Monday, September 6, 2010

The man who set my mother up

[caption id="attachment_315" align="alignnone" width="278" caption="Junior Latocha"][/caption]

This is Junior Latocha, and HE is the reason that my mother was arrested in 2008 and why people STILL refer to her as an addict and a drug pusher, even though neither is true.

The man that set my mother up was someone I never would have expected. Perhaps I would not have been so upset if the person who virtually destroyed my mother’s life was not aware of her circumstances and physical condition, but he was well aware. In fact recognizing her vulnerability was probably what inspired him to target her in the first place.

He is the older brother of one of my “friends”, and I have known the Latochas for almost 8 years.

I went to school with his younger brother and once in awhile even hung out with him. They all knew my mom was physically disabled, had chronic pain, and was in the process of losing her husband of 23 years, which resulted in both depression and heartache. And of course they also knew that she had pain pills.

I really thought that since the whole town knew of my mother’s condition that the last thing anyone, especially one of my “friends”, would ever do was victimize her further. Really the ONLY reason that Junior was able to manipulate her into selling her pills was because she was having a battle with her insurance company. They wanted her to come up with $800 more each time she got a new prescription filled. There was simply no way she could ever afford that, she could barely even afford to put gas in the car, and without her medications she would become so deathly ill she would have to go to the hospital. My mother’s pain was absolutely unbearable, so she was desperate to come up with the money somehow

It is still a mystery as to how Junior got my mother’s phone number because the phone she was using was originally Bristol’s phone. (My mom bought both Levi and Bristol new phones right after she found out that Bristol was pregnant because Sarah refused to pay for hers anymore. But after one of Levi and Bristol’s many fights she SHIPPED her phone back to my mom in the MAIL. Since my mom had been using an old brick phone she decided to upgrade to Bristol’s Blackberry and got rid of her old one). So I don't know whether Bristol was in contact with Junior, or if he just did his research to find my mother’s number. We are still confused by the circumstances leading up his initial contact.

He started out texting her everyday at first, often multiple times in the same day, trying to convince her to sell her prescription medication. Then later he started to call and talk to her on the phone.

He worked very hard at convincing my mother to sell her pills and used all of the things he knew about her and our family to wear her down. He said things like “I know you have kids, and I know you need the money. What are you going to let them starve? Your husband is leaving you, he is gone now! What other choices do you have? You’re disabled! This is the only way to feed and put your kids through school!”

After months of this kind of persistence unfortunately she gave in because she was desperate to find a way to pay for her medication and to buy food for the family. She is very ashamed of that decision and I know she regrets it every minute of every day.

What my mother could not have known was that Junior Latocha was working undercover for the police in an agreement that would significantly lessen his own sentence. (Word on the street is that the police wanted someone connected to the Palins in order to get back at Sarah. I don’t know if that is true, but I wouldn’t doubt it.) When my mother's insurance company finally fixed the glitch in December, and started paying for ALL of her medications, she refused to sell anymore of her pills to Junior. He tried numerous times to convince her to give in and sell him a few, but she stood firm. Interestingly enough it was only after she STOPPED selling her medications that the police came to arrest her.

The police officer in charge of my mother’s case acknowledged that she believed they had made a mistake in allowing Junior to set my mom up. She said that although what my mom did was wrong she understood the motivation to want to put food on the table, and to keep the heat and electricity turned on.

I heard one police officer say, even while they were going through our house looking for evidence of a drug operation, that “This lady is not a criminal she is just trying to survive, this is down right sad.”

My mom wasn’t a drug dealer like Junior Latocha. She was just trying to do all that she could to get by. I am not saying that what she did was okay, but I too understand why she did it.

Junior on the other hand is an actual DRUG DEALER who is STILL actively selling drugs to people in not only Wasilla and Palmer, but also Anchorage! I have heard from various people I know that he is the biggest Oxycontin dealer in the Valley who receives packages through the mail with hundreds of Oxycontin pills to sell, and I know for a FACT he is still out there selling because I have seen him!! I have also heard that his relationship with the police has changed and that now he is avoiding them for fear of getting arrested again. Yet I still see him around town sometimes and I just saw him just the other day at the State Fair.

I swear it makes me sick to my stomach every time I see that scum!

I really wanted to put this information out for everybody to see even though this could be dangerous for me. You never know what these people are capable of, and I have seen this group do some pretty awful things to people.

