Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sometimes getting kicked off the team is not such bad thing

There were some interesting comments in the ADN from Rex Butler announcing that "Team Levi will no longer tell Mercede any information" and that I am "not privy to information from anyone with Team Levi."

From the very beginning I have had my doubts about Rex and Tank, and have often wondered if they had my family's best interests at heart or if they were really just trying to gain fame for themselves by using us.

Well all during this rollercoaster ride Rex and Tank have repeatedly tried to console me and remind me that all of us needed to stick together, and that we were a “family”.

They always promised they would be there for us and always have our backs. Well if that isn’t a joke I don’t know what is.

I clearly remember the number of times I would call Rex over and over again asking if he would go to see my mom at Hiland Mountain Correctional Facility and get her paper work done, or discuss potential options for her release. He would rarely answer my calls, never call me back, and the few times that I could get through he would say he had already gone to see her and was going back again very soon. But then I would go see my mother and she would look puzzled when I told her Rex claimed he had just visited her. Of course as it turned out he hadn't!

Only few times did he go to see her while she was in Hiland, and each time it was around MIDNIGHT and he would be so tired he would literally be falling asleep in his chair!

My mom was very concerned about me while she was incarcerated and Rex promised her that he, Tank, and Levi were taking care of my every need, and that I was doing even better than good.

In reality I was living all alone in a house, the bills for which I was unable to pay. I would receive daily notices that the electric bill was due, or that the heat was about to be turned off, and have absolutely no idea what to do about it. And always there were reporters and random strangers stopping outside of the house to take pictures or simply gawk, as if simply being there alone was not creepy enough!

Oh and did I mention that I was a fulltime student as well?

All the while as I was trying to figure out how I was going to buy enough gas to get to school, or buy something for dinner, or keep the lights on, Levi, Rex, and Tank were nowhere to be found. Despite what they were telling my mother, no one was watching out for me. Not even my own brother.

Believe it or not, Rex did not even know that my mom was getting out of jail until I called to inform him, and I am also the one who got her paper work together for her release.

He had no idea that Bristol and Levi were back together until I told him. In fact they had no idea about numerous things concerning Levi and Bristol until I called them, and only THEN did they know to take action.

Not once have they called to check on how my mom is doing now that she is out of Hiland. Not once!

There are numerous things to tell about the incompetence of Rex and Tank, but the main thing that I find upsetting right now is their claim that "Team Levi” will no longer inform me of what is going on after he spent the last year claiming that we are ALL one big family. Now if anyone should be a member of team Levi I would think that his REAL family would be #1 on that list.

Perhaps he is just upset that my mom and I refused to sign a three year contract with him. As if we would ever let him have control over our lives again!

I don’t know for sure, but what I do know is that Tank and Rex sure did get a lot of opportunities from their association with Levi. They got to be featured in magazines, walked the red carpet, and Tank even made a commercial for television while standing next to Levi.

Were they really looking out for Levi's best interests? Did they put his needs first? Or did they use him just to get a little fame and fortune of their own?

Who really has Levi's best interests at heart? The private investigator and attorney who will not return a phone call unless there is money involved? Or the mother and sister who have been on his "team" since back before he was famous, and only his friends and family knew Levi Keith Johnston, of Wasilla Alaska? I don't think that is very hard to figure out.

And do you know what? After everybody has taken their pound of flesh and moved on to greener pastures, WE will still be on his team. Because he really IS our family, and he always will be.


WakeUpAmerica said...

I feel your pain, Mercede. I always thought it was a peculiar relationship. I never did think that Rex and Tank had Levi's best interest at heart.

tewise said...

My prayers and thoughts to you and your mom. Thank you for looking out for your mom, I know this has to be extremely hard on her and you as well.

Gles said...

You go Mercede...I admire the strength you and your Mom possess. Levi and his team have no code, let alone credibility.... I know it was very hard for you to write this commentary and I hope your heart feels better. I am just really shocked as I was under the impression that Alaska took care of their a father should.

Take care, be safe and keep writing. Knowledge is Power!

Beverly From Montreal said...

So happy you have the brains and street smarts not to be suckered into signing contracts with these individuals, Mercede.

Albert Lewis said...

>that we were a “family”.

Always a red flag. If your boss, addressing the employees, stresses 'we are a family,' start looking for a new job: the axe is about to fall on part of the 'family.'

rosie said...

You are in such a difficult position! All I can say is, you are doing the right thing...for yourself, your mom and your brother, even though he may not acknowledge it yet. It may be small comfort to hear that from strangers, but I hope such support makes it easier for you to hold onto your focus. It's not you, it's THEM!!!!

JJ said...

Oy, Mercede, their treatment of your family was worse than I imagined. I am curious... how did Rex and Tank come to "help" your family? Did they approach you, or what? I am wondering if they are just incompetent, selfish and greedy, or if there was even more malevolence - ie you all were set-up by someone...

anony mouse said...

Hang in there Mercede!
No one worth their salt believes them. palinism breeds parasites.
stay true. continue school, keep calling them on their BS, but don't let it bring you down.
Keep holding your head high, you are class A


Amy_in_Wasilla said...

Dear Miss Mercede Johnston,

Good for you for having a positive attitude about it. I've never heard of signing three year contracts with lawyers. It makes me suspicious of the integrity of Mr. Butler and Mr. Tank, his sidekick.

I feel for you and your situation. And from where I'm standing, you are a young adult who has exhibited maturity and grace beyond your years. Not many people your age are as developed as you. Perhaps it is best to let things settle for awhile with your brother and hope that time will help him realize who really loves him and cares for him. In the meantime, use your youth, vitality, and energy on your education and focus on your future. Before you know you'll be 30 and wonder where the time went. Then you'll want to evaluate and ask yourself what have I to show for the last ten years? Where do I want to be when I'm 40?
It worries me to see you so consumed by this drama.
I have two children and I can imagine the heartache your mom must be going through with Levi.

Best Wishes for you always.


gsb said...

Mercede: So glad to hear you were smart enough to NOT sign a contract with Rex and Tank. Your Brother on the other hand, is being used over and over again. When Bristol and Lil' Sarah get done with him,he will need the family.(badly) To tell the truth Mercede,I have a brother that was very unfreindly with the family,(me in particular) after all these years, he still is not among those I trust.

Your Brother will be a shell of a man, just like TOAD. It is really too bad, if he had good advisers he could be so much better off now, and in the furure.

