Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I know about the birth of Trig Palin

This post has taken an exceptionally long time to write because I keep erasing and rewriting it in order to make sure it is nothing short of perfection, and that it leaves no significant questions unanswered.

But after many days, and even weeks, I have come to realize that no matter how well written, or how sincere and honest, the post is there will always be doubts and questions. Therefore I have decided to simply tell all that I know, and all that I have seen with my own eyes.

It wasn’t until I read it on IM that I came to realize that there were people even speculating that Trig was not Sarah’s real son, and alleging that she lied about his birth. Some even saying that perhaps there was a third child involved.

To be completely honest I looked at that conspiracy theory like they were all crazy. Of course I would never lie about anything, period, Especially not about an innocent young child.

I really do not know where to start with this post so I guess I will start from the very beginning.

I vividly remember hearing Bristol say that she and her family were suspicious that their mother might be pregnant because she was wearing loose clothing, acting different, and being distant. It was not much later that I recalled Bristol acting very hostile and having no idea what was going on.

Eventually I found out that there was turmoil within the family because Sarah had just admitted she was pregnant with a baby boy to her family and that the next day she would announce it publicly.

It appeared to me that the Palin family were offended and hurt that Sarah lied and hid her pregnancy from her own children. It wasn’t much later that I overheard that Sarah flew back from Texas while she was in labor to Alaska to give birth to her son Trig. It seemed that it was very important to her that she gave birth to her baby in “her great state of Alaska”.

Days later we were invited to the Palins house in early May (Levi’s birthday) to meet the sweet newborn baby Trig.

I was anxious to meet Trig for a number of reasons. The first being that I knew I had a niece or nephew on the way soon and I wanted to be around babies to get an idea of how it would feel to be an aunt. I hadn’t had much baby experience at that point.

I was also very excited to meet Trig because I was convinced that my brother and Bristol were going to get married and start a family pretty soon so I considered the Palins a part of the family already.

I am a very welcoming person and allow people into my life easily. I guess I just got my hopes up a little too soon.

Because of my open heart and eagerness to bring our families together at that time, Bristol and I were as close as we ever were, and I was even calling her my “sissy in-law”. Which, by the way, was even her name as it appeared on my phone. I really thought things were going to work out.

I was so full of joy that day when I walked into the Palin home that when they handed me Trig I just held him in my arms and melted. He was just the most beautiful, tiniest little guy and I instantly fell in love with him.

How can you not? After all, at the time I was in a serious relationship with a man who had a younger brother with Down syndrome so I already had a soft spot for children with special needs.

People often ask why I took photos. Well, why wouldn’t I ?

At the time I considered the Palins family, and I thought that Trig would soon be my brother in-law. I take family seriously and I keep my camera with me at all times. I also scrap book, and I love to take pictures so that friends and family can see themselves when they’re older and look back at all of the great memories that we shared.

I guess because I do not have many photos of myself as a young child I wanted to make sure that my nephew and Trig (Who I once thought would be a big part of my life) would have that special treat and we could always look at the pictures together and I would have the opportunity to share those memories with them. It was something that I sorely missed in my life.

The captions I put on the MySpace photos may have seemed a bit “weird”, or “suspicious”, or even “odd” but the truth is that I was only a teenager who thought this adorable child was going to become family and I was in awe of him. As weird as it may sound I always give out nicknames, it is just something I have always done, and for some reason I always put “bear” at the end of loved ones names. I probably picked it up from my mother and Father who have always called me Sadie-Bug.

I have always referred to my brother as “Ishy-Bear”, Trig was “Triggy-Bear”, and Tripp “Trippy-Bear”. It is just ME and it is just what I do. Weird or not, there is no story or hinting behind it, it’s just a nickname.

As for “Mommy In law”, well that was just a simple mistake. What I meant was that Sarah would soon be Levi’s Mother-in-Law.

Had I known that my personal MySpace would be invaded by millions of curious people I would have definitely made changes in my whole profile, but as an unsuspecting teenager that isn’t something you expect to happen OVER NIGHT. I was just the average teen from Alaska bragging about my adorable “family”. Simple as that.
People get heated about this topic and I have never understood why. Everyone has their own theory but this is all I know, and I am sorry if this isn’t what you want to hear, but it is the truth as I know it.

As far as I am aware Sarah did not fake her pregnancy and I do not know why she would.

In those photos I agree she looks lean but that is how she has always looked to me.

People pick every detail about her apart claiming her legs are too skinny and she is wearing a baggy sweatshirt indicating that it’s something suspicious. Well then explain why she is basically wearing the same outfit in her new reality show while she is lounging around her home saying “Noooo boys go upstairs” (Maybe that is just her comfortable clothing, I know I wear sweatshirts while lounging around my house).

