Thursday, June 2, 2011

When dealing with certain people, playing by the rules simply does not work.

First I have to say I am very sorry for my long absence.

I was really trying to do everything in my power to see my nephew. If that meant not being able to blog in order to see him, then that was what I was going to do it.

As you all know family is number one to me, and always will be, and I would do just about anything for Tripp.

I have now reached the conclusion that no matter what I do I will not be allowed to see my nephew. I held up my part of the bargain and stopped blogging, but they couldn't hold up their part of the deal, and and have refused to let me see him.

I would gladly never blog again if that meant I could see my nephew, because that is all I've ever wanted.

Like I've said before, no matter what I do Bristol will always come up with some reason not to like me, and some excuse to keep Tripp away from me.

It is unfortunate she has to act this way and I'm starting to lose any hope that she will ever change.

I feel sorry for my nephew since he is the real victim here, and I have to wonder what she's going to tell him once he's old enough to ask about me, his aunt Mercede, and his other grandparents. She is not just keeping him from me, she is keeping him away from everybody on our side of the family.

Now that I know that I did all this for nothing it's open season.  From now on I  plan to write about anything and everything.

In the weeks to come I will be addressing some of the most recent news items and rumors about the Palins, as well as try to answer some of your questions about my family, my brother, and myself.

I appreciate how patient and supportive all of you have been.

Thank you very much,



Anonymous said...

Why drag this out for weeks to come??? Just blow the lid off the Palins. They are virus that is infesting America to the core. They deserve nothing more--no more air time. Nothing. Shut.Them.Down. Mercede, you have the power to make it stop.

VinnieF said...

The obvious question that comes to mind is why isn't Levi fighting harder to see his own son? Unless Levi has some identifiable problem (i.e. alcoholism), he should be able to get at least partial custody. I can't see any reason why you wouldn't be allowed to see Tripp during Levi's visits.

If there was some deal where you wouldn't blog in order to see Tripp, that's just wrong on both sides. Should a child ever be put in the middle of that situation? Don't bow to the Palin's wishes, fight for Levi's rights to see his son!

So, I think your issue should be with Levi and not with Bristol. If Bristol wants to deny you from seeing him during her time with Tripp, that is her legal right.

Martha Unalaska Yard Sign said...

Hi Mercede, welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mercedes. I am sorry you haven't seen Tripp. At least you tried. I think your conclusions are right on. I know it's hard to feel sorry for Bristol because she's such a bitch. But after watching Piper the past week, I really truly feel sorry for all those kids. Sarah is one sick puppy, a manipulative bitch. This would screw up anyone. I'm NOT making excuses for Bristol believe me. But just rememberbits not you. The girl has serious psych issues and her parents don't seem to have helped her. It's pathetic and I hope some day, you can give Tripp an idea of what a normal loving family is.

I look forward to hearing what you know.
I sure hope Levi does NOT hold back in his book.
It's his very last chance to tell what he knows too.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mercede,

It's good to see you back at your blog. Stop playing games with all of us. What's the story on Trigg and the faked pregnancy? After all Sarah's done to you and Levi, you should blow her out of the water. She's out there making millions and some of it is on the back of Trigg.

She's a pathological liar and deserves to have the curtain pulled back exposing the nasty, evil truth of: Who is the real Sarah Palin?

Maybe you should write it all in a book and make some bucks off of her!

Revenge is a dish best served... cold.


Anonymous said...

The truth shall set you free. I know you must be anxious about the power that the Palins appear to have. But they only have the power they are given. If enough people tell the truth, they can't hurt anyone, including you, Levi, Tripp, or Trig.

pam said...

Welcome back... I hope to hear more about what you know... you are an excellent writer and I know people are reading.. best to you and yours.. good luck with your goals.. Pam

Anonymous said...

When there are two parents in joint custody, one cannot take the child out of state for an extended period of time without the permission of the other parent. Now, it looks like Bristol lives in Arizona, or is heading to Hollywood to "live with" two guys who aren't Tripp's father, and aren't her husband.