What is it with people in AlASKA and the names?
Track, Tank, Trig,Tripp ,Piper, Willow, Bristol.

c said...

Gotta love your honesty in your posts Sadie. Screw those guys! They WERE in it for the MONEY, just like so many are these days.
Keep you chin up girl! You've got many people behind you!

GrainneKathleen said...

you are so right to be extremely skeptical about these two con artists. if it is true that they share levi's bank account, then levi is very foolish for being involved with these two.
it sounds like the time you spent at home while your mom was incarceratedwas pretty awful, for both you and your mom. you are one brave and capable kiddo for getting through it!
i'm so sorry though that you are being treated so poorly by your brother. what a painful time for you and mom. of course he will be back, but it's so hard to watch a loved one making huge mistakes and going down a path that you know is not a good one. i hope levi comes to his senses and lives from his heart, and not from temptation to live a high and easy life. i can't imagine life would be easy with mrs. palin for a mother-in-law. ~shudder!~
my best to you and your mom, and hopes for levi to come around.

southernyankee said...

When it comes to lawyers they are like car salesmen. Just seeing Tank with Levi it just didn't seem right. What I would like to know during this time your mom was in jail is didn't you have relatives or good friends who looked out for you and help you? I just think if you are smart and you have no relatives you and your Mom should get the hell out of there when her time is up and she can move around freely. Why would you stay in a place where you have no friends and everyday someone is giving you hell about Levi and Bristol? I don't get it. You seem like a nice girl. If it is hard to find a job then move so you and your mom can find new jobs and be happy. It isn't worth the heartache you and your mom is experiencing. I don't mean to come off like I don't care but I do. You and your mom deserve better. If you and your mom don't want that drama I wouldn't hang around.

Nan said...


I had wondered, back in the beginning of Levi's association with Butler, if that would ever be a "conflict of interest." I guess we have our answer now. Yes - and no.

Dadgummit, Sherry was his original client! He is now "defending" one client at the expense of a previous client - the original client. If that's not a conflict of interest (even legal malpractice?) then I don't know what is. No, I'm not at attorney, but damn, I can tell when something is off-kilter.

Then again, there's no conflict, because (it seems) that Sherry's lawyer has made his choice to stick by Levi at the expense of the original client: Sherry. No conflict at all for the attorney- he's made his choice.

Hon, I hope you continue to hold your head up high. It's hard, it's a pain and a bother, but life simply is a pain and a bother sometimes.

It will get better, honest. It might not be today - or tomorrow... Shoot, it might not even be next week, but it will get better. The "fun" part is stickin' it out until it does. (and by then, you'll have soooo earned it - and then some!!).

Meanwhile, you two take care of each other. It sounds like you have been already, and hang in there. Don't let the jerks get you down

Cuppajava said...

Sweetie, you may be young, but you REALLY are the only adult in the room. Hang in there. Be strong. Hold your head up, and be proud of the way you are choosing to lead your life.

I can't imagine myself dealing with the Palins, but it boggles my mind that you have to, especially as young as you are, and with your brother choosing to hook up with Bristol again.

Soapydog said...

That really sucks, Mercede. It really does.

'Tis a damn shame you guys can't get someone Pro Bono -- Just on sheer principle of doing something right.

Mary said...

I have to say, for a young woman (and I am not that much older than you) who had to grow up in such an unstable are very well spoken! I am impressed! Keep your head up because Levi will one day realize who really loved & still loves him vs. who didn't & never will. I wish you the best :)

Sharon said...

Oh Mercede, what you've had to go through at your young age! There are a lot of adults in your community who have shown they have no heart to have let you, teenager, live in that house all alone, and have to face hardships like you faced. That's selfishness beyond all decency.

I say choose very carefully what you want to get involved with every time you're presented with responding to the drama that's going to continue in the Levi - Bristol - Tripp - Sarah saga. You don't owe any of them anything. Levi has chosen his own road. I'm not saying totally turn your back on him, just saying you're under no moral obligation to let any of them drag you into their hysteria. Take care of you. Take care of your mom. That's enough for a anyone to have to deal with.

It's incredible that an attorney has made a public statement that “Team Levi will no longer tell Mercede any information” and that I am “not privy to information from anyone with Team Levi.” I can't believe that any grown man, much less an attorney who represented not only your brother but your mother as well would stoop to that level.

Sharon said...

Oh Mercede, what you've had to go through at your young age! There are a lot of adults in your community who have shown they have no heart to have let you, a teenager, live in that house all alone and have to face hardships like you faced when your mother was incarcerated. That's selfishness and callousness beyond all decency.

I say you should choose very carefully about what and when you get involved with any of them - including Levi. Every time you're presented with responding to the drama that's going to continue in the Levi - Bristol - Tripp - Sarah saga, you don't have to respond, you'll have a choice. You don't owe any of them anything. Levi has chosen his own road. I'm not saying totally turn your back on him, just saying you're under no moral obligation to let any of them drag you into their hysteria - hysteria which may be about adult situations but they are all handling it like junior high school kids. Junior high drama. Take care of you. Take care of your mom. That's enough for a anyone to have to deal with. Best response in the world is "I'm sorry that's happening to you. How are you going to handle it?" Or you don't even have to listen - hang up the phone if you want to do that.

It's incredible that an attorney has made a public statement that “Team Levi will no longer tell Mercede any information” and that I am “not privy to information from anyone with Team Levi.” I can't believe that any grown man, much less an attorney who represents not only your brother but represented your mother as well, would stoop to that level. Sarah Palin is no doubt beside herself with joy. She now controls not only her attorney but Levi's attorney as well.

All that I can say is that if Butler is following the advice of his client (Levi) by publicly making that statement, then that alone shows that Levi is quickly learning the tricks of his soon to be mother-in-law. I'm surprised.

People go to attorneys for good advice frequently about very emotional things. Even if Butler was told to publicly denounce you, he should have advised that it wasn't a good thing to do - that it would make not only Levi but Butler himself look very, very bad. I'm ranting. Hang in there little one. I'd be proud to have you as a daughter.

luckypink said...

Sadie, you are such an intelligent, well-spoken young lady. It is incredible that after everything you have been through (and everything you're going through) you are able to keep a level head. You're mother must be so proud of you... and you should be proud of yourself, too. You must be hurting inside in ways I can't even imagine, but I know you'll be okay... you're 10x smarter than the yahoos you're dealing with. Don't let them get you down, Mercede. If you ever feel alone in all of this remember you have soooo many people standing behind you. For every one person who leaves supportive comments for you on your blog, I bet there are at least ten more who don't comment but who are silently cheering you on. Stay strong!