Truth is I cannot give you all the answers but I am trying my best. You cannot see her stomach through that sweatshirt so nobody really knows. Many people I know have had children and their legs stay slim.

I am not saying Sarah isn’t hiding anything, or that I am sticking up for her, but I am just giving my opinion. After all that she and her family has done to us I hope you all believe that if I knew something I would be the first to say so but that isn’t the case.

I did not even ever consider she would fake her pregnancy until I started reading reports and blogs. Even then I didn’t believe it.

I’ve seen and read it all. The ear theory, fake pregnancy suit, adoption, switching out babies, and all I can say is that I never saw any evidence that supports any of that. I also never noticed anything wrong, different, or odd about Trigs ears when I saw him.

If indeed they did fake the pregnancy, adopt, or switch a baby, well then that makes her the most evil and manipulative women I have ever come across. But right now I still have no good reason to doubt that Sarah is the biological mother of Trig.

However, I do question why she has NEVER provided any proof to put the rumors to rest. I realize she is not obligated to do so, but why not shut everybody up? And then recently I heard that she gave the wrong location for his birth. How could she forget that he was born in Wasilla?

There are many unanswered questions, and I am sorry I cannot answer all of them for you. Believe me, I wish I could. It never occurred to me that there would ever be this level of speculation or I would have paid a lot more attention back then.

After the infamous TriggyBear photos were taken Bristol and Levi had taken Trig to my mother’s home a few times and my mom never noticed anything different or odd about Trig. He was just a joyful baby boy who looked exactly the same everytime she saw him. She never noticed a difference in his appearance whatsoever.

I do know that there is no way that Trig is Bristol’s son. Bristol was with my brother during that whole time and Levi would never hide something like that from me.

I was also around Bristol once in awhile at that time and she did not have a baby belly whatsoever.

There is NO WAY that Trig is Bristol’s son. To my knowledge she has had one beautiful son, and that is my precious nephew Tripp Johnston.


Southerner said...

I know that was hard to do, say something that would not validate Gryphen's conspiracy theory. I have questioned his theories too, only to be severely scolded and it make me rethink my own position on this subject. I have gone back and forth on what I think could be the most likely scenario. I believe you. I believe this story. It's hard to believe Sarah Palin would deceive her own children and that she would fly on a plane while in labor. The conspiracy story almost seems more humane.

Again, you were brave to say what you knew, even if it meant going against your supporters. Sometimes doing the right thing is not easy. Brava.

emrysa said...

"right now I still have no good reason to doubt that Sarah is the biological mother of Trig. "

consider this:

official story and documented in the news: trig was born on a friday.

official story and documented in the news: sarah took trig to work with her 3 days later on monday.

official story and documented by sarah and trig's supposed doctor, cbj: trig was born 5 weeks early, with a hole in his heart and jaundice.

now ask yourself mercede: is any hospital in this country going to let a 5-week preemie with down syndrome, jaundice, and a hole in his heart leave the hospital 2 days after he is born? the kid we know as trig was not born on april 18, 2008 - given that she was running around looking somewhat pregnant for 2 weeks up until that day, it seems pretty obvious that she faked a pregnancy.

I don't doubt your story of what you think you know. but it does seem curious to me that these well documented events don't make you think twice about trig being sarah's biological son.

tallimat said...

Hugs to Mom and you!
Hope things are well.

The Leonid meteor shower continues tonight! Bundle up and get out to enjoy. We saw quite a few shinny streaks last night. We all made wishes of peace and good will for all. Kinda funny.

nswfm said...

Respectfully, what's with the photo where Levi is holding a baby and there is another baby's arm cut out of the photo? Any insight into that?

Pearl said...

You go, Mercede!! Be brave and continue to tell the truth.

Duncan said...

Thank you for your side of the story.

None of us have much of the information it will require to make sense of it all.

Thanks again for your input.

Lauren said...

Do you think Bristol is pregnant now.

AFM said...

Well Sarah says Obama should show his original birth certificate. He has now it's time for Palin to show the world the birth certificate of Trigg. That will shut everyone up. If she is the mother the wild ride is a disgrace. What a selffish woman to put her baby in harms way. But again like you said you weren't there when she had the baby. Seeing is believing. That's what happens when people become liars and have something to hide. I always admired Levi because he told the truth and yes even now he does. The truth sets you free.

Steve D said...


Thank you for all the thought, time and effort you have put into this post. It has to be very difficult for you since you want to tell what you know, but not knowing if anything you say will be used by Sarah to keep you away from your nephew. Sad.