You guys need a good lawyer, and a really good lawyer is expensive. If you have a story to sell, do not wait one more minute. Contact National Enquirer or anyone else who will pay you the money that you need for legal fees. You can make it part of the deal that they get the best child custody lawyer for you and pay the bills. Right now, with Sarah barreling down the highway, and Tripp about to star in an unreal reality show (that can't be a good thing), you and Levi have to break the Palins' hold on you. The good lawyer can help you with any problems regarding your mother. It always looked as if she was set up. You need some good professional people on your side.

It's good to see you again, and good luck!

Anonymous said...

You need to write a book about your experiences with the Palin's, Sade.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

tell all. dont wait. thanks.

Anonymous said...

I understand what you say and have experienced that it does not matter what you do. Some people dangle a proverbial carrot to manipulate people so they get what they want never intending to do their part. Bluntly what sounds like a negotiating is lying words to gain control. It is a one way street. Such people then project (sick defenseechanism)campaigning their intended victim is guilty of their diabolical behavior. Such people derive sick pleasure doing things lying someone else is guilty orchestrating punishment, loathing, anger at the real victim. They feel good hurting other people, taking advantage of human decency and promising what they know their mark wants. They seek to destroy in others what they can never be (honest, truthful, compassionate, caring, empathy, humane treatment).

They get off on power over others, lies manipulating people to aggressive, intimidate, harass, humiliate especially when you catch on. They can con decent people who are weak to commit atrocities deceiving it is for a sound moral reason or the good of all. It only serves a Pathalogical perpetrator. They excell psychologically manipulating people with lies that people agree to lie, do wrongs praised used and abused to serve the perpetrators ambitions at the expense of all. Observe Piper's aggression, anger, directed at the media imploring herother to get away from them. Palin is lapping up the attention. She and Todd orchestrated this catch me, beg for it, humiliation of media manipulating attention look at me tour. The spin is they are pursued, wanted no attention and will play the victim card. Children are tools or useful objects used even to Hurt others.

Heidi3 said...

Hi Mercede - great to see you back, and hope you and your Mom have been well. We're all looking forward to you 'not holding back', because the time has come, not only for your family, but 350,000,000 Americans who can't tolerate this cancer on our country any longer. I know that in the beginning, you didn't want to talk about "the Palins", but I sincerely hope you'll reconsider.

If you know anything at all that can expose the Palin family fraud, now is the time to do it. NOW, as several commenters have already said. This is damn serious business at this point; the Palins are toying with the very foundation of our country's 'supposedly' democratic and open election process.

Mercede, please understand that this isn't just about Wasilla anymore, or even Alaska. It is the entire United States of America. Idiotic people are actually being taken in by the smooth lies, and you can play a huge part in making it stop. Thank you for anything you can contribute, and we sincerely wish for your happiness and safety.

It's almost strange that after three years of painstaking research and studying every detail, thousands of us can actually say how many bows were on your pink satin prom dress. We've got Sarah's fake pregnancy belly pegged at $39 on Amazon. We know what color Levi's hospital bracelet was, and that a button was missing from Sarah's famous black suit jacket. We desperately wish to know the welfare of the "ruffled ear" infant. Now, it is time for the large truths - the ones that will set you, your family, and the country free from the Palin stranglehold. There was a reason your personal computer was wiped clean, and you already figured it out. Thank you for doing a great service for the country.

Barns/yarns said...

Great to see you again, hope you are having a wonderful summer. Take care of yourself!

Jean said...

Hi Mercede, glad you're back blogging. I have an ex daughter in law who left my son when their daughter was 5 and I was with my grand daughter from birth to 5 yrs. She left my son for another man who she is now engaged to and my grand daughter is 11 now and I've seen her maybe 6 times. I know how you feel and it hurts whenever you think about the baby as it does hurt me.
That said, the child does grow up and will be able to see us on their own and we'll be able to answer their many questions with the truth as we know it. People who split families are mean and hurt the children involved.
Hope you can help us all who read here and at IM with the truth on the palins.
Thnak You,

Anonymous said...

