Sunday, August 15, 2010

My feelings about Levi and Bristol's custody agreement

First let me apologize for such a long absence.

There has been a lot going on and I have been extremely busy. However I just had to add my two cents concerning the new custody agreement that Levi signed as I know many of you wondered what I thought about it.

When I first I read it my mouth quite literally dropped open and I have to admit I that I was seeing red for a moment. I was extremely upset and still cannot believe that, after all of this time, THIS is the agreement that Levi ended up with.

I cannot comprehend why my brother settled for that, and if Rex and Tank truly had his best interests at heart they would never have let that happen!

But they are much too worried about themselves, and their own publicity, to care about what is best for Levi.

So Levi only gets his son Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings, that seems like such a random and odd schedule and I just cannot make sense of it. I hope with all my heart that this is just a temporary agreement.

How is it that the agreement states no family is allowed to say critical things about the other family in front of child, when all Bristol does is spy on me in an attempt to find something bad that she can use against me to start drama over on Facebook? Lately it seems that all she has been doing is attempting to add all my friends to her Facebook account, and snoop around in the comments I leave them, or look through the pictures I share, hoping there is something bad in them. But unfortunately for her, there isn’t.

But hey Bristol if you are so interested in what I am up to, and who I am talking to, just send a friend request. I would gladly add you, and then you do not have to skulk around Facebook anymore.

Just to clear up some misconceptions, I do not go out of my way to speak about the Palins or say negative things about them in front of my nephew. When I am with Tripp that is the least of my concerns, and what time I get is too precious to waste it talking about Bristol or the rest of the Palin family. I'm much too busy laughing, smiling, and watching Tripp to see what he has learned, and how much he has grown since our last visit.

I cherish the time I get with my nephew. I do not waste it trying to look for reasons to start drama with Bristol, that just isn’t me.

In fact I want all this to be over with, and wish that others felt the same way so that way we could all move on with our lives. Perhaps then Bristol can stop trolling Facebook looking for proof that I am talking smack about her to my friends. And she can also work on her hypocrisy since I am well aware that she says bad things about me around Tripp all the time.

I have had numerous people tell me so.

And one final piece of business before I wrap up this post. For awhile now I have been trying to get a copy of the deposition that I gave in Anchorage several months ago concerning Levi and Bristol's custody case. During the deposition Bristol's attorney, Thomas Van Flein, asked very few questions about Tripp or Levi's parenting, and instead he used the opportunity to try and intimidate me and to find out what I know about Sarah and Todd. I have been wanting to blog about that day for quite some time and hope to get my hands on a copy of the deposition very soon, however you should know that they are making it very hard for me and claiming that it will cost me a couple hundred dollars just for a copy. But once I do manage to get my hands on it I would love to share it with all of you so that you can see exactly how I, and my family, have been treated by the Palin family when no one is around to see.


wowsa said...

Maybe legal aid could help you with getting a copy? Or there are legal memberships you can get. I don't understand why it would cost you anything, they might just be lying to you.

Try to let this all be Levi's problem not yours. He is coming back! He is coming back and making $$$ which is going to fix a lot of his problems. If he was leaving for Hollywood and not looking back, that's where I'd be worried. I think he has a plan, this isn't easy to fix, but I'm pretty sure he will. He is also probably being watched real close right now because the custody agreement hasn't been signed by a judge just yet, and I think once it is, he has more room to make his own decisions. Your mom did a really good job of raising you both, try to trust that even if your brother is out of touch. I belive he knows what he is doing, but that he also knows his every move is being watched. After the judge signs it he will be freer to make his own decisions and he WILL call. He loves you guys, I KNOW he does:)

Lilybart said...

No decision is permanent in custody. He can always get a better lawyer when he is back home and has a stable life for Tripp, and reapply for a custody hearing.

Roby A McCarty said...

The copy of the deposition that you want is the property of the court recorder (The person who sat there and typed or recorded the deposition) and if you want a copy you have to pay her. I know that sounds nuts but that is the way it works. Even the lawyers in the case have to pay her for copies. You may be able to just get copies of your part instead of the whole file which would be cheaper.

