Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On Levi and Bristol's most recent breakup, and who I think REALLY got played

Mercede Johnston

I had a feeling that this was going to happen.

I could not help but have serious doubts that Levi and Bristol would make it to the altar.

Let's make it perfectly clear that I want only the best for my brother and nephew, and wish them all the happiness imaginable. However I don't see this marriage making that happen. I just believe that in the long run if they were to have gotten married it would have hurt Tripp even worse as he grew older, and wiser, and understood what was going on around him.

I'm just glad that all this chaos has happened while he is so young that he might not remember all the heart ache and drama.

I was there during their entire relationship before Tripp came along, and a little while after he was just born as well, and they simply did not have a healthy relationship.

They were constantly fighting and exchanging harsh, hurtful words, and reacting in ways that would/could hurt Tripp deeply if they got back together and he were to see them acting that way in front of him. I think co-parenting will be great, and maybe as time goes on they can grow up, mature, and build a better relationship in the future. But for now I'm glad they called it off.

It just blows my mind that Bristol would call off the engagement to someone who she "loved and which everything just felt so right" because of petty rumors which she already knew about before she got back together with Levi.

It's a small town; everyone knows everything within a matter of weeks! There is no way she didn't know about the rumors circulating about Lanesia! Especially because of how much attention Bristol still pays to Lanesia out of left over middle school jealousy.

I feel like this was a huge set up, and that my brother got played. Again.

I can only imagine the heartache he is going through right now. I know how much he loves both Bristol and Tripp.

My mom just said as she was reading through my post and that she agrees completely with what I wrote. She also believes that based on what she has heard, witnessed, and read recently, that Bristol was just looking for any little excuse to break off the engagement and cause more drama so that she can play the victim.

I also recently read in US weekly magazine a quote from Bristol that said "sorry babe, your sister won't be attending the wedding", and the reason given was that I supposedly threatened to "kick her ass in SEVENTH grade.

That was so many years ago, get over it!

To be honest I don't recall ever threatening to beat her up. But I did tell her off once because I caught her two timing my brother with the boy that I was seeing at the time.

But seriously, can't she move on and get over middle school spats? If she is as forgiving as her mother claims, there is no way that old arguments should still even be an issue.

Isn’t that right Bristol ? Especially since it was you, and not I, who was in the wrong.


Cuppajava said...

I have to say that it just boggles the mind that MIDDLE school hissyfits and jealousies have any basis on daily interactions with the Paylin Klan. You'd think we'd get accustomed to that low-life way of thinking, but I just cannot.

Anyway, Sadie, keep on keeping on. Remember, the best revenge is a life well-lived, since that's going to be absolutely and totally unattainable to the small-minded, mean girls (including the matriarch of the Paylin Klan) in your neck of the woods.

Best wishes to you and your mom.

WakeUpAmerica said...

Once again you have written a great, classy post. I always look forward to your articles, but my favorite is still "Why I Love Saturdays".

Lilybart said...

Levi has been played by Bristol, Sarah, Rex and Tank.

At least he knows he can come home.

AlexaH said...

Bristol is exactly like her Mom, dumb as a doornail and using her child as a pawn. How funny that she claims Levi is the one who loves the limelight! Who called Us Weekly, People, Tmz and Radar? What's that Bristol? You did it why? Because you are a fame whore like your Mom. She rarely uses Trip's name, he is always "my baby" or "our son". He's not a prop! And he will be used as Bristol's piggy bank for the rest of his childhood. Pathetic. Good luck Mercede, Bristol is jealous. You are beautiful, thin and stable. You have a lovely personality. These are all things that psycho Bristol would love to be. You have to chuckle when Bristol says she wants a man with a good family. Really, what decent man would want her? Good breeding is very important. It has nothing to do with money. It has to do with manners, which the Pay-lins have none.

Lorie said...

Hi Mercede, I heard about your Blog from a magazine article. I am so sorry for the hurt both your family and Bristol Palin are going through. I do believe she is hurting as well. A lady from one of the magazines (sorry cannot remember which one) said that Bristol cried so hard, she could hardly understand her as they were doing the interview. It sounds like she really wanted to be a family.

I think the back and forth is not good for any of you, and will not help mend things, so the baby can have a relationship with everyone involved. He is really the person everyone should be concentrating on now. Not recalling 7th grade, or nasty remarks that were made in the past, but only concentrating on Tripp.

Over time, maybe once the nasty music video is complete or canned, and the Blogs that are rehashing the past, (he said this, she said this, I only said this and that.....maybe once all of the child play is ended, then hopefully fences can be mended, and everyone can come together and be civil for little Tripp. None of the harsh articles or Blog entries are doing any good for little Tripp. It's only keeping the wounds open, and not helping anything heal.

I wish you all well. May God give each and every one of you the strength to move forward in a possitive, mature manor, for precious Tripp. Keep your faith Mercede...some day (for Tripp's sake) your family and the Palin family may be able to gather for Tripp's birthdays and other important celebrations. Never lose faith in God.

Lorie ~ from Pennsylvania

ic said...

Their marriage would have only reflected Sarah and Todd's.

Their infighting and jealousy was infamous in Dillingham.

They kept at it for some reason, they keep at it now for a different. It's more lucrative for the Christian Lady to be married and have a family image no matter how dysfunctional it is.

I agree with you that it is better this way, Levi at the mercy of the Palin in-laws would have been miserable from the inside. It will still be miserable from the outside but it will be better off when he learns to institute boundaries and hire a better family law attorney.

Ask all the ex-husbands of the Heath sisters.

Aleshia said...

Blood is thicker than water. At the end of the day, he still has his sister and mother that will love him unconditionally, instead of being used as a pawn in someone else's game.

Deb said...

I recall the story where Bristol was to be writing a book and doing 'Talk Appearances'. I believe this is one of the reasons for this faux engagement in order to add more drama to her book and speeches as from all appearances on shows I've seen of her - she has nothing to say. Her head is empty of any intelligence. Like mother, like daughter - she too is a camera whore for $$. She says she doesn't want to do these things - BS. She can't run to the cameras fast enough. I'm sure her and Sarah trip over each other to get to the cameras first.

She's the worst choice for teen pregnancy as no other teens have the $$ checks coming in for magazine covers, interviews, etc. Many teen moms have supporting families with values - a word that doesn't exist in the Palinbillies vocabulary.

I can't believe how the media falls for Bristle's BS lies too - like her mother. One day I hope a light comes on in the heads of the majority of MSM and realize they've been played as they too look like fools. The story was on I believe MSNBC website that it wasn't about getting a girl pregnant but about Brianna's interview.

Bristle brings all this hate upon herself for being the lying bitch she is. The Palinbillies all must have Certificates for completing the course of 'Victimhood'. Victims - major BS.

Feliciag said...

Sadie, thanks for this post. I know there is a lot of heartbreak in your family right now, but I think you're right, I think this is all for the best in the long run. Tripp doesn't need to be raised in an atmosphere where mom and dad are always fighting, and until the two of them can reach a more mature place in their relationship, it doesn't look like they can make things work.