But I will not stop until I see justice done for my family. I do not think the sentence my mother got was fair. How was it that Todd’s sister could rob multiple houses to feed her drug addiction, with her four year old daughter along for the ride, and receive such a light sentence? How did Junior get off just by agreeing to set up a poor lady desperate to reduce her pain and care for her family? How are THEY less deserving of a harsher sentence than my mother?

Today Junior Latocha continues his life of crime, and keeps spreading his poison throughout the Valley with no end in sight, while my mother is a virtual prisoner in her own home.

So you tell me, where is the justice?


lynn said...

You are a very brave girl. Stay safe and keep speaking your truth. Have you filed a formal complaint with your local police? Is this kid a friend of the Palins?

c said...

Wow! Like Gryphen are the Bravest most HONEST person in Alaska! Thank you Sadie! I'm gonna spread this post everywhere I go...
Proud of you, so very much. It's really a PATRIOTIC thing you've done here.

Nan (aka roswellborn) said...

Geez, Mercede! My first thought is good Lord, you are flirting with something really scary and really dangerous. I so hope you have some kind of security at your home!

Then I realized, I guess you do. sigh.

Your mom got a bum deal, period. I don't think many thinking people ever thought otherwise. The whole thing has reeked from the get-go. And it's a shame that your life has been put on hold as well, but I'm proud of you and your commitment to your family. Good on you, hon.

I know what it's like to have hungry kids and no income. I didn't have the chronic pain thing until later, so that wasn't a part of things then (possibly a protection for me - who knows?).

STAY SAFE hon - you have lots of folks rooting for you and for your mom.

all the best,

Hannah_Bell said...

Oh mercy. Sadie, some would consider this brave, and some would say you are flirting with danger that has no real benefit. The latter are the people who live an "I'll settle for..." life, people who would rather let the truth stay hidden than risk a confrontation.

I admit, I expect you'll be hassled by some possibly scary outlets to take this post down or at the least remove Latocha's name. I hope you stand your ground, and keep this truth in the light of day.

But for God's sake, safe, careful, cautious...

Sally said...

So Bristol thinks she has a story to tell single moms? Your mom is the person who should be a motivational speaker. Your mom is the one struggling and trying to put her life together.

Bristol... what a turd!

MMC said...

Our system is so screwed up...I worry about someone like, that coming around my family. Really makes me,want to protect my right to bear arms...Be careful..

ManxMamma said...

I always thought that your mother was set up. It is absolutely unfair how she was treated. Stay safe...

amomtoo said...

I found it unjust that Todd Palin's sister's arrest was not front page or 6 o'clock news as your mother's arrest was. Using a small child to deceive people to rob them might be another Palin family value. It is another skeleton in the closet while making a huge issue publicly of others mistakes.

Angela said...

Stay safe Mercede. You are an amazing young woman!
I am a believer in the truth. But nefarious people may use your truth telling against you--stay aware.

just a friend said...

Mercede, you are unbelievably brave, and you really tell it like it is. You have described the reason that there are so many poor people, usually minorities, in our prison system while those who can afford good legal help are out on probation and never serve time.

You need a good lawyer and you need money to pay for a good lawyer. The word "entrapment" is what happened when your mother was coerced into selling drugs. The guy wasn't an undercover agent; he did it in order to lighten his own sentence, so he had a motive to set her up.

This might be a very good time for you and your mother to do some real soul-searching. If you have any information that would be damaging to Sarah Palin's career, this might be a good time to contact a publication that would pay for the information. Does that sound a little sleezy? Not any more than setting somebody up on a drug charge in exchange for a lighter sentence.

It could be all of the information about Bristol's pregnancy with Tripp, the one where you say your mother gave Levi and Bristol each a phone, but they fought all the time. Bristol is getting hundreds of thousands of dollars to pretend to dance and to diss Levi in public. Your version of her pregnancy may be worth something in the right place.

Please consult some wise adults who might be able to help you. You and your mother appear to be all alone in what must be an overwhelming situation. Please know that we are all cheering for you and hoping for the best. You are a very good writer, and you have been witness to many intimate moments of the Palin Family. Even the most innocent moment, posing for a picture of Triggy Bear or hearing about another one of Levi and Bristol's fights might be worth some money in the right places. For example, we really did enjoy the Vanity Fair article which described Todd and Sarah screaming at each other and throwing cans. Or the fact that Sarah wore her underwear once and threw it away. Stuff like that. You really need to protect yourself with very good legal counsel, and that costs money. Wishing you the Best!

lillibird said...