CAgal said...

My mouth dropped open as well, especially when I saw the far-reaching effort of the Palins to CENSOR you and your family members! This can't be legal. Levi needs to get REAL legal council to defend HIS best interests! I am very glad you made your way back to the blog, Mercede! I can only imagine the stress levels you and your mom are experiencing. Remember, you have loads of really nice, sane people supporting you out here!

just a friend said...

Dear Mercede,

I am so sorry for the way that your family has been treated, especially since you have such an open and loving spirit. You have a real talent for writing, and you clearly love your brother and Tripp.

Many of your readers have encouraged you to keep on writing. I echo their sentiments. My suggestion is to write a book to Tripp, telling him all about his family, so that when he is old enough to think for himself, he can read what you have to say.

Write about your llife as a child growing up in Alaska. Describe little things about yourself, Levi, and others in your family. Talk about special little moments: the joy of getting a special present at Christmas, fishing or camping, walking to school, what it felt like to roll in the snow and build snowmen or snow forts.

It will be a creative outlet for you, and it will be a good record of your famiy for Tripp. If you get mature adult guidance (Gryphen, maybe Joe McGinniss, on-line writing courses), you should write the book in such a general way that it has marketability. It will help finance your college education. Make it appeal to all kids as you describe what was special about growing up close to nature and the simple joys of living in Alaska. (Avoid all temptation to say anything nasty, make it appeal to a general readership). I wish you and your mother very good luck!

Yellowgirl said...


They should *not* make you pay for your own depo transcript. You have a right to read and review and correct any typos or other errors.... it's called "reading and signing" and I don't care that you were only a witness and not a party-- you have a *right* to read and sign. I would demand a copy be given to you. You should contact the court reporter directly if you can and tell her to bill Van Flea, as that's how the bills are normally handled. (at least here in NC, but I think it's similar country-wide)

DS said...

Mercede, the Palins have so many skeletons in their closet, including the possiblilty that Sarah faked her pregnancy with Trig. That becomes even more apparent by your statement that Van Flein was only concerned about what you knew about Sarah and Todd that could damage Sarah's political future...or worse.

The Palins have hurt you and your family over and over again. I don't think you realize how many people out there sympathize with you, and would like to see these cruel people stopped from further hurting you or anyone else.

You are so courageous! If you know anything that will stop Sarah, please release it. Or pass the info onto someone you trust and let them handle it. Encourage anyone you know who might have information to step up and do the right thing.

You, your mom, and especially Levi will be controlled by Sarah Palin unless someone takes her power away from her.

Keep up the good fight! Many people admire you, and are behind you all the way, Mercede!

BWilder said...

Why don't you ask Gryphen to help you set up a short term PayPal project to raise enough funds to get your copies?
I imagine he'd be happy to help and that many of his readers would love to contribute.

Bear Woman said...

The copy cost of a deposition is standard, sadly.

I sent an e-mail to Gryphen regarding this -- please check in and be in touch.

kevin said...


You think Tripp is your nephew. That is not a proven fact and has uncertaintly around it.

Bristol is on record as telling Levi she hoped that Tripp "was not his kid". What this tells me is that she slept with others and there is uncertainty around Tripp's true father.

This can only be settled with a paternity test. I have no idea why Levi has not gotten one yet. This is just plain dumb to me, really dumb. There is a chance that Tripp is not your nephew and is not Levi's son.

Without a paternity test.....all you have to go on is the word of a Palin. Good luck with that.

Get the paternity test is my recommendation and it should have happenned months ago. Both you and your brother may be travelling down some hurtful stressful path in life that you should not even be on.

I personally do not believe Levi is Tripps father after Bristols statement. What a shocker that would be, not only for Levi, but for you Mercede......were you to find out that Tripp is not your nephew and not Levi's son.

You must get the paternity test. You might be agonizing over and paying for someone else's child. Is that what you and Levi really want to do?

So many questions said...

I hope everything works out and you, Sherry and Levi will be the happy family Tripp will enjoy and love when he comes to visit. Bristol will never change, she is just like her Mommy and the rest of the Palins, arrogant, vindictive and rich but unhappy - it's best to ignore them and only concentrate on Tripp. ((♥))
Call a lawyer and get a free consultation and ask about how to get the deposition.