A sister also said...

Sounds like your instincts about those two were right. An attorney who uses the term "Team Levi" about his client sounds like a rank opportunist. An attorney with any ethics at all should not seek to create a division between family members.

For a young women, you really seem to have a good eye at spotting people's hidden agendas.

dominicastar said...

I think Rex is just following his client wishes. Remember Levi said that he will no longer speak to you, so maybe through Rex he is doing as his client wishes.

I don't think it is a personal wish. Bristol is the one behind this I figure. She is the puppet master.

Yellowgirl said...

Did Rex ever represent your mother? Sounds like he did. If so, you might want to report him to the state bar

Attorneys have standards of ethics they must uphold, and if he hasn't done so (failure to communicate is a big one).... sanctions can be made.

Martha said...

No law firm or competent lawyer would refer to himself/themselves as "team Levi".

THAT says it all doesn't it?

You should have asked Larry King for a referral for legal advise when you were on his show as he has had his share of family problems.....maybe you still could.

Keep travelling the high road my dear....I for one and I'm sure many others are proud of you!

just a friend said...

I am going to echo Southern Comfort's words and advise you and your mother to get out of there just as soon as she is able to. Until then, here are some things that you might consider:

Petition the court and ask if you and she could relocate in order to preserve your privacy and to allow for healing, someplace where she can still check in with the court, and you don't have to be burdened with the excessive drama.

Find a reliable therapist. It is good to unburden yourself in your blog. Seeing how hard it was to log on, you have many more friends out here in the internet than you can imagine. You also need an impartial, trained adult to help you deal with the everyday stresses that you and your mother are facing. Your health and the health of your mother come first. That means both physical and mental health.

Sometimes you have to make the really tough decision to just keep your distance from people who upset you, including (I am sorry to say) your brother. My brother's family took it into their heads a long time ago that we were their enemies. Every family get together was filled with drama. I cannot deal with their issues, and I refuse to take the blame for their problems. Sometimes, it is healthier to just step away from difficult friends or relatives for a while.

Many of us who support you are also very afraid of what could happen to this country if Sarah Palin got into the White House. Even as a spokesperson on Fox and for Republican candidates, she is a polarizing influence. She divides the country with her hate-filled speeches, tweets and ghost-written face book posts. She really is a very serious threat even if she doesn't run for office. She fans the flames of hatred; look what she has done to your family.

If you have any information about the Palins that will sink her political ambitions, this would be the time to make that information available. You can meet privately with Joe McGinniss or Geoffry Dunn, who are writing tell-all books about Sarah. The Palingates website has a private email address, and you can trust them to protect your identity. If you have undisputed proof that would knock Sarah out, the National Enquirer can make you a very wealthy woman, so you and your mother could afford to hire a different lawyer.

No matter how this plays out, the Palins will use Levi and then toss him to the wolves. How disgusting that he and Bristol want to parade their private lives on a public sleezy TV reality show. You may have to think about giving him a little space right now, but you and your mother will always be there when he will need you again.
Good Luck! Courage! Strength!

wynsplc said...

Your assessment of "Rex and Company" are shared with many people who have come in contact with him. He is first and foremost concerned with one thing only....increasing his bank account. You and your Mother are wise to stay as far away from him as you can.

ilovepoodles said...

I have personally been questioning Rex and Tank's competence and motivation for a while. To think that they helped push Levi to feel compelled to spew these lies about how he didn't give a crap about seeing Tripp and is just now stepping up to fatherhood makes me sick. Poor Tripp will have to read the lies one day and it will make him feel terrible.

I'm not at all surprised that the Palins would rather have Tripp feel that unbearable pain than to let Levi "win" by telling the awful truth about them. Despicable!

I'm sorry for your and Sherry's pain.

Marcia S said...

File a bar complaint. Contact the Alaska Bar and do it.

wonderingoutloud said...

Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith, John Belushi, Lindsay Lohan, all trusted their "YES" people. People can be supreme parasites "in your best interests", look at SP....a professional parasite.

Gov Bluth said...


I've read your blog from time to time but have never commented. It's such an unfortunate thing that you and your family are experiencing. I'm an attorney practicing trust and estate law, and I can tell you I see this situation everyday - money (and I expect fame) brings out the worst in people. It will make people do things they ordinarily wouldn't and it will adversely affect once solid relationships.

If it brings you any comfort, I will offer that the families I see who get torn apart in these types of situations (and more often than not, it's siblings fighting....) often do find their way back to one another. It may not be this year. Or next year. Or even in the next five years. But it might happen for you all.

I wish your entire family the best.

Andrew Sage said...

Mercede---I think the only way to get leverage on these terrible people is to allow sunshine to be the best disinfectant. I think a few responsible media people would like to know what's really going on in your life and the Palins. The Palins are very dangerous. Their power can be diminsished if you spill the beans---Bristol Palin is already the mother of two children and is currently pregnant with a third child while spouting nonsense about abstinence, correct? Your honesty on this issue would be impressive.

Bluethanyou said...

Mercedes, hope this makes you laugh and not mad but, I never realized until I saw the picture of Levi above, what a block head he is! Literally.
Don't worry too much. Hopefully, he will come to his senses over time and you can be family again. Until then, there are a lot of people who care about what happens to you.

Classy Lassy R U said...

You are classy as always. How that smarmy bundle if cool didn't seduce you into signing a contract I do not know-- it must have been nice originally getting his attention. I know that my ex husband used to sell cars and when he first spoke to a client, they always felt warm, but any length of time after the got to know him, they were on edge.

I agree with the poster who said that any time a business starts talking "family" that it means that an axe is going to fall. I worked in A-town with a certain company where they were talking family and how happy the share holders would be and we had huge parties and I was calling my mom saying, "This isn't sitting right. We are celebrating our demise!" I was right. I was the only one not having any fun, but I felt it!

There has to be a book in what you are going through. "Watching a Train Wreck" comes to mind. I'll pray for your brother-- he is one of the victims in this mess and I think he was trying to salvage what he could. You didn't sign a contract-- when he isn't free to tell his story, you will be able to talk to contacts who didn't sign and tell it for him.

Jan said...

What was the 3 year contract for? Did you have to take down this blog and quit speaking ill of the Palin's?

Extreme2010 said...

Miss Sadie,

Keep your chin up. The drama and BS of the media will fade away soon enough.