One thing that is so bizarre about all this is like you said, Bristol is still obsessing about stuff that happened when you guys were kids! But then, the more I've seen of Sarah Palin's behavior, she acts like she's about 17, with all the jealousy and viciousness toward people who disagree with her, and the complete inability to handle opposition in an intelligent and normal way. Unfortunately Bristol is equally as emotionally stinted - I will use the word emotionally retarded, because that's the clinical term. When your growth is "retarded" it means your growth or development have for some reason been held back, and you're not maturing at the same rate as your peers. Both Sarah and Bristol act like wacky 14 year old girls, and it's time for both of them to grow up. Sarah, you still have little Piper and Trig in the house, man up and grow up. Bristol, you have Tripp to raise. Grow up.

cguevera said...


OK, I get your opinion and input on this recent episode, but you are not telling us anything........
It appears that the news is blaming Levi and making Bristol look like a victim????
Her excuse of the music video does not line up with the time line. That news was reported BEFORE they got back together, so what is the REAL reason----please.
The media is also suggesting that Laniesia's baby is Levi's and it seems no one is picking up on that fact or reading your post.
Why doesn't Levi come forward with the text from Bristol stating that he may NOT be the father??????? OMG that would be huge news.....
What is your take on Bristol's claims that Levi was just using her for a TV deal?? I am wondering myself since you both have some good information and are not coming forth with it.
Some loose ends need tying up or is this all a ploy to further generate attention for the whole gang???
I thinks that Levi needs to demand a DNA test on that kid and make Bristol own up to her text. If he wants to sell some magazine covers, that would surely do it.

Hannah_Bell said...

ALL they wanted out of Levi was the statement he made after the engagement announcement- hours after Levi sheepishly told the free world that he'd "spoken out of anger" and said he had previously said things about the Palins which were "untrue"...Bristol broke up with him.

This was an incredibly calculated move and was done for the sole purpose of discrediting Levi for good. Now if he tried to get a book deal or tell what he knows, the Palins will strike back at once, remind everyone that he's a self proclaimed liar.

Levi, you really blew it this time.

JJinAK said...

Bristol is just like her Mom. Sarah's book is full of spiteful comments and stories about people that show how long she carries her petty grudges.

They think they are special people and that anyone who has ever crossed them will pay for it, over and over again. No wonder the people of Wasilla are so afraid of the Palins! It's like they are keeping their heads down out of the line of fire. Those of us in the Lower 48 watch this and can't believe how the people of Wasilla just allow this family to terrorize them with the fear of being targeted in the press.

Why can't Wasilla figure out that if they stop allowing the bullying that the Palins will lose their power over this town? The Palins have made your town look like a real live soap opera where one family rules over you and you all cower in fear!

Is one teenager, Mercede Johnston the only person with a spine in that town?

Stand up for yourselves! The Palins only have the power you allow them! They aren't the only ones who can be 'anonymous sources' , you all have phones and Internet !

Mercede, you are the only one with guts in Wasilla, it must be hard to know you living among a town full of wimps and cowards!

Iced Mocha said...

I agree that Levi was set up...again! Your family has been hurt and abused by the Palins so many times. And unfortunately, it probably won't be the last time. Sarah and Bristol are so addicted to media attention, they don't seem to care what is being said about them, as long as they are getting attention. Until someone comes forward with information that will discredit them and remove them from the public eye, they will continue their disregard for other people's feelings and keep hurting and manipulating you and your family.

Lynne said...

That girl is as screwed up as her mom. Sorry Levi has gotten jerked around so much by the Palins as well as how they have treated you.

kevin said...

This all just validates what I have been saying, Bristol is like her mother. She harbors old grievances, someone crossed her in middle school and she is still harboring that one, just like Mom never forgets who crossed her in the past and finds a way to get vengeance.

I am afraid, Mercede, that you must consider Bristol a copy of her mom Sarah. Her mom has a long documented history of vindictiveness which you and your brother know very well. Do not expect Bristol to be any different.

Also the constant fighting in their relationship echoes what Levi had said about how Sarah and Todd constantly fought and talked divorce alot.

Unfortunately, this is normal stuff to expect. Bristol will be just like her mother unless she makes a big effort to understand why she behaves the way she does (learned behaviour)......and then makes a conscious effort to change the stuff she does not like.

Best thing that could happen to you is what just happenned. Bristol would be blackmailing you over Tripp likely the rest of her life.

As most of us expected, Levi got destroyed then spit out. They destroyed his credibility then spit him out. Partly his fault though, what is the problem up there in Wasilla, don't they sell condoms???

Sharon Burns said...

There are people, & I'm one of them, that can't figure out
what on earth Levi ever saw in Bristol. And this was even before we learned what a shallow, vindictive & limited individual she is. Someday he'll be glad he didn't make the fatal error of actually marrying her. All he needs out of that toxic relationship with that toxic girl & her family, is joint
custody of his son. I hope Levi understands how vital it is
for Tripp to have regular, uninterrupted, long periods
of time with his daddy, your mom & you, AWAY from the Palins & Heaths that only joint custody of Tripp will ensure.
And Mercede, remember any threats, intimidation or
menacing from Palin-clingers should be immediately
reported to the police - don't wait a week & get told, 'it's
too late to do anything about it now.'

Sharon TN

another voice said...

Please remember some of your earliest blogs, when you wrote about the McCain people coming into your home and scrubbing your computers. A McCain spokesman opened the door of your house and pretended to be a Johnston family friend. This situation is just a continuation of that moment.

Some very powerful forces were behind Sarah's nomination for VP. There are some very powerful forces trying to turn her into a presidential candidate. I don't think Sarah ever approved of Levi as an addition to the Palin family. He was a good looking guy to put on the stage with Bristol, claiming that they were going to get married to make peace wtih the Religious Right crowd. They never intended for Levi to become part of the family.

Bristol and Levi probably have one of those relationships that is filled with passion one moment and anger the next. They are very immature, and they were not ready to have a child. Add Sarah's interference and controlling, and you have a recipe for disaster. Sarah's pattern is to blame anyone else for her own mistakes. Her mistake, this time, was setting Bristol up in a swell condo, and arranging for her to be the spokesperson for abstinence with Candies. There is no way that Sarah would allow Bristol and Levi to have their own reality series and independent source of money.

This is all about Sarah and the people behind her. If the rumors about Bristol being pregnant are true, Sarah is beside herself, trying to keep Bristol out of sight and figuring out a way to spin the Palin family as a sterling example of Family Values. Sadie, you couldn't fight the people who scrubbed your computers, and you are up against a powerful bunch right now. Try to ride it out. When Sarah fails (and she will), I hope you will be able to make peace with Levi and Tripp. Good Luck.

Karen said...

I'm speechless, really, that grown up persons need to be vindictive & hateful, which is how I would describe the Palin clan. It is certainly not Christian behavior, & I was taught that God is our final judge.

Thanks for the update, & Levi might need a hug. Sending one to you & your mother over the web. Love, Karen

Eva said...

If you're in the mood, Mercede, some humor on the subject:

just a friend said...

I hope that Levi is reading your blog. (I am sure that someone from the Palin camp reads it, too). It is Levi who got played, screwed, raked over and trashed.