I have one question. You said that Bristol shared with you that they thought Sarah might be pregnant in the spring of '08. The official story is that Bristol was not in Wasilla during that winter/spring, but that she was living in Anchorage with her aunt and either attending school or sick, depending on who is being quoted. Your post suggests that Bristol was, in fact, in Wasilla during the winter/early spring of '08. Was she really living in Wasilla and not attending school?

If she (Bristol) was in Wasilla and you were spending time with her, then you certainly would have a good idea of whether or not she was pregnant. On the other hand, if she was in Anchorage and you were only talking with her by phone, then you really wouldn't know if she was pregnant. Both Bristol and Levi have said publicly that Sarah suggested faking a pregnancy so that Bristol could keep her pregnancy secret, but it makes no sense that this would have been in the summer of '08. After all, Sarah had a special needs infant already, a full time governorship and talk of a VP nomination.

So many questions, so few answers. You really nailed it when you said that you didn't understand why Sarah wouldn't just show proof so that this would just go away. Why, indeed.

JillinOH said...

why did levi have a hospital bracelet on in some of the photos?

Gles said...

Mercede...just wanted to say I'm glad you are writing again. There is something comforting about your blog...and know you don't stand alone.

My son was 11 days overdue and popped out at 7lbs. He was jaundiced and I do believe I spent 3 days in hospital. The jaundice followed my son home. It was recommended to put him in natural sunlight as much as possible and I remember taking him back I believe in 1 week for a "Biliribin" test regarding the jaundice at the hospital.

Maybe being a first time Mom I was very diligent in my care and only taking my son out of the home to be tested that first week home. I also breast fed him. I don't think I slept much that first month but I was not working.

lilybartq said...

So, why is Levi not seeing his son anymore? Bristol is in LA and I hear moving to Arizona, and yet, doesn't Levi have custody time each week?

Does he not care?
Maybe the baby isn't his after all?

VC said...

As another poster stated, I don't doubt what you say you think you know but there are still too many unanswered questions for any conclusions to be drawn. Many more may appear in comments here or elsewhere.

As for your statement, "Levi would never hide something like that from me", I respectfully point out that you were ousted from Team Levi and prior to that Levi never shared his (at the time) joy that he and Bristol were getting married. As one with siblings you might be surprised at the lies they tell if only by omission.

No, there's still more that meets the eye with the baby conspiracy thing and a birth certificate would clear up a lot of it followed by something more substantial from CBJ.

lilybartq said...

JillinOH, that is the question isn't it? The one answer that unravels it all.

How did you know in April that they were pregnant when they didn't have the pee stick test to wave around until May, in one of the many official stories.

Leadfoot said...

Thanks for posting, Mercede. I have only one question:

There is a photo of the Heaths holding Trig in Matsu Hospital. The Palins released it and said it was taken right after he was born. He is very large in that photo. Look at where his head and his feet hit Sally Heath's arms. That was supposedly on April 18, 2008. However, you held Trig on May 3, 2008 and that baby is MUCH smaller than the one held by the Heaths 2 weeks earlier.

How do you explain the shrinking baby?

blythetdm said...


Thank you for sharing what you know regarding Trig's birth. I have admired your handling of a difficult situation and your honesty in previous posts, and I appreciate the time and effort you put into this one to ensure it was accurate as well. You said that as far as you were aware Sarah did not fake her pregnancy. I fully accept that you are not aware of a fake pregnancy.

I would appreciate it if you could clarify a few points, though, because it's not clear to me from your post whether whether your opinion is based (at least in part) on the lack of access to Sarah and Trig Palin during the critical time period.

With regard to whether Sarah actually looked pregnant, could you clarify if you ever n Sarah's presence during the latter months of her pregnancy - say from Dec. 2007 to Trig's birth in April 2008? Or are you basing your opinion on her appearance the day of Levi's birthday?

Also, you indicated you never noticed "anything wrong, different, or odd about Trig's ears when I saw him."

Was Levi's birthday the only time you saw him during his infancy (prior to the Republican national convention)? Or did you have enough contact with Trig after Levi's birthday that it would have been impossible to miss what appears to be a misshapen ear?

Again, Mercede, I appreciate the difficult position your family has been placed in and have nothing but good wishes for you, your mom, Levi and Tripp.

Mary said...

Sarah Palin did NOT give birth to Trig Palin. That is a fact. Period.

We don't know who did give birth to Trig but that is a separate matter. What is important is that Sarah Palin FAKED the birth of Trig.

That is why there is NO evidence that proves that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig. You cannot prove something that never happened. That is why it is law in every state in America to document and PROVE the birth of every child. Palin has no documentation and no proof that she gave birth to Trig Palin. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

All you need to know is that Palin has changed her story from a 8 months birth date to now 7.5 months! She can't even keep her lies straight anymore.