Mercede, so good to see that sweet smiling face.

I hope you smile "all the way to the bank" telling all you know about the Palins.

Remember, if they got you to lie for or cover for were a MINIR CHILD and they were the most POWERFUL FAMILY in the state.

Now sing like the beautiful bird you are, love. I for one will be first in line to read your book, your blog, whatever you put out there.

Deni said... away. Tripp needs to have other influences besides that toxic Palin family. They make have the flying monkey Palin bots on their side but there are many more people that HATE $arah than love her. Once the layers get peeled back a little further the stench will fill the air and the eyes will start to water and $arah and Bri$tol may find out what life is like when the jig is over.

Nan (aka shrinkinggranny) said...

I've wondered what was going on, but was hopeful. Dang. Hon, you did play by the "rules" but it was *their* rules, and they do tend to change those rules in midstream, to suit themselves. Maybe it's time to do what YOU know is right for you, and so much for the powermad Palins.

Good to see you back.

Anonymous said...

Mercedes, sorry commenters have been coming at you with a lot of anxiety and pressure. Those of us who have followed the stories of the Paylins and their many, many lies and crimes are awfully tired of how they get away with everything. Some people have placed a lot of hope on you and on Levi to break some of the scandals in that family wide open - but it's not up to US to make you do anything! Really, I just want you and Levi and your mom to be happy, healthy, and well, so please do anything you need to to make that happen. Unfortunately it sounds like you need to let go of any hopes of being a part of Tripp's life, which is terrible, and I really feel for you!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but there is no legal reason why Levi can't force Bristol to give him Tripp on his days. If Levi chooses not to pick him up thats on him. All he has to do is call the cops or the court for non-compliance. Levi is the father, bristol is not the queen and she doesn't get to dictate when Levi gets his child. The court does and if he doesn't have him every week then he is choosing not to have him.

MC3031 said...


You are such a sweet girl and your heart is in the right place but I just don't think you have what it takes (i.e.: heartlessness) to play in their league. No matter what has happened in the past, things are all different now and The Palins will continue to lie and manipulate their way through everything.

Accept the fact that you may not be a part of Tripp's life, as much as you want to. It's not within your control. When he's older, perhaps he will be able to make some choices about seeing his father's side of the family but right now, it's all on them. And they are dragging you and your mom (and Levi)through the mud and they LIKE it. Truly.

You cannot control anyone but yourself. Keep your head high and go on with your life.

Wishing you only the best. You're a nice young lady.

JJ said...

I am so glad you're back, and I am sure that there were many forces working on you to stay quiet. Also, by now you are aware of the poster on Gryphen's blog who stated
" IF Mercede and Levi Johnston visited Bristol and an infant at Mat Su in was 100% staged. I do not feel this was the case- I (again, this is just my opinion) feel the Johnstons were strong-armed by the Palins. I believe Mercede and Levi both signed nondisclosure agreements and possibly took payoffs.
I am 100% certain Mercede nor Levi could have been present at Tripp Johnston's birth in "December"...because Tripp Johnston was **NOT** born on any day in December."

You have always struck me as an honest young lady, so I am curious about your response to this...
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back. Take your time about revealing what you want. There are other strong forces at work doing some good things at bringing down the queen of wasilla. What will be interesting is how Brisket reacts to this. I'm guessing you'll get snapped at but be strong, she can't actually do anything more than she has. I feel for your brother and your family. There's no legal entity in the world that would not allow him more time with Tripp, and might even force it. The Palin families power is extensive but not without limits. Just look how the kids fight back against her - passive aggressive but what else can you do with a crazy woman? Hang in there, looking forward to more.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Merecede! I've missed your writing. I'm really sorry about Tripp... so sad for your family, and even more sad for him. One day he will come looking for you.

Mrs. M

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! We have missed you!

Anonymous said...


We in the Mat Su got your back.
And yeah peoples, we from the Mat Su really like gals who blaze thier own trail.
Hugs to Mom, Levi and YOU!

Anonymous said...