Mercede please be careful, this Junior guy is probably a paid dealer, paid by someone higher up, someone with power is protecting him or he wouldn't be openly doing this. I believe your Mom was set up, by who? Sounds like the police received orders from someone to go after your Mom.
Police don't usually use known dealers in undercover cases. It's usually some small time user that gets caught and makes a deal to work for the police , to catch the dealer, and get a lower sentence or get off all together. You and your Mom stay safe and report anything out of the ordinary to the police, write it down and keep it in a safe place.((((♥))))

marieke02 said...

Child, you are the very best daughter a mother could have, and I speak from experience. May God bless you and hold you safe, and please know that any person, anywhere in the world, who has a heart and a brain that works admires you deeply for what you just did.

Here is what I wrote about you over at Palingates:

This (truly beautiful) young woman has more guts than ANY OTHER PERSON in the whole damned state. In fact, she may be the only person up there who has any at all. What an act of courage, and love.

ckennedy said...

Oh lordy, like everybody else is saying, you are a brave soul and good daughter and please, oh please, take whatever steps you need to stay safe. Wish we could all do something from afar other than believe you and pass this along.

Mary said...

Mercede, unfortunately it sounds like your mother did not receive very good legal representation.

A good attorney could have very well made a strong case for Entrapment since Junior Latocha seems to have been a controlled informer representing government agents.

It seems that there is reasonable doubt whether your mom had any intent to commit the crime except for inducement or persuasion on the part of informer who was acting on behalf of the police.

Perhaps a qualified Alaska attorney will come forward and try to help. I certainly hope so.

ginny said...

If only others in Alaska had as much guts as you do. Good for you for speaking the truth! I've always thought it was terrible what happened to your mom, especially compared to what happened to Todd's sister.

eva marie said...

Thank you for posting this. Please stay safe.

aderall eyes said...

We all know what went down. The Palins had your mom set up. Used this kid. Shipped the phone back.
Conveniently they were on the campaign trail when the investigation started.
When the troopers found out who "Sherry" was out of their hands, higher authorities took over. A trooper tried suing the union and then suddenly dropped the suit.
They waited until Bristol was going to have Trip. They (Palin) wanted you guys out of the way.
We all know that Sarah's ex HS lover Joe Schmidt in charge of prisons.
Your family should try to get a grand jury investigation into this. Call Karen Loeffler the US Attorney for Alaska.
Demand a investigation. Only the feds can clean out this rats nest of thuggery!
Be careful! Stay safe. A investigation will blow this open and you will get Federal protection for your family.

a friend said...

You are brave for telling this tale. I hope that you contact both the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency, DEA; and the FBI regarding the entrapment.

Was it local Wassilla police? or was it State Troopers? I hope someone in AK may know if there is an honest state agency to contact as well.

If this scum is using the US Post Office then I think it is an FBI matter.

JillyG said...

Mercede, you ROCK, girl!
You have heart AND guts! I know this is a scary thing to put all this TRUTH out there in a place where lies and corruption tend to be the norm, but you keep at it, because there is hope where truth.
I wish you and your family all the best and I pray that you stay safe from the thugs out there who might wish to seek revenge.

Lynne said...

I don't know what I can add, Mercede, to all the comments that are already on here, but reading your post and all of the responses brought tears to my eyes. You guys really got a bum deal, and I have to agree that perhaps you can find some strong advocate who can step up and fight for you. Just don't back down. We all love you and are proud of your courage. You are one in a million.

Anjaak said...

Wow, what a story.

So if Junior was getting his supply from the mail, why did he need your mom's pills?

Very fishy, indeed!

Be safe, keep up the fight!

Connie said...

Stay safe! Report ANYTHING, I mean ANY threats, ANYTHING odd that careful! Keep a log of everything, back it up, back up your back up, etc.....

Friend said...

Great post. I love how you tell the truth. Unlike most of everything else that comes out of Wasilla. Blessings to you and your mom. Stay strong. And don't worry about Junior. The karma will come back onto him. Just wait.

LJ said...

I admire you, but I am really worried about you. People like this junior are very dangerous. You know this. I just hope you are protected....