Mat-Su Medical Center does NOT deliver preemies because it doesn't have NICU facilities. It is not even accredited by the state of Alaska for premature deliveries.

A six week early preemie would be delivered or transported to a maternity center with an NICU. Nearby Providence Maternity Center in Anchorage is a state-of-the-art referral medical center for premature births for the entire state of Alaska. It is less than an hour away from Wasilla. A sitting United States governor with a 33 week preemie would deliver in this facility. Period.

No medical center without the proper facilities would expose themselves to the potential liability risks unless it was an extreme emergency. Especially for a sitting United States governor. Even then, the infant would be quickly transported to a NICU facility. It can take weeks before the infant is ready to go home - not the two days that are alleged for Trig.

Preemies can't feed themselves and need to be tube fed. They also frequently need the help of a ventilator to breath. That is why preemies are born and cared for in a NICU.

That's why CBJ and Mat-Su Med Center can't be held responsible for negligence in the whole fabricated Trig birth story. Because they cannot get into trouble for something that never happened.

ic said...

Mercede, you have a legion of folks out there in the world putting a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. You are a little to sweet and giving to try and fill the orders of strangers.

You shared what you know. Who would ever think your brother's somewhat powerful mother would contrive to perpetrate an earth shattering hoax in order to become a conservative rock star?

Keep taking the high road, as Willow and Bristol continue to reveal their nasty classlessness, you rise above their stink. Even without a title. They sure are big on their mom's key words.

Hope you and your mom are doing well. And that Levi gets better lawyers and agents. He should be on Skating with the Stars next season, at least he can skate. : )

No1uNo said...


You said on Larry King Live that Levi once went an entire summer not speaking to you because Bristol told him so. You have stated that Levi lived with the Palins. When did all this happen? It couldn't have been the Summer of 2008 before the election. Was it 2007? And if so why was Levi living with the Palins in 2007? Do you want us to believe that Levi would tell you everything when he went a whole summer not talking to you because somebody told him to? Your appear to be truthful but I think you are leaving out quite abit. Why?

Janbj said...

When I was in high school, I didn't know or care what my brother's girlfriend's mother was doing, even though my brother's girlfriend's sister was my classmate in a class of only 86, in a town of less than 1,200. Mercede's side of this story neither proves nor disproves $arah's pregnancy.

But, wow, Sadie, you knock my socks off! You have dared to "repute" the Palinbots and now you dare to stand up to us "anti-Palinites." I am so thrilled to find that there is a next generation who will settle for nothing but the truth.

JillinOH said...

there is NO WAY Sarah would have chosen shorty shorts so soon after childbirth. I know that you might not know this, Mercede, since you haven't yet given birth - but there are days/weeks of JUNK that happens in the area that would be waaay too exposed with shorty shorts. Not only from a visual standpoint, but from a comfort standpoint, as well. NO WAY a few days post partum would anyone who just gave birth choose that outfit. I also think that how Sarah is "posing into" the picture without ANY connection to the baby is telling - new moms have a very visible protective "field" around them and the people holding the baby always appear less comfortable and connected. Sarah is a SPECTATOR in these pics. SHE is on the outside. This was INTIMATE for Levi and Bristol and you, too, Sadie. It wasn't at ALL for Sarah. THAT, to me, is a HUGE clue to this .....

JillinOH said...

sarah has claimed many times in interviews that she "barely knew" Levi when he and Bristol announced they were pregnant (which, btw, was much later than the time of Trig's birth)
If that is true, that she barely knew him, why the heck was he there in the wee hours of the morning for the birth of Trig? Do you see how that makes ZERO sense? Now, I do not for one minute buy her story that she didn't know him well - but do you see this dilemma we as readers of blogs and watchers of SPs interviews face? Who to believe???
And I will ask again, why does Levi have a hospital bracelet on?
why no pictures - ZERO, NONE - of Sarah and Todd holding their precious gift from God? Why no pictures of the whole clan with their newest addition? ALL families I know do that kind of thing.
WHY do you think your pictures were scrubbed? WHY do you think Bristol lived with her aunt?
Does Levi KNOW he is the father? Do you think there is any chance he isn't and is just being paid to pretend?
and again. for the umpteenth time in two years I have been asking this question...WHY DOES LEVI HAVE A HOSPITAL BRACELET ON in the pictures with Trig? I am smelling BS and I am NEVER wrong.

May said...

JillinOH..."I am NEVER wrong." LOL

LMK said...

Hi Sadie,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and observations. This couldn't have been an easy post to write, knowing the controversy you were stepping into.

I appreciate what you have shared. There are so many questions about Sarah and Trig. No one other than Sarah, Todd, and maybe Bristol and a doc would know for certain what was up. Why folks believe you would hold the key to the deep dark secret is mystifying to me.