I want to echo Anon 4:54. This isn't all on you, and yes--we ALL are anxious for it to end already! That being said, I also believe that whatever you do it is very likely that your interactions with Tripp will be limited and strained by the band of grifters. You may need to try to accept this fact. I know how it is, my estranged sister pretty much removed my niece from our lives when she was 10. We had a pretty traumatic childhood and my sister felt it was too painful to be around us anymore. It started as contact maybe twice a year, then once a year, then nothing. Unfortunately, she is now 23 and still does not reach out to us. I hope your situation is better, but try to prepare yourself for losing this battle so you can maintain your sanity. Wishing you and your family well.

Anonymous said...

What nasty feckless people those Palin's are! Sadie, just go for it!

Leadfoot said...

What do you think of Bristol's new face?

KaJo said...

VinnieF, I don't think Levi Johnston has the resources to fight what has been "Sarah Palin's Alaska" for the past 5 years.

THAT'S the problem, not some innuendo about his "identifiable problem".

Anonymous said...

I am so very sorry, Mercede, to hear that your efforts to see your nephew have been so callously denied by Bristol. I had wondered why you were silent all these months. Now knowing why, I applaud the lengths you were willing to go to in order to see him.

Having said that, I also appreciate your decision to not hold back any longer. You did what you could, and there does come a time when you have to acknowledge reality and move on (NOT from the dream of seeing your nephew, just from the idea of doing it their way). PLEASE just be aware of a few things:

1) That family will come after you with everything they have as you begin to talk, so be prepared, but:

2) Their power over you is now broken, so don't let them convince you otherwise.

3) Remember, whatever you tell, let the truth stand on its own. Many people will pressure you for whatever info it takes to destroy that family, whether truth or falsehood. Be true to yourself, and let the truth stand on its own. (I don't feel like you need to be told this, but I know the pressure will be intense.)

4) Finally, don't ever give up your real goal of seeing him again. It may take years, but I firmly believe that you WILL someday.

My thoughts and prayers are with you...


myj said...

Hi! Mercede! Welcome back!!!

How about a question and answer today? You can put up the topic and we can ask questions. Example: "What going on with Bristol?" and the questions will be about Bristol, her reality show, boyfriends, what happen to Gino, etc...

I am a little worry about Trig, where he has been? He not on the raod with Sarah. Do he have a behavior problem that Sarah and Todd don't want to take time to train him and teach him to behave properly... He has been on my mine lately. I know Tripp is growing so fast, I think sooner or later you will see him.

Anonymous said...

Mercede, You know don't you that all these people don't give a damn about you. All they want is to convince you that they love and adore you so you will eventually tell the evil truth about how Palin had to fake Trig as her own in order to cover up for your naughty family.

Well don't tell them. And I don't have to tell you that because you aren't going to tell on your family anyway are you. It's just too sick a story to ever tell.
Love, Me.

ginny said...

Mercede, I can't help but feel that the Palins' "have something" on Levi that is keeping him from fighting to see his son. As others here have stated, there is no reason Bristol should be getting away with violating a visitation court order. So why does Levi not fight back? I want to believe it is because the Palins' have somehow "tied his hands" and not because he simply doesn't care to fight for his son.
I'm sorry your heart has been broken by all of this. It's time to spill your guts. If you signed ANYTHING with the Palins' that is keeping you from speaking freely, it's time to see a lawyer and figure out what you can do about it. This has gone on way too long. I wish you and your mom luck and happiness.

Marz said...

Welcome back Mercede! You were missed! I am so sorry you were told to stay quiet for months and then had the rug pulled out from under you before being run over by the Palin bus. I don't know how you or your family manage to put up with it. I look forward to reading your blog again in the future!

KaJo said...

If anyone has any doubts about how evilly Bristol Palin has treated the whole Johnston family, all you have to do is read Mercede's previous blog entry back in January 2011.

B said...

Sadie, I'm still on Team Levi, but it makes NO sense that he can't see Tripp. He can get visitation enforced by the court. Why hasn't this happened? That is the post I would like to read.

Anonymous said...