You are very Beautiful said...

what could copy cost possibly add up to? at $1.00 per page
and $10/per hour for a secretary.

At most, $50????

So many questions said...

Mercede, check out this web site for free legal advice, lots of legal questions answered.

SME131 said...

I can't imagine why the courts would only give Levi 2 visitation days a week unless he simply agreed to it. There is no reason for him to not have equal visitation time. It almost sounds like he is just agreeing to whatever Bristol offers.

However, the stipulation of no one speaking ill of the other parent or their family is standard in custody battles these days. A judge would be remiss if he/she didn't add that stipulation. You shouldn't take it personally Sadie, as much as it feels like it was a censorship of you and your mom it is actually just standard protocol for all custody battles.

You would be amazed at how many people spend their time poisoning a child's mind against the other parent or relatives. It is truly sad. It has happened more than not which is what led to it being a standard requirement.

Anjaak said...

My sister's EX had a similar custody agreement, but had one extra weeknight. (the child is almost 5)

The difference between the two fathers is that my sister's EX is completely happy only seeing his child 18 hours a week. Sometimes this was even too much because it interfered with his social life. (he would have hang-overs on Saturday mornings after going out all Friday night)

Hopefully in time, Levi will get more hours as Tripp gets older. Bristol may find that she likes having a little free time to spend with friends & trolling your Facebook status.

Since Bristol withheld Tripp for months at a time. This seems like a 100% better knowing that there is a court order that makes sure she cannot do it again without consequences.

Bad talking a child's aunt in front of them is so immature. Having a child doesn't mature a girl into a woman, that is for sure!

Take care.

darcy said...

I guess my question in all this is did Bristol take Tripp with her on her current trip to Washington State? Where she is allegedly remaining in hiding with her great-aunt, Sarah's aunt, until she pops out the latest baby she's pregnant with?

How is Levi going to see his son twice a week if Bristol has travelled so far away? Isn't it illegal under the terms of the agreement for her to deny him his two days per week custody? Make sure you encourage your brother to remain firm about exercising his rights. The Palins will try to prevent what little custody he has been granted by the courts, with their usual lies and obfuscation - mark my words.

Jan said...

Nice photo of you on this article. Tripp looks like YOU. The blonde hair and blue eyes.

Jan said...

Maybe Levi agreed to this as Tripp is so young and Levi would need to buy a toddler bed or crib and other things for him at this age. Does Levi have and extra bedroom where he lives? Judges look at all that before allowing custody. I hope Levi allows you and your mom to visit when he has Tripp.

Misses M said...


I was reading through the comments on this post and I think Yellowgirl made a wonderful suggestion-- you really should write a book/journal/diary for Tripp. You are such a talented writer and it would be the perfect outlet for your creative writing and your love for your nephew. Great idea, Yellowgirl!

I wish I could help you, Sadie. And I know I'm not the only one. I think lots of people would be willing to donate a little cash to help you with some of your expenses.

Stay strong. Don't let Bristol or the rest of the Palins bring you down. You're not alone.

Marcia S said...

Re previous comments, the courts didn't give Levi this custody arrangement. He agreed to it with Bristol. The court will only enter the agreement into the record and enforce it if necessary. If Levi had had the court decide, he would have done much better. I can only conclude from this that he doesn't want joint custody.

MYJ said...

Mecede, be encourage, it not the end of the world, this is a small step that will allow you and your mom to see Tripp. I know other have been saying, Levi should get a DNA test, but once you are attached to a child, and falling in love, you don't really want to know, unless for medical reason. Finding out can be a blessing if he is Levi's or very painful if he's not.

Let Levi work this thing out, you don't want to hinder the process. Just pray things will change and you be able to see Tripp more often. You know the Palins love drama and they will keep thing going, continue to do the right thing. Bristol probaby very jealous of you, because of your good reputation and look. What other reason she is spooking around behind your back. If she pregnant again, I want to see how she going to hide this baby... Sarah can't play pregnant again. Who know who is the father of Trig? LOL

LakeLucilleLoon said...