You have answered questions and I appreciate that. We have more info than we did before. We know about your experience. So thank you, Sadie.

To my fellow commentators. You have wanted Sadie to share what she knows for some time now. Now that she has, a few of you (certainly not most) have become obnoxious because she can't answer most of the questions.

Seriously, do you think Sarah would have let Sadie know everything? This woman hid the pregnancy/fake pregnancy from her children for 7 months.

I believe Sarah hid her pregnancy. If I am wrong in that, then the issue is even worse, because it means Sarah was going for the Baptist abortion; she tried to kill her 7.5 month in utero infant on an airplane.

Sadie shared her experience. I am sure she is fine with questions, but lay off the accusations.

lilybartq, your question about Levi is astoundingly rude and damn cruel.

Thank you Sadie!! Good wishes to you and your mom!!

Cecil said...

I just have to say to all the conspiracy theorists out there that from Mercede's eye witness account, it is quite clear that Trig is not Bristol's baby.

And barring that, I can not see any possible reason for Sarah to fake a pregnancy.

Unless it was to prove that she was so anti-choice that she faked having a downs baby, and then that one died, so she got another.

But that would be just damn crazy.

Kallie in Texas said...

Thanks for your observation. However, I dont' think its the whole truth about what happened. Palin is too devious and too many things don't add up. How do you explain the pic with a rectangular pad on her belly? She was no more pregnant that you were!

JJ said...

Simple question from a mother of 4.
Mercede, SP claims to have breastfed Trig. Did you see ANY evidence of this whatsoever?

Jen said...

But didn't you tell Gryphen that Levi can be secretive and not divulge everything, even to his own sister? When exactly did you see Bristol during that winter of 2007/2008?

Heidi1 said...

Cecil @9:42 said...

"And barring that, I can not see any possible reason for Sarah to fake a pregnancy."

Whaaat? It got Sarah to where she is today! Millions of dollars from idiotic, adoring fans, and the pro-life cred she's milking for all she can. I believe that Mercede wasn't privy to the day-to-day events of Sarah's fake pregnancy...she is stating only what she knows of that particular moment in time. There was a lot else, but perhaps it was hidden from her.

But there will ultimately have to be an explanation for (1) Levi having a hospital bracelet on, and (2) why the Trig exhibited by the Heaths on 4-18-08 at Mat-Su is WAY bigger than the tiny baby in the photo at Levi's birthday party.

Mercede and her mom surely are cognizant of how important these issues are. The ENTIRE WORLD is watching, quaking in abject fear that Palin will gain more power. They have to know this is far larger than Wasilla, Alaska. One can only hope that Mercede will continue to be as honest as she can, and hopefully impress on her friends and acquaintances in Wasilla how ENORMOUS it is to get the truth out. Mercede surely knows that this scandal is the stuff of world history, to be scribed in the annals for future generations to read about. That is our hope, Mercede...please help us get it right. Thank you for what you've written so far.

Deb said...

In 2008 Sarah Palin wanted to vice president, and now it appears she plans to run for president of the United States. That's why people get so "heated" about this issue. If she is capable of this kind of deception, what kind of president would she be? Anyone who makes up such an unbelievable story and then mocks people who question her would make a very unstable and dangerous leader. Some people may not like Sarah and want to see her discredited, but most people just want to know the truth in order to know who we can trust when we go into that voting booth.

Mimi in MA said...

I only gained 17 pounds during my pregnancy and gave birth to a 6 lb baby. But I looked absurdly pregnant because that baby had to stick out somewhere! Loose clothing would not have covered that, not to mention the fact that I walked differently, sat/stood up differently, etc.

And no matter how great my legs were, I absolutely would not have worn short shorts for at least two weeks after the birth. I'm with JillinOhio. Sorry for the TMI, but the pads we have to wear after the birth (to deal with all the "junk") are gigantic!

Lisa2595 said...

Thank you for your honesty.

IMO, as a mother of 3, I will say that if Sarah were in premature labor with a special needs child and boarded not one, but two long commercial flights then drove one hour passing a more qualified hospital, then she is unbelievable irresponsible and careless to the point of being evil.

I can't imagine any pregnant woman who truly cared about the well-being of their child not going to get checked if they believed they might be in premature labor and/or leaking amniotic fluid. I'm sorry, but if her "wild ride" story is true, then she is a horrible mother. She took stupid risks with the health of her baby. Why?

Personally, I think the entire Wild Ride story is a lie. I can't imagine anyone actually taking those kinds of risks. I don't know what the truth is, but I believe that she made up the entire story of being in labor just to enlarge her "myth."

The alternative is so callous I hate to believe it's true.

mary b said...


