Thursday, June 2, 2011

When dealing with certain people, playing by the rules simply does not work.

First I have to say I am very sorry for my long absence.

I was really trying to do everything in my power to see my nephew. If that meant not being able to blog in order to see him, then that was what I was going to do it.

As you all know family is number one to me, and always will be, and I would do just about anything for Tripp.

I have now reached the conclusion that no matter what I do I will not be allowed to see my nephew. I held up my part of the bargain and stopped blogging, but they couldn't hold up their part of the deal, and and have refused to let me see him.

I would gladly never blog again if that meant I could see my nephew, because that is all I've ever wanted.

Like I've said before, no matter what I do Bristol will always come up with some reason not to like me, and some excuse to keep Tripp away from me.

It is unfortunate she has to act this way and I'm starting to lose any hope that she will ever change.

I feel sorry for my nephew since he is the real victim here, and I have to wonder what she's going to tell him once he's old enough to ask about me, his aunt Mercede, and his other grandparents. She is not just keeping him from me, she is keeping him away from everybody on our side of the family.

Now that I know that I did all this for nothing it's open season.  From now on I  plan to write about anything and everything.

In the weeks to come I will be addressing some of the most recent news items and rumors about the Palins, as well as try to answer some of your questions about my family, my brother, and myself.

I appreciate how patient and supportive all of you have been.

Thank you very much,