You're going through an extremely difficult time in your life, and I commend you for being headstrong and tough.

My prayers and thoughts go to you and your family during this difficult time, God bless you for remaining vigilant and strong.

MariaT said...

Mercede, you continue to amaze me. That one so young can be so wise. I applaud your grit, resilience, empathetic nature, big heart, intuition...

Big hugs to you and your mom

DarkEFang said...

All this time, a lot of us had hoped that positive things were happening in the background that we weren't hearing about. I'm sad to hear that hope was misplaced. I guess if these people aren't motivated by a conscience to do the right thing, there's always a chance that they can be shamed into it. Keep speaking out.

John Brown's Body said...

From a father and grandfather of many, take it from me that you are what we used to call "one classy broad." Your integrity shines through your words. Do not change to suit the world, you are so far ahead of it that it might never catch up to you. God bless and my love and prayers to you and yours.

Lynn said...

Hi Mercedes,

I read this today and thought this is exactly the difference between you and Sarah.

St. Paul taught through the espistles:

True lovers of God will be patient and kind...Mercedes
The false...full of ill-will and spite, without pity or love...Sarah

One will feel no envy, will never be preverse....Mercedes
The others will be avaricious back-biters and slanderers, inventive in wickedness....Sarah

Love is never proud, never insolent....Mercedes
But hatred is vain-glorious, insolent and haughty....Sarah

Love does not claim right or brood over it's wrongs....Mercedes
Hatred is contentious....Sarah

Love cannot be provoked....Mercedes
Hatred is destructive......Sarah

Love takes no pleasure in wrong-doing....Mercedes
Hatred is know by it knavery, impurity and is deceitful and depraved.....Sarah

God's love teachs man to rejoice in truth's victory....Mercedes
But these others are his enemies, disobedient and unnatural children, they have not honor or prudence or loyalty.....Sarah

JUST SAYING.....Actions speak louder than Words. It is clear to me who Sarah is.

Mercedes, endure and sustain, hope and believe to the end.... that love and truth always prevail.

Celia Harrison said...

The main job of lawyers is to lie, hence the nickname lie-yer. My favorite line from a movie is, “You’re a liar, maybe you should become a prosecutor.“ If lawyers don’t smell money you can’t get them to respond to your requests. I have known some lawyers in another state who were altruistic people, even a DA. The problem is there are a lot of not only unethical lawyers, but incompetent ones, the most arrogant among them are made judges. There are a few lawyers with ethics and morals in Alaska, but they are few and far between, they are worth their weight in gold. I found out the hard way that even the public defenders (public pretenders) lie their butts off, all the way up to the director of the agency. Rex and Tank sound like opportunists plain and simple. Good for you for responding to Butler’s statement. You can bet they have had a lot to do with manipulating Levi’s attitude towards you. It sounds like there may have been some malpractice and unethical behavior, check out this page from the Alaska Bar Association for more information,

You and your mother are the real team in your family, you had the brains to not sign a contract with these con artists. I was very worried about your mother when she was in Hiland Mountain as I was wrongfully imprisoned there and denied proper medical care. If I had known that given your mother’s health problems Rex Butler was not fighting for her welfare I would have been very upset. Of course we all thought Levi was making sure you were OK. Your mother must have been worried sick about you and your home. Levi is going to have to learn some very hard lessons. After all of this he does not know how lucky he is that you still want him in your lives.

MadasHelinVA said...

Oh Sade, the only team Levi ever had was you and your mom. Rex and Tank were NOT looking out for Levi, but ONLY ALWAYS looking out for themselves and what type of lucrative deals they could make for themselves during Levi's 15 minutes. The worst thing they 'did NOT do' for Levi was put him in touch with an attorney who specialized in CUSTODY when he was going to court over his son; a Family Attorney because they are the only attorneys who have experience in 'custody' cases as well as divorce.

Rex and Tank are USERS - just like Bristol and Scarah Paylin. Avoid these people at all costs honey because you have too much class and grace and they would only try to use you as well.

I'm sorry you and your mom have been through so much crap especially from the likes of those USERS. The only good thing that came from them was helping you become a stronger person who learned to be alone and take care of yourself and your mom.

Don't worry Sade, they are gone now since there is no future or money for to be had now that Levi is with the Paylins. Just keep being your sweet, classy self and everything will work out for the best in the long term. If Levi, Bristol and her rotten mother Scarah refuse to invite you and your mom to their wedding [if they last long enough to have a wedding], this will CONFIRM to the world their TRUE CHARACTER and they will have to explain themselves to many people [but there is no rational explanation for that behavior]. Just take good care of you and your mom and stay safe. Thanks for sharing honey.

Kallie in Texas said...

If $arah really was the Christian she proclaims to be, she would have helped you....but as we all know, she's a pure hypocrite! Keep your chin up, hun. Things will get better for you, your heart is in the right place. Keep up with your education.

giddyup said...

This is not the least bit surprising. We've been saying over at IM for months & months that Levi needed competent counsel. Hopefully, one day, he'll realize the importance of what he's abandoned. :-(

B said...


That's the form and instructions you need to report Rex's failure to do his job and do it competently.

Alaska doesn't allow you to remain anonymous, but that's hardly an issue since you have complained publicly. You don't need to have been his actual client to be able to complain. Let the state bar association decide if he crossed the line. Please do it--though I don't think you're allowed to tell us whether or not you file a complaint.

And btw, I am still a member of Team Levi. I appreciate that being with his child has always been the most important motivator to him. He seems like a basically nice guy who has remained in love with Bristol, in spite of her need to control him and other men she has been with. If they can stay married a few years she will have more trouble keeping him from his child(ren) after that. (Selfishly, I would rather he had written a tell-all.)

Leadfoot said...

The fact that Rex is so determined to become rich, and that he and Tank worked so long for Levi for FREE (or very little - how much could Levi possibly have paid them?!) tells me that LEVI KNOWS ABOUT TRIG's TRUE PARENTAGE.

THAT is the biggest money maker in Alaska, maybe even America. The person who tells the truth first stands to make millions. Rex hitched his wagon to Levi's horse in the hopes that Levi would be the person to spill the beans and bring in those millions.

That is the ONLY way such a money grubber would have worked so closely with Levi for all this time. Levi knows the truth.

I truly believe he loves Bristol and Tripp. But he should be ASHAMED of his behavior and acceptance of the lies being told. Doesn't he realize that if he tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth -- and Bristol hates him for it -- she isn't a good person and not worth having in the first place?