Thanks for telling us what you know about all of this.
I believe that you always are truthful. You are a sweet young Woman with a good future. Keep on going!

I am also the Mother of five children. I was just a few years older than $arah when I had my youngest. I believe she lied to you, possibly Levi and the rest of the world.
I was very thin and in great shape with each of my pregnancies. The age difference between my fourth and fifth is 9 years, so I was in really good shape, like $arah, for my fifth. With each pregnancy, you show faster. Especially is you are slim and trim. Your uterus is used to expanding, so with each one, it gets looser. Ask any OB/GYN. I was amazed how big I got so fast with my last child, as I did not want to tell my employer right away. But by 3 and 1/2 to 4 months, I had to wear maternity clothes! There is no human way possible $arah could have hid that pregnancy so long. I have no clue what the real truth is, only that she is lying about something. She is lying in a major way.
I give you a ton of credit for even speaking about this. Seeing how vengeful the Palin's are, you have a lot of courage. Some day, some how, the truth will come out. When someone like $arah constantly lies, it ends up catching up to her. And it will in a big way. She will not be able to continue what ever lie it is about Trig. I really believe that if she tries to run for POTUS, the other republicans in the Primary will be the ones to expose her. You may or may not know how dirty the GOP Primaries get.
Bless you Sadie! Try to stay away from all that negativity and proceed with your life. You are lucky to have a Family that loves and supports you emotionally. That is something I would have given my life for at your age! Appreciate the little things, they may not be around for long. I hope things continue to go very well for you.

gsb said...

To Kallie in Texsas
quote: "Unless it was to show that she is so anti-choice, she faked having a downs baby, that one died, she got another"
Bingo! That is what I have thought all along.
If, (this is a very big If) she was pregnant with a handi-capped child, which she knew about, the trip from Texsas was taken to force a natural abortion. She hoped. However, the child now known as Trip, was a hardy little soul, even with his medical problems,who survived. His survival, was not planned for. The Palin's then made lemon aid, there by gaining again, the support from all the so called pro-life people. (except when it comes to war) Had this child not survived, Sarah would have gained the support and sympathy of s-o-o-o-o many, she still would be in the position she is now.

Just heard her this morning, saying she thinks she could beat Obama. She, really believes she is Gods gift to the human race, not a pox on us all..she is running. She does not care who she steps on, who gets destroyed or who gets in her way, she is running.

The thing that bothers me the most about the Palin's is their claim to being people lead by God. Since when have the teachings of God included the trashing of people, with all sort of smear character assassination, the sly suggestions, the inunendo. If I remember my commadmants from the Bible, one of the commandments is about not, speaking ill of you neighbor. Mercede, neither you or your brother have spoken ill or told lies about the Palin's. while they, have proceeded to trash and trash anyone and everyone. Recently, I read a comment from an Anano, which said "white trash is a step up on the food chain from these people" Remember that while dealing with them

This got very long, but I have been thinking of this for a long time. The Palin's are a dangerous bread of humanity.

gsb said...

Addendum to the above.

Again another if. If, the Republican's place Sarah in the top position, they had better have a perfect second. For Sarah's ability to finish a job is well known. She will either pout, as she did on the campaign, go home to Alaska, or just do her pagent walk with short skirts and peep toe shoes, we must not forget the awful wigs. The hard decsions will not be hers.She, like the attention, the perks, however the money is not to her liking., The history books will suite her just fine..

grammy11 said...

Thank you for voicing your opinion but I am not convinced it is the truth. You were young and impressionable with little or no knowledge of pregnancy or childbirth and could easily be fooled into believing. There is no way that a down syndrome baby, juandiced and with a hole in his heart born in Wasilla with no NICU and in her office 3 days later passed around strangers. No way! Something is very wrong with this story.

Marnie said...

Thank you for your honesty.
Writing thing out can be healing but ca also be emotionally draining.

Wishing you and your Mom the best.

Filly said...

Many thanks to Mercedes. I admire how truthful you have been here.

Sarah's actions, to me, shows she is guilty of ambivalence, nothing more. Yet, for a politician whose ethical platform is anti-abortion and pro family, ambivalence toward her pregnancy with Trig is damning.
Palin was 43 when she got pregnant. She was governor, she had 4 children already. Few women would be excited to be pregnant for the 7th time, in their 40s. And then she discovers the trisomy (DS is an extra chromosome on the 21st pair, thus tri).
Palin was unhappily pregnant, which explains her secretive behavior. She never even told her children about the DS until they saw Trig and guessed.
Palin is anti abortion, but in this instance, not particularly pro life. Her actions suggest Sarah was ambivalent; if Trig did not survive in utero, Sarah would be sad but okay with that result.
Now, he did survive and Palin loves her son. Although Palin has hinted at her ambivalent emotions, she can hardly be forth right, since her base demands she be pro, pro PRO life.
Plus, she is more than likely horrified by her true emotions and that is what she is hiding.
Ambivalence toward a late pregnancy with a DS baby is understandable and forgivable- unless you are Sarah Palin, whose entire public persona is wrapped up in an American flag and motherhood.