1. Rex Butler is no friend, and he did a poor job representing Levi. If Gryphen's story about the failed book deals is true, then Rex should be sued for malpractice. He failed to represent his client's best interests.

2. Levi should get a DNA test. When Bristol said that she was sad that Levi was Tripp's father, that means that there was at least one other possibility. We are all writing the same thing! (You might think about getting ahold of something of Levi's with DNA on it, and the next time that you see Tripp, collect a sample from him, too. You really should know if you are investing too much emotion in a sweet child who is no relation to you).

3. You should consider making an appointment to talk with Geoffry Dunn and Joe McGinniss. Bring along any extra photos that you might have of the Palin family and Trig. Ask your friends (quietly) if they saved any of your My Space posts and photos.

4. Levi should get his GED and any kind of job to show that he is a stable parent. He should get a good lawyer who specializes in custody issues. He is being ripped off in terms of those huge monthly payments, and he is entitled to see his child. He was screwed by Rex.

5. You are such a sweet, honest person, but sometimes you just have to fight fire with fire. If you have any physical proof (photos, cached emails, letters) that show that Sarah did not give birth to Trig, this might be a good time to negotiate with a magazine and get paid for your information. If Bristol and Levi got $100,000. to announce an engagement which was never going to take place, you might be in line for the same kind of money for good information.

6. Document Bristol's face book posts, tweets and emails, anything that shows how mentally unstable she is. It will help Levi in the future.

7. Sarah Palin has never gotten over losing a guy to another girl when they were 13 years old. Bristol is cut from the same cloth as her mother. These people are really dangerous. Be Careful!

Amy said...

It's better this happened now. The Palins are toxic and petty. They always have a ridiculous Hatfields and McCoy-type vendetta going on with someone---the press, the trooper brother in law, David Letterman, Levi, Joe McGuiness. It must truly get old for the family. It's bad for people's mental and physical health too.

Of course, Bristol knows no different. This is probably how she will be for the rest of her life. She learned this behavior from her mother.

Go home to your mom and sis, Levi. They are normal and love you.

lynn said...

Sarah set this up, via Bristol. Her end game is to try and discredit Levi completely as Levi knows a whole lot more than he's told. The first part of that was to get him to "refudiate" what he told Vanity Fair (that Sarah called Trigg a retarded baby, the crunchwrap supremes, that she sat on her butt watching reality shows and didn't cook or care for her kids, etc) and the second part was to reel him in, and then throw him back. My bet is that money goes from Van Flea to Rex and that others are pulling the strings so Levi is completely discredited and trashed. Its all a game to these people. Bristol is being paid handsomely to play as well. Sick bunch of people in my opinion. Stay classy and strong Mercede. It will carry you through, in the end.

Amy said...

P.S. I'm not sure how Sarah thinks she can lead the country. She is always claiming she has been wronged somehow by somebody. Never have I heard a politician before claim so repeatedly they have been abused.

The trouble is that voters want people who can solve THEIR problems---not politicians who foist their own troubles on everybody else. Won't work. No one is going to want to hear excuses like that when the going gets tough. It's just like they didn't want to hear Tony Hayward of BP say, "I want my life back" following the spill.

As POTUS, no one cares about YOUR problems.

Patrick said...

Please don't think that young children don't know about or can forget the trauma in their young lives. Excess stress and anxiety in children's lives lead to lots of risky behavior adoption and health consequences due to the impact on their developing brain. See the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study at

Mickey7 said...

Bristol sounds as juvenile and petty as her mother. Here is a comment I posted at Mudflats in response to a commenter who was buying into the 'Bristol as victim' baloney:

"It is nice of you to take such a kind position, but it ignores a couple of salient points: 1.) Bristol ended up with Levi as the result of cheating with him while he was in a relationship with one of her best friends. That’s pretty much got ‘mean girl’ written all over it. 2.) Bristol is not like most other teen mom’s out there. Her parent’s are filthy rich and she got a cushy job as a ’speaker’ and was on the payroll of her mother’s consulting firm making a healthy annual salary despite having no identifiable skills. And 3.) No other teen mom I know of is able to air their dirty laundry to national gossip magazines in order to bolster their side of the story and trash the ‘man who done them wrong.’ She accuses Levi of falling in love with the spotlight, apparently oblivious to the irony that she is doing so in PEOPLE magazine. The hypocrisy is priceless.

There are millions of young mother’s who would love to have the advantages of Ms. Bristol, but who have to fight for survival for themselves and their children, thanks in large part to the Draconian policies Bristol’s mama supports. She is not a victim here, nor is she a shining example of responsible behavior. She shouldn’t be condemned for her situation, but she shouldn’t be sanctified, either."

jojobo1 said...

I really wished them the best and hoped they both would get away from the palin and heath families and go it alone,but I wondered at the same time about this whole set up,Bristol moving out one her own,Why? them back together and than the some of what I said was said in anger..Then comes the bomb shell the engagement is off.A set up if I ever saw one but both Levi and his attorney and bodyguard should have known this also or as someone asked is this all something to make more money??Why would either of these two young people want their personal lives gto be so pubic except to make money or to discredit Levi.

Barb said...

Be careful, take care, and tell your brother to get another lawyer. There is no reason why he should not be able to see his child. Bristol "co_parenting" with him PROVES she feels safe with him around their child. Because she is hurt too darn bad. I don't beleive her anyway. It is beside the point.

Levi should see his child, he should have a child support order adjusted, and even if he didn't pay a dime that has nothing to do with him not seeing his son. Of course him working and getting his GED will look a lot better to a judge. A judge should do what is right for the child not for Bristol or Levi. Levi is like any other person his age. He has a lot to learn but he was old enough to make Tripp he is old enough to be a father. I wish your family the very best.

ps. off topic but your dog is adorable. I lost my Chihuahua when she 14. I still miss her although I have other dogs and foster. She was my special girl.

Ro said...

"To be honest I don’t recall ever threatening to beat her up. But I did tell her off once because I caught her two timing my brother with the boy that I was seeing at the time.

But seriously, can’t she move on and get over middle school spats?"

Bristol will not move on and get over middle school spats in the next few decades. No one who engages with her will either. It is a losing battle. She is a mental case of the lowest order. You may be stuck also. I know a 12 step program can help, Al-anon works for the family members. You don't have to be addicted to drugs or alcohol to be addicted to these situations. I don't see anyone in Wasilla addressing the part that drugs have played and play in this. Clearly no one has made it to step one. I understand if this doesn't pass moderation. As I've come to know you and your Mom, you are both very compelling wonderful people. I wish you nothing but the best and I know well it can take a long time to come to terms with life altering issues. Meanwhile, your blog is sweet and can be interesting.

M. Aragon said...

Your brother needs a much better lawyer to represent his side of the custody matter and I wish one were reading up on all this mess, who would then step up and offer their honorable services - as those who 'serve' your brother's interests now are very bad at it.

Classy Lassy R U said...

I don't know that Tripp will grow up to come meet you. I have seen a lot of these kids at TeaBagger events and they are comfortable with the hate (sry-- they don't hate-- they LOVE!) being spewed from their parent's mouths and they spew it, too. Prepare yourselves because these people write ideas on things that they don't know.

