Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Who needs coffee when you wake up to news this shocking?

The other day I was awakened by my mother bringing me breakfast in bed because she was so touched by the post I wrote about her. What a great start to my day that was!

Well yesterday I was also awakened by my mother. But it was not breakfast she had in her hand. It was my laptop and on the screen was a beautiful picture of Levi, Bristol, and Tripp on the cover of US Weekly!

Not exactly the image I wanted to come face to face with when I first opened my eyes.

I looked up to see that my mom was very upset, with tears running down her face, yet still trying to console my other family members who were texting her and sending messages via Facebook saying they were very upset that they had to find out about this engagement from the media and not from Levi himself. I sent a message telling them not to feel too badly since even his own mother and sister had to find out that way.

I have to say with all the odd things going on lately I definitely expected something. However I think there may be more to this picture than we are able to see right now. I guess time will tell.

I would like to take a moment to congratulate my soon to be sister-in-law and big brother.

I sure hope this is a sincere decision that you have thought through carefully Levi, and that it will bring you happiness.

I do wish you guys would take a little more time with this decision, and I certainly do not understand why you are rushing things. Unless of course there is some reason for the hurry.

I am also very happy to see Tripp in Levi's arms again, and I do know that it will be good for him to have both of his parents back in his life full time from now on. And you know he really does deserve the best that you can provide.

I can’t wait to watch the two of you wed, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Bristol, if you ever feel overwhelmed with all the decisions involved with planning a wedding I would love to offer you my help. I am a very good event planner, decorator, and I have great taste.

My mother would also like to congratulate her son and soon to be daughter in law, and she hopes to see more of both of you as you plan for your big day. And obviously would also be thrilled to help plan the wedding!

We are going to be attending the wedding, right?


Extreme2010 said...


Thank you for always being a mature adult despite all of the drama that has been going on in your life. Hopefully you can all come together as a family, because BLOOD is thicker than anything.

You are an example not just to young women, but young adults as a whole. Keep up the good work!

Nanci said...

Very nice response Mercede. You're a very mature young woman.

I wish you all the best in your life.

WakeUpAmerica said...

Whoa!! I too hope it works out for all three of them. Levi, get your head out of your ass and give some thought to the rest of your family. You've turned into a rather heartless young man. Being a kind person in a thoughtless world is something of which you can always be proud.

Friend said...

For a young lady faced with many challenges and disappointments, you remain gracious and polite. Blessed are the peacemakers, Mercede. Have you considered a career in Diplomacy? I think it would suit you well.

AKRNC said...

Mercede, you've done it again! Another post that is written in good taste and with manners despite how you probably feel betrayed by learning of your brother's engagement via a website just like the rest of the world. Your Mother has every reason to be upset because like her, I can't imagine finding out that my son was getting married by reading about it online. What the heck is going on with your brother?? I will add that there are many people wondering why there is such a rush for these two to marry especially after some of the things Bristol has said recently about Levi. I'm also tired of hearing about how Levi still has a lot to live up to because of what he said about the Palin family. I happen to remember the nasty things that were said about him and his family by Bristol & Sarah. How convenient for the MSM to forget about what they have said and focus only on Levi.

Hugs to you and your Mom, keep your head high!

ilovepoodles said...

Could this be much more surreal and over the top? I can't believe you and Sherry discovered this insanity with the rest of the public :-( The article doesn't mention that Levi's family was also kept in the dark. I'm sorry Levi is back in the vortex of chaos.

L.E.A. said...

So do you think everything in the media right now about the engagement is a farce? Has this all been orchestrated by Sarah because she plans to run for President?

Upstate NY said...

Mercede, you are a class act.

mary b said...

Oh Sadie,

I know how you feel. My own baby sister would not let me attend her wedding because her BFF didn't like me (after shacking up with my baby's dad, who he refused to ever see).
Life IS a soap opera of epic proportions! It is so hurtful when someone from your family, someone you love dearly, is manipulated by an outside source/person.
Hold your head up high! If they do to you what was done to me, don't let it eat away at you. That's what happened to me, as I could never understand it. Don't let it consume you or your Mom. You and your Mom have each other and that is great!! Even if they are being totally controlled by $arah, eventually Tripp will want to know the rest of his family. The more they try to keep you apart, the more Tripp will want to see you and know you.
Good luck to you and your Mom. And to Levi, too. I don't think he knows how badly he is being used. Unfortunately, $arah will use ANYONE to further her own agenda. Look at what she has done to Trig.
I hope that Levi comes to his senses and at the least, brings Tripp over to visit his Grandma and Aunt who love him so dearly.

gsb said...

"Unless of course there is some reason for the hurry" Then levi, you had better be getting big time bucks, or I'd ask for a paternity test. Make sure the Palin's can not, come back and bite you, latter on.
I think of the Palin's as a coiled serpent,laying quiet, until it strikes without warning. If Tripp is your son, growing up with the Palin's, he will be just like them. he already is the copy of old man HEATH.

Freakout in Kansas said...

Mercede, you are a very kind and patient person!

Helen said...

Chin up, sweetie. No bride wants to be outshone on her wedding day.

charlie in florida said...

Sadie, very nice job on taking the high road while at the same time asking two salient questions - "some reason for the hurry" and the wedding invite.

Skip from Asheville, NC said...

I bet you have to be wondering on whether or not you will become an Aunt again!

GrainneKathleen said...

so sorry you and your mom have been left in the dark in a matter so important to your brother, and which affects you all so closely. theories of why this has happened - and so quickly - aside, i truly hope that this means you will see more of levi and tripp.

Martha said...

Bristol is obviously pregnant again.

I wish your family the best I really do.

Chin up, stiff upper lip, and all that.

If you continue to stay on the high road and resist the temptation to say or publish (much deserved) nasty remarks it will work out in your best interest in the end.

All the money in the world can't buy you class and the Palins are a perfect example of that, all the pedigree, education and inherited wealth can't either...think Paris Hilton, her viral sex tapes limo crotch shots etc. .

But at the other end of the spectrum Mercede, you and your mother could be saying allot more than you have/are
and have not sold out to the tabloids and trash TV, even though I'm sure you could use the $$.