You know Mercede, you have done all you can and have got nothing in return. You are correct to think that no matter what you do to try to get along it's not going to make any difference. So I totally agree with you that it's time to just be honest and move on. One day you'll get to know your nephew and you can let him know what things were like when you tried to so hard to see him. Live your life sweetie- you can't change or control the Palins!

VinnieF said...

To be clear, I do NOT think Levi has an 'identifiable problem' that would prevent him from getting at least partial custody. My apologies if it sounded like that was implied.

Family court judges want both parents to be involved in raising their children. I can't imagine Levi being denied at least some visits with Tripp even if the Palins tried to fight against it. THAT was my point.

Anonymous said...

You are running out of time Mercede..........her ship in sinking fast. If you want to see Tripp you need good attorneys, they cost lots of money. YOU can make lots of money because you have LOTS of good information that very powerful people are willing to purchase. Now that she is really pissing on the GOP, they are going to start taking her down and they will likely want to talk to you. You better hurry up though, some one is going to beat you to it.

bubbles said...

i think what most folks need to understand is that when all this went down Mercede was a teenager in high school with her own problem i.e. a mother who was unwell and many family concerns. like all teens Mercede had her own friends. her own life to live.
i doubt very much if Mercede knows much about what was going down other than what she was told.
whatever Levi said she took as the truth.
never doubting him for a moment. it is impossible for her to write a book or a blog about things of which she has no first hand knowledge and i wish people would stop asking this child to spill beans she does not have.
Mercede finish school. mind your own business. make a life for yourself. have your own babies. love them and care for them and don't worry about Levi, Bristol or anybody else. that's my advice.

Anonymous said...

Mercede, get a lawyer, start talking,writing and revealing what the country needs to know about Sarah.


Anonymous said...


I had given up custody of my only child (at the time) because a jealous boyfriend kept calling Child Services on me with wild, untrue accusations. I fought long and hard. But during all that time, she had finally met her Father, the very one who wanted nothing at all to do with her. So at age 12, I let her go live with him. She was supposed to visit me every other week end. But they had money and I did not. They had a LOT of money. Every time she was supposed to come see me on a week end, they would bribe her not to with shopping and skiing trips, etc. They did not even let her share a bedroom with one of her half sisters, she had to sleep on a cot in the hallway.
Never-the-less, after nearly 20 years, we are finally Mom and Daughter again. She still is in touch with her Dad, but I think that she finally see's through all the ugly lies and rumours that they tried to make her believe.
I sincerely hope it does not take that long for you and Tripp. I had felt like she had died the day I let her go. It put me into a deep, dark depression. I don't think I have felt much joy at all since then.
Hold your head up high!! Do what you know to be the right thing!! I let everyone tell me what to do when I should have gone with my own feelings. I am telling you this so you will not make the same mistakes I did. Although it is a bit different, it is basically the same.
Don't give in to anyone's demands. You will be sorry after.
Much love & luck to you!! I know that eventually Tripp will come around on his own.
I am posting as an anon, as I don't want anyone to know who I am. It still is very painful after all these years.

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back! Not surprised at what you are going through w/Bristol as that Palin bunch is one sick group.

I've ordered your brother's book and always say something nice about him when others tear him apart on various blogs. None of us know what he is going through as to his son. Hope he makes a good amount of money w/the publication of his book to where he could hire an excellent child-custody attorney and fight Bristol. I don't see how she can legally take him out of the state like she does.

All of you take good care.

Karen said...

IF you have a story to tell, there are millions in it for you, you do know that, right? Any agreement you may have signed with the Palins that was not from a Court, is not binding on you. Ask a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

What about a keith Johnston - diana palin baby???????
or a todd and sherry baby

or are they holding a rape charge over Levi
i guess I won't be suprised if it is a family member of/and bristol who spawned poor Trig

Anonymous said...