There is hope-- may Tripp grow up to be like Frank Schaffer more than Billy Graham's son.

linda said...

Sadie, I don't expect you to post this at all, and I am not saying it to be hurtful. If you are writing your posts alone, you are a very literate young lady. If you have an editor, please pay attention. In this day and age, a young person who can actually write properly is an exception and a novelty. AND--- please think about getting your hair styled. It looks like small town Appalachia---or Alaska--- where modern trends are still harking back to the eighties. You are really pretty and a new hair style would bring you into this century. Stay strong and try your hardest to keep the strength to stay ahead of the Palin mafia. It has to be really really hard. They're such low class creeps.

Leadfoot said...

Mercede -
Have you talked to Levi? What is his frame of mind? Is he angry? Hurt? Is he thinking there is a chance this can all be fixed and that he can still end up with Bristol? Or has he accepted it is over once and for all?

The answers to these questions will help us all predict what will happen next. Personally, I hope he is PISSED. Pissed enough to drop those two losers Rex & Tank and get a real family lawyer. And pissed enough to go after custody of his son. And finally, pissed enough to finally write that book on all he knows.

Also -- Do you believe Bristol is currently pregnant? Did you ask Levi? Did he say she is? isn't?

Thanks and I wish you ALL the best!

cguevera said...

Hana Bell,

Very good point on the discrediting of Levi. I figured that they would only allow Bristol to see him if he apologized, I never thought that it was just a ploy to make him look bad--dumb me. Helps her lame excuses to break up make much more sense. Really bad people, those Palins.
Yes, Sarah is being handled by some big time news media moguls, Murdoch/Ailes and they will go to any measure to spin things their way. Mercede, I would take the advice given on many occasions to protect yourself and gather as much factual information as possible. Certainly collect DNA and copy all posts and texts. It will be money in the bank. I also wonder if mommy dearest would even threaten Bristol to tow the line for her image. I read where her ex-boyfriend, levis friend, forgot his name, said that she has never gotten along with her parents. I would bet they are threatening her and she is folding. Sarah has already shown us how ruthless and vindictive she is, I am sure her daughter is just another stone to be kicked in her path. If sarah really cared about her kids, she would have never taken the VP slot to begin with. Obviously, she has failed as a parent.

Charity said...

What a big surprise. I have a feeling Levi will get the last laugh though. Bristol is emotionally stunted as a twelve year old or younger. Something must have happened to her early on for her to have stopped maturing as she aged. That is why she is haunted by middle school pettiness. Are there rumors of her being abused (other than a political prop)? I wouldn't be surprised.

Celia Harrison said...

I knew this relationship would end with an ugly episode I just did not think it would happen so soon. My thoughts all along about Bristol were that she most likely had a particular personality disorder. One of the hallmarks is they are black and white thinkers. They see someone as all good or all bad. They are unable to integrate the good and bad traits of a person. Their views of a person can change from time to time and is one of the reasons their relationships are always disasterous. People are neither all good nor all bad. While there is a lot of evidence genetics play a strong role(so strong some may have this PD even if raised in a perfect environment) and there may be multiple causes, the thinking on this PD right now is it's main causative environmental component is a child's emotional needs not being met which certainly makes a lot of sense in this case. There is a book written about it called, I Hate You, Don't Leave Me. This is an older book which does not contain more rescent research, it's just that the title says so much. They make the lives of those in relationships with them a living hell. They are also living in hell and can't help what they do. There are many other symptoms including reckless sexual behavior that makes me suspicious of this. There are some treatments which have helped many, but to seek help for any problem one must admit the problem exists and no Palin will do that. Levi is an adult and makes his own choices. It is their son I would be concerned about. Be very happy you are who you are Sadie, you seem like a very balanced person. Being a balanced person leads to happiness. If Bristol is indeed pregnant again, then Levi may have been acting as a rescuer. If so he should explore why he takes on that role and learn to make different choices to protect himself.

Laila said...

Sadie I am a little confused too. The reason stated for their break up was the music video and Levi's ex gf getting pregnant with rumors that Levi is the father. I don't get it because Bristol knew these things before they got back together... They are both immature and have a lot of growing to do.

Bristol, you should not be the face of the candies foundation. Pause before you play, unless your parents have money and you can live off them. And Levi, Playgirl??? Really? Come on.

And to the person that said Bristol calls Tripp "my baby" or "our son" because she sees him as a prop. Get a life. My daughter is 16 months and I call her my baby more than her name.

honestyinGov said...

Everybody in that Palin Klan is like a Virus... it gets into you and will make you sick. It's NOT healthy being around all of that dysfunctionality. We have even seen how Sarah has already infected little Piper on occasions. Sarah described and thought it was " cute " ( bragging about it even ) that when Piper was angry with someone... she wanted to lash out and pull her hair. ( sarah has her trained already )

Moving forward..... my only advice to you and your Family ( including Tripp ) is that you DO NOT let Mr. Butler represent Levi in Court with his case coming up. It's THAT important. Contract or no contract...find other representation. The business ventures are separate from the family issues. Let Butler fight Levi ( in court ) if he has a hissy fit about being thrown off the case. Does Butler really want the facts of HOW he has handled this on the Record...? NO. He's all talk just like van Flein....all words and posturing. Based on what Gryphen has written...Rex Hunter is the last guy you want representing you.
The case has so much publicity that there has to be a few honest moral Family/Child custody Attorneys that would take the case because it is the right thing for Your family and Tripp. Make some calls to some Parental Rights organizations. Because you already KNOW how those Alaskan Court judges handled your Mother's case... don't you? Fire Rex... get someone to represent Tripps interest and your's. Otherwise Tripp will grow up to be just like one of the Palins if you don't have any say in the matter. That would almost be like ' child abuse '. Find another Attorney before it's too late.

JJinAK said...

I think the suggestion that Mercede confide in Joe McGinnis is a good one. He has contacts and once Mercede has nothing left to 'say' she can't be threatened. Joe could be her ace in the hole.

This all comes back to the way the Palins seem to run roughshod over the town of Wasilla. We know that if the Palins don't have truthful dirt on the people, then they can just make it up and anonymously inform the tabloids.

Look what happened to Lanesia last week! One tip (probably from Bristol) and suddently she is a girl who sleeps around somuch that she doesn't know who the father of her baby is. That was shameless and deliberate character assassination and a powerful message to anyone else who crosses a Palin; you WILL be destroyed in the lower 48 media, your name will be mud!

Good luck to you Mercede, you are the only Wasillian I know of who has the guts to take on the Palins, so have witnesses when they try to get you!

Call Joe the Writer! He lives next to the Palins!

Julie Brown said...

Hello from Denver, Mercede (what a beautiful name)--

I started reading your blog because of Gryphen, but now I look for new postings because you are such a good writer.

I know this is not much comfort in your present situation. What could be?

Please know there are many people out here who do not believe one thing that falls from a Palin's mouth. Any Palin. TV shows, magazines, much-vaunted appearances, whatever, we can actually tell an honest person from a vindictive liar, no matter how fiercely the liar is advertised.