Sarah Palin will never forgive herself for her emotions toward Trig.

Punkinbugg said...

Thanks for doing this post, Sadie.

I just have one question:

Do you think the Palins were testing you?

In other words, if we can fool Mercede, we can fool the world?

Wondering said...

Where was Willow during this time? Is there any possibility that she is/was the mother? Just wondering...

Jan said...

Sarah has said she and Todd did not tell that she was pregnant as she did not want people to think she could not do her job as governor. Kids talk to friends so I understand why she did not tell them either. I also understand why the kids did not like not being told. I admire you for telling the truth as you know it. Tripp is a darling little guy and I still think he looks like your mom. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Elizabeth Young said...

I am glad that you are on the blog again and everything appears to be alright with you. I would also like to hear some of your life these days. How is your Mother doing? Are you able to go to school? Mostly just an occasional; life is doing ok.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

greyhoundmom said...

Punkinbugg said:
"...And then she discovers the trisomy (DS is an extra chromosome on the 21st pair, thus tri)...."

I'm wondering why a woman who is so pro-life would even consent to an amniocentesis, which involves considerable risk to the fetus. Since she would continue the pregnancy regardless of what an amnio would show, why take the chance? That makes no sense.

To Mercede:
Thank you for the thought and effort that went into your post. I believe that you are being honest and have relayed what you know and what you think you know.

Having said that, I think that you are much like I was, at your age. I was a very "take things at face value" kind of gal in my younger days. Heck, when I was around 20 or 21, my younger sister (18, unmarried & in nursing school) said she had the flu and asked if I would go to the drug store & have a prescription filled for her. As the pharmacist handed me the script, he asked when the baby was due. I didn't understand what he meant, and he pointed to the pills. I laughed and told him, no, that these pills were for my sister, who has the flu. (He must have thought I was bonkers.) I told my sister what he had said and she laughed about it too. What she didn't tell me was that the pills were for her morning sickness. When I FINALLY found out the truth - weeks later - you could have knocked me over with a feather.

I look back at that and wonder WHY I didn't put 2 + 2 together. (Some people might think I'm stupid...I prefer to think of myself as naive 8-) )

My point is that you - and many, many others - cannot imagine anyone faking a pregnancy. And perhaps if you are as naive as I was at your age, you have innocently missed some things. I mean, there was no reason for you (or anyone, for that matter) to keep track of who said what, when they said it, who was wearing baggy clothes, etc., etc., etc.

Personally, I don't believe SP gave birth to Trig. I have no idea where he came from, but there are just too many questions and not nearly enough answers.

It takes a certain amount of courage to speak so openly as you have. Thank you for that. My best to you and your Mom.

zippypeanut said...

Why don't you simply ask Levi? Do you still have a relationship with him? Do you believe that he is truthful with you? Do you have an explanation as to why the ruffled ears have vanished? I'm interested in cold hard facts. How do you explain the disappearance of the ruffled ear baby? Just can't put this all together in my mind. Add the wild ride on top of that. What are your thoughts on the wild ride? I realize that your mother got set up. All the more reason to think clearly.

kat said...

Hi Mercede. It is always great to see your new posts! And your candor continues to be a breath of fresh air. People have asked you a bunch of questions already, but I have one of my own: when you say that Bristol wasn't pregnant, I take it you mean leading up to April 18? But what if Trig was really born sooner, like in February, prematurely, and was only presented to the world on 4/18? Could Bristol have hid a 6 or 7-month baby bump through the winter? I remember reading that you and your mother wanted her to come over at Christmas and Levi told you she had had surgery. Is it possible things were going on in that time frame that you didn't see? Or do you have good reason to dismiss this scenario?
Whether you answer the question or not, thank you again for your honesty! I hope life is being kind to you and your mother.

kat said...

PS. New babies are amazing, aren't they? Some day I'm sure you will have a few of your own, and they will be beautiful, and you will be an amazing mom. I also have faith that you will do things in the right order, with the right guy, for the right reasons , because of the strength of character you continue to show!

Next Chapter said...

Thank you for your post Mercede. I can imagine this would have been difficult. I have a couple of questions I was wondering if you could comment on if you don't feel it is too personal.

When you spoke of your computer being wiped clean, everything personal on it was removed with nothing left behind, as if the hard drive itself may have been switched out and it returned to factory settings, I know you suspected the two women that Sarah insisted be in your home may have had something to do with it. There were people who said that was crazy. They said you must have made that up.