You really are the bravest Alaskan I have seen. So many know information and are afraid of Sarah!! I would be much more afraid of someone like this drug dude than Sarah...I just don't get what hold she has over people now...

Your story doesn't surprise me. A lot of us thought it was obvious that something like this was going on. I feel bad for your mom. I am in her same situation-disabled and chronic pain and can't afford my medication...Its frightening and can lead to desperate feelings and bad decisions sometimes.
She is so lucky to have you....

Gles said...

You go Mercede! I love the fact that you post the documentation (pics) for all to see. It appears to me that the powers that be effectively have Sherry on lock-down for the next few years as well as yourself. I don't blame you one bit for naming names and telling it like it is. I cannot understand why the police dept. would let a known drug pusher walk around freely like ...... What are the drugs he sells and who cuts him a paycheck? Does he hang around schools?

BTW, I read the wonderful comments about your blog in Wonkette. That my dear, is a BIG deal.

Please keep taking pics and posting. Your camera could be your protection. Stay safe and like we say in TX, NO FEAR!

junasie14 said...

Mercede, thank you for speaking out about this. It takes a lot of courage to stay true to your convictions and not give in to outside pressures. Hearing the truth about your mother's circumstances reinforces what many of us suspected all along: that she is a good person who was set up to make a bad choice under pressure, and it was totally out of character with who she really is.

The injustice done to your family is even worse than I suspected, and it sounds like your mom’s legal representation has been horrendous as well.
There are so many things wrong with this case it’s unbelievable, and the way Rex Butler has handled it makes you wonder who he was (is?) really working for. Either that or he is the most incompetent lawyer in Alaska. From what we’ve heard about his representation of Levi, I’d say he has screwed your family as much as anyone else.

If Levi chooses to continue with Butler that’s his business, but I really hope he is not still representing your mother. A reputable lawyer would hire a good investigator (not an ex-pimp out to promote himself like Tank) to find out what has really been going on. It sounds like there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye, and there will be no justice until the whole truth comes out. Hopefully, there is a decent lawyer or firm out there who realizes the potential in this case and would be willing to take it on pro-bono.

Stay safe Mercede, watch your back, and know that a lot of people admire your strength of character and are rooting for your family.

Jan said...

Hopefully, the fact that you posted this, will keep Junior from attempting to hurt you as if anything happens to you, he will be the first person investigated. When a person is put in a desperate situation, brokenhearted, and in physical pain like your mom was, it is understandable that her moral compass could be off. I believe her sentence was extremely harsh in those circumstances. I hope you are taking educational courses online. You need to be using your bright mind. Please look into student loans. Good luck to you and your mom.

c said...

I just saw this guy's photo's with all kinds of guns and such at Gates. We ALL need to call Homeland Security today regarding this guy:

Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
P.O. Box 5750, Fort Richardson, AK 99505-5750
Phone: (907)428-7000 Fax: (907)428-7009 Toll Free: 1-800-478-2337

TheLongArmofTheLaw said...

I know it seems Junior and friends have gotten away with an injustice. They haven´t. You have helped to make sure of it.

Thank you for showing the LEOs in a positive light.

Junior = Snitch.

No Name said...

Thank you Mercede for your courage to tell your families' nightmare. I must say as a person who lives in complete pain, I truly understand what your mom goes through with her pain. I hope the citizens of Wasilla show compassion for your family and the nightmare you have suffered. Stay strong and safe.

Extreme2010 said...

Well Mercede you know how the saying goes... snitches get stitches, hopefully Junior gets whats coming to him.

I always enjoy reading your blog entries and enjoy how you continue to fight for what is right... you've got a lot of support behind you.

As I've posted many times on previous blog entries of yours, there are times in life where things aren't easy, where the road is rough, when you hit rock bottom and just want to give up. You have to continue to fight and carry on, and be strong.

Keep your head up, you are a more positive role model than Bristol Palin and the Palin Klan could ever dream of being. Best of luck to you, your mother, and prayers with you always!

Teresa K said...

You rock, Sadie! Keep on fighting the good fight to get this scum sucker locked up!

Your mother's sentence was/is certainly not appropriate for this being her first (and only) offense. I can't tell you how much your mother's story & the injustice of it pisses me off. Please know that I wish your family nothing but the best.