Keep loving your family, and also please keep writing.

So many questions said...

Mercede, the first thing Levi needs to do is get a DNA on Tripp, should have already been done, his lawyers should have asked for one in the beginning especially after Bristol saying I wish you weren't the father. It might have saved a lot of heartache. But better late than never before any of this goes any further. I only hope you, your mom and Levi are close again.
Is Bristol hiding out again, keep your camera ready you never know when a picture will bring you BIG bucks.

c said...

As mentioned at PG's, Palin is already in pre-emptive strike mode, as can be seen in this article from popeater:

Palin Friend: Sarah Wants to Kick Levi Johnston's A**

I hope Levi's comes back to the family. This is going to be a full out war by the Palin's against Levi.


Thomas said...

This is the viewpoint from someone who has worked in GOP politics for 20 years: Team Levi and the Palin camp set Levi up. Probably some third party paid off Team Levi so no money can be traced to Palin. Here's the scenario: Bristol entices Levi back in. She dangles the reality show with Levi/Tripp as a way to provide financial security. Levi jumps. He retracts his statements about the Palins. They become engaged. Now the hammer drops. Encouaged by Team Levi, he does the music video mocking Sarah. Next, his ex-girlfriend dishes dirt on the Palins. Finally, the National Enquirer story. His reputation and character are permantly destroyed. Remember there are big money people behind Sarah. She's become a brand/corporation. Book coming out in November. Alaska documentary in the fall....

c said...

Hell, I'll bet all the Anti-Palin Bloggers/Posters would give Levi better advice than what he got from Rex and Tank!

He has GOT TO FIND SOMEONE who doesn't want to take advantage of him PRONTO!!

Times a'wasting Sadie. Like I said...the Palin's are already spinning this:

From Popeater:

""It was bad enough that this kid everyone thinks is stupid has already caused Sarah and her family great shame, telling everyone her secrets. Now, she fears he is going to do it all over again."

Commenter at Gates said:

"Wait a minute! "telling everyone her secrets"? Like the "retard" baby or "crunchwrap" supremes? "Gun under her bed" etc?
I thought Levi was a "liar?
I guess we know Levi WASN'T lying when he said those if we didn't know!"

Quick Sadie, go see Joe. Get in touch with G.Dunn. These guys are famous, well known and would be able to help direct you and Levi to the right person. (lawyer)

Nadira said...

Yes, a DNA test is probably a good idea. But Levi or his lawyer going out and announcing they want one could backfire immensely if it comes back that Tripp is Levi's son after all. I can just see Bristol using it as an excuse for why she should have sole custody, you know, "He doesn't even want Tripp! He tried to prove that he wasn't even his son!!!"

c said...

Please know we are ALL willing to help you anyway we can.

And to Sarah?

"YOUR LIE WILL BE EXPOSED - so don't get too cocky"
(God how I hate this woman)

Thank you so much for posting my 2 comments Sadie. I came back not expecting to see them...and here they were. Thanks.

Malachi said...

Just a few more years and Sarah will be too old to cosmetically hide her age. Then the Palins will be gone forever, at least in their present form. They're just toxic people, especially Sarah and Bristol. I hope your brother is able to break the tie as much as possible and as soon as possible. Poor Tripp in the middle of it all...

Teresa K said...

Considering the fact that Bristol's mother can't seem to grow out of her own "mean girl" persona, I doubt there's any hope at all for Bristol (or Willow or Piper) to be able to be mature enough to put differences aside. They were simply never taught that value. The Palins are masters of making it seem as if they've been victimized all..the..time. I'm so sorry that you and your family (Levi, Tripp & your Mom) are on the receiving end of this childish behavior. My sincerest best wishes on your future, Ms. Johnston.

Extreme2010 said...

Miss Sadie,

Keep on telling the truth! Bristol is just a puppet of her mother, and Bristol is doing her best to control Levi, and they BOTH want to keep this game up as long as they can profit off of it.

Kudos to you for remaining headstrong and doing your best to put FAMILY FIRST... but unfortunately as you know, Mama Grizzly Sarah cares about making money first.

God bless you and your mother, and prayers are with you always.

my1cent said...

Look, Levi got played, mind you he's not been a saint either, but this whole thing is pretty obvious. Let's look at it:

1. Bristol's not communicating with her mother or entire family - Uh, that's believable, right? I mean whose paying for her condo and setting her up as a spoke person for goodness sakes! She's a single mother....Hello???
2. Bristol dangles carrots in front of him, not the least of which is his son!! Nasty at the very least.. and sex..
3. Bristol states that while they are TOTALLY in love and ever so happy she won't have sex with him until they're married - LOL so much I'm rolling on the ground.. Excuse me!, but for what purpose? already have a son with this guy! He's 20 for god sake! to say nothing of the fact that she's already slept with him 100's of times! More likely it was it to protect her carefully crafted so called Christian Image clean? I'm Christian and my reaction to her statement was ewwww - a bit over the top here....I don't buy it! ..She knows what she's doing ...but he doesn't get it....yet.
4. Wow, all of a sudden Sarah is on board about the relationship, tho she can't stand and most likely will never forgive Levi.. Sure, that makes sense - Not!
5. Having bought into the spin and wanting to be with his son Levi, most likely reluctantly, recants his statements about the Palin's - I'll bet there was bit more son dangling here and it's done! The lesson not to mess with a Palin has been administered and soo...
6. Kaboom - And I'll bet you Levi didn't even see it coming, didn't know what hit him or how to begin to deal with it.
Score - Sarah +1, Bristo1 +1 (and she didn't have to sleep with the "love of her life") and Levi -1 and he is probably left feeling pretty hurt, stupid and angry. 20yr old guys can be pretty gullible...I have one! That's not a slam, just a fact. I'm sure he get's it now..and I feel so sorry for him!

So my contention is that it was indeed a set up and they won "this" round. I don't believe for a nano-second that Bristol ever intended to marry Levi. I think that she's as vindictive as her infamous mother and most likely enjoyed the hell out of getting back at him for causing "embarrassment" (um that would be truth) to her and her mother. You said blood is thicker than water..I think you hit the nail on the head....She's a Palin.

I am hoping Levi now holds his head up, realizes who his real family is, that they love him..that he stands up proud and goes forward with dignity. Remember Levi, it isn't about the storm it's about learning to dance in the rain...and raining it is... buckets right now...but it won't forever! Be Strong! And never, ever be bought again! Oh, and damn it Levi - GET A NEW LAWYER!! and if needed a DNA test!

If what you and other say is true (and I for one believe you) They seem to hold childish grudges for ridiculously long periods of time!

God Help us if she's ever elected President of our Country and has a conflict with a foreign leader. Well, that's NOT a good thought... This is just sooooooo not the kind of stuff we need from anyone wanting to run our Country.. I say ENOUGH of the Palin's!! Her credibility and credentials are just so not White House worthy!! Get Legs Wasallia!

Levi should be so proud of you Mercedes. It isn't easy to be the only voice in a forest filled with wolves....Stay tough, true and loving. You're the real credit to Wasillia!

feliciag said...