So again, stay on that high road because folks have more respect for the two of you than all the Palins put together and unfortunately your brother.

Something sincerely good will come for both of you if you continue on this path.

This blog is a perfect place to express the aspirations that you both, employment, health etc.

Assistance in the form of experience, knowledge and ideas come from the most unexpected places I have learned, but if folks don't know what you wish to do they cannot help.

When you are honestly trying to do for yourself (rather than begging for money and seeking celebrity like $arah
and her family ) you will get get the help you truly need.

Anything worthwhile requires much patience (you know all about that), dedication and hard work.

Those achievements sustain you throughout your life and are the most rewarding.

Unlike the flash in the pan $arah will be in the end.

GrainneKathleen said...

p.s. the first time i saw this pic, i wondered why levi was embracing shannon doherty. bizarre.

AlaskaSundog said...

Good Morning, Mercede. Tripp will benefit from the marriage so that's good. I also hope that the marriage will allow you & your Mom more contact with Tripp. That said, I believe this whole thing was set up by Sarah for several reasons. She needs to have a "respectable" family in time for Nov. elections & her 2012 presidential run. She had Levi apologize so she is now a "good" person & even better, she's forgiving & embracing a loser for the sake of family. What a heroine she is !!! Her bots will go nuts about how wonderful she is. She's also using Bristol & marriage to keep all Levi's secrets secret. There's no way Levi wants to lose sex, son, & being part of a famous family. Plus, there's no more child support. Bristol is pulling his strings. And Palin is paying off Bristol. Such liars. The thought is to keep friends close but enemies closer & no reason your daughter can't handle the enemies & closer part. I hope they really love each other for their own sakes & for Tripp. For Sarah Palin, it doesn't really matter cuz it's mission accomplished. Now, if Bristol is pregnant again, that is of course another reason to get married & ASAP . A big wedding would be good for publicity for Palin, for a TV series, for the money the magazines would pay. But if speed is essential, they may elope. I think Levi should consider DNA testing if Bristol is pg now BUT he won't, at least not until their love goes South (like in 2012). I hope there is the wedding you hope for & you get to help & at the least, are invited. But seriously, Mercede, if that doesn't happen, consider the players, be disappointed of course, but be prepared to console your Mom. It'll be really hard on her if Palin closes the wedding to your side of the family. Levi is being a jerk here & I hope he smartens up fast before he hurts you too much. Eventually he will & you & your Mom should then be the ones to get medals for forgiveness. Anyway, I really wish you the best, but like a good scout, be prepared for whatever, esp considering the players & their motives. Your Chugiak neighbor .

Floyd M. Orr said...

Very clever post, Miss Sadie, a delicate blend of the heartfelt, the cynical, and the knowledgeable.

easterner said...


brent said...

what a crazy way to learn of Levi's engagement! i think Bristol and Levi make a cute couple, and i really hope their relationship works out for Tripp's benefit, but i can't help but worry about his future mother in law, being how she's a "mama grizzly" and all... good luck Johnstons!

amomtoo said...

Mercedes, I want to give you a pat on the back for your demonstration of grace and consistent demonstration to reconcile good will with your brother and future in laws taking the higher road.

There is yet an unrevealed plot afoot in the Palin gang's recent public for profit missives and announcements including ordering you to take your blog down emotionally blackmailing you and your mother using Tripp for bait to control what you do and what you can't do or say.

What is finanically and politicly advantageous for the Palin's ambitions, Bristol and now Levi must be controlled by tehm and there is no room for considering human needs of your nephew, nor you, your mom nor other people.

It was profitable for Bristol and condoned by her mother to gain false attention as a financially struggling single teen mom enduring hardship with a dead beat Levi. Now it is money in the bank and to serve political ambition underhandedly and discard people for the almighty $$. None of this has anything to do with the character, worth nor value of those discarded or tyrants threatening them to either be subjugated or positioned to be blamed for being deprived familial relationships and subjected to public humiliation.

Bristol recently in hindsight set you up via her post on FB playing people it is you, Mercedes, guilty of whwat she, her brother were thinking, planning and doing. It is obvious to me right now that sharing some facts you had no clue you were a threat to their collective strategy using Tripp for personal profit and manufacture or control an illusion of ideal American family. Their new house of cards was about to fall necessitasting shutting you and others up.

Remember this valuable lesson: underhanded, dishonest people who chose a life path of deception, control, manipultion and destruction of others depend on destroying the credibiltiy of persons who have moral character. Such people feel a perverted sense of power sadisticly feeling "good" or pleasure degrading, devaluing people of above average moral fiber.

Reality is that some families have values that appearances are everything and lies, deceiving people does not matter and lying by ommission,, misinformation, personal fiction is ok as long as they "win" in disregard of other people. Some people exist building false and fictional characterization of self while dismantling who others are. They are conniving, duplicite, contradictory, and primarily deceptive. they rely on falsely accusing peopel of their dirty deeds. It is perveresely gratifying for them to target a clean or white reputation to sling their mud onto and unload their character defects onto..dump their personal crap character assasassinating people to rid their self of their shame via humiliating others.

Allow me to extend a mental hug of comfort and extend genuine empathy for I endured and barely survived a similar situation. People first and money second!

Take heart, truth does come out and truth amongst liars, disingenious conniving persons exonerates their targets and reveals their true character, underhanded means and using people to theri end. did not say much. It is their actions that demonstrated who is whom and revealed deceptive motives, attention seeking and control for financial profit and who does not care about baby Tripp using him for personal gain versus human needs and the needs of others.

Congrats, good does overcome evil.

Jazzy Jan said...

Bless you and your mother dear sweet Sade. You have class, pride, honor and loyalty. Sometimes I wonder if Levi realizes what a lucky brother and son he is. I truly hope everything works out for all of you and Tripp can experience love and caring from his entire extended family.

Deb said...

There isn't going to be a wedding. In the next two weeks, they will announce that they eloped.

MSB said...

Absolutely top notch reply Mercede. I am thrilled that there is someone in this whole drama that handles herself with class and dignity. You are a credit to your mother and yourself.

Elizabeth said...