I'm sorry, Sadie. You are such a wonderful person. It truly sucks that this has all happened to you. I'm going to send you some gas money this week via that little button above, and I hope everyone else does too.

Keep your chin up. We are with you!

kevin said...

HI Mercede

Hey, "Team Levi"...they are a joke now. It goes to what I mentioned before, credibility. The Palins manipulated Levi to destroy his credibilty PERMANENTLY.....once you admit to the world you have LIED TO THEM....nobody believes you again.

There is no "Team Levi"....not anymore anyway...."Team Levi" was destroyed two weeks ago by Levi himself.

Levi is too young to know what destroying your credibility forever means.

As for Rex and Tank.....yeah two opportunists with dollar signs in their eyes.

Liz said...

Typical lawyers! Bleeding your family for all

they can get to line their pockets. Yes, and

bring attention to their 'lawyer' names.

If you need legal consoltation, hire a good law

firm from Anchorage.

Stay away from DC swindlers and Hollywood


fawn said...

What a fine, strong, young lady you are. How proud your mom must be of you. But I truly believe part of your brothers issues come from two different directions
1) a controlling mentally ill girlfriend that will never be happy
2) the family dynamics in your own household that you were raised in. You stated that to your father, the boy Levi was everything and you were not. Your father treated your mom poorly and now Levi is living in a world where he thinks his wants and needs are above those of his mom and sis. Hang tough eventually he will come back all the wiser.
Hug your mom for me. You 2 are the only ones in the whole mess that show class-something the Palins can't buy.

Erica said...

Hey,What about hooking up with the writer living next door to the Palin house.He would probably love to meet you if if you haven't already met.He has been around for a long time and I am pretty sure he can't be bought by Sarah and has a wealth of connections.
Ask for help from outsiders. !!

fashionplate said...

Mercede, please know that many prayers are being said for you, your Mom, and Levi. After reading through the above comments, I can say there are some wonderful bits of advice--especially from "just a friend" on July 19, 2010 at 7:49 am.
A big virtual hug. May God bless you.

Martha said...

Sharon on July 19, 2010 at 6:39 am____ Only Levi can do something about Butler not representing him as he asks. It is Butlers advice that Levi can follow or not. Butler does not follow the advice of a client, he is to represent Levi as Levi asks, not advises. Levi does not have to take his advice. What Butler does in public is represent Levi, whether or not advice is followed. If it is a big enough problem between lawyer and client they can be fired or quit.

At some point Levi desired to hook up with Bristol again and he would instruct Butler to go in that direction. Butler may have been blindsided like everyone else. Bristol is the one that has said no to Mercede. Butler is representing what Levi wants and possibly advised him to not be in a situation where he is mixed up with anyone that is not Bristol approved. Levi put himself in a situation where he was forced to make a choice and throw someone under the bus. His threat was all he had to offer Mercede. He was probably confident she would buckle and do what Team Bristol would settle for. Given what his client wanted I think Butler said what he said to cut off Mercede from a legal perspective. It may be ugly but I doubt it was bad advice considering what Levi wants now.

When Levi is a man on his own will people will stop enabling him and blaming other people? Levi is of legal age and has the responsibilities of an adult male no matter what his judgments. If everyone thinks he is so incapable perhaps they can try and find a guardian to take over his affairs. It looks like he is a person that trusts people like Bristol to control his life. It is no surprise if he picks a similar lawyer. This is a personality flaw with Levi and he may not see it as a problem. I think he calls it love. The tragedy is when people are hurt and there is nothing anyone can do. It is the hardest thing to let someone like Levi go to make his own mistakes. What are the other options?

What Butler says to or about Mercede is the same as if it is Levi talking. Levi's maturity and flaws are another matter. The sooner he is treated as a responsible adult the better chance he may have to act like one. Sherry is blessed to have one beautiful and mature adult child.

Martha Unalaska Yard Sign said...

Thanks a lot Rex, from your legal peers, for filling the poster child shoes of greedy, stupid and dishonest lawyers. We thought you were better than that.

Tank - you tanked a great opportunity to be smarter than you look. Another poster child - for over sized, much less than bright stooges.

Mercede - you are smarter than the whole lot of Team Levi and the Palins put together (like that would happen!), and I can see why you are driving them around the bend with your outspoken blogging.

There are so many negative vibes coming and going from all these folks that I am sending you thoughts of courage, reason, hope, and acceptance. Let our good energy help you counteract some of their darkness.

Milli said...

"What Butler says to or about Mercede is the same as if it is Levi talking."

What universe to do you live in? Are you old enough to understand the duress the Palin's wild ride put on Levi? Can you imagine the security Tank must have felt like standing beside Levi while the Palin's threatened everything and everyone he loved?

Are you oblivious to the fact Mercede mentions Butler tried to get her and her mother to sign a three year contract?

Butler is not being dictated by Levi, he is the puppetmaster.

Butler pursued Levi securing a contract with him obtaining the rights to any windfalls coming the Johnston's way. Butler in the least is an opportunist who has in my perspective identified his true course with this asinine statement about "Team Levi", which should be brought to the attention of the Alaska State Bar.

Levi does need to stand up but depending on how Butler made him sell his soul he might not be able to until 2013.

Mercede find those who are with resources to tell all. Do not release what you know without ensuring your and your mother's wellbeing. There is no one in Alaska that has the clout or connections you need. Find someone outside without ties to Palin and make sure you get a contract signed with someone a solid reputation.

The stories you have of Palin are global. Don't let anyone hoodwink you into giving up your share. Not even Levi.

d c woo said...

That explains alot of things.

Deb said...

It sounds like a certain lawyer should have his license removed for unethical behavior and lack of representation. If nothing else, there should be an ethics complaint and an investigation. Rex should be stripped of his law license.

Jane said...

Hang in there dear girl. Keep taking the high road. Off subject somewhat, but the "abstince only" crowd must be going nuts with the Bristol Levi US magazine piece. That picture of Levi's hand on Bristol's naked thigh was pretty risque and for her to brag that he proposed in her bedroom with flower petals on the the bed was like who is she kidding? They are definetly in a physical relationship! He has to have a key to her place, or how did he get in to her condo while she was at work? Then Bristol says she is glad their relationship is now out in the open so that they can go camping together! Couples who are not sexually active do not go campling together! There were soooo many clues in that article that point to them being sexually active. There is nothing wrong with 2 responsible adults having sex, but when you go around preaching abstinence to the world, it sure makes you look like a big hypocrite! When Levi stated that after Tripp was born and he would cry, he would go downstairs to watch TV. What does that tell us? That he and Bristol were sharing a room at the Palin's house in Wasilla.