I don't believe you made that up.

And if you didn't make that up, and these people went out of their way to take your computer and wipe it clean, you have to wonder why. What sort of information or pictures could be on teenage girl's computer that would make them commit such a devious, heinous act? And if, indeed, that was done, who sent them there to do it? Sarah Palin. And if she can do that, what else can she do?

I am a nurse. I have only ever looked at this story scientifically. I can tell you, (and you can ask any OB GYN doctor) that women do not go from having a totally flat abdomen taken by ADN on March 11, 2008, to appearing as if you are actually 8 months pregnant in one month's time as in the photo taken by Andrea Gusty. In fact, I did print the pictures out and I took them to my OB GYN doctor. If you haven't seen it before now, here it is.

The point is too say, yes, it does sound bizarre and like a conspiracy theory. But when you just look at the evidence, it is pointing to a person who will do whatever she feels is necessary to get to what she wants.

Thank you again for having the courage to tell your truth. Fate has put you in a position that I am sure you would have never imagined yourself being in. It is to your credit, that you have handled it with grace, honesty and compassion beyond what anyone could have expected of a person of your age. You have a lot of people in your corner.


HobbsGirl said...

Hi Mercede,

I used to work for your Grandma Myrna. I miss your mom (she is one of the funniest people I have ever known; she has made me laugh so hard that I peed myself, more than once :) and it breaks my heart to know even just pieces of what she has gone through over the past few years since her surgery. I actually came across an old picture of Levi sitting in engineer overalls holding a tiny blue fishing pole; he was maybe 12-months-old. Seeing that picture it struck me again, even after 2 years have gone by, just how surreal and bizarre this whole Palin fiasco is. The thought of her as president makes my husband want to move to Sweden. He's not even Swedish!

At any rate, I'm really impressed with how articulate you are. I enjoy checking in on your mom, via your blog, and I hope she's doing well. Stay strong and hopefully you all can eventually find some normalcy once people become bored with the Palin Circus. Give your mom a big {{{{hug}}}} for me.

Red Shoes said...

You stick with what you remember because it is YOUR SIDE OF THE STORY.

Eventually you will have children and see her "wild ride" (why does EVERYTHING with her have to be so dramatic and RHYME?) as being extremely odd. It's OK.

I am sending you and your mom great vibes. Be safe, be sane!

The Tim Channel said...

I used to worry about Sarah gaining power, and hoped the truth about her baby would be her undoing. That is totally unnecessary now.

She will never win, and I doubt she would be foolish enough even to run (or the Republicans would be suicidal enough to select her). She's not an electable threat. More likely a replacement for Rush Limbaugh.


M Baker said...

I'm certainly no fan of Palin and think she is not only a liar, but has some mental issues that she needs to address, such as being narcisstic and having a short attention span. These problems alone should make her
unqualified for office, especially the office of President.

After saying this, I can't believe how some of you spoke about Sarah and her pregnancy. I was especially blown away by the comment from "ic" who sounds like a Palinbot but from the other side. I never really doubted that Trigg was Sarah's child, although I believe her flight from Texas was a very idiotic thing to do. I also never like her using Trigg, or her other children as a prop which proved to me just how unintelligent and a cold mother this woman really is. I have no doubt she is a racist and likes to seek revenge on others who have "wronged" her.

With that, I also have to say those who don't believe Trigg is not her child, have given no valid evidence and or fact when they express their opinions. Untill they can cite facts and valid evidence, they are better off not saying anything at all.

Cecil said...

frWith that, I also have to say those who don’t believe Trigg is not her child, have given no valid evidence and or fact when they express their opinions. Until they can cite facts and valid evidence, they are better off not saying anything at all.

Mother who does not tell her own children that she is pregnant until she is 7 months?

Sounds like an episode of 16 and Pregnant to me.

I means who the hell else tries to hide pregnancy these days? What would the point be?

I expect bad behavior from the MTV crowd, but this defies belief.

I can see scared kids hiding their pregnancy and thinking it is good idea, adults, not so much.

madison said...


JJ said...

Hi Mercede,
Do you have ANY other photos of newborn Trig from this same day? Or any other photos from those first couple of months?

Hammer and a Feather said...

Sadie ~

I believe that baby Trig belongs to Todd. I believe he knocked up his girlfriend, and she threatened to squeal to the press, so $arah decided to cover it, herself.

Todd would probably have rather taken a whippin' than tell Quittypants that he had gotten involved with a vindictive mistress.

Jan said...

Margaret Chow is blogging that Sarah MADE Bristol do DWTS. She said Sarah blames Bristol because McCain did not win in 2008. Is this true?

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