M. Aragon said...

Hang in there. I too am hoping that a lawyer steps forward to help out. You guys need a break for a change.

Jim said...

Or, the opposite could occur and he could try to sue on the grounds of 'slander'.

curiouser said...

Mercede the Brave - I hope this post gets widespread attention. Your mother's sentence was a huge injustice for a first-time offender who was entrapped.

I imagine Sarah would have been very angry if she found out your mother got Bristol a phone after Sarah cut her off (obviously already angry about the pregnancy).

Whatever the reason your mother was specifically targeted, her nightmare worked out very well for the Palins -- a first step toward getting Levi out of the picture and sending Bristol out on her single teen mom tour.

I'd personally be very interested to know the timing of events a bit more specifically (when Bristol mailed the phone; when Junior began to text your mother) to get a better perspective.

Blessings to you.

AFM said...

Sadie, you need to lend Levi your balls. That is how it is done. Man your mom got a raw deal. I had wondered the same thing about the Palin aunt and her getting away with stuff. But then again Palins own kids seem to get away was some really bad stuff also. I think its about time the people in your town start growing some balls and stand up to the injustice. I thought AK was suppose to be a ruff and tumble state where you all are suppose to be independent spirits. So far outside of you and a couple of bloggers are the only heroes while the rest are nothing but jello.

M Baker said...

Hopefully, I can give you another insight into your mothers condition from someone like her who has the same problems she is faced with everyday. As I've said before, I'm also disabled and in chronic pain and on the same drugs (Oxycontin and hydrocodone) your mother is on. Being legally disabled, like everyone else I know who is disabled, I'm on Social Security and with that I automatically get Medicare for my prescriptions, which of course includes my pain medications. Because of that, I don't understand why your mother would have to pay $800. a month for her prescriptions. She needs to check with her insurance provider about this, and if that fails, she needs to get in contact with the Medicare. It sounds like she is paying way too much for her medications. To give you an example, I pay around $200 a month for co-pay on medication, and an additional $225 for hospitalization coverage. As you can see, I pay nowhere near what your mother has to pay for on her medications alone. I hope they can help her and find a way to lower her monthly medication expenses.
Also, although your mother is not taking any illegal pain medication, like it or not, anyone who is taking that level of pain medication, is addicted. We may be on the therapeutic dosage, but with any narcotic medication you become addicted very quickly, and if you stop you will have the same withdrawal symptoms as someone on illegal medication or abusing prescription narcotics. There is just no way to avoid it and be on a therapeutic dosage.
I'm not a lawyer, but concerning how your mother seemed to be entrapped by this person, did her lawyer not argue that point in court? It would seem that anyone pursuing someone to that level, it would be considered entrapment and could have used that in her defense. It's too late now, but if she should encounter that again she probably should consider turning that person into the police, although I'm sure she knows that now. Fortunately, I've never had that problem. I think I'd also be asking why this person is still on the street, because the police obviously know about him.
I hope what I've written can be of help to you and your mother and she can find a way to lower her monthly medication bills. She seems to be paying way too much and I would think they can help her.

Marnie said...

Looks like the Palins are related to the drug trade. The most logical way for Latocha to get the phone number would be from Bristol or her parents.

What a perfect way for the Palins to get revenge on Levi.

A sister too said...

Stunning post. You name names and post photos. Not many people have the guts to do that. You have more strength than many, many "professional" journalists. Please stay safe - please know the whole world now knows your story and is watching Wasilla. Wonkette had decent words for your last post - that is rare and hopefully public awareness of you and your family gives you some measure of protection. Stay safe.

d c woo said...

Wow ! That was a huge post Sadie. Thanks and stay safe.

Polly said...

Sounds like a set-up to me. Sarah and Todd went after Trooper Wooten with lies. Todd's sister escapes due punishment. Willow escapes reprisal, and candidate Miller walks away from a traffic accident he caused. There is something huge behind the scenes here... Like a Wasilla Church Mafia. No wonder people in Wasilla are scared to speak out. Mercede is a heroine beyond measure. - But, there are people who are making efforts to stir the pot who live in the Valley. - ex: the people who contacted author Joe McGinnis to rent their house next door to Palins.

Polly said...