Marnie said...

You and your mom are better off out of the mess that Levi has gotten himself into. Do what you need to do to take care of each other.

But you said it right in the last sentence, when he needs you will be there.

That really is all you can do, try to blow the other stuff off as much as you can and get on with your lives.

Amazed said...

Levi's courtMercede, when I read the court documents that Rex prepared for Levi, I immediately saw that Levi was NOT in good hands. For someone who has supposedly graduated from law school, Rex uses weak grammar and clumsy sentence structure.

Much more than that, he applied faulty logic. He skipped presenting facts that would have helped Levi’s case. Moreover, he missed answering many questions that Bristol posed.

Consequently, I’m not at all surprised to hear that he did such a poor job of representing your mother. Would she be willing to take this complaint to the bar association?

Stephanie said...

Hang in there!! Hopefully everything will get better!

Ardiva said...

I didn't like their arrangement with Levi, either...and the most telling thing about this situation is the 3 year contract renewal thingy.

I'm hoping against all hope that Levi fires Rex and Tank!

HP said...

Best wishes to you & your mom. As was previously stated, you embody class.

Ginger said...

Please, Mercede, don't tell us Rex Butler was blindsided and that he didn't get a percentage of the US Magazine and People Magazine articles.

Sorry, I don't buy it...

Lynn said...

So Levi's ex-girlfriend is going to be on Inside Edition Tuesday talking about what he told her about the Palin family. Hmmmmm.......

Guest said...

"not such a bad thing."

Now you're starting to see with better perspective. No, it's not such a bad thing. It's a good thing in fact to be miles away from this, because they're a disaster. I was always surprised at the attorney Levi picked, I wondered why he couldn't get better counsel.

Love, whatever. You can't prove love, can't disprove it. They're back together, that's all anybody knows. Personally, I'd rather have respect, I'll take that much. Nobody seems to give anybody much of that in this family.

Levi was clearly running out of career options, that much is obvious. What else would make him toss in his mind the idea of getting back together with a girl who was so broken up about him that she started dating, and even a baby on her hip didn't slow her down in that department. So much missing Levi that she didn't even give any thought to inviting him to Thanksgiving dinner. This is the girl he finds himself suddenly in love with.

So let them do their thing from a distance. That's the safest thing for you. Sarah Palin's latest and greatest tweet adventure should tell you something about the mental stability of that family. (And I'm not trying to bash anybody here, I actually like Sarah Palin). But it is what it is. Levi is getting himself in deep, but he's a man and it's his choice.

You have choices too, and options. Sounds like you made a smart one so far by not signing that contract.

AlaskaSundog said...

Hi Mercede, from your Chugiak neighbor. Rex Butler has always been known as an ambulance chaser & probably has little respect among his peers & the public. Levi chose him cuz he insinuated himself in & Levi being young & ignorant -- a deer in the headlights. With no one to guide you guys & assuming that a lawyer would be on YOUR team -- you goofed. You could file a complaint but the paperwork is mind boggling, it takes forever & lawyers hate to discipline each other. It's Levi who signed papers so unless you & your mom were legally represented by Rex Butler, it's all uphill. If you could find a pro bono lawyer who could help you, see what he/she says. There might be something I'm unaware of.
You've had to learn a lot quickly. That's OK. As long as you're strong & capable, knowledge & ability to survive never hurt anyone -- in fact with what you have experienced, the bumps in life that everyone faces will be easier to overcome. You don't have to run from or escape adversity. Take each day as it comes with time for thought, time for some exercise, time for action. Maintain your closeness with your mom & your blog cuz you need to vent & have social contact.
Other bloggers have advised you to contact Joe Mcginnis who is writing about Palin & who is renting the house right next to hers. I agree. Always tell the truth & if you have any info they can use, share it & validate & document what you can. The same goes for Geoffrey Dunn who is writing what should be a well documented book, "The Lies of Sarah Palin". Exposing Palin, Bristol, Rex Butler, the campaign, everything, will free you. Levi will probably return some day, probably after a split--2012 ???? Don't dwell on it, don't accommodate his sorry ass, just do your own thing. Things have a way of sorting out. You can be sad cuz it's a sad situation but as long as you know you're doing what you can you'll still be standing when it's all over. Keep trucking & good luck.

Maggie said...

You're doing the right thing: continuing to tell the truth, continuing to love your family, continuing to stand up for yourself.

You'll survive and be happy.

Patiently Waiting said...

When will this soap opera end?...I guess when the gold deposits tend to thin out and disappear.

Kolli said...

If Levi can fire Butler who will be his next lawyer? I now hear that Van Flein is speaking for the couple and there is no Reality Show. His spin is different from Butler. I am guessing Sarah wants Butler out of the picture more than anyone. Depending on Levi's contract they may be able to buy his freedom. I doubt if that would be affordable. It may be hokey to most of us but the way lawyers operate is part of our capitalist business system. I am no expert on contract law. It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall to hear what goes on with the lawyers who are battling to control the lovebird image. Will it be a Reality Show or abstinent-only parenting gurus for SarahPac? They are the best parents because all they do is in Tripp's best interest. Bristol and Levi can both say they have sex and cover that up because they do it all for Tripp. That is the meme Sarah wants to hear. Ideally for SarahPac Bristol must stay hidden. She can repeat SarahPac meme in telephone interviews or Van Flein and whoever wrote Levi's fake apology can speak for the abstinent-only princess.

Connie said...

Keep your head held high! Focus on starting school and helping out your Mom. One of these days Levi will realize that you and only you has been his one constant supporter through all of this garbage. Blood is thicker than water and money doesn't buy happiness. Keep on telling the truth. The truth shall set you free. No matter what, the truth always finds a way out. It doesn't matter how carefully someone thinks they have hidden it, it WILL find a way out. Certain folks in this 'situation' have shown their true colors and they are not pretty. You on the other hand have shown where your heart and loyalty lie and they are in the right place. Best wishes to you, stay strong!!

kevin said...

hi mercede

i am reading today that sarah will not attend the wedding.

hopefully that means you and your mom get an invitation soon.

plus it eliminates the main source of stress at the reception.

it would be one sorry wedding if the mother of the bride refuses to attend, and the mother of the groom is not invited.

too much egg on their face for that, i say your invite is in the mail.