Sarah's just a down to earth hockey mom, right? Just a common sense mom. So wouldn't the most common-sensical thing to do right now is to contact the groom's family and sort all of this out? Make wedding plans? Ask their preferences and wishes? We're waiting, Sarah, for some common sense actions regarding your daughter and her fiance.

your friend said...

Hi Mercede, Sorry that you received your private family news in such a public way. It is clear that everything thing that Bristol and Levi do will be in the tabloid pages for money. That would be Sarah Palin's style, not yours. Tripp deserves privacy instead of publicity, but they are his parents. I hope that you do get a chance to be part of their lives.

Midnight Cajun said...

Ouch, the mind boggles. I suspect you and your mother could both use a nice cup of St.John's Wort tea about now.

I will never believe that Bristol and Levi suddenly decided to get married, and then within seconds Bristol just out of the blue says, "Oh, and if we don't tell anyone, we can sell this story to US magazine for lots of $$$$." Nope. Sarah's puppet masters engineered this entire thing. Even people who KNOW what a liar Sarah is are sucking for the "my mom doesn't know, oh we are in love again and doing this for our son" drivel. I don't know Levi's motives, but Bristol has already told us she wants her mommy to be president. She wouldn't knowingly do anything to jeopardize that. (although Sarah really should have a talk with her daughter about birth control methods)

I'm sorry, Mercede; it must be heartbreaking to see two people you love--your brother and your nephew--caught in the toils of such wickedness. Do you speak to him enough to know that he's aware that Bristol could be pulling the same trick with him that Sarah pulled with Todd?

youngmom75 said...


She is a teen mom. She wants to be with the father of her child. I used to be like her after I had my daughter. I will tell you they are doing it for the wrong reasons if they are not in love. Just because they share a child does not mean that they are meant for each other. It took me 11 years to figure that one out for myself. Keep your head hi and don't worry about it. They will come to their senses one day. It may not be soon but it will happen and your brother will be back to say he is sorry.


MariaT said...

That was classy, Mercede. I too wish them well.

Now about that wedding invitation...

Paula said...

On the US video her face looks awfully full, she even has a double chin. That face looks preggos.

And come on... he proposed on the bed, in the bedroom and we are to assume they did not "celebrate?"

The Palins... always full of sh*&

Realist said...

Worry not. As soon as the White Supremacist-linked Palins aquire power and more filthy lucre by using your brother as a tool of "redemption" and all the family-values garbage is moot when she---or her surrogates---have utter power to serve the Ruling Elite, your brother will be dumped from the picture. You're all just stepping stones for Sarah and Todd Palin to continue their drive to make the US even more hateful and backwards. I just hope your brother gets a nice payoff in 2013.

krbmjb05 said...

Mercede, a mature, thoughtful post as usual.

Levi, you say you have changed and want to be there for your "family". Your Mom and Sadie are your family!! Allow them to share your wedding with you.

You said you can not get those special times with Tripp back. You will not be able to take not letting your Mom and sister attend your wedding. They have been through a lot as's TIME TO HEAL!!

krbmjb05 said...

ooohhh....let me add....if Sarah and Todd are allowed to attend the wedding, then you and your Mom should be there....No IFS, ANDS OR BUTS!!!

Gles said...

Excellent commentary Mercede! I don't understand the need for publicity...nor the game Levi & Bristol are playing.
I firmly believe this will all work out in the end....after all, your Mom didn't raise no dummies.

Michelle Reeves said...

Rex Butler slammed Mercede in ADN this morning not knowing what she is talking about because she is not part of, "Team Levi". The only woman who has stood by Levi with unconditional love is not on his team...B*S*.

nice girl said...

Mercede you are one class act!! Too bad for your brother, because they are just using him. And Bristol should be ashamed of giving in to Sarah's demands for giving abstinence speeches... specially now that Bristol is pregnant again.

I wish the best to you and all your family. Be kind and nice to your brother, and hopefully he will be the great brother he was to you before.

LA News Watcher said...

You eloquently express a very peaceful (if occasionally cheeky) message of love here. I applaud you for that. Grace in the face of the media glare and the scrutiny/judgment of the public is indeed a rare thing. You weather the storm quite well. However, if you’ll permit a tiny bit of criticism: seven paragraphs above begin with the word “I.” Please understand, this is by no means a personal attack via accounting; it is simply that, to the judicious eye, your frequent use of “I,” “me,” and “my” may (just slightly) undercut your overarching message of inclusion and your genuine concern for the happiness and well-being of others. Our egos, for good or bad, are always with us and they can sometimes dominate even when we think we have the best interest of others at heart. It is only in cultivating a vigilant awareness of our own ego that we may have any power over it. It is in this spirit of awareness that this admittedly timid rebuke is sent. May you continue your noble pursuits and find peace in your family and in your life.

Chris said...

Wow, life is not dull in Wasilla is it.

You handled this with class Mercede. You are doing things in the right way.

Surely they plan to invite you and your mother. I would also think they'd be working on mending fences with both you and your mom. That is unless they plan to continue making money for more tabloid drama, which unfortunately could be the case.

If so you may have some tough decisions to make, unless you don't mind being drug along for the ride.

Hugs to you and your Mom. Stay strong and true.

Elin said...

I Hope you´ll keep writing whats on your heart
And that everything will work out in the end for you and your family.
Hugs and Kisses/ Elin from sweden

Martha Unalaska Yard Sign said...

Dang it Mercede - stop that! You write, I read, I cry.

This is not the time to tell you what I think of the situation, but a perfect time to tell you that I see the strength welling up in you which will help you handle all of this. One of the reasons I read your blog is because of your love for your family and how well you express it.

Maybe all of this happened so we could get to know YOU, and in doing so, find ourselves lifted out of the mire of the Palin drama to gather around the bright star singing in the sky.

MissSunshine said...

What an intelligent post. I am proud of you, Mercede. Stay classy and tell the truth.

I hope you and your mom will now be able to visit with Tripp, at least sometimes, without too many demands and conditions.

As for a wedding, and invitations, do not feel too sad if the guest list is limited to People Magazine, US, InTouch and any publication that will pay them money. If so, Bristol will no doubt wear a white dress, because she is such an example of "abstinence". Riiiiight.