I'm a divorced woman with kids and the custody situatino has baffled me. Levi's lawyers must be aweful! Can I emphasize that enough - incompetent! Lawyer's are expensive but Levi can ask the court for legal fees from Bristol. The courts want kids to have significant interaction with both parents. The higher earning party is usually asked to pay for the legal fees of the lesser earner otherwise custody would go to the person with the most money with is usually the man. The courts also usually favor the mother when the child is an infant but Tripp isn't an infant anymore.

Also, I recall reading that there is a court order that the child can't be around a party who speaks bad of the other party. Bristol should be in jail for contempt of court for violating that order.

KatieAnnieOakley said...

Mercede, it's difficult when "they've" got millions of $$$ behind them and you've got proof; we've seen what happens to those who cross the Palins. But once the cat is out of the bag, or the bell is been rung, just GO FOR IT!

The courts in Alaska, especially in Wasilla / Palmer and Anchorage, are chock-full of Palin devotees; you won't find justice in the Alaska court system until their influence is dismantled.

Anyone with information that can make Palin fall is sitting on a goldmine; but it's not just about $$$; it's about doing the Right Thing. And sometimes, doing the Right Thing IS messy, and embarrassing, and probably scandalous; but if you know something, say something. Two little boys lives - the next 75+ years - are at stake.

Like the Nike ad says: "Just Do It........"

comeonpeople said...

Welcome back!
Can you please please please address something for us? Are you aware that Tri-G is another name for Down Syndrome? The naming of Trig really is a coincidence of colossal proportions if it is a coincidence. To your knowledge, did Sarah chose this name deliberately? Does she know the significance of the name? Does she know how appalled people are by it? Can you talk about this publicly in hopes of getting the Palin's to make a statement? Many in healthcare and the DS community are just incredulous that 1) she named him this and 2) that she has never apologized for perhaps offending peoples sensitivities. I can send you lots of literature which specifically shows that Trisomy G, Tri-G is a name for Down Syndrome. The letter G designates the 21st chromosome so it is also known as Trisomy 21. Please can you speak to this topic???? Thank you very much for your time.

Virginia Voter said...

Mercede, it is NEVER too late to tell the truth when the stakes are this high. Sarah Palin is running around the country rewriting history, gritting for money and publicity, and lying her ass off to line her own pockets. She is attempting to influence a presidential election, for Gods sake.

The whole sordid truth is coming out anyway, so you may as well get in front of this before the Palins trybto victimize your family again. The truth will set you free forever.

Anonymous said...

Mercede, unfortunately even grandparents do not have visitation rights, so that means you don't. However, fathers do. All Levi has to do is pick him up and bring him wherever he wants and you can meet him there. If a custody agreement does not permit this, perhaps it was due to the child's age, but he is older now, and the teen parents are no longer teens. He may need to revisit court. If he doesn't want to spend overnight visits with his son then there's nothing you can do.

PS as far as saying whatever, you can do that, as long as it's not false or unnecessarily spiteful. Because just because Tripp cannot drive over and see you doesn't mean he never would want to. But if he thinks you're trashing his mother that might be another story. Outing the truth is difference, though. No one can blame you for that.

Another could keep a blog for Tripp about that side of the family, and when he's of age he could read it. And you could do stuff like celebrate his b-day and put money away in a trust fund for when he's of age. At that point, you can give him the trust fund and he would much appreciate it and always remember you for it.

Anonymous said...

Well good to see you back ! Now stay this time would ya ? ha ha. Looking forward to your next post.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mercede, "fool me once, shame on you...fool me twice, all bets are off"! :) I have a feeling you knew in your heart that Chinny Chin Chin was not going to allow you to see Tripp. It could be as lame as you were wearing blue instead of red that day. I hope you have lots of "evidence" i.e. e-mails, voice mails, that you can share.

Do yourself a favor, I would save some of the BIG news for around when her Reality Show comes out. Share it all.

Remember, Family law is NOT about what is fair. It's about Win and Lose...and the one with the most $$$ & prestige ALWAYS wins. It's a provable fact.....sadly.

Best wishes and looking forward to reading your posts.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Mercede! You were missed! I'm so sorry to hear, once again, you've been denied access to the innocent child, your beautiful nephew Tripp. When you deal with terrorists, and you're a good hearted person, you're bound to get your hear broken, over and over again.