Just for the record, Mercede, I think your hair looks beautiful all the different ways you style it! Poofy hair is gorgeous and classic.

Unfortunately, that "reality show star" Snooki from Jersey Shore is giving the poofy hair look a bad name these days! But she's a fashion icon now, in her own way.

I want YOU to be the fashion icon with all the money and positive press! You SOOOOO deserve it, after everything you've been through.


LakeLucilleLoon said...

Where did that little baby come from in the Palin kitchen photos? Something stinks when it comes to Trig and his origins and the fact that there are photos of a child that looks nothing like him being held by you and Levi in those April 2008 photos.

These blog posts so full of naivete do nothing but help fuel the fires that there is something rotten in the land of Palin and perhaps we are not hearing the full story from those that should be in the know.

Very few people were in contact with Bristol during the Trig pregnancy; while Bristol was "sick" and Sarah was "pregnant".

Perhaps Levi truly did keep you out of the loop during that period of time, but I can't help but think there is more to this story than meets the "blogs", both yours and Jesse Griffin's.

Much of this is not passing the smell test, sorry, but that's they way I feel and you can post this or not.

MadasHelinVA said...

Mercede - the ONLY REASON Bristol wanted to be engaged to Levi was so that Levi could FIRST AND FOREMOST 'APOLOGIZE' to Mama Grizzly Paylin in order to persuade everyone paying attention that she was WRONGED and really is such a 'WONDERFUL, HONEST, LOVING WOMAN' [barf, barf]. Levi was suckered into that apology. He was so foolish to make that apology since no one of consequence will ever believe him again even when he is telling the truth about the Paylin's.

And it's truly sad, but Levi played right into Scarah's hand [not that any person 'with a brain' believed him for even a moment]. So you are positively right in that Levi got PLAYED BIG TIME! There can be no question about that, but it wasn't in the way he thought! I'm sure he is hurt by the mean daughter who is identical to her mean mother.

But you are a class act, lovely young woman who is quite the author. Give my best to your mom and hugs to you both.

Lindsay Hendrix said...

What a mess! As one from a dysfunctional family, I can only say: You have to laugh about it or you will cry. Your blog is great and as well as keeping us all entertained and informed, I imagine it is a catharsis for you too. Keep up the good work and keep your sanity. The next time you come down to Seattle look me up.

Nancy said...

Charity and Mercede, I don't know if this specifically applies to Bristol, emotionally stunted is also an indication of a drug problem. That does not exclude other trauma. It does exacerbate emotional retardation. Say she is someone with a genetic disorder or not, either way she was traumatized. It is not unusual for a person like that to self medicate. That explains her secret wild life of booze and party drugs. Your friend and Bristol's (he was her boyfriend before Levi) may know more about her and the family. Can you discuss his part? I have always been curious as to why so much focus is on Levi. There are plenty others in the same little place that know as much or more. Why is it only Levi that people want to spill the beans? Levi was there during the RNC time and his part is particular to that. In a larger picture of Bristol and Sarah as Mama Grizzlies what was going on is important. Remember Sarah told Oprah she did not know Bristol was sexually active. I'd have to listen to the video again to remember exactly what was said. It is also documented about an earlier time when it sounded as if Sarah knew about what happened at the Lake House and other parties. It is a time when the other boy might have better insight and knowledge of the truth. I can't help but wonder if Levi is not a distraction to stay away from questioning him.

Is it just me? I would like for Levi to be given some respite and time to regroup. If he was hit with a ton of bricks and the people around him now are all rats he needs some space to wake up to reality. Part of the Palins having to control Levi has to do with the custody situation. Do you think Sarah now wants him to share custody? I think it is also on the agenda to be sure that Levi will fail in court. Bristol will do anything for her idea of what is the best interest of Tripp and she would do anything to have a judge see it her way.

Ardiva said...

FACT: The Palin's are EXTREMELY CHILDISH people!

Lauren said...

I'm sure you have heard the rumour that Bristol is pregnant?and it isn't Levis. Have you heard of this and what do you think based on what you do know?

Guest said...

Good post, Mercede. You sound grounded.

I agree, there is just no way a marriage was derailed because of some rumor of a girl he dated while they were apart. Bristol dated, didn't she? So none of this could possibly be the reason. Unless it speaks to a more psychological issue, i.e. perhaps a need she has for control.

How your brother gets himself into these situations I'll never know. Ok, he's young, but then the reaction I would expect from a young man who gets a high school girl pregnant is to pay child support and get on with his life, separate from the girl he knocked up. But Levi seems to think he can have everything - money, celebrity, and a fake marriage with Bristol which attracts yet more deals like a reality show. He's got to prioritize, or else he'll get nothing. Now, he's lost credibility and his reputation has suffered. He "confessed" in public that he lied about Sarah Palin, and then he right now is allowing Bristol to discredit him in the press. If he expects any future gigs he'd better start countering the bad press.

Maybe for him the best thing is just to go out and get a regular job and just pay less child support with the reduced income. I know he's probably afraid he won't see Tripp much, though. But one thing at a time, one foot in front of the other. The right thing to do will come to him.

Rosa said...

This is the strangest set of circumstances. It is said there was a sighting of Bristol in Seattle. Levi may know something different, he is not communicating with his public, PR is just PR. Does anyone know how the court mandated mediation is going? Do they meet with counselors or a mediator? Was the co-parenting at the condo what the judge meant by mediation? Don't they need to get together for that on a regular basis? It is a month or two away from court and Bristols next speaking engagement. She claims she will not go underground. I never knew when the Target photos were snapped. She did look like she could be 5 or 6 months along. Doesn't that leave Levi out? How would it be possible to get an abortion at that stage? Ben asked her if she was pregnant, we know what was going on if he had to ask. I don't see how she could be underground until September and claim not to be underground. I'm hoping that poor thing just has a tumor, the whole baby making operation up there makes me crazy. It is awful to think of what will become of the children born into so much dysfunction.

AlaskaSundog said...

As Wasillaworld turns ---. Palin got her apology & proof that Levi lies. To be photoopted hugging & forgiving & welcoming Levi back into the family not so much. But the key item was to invalidate Levi which got done. As for Levi, so stupid & so mean to his own family. SLAP SLAP OK come in , sit & be a real son & listen to someone who's really concerned about you. Don't like what they're telling you ??? Sit , shut up, listen, think & do what your mom says. ( I hope it's to find a real lawyer for business & Tripp, GED, & get a job near home till lawyer & GED are done.) Despite what people may have been telling you Levi, you're still a snot nosed brat who has not behaved well. The same may be said of Bristol. Take time out to regain some character. Do regular things that need to get done. Don't take brief celebrity you haven't earned seriously cuz no one using you does. Earth to Levi ---come back home. So much from a Chugiak neighbor. See what the morrow brings.

meme said...

i am still wondering if one of the conditions for
levi getting back with bristle was to

sign a non disclosure statement.

can those be constructed in a manner to

to cover years ago? or only from the date

signed and forward??

my guess would be "years ago"...

SarahElizabeth said...