Damain said...


You are the only one who has learned from the past with the craziness of all things Palin emerging responsibile, decent and articulate.

Although petty, allow me to add doing so with style and beauty. If I were Bristol I would not want to be photographed as much as she lets herself. She is not pretty. All over the net she is being mistaken for a 40 something waitress who has been ridden hard and put away yet. NOT PRETTY.

kevin said...

Mercede ... a nice post on this topic. It must upset you and your mom to find out about Levi's wedding this way....try not to be too upset though.

I imagine that Us magazine paid Bristol and Levi for scooping the story, and I also imagine that US magazine would have wanted absolute secrecy. Just speculating here, but if I am US magazine, I had them sign a document that said if they breathed a word of it to anybody before the magazine hit the airwaves and newsstands, they would be paid a different amount that was likely a lot lower than if they kept this secret. So, as difficult as it may seem right now, don't sweat it too much that you were not told in advance. Bristol and Levi compensation from that magazine had to stipulate this so they could scoop the story.

Bristol and Levi are just following in SP's footsteps about how to wring lots of dollars out of the media.

Now then, on to the wedding. I don't think there will be a wedding per se. I think those two will just elope. Too many bad wedding things to sort out. Will Levi dance with his new mother in law? Will the mother in laws smile for the pix? Who will sit at what table? Will you and your mom be invited? who will be in the wedding party?

These problems above are very real. Best those two just head to Vegas or something like that, and I bet that is what they will do.

Now I don't know what the rush is, 6 weeks to get married, but I have my suspicions, which should be confirmed in oh say 8 months or less from now.

So try not to sweat this. And remember, one day it will be you who is tying the knot with some lucky lucky guy who will be getting a gal that is forthright and honest and pretty at the same time. Now that is something to look forward to.

One observation...... It seems to me, the further away Levi and Bristol get away from Bristol's mom, the better they seem to get along. This is not the first time a mother-in-law has caused problems in a marriage. I hope those two move to Fairbanks or somewhere else in Alaska where it is not so easy to see Bristol's mother. They will have a better chance of making it work.

And finally, you kids have to are ALL still so very very young. Maybe 10 years from now things will be so much different between you all, you never know. Just remember, you are all still kids, very young, and kids don't really fully mature until their late 20's and early 30's. It is just the way it is these days.

Bella said...

Exactly when does Bristol, work at the doctors office and go to school with all her tabloid whring? She is going for the money. She is taking Levi, with her. That little guy is nothing but a pawn. There will be no sympathy when her world comes crashing down after all her lies. 19 or not she is a fraud. When Palin gets taken down, Bristol will be right beside her. Unless she is thrown under the bus first by her mother...which I wonder will be a busTrack already cut the brakes on.

Rented a private home. How staged.

Bromley would not say whether the couple was paid for the interview (conducted at a private home rented for the occasion). A reporter from rival People magazine, Sandra Sobieraj Westfall, spent the following day with Bristol and Tripp in Anchorage, for a story in this week's issue. In her interview, which Westfall says was unpaid, Palin did not reveal that she was engaged -- and Johnston declined to participate. Rex Butler, Johnston's attorney, did not return our calls.

Bella said...

Betcha there will be a wedding. Just in time for Sarah's TLC show and of course fully paid by a tabloid.

Bristol better hurry before they have to roll her down the aisle. She is HUGE! Pregnant or not she needs to lay off the starch.

Bella said...

Oh awesome Mercede's is on front page of UsMagazine!!!

Bill James said...

Thank you so much for your honest feelings. I know these are challenging times. America is challenged, too. We have very sick people seeking power. Palin, the Bushes, the Cheneys. They have no souls. Is there any way to save your brother from these sick people? If the Palins gain national power and influence, your brother will make a lot of money helping sick and greedy and sociopathic people destroy other people and our planet. Can you save your brother? Teach him the true meaning of Jesus?

Martha Unalaska Yard Sign said...

Adding a though re:

Comment by LA News Watcher on July 15, 2010 at 8:46 am

" is simply that, to the judicious eye, your frequent use of “I,” “me,” and “my” may (just slightly) undercut your overarching message of inclusion and your genuine concern for the happiness and well-being of others."

I disagree - there is no doubt that this blog is about Mercede's feelings, thoughts, ponderings, is not a novel or article. I come here to read because this young adult speaks from her heart without pretense or guile. Mercede is not old enough to speak w/o ego or self - we learn this and how to fit it into our psyche after much experience, trial and error. It is not time yet for Mercede to let go of her first person - in the present tense, this is who she is right now.

This is not a criticism of the commenter by any means. I found myself thinking about the comment - it is thoughtful and caring.

MineAlso said...

UsMagazine just scrubbed 10 comments supporting Mercede's maturity and coutning down when the Palin "Consultants" would be arriving to trash Sherry.

Let us not forget that Diane Palin, who dealt drugs, robbed and committed real felonies while in the company of her four year old daughter got zilch for punishement and Track who dealt his grandmothers Oxycotin to school kids was simply sent to Michigan to play hockey.

Danille said...

What a crappy way of finding out that your poor brother is now engaged to a family full of ridiculousness... After reading all of your blog entries, I am APPALLED by the way Bristol talks of you. This "woman" has a child, and this is how she speaks of his extended family?! Obviously what is in her son's best interests are not a priority for her, which in turn makes her a crappy mother. I'm sure she is modeling from the mothering she, herself, received. Hopefully your brother can bring out the best in her, and not change himself, but change her. At least Tripp has one thing going for him, his father and his father's family. Sarah Palin can SUCK IT. She'll never be president. She can't keep tabs on her own daughter, what makes anyone think she can keep tabs on a whole country? The woman is just down right idiotic. I giggle when I imagine her as president. She would suck, and we all would pay for it!
You go girl!!! You keep writing what you feel, what your mother feels. SOMEONE has to say it. I will definitely be a frequent visitor to you blog!

TomandLou said...

I'm curious about Sarah's so called Christian values ?If there ever were any, she would be insisting that your Family and hers reconcile !(The same for Bristol) What could anyone do to be shunned by a brother ? The Palin's have proven they have no compassion ,Living as a self serving unit without conscience . I would think this kind of behavior would raise flags in the minds of her followers (even though it should have long ago)She's an insult to decency.

