones that have similarly colored eggs...)

Rick said...

Mercede, If this story is true it says a lot about Levi's character that he wasn't willing to stand up to Bristol with the truth and that he would let you and your mom take the heat. He's still a boy. No man would let his family be hurt over a lie.

Come on Levi, grow a set!

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