Don't feel pressured to reveal more than you're comfortable with. Always remember, that Tripp will one day come looking for your side of the family (believe me, it WILL happen- he'll eventually realize that "something's missing", it's a gut instinct, and he'll search for it to make him feel whole.
By that time, you'll have accomplished so very much in your own right, probably have a career, a husband who respects and loves you just as you are, and happy, well adjusted, educated kids. And from what little I know of you, you'll even find it in your heart to forgive the Palins and Tripps Mother. Find it in your heart to do that, not for them, but for you That's when healing begins. Karma, brains, and inner strength are on your side, along with the truth.

Glad to hear from you, wish you all the best, and love to your Mom and Brother.

Someone who's older and been there.

Anonymous said...

You should be taking college courses online if you cannot go away to school. Enjoy your OWN life and just release Levi's PAST relationship to the Lord. God will give you comfort about Tripp. He seems like a very happy little guy. God has His own plans for YOU. Try to enjoy YOUR life.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that Brisket has a personality disorder much like her mother's. People that have personality disorders will lie, cheat, steal and everything else and even if caught red handed will look you straight in the face and lie more. They have to control everything and everyone around them, they want everyone jumping to make them happy.
But you my dear have found the secret, the only way to deal with someone with a personality disorder is NOT to deal with them at all. It takes away the power and control they have over you and you are free of their insane mental games.
While I know you love Tripp with all your heart, it is impossible to deal with the otherside of his family. But I do have a suggestion.....write an extra few lines or an extra paragraph at the end of every new blog, a few lines to Trip...he will read them when he is older. Tell him how much you miss him and what activity you would like to do with him at his present age and the season of the year. It will give him a little diary from you to him when he is old enough to search the web. Just a thought on a way to be able to communicate your feelings even if it will be awhile before he can read your little notes.
Blog on Mercede blog on and be happy in life.

Anonymous said...

Sadie, rumors are flying that you've been shut down by the palin's to keep you from speaking out. Is that true????? They haven't paid you off to keep what you know from coming out have they? Why the silence?????

Anonymous said...

Mercedes, please watch your back. You don't want to end up like Curtis Menard Jr or Dar Miller, and yes, many of us do believe Sarah and Todd Palin are that evil.

Anonymous said...

To: Anon@9:31am
Is that a THREAT you are giving Mercedes? Sure sounds like it.

Anonymous said...

Mercede - Can you please start by answering this one simple question, and this is very important, when, exactly, was Tripp born?

I'll throw in another question in case you are feeling generous -
Where was Tripp born? Anchorage or Mat-su?

Do you know the name of the OBGYN who delivered him?

These things might seem trivial, but I promise you, are huge details that, if we have the truth, could alter the future of the country.

Anonymous said...

Mercede, Is baby Triggy bear his own nephew's grandpa?

Anonymous said...

Mercedes KNOWS what the truth about these two families is. Sarah doesn't want that information to ever see the light of day because she knows her gravy train is going to screech to a halt right then and there.

Mercedes, we want you to be safe. We hope these babies are happy and safe and loved. I hope fervently that someday ALL OF YOU can have a happy and peaceful life free of Sarah Palin's histrionics and lies. She will never be any different, the only thing that CAN change is how your families react to her demands and threats. Why should anyone live their life and raise their children trapped in that kind of insanity?

Anonymous said...

Hello? Um, is it still "open season"?

Anonymous said...

Mercede, some people are starting to get a bit worried about Trig. Do you have any idea about his present location and if he is being well cared for?

I believe at one time Tripp & Trig played together and were good buddies. Do you know if they still are able to see one another?

Looking forward to reading your future posts and hope you & your Mom are keeping well & safe.

Marz said...