Fatherhood at such a young age is not for everyone. As long as Levi supports his child financially then he is doing better than a lot of young fathers.

He is spending a bit of time south of Alaska, trying to make an entry into the celebrity world. I felt bad when I read on P6 about him not being allowed into the Blackberry launch party.

He's trying to be Ricky Hollywood, and if that doesn't work out then he'll come back to AK and rethink what the next 60 years of his life will be.

kevin said...

I am appalled that this paternity test was not done pronto.

Look, Levi ruined his reputation and his life already.....without certainty that Tripp is his baby.

There is no certainty when multiple people might be the father. The only certainty is a paternity test.

Unbelievable to me that this has not been done already. 1700 per month to a kid that nobody can be sure is really their kid. Yikes.

Connie said...

I'm sure there are many other readers besides myself who would be happy to make a donation for you to get a copy of your deposition. Set it up! :-)

Keep being the adult in this situation Mercede, you are showing the world who the adult is and who the 'snotty child' is.

A Sister too said...

How do I get help from the Family Law Self-Help Center?
The Center provides services in 2 ways:

this website which includes detailed information and forms for each stage of the case

a statewide toll-free telephone Helpline which is staffed by highly trained court employees who can speak to you about your case. The Helpline is very busy. We encourage you to read the information on this website before calling - the answer to your question may be easier to find than you think. If you decide to call for help with filling out a form, be sure to print it out and have all of your other paperwork handy.
Telephone Helpline Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Statewide Telephone Helpline Number:
907) 264-0851

Or, if you need a free call:

(866) 279-0851 (In Alaska, but outside the Municipality of Anchorage)

---Couple other commentors have the right idea in that the deposition transcript is the property of the court reporter who transcibed. Contact the court reporter directly for the fee required of just your deposition ---testimony.

leu2500 said...

Mercede - I chipped in when Celtic Diva raised the money for the records request. I just sent you some $ that you can put towards the transcript request.

mary b said...

Levi was thrown into the spotlight by $arah for $arah's "Family Value" creds. After seeing her make all that money, especially since she is a total moron, he probably figured he could do the same. Even though he does seem smarter than Sarah, I think his Attorney and Handler are using him and getting him crappy deals for their own gain. Hell, they may even be working for the Palins, being paid on the sly.
I don't trust the Palin Family at all! I would not put it past them to do such a thing. Levi seems very young and too trusting. He also seems to think he's in love with Bri$tol.
Eventually, he will grow up some more and think back on all of this. He will be mad at himself. Most of us who are older and wiser have been there, done that. Just not in this extreme or the national spotlight. One day he is going to say that he can't believe he thought the moon and stars were all about Bri$tol!! I think this is part of the reason he took this bad custody deal, Bri$tol convinced him she would let him see Tripp more than what the court has ordered. He didn't want to fight about it with her.
I hope Levi comes to his sense quick! I really, for Levi's sake, wish he'd stay away from being on T.V. or anything having to do with publicity. He should find himself a good Attorney who specializes in Family Law, find out what he likes to do and is good at, and get an education. Hollywood will not take him too far. Look at all the broken people as a result of trying to make themselves a career in show biz.
I wish you all well. I know this is a very difficult time for you and your Mom. You're doing a good job Sadie. Hold your head up high and keep on doing what is the right thing! Hopefully, Levi will snap out of the Palin project!

bubbles said...

how do any of us know whether or not a paternity test exists or not? more than likely such a test has already been done. it is certainly not in Mercede's purview to have one done.
another thing. someone asked to know about a paypal account. take a look up top on your right side.

Extreme2010 said...

Miss Sadie,

Keep on staying headstrong. You are more of a mature adult than Bristol or the Palin klan could EVER wish to be.

You continue to have my support and prayers through this time of drama and pain. I have experienced multiple periods of drama and pain, and I understand that it's not easy to get through.

I'm glad that you continue to push the truth out and fight for what is right, the people of Wasilla need to learn from you!