Mercede, keep speaking out and standing up for what you believe in. The Palins have sold their integrity, but you have kept yours. That's saying a lot.
Keep your chin up, girl! You, Levi, and Tripp will make it through.

Gles said...

Mercede, I just read a transcript from the Larry king Live show in April 09 where you, your Mom and Levi spoke. It is very interesting to read. A few things surprised me...the fact that your father and Todd spoke on the phone with each other..and it reaffirmed the turmoil Bristol caused between you and Levi.

I surely encourage others to give it a's long but worthwhile.

Martha Unalaska Yard Sign said...

Thank the heavens that the Mini Me showed her true colors just in time, right on schedule. Levi already has his work cut out for him in dealing with, and balancing, the over-the-top attention rained upon him for being associated with Bristol while Mama Twit shoved her under the bus.

Levi and Bristol fighting over which tabloid was called? How whacked is that? They are living in a bubble, and it will break. Levi is in a much better position to get his act together, if he takes it seriously, than Bristol ever will. It's no guarantee that you will ever get the old Levi back, those days are gone forever - but there is hope that he will outgrow the need for drama and work on becoming a new Levi with common sense and a big heart like his family.

I wish for your family smoother times ahead, and the ability to keep a clear mind within the heart of the swirling aura of dysfunction and negativity which surrounds you.

Maybe someone should start a Palin Ex-Friends Anonymous group in Wasilla with meetings held (for fun) in a big bus.

Guest said...

Interesting transcript, Gles. It was a little sad to read it, because there was still a lot of hope there, and to think where the Palins and Johnstons are now, not in a good place.

I found it odd that Levi remarked that it's hard for Bristol being pregnant at 18 and a shock to her mother when they told her. Bristol was 17, not 18.

The article said Mercede wanted to go to med school. Mercede, are you still planning on that profession? You know, I used to work with an RN who came from a very educated home. My friend was taking classes and undecided what to become. Her mother said, you can become anything you want, but in the meantime while you're deciding, you're going to get a skill or degree that will be useful the rest of your life, so pick something - now. So my friend says, ok, I'll be an RN. And she ended up sticking with it because she liked it so much.

Guest said...

PS, Mercede, if you're interested in the direction of MD, a profession I'd much rather recommend is PA - Physicians Assistant. They operate in the OR right along with the doctors, are respected just as much, and don't have to worry about malpractice insurance or running an office. Most of the ones I knew absolutely loved it.

wowsa said...

Your brother is a great guy and he really deserves someone who has as good a heart as him. He really does.

wowsa said...

It sounds like you haven't heard from your brother. Don't worry on that. He is probably trying to sort thing out in his head, because honestly, he probably has no clue WHAT happened. He knows the truth or THINKS he does, then when people come along that mess with your head and "alter reality" then you have NO CLUE what happened, and you have to try to remember (yes, you have to try to remember "reality") especially when someone keeps altering the "truth" and "reality" and putting out all those lies, especially publicly. What those type of people do is SERIOUS BRAINWASHING, and it takes a while to remember what REALLY ACTUALLY HAPPENED, and I'm sure his head is still reeling from all the lies B put out there, that had no truth basis. It is going to take him a bit to sort all this out. Give him the space and try to be patient BECAUSE THE CHANGES HE MAKE ARE GOING TO BE IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION AND PERMENENT. How do I know this you ask? Because WE READ YOUR BLOG, WE KNOW YOU (from a distance) and we see your mom did a super job of raising you and I am sure she did the same with Levi. Your mom just seemed super on Larry King. You guys are lucky:)

Tudo said...

Pretty soon, Levi's money is going to run out. He owes child support payments thru the year 2026. Right now he must pay $21,000 per year to Bristol. It looks like he's going to be paying big bucks for years to come. You know Rex and Tank took a big cut from Levi's earnings. I think the Palin's want to put their boot on Levi's neck and drain him financially until he's broke. It's unlikely Levi can find any meaningful work in Alaska. He's not in a good position.

wowsa said...

To Thomas: Honestly I've seem people like B. It's all B. Not anyone else. No other parties. Just mama's girl is all she is.

CAgal said...

Mercede, you're doing a fine job of staying focused on the truth, amidst the antics of the sadly dysfunctional Palin gang.

One of your Guest bloggers brought a little levity to his/her comment, I thought worthy of repeat:

"Maybe someone should start a Palin Ex-Friends Anonymous group in Wasilla with meetings held (for fun) in a big bus."

Rosa said...

It doesn't appear that Levi has anyone in public relations working for him. Is it true he has a contract with Rex Butler that will expire in six months? That is after the current court date for Tripp. Idk what is going on with Levi, hopefully he won't sign on for more if he can be free by next January. No one works on his Wikipedia article? It looks like the Palins control that. Popeaters is reporting something about Levi is back to selling the bean spill for $20K. Don't you get sick of all the anonymous names that report that bull?

Is Ben Barber still talking to you all? He is close to Track and Todd. After he spoke up about his relationship with Bristol he went silent. Who owns him? Levi needs to regroup. He is best not to say too much right now. With the right management he can recover in time. Does anyone in your family know for certain where Tripp is now? I am so sorry this is happening to you all.

serena1313 said...

Trust takes a lifetime to earn, but less than a minute or two to destroy. Betrayal, in every sense of the word, always comes with a price attached that is not cheap, yet one-way-or-another, everyone has to pay, some more than others, including Tripp, an innocent by-stander.

Levi, presumably does no yet fully appreciate the fact he has lost almost everything including, in all probability, his son, too.

Mercede I agree with the others who suggest this ♠ ordeal was a set-up to discredit Levi. After issuing an apology for what he, claims to have been, said in ♠ anger about the Palins, Levi probably blew any chance of a lucrative deal coming his way which means less money for his son.

Furthermore given all the bad press Levi has gotten, it is apparent Bristol and Sarah have the upper-hand. Even if he did write a tell-all book they will claim to be victims of Levi's revenge and milk it for all it's worth. So getting a fair-shake seems to be out of the picture as well.

Iam not trying to make excuses or saying Levi deserves better, however, I suspect what he did, he did out of (misplaced) love for his child but was too young, too trusting, too inexperienced and too naive to see it was a set-up.

Nevertheless allowing Bristol to convince him to turn against [you and the rest of] his family was an indefensible act of betrayal. Likewise if Sarah convinced Bristol that was the right thing to do. Regardless whether Bristol acted on her mother's say-so or on her own, either way that, too, was an indefensible act of betrayal. Not only did they betray each other, they betrayed Tripp.

Despite losing almost everything, Levi still has his family. But as a suggestion, an unsolicited piece of advice, don't let Levi off-the-hook so easily, make him earn your trust. Otherwise Levi will surely repeat the same mistakes all over again.

Meanwhile Sarah and Bristol have each other, at least for now, but they'll get their comeuppance soon enough.

So let this be a lesson or a reminder for all of us that what takes years to build takes less than a minute or two to destroy. And yet, too often, we fail to appreciate the things we have until they are gone, more importantly our family and friends.

Let me reiterate, the price of betrayal isn't cheap. Eventually everyone pays. But it is the innocent by-standers, like Tripp, who, at no fault of their own, are apt to be hurt the most, pay the most.