Rai said...

Miss Sadie,

I do like the nickname. I've been following your blog and I have to say you're some kind of awesome.

Don't let the jumped-up social climbers break your heart, even if they steal your brother.

But please please please keep blogging, your voice is needed to counteract $ister $arah's treacle and bull****.

In your own way, you are a patriot, and I am glad you are blogging. Cheers!

Judi said...


Very sweet and classy post.

Alaska WTF has post today saying that they have confirmation that Bristol is indeed pregnant. The name Ben Barber was noted as well.

I hope Levi will be a big brother to you and a good son to your mom soon. Keep the faith.

MadasHelinVA said...

Sade this entire FIASCO is nothing more than a FACADE! It will end very soon and very badly for Levi, but not for you or your mom. You both have been the genuine loving family in the Paylin's daily and never ending drama/trauma [it gets too much for anyone to handle daily]. But they will get what they deserve when all is said and done. Just know you are a 'CLASS ACT', intelligent, mature, kind, sensitive, beautiful and a lovely and loving [etc.] daughter and sister. Please stay brave and safe honey, your rewards await you. Hugs to you and your mom.

nice girl said...

Merced you are a great girl. You have demonstrated much more class and respect than Bristol has ever gave you.

If Bristol is pregnant, couldn't the baby be Ben's baby and not your brother's? Would you advice your brother to get DNA test before he makes any real decision?

Rick said...

Sadie, I'm sorry for you and your mother. It's become clear Levi has chosen his side for whatever reason and it doesn't include you two. It makes one wonder how he can be man enough to marry when he wasn't man enough to tell his own family. Hopefully he will grow up someday.

You have class and grace. Hold your head up high!

Amazed said...

Martha Unalaska Yard Sign, I also noticed LA News Watcher’s “tiny bit of criticism” at 8:46 a.m. because I teach English. Heartily, I agree with your reaction to it.

In formal writing such as a research paper, the author stays away from the first person (“I, me” etc.). However, this is a completely different situation. LA News Watcher, maybe you haven’t noticed, but this is a blog, a personal online diary. Readers welcome Mercede’s words about her own experiences and the feelings that they produce.

In fact, readers expect the first person approach and assume that she will use it. That’s why we’re here: to read what Mercede has to say about her life. The use of the first person does not indicate that her ego is running rampant. It simply shows that this is her personal journal in which she explains the events in her life and her consequent observations.

Mercede, use “I, me, my” as much as you please!

CAgal said...

I know how much it hurts to be the last one to know when your child or sibling makes the most important and sacred decision of their lives. You and your mom are strong women and you will endure, but in the meantime please be very, very kind to yourselves. Whatever you need to do, take the time to do it. "Jazzy Jan on July 15, 2010 at 6:07 am" has written some extremely thoughtful and insightful words about what is going in the Palin family dynamics and what Levi can expect. I'm re-reading it and I hope you do to. Understanding is power. Blessings to you and your mom.

MichiganEnquirer said...

Why are they getting married so soon... It seems like she is pregnant again. What will they do when they have a 9lb "premie" 7 months after the wedding?

georgia said...

dear mercede,you are a fabulous young person,beautiful inside and out!You are the kind of person this world needs more of.As for your brothers dispicable behavior,it's hormones and money and money and hormones plus naivete (spelling?).Since he seems to lack that palin-meanness,he will eventually come to his senses and when he does make sure his remorse is real;as real as his mothers suffering rigth now.Although those bullies in your lives seem very big,lots of $$$, they are like all bullies cowards .Very big cowards! Hugs to you and your mother,georgia

bluerthanyou said...

We hope that you and your mother know how respected you both are for taking the high road.
Please continue to write. You are very good at it. It must help to get things off of your chest and to know that people are behind you.

Sharon TN said...

As usual Mercede, in this latest Palin-created media event
it has fallen again on your young shoulders to exemplify
maturity & class. Sarah, Bristol etc. can't, because they're empty shells & have nothing in their souls to draw from.
Don't be surprised if they decide (they, meaning Bristol & Sarah because Levi won't have any say in it) to forgo a fancy wedding & opt for a judge or jp to marry them, with
maybe Track & Britta as witnesses. Instead of making
money from a big wedding photo op, they'll sell photo rights for their honeymoon. That way Sarah & Bristol don't have to answer obvious pesky questions as to why the groom's family wasn't invited to the wedding. And anyways
Mercede, if you attended the wedding the photographers would probably forget Bristol & be snapping away instead
at Levi's far more photogenic sister!! I don't think Sarah
or Bristol appreciate competition.

Sharon TN

lexcade said...

Mercede, you were much kinder than I would have been. God bless you for your open and warm heart.

I sincerely hope that this works out for Levi, and I hope that in the future maybe you, your mom, Levi, and Bristol can put the past behind you. We're all sending positive thoughts your way, sweetie.

Martha Unalaska Yard Sign said...

Why are so many folks making a big deal about looks re: Bristol & Mercede? Are these the same folks who abhor that Sarah Palin's looks have attracted clueless, thoughtless male voters for all the wrong reasons? If so, you are feeding the fire you supposedly want to put out.

If people want to tell Mercede that she's a lovely person, inside and out - that's great! I think she is, too! But that doesn't mean she has to run off to Hollywood for a job, and it doesn't mean that Bristol has to be plain so Mercede can be prettier. Ack! I want to believe that my fellow Americans, both young and old, voters or not yet voters - are smarter than this.

Michelle Reeves said...

I believe Martha after reading Bristol's MySpace posts she is the one who has pitted herself against Mercede's in looks and talent falling short epically on both.

As Bristol went after a boy, Johnny, who wanted Mercede. When Bristol could not have him she than went after Levi.

Due to her petty, vindictive nature at least one little boy was born. After his birth Bristol still attmepted to lord her Palinness assbackwardsness against Mercede because Mercede still held the honour of her friends and family which tramping Bristol could not.

Now see why "Looks" matter and are brought up. Because that is Palin speak and when Bristol comes here to read real life accounts of what is thought of her the only way she understands her ugliness is by comparrison of Mercede's beauty.