As for Bristol, she is a carbon copy of her mother: a mentally ill control freak who thrives on the past and who will NEVER mature. She can and will do anything in her power to steal your thunder and shut you up, that is what I feel she and Sarah have done to Levi. Levi needs to learn that FAMILY comes first, and Bristol and the Palins are NOT his family, his family are you and your mother. BLOOD is thicker than water, and I'm glad that you continue to reach out to your brother. God bless you and your mother, and the best of luck through this troubled time.

Rosie said...

Darcy wants to know if you know where Tripp is, was he or is he in Washington. It would also be nice to know what you have to say about the Homer video and who you believe that was. I know you have many posts you want to do. When you can, please do another where you answer questions. That would be great. Hopefully follow ups as well.

I am looking forward to you having the depo soon and being able to cover that. It sounds fascinating. I would like to hear a legal perspective. It seems so crazy to have a depo for a custody case and depose the paternal sister and want to know about the maternal grandparents. In court you can't go all over the place like that. How did Van Flein try to find out what you know about Sarah and Todd? Did you have an attorney with you? I know a depo is not the same as a courtroom, but if it is a custody case depo and they are asking about someone else.. hmmmm? Is that even right?

taku said...

how do we donate to help you?

wowsa said...

That's an awesome idea, us donating to help via the paypal donate link on the side of the blog! Thanks guys!

I like the book idea too, just don't save it on your computer in case it gets hacked again. Save it online somewhere like a private blog or something that no one knows the addy to. If nothing else, just the very act of writing to him helps clarify your thoughts on the situation (with no one judging). I do that about family stuff a lot and I end up seeing things and solutions I never would have seen had I not done that. It's also a great sense of relief to just put it down, in a safe place, that only you can see, for later.

Celia Harrison said...

In Alaska they like to make everyone jump through hoops to get documents, this is one of the ways they protect the truth from getting to the public. The public defender agency will not even give me a copy of my file. I am sure soon they will make the claim they lost it(that will be the third time). In other states you can ask for a copy from one of the parties and pay for copying, this does not surprise me about Alaska. The pay pal idea someone had is a great idea.

kevin said...

Bubbles is right and the question needs to be asked of Mercede.....

Was a paternity test ever done to make sure Levi is truly Tripp's father?

AlexaH said...

Mercede have you seen this?

We are dying for your thoughts on it.

America Is Waiting said...

America Is Waiting:

---To see that Bristol Palin is a serial fornicator and has two children, Trig and Tripp. (There's nothing wrong with sex---there's something wrong with a girl who can't keep her legs crosssed leading abstinence rallys for her Fuhrer.)

Mem said...

Mercede I just wanted to let you know how much I admire you for the stance you have taken.

I have been blogging and posting on FB about the Palins since John McCain decided that he needed a woman (never mind that she was not intelligent or very American) to win the campaign. That didn't work out so well, thank God.

I hope that you and your mother will hang in there. In the end you will reap the rewards. Her's are only temporary. You can't USE God forever and get away with it:)


CT Lawyer said...

Dear Mercede,

I am a trial lawyer and I can tell you that while the court reporter probably does charge a few hundred dollars for a transcript, Levi's lawyers should have already ordered and paid for their own copies. They should be able to make a copy for you and they are real cheap-os if they charge you for it! But even if his lawyers charge you, it should be cheaper than getting an official copy from the reporter.

Good luck, let me know if you have questions.

Best regards,

Charity said...

It just goes to show you what the Palin camp is really freaking about. Look how worried mama grizzly is about what you know. Gosh dang, mama grizzly, can't you go pick on someone your own size?

Mercede, you rock! Keep up the good fight and let these losers bury themselves.

Martha Unalaska Yard Sign said...

It's hard enough to be a new parent, and then to be a very young one...on top of that you have all of this drama and limelight which makes it even more to focus on what is near and dear to your heart.

The reasons behind all the attention and limelight add another layer - the jockeying for position, fame, money and (imagined) power.

I really doubt that Tripp has a chance for a normal kid life with all that going on - his sanity and balance in the world is going to hinge on that little guy's inherent personality (and genes). Mercede, if he truly is your brother's child - then all will be well if he inherits the solid core which has developed within you.