Sounds like a set-up to me. Sarah and Todd went after Trooper Wooten with lies. Todd's sister escapes due punishment. Willow escapes reprisal, and candidate Miller walks away from a traffic accident he caused. There is something huge behind the scenes here... Like a Wasilla Church Mafia. No wonder people in Wasilla are scared to speak out. Mercede is a heroine beyond measure. - there are people who are making efforts to stir the pot who live in the Valley. - ex: the people who contacted author Joe McGinnis to rent their house next door to Palins.

DS said...

Mercede - if you are brave enough to speak out against this drug dealer, I hope you will be equally brave enough to tell the truth about the things you know about the Palins - especially about the circumstances surrounding Trig's birth. Many people do not believe that Sarah gave birth to Trig. And if that's true, she is a horrible liar. I believe you know the truth. Keeping silent allows Sarah to go on hurting your family as well as many others. Do the right thing, Mercede!!

AlaskaSundog said...

From your Chugiak neighbor. Way to go. It's only by speaking out that things get fixed. It might be a start to contact some of those federal officials posters provided. Good luck. And congrats on daring to do what no one involved thought you'd do. It's like MOST WANTED. The BAD GUYS are exposed; no more hiding in their dark corners. Pursue your grievances till the end. It takes guts, perseverance & maybe some help from the peanut gallery. Whatever it takes. Go for it!

keepontrucking said...

Sarah is definately behind the set up like everyone is saying. She probably encouraged Bristol to send back the phone, but Sarah already had the number because Bristol lived with her and I'm sure gave it to Sarah or one of Bristols friends gave Sarah the number. Sarah is definately behind this, she was trying to derail the impending "marriage" was the plan, to distract Levi. Psychos "think" they are sending a clear message. I'm sure it went right over Levi's head, all of it, because normal people aren't set up to "receive" on "that channel". But Sarah was trying to send Levi a message mafioso style. I say that, because that is Sarah's history, the mafioso stuff. She goes in for the kill. She is real messed up.

The lawer who defended her in the first place is still her lawer. Maybe call the person and ask them about the "set up" maybe it all can be retried and thrown out. Sounds like he did a really crappy job of "defending" hopefully he isn't on Sarah's payroll too. Maybe call the state attorney general and get them involved? Or even the state police. How long can she have this kind of power in Alaska? The Palins are independenly rich, most people don't know that, maybe she is simply paying people off.

Sloane said...

It makes me DISGUSTED and physically ill when I hear of people who are treated differently by the legal system [whether it affects them in a positive or negative way- it's still wrong]....and sadly I hear of this far too often in a wide variety of scenarios.

While I applaud your candor, do be careful. You are obviously a brave woman with a good head on your shoulders, and I'm not worried for you; however, scum like that are erratic and highly illogical, and they are probably acutely aware that you are not an effective target. I just hope him and/or they won't take out their issues with you on members of your family, such as your mom, or close friends. This world is a cruel and unfair place but something tells me you are very much aware of that by now. ;)

KiheiKat said...

Great post Mercede! IMO, your mom was set up by the Palins. There have been many examples of the troopers & judges giving them "special protection" and cover for all their many incidents - Diana Palin, Track & Willow, etc. I agree with many others here - I'd check to see if the plot against your Mom, the harsh sentence, the invasion of your home & wiping of your computers could be investigated by the FBI or ??? because something sure stinks & it "ain't fish."

Wishing you both all the best! You have all my respect & admiration.

a Texan said...

You are brave and smart--you really are most protected, it seems, by going as public about everything as you can. Have you thought about contacting Gloria Allred, the famous lawyer in LA? Here is her website:

also something about her:

She is a woman's and children's right advocate and sounds like she would be perfect for you..and would probably take on your case pro bono. And she also would probably be able to get some media deals for you and probably arrange 'protection'.

Another option is to contact Max Clifford in the UK. He is an internationally known and respected publicist--known for selling stories to the tabloids. Google him. His website is I actually posted this on IMM but he never posted it which leaves me suspicious--I was encouraging all Alaskans to contact him and make a buck with their info. Not sure why IMM did not put it up, makes me question his motives. Anyway, good luck and keep being brave.

10catsinMD said...

Hope Wonkette picks this up. They comment on everything else!

dallas said...

Ugh I think you may have titled this wrong. It should be the mere pathetic "boy" who set your mother up. As far as I'm concerned a MAN works to provide himself and others with the better things in life. He doesnt take the easy way out and pray on other peoples weakness and addictions. I guess peddling drugs to children and others is alot easier than actually lifting a finger and making an honest living. Go figure. Just remember Karma is a biatch.