Miranda said...

Hey Mercede!
Great blog, I love hearing how this affects more than just the Palin's and Levi. You seem like a very strong, levelheaded girl, and I wish only the best for you and your family.

I saw Inside Edition where they had Briana Plumb on there talking about her relationship with Levi, how do you feel about her doing that?

JJ said...

Hi Mercede,
Could you identify whether it is Bristol or Willow in the video from Homer that is going viral on Mudflats, Shannyn Moore, IM, & Palingates? Thanks!

wowsa said...

Okay, this is good news

Emily said...

Agree with "so many questions" 100%. My best friend's son finally had a DNA test on his reported son. Bingo! He is not the father. After losing two years of his life by quitting college and taking a job to support the girl and the baby, he finds he is not the father.

I am beginning to think that what you see with the Palins is not the truth. The family is hiding a lot of secrets.

Jan said...

Are you going to campaign for Levi when he runs for mayor of AK? Will you and your mom be on Levi's reality TV show???

wowsa said...

At least he is turning this to a positive! (see below link) Hope he calls soon though! But if not he is probably still "sorting" this out in his head. Bristol's brainwashing mind games are enough to do anybody in. I don't even know her and I can't keep her stories straight. I HAVE had people like her in my life tho, luckily I didn't have children with them though so I could walk away from them. I feel so bad for all involved here, you, him, well everyone but Bristol. I even feel sorry for Sarah becaue B lied to her too. Maybe this show can lead to bit parts and stuff on shows like CSI or something! That would be awesome! Looks like direction he is headed, and very smart too! If he hasn't called, HE WILL, just know he will soon. I belive that in my heart, that he just doesn't want to go "home" until he first sorts out what happened in his head. Not because I know him, but I DO know MEN. Gone isn't gone FOREVER with men and people they are close to. Hope you guys are holding up okay, I know this has been so hard.

Molly said...

Very O/T, but, have you seen the video of Sarah and the teacher where the teacher is holding up the sign "Worst Governor Ever", and one of the Palin daughters is also there?

Would you be able to tell us if that is Bristol or Willow? I was convinced it was Bristol until 50% of the others seeing the video think it's Willow. Frankly it still looks like Bristol to me, but your bud Gryphen says it's Willow.


Jan said...

How is your family being treated by Wasilla natives after Levi announced he is running for mayor?

wowsa said...

I think some of these people posting the last week are from the press. Ignore them, don't answer their questions. Just worry about the people who are worried about you and your mom. Not the weird question people. Sorry about posting links, won't do that anymore. I can see why you didn't and I wasn't thinking sorry. I was just so happy about what I saw! Lol! (But I know you saw the links so yay, that was my point in posting them!) Ignore the weird question people. I think they are from the press honestly. Also, I realize as I'm typing this you already probably know that because of other stuff that has happened to you. Hope your mom is well. Let us know how she is and someday post that one post you were gonna!

cguevera said...

Hello Mercede,

Where are you? Why the silence? Please fill us in..............

Hope all is Ok--your silence is worrisome

Karen said...

Mercede, you don't have to publish this. Just want to tell you that I am sorry to see you falling into Bristol's trap ... responding to her very, very childish nonsense. You have a good opportunity to create an interesting blog that represents your generation, and instead of going back and forth with Bristol on every little thing she says, why don't you finally leave her behind altogether and write about how you deal with the general difficulty of watching your brother's ordeal, and making smart decisions for yourself so you can move on into responsible adulthood. Even consider some topics that have nothing at all to do with the Palin crap. You write well. You can turn this into something really interesting instead of just another piece of gossipy junk that is becoming really boring really fast. You have made it clear that you love your brother and nephew and you think Bristol is wronging everyone. Now ... move on. What else is new in your world?? I am a grandmother. I would like to know how people your age think about things.

Amy_in_Wasilla said...

Hi Mercede,
I thought about your mom today when I read this article about chronic pain and pain management.
I wanted to post this on the post you wrote about your mom, but could not find it, so I'm posting it here.

Best wishes.

M. Johnson said...

@wowsa, most of the people that come here are Not from the press, if the press need anything, they will go directly to Ms. Johnston. @Karen, Ms. Johnston is not usuing her blog to go back and forth with Bristol... She was protecting her friend and brother image... Being a accuse of having unprotective sex with 4 guys in one week, equal to whore.... The young lady suffering for the media and should sue.

Mecedes, I understand you can not tell everything, it will put you and your mother in danger (The Palin is evil). Someone comment on palingate blog, that they saw Bristol back in March 2008, very very pregnant, drinking and smoking and noone was stopping her... A month later Sarah had a baby, but people are wondering what happen to Bristol's baby... You don't have to response or answer... just prepare yourself when the truth come out. They said they have pictures... sooner or later the mistery will be solved... Make sure it won't trace back to you and your mom, let others reveal the truth, you keep yourself clean from it.

Do not worry about Levi, he is an adult now, let him make is own bed and sleep in it... This is something a mother and family must do... You have to release him and just pray. He will learn the hard way and itwill make him into a man. He will come out much wiser, after a good whoopin lol... He will come back into your life with Tipp and establish a good relationship... Let him do his thing. You focus on making a life for yourself, avoid getting pregnant before marriage... Look at Michelle Obama, she was settle into her career before marriage. She met a man the was at her level. She surrounded herself with intelligent, successful people, not drama queen and king... You are young and have an opportunity to do great things and be successful in life... Be wise and consider every decision you make, study hard and do the right thing... You are smart and beautiful and have so much to offer, your mom should be proud.

bubbles said...

excellent comment by Karen. i concur.

Rob said...

One way to settle this DNA on both those babies.

I hope the Media, Magazine Editors that have been paying them big dollars stop paying until they get a DNA done,

Who is Scott Sommers, Ben Barber

Is Bristol pregrant again and due soon,? This is a real Con Game for money by Palins, Levi, clear your name or if you are the father then take care of the baby. Otherwise, you are going to pay the rest of his life and destroy your future relationships .

No use keep the flame going, get the DNA done and put the flame out. Then move on

Ginger said...

You say, Mercede, you thought the "ruffled eared" baby was Trig.

Since you were in the Palin kitchen holding this baby and it was the first week of May, wasn't Trig in the same house?

I'm confused...

leu2500 said...

Mercede - I just read on IM the truly horrible terms of the custody agreement for Tripp. I'm so very sorry for you, your mom & Tripp.

I can understand why the judge would not want either parent to be bashed in front of Tripp, but since we know that your brother has been nothing but a gentleman when it comes to talking about the Palin's and they've done nothing but bash him all it will do is hurt your side of the family while not restraining the Palin's one bit. Maybe when Sarah's money dries up your brother can get the agreement revised.

Friend said...

Bristol is a chip off the old shark.

Jan said...

Miss hearing from you. This is a good time to put your mom's story up. I saw her on TV with you a while back and she is beautiful. I would love to know her story. Blessings to you and yours.

MariaT said...

Mercede, hope everything's ok.

jackie said...

agreed!!! smart girl..

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