Shine on, young friend! There is no person more lovely inside and out than one who stands up for their loved ones with a smile, quick wit, and the truth. Learn the art of retreat also, too - the correct timing of offense and defense can tip the scales in your favor and win the day.

Palins haven't a clue - they will always be on the offense because they know nothing else. Use that to your advantage. Kind of like Flat Stanley - there is only one dimension to that family! Turn them sideways, and they disappear.

Pam said...

Good luck as you face all these trials and tribulations. It seems there is never a dull minute in your life. Keep up the courage and faith. Be true to yourself and your family. It seems things are constantly changing and you just may get your family back together sooner rather than later. How much longer is your mom on ankle monitor. Life will be so much easier when she can move about more freely. Take care, P

Jerri said...

Have you seen the "Levi for Mayor" video? Towards the end of the video, it says Levi is a "father," and shows TWO pictures - one of Levi with Tripp and another of Levi and Bristol holding Trig at the RNC.

It appears in the video that Levi is Trig's father. I'm curious about why he would include a picture of Trig...unless he IS Trig's father.

Any thoughts?

madmamma said...

TO: MAM----there is NO possible way Bristol could be the other of both Trig and Tripp, when they are only 7 months apart, do the math.

Just wondering said...


See links below. What are the odds that people named Levi and Amber (people say Bristol sometimes goes as Amber) would be the parents of a baby who was born the same day as Trig supposedly was, and who looks SO much like Tripp?

What is going on?

MYJ said...

To Madmamma... Trig was not born on April 18th as reported... He may have been born in February or beginning of March... So, it may be possible for Bristol to give birth to both babies. Tripp was an 8th month baby. Trig is not Sarah's baby

Lauren said...

Ms. Johnston, you should consider selling exclusive access to that document to a news agency rather than posting it here for free. You would still be getting the word out about how the Palin family has treated your family, but to more people. And, of course, you would be compensated for your time and trouble. I really hope you'll think about it. Good luck to you and yours.

America Is Waiting said...

My guess, Mercede, is that in a few years, after Palin is just a sad, sagging joke, and no longer a neo-fascist threat to your family, your brother will find out he's been paying up for some other guy's kid. Bristol Palin grew up in a dysfunctional, loveless, greedy, and cruelty-worshipping household. She's [Bristol] had two kids---no way is Trig the son of that sociopathic couple who have John Birch, Dominionist, and other wacko leanings. Bristol---unloved---sought love in the company of many of Wasilla's single---and unsingle?---men. And she produced two kids, paternity-proof pending.

New Jersey said...

Mercede, I understand your feelings, yet why do you let people post things about Trig being Bristol's child and not even try to set the record straight?

I don't care how much you hate the Palins, and maybe you have good reason, yet you know Trig is Todd and Sarah's so say so.

MYJ said...

This is from "Immoral Minority" Web-site..... but written by National Enquirer. Very Interesting

Could Sarah Palin be this devious?

From the National Enquirer:

To have a chance to be president, Sarah knew that she’d have to figure out a way to stop Levi from further sullying her reputation.

“So Sarah hatched a plan to discredit him,” divulged the source.

First, she encouraged Bristol to let Levi spend more time with their 20-month-old son, Tripp.

“Then, when Levi started to have feelings for Bristol again, Sarah talked to him about how he had embarrassed their family,” said the source.

In June, Sarah told Levi it was time for him to publicly retract the embarrassing statements he had made, says the source.

“At first he resisted, but Bristol convinced him that it was going to be for the best if he ever wanted to be back in their family.”

In early July, Sarah got what she wanted. Levi released a statement saying the things he said about the Palins were “not completely true,” and he chalked it up to “youthful indiscretion.”

“Her mission was accomplished, because now, no matter what Levi said about the Palins in the future, nobody would believe him,” said the source.

“Her plan worked – Levi was branded a liar by his own words.”

But Sarah’s plan almost backfired when Bristol and Levi announced a week later that they were engaged!

“The news hit Sarah like a ton of bricks,” said the source.