CAgal said...

Levi will come back to his family, eventually, even though it will take some pain and effort to disentangle himself from the Palin lair. Levi is a good straight-up person. What you see is what you get. It doesn't get any better than that. Just pray for him and stay open, as you are now.

bilbo22damnit said...

Just wanted to say hello. If you're anything like me (when I was going through a divorce), I imagine that writing out what you're thinking is very cathartic and soul-cleansing. Keep it up even when not talking about you-know-who.

Mindy Ames said...

It's sad, Mercede. You can't see your two nieces Trig and Trip. Now it looks like you may never see your third niece, becaue your brother's girlfriend looks like she's expecting aggain. I feel bad because my brother left my town in Michagan and I can't see my nephew, who i love. I'd really realy make an effort to reach out to your brother. He seems like a nice guy who got caught in a bad spiders web with this Palin family. If you can, please tell yor brother to literally watch his back and not to go on private planes.

just a friend said...

I am trying to figure something out. Bristol and Levi packed up and moved out to preserve their privacy. At the same time, they are shopping around the idea of a full TV series about their tabloid life. They really can't have it both ways.

The problem with a Bristol-Levi Reality Show is that Bristol is a terrible actress, and she is not a good speaker. Sorry, Sadie, I know that you love your brother, and he is a handsome charming guy. But, I saw him on TV with Kathy Griffin, and he comes across as monosyllabic and sort of an aw-shucks kind of guy. Neither of them have the kind of charismatic personality to survive on TV. (Sarah' reality show is going to hard to watch unless they can edit the shrill sound of of voice and drop it down a couple of tones). I have seen you on TV, Sadie, and you have more charm and TV presence than the three of them put together.

I think that it is going to be hard enough for Bristol and Levi to lead any kind of normal life. To be parents while they are still teens, not to mention having a very controlling grandmother in the mix can't be easy. To start out married life is hard enough these days without adding the stress of a TV series which will expose them to a tabloid public. They don't belong on TV. Tripp does not belong on TV. They should find a nice place to grow up and love Tripp. That will be a full time job.

Rick said...

Too bad Levi hasn't figured he got tied up with a couple of ambulance chasers.

Levi is naive and way over his head and out of his league.

There will be a day though when he realizes his priorities are messed up. After his "appology" to the Palins, he'll look like a complete idiot if he gets dumped again and tries to tell the truth. He has lost his credibility with the public.

For his sake, I hope he and Bristol are both truly committed to each other and Tripp, and that no one else has anything to do with this. Because Levi has burned his bridges and sold his soul.

Polly said...

I just had this thought. What if Bristol and Levi, for once in a very long time, had an honest talk? They got caught up in Palin's world, neither of them truly happy. And what if they decided that they wanted to roll it back to before Palin was picked by McCain? What if they really had a grown-up conversation? The media is always at the door, they have been used and abused by them. So, why not use them for their purposes? Part of why Levi made the retracting statement about what he said about Sarah, was to give the whole deal a clean slate. They got their chance to see Hollywood, and their heart just ain't in it. (Obvious by their lack of interest in getting acting coaching.) They made forced choices, that didn't turn out right. They didn't tell either of their families about their upcoming marriage, not because they don't love their families, but because they didn't want to explain, or be talked out of their decisions. OK. I said right off, it's just a thought. :-)

kat said...

What I never got about Tank and Rex is, how could they not put up a better fight for Levi's rights as a parent? It's a sad reality of the law that extended family, including grandparents and loving aunties, have no legal rights when it comes to visitation. But a father?! Short of evidence of abuse, I thought it was a legal slam dunk, that fathers have rights.

Clive said...

Cool Blog, young lady. Keep it going.
I see that you're in The Guardian today - no doubt many more ppl will be taking note! I loved what the Guardian writer wrote about Sarah:

"This is the problem with celebrating stupidity, Sarah: stupid people win."


Jan said...

Levi is Tank and Rex's cash cow. When Levi no longer brings in profits they will dump him. The Today Show mentioned your blog this morning when telling that Sarah and your mom are against Levi's marriage to Bristol.The brought up Levi still does NOT have his GED. He should have graduated over a year ago from high school. What happened there?

bubbles said...

In my humble opinion Rex Butler and Tank are at best ambulance chasers and at wost crooks. that being said it is best to let things cool off.
go on to school. check with your mother's parole officer and inquire about college for your mom also. i know of people who achieved the Bachelor degree while incarcerated. at any event talk to her parole officer and ask her help in scheduling your mom's appointments and drug testing on days your school commitments will allow you to accompany her. you may be pleasantly surprised that they will help you.
don't worry about things and people you can't change. if it makes you feel better write a sweet letter to the bar association detailing your experiences with team Butler. you don't have to make it an official complaint. it may be that they are well aware of Mr. Butler Esq. and his large stooge. there may have been complaints lodged by others.
get your life started little one and stop obsessing on Levi.
he is a grown man. let him live his life and you live yours.
life is too short. whatever little money you make from the tabloid media bank it for the future.

Sukie said...

It looks like good news! If Levi and Bristol don't elope they may quit the wedding. Whether Levi can fire Butler and let Van Flein guide him remains to be seen. At least, Sherry won't have to miss her boys traditional wedding. Many people elope and skip the family difficulties. There may be no marriage and they can still do the custody hearing and hope it will be alright now that Bristol wants her son to have his Daddy. I hope all is well. Stay strong. If not already, Levi may be back with his family soon.

Melissa said...

The solution is that the Palins just need to refudiate! (Whatever the heck that means!) LOL

Noelle said...

Hugs for you Mercede, and your mom. I know what its like to live through major family drama, and am currently living it. just part of it is that I suffer from spinal issues like your mom, have had multiple surgeries, suffer from moderate-severe chronic pain, and I'm mom to 2 special-needs kids, my husband is ready to walk out the door, and I'm only 31! My husband wants to leave b/c I can't do all the house-wife things the Stepford wives around here do, keep this place totally clean, whip up perfect meals, some days its all I can do to just take care of the kids! If he does leave I hope I can raise my daughter and son to be as strong as you Mercede. Even typing this hurts physically, but its worth it. I've wanted for a long time to tell your mom I have been rooting for her and suffering alongside her ever since Sarah Palin stepped into the limelight. I don't think I would have attempted to sell my pain meds but then again my husband is still here providing for us. I don't know the full story but I think I'd sell or do anything to keep a roof over my kids heads and food in their mouths. (IMHO I feel she was set up.) Also living through the sort of betrayal she did rocks people to their core. I think a lot of things should have been taken into consideration in her case and instead she was treated cruelly. I wish I could write more but my 8yr old has a playdate:) All I can say now is I've switched teams, no longer Team Levi, I'm Team Mercede! I have learned that people (family, friends) that you think you know may betray you. I'm hoping that Levi is still the brother you knew, and has to play this game in order to see his son, and that after the dust settles your relationship will return to normal. Who knows, maybe with some seperation from Sarah Palin may make Bristol a nicer person? I'm praying for you and your mom Mercede.

hope said...