Mercede-- Ive been reading the comments; I see some people encouraging you to go all out and destroy the Palins and then I see the comments telling you to shut up and mind your own business because somehow it'll make your nephew hate you in the future to read that you dislike his family (in the age of facebook, is this seriously even an issue?)
My unsolicited advice: if talking about it helps you, do it. If this weren't Sarah Palin/Bristol Palin, no one would be harassing you to this extent. I really hope to hear from you soon, because I know there's a lot of pain when a family member is cut out like that, especially when you are that family member.
I think you have been more than generous in your attempts to convince Bristol to allow you time to see your nephew. For those who tell you it'll hurt Tripp to read about this: you are giving a record telling your nephew that despite what his family says about the Johnstons, they loved him. You love him.
Hope to hear from you soon!

Anonymous said...

Come back!!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any comment on this?

Frankly, it's really annoying that you put out a message through a blogger saying you are blogging again when people are so curious to see if this reign of Alaska grifters is going to end, and then you write nothing more for nearly three weeks. What gives?

Tracy said...

What is your take on Bristol's book?

Anonymous said...

Are you discussed in Bristol's new book?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mercede -

I saw a news report today that Bristol has written a book. According to the report, she says some nasty things about Levi and writes about how she lost her virginity.

She claims that she gets drunk, then awakens not knowing what happended. She had vowed to wait until marriage.

When reading the news article, the first thought that came to mind is, Watch out, Levi. Whether you know it or not, you're getting thrown under the bus and being accused of date rape.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back Mercede:

Many commenters are encouraging you to trash the Palins. I have a different point of view, focus on improving your relationship with Levi. Levi seems like a boy trapped in a young man's body. His blind loyalty to troublesome Bristol and the entire Palin family disappoints me. It's bad enough your father choose to be with his long time mistress ... Did Levi have to abandon his ill mother and stressed out sister? Bristol has a negative tell all book out and a misleading reality show in the works. I find it odd that Bristol would consider making a third reality show. She claimed in the past, that she didn't want to be a reality star. LOL Even though Levi is writing a tell all book on the Palin's, I will not seek it out. I have no intention of reading it nor purchasing it. No one should use their hard earned money to buy Bristol or Levi's books. Both of them seem like immature, celebrity obsessed, selfish jerks. I'm sure they both care about Tripp but, I'm not sure if they truly love him. Tripp has been used in many occasions as a prop in their publicity campaigns. The Vogue photo shoot, the Candies ad campaign and now Bristol's book. Until I see some signs of maturity out of them, I'll maintain my low expectations of them. You should focus on defending your mother's and your honor. Levi is an adult, he needs to take responsibility for his own actions. Unless he plans on using his book money to help out his REAL family THE JOHNSTON'S ,he can keep his opinion to himself. One more thing, I think you should consider doing Skating With The Stars. Britsol made $400,000 from Dancing With The Star, you should cash in as well. You and your mother deserve it. The Johnston family seem like decent people. I wish you and your mother the absolute best.

- Star

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Brisket's latest. She's just like her mother: vicious, vindictive, and hateful. Levi needs a good lawyer. He's getting screwed.

ibwilliamsi said...

I saw the new old photos today on IM. Please comment? The suspense is killing us!

Anonymous said...

Sadie, it's time.

Anonymous said...

First off, Mercede, welcome back! It took a bit to find your new blog location, but it's good to see you haven't been silenced.

I just wanted to say that I've read in the Washington Post about the trashy accusations against your brother in Bristol's new book, and you and Levi have my deepest sympathies. I can only imagine what it's like to have your brother's reputation smeared like this. That whole family seems to be one ongoing horror show!

Perhaps this incident will finally help Levi to understand that he's not doing Tripp any favors by refusing to fight for his full rights as his son's father. I hope he'll stand up against these lies and take every legal step to restore his good name, especially since Tripp will soon be old enough to understand and absorb all the lies he's being told about his dad, his aunt, etc. Maybe the revenues from Levi's forthcoming book will provide the financial resources he'll need to achieve justice.

God bless and stay strong!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it Mercede, we know what's going on and we'll do the job for you if Sarah decides to get serious. Sorry that your daddy may have to come down with her.

Wholy Mary

Anonymous said...

Missing your blog....hope you come back soon

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