Fortunately for the former Alaskan governor, the reconciliation was short-lived. Right after making their engagement public, Levi confessed to Bristol that he may have fathered a baby with another young woman.

I will confess that I heard this from one of my sources as well. That is why I was so sure that Sarah had been responsible for the US Weekly photoshoot. I figured since she had essentially used both her daughter and grandson to manipulate Levi that she would probably be just as willing to have him marry her so that she could present her daughter as married to the guy that knocked her up originally and salvage what was left of her and Bristol's reputation.

It was only later when I started to hear how upset Sarah was about the surprise engagement, and after it had fallen apart, that I realized that Tank Jones had seen HIS opportunity and manipulated the situation to benefit himself and Levi.

When there are so many con artists working so many different scams sometimes it is almost impossible to determine WHO is scamming WHO.

CC said...

I work for lawyers - I am not a lawyer and so am not qualified to tell anyone what to do, but I offer my two cents - what the trial lawyer above is saying is true. Depositions are expensive when ordered, but once an attorney has ordered the deposition and the cost is paid... it's just ten cents a page. Tell them a condensed version is fine. (That just means it's four pages of testimony on one sheet of paper.)

When you were deposed, were you represented by counsel of any kind? I am guessing not. If you were, and your lawyer had ordered, you would ask the lawyer who represented you to give you a copy (I've read a lot of depositions - lawyers often ask the deponent at the beginning the deposition if s/he is represented, and if there is some confusion it is at least established. I have seen witnesses related to the plaintiffs assume that they are represented by plaintiff's attorneys when they were in fact not.)

Levi's attorneys should have been present, since this was regarding custody of his son. If they ordered the deposition, then tell Levi to get it for you. Don't bother asking yourself. They don't represent you and owe you nothing. Insist very loudly - have Levi call the attorneys' office and request it be given to him immediately, and have him call EVERY DAY UNTIL THEY DO IT.

Lawyers are hard people to nail down when they don't want to be. They've spent three years of law school and their careers learning how to avoid it, and they're great with words. That's why I would have Levi ask for the lawyer's secretary. If the attorney doesn't want it to happen it isn't likely to happen, but a human being trumps voice mail. Be nice to the secretary, but persistent. Get Levi to make it clear that the calls don't stop until your deposition is in his hand or they have a legal reason why it can't be provided.

Regarding what a previous commenter said about reviewing, correcting and signing depositions, at least in my state you only have the right to read and sign the deposition within thirty days. If you don't do that within 30 days, then you have waived your right to sign/correct. Levi's attorneys should have given you the chance to see your deposition to check it for errors, and it's a shame they did not do that. (Based on what you have said, I'm not surprised.)

Your other option would be to contact the court reporter directly and see if you can order it directly from the company. It would be very strange, but trying shouldn't hurt (I bet you could get a PayPal account going and collect donations to fund the cost.) Do you remember the name of the company that took the deposition? If it was taken in a small town like Wasilla, it's not likely there were many choices. Try contacting the company and/or reporter and asking if they will let you get it directly. She could tell you the cost at least, and then you know how much money you will need to find.

I would be curious to see whether Bristol's attorneys tried to get a protective order barring the release of the deposition. It would be silly, given that you were there, but then there's a whole mess of crazy coming out of that camp, and there are people out there who are going to make an argument even if they know it will fail, purely to delay the process.

Again, I'm not a lawyer, I just work for them and am not qualified to give you advice. Also, the state of Alaska's laws are their own, and very possibly contradict anything I have just told you.

I would definitely go to any kind of legal aid type office you can find and see what they will tell you. They can't represent you, but they can tell you what you would need to know to act.

Good luck!

Liz said...

What is Levi hidding? Why doesn't he have tests

done to see if he is the legal father of Tripp. Or

does the soap-opra drama of the Palin/Johnson

family continue for the sake of money. Hmm!

Liz said...

sorry! spell check!!

Anonymous said...

I believe every word on how they treated you. I can't help but wonder the names of the police involved with your mom and a few others who have been arrested. the pictures on your blog are not showing up. Good luck to you and your family.

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