I feel Sherry was set up, that echos how I feel. It is too bad we can never know the full story. I know the informants are protected but I've wondered how close of friends were they to Bristol and Levi? I've known various addiction problems and know signs. Is there any chance that Sarah Palin is clean and does not have a prescription habit? You don't have to answer. She just looks and acts like... well, not a duck. We hear almost daily of someone like Michael Jackson, Lindsey Lohan and how doctors have them strung out. Politicians are kept going with doctor care. It is not a rare problem. It is killing and destroying a lot of people.

May Levi return soon and you can start to mend the family.

Gles said...

Somehow there seems to be a disconnect here regarding mothers approval. When you read the tabloids all you encounter is Bristol and her mother...or Levi and Bristol's mother. I do not see any written print about Bristol and Levi's mother nor Levi and his mother.

Sherry deserves the same amount of impetus that Sarah receives. It's up to Levi to speak up and Bristol to realize there is another mother(in law) waiting to hear from them.

Keep writing Mercede because I can see you are making one hell of a dent(difference) in the Sarah facade. You are also helping Levi and he just doesn't know it. Good job. It would be great to have that commentary from Sherry regarding her health issues.

MissSunshine said...

I just read Gryphen's post. I just feel so sorry for you and your mom. How can you forgive Team Levi for making such a mess of things? You and your mom would be living so much more comfortably had Levi come to his senses and played his cards shrewdly.

Instead, a couple of years (or months) will pass. Levi won't be the shiny new playtoy Bristol and the public want. When he is kicked to the curb, there will be only the people who loved him when he was just some kid in Alaska who liked to hunt.

icarust said... this right?

Sarah is assumed to be invited to the wedding, but will only go begrudgingly or not at all.

Sherry, who would love to attend, may not be invited.

Invite the mother who doesn't want to go, and don't invite the mother who does?

How twisted is that?

reader said...

I really love this, Mercede; blogging has given you tons of power. They can't even try to shut you up because they know you'll just go blog about it. Brilliant! Keep up the good work.

Jan said...

I guess Tank is the one that just got Levi the gig on the music video. Levi plays young man that marries and the mother in law disapproves. Seems all the gigs they get Levi exploits his relationships with the Palin's. It's a paycheck but shouldn't they find Levi a gig that shows Levi has his OWN talent not just someone who dated a Palin.

Beth Anne said...


As I understand Levi is trying to develop talent. He has never claimed to have a talent. He is learning by working. He may take acting lessons or find more modeling experience.

He may be limiting himself to Christian artists now.

Martha Unalaska Yard Sign said...

Mercede, just hang onto that deep love you have for your brother no matter what and you will have few regrets in the long run. And hang onto that very clear head which is telling you to pull out ahead of the herd and speak your mind in the short run. Self respect is hard to come by, and hard won when realized - you are the best you can be when accomplishing this in tough situations!

It doesn't really matter what the rest of us may think of Levi - he is not our brother. And I kind of have a feeling that he won't be Bristol's hubby for long and may yet find his way.

10catsinMD said...

Hang in there Mercede. Unfortunately your brother is in a very sick relationship. Some day he may find out. The sooner the better. You sound great and I eagerly await your posts. I don't consider you as bashing the Palin's as many say.

Just saw the latest US magazine with more comments from Bristol and Levi about wedding invitations. Bristol has no manners what so ever.

She comes off worse than a backwoods hillbilly. I've met a few women like her in my life. They use everyone--their children, husbands, family and eventually destroy themselves. Her Mom is her best and worst example, whereas you obviously have a great Mom who loves and has shown you the best loving behavior no matter what the circumstances. Hang tough, for you are a real lady.

All I can assume is that Bristol is very jealous of you and your family. Having Levi maybe makes her think that she is getting the love she never had. But given time she will destroy that too.

Tank and Rex are not looking after your brother's best. You and your Mom very wisely did not sign any long term agreements with them. Talk to McGinnis as everyone recommends.

Hope you and your Mom and your family are well. Take care. A people are supporting you.

Cecil said...

Mercede, I am constantly impressed by your blog. You say things that are hard to say, but you are not aggressive or mean about it.

Also, you quote Shakespeare correctly, and in context. Not many people your age could do that.

I would like to see you go to college for 4 years, I think you would do very well in that environment.

krbmjb05 said...

Did your brother really get his ex girlfriend pregnant? Where's that forgiving, gracious Bristol NOW?

You and your Mom may not miss a wedding after all...because there WILL be no wedding and Levi will soon be on your doorstep looking for a shoulder to cry on!

cat said...

If a person is only famous for being famous, they can maybe eek out a career at it. Levi is famous for getting his girlfriend knocked up and it being revealed as her incompetent mother rose to prominence as the Word Salad Maker of a failed campaign.

Someone needs to speak for your family and to defend you and your mom. Clearly, it is not Levi. He is too busy not knowing what to do with his life except to trust people that use him.

He is lucky to have you for a sister.

When the lights go out and the cameras all turn to the next big nothing, he will be glad he has a family that sticks with him.

Bristol, sadly, has inherited the Quitter gene from her mother as well as the book of excuses as to why nothing is her fault, no matter what she does.

I hope Tripp can have a decent life despite all of this.

You keep on doing what you are doing, Mercede. It gives me hope that someday, Levi can also make a real life for himself.

He truly cannot be as shallow and weak willed as he appears to be at this time, while he is the prop boyfriend for a family that craves media exposure.

Renegade said...

Mercede, you have a lot of looking out for your back. I think the best advice I can offer is get a hold of Joe McGinniss. He is an honest and admirable man and I am sure he would be willing to help you in any way he could.

Renegade said...

Sorry, I meant you have a lot of us looking out for your back - and your mom, too. Be brace

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