FYI, I would love to see Mercede's become one of those nasty Hollywood starlets if she wanted cause she could with her talent...unlike Bristol who shown the nation how much she sucks.

pammie8 said...


I hope against hope your brother is smart enough to get a DNA test when that baby is born because the time line isnt matching up by the looks of Bristol. She is HUGE already unless she just is a pig to begin with.

I almost hope it is someone elses just so those Palins are caught out as the nasty manipulative liar's that they are! You are a classy lady more so then I would or could ever be and Im almost 30 years old! Chin up butter cup!

nice girl said...

Bristol and Ben were together since December and just broke up two months ago. Bristol should be about 3-4 months pregnant now, and she just got back with Levi 6 weeks ago.

You should urgently advice your brother to consider a paternity test, because she's probably pregnant with Ben's baby, not your brother's.

Keep strong Mercede!!! You have demonstrated great respect for the Palins; you are a smart and kind girl. We all wish the best for you and your family.

Guest said...

Mercede, I hear frustration and conflicted feelings in your post, and a good dose of hurt. Sweetheart, if I thought you had to take a step back from this drama a few days ago, now I believe it's important to take two giant steps back.

This is their life, it's their decision and frankly, they're not all that important. Yes, they are family but they are not your center. It's critical that you get the engines of your own life cranking and focus on your future, and your present, by getting a degree, and surrounding yourself with positive-minded friends and family. And yes, you can continue to blog, and as things get better you might find yourself writing funny/wry things - comedy and not just tragedy.

Right now you're sandwiched in between an ill mother and an imature brother who so far has alienated you. This is not a good place to be in. So change it. Start bringing more things you need into your life, just like grocery shopping. Mom and Levi are sitting in the cart, now fill it up with good friends, fun dates, school, weekend trips way (far away) and whatever else is positive, propels you forward, and expands your world. If you don't think you have time or space, you're wrong. It's your life. You have to create the space.

As far as Levi, Tripp and Bristol, no one knows what's going on, so don't try to figure it out. What happens today with them (and how that intersects with you) is probably going to be changing from day to day, month to month or year to year. Don't get pulled in.

In regards to the wedding, it seems incredibly rushed to me, like shotgun. Just more bad decisions in a series of bad decisions. I saw them on the short ET segment today and it just seemed really odd. They seem adrift, and the main reason for getting back together appears to be Tripp, and probably finances. I just think that's a shaky foundation to start a marriage with, but who knows it may work out for them. If it does or doesn't, that's their deal. Nothing to do with you. And Tripp will still be your nephew either way.

Good luck, girfriend! And good luck with the blog too, looking forward to reading more.

tallimat said...

You and mom have taken the high road.

The better trail.

At the end of the day, as much as it hurts, it is a better way to travel.

Thumbs up, big hugs, kudos...

If I may speak for a whole bunch of people, I believe we are proud of you and mom.


Treena said...

I am of the opinion Mercedes should get everything she can right now while the fires burning.

Palin's are falling fast. IF it is true Levi & Bristol are listening to Rex Butler going against Palin's plans there is going to be an implosion of insane proportions that will bring their wrath onto Sherry via Levi which Mercede's will need major bank to protect her mother & self from.

There is no telling what kind of crazy the tire slashing elder Palin will do when she goes mental. Get the money Mercedes, this is a once in a lifetime chance to collect outrageous monies.

No matter what Sarah or Levi or anyone else tells you the end is near. The nation is sick of her, the GOP is replacing her with someone who can speak in English. She will have no backing by anyone that matters. The well is about to dry up. They are merely tabloid fodder now but not for long. For the Love Of God go for the payout!!!!

Treena said...

Seriously of the millions of dollars circulating to these frauds and cheats the only justice would be for Sherry and Mercede's to get theirs. They have been through Hell over the nonsense Palin's have brought on. They have suffered through threats, intimidations and duress.

You earned your right to their kitty.

Take the MONEY!!! Secure your future!!!

Michelle Reeves said...

"It's possible that Bristol and Levi could decide to tell the truth about Trig, and sell the story as an exclusive. I bet they could get $1 million."

BEAT THEM TO IT MERCEDES. Levi already threatened to disown you for less. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let Bristol get the check on this one or anything else. TELL IT FIRST AND MAKE HER REALLY GET A FULL TIME JOB!!!

noyb said...

Now I see your nice message to your brother and Bristol. You reached out to them. Good for you.

I wish you and your mother and the "Johnston's", the best.

If you wish to make amends with your brother though, this blog is not helping that to happen.

He is with Bristol for whatever reasons, hopefully the right be a family. And this blog, which is apparently helpful to you, is not going to help your relationship with your brother!

The posts here from the internet world, are vitriol-filled towards your brother and Bristol.

Do you think he will appreciate this? I don't.

Anyhow, good luck to ALL of you. And God bless.

FL mom

Jacob said...

If he has any decency, he will tell the world everything he knows about Sarah Palin, and ensure that any political aspirations that moron has are vanished.
Then, if Bristol truly loves him, she will marry him anyway.

Terra said...

"The posts here from the internet world, are vitriol-filled towards your brother and Bristol. Do you think he will appreciate this? I don’t."

Who cares what Levi appreciates or does not.

Levi does not appreciate them. He does appreciate his duty as a son or a brother to protect his family. He does not appreciate his own child enough to keep him off tabloid covers exploiting him. Levi does not appreciate telling the truth and sticking to it.

Levi has disregarded himself by playing within the tabloids. Mercede's has ever right to have a blog & gain for it whatever exposure she can toward her own betterment whether it is finacial or emotional.

With Levi & Bristol tearing his family apart Mercede's has ever right to respond.

Far to long Bristol & Levi have gone without disipline or morality...they have brought on the comments, speculations, posts when they contacted tabloids to tell their tales.

They got a lot of money I am sure they are crying all the way to the bank.

Josie said...

Bristol looked pregnant since May. She came to my city to give a talk about abstinence and she looked chunky, swollen and pregnant. She must be 5-6 months along now.