Elizabeth Young said...

Sadie, I don't know if it is possible to get your mother's supervision transferred to another state. I agree with those who think you need a new lawyer. That might open some new possibilities for both of you. You, Sadie, need to be getting further education for you have the drive, intelligence, and guts to do well in life. I've suggest online, as have some others. If you can't afford it, maybe someone can set up a scholarship for you. I'm sure lots of us would be glad to help out. You and your Mom need to plan for a future out of Alaska. In the meantime, stay safe.

Gwen T. said...

"Sunlight is the best disinfectant..."

Mercede, please let the world know that that racist and cruel sociopath, Sarah Palin, covered up TWO pregnancies by her daughter for political survival.

This country is so ignorant it doesn't even realize she and her husband have bandied about with White Supremacists and Seditionists.

You can be a genuine hero.

Jan said...

Are you going to comment on Levi's beautiful new girlfriend? Will he bring her to meet you and your mom? It would be nice if he brought you to CA for a little vacation. Can your mom leave the state?

willie watson said...

Bristol gave your mother the phone??!!!!
That just sounds suspicious as hell.

Katie said...

Wow, that was a barn burner.

At this point I don't give a damn about the horrible, awful, no good Palin family or their non-dancing, dancing daughter. They are all just a huge waste of time and energy.

But through your writing I have come to care about you and your Mom. My thought is that you two need to get out of Alaska. A warmer climate may help your Mom with some of her pain issues and a change of scenery would be wonderful for you.

I agree with the others that you need to go to the Justice Dept and file whatever you can to get this case reopened.
I also suggest getting the best out of state attorney you can find that will work directly with your Mom and cut that duo of stupidity out that your brother is tangled up with.

Much love and luck to you and your Mom. Please know that you have support from all of your readers.

Cecil said...

I am sorry for what your mother went through.

This is a miscarriage of justice. Paris Hilton gets busted for cocaine in her purse and walks free because she has a lot of money and high-powered attorneys.

Your mum gets put through the wringer because she does not have the money for a decent attorney.

Mercede, you are very brave for posting this. I know that it is tough to stand up, but if you don't stand up for something, you will fall for anything.

Best wishes.

RunninL8 said...

I admire your honor....but Please, please, please BE CAREFUL....

RunninL8 said...

And I agree wholeheartedly w/Jan.

Martha Unalaska Yard Sign said...

Shake that creep up, put him under a microscope, and douse him with some sunlight - way to go Mercede!

I'm pretty proud of you for this post. Your mom is human, and you are both determined to make sure that she is redeemed through her compliance and penance. She is free after that - this will all be worth the hard work to get through this.

I am actually wondering if she has any interest in talking to high risk folks with chronic pain issues - no one could touch her for turning her life around and sharing her lessons with others. The two of you make quite the team.

PalinsLIE said...

I never had any doubt that the Palins were responsible for your mother's arrest and subsequent conviction. What Diana Palin did was far worse and yet she got a mere slap on the hand and a clear record.

I have no doubt that Jr. was trying to contact Bristol for more drugs to sell. The meth lab in the basement of the house next door was 15 feet away from her kitchen and Todd was renting the property. Track is an addict and Bristol/Willow are well known for their partying ways.

PalinsLIE said...

I'm sorry that you were sucked into the Palin's life. That she gave away the new baby you held in the kitchen is bad enough, but then she pretended to give birth to a DS baby for political gain. The woman is seriously unhinged.

Do you think Sarah will fake another pregnancy for Bristol? She looks pregnant again.

Jan said...

I hope you have not blogged lately because you are doing some FUN things that teenagers do. You need to enjoy your life as a teen and try to get as much education as possible.

Totesmagoats said...

You are right, junior is in the top three biggest pieces of shit i have ever met in my entire life. He is a horrible person who would, without any remorse, ruin the life of any person he comes across. Whether it be for money or sex. I have seen young girls go from normal to completely wasted in the span of a few weeks. I look forward to the day when he and his name vanishes from existence. Im sorry your family was ever influenced by disgusting being like that. Don't be scared though, its obvious in the way that he treats other people that he has no respect for anyone, including himself. The only thing that a blog like this would do to a person like that, is make him hide a little more.

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