But her family has money and power so they feel they can abuse you and play your brother for a fool.
Levi - wake up!
I can't believe you allowed the Palins to take your dignity.
And are you really willing to live another lie, pretending this new baby is yours?

tori said...

You are a very intelligent, classy young woman and I'd rather see you in the Whitehouse than any Palin!

Martha Unalaska Yard Sign said...

Mercede - it occurred to me to mention that you should have a backup of your blog w/ all posts and comments. I imagine you have already thought of this since you were the victim of data theft already, but just in case...

mech126 said...

With the Palins , don't count on being there, they control him now and you don;t fit in their plan, because you think for yourself and what you are told, that is why they don't like you, you don't tow their line and they don't like it...

all the pretty colors said...

Idk what made me enter your blog, but thought I would post a friendly message. For I to am in a similiar situation with a family members on again off again relationship with someone I'm not so crazy about. I spend too long detached from this person and family. I one day realized my family is everything to me and I was missing out on seeing my nephews grow up. I love them very much and nothing was more important than being with them even if it meant to make amends with this family member. I missed the family gatherings and spending time with this part of my family. Eventhough there were many hurtfull things said and many awful incidents, I wanted this family member to know that I respected them and supported them no matter what! They are my family! And how awful would I feel if I didn't have my familys support, no strings attached. So I decided to stand by my family memeber and have their back, no matter what. I have never regreted reaching out and bringing them back close to me. Afterall, the decisions this family member makes are not mine to make, critize or knock down, but for me to support even if I believe they are wrong. I will let them make their mistakes, if they happen, and stand by them to support. I may not agree with the fiancé, but I remain respectful toward them and stay out of their relationship regardless of whatever happens. You are a very articulate young lady. I just do not want you to miss out the way I did. I am sure you all can be a family. Wishing you the best.

MissSunshine said...

Having read all these comments, I would like to say that "Guest at 4:40 p.m." has some very wise advice.

Mercede, you may be happy or sad about Levi's decisions, but that is his life. Your life is your own, and do all you can to fill it with education, happy activities and people who support you and handle their own lives with integrity and class.

Time will pass, and circumstances will change. Just keep holding your head up, and look, speak and act like a lady and let Lady Karma do her work.

Terra said...

Bloody brilliant....A Rex Butler Production!!!

Reading through Rex's profile I have to stand up an applaud him. I do not think now he is screwing over Levi or even his sister or mother any more than he was before.

He is going after the Palin's and a big pay out.

Bristol has shown herself to be an easy mark when it comes to men. She was raised to fall for the guy who tells her she is pretty. All Levi had to do was come to her while her mother has been away and the leash has been loosened due to Palin's distractions.

Levi, with Rex's savvy taught Levi to slide back into her life with promises of comfort & protection with the added bonus of totally giving her mother a heartattack. Bristol loves the attention. Getting her parents to focus on her over Willow is even better.

Rex is playing to Brsitol's greed, immaturity and ignorance. She allowed Levi to gain access to his son in such a grandstanding way that Bristol has no choice but to follow through. No way in Hell she can back out now with the national media attention. No Way she can renig after announcing Levi being a wonderful father to the world than trying to go to court saying she was hoodwinked or wrong. No court would now EVER not let him have his son.

Bristol could only return to her mother's house living in shackles. Her only choice will be marry Levi, grant him full access to his child, live under his rules.


Rex is my new hero!!!!

Tyroanee said...

I have to inject a bit of humor here... what was it like during the holiday dinners with the Palins?
Did they have to hide all of the sharp knives to get through the meal... This family is so volatile, vindictive and highly counter productive.

Amazed said...

Have you been to see Joe McGuinness yet?

luckypink said...

Everything happens for a reason, Mercede. It may not make sense today or tomorrow or even next year, but someday it will. Stay strong and never change.

G.R. Marcus said...

Bristol has no control over her libido. She's a victim of this sick, murderous, and greedy and cruel family. Todd Palin must have been very active with Bristol when he was bored with Sarah. Your brother should not support another man's child. If he was sane, he'd simply walk away from the situation, even though he'll miss his child. They're THAT dangerous. They just want everything to appear "normal" when Sarah Palin runs for president in 2012. Neither should Bristol appear on anti-sex ads and shows---she loves it as much as her parents love it, before and after marriage. By any chance do they teach birth control in Wasilla?

I wish you the best during these hard times. It's harder for the 90% of the population who don't fit into the Palins' sick and cruel and Godless worldview.

Enigma said...

To your knowledge, did Levi and Bristol get secretly married in 2007 or early 2008 because of Bristols 2007 pregnancy? I ask this because on your former internet pages you refer to Sarah P as your "Mommy-In-Law", and Bristol as your Sister-in-law on pictures?

italia said...

Mercedes, I haven't kept up with all the drama, since the very beginning of Levi's (your brother's trauma). However, since this first appeared on the world stage, the Palins v. the Johnstons, the one time I did read all about it, I liked you from the very beginning. Why? I felt you were really on the square.

I hope everything works out for those star crossed lovers. It seems hard because of the politics involved and they will find they are up against someone's strong ambitions and control issues because of those ambitions. It seems that Bristol is afraid of her mother's wrath. I can understand that given what has gone on, but I think looking at the photograph of that beautiful child, all tensions should cease and all family's come together in peace. I wish them the best and I hope you get to assist in planning the wedding.

I AM CURIOUS said...


Is Bristol Palin pregnant for the second or third time? If the latter, that's the most importnat issue.

Personally, I think the other-guy's-child-Levi-is-going-to-have-pay-for-as pretend-father is her third.

Best to you and your family.

Terra said...

TMZ has learned the couple has been shopping "multiple reality shows" around town -- some of the ideas involve the couple AND their two-year-old son, Tripp.

We're told the leading concept involves all three people -- and will focus on "parenting issues."

Kimberly said...

Well, well, well.

Too close to home? Mr. Butler just called my hotel in Anchorage verifying my room number. Should I be expecting a visit from Tank later?

Guest said...

Thank you, MissSunshine. And yep, some of us due to our age and experience, have the long, wide view while Mercede may have a bit of tunnel vision. She needs to keep her center, but at her age I don't think she can know what that is, or how critical it is to hold it, through this stage of her life and the ones to come. But she'll know it when she feels it.

Outside of a couple crackpot posts, for the most part I think the posters here have genuine empathy for Mercede and maybe our postive thoughts can beam over there to her.

Leadfoot said...

FYI, TMZ, Tripp is not "two." He will be two in December. The 2-year old is their OTHER son, Trig.

Liam said...

Levi is insane for marrying a woman as controlling as Bristol appears to be. I doubt that this marriage will last long but Levi will have to live with the fact that his mother and sister weren't invited to the wedding for a long long time.

RT said...

Sadie, Could it be true that the next baby would be Bristol's third pregnancy before turning 20?
If that is so, I fear she has a serious mental/emotional disorder. I don't know the name but young girls that have serial pregnancies like that need attention in order to be helped.

If she was not the Candies go to girl for abstinence-only this would be another matter. It was mentioned that Wasilla has too many unmarried pregnant teens and the area can't confront the problems. It is hard to believe that Sarah or anyone would ignore the world of hurt the children of Wasilla must have. Sarah pays so little attention to her children. Bristol is the master of her own ship now and it is only a matter of time until the truth comes out. I think Bristol is screaming for help. Levi may think he can be the one. I don't think he sees the bigger picture.

The more that you and the sensible Wasilla people step up the better. Sooner, also, too, there could be a hurtful breakdown soon.

southernyankee said...

Mary B, I am sad for you. It also happened in my family. I didn't get to see my nephew until my youngest brother died and he and his wife and 3 children and my brother came to the funeral. My brother's wife who was the one that caused all the problems finally got her way when our mother died. She thought the best way was have an affair with another brother-in-law. She got her shelfish way. After the funeral we haven't seen my brother again. My nephew wants a relationship with our family and he calls once in awhile. We missed his graduation from high school, college, his wedding and the births of his children. But you have to let it go because it eats you up inside. I want my son to have a relationship with his cousins. All of the first cousins are males. They do talk to one another but all live in different states. It's hard. But having a relationship with my brother with strings attached isn't worth it. Your always walking on egg shells. That isn't worth it either. You have no strings attach and they can't say anything and you have your town life and say and do what you want. Don't let them rule your life. I know for a fact my brother still loves us but for peace in his family he had to make his choice. We made our. The losers are the kids.

HP said...

Mercedes, I could not have expressed myself with such grace in this situation at 18. Whether I could now at 42 is still a matter for debate. Good for you. The poster who advised taking two giant steps back is wise. Don't stress over what you can't control. Best wishes to you.

roberta said...

what a lovely post about your mother and a beautiful photo of your graduation together. Many wishes for success in college and work. Your brother will come around when he settles into his new family and hopefully, the family, not the media comes first. You will have to focus on yourself and your mother and allow Levi to make his own decisions, good, bad, right, or wrong, it is his life and you must live yours. Don't mother him or nag him or like anyone, they will withdraw. Bristol has to be her own boss too just as you will insist one day when you marry and have kids.

Ginger said...

How is your girlfriend, Heather, Mercede? Remember, she made a comment that she was in the room next to Bristol when she gave birth to Tripp?

I've been looking for another comment from her but haven't seen anything. Tell her we said..."hi!"

Keith said...

Mercedes, you ROCK.

You are very Beautiful said...

Bristol looked about 3 months pregnant for the Candies shoot (flowered dress photos). That was done in March. She is about 7 months along now and the bump is clearly visible in the US photos.

The couple must have played US and People against each other. People magazine had the scoop that they were getting together at the same time as US published the engagement shoot. That's double dipping. Must have paid well.

So sorry you and your mom have been treated like dirt, but I wouldn't expect anything less from the Palin clan.

BTW, do you know anything about the OTHER child that is purportedly running around the Palin house? Is he the real Trig?

RT said...

You are very Beautiful at 4:02 am
Bristol and Dr. Drew the Candie's Foundation Event To Prevent at Cipriani 42nd Street on May 5, 2010 in New York City.
Not March.

Kimberly said...

Bristol's pics in UsMagazine make her look chubby but not terribly pregnant. She appears considerably into her 30's though.

Also too, Levi supposedly proposed less than two weeks ago and her first instinct was contact tabloids.

Fameseeking fool just like her mother.

BTW at Anchorage Barnes And Noble not one copy was off the shelf of Bristol's Us Cover but Carrie's was. Heard more than a few comments how fugly Bristol appeared (Inside cover pic was horrible) and what the deal is with Palin's and trampolines. (Pics were taken on trampoline)

One guy had a reply about Palin's/Tampolines/Babies that had the entire line laughing out loud.

Hope she got good money for making herself a joke.

Also too, Mercede is Bristol so reatrded to say she misees ALL her sisters at home when she only has two or are there others? Bragging in the article she got a 3.4 whatever and not able to identify two/both from all/many...moron.

Last lick, apparently there is a scavenger hunt to track down Palin's in Alaska. Radio host is putting together a game with prizes for groups who sign up late July who bring in photographic evidence of Palin's around town...extra prizes if one of them is photographed, "knocked up".


You are very Beautiful said...

it was published in May - filmed in March at the same time as the American Teenager shoot.

You are very Beautiful said...

please note the date of the article is MARCH.

You are very Beautiful said...

here IS a picture of her in May - either very pregnant or very fat

bitgirl said...

People, the girls' name is Mercede. No "s" on the end. Come on, at least get her name right out of respect. Got that? Mercede. No "s". Geez, it is really bugging me how many people get that wrong!

AnonAk said...

I read this after reading your latest post. Although I still stand by what I wrote on your most recent post ("Team Levi"), I applaud your maturity and sincere response to the news. It's nice to see that you are willing to put your differences aside for the good of your family, and soon-to-be family. I, too, hope that you and your mother are a welcome part of the wedding and celebration. What a classy young lady you are. God bless you.

Rob said...


The one and simple way is to get the DNA on Trip, Trig and then the 3rd baby, which no doubt will be Ben Barbers.

Fraud and the fact they have simply taken the Magazine people for fools plus the American people only proves money is the driving force for all involved.

Palins love the money and attention
at the expense of babies being the victums of adults .

Stop the drama and get the DNA put to rest this drama

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